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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 2, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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right now at 11:00, a bold claim about saving a beloved south bay tradition. the gilroy garlic festival might be on after all. and the vaccine for covid-19 might be back on the horizon. and the pandemic taking a devastating toll health care workers. the tragic loss inspiring a new effort to help bay area nurses. plus, house speaker nancy pelosi makes a surprise overseas trip. her visit with ukraine's president and what we've just learned about another high profile region this week.
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we'll get to those stories in a minute. we begin with breaking news out of san jose. another deadly crash on south bay road. this happening on capitol express way. officers say a bicyclist was killed when he was hit by a car on capitol and mclaughlin about two hours ago. the bicyclist died at the season. the driver stayed and is cooperating with police. our other top story, we just learned first lady jill biden will travel to the ukrainian border next week to her trim to romania and slovakia. she'll get a first hand look at how two of ukraine's neighbors will deal with the fallout of invasion. after nancy pelosi made an unannounced trim to ukraine this weekend meeting with president zelenskyy. pelosi is the highest ranging u.s. official to visit ukraine since the war started. >> reporter: a surprise show of support for ukraine. house speaker nancy pelosi leading a delegation to ukraine's capital, meeting with
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president zelenskyy. the meeting under wraps for security reasons until today. she told the president, the u.s. is with you. >> we say thank you for your fight for freedom and so our commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done. >> reporter: zelenskyy, grateful for the visit, saying this is a signal of strong support for ukraine. the war intensifying by the day. the russia defense ministry says it hit 800 targets in the past 24 hours. oakland congresswoman barbara lee joined the delegation on the trip. >> [ inaudible ] that's not going to happen. >> reporter: the consul general of ukraine in san francisco says pelosi's visit will play an important role in ukraine's future. >> this demonstrated the strong
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u.s. support for ukrainians right now, especially for those who are fighting against russian aggression. and it provides further proof that washington establishment, they understand that this will probably be a long war, and this war will need a lot of support from united states. >> reporter: today pelosi encouraged ukrainians to remain strong. >> bullies. they're making a threat you cannot back down. >> reporter: another show of support. first lady jill biden will head to romania thursday on a trip to meet with embassy staff, humanitarian workers and refugees. she will later meet with slovakian leaders. nbc bay area news. civilians were reportedly evacuated from a steel plant in mariupol today. this is video from the ukrainian national guard. nbc news has not been able to verify the video but has confirmed that evacuations are
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underway. roughly a thousand civilians hunkered down next to ukrainian fighters beneath the steel plant. it is the only part of mariupol not occupied by russians. our coverage on the war in ukraine continues online on our webb. we are posting live updates about the conflict. head to click the link in the trending bar. a vaccine for the youngest americans is now in sight moderna's chief medical officer says for children under 6, it will be ready in june. vaccine could be the first to win approval for that age group. parents who have been waiting for two years are looking forward to having the entire family protected. one thing to keep in mind, moderna's he was fasty numbers for kids is significantly lower than adults. ranging between 37 and 51%. still, pediatricians say some protection is better than none. >> to be able to have some disease or some symptoms is
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better than having to go to the hospital for certain. so knowing we can have some protection, it will give parents confidence about going back out. >> pfizer expects to have their vaccine for children under 6 ready for review. the pandemic has taken a devastating toll on nurses. days ago, a nurse took their own life inside a south bay hospital. earlier this year, michael o'dell walked out in the middle of his shift and never returned. his death has now inspired his friends to make a difference. >> we have to do something urgently to protect and preserve the mental health of nurses and cnas because it is dire. we are losing people left and right. >> reporter: with just four years of experience, sarah is now considered a seasoned nurse on many units across the nation. >> which is scary. i only have four years of experience. when i first started, you know,
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20, 30 years of experience was the seasoned nurse. >> reporter: many veteran nurses are retiring, burned out from the stress of the pandemic. in some tragic instances, nurses are taking their own lives. >> i've been hearing stories from nurses across the country that have lost colleagues during the pandemic to suicide, that have considered suicide themselves. >> reporter: the san francisco nurse josh lost his friend, colleague, to suicide. his body was located nearby after he walked away in the middle of a shift at stanford hospital in february. just wednesday, a kaiser santa clara work took their own life during a shift. in the aftermath of the death, they started a knew nonprofit. don't clock a digital platform where nurses can find someone to talk. to usually another nurse. >> the goal is to match them up with a peer that can meet them where they're at, determine what their wellness goals are. >> reporter: he says nurses
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everywhere need more peer health programs. it is also a conduit between mental health providers and nurses in need. the need now is greater than ever before. >> the reality is, nurses and other health care workers did not face this amount of death. this high acutie until the pandemic. it's a lot to process. >> reporter: after wednesday's death, kaiser says it will provide resources for staff. he hopes this becomes permanent for all health care workers. >> if health care workers were treated as heroes, absolute care when it comes to mental health. >> reporter: tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> and an important reminder here for everyone. if you or someone you know is struggling, there is help available 24/7. call this number any time.
