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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 29, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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will face. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. happy friday. it's nice to be here this morning. i am in for marcus washington. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're also live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. you can get our app and take us on the go with you. a live look over walnut creek. what a pretty sunrise we're about to see right there. later this morning talking breakfast including an interesting combination that has the internet on fire. we're not going to spoil it for you but we don't want you to miss it. >> let's get a first look at the forecast for this friday morning. vianey is in for kari tracking what we can expect. >> it's a chill friday weather wise. >> i like your vibe. >> hanging out, breakfast, do what you gotta do to get through today. mike and i were celebrating with
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cafe colombiano. great shot as we get ready for our day in san francisco. the commute through antioch, i won't have to worry or turn the heater on. temperatures in the 50s it's om comfortable. 11:00/12:00 in the 60s and eventually 70s. depending your tolerance of heat, 70s is perfect for a california girl. myself, at that growing up in california. we'll talk about the extended outlook coming up in a few minutes. thanks so much, a big dispute coming to a head in
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the oakland education association, that's the union, says 75% of its members have voted for this strike and this move that this strike by educators is legal. >> we don't accept the school closures. we don't accept that they're saying there's no money in the budget, that we're in a deficit, they can't afford it. we don't accept it.
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>> school has been the foundation for this community since the '40s. people come here for access to a lot of resources that they don't have otherwise, health care, mental health, physical health, legal counsel, health, where to get healthy food and all this kind of stuff they rely on the school for that. >> reporter: oakland unified says the one-day teacher strike is illegal. teachers they say are allowed to strike in two situations -- one, when there's no contract and both parties are going through a long process of resolving differences or two, when there are emergency health and safety issues, neither of which they say are true for friday's strike. incidental oakland port workers are rallies in solidarity with the teachers. ac transit is also closing down several lines due to this strike, that could have an impact on your morning commute. we'll send it over to mike inouye for more. >> it's in the east bay. the names will sound like names you hear on the peninsula.
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montera middle school with an "e." the ac transit lines are out of service. look at your screen, there are eight lines here around montera middle school off of highway 13 near park, the other side of the freeway and also skyline. not skyline in the peninsula. skyline oakland off of 580 and these nine lines are out of service around skyline high school because of today's teacher strike. line 39 will continue, an asterisk because that's a major way for folks to commute through the area. go to for more details. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:04. breaking news overnight in ukraine with word of the death of an american military contractor. the family of willy joseph cancel tells cnn the former marine died while fighting alongside ukrainian military forces. nbc news has reached out to the family and the state department for independent confirmation. so far we've not heard back.
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in the meantime, the head of the you nations this morning says ukraine and russia are not ready to make peace as ukraine's capital of kyiv comes under new fire. in the latest attacks overnight, one person died, ten others are injured. this is a look at some of the damage left behind. search and rescue operations are still under way. all of this follows president biden's new request from congress asking for $33 billion in aid to ukraine over the next five months. the president plans to travel to alabama next week to tour a javelin missile production facility now supplying ukraine's military. a san francisco jewelry store owner is fed up after being hit by thieves two times in eight months. this amounted to thousands of dollars' worth of inventory stolen. the latest theft happened early in the morning wednesday at margaret elizabeth on chestnut street in the marina. the owner says she's been in business for a decade. >> this wasn't something common or happening a couple years ago and now it's happened twice in the last eight months.
