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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  May 1, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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how do they get these things to smell so good? ♪hefty, hefty...♪ ♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ must be magic. hefty® ultra strong™ with fabuloso® scent. . there is no way. >> we are certainly right now out of the pandemic phase. >> the board send elon musk's offer. a dragon fly in the forest. >> good morning, welcome to sunday "today another on this first day of may, i'm willie geist. overnight, nancy pelosi led a congressional delegation to
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ukraine's capitol kiev. meeting with president zelenskyy on saturday, signaling the united states continue support for ukraine, days after biden laid out $'33 billion of new aid to the country. this as some of the people trapped inside that steel plant in mariupol were evacuated saturday. we will have the latest in a report ahead. our sunday focus on elon musk and twitter. why, really, did the world's wealthiest machine busy enough revolutionizing cars and outer space make a $44 billion play for the polarizing social media platform? we'll dig into it. plus, in our sunday, the restaurant that survived the pandemic and thrived thanks to the employees working there for a second chance. later, a new sunday sitdown and talented from that outfit bold stars in all of music.
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jenelle mon et on building a successful career while blocking out the voices that she needed to change. >> everybody thinks they're smart. and some people have really great ideas. i just trusted me. i think i had some meetings where i got told no, i was like, okay, if i'm going to walk in a room, i at least want to be told because i was being my authentic self. >> a sunday sitdown with the futuristic janelle monet. plus, let's begin with a visit to ukraine led by house speaker nancy pelosi. good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning, one week after the secretary of state, secretary of defense were here in ukraine, speaker pelosi bringing members of congress to kiev. they heard first hand from president zelenskyy's about ukraine's war effort and pledged
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more american support to come. this morning, a secret congressional trip to kiev now public. speaker of the house nancy pelosi in a surprise visit saturday to see president zelenskyy. the meeting only revealed today accompanied by leaders of the house intelligence and foreign affairs committees, pelosi pledging her support. >> we are here to say thank you for your fight for freedom and our commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done. >> reporter: the speaker, now the most senior american official to visit since the war began. coming as she tries to steer president biden's massive $33 billion ukraine canadian u aid package through congress. meanwhile in mariupol, the battle for the steel plant rages on. one glimmer of hope around 20 civilians evacuated saturday. the first since the siege began. we hope this process will continue and we will be able to
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evacuate all the civilians, he says. hundreds more trapped and questions over those able to get out. were they able to get to ukrainian-held territory or now in russian custody? in the east, russian forces continue to pound kharkiv, but making little progress on the ground and british intelligence says russian soldiers suffering weak morale. every russian soldier can still saefb his life, president zelenskyy says, you'd better survive in russia than die on our land. here in lviv, a visitor from hollywood, not washington, angelina jolie meeting displaced children at the rail station and dropping in for coffee at this shop. >> when i saw her,said. >> reporter: the trip disrupted at one point by air raid sirens. am reminder that in this country war is never far away. now, overnight, the russians attacking the civilian airport
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in odesa completely destroying the runway there. the mayor says that runway took ten years to plan and destruct. just one night to destroy. he says they will build it back bigger and better than before. >> raf, thank you so much as always. chuck todd is nbc political director and moderator of "meet the press." good morning to see you. so speaker pelosi, if highest ranking official to visit ukraine. we had the secretary of defense last week. angelina jolie in the country. what is this new package of $33 billion go along with these visits and the rhetoric of the secretary of defense that the united states wants to weaken the russian military. what does all that show you? >> well, when he said that, i can argue, we have put our money where secretary auto tin's mouth went. put all this together, willie. we are close to $50 billion in
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total support for this war is ukraine.billion in each of the r years in the war in afghanistan so think about this, we're spending $50 billion on a war. we haven't fired a shot in yet. i think it shows you that notice the united states is pushing back on the rhetoric. the u.s. is fighting a proxy war. yes. we are. the secretary of state and the secretary of defense, and we are in for if long haul. ukraine must win this war. they certainly believe that russia needs to be strategically defeated. that has been the phrase that you've heard used. it feels like to me now we have gotten so much closer, we are joined at the hip.
