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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 3, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, laura linney, melanie lynskey, geoffrey zakarian, everybody kristina schiano and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you! [ cheers and applause ♪ captions paid for by nbc-universal television no peace. no peace. >> disbelief and despair outside
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of the supreme court late tonight. following breaking news, politico reporting the court is on the verge of making a monumental decision about abortion rights. >> it's still gutting, sudden, shocking to see it in writing. >> the leaked document is quickly consuming the nation's attention and leading to late night announcement from governor newsom. >> only on nbc bay area, san jose police officer on leave, accused of being drunk on the job when he responded to the kidnapping of baby brandon. where did he go? bear had bay area neighborhood on the lookout feeling nervous. good evening. protests at supreme court this evening and across the country. the high court may be on the brink of overturning abortion rights. politico reporting it obtained initial draft majority opinion
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from the court that indicates law of the land since 1973 would be overturned. nbc news has not been able to verify it. >> and nothing is final but decision of this magnitude is prompting swift response. within the past hour, governor newsom taking firm stance against the supreme court. nbc bay area's ian cull with the latest. >> there are clearly strong emotions on all sides of this issue. while california has pledged to continue providing access to abortions, other states have not. if the high court strikes down protections after nearly 50 years. tonight thousands of people outside of the supreme court in washington, d.c., supporters and protesters of abortion rights. it started minutes after a report from politico citing a leaked draft opinion that the court is poised to overturn roe
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v. wade. >> i have to be out here, affects me so personally, hurts so much to know it might be ripped away from me. >> reporter: the draft suggests the justices side with mississippi challenging the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. there's no comment tonight from the court. planned parenthood stating, let's be clear, this is a draft opinion, it's outrageous and unprecedented but not final. abortion is your right and still legal. if it was finally overturned, 26 states could ban abortion overnight. east bay congresswoman lee retweeting, if roe fails, constitutional right to birth control will also be in jeopardy. it's never just been about abortion but controlling and criminalizing our bodies. >> gutting, stunning, shocking to see it in writing. >> reporter: jessica pinckney is the executive director of access
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reproductive justice in oakland. said would be nearly impossible for those under 18 or don't have money to get across state lines to receive the care they need. >> for many folks this is outright ban. won't be able to access abortion if desired and forced to carry a pregnancy against their will. >> reporter: legal experts say the leak is unprecedented. >> leaked draft opinion has never happened. >> reporter: what happens next? final ruling will likely be released in june. >> wonder whether the court will issue a statement about the leak. i think it could foreshadow an even broader rollback of individual liberty and trust and individual rights, including same-sex marriage and contraception. >> governor newsom issuing a statement reading in part, we know we can't trust the supreme court to protect reproductive rights.
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california will build a firewall around the right in the state constitution. women will remain protected here. he and other lawmakers are composing amendment to impose the right to choose. >> reaction has been swift across the country. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer issued a statement saying if the report is indicate the supreme court is poised to inflict the greatest restriction of rights in past 50 years, not just on women but all americans. republican appointed justs' reported votes to overturn roe v. wade would be one of the worst and most damaging in modern history. we'll be closely watching updates from the capital. this is the top story at
1:43 am exclusive, a san jose cop accused of being drunk on duty. sources tell us fbi agent reported officer appeared to be impaired when he responded to last week's kidnapping of a baby boy. breathalyzer showed 0.139, nearly twice the legal limit. san jose was one of many who responded to the scene of 3-month-old brandon taken from san jose. baby was found safe the next day. accused had been on duty several hours. sjpd investigating, as well as the district attorney's office. >> there are strict rules being under the influence on duty. there is a lot of liability with that and dangerous for other officers if you make a critical mistake. >> sjpd declining to comment on
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our exclusive report but police chief scheduled news conference with the mayor tomorrow morning to talk about alcohol and drug testing for officers. damian trujillo broke the news, follow him online and stay with us for updates on the case. where is the bear? bear is roaming a vacaville neighbor, was sleeping in a backyard, but tonight a mystery and unnerving as to where the bear is right now. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us live. boy, a little scary. >> reporter: a little bit. because this bear was last seen in this neighborhood earlier today. vacaville police took off about an hour and a half ago. the bear could be roaming the neighborhood right now but to be
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honest no one knows exactly where it is tonight. under the cover of darkness, bear watch is still underway. especially for clement who saw the bear this morning. >> neighbor was saying dog was going crazy barking at a bear. are you sure? there's no bears in my neighborhood. >> reporter: there is now. police started getting calls sunday morning about a large bear, male, about 300 pounds, roaming around the north orchard area. in rob's tree 7:00 this morning. >> could have hit it with a rock. >> reporter: shocked when he heard the police officers talking to one another in the backyard. >> what's up? there's a bear in the oak tree. >> reporter: hung out, made way to the ground.