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so it's frustrating and scary. the whole thing feels really terrible and violating. >> she says an alarm system notified her about the break-in while the store was closed. happening today, all vta transit workers are required to be fully vaccinated from covid. workers can request medical or religious exemption. anyone who does not meet the requirement as of today could 6:06 on your friday morning, sun up over the bay area with a nice view of san francisco. vianey is in for kari this morning. she's got a look at our forecast. a nice weekend ahead as well. >> yes, and we've got a pretty nice weekend ahead, because our sunshine is expected to be taking over this weekend. that will bring us fantastic weather. temperatures in the mid-70s and san jose 73 degrees. take a look at morgan hill 75 and then things are going to warm up in inland areas in those upper 70s for antioch, 77, check
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out concord 76 degrees. so we might even see some 80s headed into saturday and sunday, which is great. we receive little for this time of year. look at the winds breezy around the peninsula. san mateo a high of about 66 today. meanwhile san francisco winds from the west right now at about 19 miles per hour and we're going to stay pretty windy around the coastline, not just today but also even into early saturday morning as well. if you're up in the north bay, expect temperatures in the 70s into the afternoon. now let's see how the roads are doing with mike. >> very important update, first take a look at the traffic, i mean gas prices but also you need to make sure that you stay with me for ac transit. tracking some of the cheaper gas prices, mentioning larkspur, marin gas on magnolia is $5.03. san mateo we have a bargain at the arco on delaware street, gas is $5.21 and newark in the east bay find gas for $5.29 at national petroleum on mallory avenue. those are some of your lower prices for the areas. now we're talking about this
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area as we look at the traffic flowing throughout the east bay. it's lighter for our friday. we talked about the ac transit lines that will be out of service, correction, ac transit website says earlier release they've corrected it. we're going to have the transit lines running all oakland school transit will be running today for ac transit, even though we're talking about that oakland unionified school district strike that bob redell just updated as well. we have information on the strike on our website and ac transit lines are back in service this morning, and really a smooth surface for the rest of the bay, mild light slowing easing up for san jose. back to you. >> gas prices we're like ooh, $5.29 >> what a great deal. >> i'm going to buy three gallons. >> fill up your tank. what are the bay area's top internet searches? looking for gas? next on "today in the bay," one google insider fills us in on the answers bay area residents are searching for the most. a bay area ceo tells his
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employees live anywhere in the world you want. where would you live? let's look at the futures. those are coming out of new york city, it looks like a down day, after we got some more not great economic news. i'll bring you up to speed. all right, maybe we're looking to switch up our breakfast routine. we have a fresh squeezed option for you that you might want to try, maybe you don't want to try it. we'll find out next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ walking on sunshine in friday, 48 in san francisco. 60s and 70s and 80s on the way in the forecast. >> oh, man, katrina and the waves. the earlier crash slowed down north of here south of 880 at ma automalrecovered. the it's friday. happy friday. we got new economic data showing consumers you and me still buying lots of stuff. consumer spending is very important to the economy. the personal consumption expenditures shows in general americans are getting paid more than we were last year but the prices are rising faster than our paychecks.
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this a day after the gdp numbers show the american economy contracted in the first quarter. how wall street reacted to the negative gdp numbers, dow gained 614 points. nasdaq up 3%. oh and that woman ringing the bell there in the center in the red, you should know her name because she's the coolest person in detroit. she's chief engineer at ford linda zhang. she's in charge of the electric ford f-150, one of the most popular preordered cars in history. amazon said growing expenses caused a financial loss for the company, the first since 2015. some of this was due to amazon's investment in the electric truck company rivian. it lost about $7 billion on that investment as shares in rivian fell. long as we're talking about electric cars, let's point out tesla has lost 19% of its overall value since elon musk announced he'd buy twitter, partly by using his shares as
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collateral. musk sold about $4 billion more in tesla stock just this week. he's promised he won't sell any more. but a firm called audit analytics did the numbers, says not only is this the richest person in the world, he's also the most indebted person in the world. two senators, markey from massachusetts and blumenthal of connecticut say musk should testify in front of congress why he wants twitter and what he plans to do with it once he's in control. musk will probably end up in front of congress a lot. congress likes putting tech ceos on the stand. here he is back in 2014 talking about at the time anyway how important it was at the time to give up our dependence on russian rockets. he was right about that. airbnb says its employees can work from anywhere. more importantly, regardless of where they work, they'll be paid the same. other companies that allow remote work like google may adjust your pay based on the cost of living in your new location. in a letter to employees, airbnb
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ceo brian chesky told employees it's fine if they work in different countries with a few limitations. "this means you can move from san francisco to nashville, or from paris to lyon. you'll have the flexibility to do what's best for your life, whether that's staying put, moving closer to family or living in a place you've always dreamed of." it would be fun to live three months everywhere. >> that would be lovely. >> wouldn't that be cool? >> maybe someday. some of the folks might be putting their places up on airbnb if they don't have to live there. new this morning, google is revealing the top trending searches for the month of april. one google insider says this month is one of america's top searches mask mandate. the public transit hit an all-time high when a federal judge blocked it. that search tripled over the
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past month. many people searching needing a mass tock fly, walk through an airport, take an uber or visit disneyland. i googled that. the most searched covid questions have changed during the course of the pandemic. >> in 2020 the top search, what is coronavirus. people didn't know what it was. in 2021 the question was about the covid vaccine, how do i get a covid vaccine, what is this, and now people are asking when can i get back to work? >> she says some of the other top searches were the grammys and the artist olivia rodrigo. in sports nba playoffs and dub nation was one of the top searches. >> well, yeah. 6:16. ♪♪ >> tropicana is out with a
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cereal, it's called the first cereal made for o.j., maybe the last. it is a granola based cereal with honey almond clusters which they say will not get soggy. boxes come with a straw so you can sip the remaining o.j., released may 4th, national orange juice day. enter for a free box of would you try this? twitter overwhelmingly you said no way jose to the o.j. >> the only thing i want with o.j. is maybe some champagne. hold the o.j. >> i thought this was weird until i remembered my friend, greg lowe, good morning, greg. >> good morning, greg! >> he ate that as a kid because he was lactose intolerant. okay. the thing i want is a toothpaste that's okay after you have orange juice. >> oh, that would be quite the thing. >> maybe not the grossest thing but -- >> pretty sweet.