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there is i wouldn't use the word strategic. we seem to be decided, our policy is ukraine has to win and we're going to do whatever it takes to do it. >> it looks like a big bet for the united states on a side it believes can win the war. we will look for more on "meet the press," when he is joined by the homeland and new york senator menendez. last night, president biden speak spoke in washington. it is the first time in three years it was held. there were concerns about the attendance given the recent covid cases around him. josh letterman was there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the star-studded dinner is a washington tradition. when former president trump was in office, he skipped it every year. then covid happened. now the dinner is back with a bang. this morning, a bash to remember. the first white house
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correspondence dinner since consisted of and the first nerd prop with the president in attendance since 2016. >> we had a horrible plague followed by two years of covid. >> reporter: unspared from the roast. >> nobody knew how to make vaccine until i made them. beautiful, beautiful vaccines. >> reporter: if you are a headliner, trevor noah. >> i told told a african guy standing next to you. oh, so what did you say? i'm glad that i can do my part. >> reporter: over the year, the dinner has been a rare chance for journalists and politician fossett political fights aside and laugh at each other and themselves. >> republicans seem to support one fella, some guy named brandon. he's having a really good year. >> reporter: this year's dinner, a time to laugh, but also to remember. >> our prayers are with their
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families. >> a pod and a standing ovation for journalists killed cover the war in ukraine. >> we've all seen the courage of the ukrainian people because of the courage of american reporters in this room and your colleagues. >> the last two years he spent everyone the importance of wearing masks and avoiding large indoor gatherings. then the second someone offers you a free dinner you turn no joe rogan. >> celebrities packed into a hotel ball room, even though new koifs i camp david case are around biden. >> fauci thought it was too dangerous to come tonight. pete davidson thinks it's okay. we all live with pete. >> reporter: to minimize his risk, president biden didn't eat dinner and only came for the speeches. everyone in attendance had to be tested negative within 24 hours to attend. >> josh letterman, thanks so
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much. we appreciate it. the fbi is joining the search for an accused killer who escaped from an alabama jail and the female correction officer whose gone missing along with him. nbc's maggie vesla has the latest details. >> reporter: this morning the search gross for the accused killer and the correction officer who walked him out of an alabama jail. authorities conducting a nation wide search to find 38-year-old casey white and the deputy vicky white. the two are not related. deputy white picked up casey white from jail for a mental health visit. they were later found in a shopping mall. >> the investigation indicates she asifted him in this case. we're not clear if she assisted willingly or some form or
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fashion she was forced to assist. >> reporter: the sheriff warns casey white is dangerous n. 2020, he confessed to the 2015 stabbing of connie ridgeway. white later pleaded not guilty and tried to leave the same jail. hijaziway's son has questions. >> how'd he get out? how. my only hope is they catch him soon before anybody is hurt. >> maggie, thank you very much. this morning, music fans are in shock after learning of the death on saturday of the legendary naomi judd. the death a day before she was to be inducted into the country music hall of miami. >> reporter: heart break for country fans, the mother of naomi judd, saying, we lost our
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daughter to the mental illness, we are devastated. >> you talk in the book about thinking about wanting to commit suicide? >> yes, that's how bad it can get. it's so hard to describe. because you get down into this deep, dark hole of depression. [ music playing ] >> reporter: for more than three decades, naomi and winona cover the country charts with 14 hits like mama meets crazy. one of naomi judd's final moments was at the cmt award this month where she performed love can build a bridge. her passing setting off a wave of tributes. carrie underwood writing sing with the angels, naomi.
