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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 3, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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safely and without any sort of resistance so they will definitely be asking him questions. why did you do that. this is when we would ordinarily start the midday news. >> and of course, that breaking news we're following for you this midday, a man making his way up 61 stories. the tallest building in san francisco, the salesforce tower, you can see video of him just moments ago that we got video from sky ranger there. that man climbing at his own power atop the tallest building
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in san francisco. we can tell you that he was met atop by authorities, put in handcuffs and walked back inside that building. no one was hurt in this scary incident for a lot of people there today. >> really frightening. i mean, the guy seems to know what he was doing as he was making his way up, but for a while, we didn't know whether he was going to make it up safely. one of our colleagues saw it all first-hand. we have joe rosato jr. who is one of our journalists here, and he's joining us by phone. joe, what did you see? >> luckily, i had the advantage of we have a roof deck in my building and it's on the 16th floor, so i of course went out there with my camera and got him climbing the last ten floors, which is just so fast. and it was just astounding. and i guess the thing that i
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really noticed is often when i go out on the roof deck to shoot video, it's super windy, and the lens is always shaking. but today, it was totally still. so makes me wonder if this guy knew, checked the wind conditions. i would imagine at the top of that tower, it's pretty blustery. >> yeah. i would definitely think so. but like from where you were watching, joe, could you tell that, i mean, he clearly has experience. >> oh, yeah. that guy knew exactly what he was doing. it was seamless. he just never stopped climbing. he knew the exact spot to go next. it was astounding. i have to tell you, i have been at the top of that building before and looked out the window and my legs turned to jelly. and i had that feeling today watching that guy climb. it was just astounding.
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i was kind of excited because i got a video of it, although like a lot of other people, it's a little speck climbing this giant tower. it was a ringside seat for something that, you know -- >> you know, we were able to use some of the video that people shot from inside the salesforce tower. and he's just wearing like jeans and a t-shirt, jeans and a hoodie. some gloves, some shoes. nothing extraordinary. no special equipment, nothing technical. >> when you look at him, and i could get a closer view from my phone there, his face did not look worried at all. kind of almost had a smile, like look what i'm doing. clearly, from what we can gather, he has experience. joe, like you were saying, not so much a windy day. we have been talking about a lot of wind across the bay area, but you said it was pretty still there wind wise. >> yeah, usually when i see
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video, with my long lens and the thing is shaking like nuts. and today, it was just perfectly still. it's dramatically less wind than there normally is, because it's usually pretty windy. and i just can't imagine, you know, being up that high with the winds up there. it's pretty impressive, although pretty impressive. >> impressive indeed. thank you, joe. it's going to be hard to believe for a while, i think. the first calls came in about 9:20 this morning. people were on the ground saying, there's a guy climbing the side of the salesforce tower. i mean, at that point, he had only made it up about 20 stories in all, he climbed all 61 before he was then taken into custody at the tip top of the salesforce tower. we know that police are going to be talking with him. we were talking with an officer
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on the san jose police department. >> san francisco. >> right, sorry, san francisco police department. they were there to support the fire department because they're the ones with the technical know-how for a rescue of this sort. >> he was talking about potential charges there. we don't know what those will be, but certainly possibly trespassing will be one cierra johnson from the scene on the ground where a lot of people were gathering as this was happening. can you hear us now? >> yeah, i can hear you. we're still -- they have opened up first street at first and mission, near the salesforce tower. right now, it's kind of a waiting game. you mentioned he was in custody, so we're assuming he's inside of this building. how he's getting out is still unknown. we see some officers coming up from the parking garage. we also noticed there was an employee they did not let in the garage. it's a waiting game. people are still standing out here trying to get a grasp of