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>> i don't like careerial in the first place. >> a movie they put beer in their cereal? >> "animal house." >> college? >> that video went viral the guy dipping this hotdog in the beer and eating it >> that's just joey chestnut. >> true. let's get to your weather, guys. what was i going to say? what do we start with? >> it's going to be nice. [ laughter ] >> thank you. okay, take it away, kris sanchez, go! let's talk about the sunshine. honestly, calm weather pattern days i need to appreciate these more because you know, once we have active weather, it's microclimate weather, but when it's a nice, calm friday like this, what more can you ask for. san francisco beautiful views there. we have a couple high clouds that will roll on through, temperatures starting out in the 40s and then around the coastline, the winds right now are kind of calm for most of the bay area, so i'm taking this to 9:00 a.m., notice it dies down and it will pick back up around
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your lunch hour. headed into the city in san francisco, maybe have a nice lunch and it will be about 18, 20 plus miles per hour and picks up into the evening, down to the south bay, in through parts of the interior valley, 15, 20 plus miles per hour and dies down again and picks up again tomorrow, right around noon saturday. no wind advisories in place for today. satellite radar right now showcasing that high pressure, keeping our areas overall clean of any rain, although we need it to help, you know, with the drought conditions, the latest drought monitor revealed that we didn't see much improvement. how does the long range jut look look? windy around the coast and rain chances we're kind of hanging out and staying tuned. if i take this through sunday we have a system passing to our north that may bring a chance of drizzle on monday but long range models by long range beyond the seven, eight, nine-day mark show the possibility of maybe a system rolling through into the middle of may, which means we
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could get some late rain chances, something we're supposed to get in april moving in through the middle of may. so we'll keep a close eye on that. look at that saturday and sunday the temperatures bump up, by monday with a passing of that system, what happens is we're going to drop in temperatures, but then warm right back up into tuesday. so it's sort of a one-day drop, a little cool through the interior valleys, down into the low 70s but that's after a pretty warm weekend into the 80s and then we warm back up into the 80s again, heading into tuesday and wednesday, so really a lot of nice weather to look forward to. let's see how the roads are doing now, with mike. >> things are moving smoothly. it's friday, 6:20 a.m. a look at san jose calmed down from the first burst and that may kick in over the next 20 minutes through san jose, eventually leading toward highway 87, we'll watch how that is before the end of the show that indicates a volume through san jose. volume holding pretty steady and light for a friday here, altamont pass shows a nice,
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smooth drive. gusty winds overnight through many areas. no advisory for the altamont right now but still a slower drive because of the build and slower down through vasco road, the last part as you're approaching 580. over 20 minutes byron to 580. no surprises. a smooth flow of traffic throughout the usual spots. highway 4 slowing through concord. 37 out of vallejo and the bay bridge all start to build again, a gentler build for friday. back to you. >> gentle, we like that. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> we have two new consumer cases worth almost 15 grand combined. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. but first, nbc bay area investigates the backlog of public police reports and how it's now affecting crime and accident victims. the reason they say it's led them to lose their cars, even their jobs. you can find that story right now on it's right on our home page. we'll be right back.