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travis tritt, writing, she was one of the sweetest people i've ever known. kristen chen owith saying i never thought she'd go. kathy parks, nbc news. >> so sad for her family and millions of fans around the world the country music hall of fame says the induction of the judds will carry on tonight at the request of the and starting now with some cloud cover in san francisco. 50 degrees right now, and the temperatures will climb into the mid-60s and it is going to be a mix of sun and high clouds by the afternoon and expect clear skies for san jose starting out with temps in the 40s and bumping up into the mid-and upper 70s through the afternoon and we can expect to see some upper 70s and low 80s in the forecast, and 42 in santa rosa and conditions will remain dry for sunday.
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straight ahead. the highs and lows of the week, including the fired-up young star who stood out even in a parade of stars at the nfl draft. and the fan who made an incredible grab at a major league baseball game while feeding the baby bjorned to his chest. next up, our sunday focus, a new toy for the world's wealthiest man. why does elon musk want a controversial social media platform to go with his empire of electric cars and no matter who you are, being yourself can be tough when you have severe asthma. triggers can pop up out of nowhere, causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks. but no matter what type of severe asthma you have, tezspire™ can help. tezspire™ is a new add-on treatment for people 12 and over... that proactively reduces inflammation... ...which means you could have fewer attacks, breathe better,
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musk, whose net worth $250 billion makes him the wealthiest on earth. says he wants to restore free speech. what disthat mean? technology correspondent jolene kent has our sunday focus. >> reporter: in typical elon musk fashion, it took off with a tweet. april 13th, the richest person in the world posted this, i made an offer. more than two weeks later and one poison pill attempt by the board to thwart the sale, calling musk the singular solution he trusts. if approved. he will take it private and if the deem goes through, he would become the most indebted ceo in the west. however, the free speech absolutist insists that owning
6:20 am
twitter, which now has 229 daily users is not about the cash flow. >> my strong intuitive sense if that is having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive, it is extremely important to future of civilization. i don't care about the economics at all. >> reporter: he focused on free speech and twitter is the digital town square. >> i think it's important that it be an inclusive freedom for free speech. >> he plans to increase trust, defeating the spam box and authenticating all humans. >> having tweets being promoted and demoted with no insight into what's going on, i think this can be quite dangerous.
6:21 am
>> some of the corrects see musk as the danger, pointing to his tweets about white nationalism, unions and beyond, especially if he takes the company private. let's talk about the freedom of speech here. he says he is dedicated to the freedom of speech, allowing hate and violence to spread on the platform. what's the reality here? >> only musk knows. when you look at twitter platform in terms of feed and the horrific things we've seen on it there is a potential here it imports a more political buyer storm for musk. >> reporter: he hasn't stopped tweeting, from mocking twitter's top legal and policy officer. he doesn't appear to worry about a new sec filing that prohibits him from tweeting disparaging things about the company he is set to own.
6:22 am
how much is elon going to infuse his values and personalities into this company? >> well, quite a lot. you can see, he has an opinion on everything. he uses it for marketing, to control people. you see that in the 24-hour period. >> musk and twitter have until the 24th to close the deal. >> what will he do in five years? >> if he mansion it in a significant way, i think he will declare victory and fly off to mars and we'll never see him again. >> for "sunday today," jolene kent. trump was suspended from the platform for his posts following the january 6th attack on the capitol. he says he's not interested. the former president may look to return if he decides to run again in 2024. coming up next here, a new sunday sitdown with musician, actor, now author, janelle monet
6:23 am
wearing the futuristic outfit to match her book and innovative grammy nominated music. a life well lived. an american hero who survived the d-day invasion and came back to be an activist he was denied. a photo of the week a. rare gathering at thursday's future for the ground breaking former secretary of state madeleine albright, the first lady and president obama along the mourners. secretary albright died last secretary albright died last if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose...