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1-800-273-8255. you see it there on the screen. 1-800-273-talk. the votes are being tallied and it could mean the end of a nurses strike at stanford. approximately 5,000 nurses reached a tentative agreement for a new contract. the nurses voted today the results will be revealed tomorrow. if approved, the nurses would get a 70% wage increase this year. 5% next year. retirement benefits increased. they women on strike last month. income inequality and workers rights were front and center today. demonstrators were on market street carrying signs and banners. it was about worker protections and better pay. workers made a strong showing. >> we're here with the entire labor event. today is international workers day. may day. we're here marching in solidarity with the labor movement in san francisco. >> it is really clear in this
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day and age that those who have wealth continues to get wealth. those of us that are the back bones of these organization companies, organizations, get very little. >> reporter: a lot of talk about empowerment, hope and unity if they can support each other and have common goals. people gathered in roosevelt park today to talk about immigration reform. they marched from the park to city hall to make their voices heard. >> this is kind of people from the most oppressed sectors of society coming together. so our fast food workers, our undocumented workers. our homeless population. all coming together to have a voice. >> organizers say may day marches and rallies have become more common in the u.s. over the past 15 years. san jose police say they have arrested a driver after he caused two separate car crashes this afternoon. that driver reportedly responsible for a hit and run minutes before a second crash.
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san jose pd says as the driver was speeding away from that first crime, he caused the second crash at capitol express way. you can see two cars very seriously damaged nofrl one was seriously hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital and then to jail. heads up if you take the train to work. cal train temporarily scaling back service. starting tomorrow, weekday service will shift from 104 trains a day down to 88. baby bullet service will be suspended to accommodate electrification work being done. regular service will resume may 23rd. we'll be back in 60 seconds. a beloved south bay event might not be canceled after all. pledging to save the gilroy garlic festival. and he's speaking out about allegations of misconduct. bill murray is not apologizing. what he is saying, next.
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and we're closely watching the wind for tomorrow before a mid-week warm-up is taking our temperatures to a summer-like weather. and there is even some rain in the seven-day forecast.
