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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 2, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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all had in common. we've talked about it for years. when will it begin? google's downtown san jose project. to washington, d.c. she lead a delegation, a congressional delegation over the weekend to ukraine. they met with president zelenskyy in kyiv promising the united states will continue to standby ukraine in its war with russia. also, the long awaited evacuation of ukrainian civilians trapped inside an old steel plant is underway. nbc susan mcginnis begins our coverage. >> reporter: civilians trapped for weeks in the steel plant in mariupol today loading buses and heading to safety in the southern city of zap ree za.
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the reception center here providing safety to ukrainian civilians arriving on their own. ukraine's president warning today that the civilians risk being taken against their will into russia. the operation raising red flags among those who watched earlier evacuations fail. >> i would not trust the russians here. they probably were taken somewhere else. as you can see, this is just another incident where the russians have taken advantage of the ukrainians. >> reporter: as they face a fuel crisis, european union energy ministers hold emergency talks on phasing out russian oil and gas following russia's moves to cut off supplies to poland and bulgaria. nancy pelosi and others heading back to d.c. after a secretive trip. >> everybody now wants to be part of this moment because
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there's now momentum on the side of the ukrainians. >> reporter: next stop lawmakers will work to finalize congress's request for $33 billion to help ukraine. susan mcginnis. nancy pelosi is the highest-ranking u.s. official to make that trip to ukraine. let's bring in political analyst larry gur stin to give us insight. it's significant we have nancy pelosi someone at her level there. >> reporter: sure. good evening to you. look, she came there with encouragement. she came with support. didn't come with any military hardware, of course. that wasn't her job. let me tell you something, there's a symbolic element here. by her very presence, okay. by that presence, she was saying to the ukrainians and europeans and the russians that we are very serious about what we're doing in ukraine and this is not
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about to go away. >> so speaking of that hardware, president biden asking congress to approve a new aid package. we're talking about $33 billion. how does that compare to what we've given them so far? >> well, gosh. it's a quantum leap. it's a different story now. we had a total of about $3.4 billion in military stuff and about $6.9 in general aid, foreign aid, if you will. now you're looking at something a whole different element here. $20 billion so you can see just in hardware and weapons. already it's four or five times what we had before. $8.5 billion in economic aid. $3 million in humanitarian. this is a big serious event here. what it's saying is we're not about to go away on this. this means we are invested. we're invested and plan to be there for a long time. in fact, that money is intended to last the rest of the year. i wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the fall, president biden comes back and says, you
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know, we need more. we need more because we -- these things are going on faster than we thought. we've got moving equipment and perhaps by then planes going there. no. this is not about to go away. and the money says it all itself. >> so, larry, congress is going to authorize this spending requested by the president and as we continue to amass this capital being spent there. are we nearing, you know, the situation here in the country where the mortgage rates going up and inflation that the american people might push back on the amount of money being spent in ukraine. >> you know that's a very good question. not just the american people, of course, but the american people who let the members of congress. don't forget the november is the time we have the midterm elections. the more money we invest, are the more we put more americans in risk. 100,000 now in the general area, the more people will say how much do we want to do this? how much are we invested?
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how critical is this to the united states? and for that, the president and others will have to continue selling this as something not just important to ukraine, europe, but also the united states. we're talking about the linkage, if you will, between the various democracies and what ends at water's edge someplace starts in another. that's what they have to do. because things will get hairy. as we get into december and fall, to get the engagement going on, the military engagement. you can begin to see debby downers come out and say this is enough. we have to cut it off. and it's only reason that people would say why are we spending all this money which is why the president and vice president and leaders of congress will have to completely make that case over and over and over again to let the american people know it's not just ukraine's interest. it's in america's interest. that's the big challenge that they have as we go marching on through this campaign. >> and how much of a role could it play in the midterm elections? >> it could play a lot.