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(footsteps) ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ it's the state with the most. ♪
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♪ somos la crema de la crema ♪ ♪ con mucho sol todo el año, cuidado que te quemas ♪ ♪ stack that cheddar, make it melt. ♪ ♪ cook it up, stretch it out. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪ 6:24 right now. it's spring and savings are it is spring and savings are blossoming for our consumer teams at nbc bay area and telemundo 48. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a pair of new success stories worth thousands of bucks. >> let's start in the north bay. maria in sonoma recently contacted telemundo 48 responde she asked consumer investigator arlen fernandez for a hand getting $3,000 back from an airline. she said she was promised a refund seven days after a canceled flight. that turned into weeks, and then
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months, so maria called arlen, who landed the $3,005 refund with one email. next to the south bay. vikas asked "nbc bay area responds" to help settle a five-figure dispute at a computer company, at odds over a data recovery contract dating back to 2018. our team got them talking and closed the case with vikas getting back $10,650. share your consumer complaints. in english, 888-996-tips, in spanish 844-408-4848. have a great week. >> you too, chris. 6:25. warriors fans single game round two playoff tickets go on sale to the general public. dubs eliminated denver wednesday and move on to play minnesota or memphis with the dates and times yet to be derld. the team offered a special presale yesterday for season ticket holders.
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niners fans, today things get more real in the nfl draft. >> i love those drafts, pictures from their houses. this is a live look in vegas, where rounds two and three of the nfl draft happen later today. last night neither the niners nor the raiders made a selection in the first round, but jacksonville took the upoverall pick. they close travon walker, a defensive lineman from the university of georgia. sitting there with his proud family. >> i love that, look at him. >> he made history last night with a record five defensive play offers selected in the first round. >> they're like what are we going to do with that much money? coming up next the top stories we're following, the first reported human case of the current bird flu strain now moving aacross the united states. where it was found and whether experts pose it will be a wider risk.
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>> right now at 6:30, new twists in the south bay baby kidnapping case. this morning there's one fewer suspect. next on a live report, new details about the suspect's relation to baby brandon's family. plus -- >> i say again, again and again and again, what is going on? you know what i mean? >> a property owner had a lot of questions about the case, the new revelations about a south bay church now tied to the kidnapping case. this is "today in the bay."
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gad friday morning to you. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez. with shall whereby has the day off. don't forget you with catch us roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> pretty much everywhere. this weekend is the start of national bike month. the rise in gas prices, warm weather. hi guys, everybody waking up there, perfect time to celebrate. ahead at 6:45, bike advocate also talk about what's really spurring the rise in riders. that's fun. head on over, father cafe on the alameda. i recognized it. >> coffee. >> i know my bay area! >> cinnamon bread. all right. it's actually shaping up to a beautiful weekend to go out, ride your bike, walk the dog, do whatever you need to do. >> all of the above. the weather is going to be beautiful! we're gonna be -- what accent was that, 70s and 80s. today upper 70s but by saturday and sunday we'll be in the 80s.