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new at 11:00, a potential last-minute move could help save the gilroy garlic festival. today the ceo of the asparagus festival posted this on facebook. he said they couldn't just let it not happen so the organization is pledging to host the festival this year. he told us, more details will be announced later this week. just two weeks ago, the garlic festival organizers said it is canceled because of the pandemic and rising insurance costs. organizers say the mass shooting at the festival in 2019 played only a minimal part in their decision. we'll keep you posted. another push for reparations
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in san francisco this week. take a look at the city. now on tuesday, the board of supervisors is set to pick up a resolution for reparations for native americans. if passed, it would create an american healing truth and advisory committee. they would also develop a comprehensive plan to address inequities. the palo alto courthouse reopens for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. cases have been heard in san jose. in addition to pandemic problems, they were dealing with staffing issues, budget issues. now the palo alto courthouse will be able to clear out the back logs, increase access to the local community, and minimize crowding at san jose's courthouse. a coast to coast manhunt underway after an inmate accused of murder escaped in alabama. a wild story. the fbi secret service and u.s. marshals are among those looking for casey white after disappeared with a corrections officer. the pair walked out of a jail, went to huntville, alabama the
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day before yesterday. after the officer said she was taking him for a mental health evaluation. he never had a doctor's appointment. investigators are trying to figure out if the two worked together or if maybe she was taken hostage. they don't know. the woman's car was left at a shopping center and the two haven't been seen since. >> she had an outstanding reputation with the deputies. there's a possibility that she may have been coerced or threatened from someone outside. >> reporter: the inmate is a very large man. 6'9", 260 pounds. he's known to change his appearance often. and about the corrections officer, she was voted corrections employee of the year four times. and recently filed papers to retire. actor bill murray is speaking out after allegations of inappropriate behavior shut down production on his latest movie. the film, being mortal, is now in limbo after the accusations surfaced last week. this weekend the actor and
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comedian described the incident as a difference of opinion about something he intended to be funny but did not go into details about what exactly that was. he went on to say he is hopeful he can make peace with the woman involved. >> we're trying to make peace with each other. we're both professionals. we like each other's work. we like each other, i think. and if we can't really get along and trust each other, there is no point in going further. working together or making the movie as well. >> murray add that had he is learning and changing because of the experience. his optimistic production on being mortal can resume soon. you know this voice. keith morrison is making his debut on a popular sleep and meditation app. it is a new sleep story on call. it is called the curious case of the overnight oats. it is set to appear on the app
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on tuesday. in an interview with "people" magazine, he said the story will take listeners on a reimagined journey of goldilocks and the three bears. miles of streets in downtown san jose shut down today for one of the city's viva calle events. the city closed the roadways so people could bike, walk, skate, anything they want without worrying about cars. >> it is nice to know. it is something the city is doing for us. very pleasant. >> it is life. especially to roller skaters. i'm sure to bikers. it is instrumental for people who want to feel safe coming out on the street. >> the streets were closed for five hours. they reopened at 3:00. activities, food trucks, music, all of that with all kinds of thing to do for everyone. it is a sign california is getting closer to a power-free power grid. they said we set a new record
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yesterday. 100% of electricity on the grid came from clean renewable energy. that means things like solar panels and windmills. it gives us a glimpse of what a zero carbon future could look like. that we have to keep investing in clean energy. if your morning brew is starting to change different, climate change might be to blame. our warming planet is threatening the plant most often used in the world's production of coffee. >> coffee is an indication of climate change. it is very sensitive to different environmental thresholds in terms of temperature, water, moisture, shade. and each of those different environmental factors really impact the productivity for the coffee plants to produce really delicious beans. farm here's. >> reporter: delishing coffee so it is impacting them.
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>> the story originally appeared on nbc lx. you can watch the whole thing. check out other stories as well any time you want. you go also watch lx on infinancial channel 185 or over the air on channel 11-5. by the time the season is order, it will practically be summer skiing. today was supposed to be the final day of the season in palisades tahoe. after the reason storms, they moved closing day until the end of the month. jose was there with the skiers and snow boarders. >> reporter: young or old, skier or snow boarder. >> it's just awesome out there. >> reporter: people were happy to get some run in this late in the season. >> it is definitely starting to get warm. >> reporter: today would have been closing day. since april brought more snow, the result closed it. staying open until memorial day.
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giving skiers more time on the mountain. >> we might make it up one more time. >> reporter: they drove here for the day from the san francisco area. >> i've never been spring skiing before. it is really awesome to be out with the sun shining and it's not freezing cold. >> it's been a really weird year. we've seen a lot of snow in december, in april. and quite a long dry spell january through march. we are so glad to have the late season storms. glad they pulled through for us to extend our season. >> to try to maintain the conditions as best they can. the teams will go out and move snow from close areas to other parts of the mountain that are still open. >> our operations team will do it whatever they can to make sure that we'll have the best experience. >> reporter: on the ride up, you can see a lot of rocks and dirt. certainly not a snow-covered mountain.
