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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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changes that it's triggering on campus. this is "today in the bay." >> good wednesday morning. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura. take us on the go, roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. today is a big day for "star wars" fans out there. may be fourth be with you. we'll be celebrating in a bit. mike has a look at the roads as well. let's look at what's going on with the forecast today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that warmup that we're expecting. >> at least we have a cool start to our morning as we take a live look outside in dublin. we are starting out with some sunshine here, temperatures in the low 50s. let's go to the north bay. it's 44 degrees as you're heading out the door and then we'll see our temperatures quickly warming up. it's going to be much warmer this afternoon, compared to
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yesterday. looking at a high of about 82 in santa rosa. 84 in dublin. it's really going to depend all on where you are, because our coastal areas will get that cool fog and also that air coming in temperatures in the mid-60s there but you compare that to fairfield today, reaching 89 degrees. we'll talk about a cooldown for all of us in the forecast coming up and also a look at the morning commute with mike. >> most of your commutes per normal. 101 i want to show you recovery, this is a great shot if you didn't join us earlier than now, we had a crash which was really bogging it down 101, you see it still slow, brakes tapping just north of capitol expressway, but we have not rippled over toward 87. that's good news. 101 and 87 should sort themselves out to the normal commute in the next 20 minutes. north 280 is seeing some overflow, folks were ditching off of the 101 toward 280 to 87 and send folks past both routes
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past the airport so that is an issue for the next few minutes we'll track that. the rest of the bay shows again a standard morning commute with the backup at the toll plaza. a new crash in oakland, we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. >> thanks, mike. federal open markets committee will end its two-day interest rate meeting later this morning and it will likely announce another interest rate hike. >> scott mcgrew has been talking about this for quite a while now. more than a few days, right? >> i've been banging on about this for a while. i'm going to do it in the future, too, because we're going to see a bunch of rate hikes. we expect the fed will raise rates by a half a percent. you may hear it as 50 basis points, exact same thing. jay powell will hold a press conference shortly thereafter we think before noon our time explaining the fed's rationale and hinting what comes after that. as far as rationale, we know the reason. inflation is out of control and one of the few levers the bank
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has to fight inflation is raising interest rates. that makes it more difficult to borrow, which decreases the amount of money in the economy, think of it as gas and brake, we're in full braking mode. the danger with all of this is inflation is mostly been a supply problem. there's not enough stuff, but the fed can't do anything about the production of stuff. it can only control how much money you have access to. let's talk about how it affects you. borrowing gets more expensive. the fed doesn't set credit card rates but they tend to move with the fed. debt gets more expensive. car loans, credit card loans, personal loans, but savings gets better. the interest rates on savings accounts go up, encouraging you to take your money, put it in the bank, which further takes money from the consumer. the downside of all of this, of course, is we're slowing the economy. for consumers around here, mortgage rates. again, fed doesn't set mortgage rates but they move with fed p.
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i own a home. i have a great, low mortgage on it, i because i refinanced when rates were low. if i were thinking about moving my next house would be at 5.5%. i'm not going to double my apr, right? marcus, meanwhile, you are looking for a home, thinking to yourself i better get this locked down at 5.5%. >> yesterday. >> right, before it's 6% or 7%, so you're in a rush. i'm not moving and you can see the conflict here, when you think about that on the macro level, is that people are going to stay in homes and people wanting to buy homes and not going to be able to choose from much. >> making it tough out there. making it in the bay, it's real. >> making it in the bay is hard. all right, thank you so much, scott. developing right now, new fallout from the leaked supreme court opinion indicating that roe v. wade may be overturned. this is a live look at los angeles this morning, where later today, governor newsom will announce a state amendment
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to preserve reproductive rights in california. people on both sides of the issue are gathering across the country as the court launches an investigation into the leak of that opinion draft that was obtained by politico. if the court indeed overturns the law, it is believed that up to half of all u.s. states will ban abortion and 13 of them have trigger laws to put them in place the ban immediately. the motions are spilling over on both sides and president biden is among those who are talking about it. >> abortion is not the only option. not the worst option. >> the idea that concerns me a great deal we're going to after 50 years decide a woman doesn't have the right to choose within the limits of the supreme court decision. >> senate democrats are pushing for a new federal law to protect abortion rights but it is unlikely to get the votes needed to pass. this could all shape the landscape of the upcoming midterm election.