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good morning. thank you so much for joining us on this sunday may 1st. i'm kira klapper. a tentative agreement has been reached between stanford health and the striking nurses. about 5,000 of the nurses between stanford and the health care have been demanding better staffing and better working conditions. the nurses are set to work on a deal they reached friday n. a deal stanford said in part, pending ratification, we truly look forward to welcoming the
6:27 am
colleagues back tuesday. another pedestrian hit and killed in san jose. it happened 6:30 yesterday on north capitol avenue on 680. the driver remained at the scene. this is marking the 30th traffic death in san jose this year. 17 of them have been pedestrians. the city is on pace to shatter the record of 60 traffic deaths last year which it set. may day is today, and it will be marked with labor rallies across the bay area. supporters are encouraged to gather on embarcadero to recreate the rally on market street. and also, participants are asked to wear masks. in santa rosa, a demonstration at roseland village on
6:28 am
sebastepole road. and now a look at the weather. >> yes, a repeat here, and live look at sfo. we will be seeing a couple of clouds early on to start, but by the afternoon, things will warm up once again. the current temperatures as you head out. livermore, 48, and san jose is 45 and through san francisco with upper 40s, and as far as the temperature trend goes, look at the icons with a mix of sun and clouds by 9:00 or 10:00, and in the upper 50s and eventually in the upper 50s, notice the wind speeds and not as gusty, but it is going to be breezy at times along the coastline, and if you are going to be down at the san jose area, and you will be at 40 degrees and at 11:00 or 12:00, eventually the mid- to upper 70s and enter the interior valley, and you might get a couple of 80s, and santa rosa is
6:29 am
waking up to 42 degrees and clear skies and you don't have to worry about cloud cover, and the upper 60s will bump up into upper 70s an enjoy today, because you do have a bit of a cooldown on the way, and you will look at the timing on that through 7:00 a.m. kira. >> yes, and coming up today, we have exclusive details of the overdose death of a young local police officer and what the chief is saying and why other officers in that department could be under investigation. we will have that and all of the top stories and the forecast as well. in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it.
6:30 am
chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. if you enlighten me, you'd be an engineer. >> i wouldn't have to. i already am one. >> that is janelle monet, the movie was nominated for best picture at the academy award in 2017. description of janelle monet usually include word like unique, unconventional or original. all of them fit her. the 36-year-old star has been nominated for eight grammy awards over the years, without
6:31 am
ever chasing the pop chart. instead, she has created her own genre defining artistic universe with prince and stevie wonder, guiding her along the way. we got together in new york. she came dressed in supreme style, as a character from her new best selling book who is half human, half android. ♪♪ >> reporter: janelle monet is one of the most innovative artists of her generation. a talented singer and songwriter who describes herself as an afro-futurist with a sense of style that is out of this world. >> wow, it's so nice to see you. should i go change? ♪ that's just the way you make
6:32 am
me feel ♪ >> we took an informal poll, we do it six years. you are officially the coolest human being i sat across from. >> i would love to take that, but i'm an android, but i appreciate the offer. i'm honored. my goodness side is honored. >> reporter: dirty computer is the term for monet's musical persona, brought to life in the 2018 gram my-nominated album of the same name. now monet is taking that concept to the page. co-writing a book of short science fiction called the memory librarian and other stories of dirty computer. how is this born? where does the dirty computer come from? >> a nightmare. >> an actual nightmare? >> a real living nightmare. >> so just for people thinking of picking this up, is it even possible in a little while to explain what this book is about?
6:33 am
>> the mem my library deals with totalitarian society, kidnapping from computers. people that will not assimilate. people that refuse to not walk in their full authenticity. taking their memories, swiping them clean and giving them new identities. so each story builds with pro to go nist black and brown folks, folks in the lbgtq community who refuse to assimilate. >> obviously, there are echos of your community in here in. >> i am sprinkled a lot. but it's a community. it's super important not just my personal stories are represented, but there are so many of my friends and family members, my friends in the transcommunity and the binary community. >> reporter: monet recently came out as non-binary saying she does not identify exclusively as female and revealed in 2018, she is transexual.