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if it gets really heavy, and if we're losing lives, even nearby and if we're spending more and more money. let's say $15 or $20 billion requested. you're talking a lot of dollars here. people are saying maybe we can use this for and fill in the category. the poor, a tax reduction, whatever. that's why it becomes very, very critical for the united states to make sure that people understand abroad and at home the connection we have here. if not, you'll see a big rebellion, if you will, among those people running for office. they don't want to be caught that way. that's because if they have to be on the right side of the issue, to be honest, and so that's why they have to make sure that everybody is on the same page or at least as many people as possible in making the case. >> larry, we thank you for your insight. a jury convicted a retired new york city police officer of assault and other crimes in the january 6th attack on the u.s.
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capitol. thomas webster claimed he was defending himself when he tackled a capitol police officer and grabbed his gas mask. in the courtroom, webster showed no reaction to hearing guilty on all six counts. he was the first of the capitol participants to be tried on assault charges and the first to claim self-defense. webster will remain under house monitored arrest until his sentencing in september. and the house committee investigating what happened on january 6th has asked three republican congress members to testify about their involvement. not at the capitol attack, but in then president trump's attempt to stay in power. former white house doctor representative ronnie jackson says no calling it a ruthless crusade against donald trump. representative andy bigs tweeted he'll not participate. and congressman mo brooks of alabama who was critical of president trump after they had a falling out said he will not talk unless subpoenaed by the
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court. traveling new research shows possible ways that covid severely affects children. scientists at the murdoch children research institute and the university of melbourne collected blood samples from 33 children with covid. they found protein specific to acute respiratory distress syndrome. that could eventually lead to different parts of the body incoming inflamed including the heart, lungs, and brain. covid cases on the rise after coachella. 76 percent in river side county after the music festival took place. it was held outside but organizers did not require masks or proof of vaccination. the day before it started, there were 102 daily cases in river side county. four days after the event ended, the number jumped to 180. experts said there's likely more cases because at-home tests have become more common. vice president is back in business. vice president harris is in the clear after she tested positive for covid last week. following her trip here to
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california. she will return to work in person tomorrow. she'll wear a mask for the next 10 days. during her california trip last week, she attended both events in san fransisco and los angeles. the white house said sea did not have any contact with president biden or white house staff. he's got a huge cash advantage in the race for governor. he's already using it to get re-elected. today the governor releasing his first campaign ad. >> i've been inspired by the courage and resilience of californians. health workers, teachers, parents with kids, you came together. >> you see it here. the 60-spot features him walking through a redwood forest are. it describes its a symbol of the state because of the resilience. the governor pushing his pandemic record which he made a center piece of the campaign against the recall election against october. the primary is next month with the two top candidates going each other in the november general election. more money for planned
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parenthood. that's what two law makers are asking the board of supervisors tomorrow. the proposal was authored by supervisors susan ellenberg and cindy chau vez. seeking up to $3 million to strengthen access excess to reproductive and health care for women. they take in more patients as california becomes a sanctuary for women seeking abortions. >> abortion rights are more fragile than they've been in decades in this country. in states other than california, law makers are increasingly passing strict bans on abortion as a supreme court reconsiders the scope and existence of this constitutional right. >> planned parenthood said it provided health care sefss to 80 women from out of state since july. san jose residents who want to know more about the upcoming google village can get the inside scoop at an open house next weekend. there's nothing to see, at least not yet, the work now underway is preconstruction.
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this saturday google is hosting a spring open house to provide updates on downtown west, as called. the meeting will take place at west santa clara street across the street from the shark tank. the briefing will be from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. prep work on the project is set to begin later this year. up next, sending a policy set up during the pandemic. what you need to now about your airbnb summer rental. a couple of prepays for service they're never going to be able to use. and yet no refund. i'm consumer investigator. nbc bay area sponds next. i'm chief meteorologist. app cool day. wind kicking up in san francisco to 30 miles per hour. i'll talk about the big warm upcoming our way. back with that in about nine minutes.
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hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. nbc bay area responds to a south bay woman who had a lingering issue after her husband unexpectedly died while out of the country.