6:31 am
san francisco beautiful view, look at that, as the sun gets ready to come up if you're headed out the door i want to give you a look at daytime highs today. a lot less wind but it will be breezy to windy at times, though we will see some high clouds rolling through. daytime highs check it out for the south bay, san jose 73. livermore 75. morgan hill 75, in through the north bay 73 for santa rosa and in the city today it's going to be in the 60s. we'll look at your extended outlook in just a few minutes. >> we continue our coverage of baby brandon's kidnapping. there are surprising new revelations this morning in the investigation into that kidnapping. the story shocked people as it unfolded this week in san jose. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live this morning with new information from prosecutors raising questions about exactly what happened. good morning, cierra. >> reporter: yes, good morning. right now, the question of why remains unanswered but the two suspects involved in this situation will be back in court later this afternoon for a plea
6:32 am
hearing. now, yesenia ramirez enher alleged accomplice jose portillo were handcuffed in court, facing charges of kidnapping, upon spearcy to commit kidnapping, child abduction and burglary. we learned from prosecutors ramirez provided the vehicle jose portillo used to commit the kid napgs and evidence will show she may have purchased a baby carrier a month before the kidnapping, even though she has no children. nbc bay area privately reviewed surveillance videos that appear to show ramirez walking around with that carrier and wearing a wig in the days before the abduction. we spoke with the mother of that abducted baby on her feelings towards the pair involvement in that disappearance. this is what she told us. >> translator: if it were up to me, they would stay in prison for life. >> reporter: and the third suspect was initially arrested,
6:33 am
and released for this case, and does not face any charges for now. nbc bay area spoke with him last night over the phone. he tells us he's emotionally exhausted and he really wants to focus on his family and his health right now. we're live, cierra johnson for "nbc bay area news." >> just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger. thank you. more details this morning surrounding a san jose church where the female suspect is said to have met baby brandon's family. the church rents space for services at a property where some 20 people live. no residents we spoke to attend the church but the property owner says police showed up the day of the kidnapping. he also says several months ago, police showed up when the pastor's 3-year-old granddaughter died inside the church. at the time, he was told the child was sick and that no one ever took her to the hospital. >> i told them, hey, you can't keep a little girl inside dying if she's sick, you know? >> he says baby brandon's family
6:34 am
attends the church along with the woman now in custody. the building owner says he's changed his mind about renting the church to anyone. baby brandon's mother had a lot more to say about the new developments. see all of it on our nbc bay area streaming app, on roku, apple tv or amazon fire. search for the nbc bay area app, download it and find the video under our must see play list. testimony resumes today in the trial of theranos sunny balwani. prosecutors are focusing on investors who lost millions of dollars. the prosecution strategy is similar to the one employed in the trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes there on your right whom jurors convicted in january. the defense meanwhile is trying to portray balwani as more of an investor than someone who called the shots. balwani is facing fraud and conspiracy charges as elizabeth holmes did. 91 infections in berkeley
6:35 am
unified school district alone, more than triple the previous week. a man tested positive for bird flu in colorado, the first human case to come from the recent bird flu outbreak moving across the u.s. the man was exposed while working at a commercial farm as part of a prison pre-release program. health workers say the risk to the public is low and the virus is likely not spreading person to person. it's 6:35. time to take a live look outside, the sun coming up over san jose. i was going to -- vianey arana is in for kari. i was going to toss it over to kari but she has the morning off. >> she's going tone joy a beautiful day today. hopefully a chance to go on a hike. it's lovely. look at your south bay hiking forecast. beautiful shot of downtown san jose, perfect to move you forward into the weekend. look at 7:00, 9:00 a.m. we're going to be in the 50s, partly cloudy so you'll get a couple of high clouds rolling through and
6:36 am
by 1:00, 3:00 the sunshine prevails and we bump up into the mid-70s. it will be nice to hike all day long. we're not really going to hit a high peak hour today but it will get warmer into the weekend. san francisco it's going to be one of those areas where it will be breezy to windy at times, both today and temperatures will be in the mid-60s with a lot of sunshine though even though we have a couple of high clouds rolling through. the typical morning low clouds expected as well into early saturday morning, but then look what happens to the temperatures, if you're going on out in napa valley visiting, upper 70s and 80s expected into sunday, so that gradual warmup will definitely be a welcome sight before we see a cooldown on monday. if you're out in lake tahoe this weekend, upper 50s. look at the weather, fantastic. you don't have to worry too much about the commute. watch out on monday, we are monitoring a system just to our north and that's likely going to be kicking up the wind and as you guys know, any time you're traveling up to lake tahoe, one of the first things you should