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all this commotion. some folks were on lunch, we saw some tourists and kids waking up. this has brought this intersection to standstill, as you can imagine. someone climbing a building as tall as this one is really something to kind of stop and look at. not only is it dangerous, he didn't have any repels. we didn't see any ropes. right now, it's just a waiting game. we're working to see where this individual is. there's salesforce higher up, also some police still surrounding each of the entrances and exits. so yeah, right now, it's really just a waiting game. >> okay. thank you. we're also on the phone with jared rozner. he was a witness. you witnessed this from inside the salesforce tower. what did you see? we're trying to wait for jared, who was a witness inside the salesforce tower. we have seen video from inside that, that gentleman climbing the side of the building, looking extremely calm. >> yeah, one thing to see
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outside. see the man climbing, but another thing to sit inside and watch as he climbs potentially in front of you. jared, of course, we're working to get that for you right now. so he can talk to us about what he saw and kind of what were they thinking when they saw him walk up there? did they make any contact with him? these are all questions we want to know because, of course, this was a scary situation. he is safe. he is atop. he is in custody right now, but you can think of all the things and the excitement and the rush that those people watching saw and felt. >> it's so shocking. i have never seen anything like this before, but clearly, it has happened before. folks have climbed the golden gate bridge, scott mcgrew was reminding us that people climbed the sears tower. so it has happened before. and perhaps it's the design of the tower that allowed him to climb it so efficiently. >> i think we have jared right now. can you hear us? >> yes, i can hear you. >> okay, jared. you saw this man climbing the
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salesforce tower. you were inside. tell me what floor were you on and what did you see? >> yeah, i was on floor 49. and at that point, i had already seen him on the ground so i went in my office to go see it from inside the building. i saw his fingers kind of over one of the ledges and he pushed himself up. i couldn't help but think it's awesome he can maintain his bodily ought omany as a man and put others in danger. and while the women can't have reproductive rights, and that was my thoughts on this. >> we'll be covering that part of the story also later on in the newscast. but you know, you're looking out the window, this is the video that we saw for you, that we saw from your vantage point. so thank you for your time, jared. >> all right, so we had nbc bay area sky ranger overhead, too, but it gives you really this
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sheer magnitude of what that guy was able to do as he climbed up what is the highest building in san francisco. a man started climbing the salesforce tower about 9:20 this morning, made it to the top, climbed over the edge and is in custody. >> we're going to follow this for you.
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welcome back. well, in a story you will only see here on nbc bay area, a san jose police officer is accused of being drunk while on duty. sources are telling us that an fbi agent reported that officer who appeared to be impaired while responding to last week's kidnapping of a baby boy. ginger is live for us. as well as the mayor met. what are we expecting to hear? >> that's right, marcus. that meeting is expected to happen just minutes from now, but both the mayor and the chief
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are expected to push for more alcohol and drug testing for officers and for that testing to be included in current negotiations with the police officers association, as current contracts for officers are set to expire at the end of next month. now, sjpd has decided -- has declined rather to comment specifically on that most recent accusation that one of their own was drunk on the job. they say they are investigating it, along with the d.a.'s office. the accused officer was one of many who responded to the scene after 3-month-old brandonquy laur was taken from inside his home last monday. sources tell us that officer had been on duty for several hours and a breathalyzer test showed a blood alcohol level of.139, that nearly twice the legal limit. >> there are strict rules about being impaired or under the influence while you're on duty because if there's a lot of liability that can go with that. and it's very dangerous for
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other officers if you make a critical mistake. >> now, i'm told there is a language around drug testing and the current contract for officers, but there's nothing about alcohol testing and that language for the current contract has not been changed since 1994. the maicer looking to push for updates to that. we'll have some more update on the app as well as in the newscast throughout the day. marcus. >> all right, ginger, certainly interesting to see what they will talk about during that press conference and meeting. >> okay, and we want to make an announcement for you that will take place at 11:30 this morning. and we will be covering that for you online, so you can download and watch it on our nbc bay area app. we will stream that press conference for you. we'll also have more detailed information for you in our evening newscast. >> happening now, fire crews are on the scene of a three-alarm wildfire in solano county which is happening along winters road in winters.