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there is still enough snow where it counts for visitors like henry and violet. >> we're on rocks! >> rob mayeda right now, just a if you weeks ago, there was going to be nothing like that. is there going to be more? >> well, speaking of that sierra region, they saw about 200 to 300% of precipitation. so april showers brought may skiing to palisades talk hoe. we might see a little more by the time we get to next weekend. more only coming up. right now, 55 degrees. we're watching the wind spaeds for tomorrow. get ready for a roller coaster ride in your seven-day forecast. 52 in dublin, and still seeing that onshore wind west southwest. san francisco at 51 degrees. tomorrow's weather story will be tied to the wind. today we had north winds to warm things up. especially across the north bay
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and east bay. what will happen later tonight into tomorrow, increasing west northwest winds. especially toward the coast around point reyes. probably some gusts to 40-miles-per-hour inland. these areas of yellow and orange indicate sustained winds. gusts up to 35 tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, not a lot of wind. by the time you head to the evening commute, the winds are picking up. some up to 35 miles an hour. that will lead to some cooling. starting with 40s to low 40s. lunch time temperatures, you'll probably want that jacket with you, especially around the bay. 50s to low 60s at noon. and bay side temperatures staying in the 50s and 60s. san jose dropping ten degrees from today's hey temperatures. mid to upper 60s tomorrow. only low 70s inland. the wind will back off as we head into tuesday. the temperatures rebounding into the 70s and 80s.
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and you're seeing it right there at the bottom. screen. look what happens with the temperatures. now we're in the upper 80s. and even now 98 for parts of the tri-valley, concord, morgan hill. and then by thursday, a little cooling but still, 70s to 80s inland. if you like the warmer temperatures, we'll keep you happy. if you want to see rain and possible snow chances, we might be able to offer that, too. we'll see the showers dropping down the coast. they should clear out pretty quickly during the morning hours. and there you see the potential some of snow around the sierra. and then another system could drop down for sunday. unfortunately, where we're concerned, this looks like a lot more wind as opposed to showers on sunday. we're talking about a tenth of an inch of rain for some of the hills. stay tuned on the gusty winds. some of the long range weather models as we head into next weekend. we'll show stronger winds gusts.
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you will notice the wind speeds might be in the 30 to 40-mile-per-hour range for next weekend. we'll certainly want the showers to show up. so there is your temperature roller coaster ride. low 60s in san francisco. mid to upper 70s for a day there on wednesday and a taste of summer temperatures once the winds back off in our inland areas. more spring showers. that mean more sierra snow next weekend. but we'll have to watch the wind speeds. could it get gusty at times. cooling, kind of hot, more showers and some wind heading into next weekend. >> looks good. thank you. when we come back, it is video you have to see to believe. the encounter one photographer had probably a little too close for comfort. and it was a record amount. just how many t
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for those of you wonder whaerg the inside of an alligator's mouth looks like, here we go. yes. a man was trying to get a close-up shot at the gator in florida with his go pro camera. oh, man! he put the camera on the end of a 12-foot extension pole which was a good idea and held it well above the gator. it led to an extreme close-up inside the gator's mouth. he said he never thought the alligator would jump up and bite down on that camera. and now you know what the inside of the mouth looks like. a couple weeks ago, the baseball world saw the 75th anniversary of jackie robinson break from the color barrier. now bat he used to play went for
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a lot of money. it sold at auction last night. a little over a million dollars. it was the first of seven all-star games that the hall of famer played in. also the first time african-american players were eligible to play in the all-star game. despite robinson breaking the color barrier actually two years before that. our spanish language partners at telemundo teaming up for a mini world cup style soccer tournament in san jose. it started yesterday. finished up today. the free event not only featured a whole lot of soccer but food and music as well. >> it's incredible. i used to coach one of our teams. now i'm in a position where i can support with coordinating something like this and having our partners come together and having the kids come out i loved playing and i love to see them play and i know the families love it as well. >> telemundo player carlos was
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one of the coaches as well as one of the organizers. and thank you, carlos, and thank you to everybody who help make this possible. an emotional start to round two of the playoffs for the warriors. up next, klay thompson. the
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canceled? we're laying out your options. the second round of the nba playoffs are here at today's game between warriors and the grizzlies. an indication of what is to come. this will be a very compelling series. game one in memphis. picked things up in the first half. draymond being taken out after grabbed the collar of the memphis player's jersey.
