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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 3, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking overnight, are abortion rights in america about to be overruled? politico has revealed what's believed to be a leaked first draft of a supreme court opinion that indicates abortion rights from 1973's roe versus wade would be overturned. amber heard reportedly fires
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her entire pr team as he prepares to take the stand in the case involving ex-husband johnny depp. large wildfires have already torched a thousand acres and the met gayla thanks for joining us. a bombshell development could mark the end of the 1973 landmark roe v. wade decision after politico has what it says is a leaked draft opinion of the supreme court. protesters gathered on the supreme court as dozens from both sides rallied brie jackson joins us live
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>> reporter: according to the leaked draft opinion obtained by politico, the supreme court is poised to strike down the roe v. wade decision. the document, reportedly authored by justice samuel alito suggest that at least five justices side with mississippi in its case challenging the 1973 ruling alito pointed out that justices can and sometimes do change their votes as draft opinions circulate. alexis mcgill johnson joined msnbc with her thoughts. >> we're talking about 36 million people who could give birth who would no longer be able to get access to abortion in their states. and that's devastation, right? half the country where people will no longer have power over
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their own bodies, the base right to self-determination that we have come to expect under this constitution for ha49 years >> and an opponent of abortion said if the draft opinion is the final opinion of the court, the group wholehearted will i applauds the decision. it went on to say that the american people have the right to act through elected officials and enact laws that present unborn children and honor children >> let's talk about what you've been hearing as far as reactions from capitol hill? >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are speaking out. amy klobuchar spoke out on msnbc. >> we are going into an election year we are going into the fall where women's rights are going to be on the ballot.
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so if nothing can get done because of republican obstructionism then the american people, and people who believe in choice are going to have to vote like they never voted before >> and republican senator from missouri josh hawley said if the draft opinion becomes majority it should stay that way. he added that the decision on abortion rights should be given to the people to decide in the democratic process, not supreme court justices it's important to note that nbc news has not obtained or confirmed the draft ruling and the supreme court has declined to comment at this time, but the supreme court is expected to make a final decision in late june or early july steven >> i'll take it. clearly it is polarizing reactions to come. the january 6 committee is looking to interview even more gop lawmakers.
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three republican house members have received letters asking them to cooperate, and as we report, there are more letters on the way >> reporter: a jury finds ex-nypd officer guilty on six counts, including assaulting a police officer on january 6, the first assault conviction in these trials the house shelect committee sending letters to three house members asking for their cooperation. >> it's not just general, gosh, we'd like to know what's on your mind, but specific areas of inquiry. >> reporter: members of far right groups texted about protecting jackson he has critical data to protect. meanwhile, the committee saying biggs attended meetings with the trump white house about ways to
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overturn the election results. both jackson and biggs saying they won't participate and in georgia, the legal battle begins into whether trump and others tried to influence the election prosecutors there seating a special grand jury and here in washington, more interview requests to come >> we will ask more than three people >> reporter: that with be a first for the committee, still grappling with whether they'rele to subpoena their colleagues >> it's not off the table. i don't see how a member of congress cannot uphold the constitution in light of what occurred on january 6. >> reporter: the committee still wants to hear from kevin mccarthy, that's another letter we expect in the coming days as the january 6 committee barrels toward its june 9th start for public hearings. now to day 69 in russia's
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war in ukraine we are starting to hear the first-hand accounts of what it was like to be trapped in mariupol here's kelly cobiella >> reporter: there were wh40 ofs this woman says, we boiled two buckets of soup, and that was our meal for the whole day one of the civilians evacuated from the steel plant all the time we were in the bunker they were bombing, olga says new satellite images show the plant like most of the city almost completely destroyed by russian forces the last ukrainian soldiers holed up in the plant say more civilians are trapped here it's around 20 children. we counted, and hundreds more adults, he says. but it's still not clear where the evacuees, escorted by the u.n. and red cross staff, will
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end up russia says they were taken to russian-controlled territory and that those who want to leave can. ukraine's president zelenskyy says he warned the u.n the agreement with russia is that these people can come to ukrainian-controlled territory let's hope so, he says meanwhile, russian forces say they hit nearly 800 targeted in ukraine in 24 hours, including shipments of western military aid. the shelling in kharkiv relentless valentina, a medic in the city told me. you don't have safety. >> yeah. we die at the next minute. so we're alive now >> reporter: a senior u.s. military official describes the russian progress in the eastern donbas region as minimal russia is facing outrage from israel the country demanding an apology, after the russian foreign minister appeared on italian television saying hitler
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was part jewish. and diplomats tell nbc news there could be a russian oil embargo announced as early as this week after germany reversed its opposition but importantly, that band would not include russian gas. in new mexico, hundreds are evacuating their homes as wildfires spread miguelalm miguel almaguer has the latest >> reporter: the wildfires tearing across new mexico are poised to get more destructive two fires merging into one monster blaze has torched over 100,000 acres. with of 5 miles per hour winds at its back and drought conditions in its path, nearly
