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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i absolutely have to be out here, because this is something that affects me so personally, and hurts so much to know that it might be ripped away from me. >> breaking right now at 4:30, fighting for the right to cheese. the supreme court may be ready to strike down roe v. wade. what it may mean for californians and the new response from governor newsom. and a san jose police officer on leave after he is accused of being drunk on the job while responding to last week's baby's kidnapping. the exclusive details.
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this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura. >> and i'm marcus washington. you can also catch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> first we want to start with a look at the forecast. boy, it was still breezy one more day yesterday and now bracing for heat, kari? >> yes, it will start to warm up today. we have a cool morning as you head out in brentwood with a light wind, temperatures mid-50s. we'll s for the low 70s at 11:00. we look at our high reaching 83 in concord, 79 in dublin. these temperatures in some spots will be about ten degrees warmer than yesterday, reaching 78 novato and 81 today in santa rosa. tomorrow we reach the peak of the heat and we're going to talk about that coming up in a few minutes. also look ahead to the weekend. mike, how is it looking for early morning commuters? >> we have a report of flooding
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in san jose. we'll look at the map, it's actually the connector southbound 280 to 87. this is a shot that sometimes does see flooding when there's not rain like it's dry now. sounds like there's maybe a busted sprinkler in the area or drainage pump. exit at bird south and jump on to 87 on one of the joining onramps. alma bridge is an opportunity. it's early, light traffic. the rest of bay moves smoothly. we have an issue in san francisco, i'll check on that coming up. we begin this morning with breaking news and a potential end to landmark roe versus wade decision that legalized abortion. politico obtained a leak draft opinion from the u.s. supreme court. >> the documents suggest at least five justices plan to strike down roe v. wade following oral arguments during a mississippi abortion case. brie jackson is in washington, following this overnight.
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>> reporter: the leaked draft opinion released by politico indicates the supreme court is poised to overturn roe v. wade, the documents altered by justice samuel alito, the inescapable conclusion is the right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the nation's history and traditions. while it is not the final word from justices, it is raising concerns. >> as of today, it remains our constitutional right, but we also have to be clear that it is hanging on by a literal thread and what this leaked draft means is that our deepest fears are coming true. >> reporter: susan b. anthony, released a statement saying the american people have the right to act through their elected officials to debate and enact laws that protect unborn children and honor women. overturning the landmark decision would allow states to outright ban abortions. >> protesters are gathering
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outside the supreme court. >> this is something that affects me personally and hurts so much to know it might be ripped away from me. >> the unborn are humans and we've been killing them en masse to the tune of millions. >> reporter: both democrats and republicans criticize the leak. >> this is very, very serious, itten is unprecedented breach of the court's confidentiality and clearly meant to disrupt the process of the court. >> late last night governor newsom issued a statement reading in part "we know we can't trust the supreme court to protect reproductive rights, so california will build a firewall around this right in our state constitution. women will remain protected here." he says a new proposed amendment will enshrine the right to choose in california and insists women will remain, again, protected, their rights will, in california. we will closely follow those developments out of the nation's
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capitol, our website is a great resource for updates, including an in-depth look at what would happen here in the bay area if roe versus wade were overturned. this is currently the top story at now to a story you will only see here on nbc bay area, a san jose police officer accused of being drunk while on the job. >> sources with knowledge of that investigation tell us that an fbi agent reported the officer appeared to be impaired when he responded to last week's kidnapping of baby brandon. >> so the breathalyzer test showed blood alcohol level of 0.139 nearly twice the legal limit. the san jose police officer was responding to the scene after 3-month-old brandon cuellar was taken from his home. the baby was found safe the next day. the accused officer had been on duty for several hours. sjpd is investigating the case
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as well as the district attorney's office. >> there are strict rules about being impaired or under the influence while you're on duty because there's a lot of liability that can go with that and it's very dangerous for other officers if you make a critical mistake. >> last night, sjpd declined to comment on our report. however, the police chief scheduled a news conference with the mayor this morning to talk about alcohol and drug testing for officers. and happening now, authorities in the east bay, they're looking for magdalene flores marquez, a 15-year-old last seen near 7-eleven on central avenue in fremont five days ago. she's a student at washington high school. she may have ties to antioch, san francisco, san jose and modesto. according to her friends she may have met with unknown people. if you have any information on her whereabouts, you're asked to call fremont police. one year after launching, facebook is shutting down its podcast business. ahead on "today in the bay," the
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reason for that change and where facebook will focus instead. plus a pleasant surprise for people who purchased ford's new f-150 all-electric truck. a surprise upgrade coming for buyers. stick around so we can tell you about a that and much more ahead for you this morning on "today in the bay."
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happy tuesday. it is 4:39. let's get you out the door in the north bay, checking out santa rosa, it's in the upper
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40s and we'll cool down a few more degrees around sunrise, as we stick to about 44 and then start to warm up. a lot of sunshine today and not as windy. we'll talk about a warming trend in our forecast, coming up. >> not sun yet but headlights coming toward us at 280. remember 280 south to 87 that transition right now blocked by flooding. there's a busted water pump in the area. we're also tracking an incident in san francisco that may involve sand, kind of the other extreme. let's see what's working in the business world with silvana. >> good morning. i'm silvana henao from cnbc. wall street is set to open lower after stocks staged a late-day turnaround yesterday. the s&p 500 and nasdaq hit new lows for the year before turning higher along with the dow. it comes as the ten-year treasury bond tops 3% for the first time since 2018 ahead of the two-day federal reserve meeting.