6:34 am
>> a lot of me talking out loud belongs, i need to say it, i'm here, i'm right here, i'm present. i am. >> reporter: that's got to feel great to be where you are? >> i amlighting right now, i am in i don't have anything to prove space as an artist. i feel like i'm on my second earth life. >> that started recently? >> there is life when it happens to you, like you live that life. after you reveal, it's a whole another life. it looks like you have a clear, you just have a clear, you have a clearer vision. and that's who i am right now. >> reporter: born in kansas city, kansas, to working class parents, monet had a precocious knack for singing is and writing. your mother was a custodian, father sanitation worker.
6:35 am
where did performance come in your life? >> well, my dad was a musician and performer. when i went to my grandmother's house, she was organizing in the church. i never had a family that told me i couldn't do this. >> reporter: when a short stint at drama school in new york didn't work out, monet moved to atlanta where she co-founded her label. her early music caught the attention of big boy. of the hip-hop duo outcast. they collaborated on several songs before she signed a deal in 2007 with biggy bad boy records was there ever pressure along your rise to be someone else? oh, you should make dress this way, make songs for the radio, all that? >> yes. >> if so, how did you ignore that talk? >> everybody thinks they're
6:36 am
smart. some people have really great ideas. i just trusted me. i think i had some meetings where i was told no i was like, okay, if i'm going to walk in a room, i at least want to be told no because i was my authentic self. the flipside is it made me feel i had to prove something. i had to prove that oh i can talk about science fiction in my song. dress like this, just because i'm black, seeing that type of music, i'm going to be elect eclectic. >> monet played roles in the oscar-nominated 2016 film "hidden figures." >> so i have no choice but to be flexible. >> and "moonlight." . even while dressed for the future. monet remains inspired by her past. something i've heard you say that really moved me, which is
6:37 am
why you said you wear a tuxedo often, which has become quite a uniform for you, and it's tied back to your childhood, right? >> yeah. >> your parents wearing uniforms. >> when i put it on, i always think of my family, they worked their -- off. for me i try to honor that in my work. it's like a gift and a curse, because you work, work, work, you don't, play, play, play, i'm on that i've worked for a very long time and i was super serious. right now, i'm like if we're not talking about vacations, i don't want to talk. we are supposed to be having the best earth experience of our lives. why are we getting caught up in a rat race? yes, we have to work. we also need to make time for fun. >> you can find the memory librarian already a "new york
6:38 am
times" best seller wherever you buy your books. our thanks to robert's restaurant at the museum of arts and design in new york for hosting our conversation. don't forgive to subscribe to the sunday sitdown podcast to hear the full interview, including a thorough explanation of that eye popping designer outfit. find our conversations on apple podcasts or wherever you get yours. a sunday sitdown with sam rock well on a prolific career that seen him playing characterers from george w. bush to bob fossee. now one of the leads in the american buffalo on broadway. some rackwell nex milpitas. and it is 6:38 and we are starting out with the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. in san francisco it is about 50 degrees and the winds are a lot calmer than what we have seen from the west about 9 miles per hour.
6:39 am
if you will notice by 10:00 and 11:00, we will top out in the mid- to upper 60s. along the coast, a mix of sun and clouds. in the interior a lot of sunshine. another beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 70s. ahead on "sunday today" our highs and lows including disaster in the bleachers as a baseball fan drops the ball then his beer and perhaps his relationship with the woman sitting next to him. we will assess the damage. up next, the acclaimed restaurant that makes great food and changes the lives of the people who cook and serve him. all of them, when "sunday today" all of them, when "sunday today" comes right psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis.