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at the end, he's trying to guide him down to the floor so he didn't get hurt. the warriors couldn't believe the call. klay thompson loses his imagined, throws up a three. it goes in. the warriors up by one. and then klay missed two foul shots. a chance to win at the buzzer but they come up short. the warriors steal game one. afterwards, steph and klay talked about emotions running high in the playoffs. >> i just missed everything about this. the atmosphere. the opportunity to play meaningful games that require everything i got. so obviously, i haven't been out the last two years and missed the play yourself runs. that's not really a comparison to anything. it is just, this is what you look forward to so much. i played angry. andre grabbed me and said keep
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your composure. i need settle down. it's one game. i didn't come to win one. hugging each teammate and coach. the warriors need the best of seven. game two tuesday night in memphis. check out this party the warriors hosted outside chase center. the crowd going wild after that win. game three at chase center. the warriors don't come back until saturday. the giants playing the rubber game of the three-game series against the nationals. gabe kapler giving a thumbs up. washington scores five runs. two of them, the single by yadier hernandez. the giants trying to make it interesting but he scored again. that was pretty. it. the nationals win the game 11-5.
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the giants are up tomorrow. they will to go l.a. to play those doctors. a week they would like to forget against cleveland. they scored early and often. 7-3, the final score. cleveland sweeps the a's. they welcomed the tampa bay rays tomorrow. coming up, waiting more than a year for a
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the pandemic has created backlogs and delays with just about everything. that includes the release of documents by law enforcement. crime and accident victims tell us they've lost their cars and even their jobs because of delays in obtaining simple
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records from police. >> under california public records law, victims are supposed to get a copy of their police report within ten days of filing a request or get a legitimate explanation on why that report can't be released. these records can be important. while most agencies met that deadline before the pandemic, now we've found some victims have waited more than a area just to get a simple printout. >> right here. i was pretty devastated. >> talk about you understand wraps. >> i had to swerve. >> they showed us the result of the collision she was involved in more than a area ago. back in march of 2021. >> there was nothing to it. it was another day and i was just going through the intersection. >> as she drove home from teaching a piano lesson in
1:37 am
oakland, she noticed an oncoming car about to blow through a red light. >> before i went through it, i thought it's, this was going to hit me. >> her volkswagen totaled, and the driver of the other car took off. >> my car was flung over there. 90 degrees to the right. the car was steaming and these bystanders came and were like, you have to get out of the car. >> but when julie moon says hurt the most is the year-long battle to get her accident report from the oakland police department. >> they're like, okay, your report is here. i see it here. but it needs to go through, it needs to go through the process. >> without that report, julie's insurance company will not semia claim to fix her car. and so it sits still a year later, wrecked under a tarp in front of her home. >> it is unacceptable that the place you live in won't let you move on with your life in a
1:38 am
safeway. i don't think so. not at all. >> our investigation discovered julie moon is not alone. we talked to numerous victims and attorneys for victims who say they can't get public police reports in a timely fashion. according to a list of complaints our investigative unit compile, both from accident victims and from attorneys, two of the most problematic agencies for long waits for public records also patrolled two of the biggest cities in the bay area. oakland and san francisco. >> since covid, we've had a number of cases with undue delays in getting the report that we need. >> the attorney has been representing injury victims since 1987, including a hit and run case that took life of gregory attorney last year, a father killed a mother's day. >> they officially told us no report is available. through a back channel we've been provided a company of a report that for all the world looks final to us. >> he said he's never seen the
1:39 am
system as back logged as it's been during the last two years. some of his clients have lost their jobs because their cars have been wrecked and they can't get to work. and insurance won't pay to fix the cars without a police report. >> if that link is broken or heavily delayed, then it is justice delayed. >> to see exactly how widespread this problem really is, we sent a simple three-point questionnaire to more than a dozen large police agencies located around the bay area. nearly all acknowledged the pandemic did initially mack their staffing levels, and in some ways, their response time to public request. most say they've already corrected that issue. in an email response to our three questions, oakland police traced their delays back to january 2021 when budget reallocation to policing alternatives men a reduction in their traffic unit from seven officers to just two. now oakland police say that all reviews of traffic reports take place only on an overtime basis.
