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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 4, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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how do they get these things to smell so good? ♪hefty, hefty...♪ ♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ must be magic. hefty® ultra strong™ with fabuloso® scent. this has never happened in american history, and the court may never be the same when it comes to the trust between all of the justices and their law clerks, because it has only been about trust. >> the investigation into the leak is already under way, as shockwaves from the draft decision is turning the nation on its ear the manhunt for the prisoner and the officer who escaped with
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him. today they try to tame soaring inflation with many americans tightening their belts. ramping up efforts to free brittney griner from russia, where she's been in custody since february the best story of the day. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, a lot going on. i'm steven romo. >> i'm fran rivera >> the shocking draft of the opinion to overturn roe versus wade is rocking the country. a tactical alert was ordered after a police officer was injured attempting to control a group of protesters throwing rocks and bottles. brie jackson joins us live from washington with the latest good morning >> reporter: good morning francis. people have been gathering
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across the country ever since m politico received that draft opinion citing that the justices are moving toward upending roe v. wade. those who want to see roe overturned are also gathering. democratic senator elizabeth warren spoke at a rally outside the supreme court. >> understand this i have seen the world where abortion is illegal. and we are not going back. >> reporter: the draft, written by justice samuel alito says there's no support for roe in any part of the constitution he added that the authority to decide whether abortion is legal should be left to the people and their elected representatives. the draft opinion says because abortion involves taking the
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life of a fetus, it is in a class of itself. striking down roe would not affect other constitutional ideas. >> when the right to privacy is attacked, anyone in our country may face a future where the government can interfere with their personal decisions not just women anyone >> reporter: the supreme court now confirming the draft is authentic. and justice, chief justice john roberts launched an immediate investigation into who breached it he called it a breach of trust and said if it was intended to undermine the court's operations it will not succeed. he added that the cowork of the
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court will not be undermined in any way. t there was suggestion that one of the court's clerks leaked it. a final decision on the mississippi case is expected in late june. >> just seeing the beginning of the fallout. brie, thank you. >> oklahoma has joined a list of states banning abortion at about six weeks. we break this down and more consequences across the country if roe is in fact struck down >> reporter: it's the landmark 1973 decision. planned parenthood says more than 36 million could be without abortion access.
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it would happen in some states faster than others, because 13 of them have so-called trigger laws which would make abortion illegal. the move may come at a high price for those unable to move to another state and those in communities who have had abortions at a slightly higher rate. while it would reverse access to abortion for many, there are more options to do it safely. nbc news has reached out to amazon to confirm their decision but have not heard back. it folse similar decisions made by apple, citigroup, apple and others the decision could come at any minute, likely in june or july,
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abortion would not become illegal right away it could take months in places where it is likely to be banned. breaking news, russia's war in ukraine has pushed the european union to declare a complete ban on russian oil. the eu president said that getting all 27 member states to agree would not be easy, as many nations are strongly dependent on the oil this comes as ukraine's president says 156 people finally made it to safety after spending weeks trapped in that steel plant in mariupol. we spoke with some of the evacuees >> reporter: after so much darkness, they're finally stepping into the light. ukrainian civilians evacuated by bus from that mariupol steel plant where they were surrounded by russian forces, many women and children looking dazed, exhausted, relieved. these are the first arrivals
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coming from underneath that azov steel plant. their journey is just beginning. a two-day cease-fire brokered by the u.n. allowed about 200 civilians to escape the mantz. we met one boy and his brother they're safe now his father, a soldier is still in the plant they say he had to stay and fight. what did your father tell you when you left? he said we'd meet each other soon, but told me, your mother oksana is grateful to be free with her children. but without her husband, her home, liberation is bittersweet. i hope our warriors win, she says, it took away our past lives. it took away everything. ukrainian authorities say 100,000 civilians remain in
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mariupol a city in ruins. including including tatiana, who can hear the explosions behind her. i don't know where to go at all, she says everything is destroyed. everything is broken >> our thanks to matt bradley for that report. the latest now on brittany gre griner she is being wrongfully detained by russia, they say. russian authorities say she had illegal vape cartridges with hash oil in her luggage in a statement, kathy ingleberg says they will continue to work to bring her home and place her number on all team court this is seen nbc news projects j.d. vance
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has won the republican nomination, beating out multiple conservative candidates. he thanked the former president. >> thanks to the president for everything, for endorsing me and i got to say, a lot of the fake news media out there, they wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death of donald trump's america first agenda ladies and gentlemen, it ain't the death of the america first agenda >> in the last 18 days since trump endorsed him, vance has jumped 20 percentage points. he will face tim ryan, and he already has an ad out against vance. >> now vance says he feels out of place in ohio, and he wants to represent new the senate? what a joke. >> vance and ryan face off in
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november the trump organization and form are president donald trump's inaugural committee have agreed to pay $750,000 that money is intended to settle a lawsuit with the d.c. attorney general over allegations they misspent money at the trump international hotel. in a statement, trump said the settlement indicates, quote, absolutely no admission of liability or guilt we are learning new details about the inmate who escaped in alabama and the krcorrections officer who escaped with him >> reporter: a special relat relationship between an officer and murder suspect making the small city ofnorrance, alabama. >> i think she fell in love with him. >> reporter: suddenly the epicenter of a massive manhunt >> this is way out there
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>> reporter: the 6'9"casey white commanding a reward. and a warrant for vicki white's arrest question questions remain about how long the romance continued. he came back and forth for several year the couple fled in a copper 2007 ford edge. >> not a blemish one on her record in 17 years >> reporter: in april, she sold her four-plus-acre property for just over $95,000 or a third of the projected value, based ontry research >> you'd think someone who would sell a piece of property for less than half of what it was valued would be desperate for some cash.
