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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 30, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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investigation. also, a frantic crash along the coast. two people dead. another still missing. what we are learning about one of those victims. and they could be soon be walking off the picket lipos and back no the hospital. the potential negotiations being made between nurses and stanford hospitals tonight. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. i am terry mcsweeney. audrey has the night off. tonight, we have exclusive, new details about the mysterious death after young san jose police officer. a fentanyl overdose is to blame. it is a story we first broke on the digital platforms this morning. nbc's marianne favro outside head kwaers with the story. marianne? >> any allegations of ill deal drug use bay san jose police officer is concerning, and he says that no officer will get a free pass. officer packer was 24, and found
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unresponsive when police conducted a welfare check at his milpitas home last month. now, multiple sources are telling nbc bay area that packer was at a party with fellow officers the night before he died. those sources also say those officers could face internal and criminal investigations. packer was a rookie with san jose pd, graduating the academy in 2021, after a stand-out check football career at san low stay zai state. san jose police department releasing an emotional statement just hours ago. chief anthony mata said in part, the full details regarding officer packer's death are still not known and are being investigated by the milpitas police department and they have our full cooperation. this behavior is not something we will condone and we will continue to assist milpitas' pd be their investigation. we need to be mindful of the
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fact that we are not immune to issues that plague society. in this case, substance abuse. cindy? shah vez says they recently formed a group to address the problem. >> we are working with young people and -- and people who have lost family members to focus on an education campaign that really helps people understand the risk. we are increasing the number of legal folks like district attorney and the investigators helping us deal with the networks and cartels that are bringing this in. >> chavez says the county is also working to provide test strips, so people can test to see if what they are faking contains fentanyl. reporting live, marianne favro bay area news. >> our coverage continues ohline. just head to click on the story in our home page or link in our trending bar.
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we are posting latest updates on the investigation. new at 6:00, crews working to restore landline outage in a san francisco neighborhood that could impact 9-1-1 calls. at&t says it is happening on treasure island so at&t says you use a cell phone, don't use a landline. crews expect to have this problem fixed by 11:30 tonight. well tonight, the search is on for a third person missing after a tragic cast about 9:00 last night. chp said a truck went through highway 1, right through a parking lot, and it munged off cliff. two people died. a third person is still missing. the names of the victims have not officially been released by today, family members were at the crash site. they told us one victim was epolito. >> i am torn, my mom is torn.
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>> says investigators would not confirm who else was in the tluk, but chp says a child was one of the people who died. still, unclear who led up to that crash. we are following developing news. a tentative agreement has been reached between stanford health and strike nurses. about 5,000 nurses have been walking the picket lines since monday, nanding more staffing, better work conditions, and other benefits. negotiations have gone all week and late last night, nurses set to vote on it tomorrow. released a statement reading in part pending ratification, we truly look forward to welcoming our colleagues back on tuesday. battling several suspicious fires not far from each other. despite it being nighttime and
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cool outside, firefighters say that dry brusher brush still helped fuel the flames. >> it is still cool out. the grass is really dry already. so, the season kicked off really early. we threw a lot of resources at it pretty quick. just going how the seasons is already. >> crews were able to put out the flames before they got to dog kennels and other buildings. investigators now looking to whether someone purposely started to those fairs. >> a man shot in the open today in pill hill neighborhood near 30 street and telegraph. he was shot during a robbery attempt. police say he is in critical condition. officers still looking for the shooter. overseas tonight, russia appears to be struggling to make gains in eastern ukraine. russian troops are battling low morale and logistical challenges. in mariupol, the moeks remains on the steel plant where the
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last of the city's fighters have been barricaded for weeks looj along with civilians. today, at least 20 civilians were able to get out of there safely. well now, the u.n. is threeing to broker a deal to evacuate civilians from the bombed-out city. police say they are still living in basements to survive. actress angelina jolie through her starpower behind the effort to help orphaned and displaced children in lviv. she met as part of a special u.n. envoy, dlfing high man tarn relief especially for children and end to attack on civilians tomorrow on "meet the press," chuck todd will have an update on the war. you can watch "meet the press" tomorrow 8:00 a.m. after "today in the bay." new at 6:00, giant retailer amazon is getting paid-time off for frontline workers who test positive for covid. company says all u.s.-based
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workers who test positive will now get up to five days of excused-unpaid leave. used to offer two weeks of paid leaf. employees can use sick days if they need more time off, according to the policy. am stop also said waiting for test results is no longer a reason for absence because of availability of rapid tests. helping businesses move forward, and bounce back from the pandemic. that is the goal. a beloved event that returned to san francisco for the first time in years. here is nbc bay area's christi smith. >> reporter: near grant avenue, there was plenty to choose from for those looking to try a variety of food. >> i think the kbiep combining the noodles of north beach was a great concept. >> reporter: a street festival. tickets wept fast for noodle fast which is back after just ten years. >> to have people back on street and partaking in -- in some
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really joyful eating and celebration. >> reporter: the city, the china town community development center, made it come together after what is a hard time for many restaurants and businesses. >> but it is also about covid 19 recovery which years hit a hot of merchants really hard and it is also the day before apa heritage month and i think is krit chi important to show north peach and china town are back. >> it was a chance to support businesses, try some get chi think, many other options. >> panfried noodles crispy. got lots of text chur. >> china live is one of nearly 30 restaurants participating. >> i think it was a fun idea. so, you know, we are busy restaurant again but it is just flies to be part of the whole community. >> reporter: two neighborhoods coming together as they work to come back.