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property backs up to middle school which is cause for concern. for a while cameraperson and reporter getting a little too close for comfort. >> he's running towards you. >> bear in the neighborhood is potentially dangerous think. people need to be aware. i don't think the solution is get rid of all the bears. >> reporter: wildlife, fish and game agree, responding and giving expert advice. >> recommendation is wait for nightfall and wait for the bear to go home. wherever that may be. >> reporter: they live in solano county hilling, roaming and foraging for food. likely what it was doing. they camp outside on occasion, not tonight. >> scared if dad starts to snore and bear feels threatened, thinking something is groulg at
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growling at the bear. >> reporter: did he just put his father under the bus? talking about his snoring. they think the bear is back in the hill but if they get calls, they'll come back and tranquilize is to take it to its habitat. >> be safe. good news for the a's in effort to build new ballpark at howard terminal, cleared another key hurdle. bay conservation and development commission recommended moving forward that. was needed and it opens the waterfront to the public. mayor schaaf called it great. a's said it was a massive deal. something a lot of us have felt last two years. loneliness, lockdowns,
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quarantine, social distancing all culprits. surgeon general came to the bay area to talk about loneliness. epidemic of loneliness, he's seen it. terry mcsweeney has more. >> there's a shame that comes with loneliness. >> reporter: surgeon general first detected loneliness epidemic in the obama administration when people approached him at town hall meetings. >> i feel like all these burdens in my life i carry by myself. or if i wasn't here tomorrow, nobody would care. >> reporter: says covid protocols like social distancing and working from home exacerbated the epidemic, reducing interactions. but some found relationships not available prepandemic. and recalled many end of life moments with patients. >> they talk about relationships, ones that brought
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them joy, broke their hearts and should have spent more time with. >> reporter: talking to people after the presentation this evening, most common word i heard after asking for takeaway was love. >> to have the surgeon general be talking about the power of love, to try to bring us back together. >> when he talked about how all of us need love, we are worthy of love and capable of loving people back. >> need to know self-worth comes not from wealth, power and fame, self-worth comes from god-given natural ability to give and receive love. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. vp back in business, vice president kamala harris in the clear after tested positive for covid last week after trip to california. she is negative, will wear a mask next ten days. last week vp harris attended
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events in san francisco and los angeles. white house said she did not have contact with the president. speaker of the house nancy pelosi back in washington, d.c., after visiting ukraine over the weekend. led a congressional delegation to kyiv. highest ranking u.s. politician to travel into the war zone and meet with president zelenskyy. she pledged continued support of ukraine. congress is working on president biden's request for $33 billion in more aid. >> came with encouragement and support, no military hardware of course, wasn't her job or intention, but there's a symbolic element here. by her very presence, by that presence, she was saying to ukrainians, to europeans, to russians that we are very serious about what we're doing in ukraine and this is not about to go away. >> speaker pelosi's delegation also went to warsaw, thanked
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poland's president for receiving ukrainian refugees. back in 60 seconds, as parents go to great lengths for our kids, one man set the bar high, tracked down thief. will save you time but lost a lot more money. freeway express lanes are getting more expensive. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, cool 57 in concord but talking about heat near records, wind and chance of rain
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new at 11:00, have you seen her? police looking for marquez, 15-year-old last seen near 7-eleven on central avenue near fremont. may have ties to antioch, san francisco, san jose and modesto. according to friends may have met up with unknown people. call fremont pd. sjpd is reeling after young officer died from fentanyl overdose. packer was found dead in his home and cause revealed over the weekend. sources tell us he was at party with other officers night before he died, but it's unclear how he got the drugs. sources say several officers could face internal and criminal
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investigations. combatting drug abuse will be in the news conference with the mayor and police chief tomorrow. if you've had car broken into, will sound familiar. car break-in, dedicated father and why he says police did little to help him get goods back. >> ran inside to get one thing. 15, 30 seconds. >> reporter: loading up minivan for spring break getaway, someone stole their bags. >> nothing on the street, 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. nothing going on. >> reporter: amateur sleuthing skills kicked in. camera from neighbor up the street, minivan with something on the roof. he was walking through the neighborhood and spotted van two blocks from where he lived.