6:37 am
check are the travel conditions and the weather. make sure you get there safely. yosemite national park is also going to be beautiful in the upper 60s for today. by saturday and sunday, the clear skies will remain. so will the dry weather, even in through big sur around the coastline, early morning fog. once that fog clears out we'll get temps in the 70s by saturday and sunday. no matter where you go this weekend in california, the weather is expected to be really pleasant. let's see how the rods are doing with mike. >> it's friday and we're seeing friday light. in san jose we're just now starting to see a little more slowing and just about 6:40, but the speed sensors are moving better than, showing better speeds than any monday through thursday. we're looking around the bay, we're predicting showing this evening, the giants are playing oracle park, game starts at 7:15. but only at oracle park, not at chase center, no warriors game tonight so that's better than earlier this week. a smooth flow of traffic 280 in king street, 280 extension king street, all slowing through china baseian. the other side of the bay,
6:38 am
oakland coliseum the a's playing at 6:40, just as earlier this week and a smooth flow of traffic here now. it will slow down after work there as well. we also mention ac transit, some lines reportedly going to be stopped around montera middle and skyline high. ac transit dated we're going to keep all of the oakland school buses going even though there may be a strike. bob redell is following the story for us. we continue to update and we're updating the speeds now as well with a little more build for highway 4, 37 and the bay bridge toll plaza. we see slowing coming off and into the maze and the buildup at the toll plaza itself but this is light for the toll plaza because it's moving. back to you. >> that's light. glad i'm not in it. >> good to be here. we are all feeling the pain of inflation in some way or another. but for those trying to make it in the bay, it's getting harder. still ahead, one leading economist explains how high demand for housing is hurting
6:39 am
first-time home buyers and the best tip for you if you are in the market. president bide listen speak with the mexican president about the border, what they're trying to accomplish there. to the big board it's down slightly after we got more evidence inflation is a big threat. plus -- ♪♪ >> sock it to me. on this day in 1967, aretha franklin released one of her most iconic sits, one still played all over the world today. for that we are so glad. something to get you moving this friday morning. a lot more news ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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this morning on "california live" "access hollywood" kim hoover dishes about her mother's day traditions and a magical look inside "harry potter and the cursed child" this morning at 11:30 on "california live." it is 6:42 right now. a live look in downtown san jose. look at that sunshine! that's going to lead us into the weekend, daytime highs will be in the 70s today. we'll talk about what to expect for your much-anticipated saturday and sunday funday coming up next. if you're anticipating the commute, there it is. 880 northbound on the right, past the coliseum, we talked about the a's playing tonight at 6:40 post work traffic likely there but coming up into the area, there's some debris in the roadway, i'll show that to you and which lanes to avoid for the short term coming up. thank you so much.
6:43 am
6:42. president biden will speak with mexican president lopes obrador about the border. >> scott mcgrew, the biden administration wants to lift some restriction >> the rule title 42 restricts the refugees to the mexico side of the border as they wait for their court case, put in place because of covid. the biden administration talked about lifting it but gotten all kinds of pushback, lifting the restriction would encourage more people to show up at the border. a federal judge blocked the move as well. the biden administration argues title 42 restrictions are no longer needed, arguing if you're not wearing a mask anymore, the laws covering communicable diseases at the border no longer apply either. other news, the house select committee set june 6th as the opening day for the public hearings into the attack on the u.s. capitol. yesterday on cnn, anchor jim acosta was able to get georgia
6:44 am
congresswoman marjorie taylor greene to acknowledge she did send the white house texts raising the possibility of invoking martial law after the election. during court testimony last week she said she had no recollection of that text. video of ukrainian president zelenskyy thanking president biden of his offer of more than $33 billion in military and humanitarian aid, that still has to pass through congress. early next week, president biden will visit a factory in alabama that makes javelin anti-tank missiles that knocked out so many russian tanks. british intelligence now estimates the russians have lost 15,000 killed in action in ukraine. that's a staggering number. that's three times, nearly four times as many american soldiers killed in iraq over the course of more than ten years. the ukraine war is only a few months old. the u.n. secretary-general visited kyiv yesterday.