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she asked chris for help there. this is doris and her late husband david. doris said it was the last photo taken of them in canada. doris said david was cremated in canada. the problem was at home. in 2011, they prepaid neptune society $1795 for david to be cremated in san jose. obviously it was no longer necessary. doris expected her money back. she explained the situation to several people but neptune society wouldn't refund her. she asked us for help. our team reached out, within two days it agreed to refund doris her full amount. a clerical employee had shelved doris' request and quit. this is what they sent us. you know, preplanning a funeral
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can save your surviving family heart ache, money, and guest work with your final wishes. it's essential, though, you keep those contracts. just like doris and david did. if you have a trust, by the way, which isn't just for rich people, ask for the trust administrator to keep a copy on file. doris contacted us at you can, too. click the response option from the main menu or call us 888-996-tips. on friday, invited you to visit us. i met two folks. >> wow. >> wonderful. >> that's great. >> you guys can come along, too. >> thank you, chris. no more covid refunds. airbnb announcing beginning at the end of the month, guests who need to cancel due to covid is not eligible for the refund. they extended the extenuating
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circumstances policy during the pandemic but come may 31st, their leaving up to each individual owner to decide how to deal with covid cancellations. they're expected to launch a travel insurance program soon that will offer some form of refund protection. satellites are becoming a digital lifeline for thousands of people in ukraine. the low orbit satellites can provide high-speed internet anywhere in the world. after russia began bombing ukraine, thousands were cut off from internet access in february. ukraine's digital minister tweeted to musk asking for star link for more than 10,000 dishes and since then have been sent to ukraine. today the minister said star link has around 150,000 users. gas prices are sky high. it's not surprising electric car sales are booming. look at the numbers there. nearly double from just a year ago. electric cars now make up 20% of all sales in the united states.
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the white house is reacting. a new $5 billion plan is in the works to create a nationwide ev charging network. consumers and companies are both going green. the solano transportation authority is the late toast use electric buses. it's expected to soon add wireless chargers between san francisco and sacramento. we talked to one ev expert who said the batteries can be used in regular cars. pull up, charge, and go again. i think that's going to be a significant benefit. >> you heard it right. wireless charging for your car. how in the heck is it going to work? momentum dynamics, which develops the chargers using magnetic charging to connect to a receiver underneath the car. think about charging your ipad or smartphone or using the pad for the smartphone.
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it is built into the ground. as a driver, you position your car over the transmitter to charge up. you don't need to tether it with a cord. >> that's cool. >> yeah. good idea. let's talk about the change. we went from a nice warm weekend to chilly. >> yeah. look at this. 64 now. if you like the warm weather we had this weekend, hang on! we are on for a wild ride this week when it comes to the temperatures. we'll see things increase dramatically as we head through the next couple of days. outside now in livermore at 64. a little bit of a breeze out of the west southwest at 14 miles per hour. we're down to a colder 57 as we hit 8:00 p.m. tonight. here is the deal, again, yesterday we had 70s, 80s, today we're down anywhere from 8 to 10 degrees colder through the inland valleys. by tomorrow, we are going back up. in a big way! we're looking at 10 to 20 degrees warmer for the area of
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high pressure moving in and taking the storm track and moving it to the north. it's a short incident of the weather that will put us near record-setting highs. it will be noticeable for tomorrow. i don't think you'll see a big difference for the morning hours. we'll start off chilly with lots of sunshine. 47 over the trivalley. south bay at 49. i have it down to 47 in the east bay. san francisco 48. the north bay 46. by noon 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 the numbers will jump fast. the south bay 79. 81 in morgan hill. peninsula getting in on a little bit of action with palo alto at 78. 73 here in san mateo. san francisco not quite 70s. 67 in downtown. let's take it off through the north. 73 mill valley. closer to the bay. you get away from that and look at the numbers jump.