1:40 am
meaning that by may of 2021, there was a backlog of some 1,800 reports waiting on reryu for release to the public. and that has improved a little bit. even so, earlier this year, some 300 reports were still waiting in the cue for release to the public and to victims. >> in general, covid affected us. >> reporter: the san mateo spokeswoman told me that despite covid, for the most part, her officers managed to file their officer reports in a timely marijuana. >> there might be small delays because of staffing, there haven't been any cases where someone was flat out denied or it took an exorbitant amount of time. >> san jose police say they too faced delays. >> we lost staff member to work from home. we lost staff members to different positions, different locations. >> reporter: even so, the spokesman says sjpd managed to
1:41 am
streamline their report system making it easier for residents to get reports online. faster than before covid. >> for nonfatal, noninjury traffic accident, it is actually improved because we added a feature, it allowed our citizens to almost immediately go and get that traffic accident. >> reporter: there are a few departments in our area that never answered our three simple questions about how they handled the records request from the public during the pandemic. for example, despite numerous requests dating back to not gentleman, berkeley police never responded. and san francisco pd finally did get back to us just a couple of weeks ago. four months after our first request was sent to them. only to tell us that they couldn't tell us how long it takes to get public records from sfpd. nbc bay area news. we have learned kathy boudin, the mother of the district attorney jason boudin has died.
1:42 am
she was known for her work in prison reform and the rehabilitation of inmates, and she's also nope for spending 22 years behind bars in the 1981 robbery in new york. although kathy and david were not armedtion three men were killed as a result of that robbery. two of them were officers. the family says she died surrounded by friends and family members shelf battled cancer for the last seven years. president biden is expected to announce his first bax of presidential pardons on tuesday. three people are being pardoned. 75 nonviolent drug offenders will have their prison sentences shortened. it is part of the effort to make the criminal justice system more fair. the president is expected to announce new job training measures and grants to help people reentering society after prison. just ahead, students giving back to their teacher in a way you could never imagine.
1:43 am
how they're helping her do the things she always wanted to do. it is a story that will make you bay area proud. it's mid 50s right now. count on more wind for monday before summer-like temperatures arrive. arrive. we'll look at how hot the did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom
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is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's number one kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone. we quote and design each project and help customers select all finishes without having to leave their home! wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! sometimes the sweetest of gestures comes out of the toughest of circumstances. that is the case with tonight's bay area proud.
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the gesture come from the group of east bay middle school students to their teach near very tough spot. garvin thomas shares the emotional story. >> reporter: for a lifelong oakland a's fan, getting down on the coliseum field before the home opener is a pretty big deal. and julianna fried? she's determined to soak up every single moment. >> the best parts are the simple things. the national anthem and the grass. being here is really cool. >> reporter: it turns out she's been thinking a lot lately about the simple things. about the things in life that truly matter. it has to do with a conversation she had a few months ago with heron come gist. the one when -- her oncologist. when he told her about her fast spreading cancer. >> what's my prognosis? how much time do i have?