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the fed is expected to hike interest rates by half a percentage point as they try to reign in high inflation. also in focus today a report on factory orders and the job openings and labor turnover survey which tracks items such as job listings and the number of people quitting their jobs. faith boog is shutting down its podcast business just a year after it launched. meta confirms it will wind down podcasting and remove shows entirely on june 3rd. there have been hints recently the company was losing interest in podcasts and shifting focus to hotter items such as facebook's main feed and instagram's reels. meta was competing against apple and spotify but upstarts like clubhouse and twitter spaces. ford just started shipping the new f-150 lightning last week but all versions of the electric pickup truck will have more horsepower than originally announced. ford says the standard range
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will now produce 452 horsepower versus the original estimate of 426. the extended range will get 580 horsepower, up from 563. the payload capacity or how much the weight the truck can hold in the bed, cab and trunk is getting a bump to 2,200 pounds, the best case scenarios based on the battery operating at peak power. guys? >> you need your truck to act like a truck. >> when you have a truck like that, you drive it to maximum capacity. >> absolutely. >> you got a lot of friends that will ask to you help move so you got to be ready. thanks, silvana. a north bay neighborhood now on high alert. here's why, coming up on "today in the bay," a bear, not exactly just right for residents. we'll show you where authorities are focusing their searches this morning. it's not in the mountains. >> where is goldilocks?
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first andrea fernandez and the headlines she's tracking. >> on the latest episode of "synced in" the gilroy garlic festival, rumors it might happen. is it going to? we'll let you know on our latest episode on our instagram page at nbc bay area.
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here we go, tuesday morning. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, moving along nice and smoothly this morning.
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we're going to get a look at the forecast for you coming up in a bit but mike, smooth sailing for them this morning in that spot. >> yeah, for now. for now. [ laughter ] we'll take that. there's damage to one of the other middle toll booths, you may have to watch for that, avoid lane 13 if you're counting in the middle, you can't use it. in the south bay you can't use the connector from south 280 to 87. we talked about the flooding there. there's a busted pump i believe a water pump in the area leading to standing water. we'll track that, get to bird and jump back to 87 south around alma bridge. two incidents over here, i think it's a busted sand barrel at 280 and 101 interchange. sounds like everything should be cleared up in the next couple of minutes. we are still tracking that activity there. basically moves nicely but circled upper left-hand corner, kari, we avoid the flooding.
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atherton has an electrical wire down, not because of wind but some other incident earlier. >> we're starting out with breezy winds in some spots. a live look in oakland, we already have a lot of people up and getting their tuesday started. we are seeing temperatures there at about 50 degrees and we'll be in the upper 40s and low 50s for the next couple of hours before it starts to warm up. the seven-day forecast is coing up at the bottom of the screen. head to the south bay with a look at the high temperature for today reaching 78 in milpitas and san jose. morgan hill reaching 80 degrees and 82 in gilroy. we'll see low to mid 80s today for the east bay. for maybe a few minutes you have to turn on the air conditioning. for the most part we have a nice breeze coming through and early in the day is the time to let the house cool down and palo alto we're going to see a high of about 78 and 67 downtown in san francisco. north bay highs reaching into the low 80s. here is a look at the overall
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weather pattern, things really quiet now, and that is what's going to cause our temperatures to ramp up as high pressure builds, keeping the storm track to the north, only slight rain chances going toward the end of the weekend, possibly on friday just a little bit farther to the north but we'll also be watching sunday as another system comes in right behind that. looking at our overall seven-day forecast, we have highs reaching up to 90 degrees through the day tomorrow and then we will see the temperatures coming down bit end of the week into the weekend, and expect some gusty winds on sunday once again, watching mother's day for that possibility that we could see some rain nearby. if you're headed north that's more of a certain possibility. we'll see temperatures in san francisco reaching into the mid-70s tomorrow, but cooler in time for the weekend. now let's turn to today's climate in crisis, we're talking about lake mead in southern nevada hitting an unprecedented low water level exposing the
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first of three intake valves. take a look at this. you can see the water that looks very clowe and then this valve is sticking up over the water level, which means that officials had to switch to a lower pump in order to keep supplying that water to tens of millions of people across the west. now this is the largest reservoir in the country formed by the colorado river and the hoover dam and also supplies water to southern california, which as you may have heard last week, they're facing some very strict water restrictions as a result of that lack of water. and lake mead is only at 30% of capacity, as the severe drought made worse by climate change hits the western states. if the water continues to fall in the coming years, the hoover dam will no longer be able to supply that water to southern california and other parts of the southwest. you can check out this story and more on our website, not just the impact but solutions as well. click on the climate in crisis page.