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an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. if you're always asking, "where next?" capital one has a new class of travel card for you. venture x. earn 10x miles on hotels and 5x miles on flights booked through capital one travel. venture x. what's in your wallet? from the very first touch. pampers, the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. helps keep baby's skin drier and healthier. so every touch will protect like the first. pampers . the national restaurant association reports some 90,000 restaurants in the united states
6:41 am
have closed during the covid pandemic, costing millions of americans their job. among the many survivors in an industry that remains surrounded by uncertainty is a restaurant in cleveland offering great food and a second chance for its guests. jesse kirsch has our spotlight of our nbc series "inspiring america." >> reporter: at this french restaurant in cleveland, the team isn't just working for a paycheck. >> can i get you cocktails? >> reporter: they're fighting for a future. >> i thank god for sitting down. i thank him a lot. he's given me a purpose of why i'm here. >> reporter: janelle cook found her calling here at edwins, which offers something people many take for granted, a chance.
6:42 am
have you been given turned down jobs because of your background? >> five years in prison. at edmond, no one asks why? >> everyone has a right to a future. it's in our constitution. >> reporter: for nearly a decade, that's been his vision, helping formerly incarcerated adults with leadership, life, and fine dining skills. in the kitchen and out. >> we've got the farm over here. >> reporter: donations cover classes, housing and more. >> i see the duck le orange in there or not? >> no, it's not. >> reporter: of the 500 or more that went through your program, how many have gone back to prison? >> less than 1%. >> reporter: over five years, 46% return to prison. >> you give someone a great chance and you support them, this is what happens. in a year or two, three, four, five years or now, you might
6:43 am
find yourself leading one of these restaurants. >> reporter: it starts here, offering inmates a path. >> with need doesn't some or the mission that exists in this country. >> reporter: then came edwins, ideaing a bakery, a butcher shop and during the pandemic a second restaurant. the business is self sustaining. >> they're not coming back to the mission more than once. it's got to be quality. >> reporter: especially when you charge $36 bucks for a bigger. the reputation drawing people e people from across the u.s., some not realizing this is more than a foodie's oasis. >> giving people advantage, is special. >> tasty i learned with my first frog legs. oh my gosh. he says those flavors wasn't the only reason he survived darkest days. >> we have a lot on our soul. when covid came, it was again you are meant to fail. >> reporter: but the team pushed through, adding more staff and
6:44 am
housing, too. when you look at it, did you ever imagine this would be possible? >> i'd say we're behind. >> reporter: already plenty accomplished. for cook, professional and personal growth. >> my children is my drive. myself is my drive. because i know that i am better than what i placed myself in the past. >> reporter: perhaps the perfect recipe to feed the soul for "sunday today," jessie kirsch, cleveland. >> jessie, thank you very much. this week, we highlight another life well lived. among the tens of thousands of young american who's stormed the beaches of normandy, france, june 5th 1954 was a 24-year-old warrant officer from louisiana named johnny jones. jones was the first black warrant officer in the history of the united states army, drafted shortly after graduating from southern university, jones
6:45 am
led a unit on d-day charged with transporting equipment and supplies on to omaha beach as part of the largest amphibian landing in history. his ship hit a german mine. he was knocked down to a lower deck, where he continued to change gunfire with nazi snipers on the block. he carried shrapnel in his body from the war for the rest of his life. jones survived that historic day but returned home to the jim crowe south, where he seemed his harrowism in defense of the country had changed nothing. so he set out to make the change. jones earned his law degree in 1953 and immediately helped to organize a bus bus boycott for martin luther's famed boycott in montgomery, alabama two years later. jones spent his career
6:46 am
representing civil rights protesters, like those who sat in at lunch counters across the country. he later served in the louisiana state legislature. in 2020, the french government presented jones with its highest award, the legion of honor for his actions in normandy three-quarters of a century earlier. and back home in the united states, just last year, jones was awarded the purple heart in a ceremony long overdue. johnny jones, senior, an american hero of both d-day and the civil rights movement died last weekend at the louisiana war veterans home in jackson. he with his citi custom cash℠ card, dan earns cash back that automatically adjusts to where his spending is trending. just ask stepping outside his comfort zone dan... okay, i don't- i don't know where the hole for this is. ...or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... you just made me miss her best line, so now i'm going to have to start it again ...even insisted he didn't need directions dan.