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pictures he took of the van with familiar looking rug strapped to the roof, said he found evidence it was stolen, even talked to the person sitting in the passenger seat about the robbery. >> told her why i was interested, showed the doorbell video from the neighbor. said that's terrible, sorry it happened. >> reporter: he returned and noticed the woman was gone, spotted one of his kid's stolen games inside. called police, two officers arrived in half hour. door was unlocked. as police watched, he recovered some stolen property, including a cherished blanket. but expensive items were gone. he left and assumed police would wait for the thief to return. but got a call from officers saying they let people in the van leave, not reported stolen. that was a month ago and heard
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nothing since. thoughts how the police handled this? >> inexplicable. >> not biggest crime but want them to solve these and bigger ones, too. >> reporter: after my inquiry to police about this, he said the sfpd called him and said a sergeant is now assigned to the case. tells us it's open investigation with no arrests so far. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. focus on cross on hillside in albany. it's been debated. lion's club, international service group, erected it in 1960s but land is owned by city and it's first amendment violation. voted to remove the cross using eminent domain. >> we have to condemn the land
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the cross is on and offer a value based on assessment of what it's worth. >> simply, allow a small piece of that property to be placed in private ownership by the lion's club or someone else, then the city no longer has a first amendment violation. >> city leaders are not inclined to take that route, want it removed. high gas prices may inch up higher after lawmakers let a key date pass. 61 cents a gallon is the tax, highest in the nation, scheduled to go up three cents july 1st as cost of listening increase. governor wanted to suspend it, democrats wanted it in place because would take money away from road improvements and repairs. they needed to act yesterday to suspend the increase. pay up to speed up. commuting getting more
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expensive. just like gas. cost to avoid prices rise as number of cars increases. alameda county, up 100%. sometimes it goes up to $30 to drive in the fast lane. 680 in contra costa county, up 127% from 2020. average hitting a high of $6.20 during the evening commute. >> some people end up paying $20 to 30 bucks a day to go academy those lanes. >> crazy. wind, heat, chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. let's get to it. wind will be calming overnight and top weather story tomorrow is all about the heat for this area of high pressure yet again pushing that storm track off the
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to north and hoping to get us into record-setting heat. see the numbers up 10 to 15 degrees tomorrow. healthy warm-up. although for the morning it's not big surge. start off cold, mostly sunny, 49 in south bay, tri-valley at 47. north bay is 46. daytime highs, noticeable, no need for a jacket in the south bay. check this out. 80 in san jose, 82 in gilroy. over to contra costa/alameda counties, antioch 85, danville 81 and 15 degree warm-up in oakland. that's warm 75. through the peninsula, 70s, through palo alto, and san francisco not, 68 in the mission, low 80s from ukiah to napa. seven-day forecast, lot of changes coming.