6:45 am
at least two russian rockets hit the capital city around the same time. the head of the u.n. is trying to negotiate safe passage for refugees, particularly out of mariupol. we got word the white house chief of communications has covid. we'll talk about that on social media, on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks so, much scott. if you're trying to make it in the bay, i'm not the first to tell you prices are on the rise from gas to groceries with inflation now moving at a pace not seen in decades. we're tracking the rising costs and the new concerns that come with it. bay area home sales fell for a sixth consecutive month in february and due to low inventory it's getting snatched up so quickly. i talked about that trend with scott anderson, chief economist from bank of the west. >> mortgage rates moved up
6:46 am
comfortable over 5% and 309-year mortgage rate over two percentage points higher than where we started the year and we're seeing that the affect people's ability to buy homes. >> he also says certain segments of the housing market are still thriving and one group in particular is driving it. >> a lot of investors are moving into the housing market here because they're picking up properties to put on the rental market, because rent growth is even faster than home price growth. >> anderson says because the demand is so high from investors first-time home buyers are having a harder time getting into the market. you can watch my full interview, we talk more about inflation and how your family can deal with the rising costs of everything, see it on our nbc bay area streaming app, download it for roku, apple tv and find the interview under the must see playlist. new this morning, live in downtown san jose where the folks are helping to kick off
6:47 am
national bike month. >> ching, ching! >> which starts on sunday. there is a big pedal push under way ahead of visa caya sj this sunday. the city will close off six miles of streets to cars. silicon valley bicycle coalition reminds everyone bicycle something great for our climate in crisis and with soaring gas prices, it could even save you some money. >> if you ride a bike, you can't help but just have a big, fat smile on your face. it makes you a happy person. you don't have to get to work or where you're going stressed out, sitting in traffic and being in a car. and importantly riding a bike is good for your pocketbook. >> so get out and ride. this is a crew taking off this morning. they add that during the pandemic, a lot of folks did that, they improved air quality and community health and got out and about. again, viva caya sj kicks off on sunday.
6:48 am
find information on instagram @vivacayasj. >> look at these! >> look! >> this is a very big day in my household. the triplets are officially becoming teenagers. >> yeah! >> jack, claire and catherine, i want to wish you a happy birthday. oh, i'm getting choked up. they're my heaven on this earth, i love them so much and they made my dream of becoming a mom. >> oh, we were all rooting for you for so long. >> people who have been with us through the years have known how much work. >> this is the first time that i've been with them longer than i longed for them because i didn't have them for, you know, until later. >> yes. >> so anyway, sorry, it's not about me. >> let us see the triplets again. >> i need advice for teenagers, although they're beautiful, wonderful kids. don't turn into crazy teen aimingers. >> the sweet thing is they know how much you love them and how
6:49 am
much you're there for them. >> i don't expect to cry but i do. >> listen, they are in great hands. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> my eyes are going to be red now. >> yeah! more close-ups, all right? >> a lot of fun this weekend. a great weekend as well. >> it will be. next up, i know kris has -- >> not for years. >> she'll be crying for a different reason. [ laughter ] >> that's what's on deck as far as i know. lake tahoe beautiful view. isn't that pretty? we have a little bit of snow but the sierra snowpack has been completing. we haven't seen any big storms in the past two weeks. a couple little ones brought us a couple inches of snow. san francisco to start it's a beautiful day, a beautiful morning and our temperatures as you head out the door in the 40s right now. it is getting a little chilly. morgan hill managed to drop down into the 30s at one point 39 degrees in morgan hill.
6:50 am
daytime highs, forecast in the afternoon, los gatos 72. san jose 73. morgan hill 75 and into the interior valley, concord 76. pleasanton 4, upper 60s around oakland and hayward, the fremont area as well. low 70s through there. san mateo 66, if you're in san francisco it's going to be windy on and off throughout the afternoon even into saturday as well. low 60s in through mission and up through the north bay 71. in novato, santa rosa 73. here is a look at satellite radar, what's keeping us sort of dry and also comfortable with sunny skies has been high pressure that's been dominating in our forecast. we have a system that's going to pass to our north, but as that dry cold front system that's actually brought us some of the wind the past few days, passes through, we're not really expecting any rain out of this, maybe a chance of drizzle on monday but the model runs are showing that system staying pretty far north. so far rain chances, we're kind of staying tuned long, long range outlook maybe into mid-may
6:51 am
we could have another storm making its approach, and of course, once we get that, then we'll have a closer look at the timing, how much rain, if it makes it, all that. let's look at the weekend. saturday and sunday, winds from the northwest especially for san francisco, and then notice the warmup into the upper 60s and then the cooldown on monday, that's when we could see the chance of early morning drizzle because of that system passing to our north, but by tuesday and wednesday, we warm up again into the 80s for inland areas, as we continue into our weekend. now let's look forward to traffic with mike. >> we're looking over here, laura's kids will soon have to watch the roadways, turning 13. the triplets are 13 today, great job even on highway 13, that's for you guys here. looking at a smooth drive, backup for richmond at the toll plaza, the bridge heading over, typical pattern, lighter for a friday as we always, almost always see. a smooth flow of traffic northbound coming up towards davis on north 880. there was debris, it was
6:52 am
something like a thing with wires hanging out of it, and it was in the roadway, and now it's clear. that's good news. we don't want you to find out what it is by hitting it. no one hit it, good stuff. a build off the castro valley y and san jose north 101 brakes tap around oakland road. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:52. more workers in san francisco returning to the office. more than a third are back at their desks according to the new kastle systems back to work barometer. slightly above new york city and san francisco. san jose has consistently had the lowest office occupancy rate among the ten cities kastle surveyed during the pandemic. coming up next a quick look at top stories including a case we've been on top of from the start. two suspects in the san jose baby kidnapping case return to court today, the new details we're learning about the investigation and why there are two suspects and no longer three.