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go on. find a new view. go all in. lose your shorts. fall in love. go all the way up there. take the long way back. go, go, go. till you have to stop. go on a real vacation. . it is time for the highs and lows of the week. our first high goats to the breakout star this week's nfl draft in los vegas. no, he was not drafted but 19-year-old sam prince the life-long new york giants thaten from new jersey stole the show. sam was born with a severe heart defect and received a transplant in 2011.
6:50 am
earlier this week with some help from the wonderful make a wish foundation sam got a meeting with the giants, including former star quarterback eli manning, where sam was asked if he was available to announce the team's first pick in the draft. >> i need somebody that knows what the heck they're doing that i can rely on to go to los vegas and make this pick for me. what do you think about that? yes, sir. yes, sir. >> yes, sir. an enthusiastic yes. and sam brought that same energy to the podium in vegas for the beg announcement on thursday night. >> the new york football giants select clay vonn tividale morgan. >> sam then welcomed the newest member with a passionate handshake. get in there, sam. the giants later tweeted this photo with the caption, how we all felt last night and it was a
6:51 am
good draft for the giants. thanks to our good luck charm sam. our first low goes to the feeling when a powerful 30s strikes, just as you are sting up to receive your first communion. young girl britainly bake an internet star after her mother stephanie recorded her sweet daughter power chugging the bless ed sacramento, looking angelic in a gown and vam politely offers the priest who overs here the body of christ and then the blood. >> britainly says, i'll take all of that, taking down the whole chalice.
6:52 am
stephanie says she forget she was only meant to sake a sip and threw it back draining the symbolic blood of christ, which is grape jew, we should point out. it rang out millions of views she said of britainly, she gets it from her mama. congratulations on your first communion, britainly. our next tie goes to one of the greatest fan catches in the history of baseball. it happened in the fifth inning between the cincinnati reds and san diego padres. he pops a foul bowl back behind the visitors dugout, a multi-tasking dad was ready to make the play. jacob kingsley, he is a legend, dad smoothly swiping the ball out of the air while bottle feeding his 11-month-old son shepherd, who is also strapped into the baby bjorn. he scored an interview with the star of the game. >> take us through the play,
6:53 am
what was going through your mind? >> i mean, safety first, obviously, i saw the ball pop up and just wanted to keep him happy. >> mom jordan was impressed too, saying her husband's viral catch was the coolest thing that has ever happened to them. now our final low comes from the opposite end of the fan catch spectrum. we should warn you, this is differently to watch. let's head out to oakland for yesterday's games between the as and cleveland guardians a. foul ball, a guardian's fan can't quite get the handle on it. it doesn't look bad from that angle. the slow m-o tells the full horrifying shore. >> shows up at the ballpark, she's thinking, yeah, foul ball, that would be great. i don't need a shower, though. plus is the food ruined? >> yeah, those nachos are toast. >> oh, no, very soggy toast as well, ball down $14 beer down,
6:54 am
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we got more of your sunday "today" mug shots. starting across the top john in naples, florida, a happy retirement to you. barbara and kathleen at kathleen's wedding shower in new york. brandon in rhode island, happy 78th birthday, luke and river at their soccer signing ceremony at
6:58 am
new smyrna high school in florida, congratulations. thanks for making us a part of your big day. the decker nash family in clifton, new jersey, home of the mustang, they're in antioc, tennessee, dylan, standing in front of stonehenge in england. that's certainly a first for us. send us a photo with the #sundaytoday. you can get that sunday mug online at slash shop. we will see you back here next week on "sunday today" we say good-bye no our star director shows up on
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is sunday, may 1st, as we welcome a new month, we will take a live look outside of the golden gate bridge bathed in sunshine there on what should be a beautiful sunday. thank you for starting it with us. i'm kyra clapper, and our meteorologist vianey arana is joining us, and you say it is going to be nicer today? >> well, it is going to be nice, kyra, but expect some breezy winds picking up once again by


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