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in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. we back in 90 seconds. just ahead, san jose's first plaque-owned coffee shop is expanding, whether their next shop is popping up. plurks competing in their own miniature version of a world cup. take you to the special sour soccer tournament in the south bay. little windy, though. north bind at 16 miles per hour. mostly sunny skies for now when spring showers return, and when mid-80s could be in reach in your seven-day forecast when we come right back. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10.
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plenty of people are happy because jfk drive is now permanently car free after city leaders voted to keep them off that road permanently. now, people in the city are hoping slow streets gain status. as you can see, the very first slow-street parade today. those streets are designed to limit travel in residential areas to keep people safer and encourage people to walk and ride bikes. >> it is such a winner of the city policy. it does so many things. it -- it -- it supports fight against climate change by creating a network for people to travel around not using their cars. it -- it supports the city's goal with respect to ped stri yap' safety. >> the city originally intended to have the slow-street program last just a few weeks but just like restaurant parklets, became very popular. a pandemic-born idea with a lasting impact. a popular san jose coffee
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shop expanding to cupertino. nirvana soul has been around for less than two years in downtown san jose but it has made a lasting implegz. now, they are opening a second shop. support for the black-opened business has been strong since the very first nirvana soul opened six months after the first shelter in place hooif orders went into effect. >> he had we had a line down the block. people waited to come by and get a cup of coffee and so it was an incredible response and so we are hopeful we can continue to bring people together through the power of coffee and tea. >> it happened before and you can see, it is happening again today. owners say the long-term goal is to have 20 nirvana soul shops. if you are thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, today is a great day to save a life and adopt from your
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local shelter. helps raise wareness for people to spread the word about adopting pets who need a fur-ever home. lots to choose from as you can see but they held an open house this morning to meet the vetted dogs available for adoption. founder of muttville says today is not only for dogs and cats. >> your local shelter may have bunnies or rab -- or snakes even but certainly, dogs and cats and certainly there is so many out there that needs home right now. and you can be a part of their less cue, and they can add so much to your life. >> adopt a snake. hadn't thought of that. today also kicks off eli's month of love. what that means is free adoptions through the month of may. we are on the verge of a fifa world cup. south bay today, a bit of a warm-up. hosted by our spanish laurng partners at telemundo 48, carlos
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yustis twluz. >> we ever celebrating our first first youth tournament with the alan rock school strict. two different cot kat gories, hemtry, boys and girls and it has people enjoying themselves throughout the tournament. >> um, i like most because i get to be with my frensd. i get to be with my friends and when i grow up, i wish i could be a soccer player. >> kids getting out there and exercising, it is definitely a new experience for them because they are actually able to go out there and not have to really worry about if they are going to get sick or whatnot. everything is just a lot easier to get etch everyone involved. >> it's been a lot of fun and we decided to organize this because first, it is great for the
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opportunity. and second, especially with sports here at telemundo 48, what better way to start enjoying soccer and feeling that world-cup vibe than playing soccer? tomorrow, we will approximate hear again giving away the trophies and crowning winners. so stay tuned and i will see you tomorrow. >> carlos, the tournament continues tomorrow. you can check it out. starts at 8:00 a.m. nice, warm day but not wet, right? >> temperatures not too warm out this so that was pleasant but yeah, it a little windy to kick off the weekend in the pay area. and typically, when we see these strong onshore winds right at sfo airport, we typically get gusts above 30 miles per hour. west wind at 24. 60 degrees in san francisco and look at the wind around tri-valley. dublin 62 degrees and 6 5 right
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now with mostly sunny skies when you see lot of blue on the temperature maps and got those winds going, good sign that err dealing with onshore gusty winds coming in in the coast, which at times had some low clouds and mist and fog. late-day clearing now. wind will be part of the story all the way through probably monday's forecast. so we start off tomorrow, patchy allow, low clouds around the coast and inner bay. still, windy at times. winds about 10 to 25 miles per hour but check out high temperatures tomorrow. should be mid-70s in san martin and gill roy and the tri-valley. concord, antioch, fairfield, upper 70s to near-80 degrees in solano county. so what is powering up winty patterns are storms that that at least for now are passing by it to the north. showers may be around mendocino downdy but nothing this far
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south as we head into monday. however, changing a bit for north bay hills, bit of a north wind at times. not too strong but look at the color coding here on the map. that he is what we have right now. we will see it all the way through monday. in fact, along the coast, monday could involve a little more wind, so stay tuned we will see if we get wind advisories near the coast as wind speeds pick up above 30 miles per hour. so temporarily, temperatures drop down a little bit. thenering if you like summerlike temperature, tuesday and wednesday, mid-80s around san highway za. so one day where it feels a bit her like summer. then, more changes as we head toward next weekend. thursday and friday, increasing dloud clouds. the work week loorg looks dry but in the future cast, i think better odds in the north bay that could approximate coming in toward the ekd end of infect
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week. keep in mind waez move into may, this is usually the pivot time of the year out of the rainy season to when typically runs drier but with the month of april outperforming january through march, hopefully we will see more systems following the one at the end of the seven-day forecast. short-term, probably all the way through obt about tuesday. then less wind as we head toward wednesday as temperatures climb. we are seeing 60 today. should see low to mid-80s and much needed spring showers saturday, next weekend, hopefully more to follow as we head toward the middle part of the month. pattern, not quite going away in terms of rain chances good to see in that seven-day forecast, terry. >> rob, almost like somebody is trying to keep everybody happy. little something for everyone. >> spring, summer, little winter. rob, thanks. coming up next. from stunning video of a massive twister in the midwest, we are going to show you what it left behind. but first, sometimes with all the excitement, you know, you kind of forgot how gorgeous is it around here.