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we know crews got the call around 9:30 this morning. the fire still burning right now. this is time lapse video from a pg&e camera. at last check, flames consumed more than 100 acres. we are working to find out whether there are any structures that are in danger at this point. >> the latest wildfire is another reminder that fire season is quickly becoming a year-round issue. so far this year, cal fire has already responded to more than 1400 fires. and burned more than 6,500 acres. it is wildfire preparedness week and this morning we spoke with brian marshall who is fire and rescue chief at cal oes about what homeowners should be doing to prepare right now. >> having that evacuation plan in place right now, before there's smoke in the air, that's absolutely critical. one of the things that we see often in these extreme wildfires is people getting trapped on the roads as they're trying to escape. making sure that they have an
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alternate route out, this is the time to engage with your local fire department. >> you can find a link with our full interview and a link for the cal oes preparedness website, that's via >> now, through the pandemic, we learned how important it is to get solid and credible public health information. >> one of the most consistent voices through the pandemic was that of dr. peter chin hong of ucsf, and we want to honor that contribution. >> from the moment the first cases of this novel coronavirus were reported out of china in 2019, there were elements of racism. >> it comes from china. that's why. it comes from china. >> i can name kung flu. >> what was it like for you as a scientist to hear that kind of talk? >> it was completely demoralizing to hear that. it was already hard enough to take care of patients, you know,
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every day in the hospital. and to take care of all of the questions we're getting and to communicate with the community. but to have he as the leader on top of that was really unacceptable. >> undaunted by that racism, ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. hong delivered the science with an added bonus of culture understanding. >> once i was more credible in the science, i was able to infuse some other themes. themes of equity, themes of, you know, understanding. >> while the asian american pacific islander community got hate, they continued doing the things that protected not only the aapi community but their greater bay area communities as well. take vaccines for example. 75% of all californians are vaccinated, but more than 93% of the asian population got their shots. and they claim the highest vaccination rate among all age groups. dr. chin hong says the model minority notion leaves some communities out, like filipinos
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and elderly chinese people who were harder hit by the virus. that's why he's still pushing for a focus on subpopulations and equity where he considers a privilege. >> i didn't really think of any other way in which i can use what i have learned for my whole life at this moment. >> we are grateful that he used that experience to reach communities across the board. so thank you, peter chin-hong. >> new at 11:00 for you, people in vacaville can breathe a bit of a sigh of relief. a bear seen rooming through the north orchard areas. we just got an update this morning from the department of fish and wildlife. they say that bear made its way back to its habitat last night and it has not been spotted since. good news there. >> we were chuckling about it, but it could have been a serious situation. good thing that guy went back where he was supposed to be. >> time to get a look of that
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forecast for kari hall has been monitoring that. we talked about the wind. has that calmed down? >> we're starting to see the wind calm down as we look outside in oakland. we're continuing with the sunshine and our temperatures are starting to warm up. take a look at where we are currently. san francisco at 65. it's 70 in oakland, and hayward, and also 70 in concord. a lot of these temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. as we get ready for the a's game tonight, first pitch at 6:40, it's going to be about 71 degrees. the highest gusts reach only to 11 to 12 miles per hour, continuing to calm down as the temperatures drop down to the 50s by late evening. our high, it's going to be a nice day. hopefully you have a chance to get out there, take a lunch outside, go for a long walk. san francisco reaching 71 degrees. we'll reach up to 81 in napa and 83 in concord.
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but we're on a warming trend, but we peak tomorrow. so take a look at these highs. los gatos headed for 86 degrees tomorrow afternoon. 88 in livermore, and 91 in fairfield. we will see those temperatures starting to come down on thursday. that will be the trend throughout the weekend, as we're looking at another comfortable day. across the region, it's pretty quiet. we're seeing the storm track still well to the north of us, but we're also going to see the cold front coming in in time for the weekend. if you have mother's day plans outside, or maybe heading farther to the north, we're going to see a chance of rain and some higher elevation snow starting to move in for sunday as well as monday. but for the most part, that rain just kind of skips around the bay area, and we take a look at these temperatures that will reach into the mid 80s tomorrow. 90 degrees, and then we'll see those high temperatures start to come down for the weekend. looks like a really nice one for mother's day, but it's going to be really windy by sunday into
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monday. you can see on san francisco in the next seven days, we'll continue to see gusty winds at times. even though, yeah, now we're seeing the wind calm down, the temperatures will be heading up today and tomorrow. >> all right, thanks, kari. >> happening now, the state department says an american basketball star being wrongfully detained by the russian government. wnba star brittney griner has been in custody since february. russian officials say they found vape cartridges containing hashish. this is the charge and the official classification means her case will be handled by the office of u.s. special envoys for hostage affairs. griner has won two olympic gold medals. much more ahead for you in this midday newscast. we'll be right back.