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300 structures are gone, thousands fleeing the flame. >> we have nothing to go back to >> reporter: as thick smoke smothers the santa fe region, some 4 million people in four states are under red flag warnings or watches. >> the threat is dire. it is catastrophic it is historic and we need to get out of harm's way. >> reporter: still early in this disastrous fire season, so far, over a million acres, the size of rhode island, has gone up in smoke. twice as much land as this time last year. and with winds shifting even more will be lost. >> we do have our lives, and i am thankful to god for that. but i miss my home and it's just gone >> reporter: adding insult to injury, one of the two fires creating the largest in new mexico was purposely set as a
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prescribed burn, but after kicking out of control, what firefighters were trying to prevent is exactly what they are now facing miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> let's get a check to see if the weather's going to help at all. and michelle grossmann who's here this morning. >> good morning to you both, unfortunately we are watching that fire danger today and tomorrow we're seeing showers and storms. we've been watching this line of storms since yesterday afternoon. to the north we see the showers, but looking at heavy rain as well to the south you hear a lot of thunder and see a lot of lightning. from louisville to cincinnati and pittsburgh, hail and damaging wind, and a few tornados are possible. now as we go throughout wednesday, you notice it shifts back to the plains oklahoma city, wichita falls, we could see large hail
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maggie vespa has the latest. >> reporter: a mid-trial effort at damage control in the defamation battle between two stars. sources familiar with the situation telling nbc news, she expressed frustration with coverage of the trial, which may have favored her a-list ex-husband johnny depp >> when you hire a pr firm at this stage in the game, what you are saying is you don't like thinks are going >> reporter: depp wrapped his testimony last week in which they played disturbing tape. >> i think that was another grossly-exaggerated moment of ms. heard's. i did not put a cigarette out on her or throw a cigarette at her. >> reporter: there are hash tags like justice for johnny depp and
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johnny depp is innocent. and protests for her to be drop from her upcoming film >> it's going to be very difficult for amber heard's new team to turn the tide. public relations is something to be invested in over the long haul >> reporter: depp is suing heard for defamation after she wrote an op ed, claiming she is a public figure for domestic violence depp was dropped from a deal to star in "pirates of the caribbean 6", however, disney has never said he was dropped from the film due to the op ed
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>> did mr. depp perform in any studio film? >> hm-mm zero no studio films. >> reporter: the actor seeking $50 million in damages heard, who's counter suing for $100 million is expected to take the stand wednesday. her lawyers vowing to shift the focus to depp, painting him as a quote, monster who would use her while drunk and high the question, can a new pr team turn the tide in the court of public opinion >> our thanks to maggie vespa for that report. still to come this morning gl the met gala. .. that lasts, even hours later!
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>> our life together >> she believes this >> drama and deception unfold in "don't worry, darling. she stars as a 1950s housewife who becomes skeptical of the world she lives in it hits theaters december 21st hundreds of a-list celebrities took to the red carpet for the met gala. kylie jenner sported a wedding gown and ball cap you see there. >> not feeling that one. >> no, francis is not a fan. that is designed by virgil ablow. plus, we're seeing double as we
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see matching tweed tuxes elon musk had a very special date the entrepreneur brought his mother along to the benefit, making a carpet appearance one week after he bought twitter for billions of dollars. and gigi hadid rocked a versace puffer coat, doubling as an evening gown of sorts. it looks like a comforter to me. we got to get to michelle wh who's ahead with your out-the-door weather and atwh everybody's talking about. the blockbuster involving abortion in america. some great savings on car insurance. maybe even hundreds of dollars. whoa! [chuckles] hole in one!
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la la la la la. in today's top story, the stunning report by politico sending shockwaves across the country. it reveals a draft opinion by justice alito, it is an unflynn itching repudiation of the 1973 decision and in a subsequent 1992 decision that largely maintained the right. roe was egregiously wrong from the start, alito writes.
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politico does point out that justices can change their mind the supreme court is declining to comment the model known as blac chyna has lost her defamation suit against the kardashians her legal name is angela white she sued in 2017 in the suit, she claimed that the kardashians defamed her and destroyed her tv career after she broke up with rob kardashian on monday, an l.a. jury found the kardashians did not defame br blac chyna a new study asked whether kids need meat to grow big and strong the study found that children who eat a vegetarian diet have similar measures of growth and nutrition of those who eat meat. the vegetarian kids were almost two times more likely to be underweight. this shows the need for careful dietary planning, the
4:28 am
researchers say. workers at an amazon warehouse voted against unionizing and the baresta's union is -- a bear, a video captured a black bear caught in the family car making quite the scene and a huge mess. the bear was eventually freed by help of the a state police officer, though. the ordeal resulted in two cars completely damaged no one, including the animal, was hurt wow, well, a 100-year-old man is proving that age is just a number take a hook at this.
4:29 am
love this story. walter orcman broke the record for the longest career at the same company to help support his family he took that job at the age of 15 when he was working in brazil. fast forward 8
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i absolutely have to be out here, because this is something that affects me so personally, and hurts so much to know that it might be ripped away from me. >> breaking right now at 4:30, fighting for the right to cheese. the supreme court may be ready to strike down roe v. wade. what it may mean for californians and the new response from governor newsom. and a san jose police officer on leave after he is accused of being drunk on the job while responding to last week's baby's kidnapping. the exclusive


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