6:53 am
i'm bob redell. oakland students told to stay home today. the reason their teachers are participating in a one-day strike. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back. here's a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." >> starting with breaking news
6:56 am
overnight over ukraine. an an american military contractor reportedly died fighting alongside ukrainian forces. the family of willy joseph cancel tells cnn he's a former marine. nbc news reached out to the family, have not heard back yet. the state department is aware of the report but cannot confirm it. the head of the united nations says this morning ukraine and russia are not ready to make peace. this as ukraine's capital of kyiv comes under new fire. in the latest attacks overnight, one person died, ten others are injured. oakland teachers are holding a one-day strike and bob redell, students staying home is not the only option for parents. >> reporter: good morning, to you, kris and laura. parents are asked to keep their kids home from school today because of the strike. a live look from parker
6:57 am
elementary in oakland, the teachers have started to picket and what they're pro testing, the district's plan to close and consolidate several schools again. this is a one-day strike, even though the schools will physically be open today, oakland unified doesn't think they have the staff to cover the thousands of teachers walking out. earlier this year oakland unified announced plans to close or merge 11 of its district schools. four would be closed this year, seven the next year. district leaders pointing to a decline in enrollment, they would no longer have the student base or finances needed to keep all the schools open. while the district has asked the union to cease the strike, the oakland education association says 75% of their members voted for the strike and that this strike is legal. look at your tv screen, oakland unified says the one-day teacher strike is not legal, it is illegal. teachers are allowed to strike in two situations, one when there is no contract and both
6:58 am
parties are going through a long process to resolve differences or two, emergency health and safety issues, neither which the school says are true for today's strike. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. the suspect in san jose's kidnapping investigation due back in court for a plea hearing. jose portillo and yesenia ramirez are accused of kidnapping and related felonies. a third person was released facing no charges. prosecutors say the facts of this case are more odd and scary than previously believed. prosecutors claim ramirez provided the vehicle jose portillo used to commit the kidnapping and also say evidence will show she may have purchased a baby carrier nearly a month before the kidnapping, even though she has no children. happening today, the deadline for all vta transit workers to be fully vaccinated from covid. workers can request medical or religious exemption. at this point, anyone who does not meet the
6:59 am
requirement as of today could lose their job. 6:58, taking a last look at the forecast. >> it's going to be weekend of 70s and 80s. no rain in the forecast for now. it will be dry. you can really take advantage of the outdoors. if you're going to be in san francisco, no wind advisories but it is going to be breezy to gusty at times. winds right now blowing at about 15, 20 miles per hour. that's going to continue into saturday and notice the decrease in temperatures on monday and a chance for some drizzle. we've got some system passing to our north. for now looks like it's going to stay up in the north. mike, how are the roads? >> looking at the san mateo bridge, look on the right a sign it's flashing, actually says "high winds on bridge." the advisories are gone. there were gusty winds overnight at times, not a major issue. backup at the richmond side is lighter and the bay bridge is lighter because it's friday. >> it's friday and a special birthday again, happy birthday to the triplets. >> yeah! >> the "today" show just minutes away. here's a look at hoda and craig getting ready, look at that all
7:00 am
the flowers out there. how toe avoid the break at the bank. >> the puppies. >> interesting new study they have on also their dogs and their personalities. >> okay, that's it. mommy doesn't want a puppy for mother's day. >> happy birthday, kids. >> happy birthday triplets! >> bye! good morning american lost. a marine from the front lines. troubling sign. the u.s. economy shrinking for the first time since the start of the pandemic. this morning what is driving the surprise slowdown rattling wall street. and millions of americans already struggling.


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