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sf, warmest day is wednesday, 75. clouds on thursday. friday we see a spotty chance of drizzle from a weak system by the evening. saturday winds kick up and look at sunday. wind gusts of 20 to 50, slight chance of spotty showers. isolated thunderstorm, and we dry out monday. inland valleys, roller coaster ride of temperatures. 90 on wednesday, hottest day. 73 friday, and eventually 68 on mother's day for sunday. planning anything for mom, want to be on the good side all the time. plan inside the way that weather is looking on sunday's forecast. >> can you take the wind away on sunday? >> i cannot. can add in champagne. >> sounds good. >> so you don't notice the wind. thanks jeff. up next, at odds over garlic. people who want to step in to save the famous festival in the
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south bay but not sitting well with people in gilroy. theranos ceo sunny balwani and team gearing up. last week we heard from investors who decided to invest after talking to holmes and (music throughout) stanford nurses will be back on the job as early as tomorrow
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morning after contentious week on strike. 5,000 nurses ratified new three-year contract with the hospital. 80% voted in favor. 7% wage increase this year and 5% following two years. retirement and health benefits also improved. stanford said it's pleased it was able to reach a deal. growing dispute over garlic is leaving a bad taste in some mouths. organizers announced gilroy's famed garlic festival would not return in usual form this year and now promoter is offering to step in. tony says that's what he did for the stockton asparagus festival, rebranded it. he announced where he will hold his garlic festival. if the group is trying to have a
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garlic festival in their town, god bless them. but claiming to bring back the gilroy garlic festival without comment or cooperation if our association is malicious. bac what's going to happen? buzzing about the warriors and grizzlies playoff series. >> in the center of course, draymond green. yesterday in game one, second quarter, draymond called for flagrant two foul. grabbed player's jersey as he was falling to ground. draymond said his hand was stuck
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and he was trying to keep him from falling. he was ejected and nba will not rescind the call. if he gets four flagrant points in the playoff, he'll have to sit out a game. he has two. draymond was asked if he feels picked on by the nba refs. >> i play basketball for a living. have incredible family, incredible life. i'm not picked on. there's other people that's picked on. i'm no victim. i'm good money. told you all on my podcast, that's -- my reputation is a badge of honor. not everybody can earn that reputation, so life goes on. >> indeed, game two tomorrow night in memphis. warriors 1-0 series lead in best of seven series. baseball at coliseum, a's hosting rays. sunshine at beginning of the game, then a little chilly. not much fun to watch because tampa dominated almost from the
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get-go. top of the sixth inning, manuel margot with the rbi double. good relay but not enough. rays finally, stars out for one of fashion's biggest events, met gala in new york city. theme is gilded glamour. kim k. wore marilyn monroe's dress when she sang happy birthday mr. president to jfk. inspiration, the statue of liberty.
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elon musk with his mother. >> very nice. >> there they are. nice. >> seems to be in headlines every night. >> seems to be having good time there. >> that's it for us on this monday night. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. tonight, the desperate evacuations in the ukrainian city of mariupol. roughly 100 civilians evacuated from a steel plant after weeks sheltering underground. but where will they end up some taken to russian-controlled territory and hundreds still trapped inside the plant as russian forces say they hit 800 targets in ukraine in just 24 hours also tonight, the arrest warrant issued for an alabama corrections officer who disappeared with a murder suspect the urgent manhunt tornado watches in effect on the heels of that violent outbreak over the weekend the massive wildfires burning in the southwest. the new evacuations there. covid on the rise in at least 44 states
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now and why new york city is raising its covid alert level. the former nypd officer found guilty for his role in the capitol riot plus the january 6th panel seeking to question three gop lawmakers. what it hopes to learn. and in georgia, the special grand jury seated to investigate donald trump for alleged election interference the war on organized retail crime. the so-called corporate cops working undercover to take down shoplifting rings. and kicking off "inspiring america" week with the new soccer team created by some of america's most famous women >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening, everyone language is no barrier to understanding the stories of civilians newly evacuated from the besieged ukrainian city of mariupol their faces and eyes tell it all. the hunger, the incessant bombing, the emotional torment of being tr


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