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82 in santa rosa and 81 here in sonoma. 82 in santa rosa. on the seven-day forecast, there's a lot to go over. the warmest day in san francisco is wednesday. we drop down to 62 on friday. slight chance of spotty drizzle friday night from this weak system that moves in. by saturday winds begin to pick up 15 to 30. looking for the gustiest conditions on sunday 20 to 50 miles per hour. next monday 65 in san francisco. temperatures continue to be all over the place for the inland valleys. it's 73 on friday. 70 on sunday as the wind kicks in. lots happening next seven days. wish we'll get more rainfall but as i said earlier, we'll take what we can get. definitely looks warm the next two days. >> thank you. we need to take care of jessica on sunday. that's mother's day, i believe.
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first lady dr. jill biden will be traveling overseas. her first stop is romania. she'll head to the capital city on on saturday. on sunday, mother's day, sheathe meal with ukrainian moms and children forced to flee their country because of the war. on monday, dr. biden will meet with members of the government of slovakia before heading back to the u.s. a battle happening across the country. workers wanting to unionize. amazon employees in new york will not unionize. it's been a back and forth. last month amazon workers in new york city were the first to launch a union bid in the company's history. after a vote, the workers rejected the bid. amazon launched an aggressive push against the union. leading up to the vote they had mandatory meetings with workers
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and created a website opposing the bid. fair or foul? did draymond green deserve to be ejected for the play there? we'll hear from the warriors star. that's next. what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa.
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you're probably watching the drama and controversy in the game against the warriors and grizzlies. >> there was a lot of screaming and turned into groaning and
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ultimately for warriors fans was cheering map will we see tomorrow night? yesterday game one of the seven-game series in memphis. take a look. you've probably seen it. second quarter draymond green called for a flagrant ii foul. he grabbed players jersey. the player was falling to the ground. draymond said his hand got stuck and he was trying to keep him from falling. regardless, he was e jeskted. the nba said it will not rescind the call. that's important because if draymond gets four flagrant points in the flayoffs, he'll have to sit out a game. he has two flagrant points. in true draymond fashion, he talked about it in the podcast from the team hotel after the game. >> i'm dumb enough to think i wasn't going to get a flagrant one. talk about an idiot. you want to call anybody an idiot, look no further than draymond green himself. i was sitting there like, you know, i was about to start dancing to the crowd saying kick
5:58 pm
him out. kick him out to taunt him because, like, kick him out for that? [ laughter ] >> how do you really feel? he's fun to watch. as for the game, the warriors won. thanks to the gd three-pointer with about 30 seconds remaining. game two, if you can handle the drama is tomorrow night in memphis. >> i like he broadcasts with the shades on. following a scandal-filled olympics figure skating governor body is proposing an age limit moving forward. 15-year-old russian skater was allowed to skate. she finished in fourth. the international skating union is proposing all skaters be at least 17 years old to compete in the olympics and other international events. the hope to have the age limit in place before the 2026 winter games. >> that's a good proposal. your 49ers fan while driving
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down the road, you can do that now. the 49ers foundation has launched this team branded california license plates. you see it the sf logo. proceeds from the plates will benefit the california natural resources agency. which works on expanding outdoor recreational spaces for all californians. go niners. you can put it on the card. another sign we are moving out of the pandemic stage into the indemmic stage. the return of more cars to the roads and the costly consequence. it's a little much but a couple extra dollars would be okay. >> now you want to charge us that something should be free. no. a san francisco family solves their own luggage theft mystery even leading the police to a suspect vehicle. now they want to know what the authorities are doing next. also, a fentanyl overdose death of a young police officer in the south bay. why other people could be in
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serious legal trouble. the news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. thank you for being with us on this monday. i'm raj mathai. it's almost impossible to get over the prices of everything so high. gas, groceries, everything costs more. the price of something else is also going up. your commute the. the newest option to avoid the gridlock? the express lanes will cost you more money. the price is up for using the lanes. is it worth trying to get there faster? what is the cost? >> reporter: yeah. i'll tell you, jessica. it's essential lay numbers game here. the more cars on the road, the more you're going pass to pass them in an express lane. we here in the bay area are already familiar with the idea of surge


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