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>> thank you very much, kari. neighbors in vacaville a little unnerved. that's where a bear apparently on the prowl. >> look at that. that bear was first seen yesterday afternoon sleeping inn someone's backyard. so we're not even talking about it running through the woods as "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd reports, we're looking for this morning, where it is. it's a mystery. >> reporter: under the cover of darkness, bear watch is still under way especially for clement lau who saw the bear. >> my dog was going crazy. yeah, she's barking at a bear. i was like are you sure in there's no bears in my neighborhood. >> reporter: well, there is now. police started getting called sunday morning about a large bear, a male, about 300 pounds, rooming around vacaville's north orchard area. it ended up in rob stewart's tree.
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>> yes, it was right there. i mean, i could have hit it with a rock. >> reporter: stewart said he was shocked when he heard police officers talking to one another in his backyard. i said "what's up?" i looked and there's a bear in the big oak tree. >> reporter: it hung out there for a while eventually making its way to the ground. stewart's property backs up to this middle school which is cause for concern. for a while our cameraperson and reporter getting a little too close for comfort. >> guys, he's running toward you. >> a bear is a potentially dangerous thing. people need to be aware. i don't think the solution is just get rid of all the bears. >> reporter: wildlife fish and game agree. responding to the area, giving expert advice. >> their recommendation is to wait for nightfall and allow the bear to wander back to its home, wherever that may be. >> reporter: in this area, california black bears live in the solano county hills rooming from place to place, foraging
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for food. that's most likely what this bear was doing. al and his son tyreek camp out for fun on occasion. >> i'm scared if my dad starts to snore and the bear thinks there's something growling at the bear. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." >> interesting. so vacaville police left that area around 9:30 last night, they're hoping the bear made its way back into the hills but police do say that if they get more calls this morning, they will tranquilize it and move it back to its natural habitat safely >> that's nice they can move it back and not just take it out. gas prices now averaging around $6 a gallon in the bay area, and that could be ready to start climbing again this summer. california's gas tax is currently 51 cents per gallon, the highest tax in the nation and it's scheduled to go up another three cents july 1st as part of a cost of living increase. governor newsom proposed
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suspending that three-cent hike but democrats in the state legislature want to keep it in place, they say getting rid of it would take money away from road improvements and repairs. lawmakers needed to act by sunday in order to suspend that increase and they didn't do it. >> i'm just visiting from florida, so i'm not used to $5 prices. >> reporter: oh, man. >> the last i saw was $3.79 at costco, so it's almost like $1.50 increase. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine. >> i don't think i could live here. >> $5? i don't know where he was pumpings go. i paid $6 and that's for the cheap gas. republicans at the state capitol want to get rid of that gas tax all together. california is sitting on a $68 billion surplus, which some lawmakers would like to give at least part of back to taxpayers to kind of ease the pain a little. >> absolutely. and the price to get it to most places faster is headed higher. express lane surge pricing is
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surging as more commuters return to the roadways. on interstate 880, tolls are twice the price compared to 2020, that's up 100%. the most expensive toll averaging $8.30, this is during the early evening commute, and sometimes it's as high as $30 for that entire stretch, kris. >> ugh. >> interstate 680 tolls are up 127% from 2020, the average hit a high of $6.20, also during the evening commute. cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. you got to pay to go to work. oakland may be one step closer to keeping the a's here. coming up on "today in the bay," the move that major schaaf just made and the a's team president, and they're calling it a major deal. first, happening now, bay area leaders this morning will join former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords to honor victims of gun violence. giffords is herself a gun
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violence survivor. at sue berman park leaders are holding a news conference and a vigil is planned in that location for tonight. we'll be right back. good morning on "california live" it's national teacher appreciation day and we're highlighting california educa educators with incredible stories. plus new ways to pair whiskey and chocolate you'll want to try. that's this morning at 11:30 on "california live."
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a new hurdle cleared, the a's push for a new ball park. the bay conservation and development commission is recommending allowing the project to move forward arguing that its stadium at howard terminal would not detract from potential oakland port expansion. mayor libby schaaf and a's management each praised that news. the full commission will decide next month whether or not to sign off on the plan and then still needs approval from the city council. it was a big night for dub nation. >> the warriors shoot for a commanding lead in the nba
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western conference semifinals. the warriors lead that series 1-0 after beating the grizzlies in memphis sunday, they did it despite draymond green getting ejected at the end of the first half. tonight the plaza will open at 5:00 p.m. for a viewing party. right now, your choice may soon be in jeopardy. a new leaked reporter from politico has americans everywhere reacting to the possible overturning of roe v. wade. we're live from washington with the reaction.
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for many folks this means an outright ban. they will not be able to access an abortion if desired and forced to carry a pregnancy against their will. >> breaking now at 5:00 an unprecedented release of documents by the news group politico suggesting that the supreme court may overturn roe versus wade this summer. a live report from washington with the response across america and right outside the supreme court building. we'll examine that potential impact. plus, a story you will only see here on nbc bay area, a police officer on leave accused of being drunk on the job. this is while responding to last week's baby kidnapping in san jose. the exclusive details from our sources. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning and thanks for allowing us to


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