1:47 am
he was very reluctant to put a number on it. he said you should do what you want to do. what do you mean? you should do, anything you care about doing, you should do it now. >> at just 46 years old, this teacher and mother of two boys had to start sharing the news with friends and family that she likely had just months to live. >> every time you tell it, somebody says something you hadn't thought of. like wow, your son's birthday is in may. oh, yeah. will i see him turn 13? will i see them graduate from high school? grandchildren? that's the one that gets me order and over. >> reporter: it was just as hard, she said, sharing the news with a different group of much younger people. the seventh and eighth graders at walnut creek intermediate school who make her leadership class. >> we have a special bond. >> reporter: she felt they deserve the news straight from her. >> i have a cancer they can't
1:48 am
fix and they can't cure. >> that was one of the worst days of my life. >> reporter: lilliana and her classmates struggle with what to feel and what to do. it was julianna though who san gave them an idea. >> one of the things did i during the last days at school with them was put bucket list on the top of my white board. and i wrote a few things that i had always wanted to do. and then i said to them, please add to my list. what should i do? >> it got us involved. it made us realize that we could do something to help. >> reporter: what the students didn't know at the time is how many they would end up helping. it was katie's family started the go fund me to help julianna cross as many things as possible off that list in the time she had. >> i was thinking, we're going to help do you this. we're going to do it together. >> reporter: the go fund me was soon over $30,000. and julieiana, her partner larry
1:49 am
and her boys have been on the road every chance since. tahoe, disneyland, the a's game. these are not grand international adventures but return trips for perhaps the last time to places that have always been special to julianna and her boys. >> they have given me this gift of time as well with my boys. which we won't get back. >> reporter: julianna and her students know. when it comes to her health, there will be rough days to come. but thanks to their generosity, julianna is going to make the most of every good one. >> we got the chance to help her make her good days the greatest. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> what an incredibly uplifting story. garvin thomas doing a great job there. rob mayeda joining us now. we have some summer in the forecast and some other seasons,
1:50 am
too. >> everything thrown in over the next seven days. we had temperatures warming to the mid 70s. san jose, highs in the mid 70s. probably more like upper 60s tomorrow. 55 degrees right now, waiting for some paxy low clouds and some of our interior valleys. in dublin, 52 degrees. still that west wind at 52 miles an hour. san francisco should be a very blustery day tomorrow. 51 degrees currently. west wind at 16. so wind will be the big story on monday. that's have the reason why highs will be about ten degrees cooler from the highs we saw today. we go on a bit of a temperature roller coaster ride. you see it playing out. so morgan will not have too much of the stronger winds but then watch how it changes. from the san bruno game to sf ompl. across the entire bay area, wind speeds, 20 to 30 as we head toward the evening.
1:51 am
so that is the reason why we're going to start the day cool with 40s and low 50s. and we won't warm up a lot. we don't have offshore winds. you saw on the futurecast. we'll keep our daytime highs tomorrow, mostly 60s. 66 in oakland. upper 60s around san jose. the warmest places tomorrow, low 70s around concord. mid 70s toward gilroy. now watch the transition as those onshore cooling sea breezes back off. 70s and 80s inland by tuesday. then a taste of summer just like that. 80s in oakland. from san jose southward, in the inland tri-valley. close to 90 and then a little cooling as you get into thursday and 48. the rainfall expectations grounded for the month of may, this is usually the pivot point to the dry season around the bay area. we do have a chance of a few
1:52 am
more spring showers as early as 48 night in the north bay. but notice how the weather system falls apart. and watch how fast it blasts through the bay area. we'll see another follow-up system. the wind will probably be a big part of weather story. so rain expectations. it looks like about a tenth of an inch friday night. what maybe the bigger story could be the gusty winds. we'll have to watch it closely. you can see the wind gusts potentially. there is a will the of wind in the forecast. tomorrow, 20 to 30 miles an hour winds. the warming for the middle part of week and we could see mid to upper 80s for the valleys on wednesday. and then hopeful for more spring showers which could bring a little more snow to the sierra. elevation, about six to 7,000 feet. also watching closely. the gusty win
1:53 am
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1:55 am
the highway patrol investigating a crash involving two motorcycle i haves. it drew first responders from agencies. both had to be flown to santa rosa memorial hospital. it happened way out by the lighthouse. it is not clear what l
1:56 am
1:57 am
it's a growing trend. silent haircuts. more stylists are offering them for you to go into a salon and
1:58 am
not make small talk. it is known as a place to vent, goss i am, have a heart to heart with your stylists. but they say they're not offended. it allows them to focus on their work and have a break from talking as well. ? a team of swimmers spent the day swimming from napa to the aquatic park. they took teams swimming the 40 miles. like a relay race. it back to 20 hours. this all benefits the bay deeper, i never thought about
1:59 am
2:00 am
it's not cheap. >> president biden asks congress for $33 billion in new aid. >> caving to the aggression will be more costly if we allow it to happen. >> the defense secretary lloyd austin describes widened u.s. war goals. >> we want to see russia weakened to the degree that it can't do the kinds of things that it has done in invading ukraine. >> and speaker nancy pelosi leads a congressional delegation in a visit to kyiv. my guest t


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