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a live gate from our tower cam and the fog is just not there. maybe later. it -- it'll come back. don't worry about that. we will ba be back in a minute.
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country music tar naomi judd has died. her daughters released a statement today saying they lost their mother to mental illness. no details are are being provided. naomi and wynona announced a tour in the fall. the judds were set to
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approximate inducted in the country music hall of fame tomorrow. jay yoemy judd was 76 years old. take a look at this massive twist ever ripping through central kansas last night. this is in andover, not far from pitch that. no reports of any taegts and here is a look at what the twister left behind. between 50 or 100 homes, or as you can see, some destroyed. that number is relatively low, considering about a thousand buildings were in the storm's path. san francisco's chase center is rescheduling a comedian's big show because of the golden state warriors' playoffs. joe koy's show being moved to the 5th. if you have tickets onto 6th. >> zwubt fw. that is going to happen. but may 7th. >> the game -- it is game three of the playoffs. warriors taking on grizzlies. last name koy was at chase center back in february, he he
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sold out the place. speaking of warrior, they are ready for fame one. behind-the-scenes hook at practice. stick around. sports is next. hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy.
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warriors ton their quest for an nba title but they are going to face quite a test as hey face the memphis grizzlies. defeating the nuggets four games to one. video of gary peyton draining three pointers gearing up for the next round against the gridslies might be a tougher task for the warriors because they start the series on the road. take a look here. starts tomorrow afternoon in memphis. game two also in memphis, that one is on tuesday. then, the series takes a break, comes back to the bay area next saturday. tough loss for the joints yesterday. today, a chance to re deem themselves and they redeemed. it was a great day for baseball in san francisco. giants' bats got hot in the sixth. over the right-field wall into
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mccubby cove. it is the first splash hit of his career. and tack a look at this. nothing really on the line, got the game pretty much tucked away but laying out for a dive and catch making the last out of the game. what a way to end it? giants win 9-. the a's entered today's game against the cleveland guard yaps with an even 10-10 record. tied. guinea and mendez on the mound. back, back, and he isn't able to get there. a's los if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses
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great story right here. a floral army of volunteers showed up for a 100-year-old veteran in san jose today. look at these people. teemed up with a local engineering firm standis to give edward garcia's home a new coat of paint. figured maybe one or two volunteers would come thought morning. >> i think they are very wonderful but impressed when i come out this morning and see so many people. but it's very nice. very nice. whoever did it or whoever organized it done -- done a very good job. >> wow, they did turn out.
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gartsia is certainly deserving. the former-army sergeant was part of the second wave of the invasion of normandy. a top-secret operation that saved 300 soldiers' lives. this brings us perfectly into this next story. coming up next on nbc bay area, garvin thomas joins us to share some of the good things people are are doing to make life in the bare area a little bright ever for others our "bay area proud special" is coming up next. thank you very much for joining us. we will be back tonight at 11:00. hope you can join us then. take care. garvin thomas: right now on this "bay area proud" special. female: i can't do much, but i can do this. so, figured give it a shot. garvin: helping ukraine in their own unique ways. the small things two south bay young people are doing
6:30 pm
as the war rages on. also, a former warrior star turns to his social media following to help someone in need. the uber ride that inspired him to take action. then a miracle on the mountain, it's all thanks to an off-duty firefighter in the right place at the right time. ♪♪♪ garvin: hello, and thank you so much for joining us for this "bay area proud" special, i'm garvin thomas. our job over the next 30 minutes, to replenish your faith in humanity by sharing the good things that are happening in our communities every single day. like two south bay young people moved by what they were hearing and seeing coming out of ukraine, moved to respond each in their own beautiful way. ♪♪♪ garvin: the violin, karisse chisholm says, has done a lot for her. from the moment she picked one up at the age of 11,


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