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>> reporter: potential red n flaggiflag over the back story. let's turn to michelle grossman with the latest >> we're looking at a dangerous afternoon into the evening hours and into night watching severe weather from the central and southern plains. damaging hail, a few tornados, and damaging winds up to 70 miles per hour as we go to thursday, 15 million at risk. little rock, damaging hail and tornados are likely. we could see up to sixat heat w
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more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. leading the news, after 13 days of testimony, actor johnny depp's lawyers have rested their case they heard from amber heard's personal nurse along with depp's body guard the motion to throw out the case was denied later today, heard hear rself is expected to take the stand depp is suing her for $50
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million for an article she write and she counter suing him. prosecutors in idaho plan to seek the death penalty for lori r vallow, the woman accused of killing her two children she and her husband, chad daybell were indicted last year on first degree murder and other charges related to the deaths of her two children, last seen in september of 2019 and their bodies found later at daybell's property in 2020 they have both pleaded not guilty if you feel like your student debt is killing you, it just could be. a study found participants with higher debt were more susceptible to cardiovascular disease compared with those to
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breaking news, comedian dave chapelle was attacked during a performance at the hollywood bowl a man jumped on stage and missed he was armed with a replica gun that when discharged ejects a knife blade. guards detained the suspect until the police arise the attacker ended up being hurt
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as the crowd boos him. so far no one has been charged police are investigating >> terrifying. the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates for the second time since 2018 we are joined with what to expect and how consumer kos cou make solid investments here. >> the expectation is we will get a half point move at today's meeting. that would take fed funds to somewhere between 0.75 and one percentage point the question is what do they do next the market is already pricing in a 50% move by june that's going to cause a lot of pain for people that have a lot of borrowing the question at this stage, will they sound more aggressive and is 2.8 close to the terminal rate for this cycle.
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and just on the free lunch or is it a free lunch. the treasury saying the i bond will pay 9.6% through october 2022 that sounds great, but you've got to remember there are purchase limits and penalties if you try to sell over the one-to-five-year view. it's an attractive rate of interest, but there are difficulties as to whether you can sell that bond going forward over the five-year period. so expect to be locked in for a while. back to you. >> important details there jeff, thank you. up next, michelle ale's gotu midweekforecast. and a uber driver who helped s, i do believe they are called pants! pardon me! no! pardon me. at least geico makes bundling my home and car insurance easy. i save so much.
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always discreet boutique what started out as a bad day at coachella for one social media influencer has turned into a viral sensation thanks to the uber driver who stepped up his acts of kindness going viral long after the music stopped tom llamas has the story >> reporter: a few weeks ago, hundreds of thousands flocked to the yoe coachella, but a woman nashville didn't have the experience she was hoping for. >> this guy stole my phone,
4:27 am
credit card and keys out of my purse. >> reporter: but when her hotel called her a uber, the driver didn't just take her to a sprint store to get a new phone >> he was like, ew, what happened to you? i was like, i just got robbed. he's like, not on my watch >> reporter: he spent a whole day helping becca get back on her feet >> he bought me food and stayed with me until 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. until he knew i was going to be able to go home. >> reporter: a stranger's kindness more important. >> his daughter is going through chemo and his dad has term malcancer and they're both under his care which is why he had to uber drive >> reporter: he had hoped to use the money to raise money to pay for his daughter's cancer treatment. >> i was like, why were you so focussed on my situation when were you the one who needed help
4:28 am
this entire time >> reporter: so becca took to tiktok sharing the story of his kindness >> he expected nothing in return my original goal for the gofundme was $1,000. and in 24 hours it hit $100,000. >> reporter: that fundraiser now at almost $150,000 money the torres family could use right now. >> i got a text from lynninda, wife, letting me know that his father passed away now they have funeral expenses, too. it made me have faith in humanity again, other people care, too. >> thanks for tom llamas for sharing that story, so many events one after another normally influencers are all about themselves this one is totally the opposite >> you need that right about
4:29 am
now. >> restoring faith in people, love that. >> and the fact that everybody's able to contribute too >> thanks fo
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because so much is based on trust, and this is as serious a violation of the promise to keep things secret as you could possibly imagine. >> right now at 4:30, shock waves. this morning, strong reactions to that leaked supreme court abortion brief, the way states are bracing for an end to roe versus wade and the reason california could feel the impact. and the outbreak with covid. more than 60 high school students catch coronavirus in the south bay. the big changes that it is prompting for one campus. and it is heating up. we are tracking some warmer temperatures for parts of the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is breaki


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