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breaking news this morning about a potential end of the landmark 1973 roe v. wade decision. want to give you a live look at the supreme court this midday. politico receiving those leaked draft opinions. this is of the u.s. supreme court. that suggests at least five justices plan to strike down the 1973 ruling, following oral arguments made during the mississippi abortion case. the high court now confirms the document is authentic. but the potential decision does not make abortion illegal in
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individual states. they can decide whether to restrict or ban apportions. >> president biden landing in alabama just a few hours ago said the decision could have wider reaching consequences if the report turns out to be true and the ruling comes down as written. nbc's brie jackson following those developments. >> the leaked draft opinion released by politico indicates the supreme court is poised to overturn roe v. wade. the document reportedly authored by justice samuel alito states the inescapable conclusion is the right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the nation's history and traditions. president biden weighing in this morning. >> i think the decision on roe was correct. there could be limitations on it, but it cannot be denied. >> while it is not the final word from justices, it is raising concerns. >> as of today, it remains our constitutional right, but we also have to be clear it is
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hanging on by a literal thread. and what this decision, this leaked draft means is that our deepest fears are coming true. >> susan b. anthony list, an advocacy group that supports ending abortion released a statement saying if the draft opinion is the final opinion of the court, the group wholeheartedly applauds the decision. overturning the landmark decision would allow states to outright ban abortions. protesters from both sides are gathering outside the supreme court. >> hurts so much to know that this might be ripped away from me. the unborn argument and we have been killing them en masse to the tune of millions. >> both democrats and republicans criticize the leak. >> a dark and disturbing warning for america. >> this is very, very serious. it is an unprecedented breach of the court's confidentiality and it's plainly meant to corrupt the process within the court. >> a spokesperson says the court has no comment. the supreme court is expected to
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issue its final ruling by late june or early july. in washington, i'm brie jackson for nbc news. >> and we want to give you a final recap of that breaking news this midday out of san francisco. that man who climbed the 61-floor salesforce tower in san francisco, has been detained by authorities, as he reached the top of the skyscraper. >> police said citizens flagged down officers around 9:20 this morning to tell them someone was climbing the city's tallest tour tower. officers did identify that man climbing that tower on his own power, no climbing gear. he reached the top of the building just about 11:00, as we were live on the air. and we have much more on this story on our nbc bay area newscast at 5:00. you can also find the latest updates at >> want to get a final look at the forecast for you today. >> we're starting out with some warmer temperatures around the bay area for our inland valleys,
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headed for the mid-80s. it does get hotter tomorrow, reaching 90 degrees. and then we'll start to see a cold front coming in, more clouds moving into the bay area. unfortunately, it doesn't like look like we'll see rain out of that and our temperatures will be in the mid-70s. a nice saturday heading our way and mother's day looking nice but it's going to be windy with highs in the upper 60s. for san francisco, expect temperatures to warm up to 75 degrees tomorrow and then come back to more normal weather, reaching into the 60s for the rest of the week into the weekend. with those gusty winds picking up again on saturday. marcus and kris. >> thanks. talk about an eventful midday. >> that will wake you up. take a look at some of the images of that man going up the salesforce towers. 61 stories, no technical equipment. >> we have live pictures. he's already been taken into custody, but you can see that man, starting about 9:21, as you said, making it all the way up
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that 1,070 foot building. >> oh, my goodness. >> in handcuffs, now in police custody. >> join us for our next newscast at 5:00. >> more online right now. ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer... are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2-
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right now on "california live," i'm with the cofounder of farmscape, an urban farmer company with tips on how to navigate the upcoming drought restrictions. >> then, it's national teacher appreciation day, and we're highlighting some inspirational educators. >> plus, dr. wendy walsh is here to discuss how to navigate mother's day if your maternal relationship is more complicated than you would like. >> and we're going to learn why this spirit pairs well with chocolate. >> it's happening right now on "california live."


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