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nbc news peter alexander is following that part of the story. you can catch that after "today in the bay" at 7:00 on the "today" show. >> 6:05. new overnight police in san jose have their hands full with two shootings within the span of 15 minutes. they happened a little after 11:00 p.m. last night. the first shooting on williamsburg drive in san jose, two men were injured there. 15 minutes later, another man shot on gramercy place. all three victims are expected to survive, right now police say the shooters in both cases are on the loose and they don't know a motive. new this morning, los gatos high school is trying to curb a spike in covid cases. >> at least 65 student nine staff members tested positive in the last two weeks. "today in the bay's" ginger conejero saab is live outside the school where officials sent the letter to parents warning about the situation. this is a critical time in our
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high schools. kids have prom coming up and ap testing. what does the letter say? >> reporter: you're right on point there, kris. there is a sign outside los gatos high says ap test something happening from may 2nd to the 13th. senior prom is happening on the 21st of this month. it's the end of the year and this is not how students are going to want to spend it, and especially getting a letter as a parent, too, you're going to be concerned with all those activities. that letter is saying that at least 50 of those recent cases, covid cases were potentially infectious on campus. the school sent out almost 2,000 exposure notices, nearly everyone at the school. the recent spike happened after spring break and the principal says students are highly recommended to wear masks once again and they have ramped up testing. students are asked to test weekly and stay home if they're showing symptoms and also moving things back outdoors.
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>> we moved our junior prom outdoors to avoid any spike or outbreak that might impact what's coming up over the next few weeks. we have a very full agenda of senior activities. >> reporter: now students also had to check in on their phones before each class to ensure they don't have any symptoms, and you might recall last month san mateo high school had an outbreak following its prom. nearly 100 students there tested positive, which prompted the district to move to daily testing and that's what some health experts are saying is the move once cases spike back up. testing along with mask wearing is a must. guys,' been a while since i've been in high school, but i can remember and i definitely can empathize with these kids. it's not the way you want to close out the year especially after everything else that they've been through. >> there's never a good time to get covid but this would be a bad time for that particular population.
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>> absolutely. ginger, six years is not a long time. >> reporter: all right, okay. i'll take it. >> thanks, ginger. 6:08 right now. a live look in san francisco a beautiful start to the morning. you see carl lingering around, wants some attention. meteorologist kari hall has a look at what we can expect in the forecast today. >> carl is the hero today for san francisco. it's going to keep it from really heating up and take a look at our current temperatures right now. hayward at 50 degrees. it's 53 in san jose and napa at 45 as you head out the door and dropping off the kids in concord it's in the low 50s to start. they do need a jacket for the first part of the day but definitely not at pickup time, we'll be in the mid 80s and it's going to warm up quickly when you compare what we're going to see today to what's normal for early may. in concord, the usual high
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temperature is about 75 but will reach 87 degrees and you can compare that to the cooler weather we'll see in san francisco and oakland. san jose reaching 84 but that's also about 12 degrees above average. we're going to talk about that, a weekend cooldown. mike, you have a look at some of the places where we can find some lower gas, right? >> lower gas prices today, we're covering just above the $5 mark in san leandro for example, the superior gas on washington avenue, $5.15 there. same thing for santa clara, where you can find it at platinum gas on washington street, also $5.15. finally in san jose, you can find gas for $5.19, a shade higher and at that excel gas in mart and north first street. roadways not bad. the bay bridge toll plaza has your standard backup but pretty standard pattern around there approaching through contra costa county not bad. highway 4, highway 37 e that's the theme for this report.
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san jose the crash cleared from north 101 with good recovery. this is eastbound 580, a crash around espanillo. it's counter commute so smooth drive. the rest of the east bay and south bay sorting themselves out, again 101 recovering through san jose. >> thank you, mike. as covid cases rise so is the need for testing. the odds are you have some tests around the house somewhere. still ahead at 6:25, our consumer team breaks down how to tell if your tests are expired. and raise your hand if you want to buy a home in the bay area? i just poured over a new report out by california realtors association and i break down who can purchase a median price home county by county. plus -- >> energy. a force. >> that's inside you. >> inside me. the same force.
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>> may the fourth be with you, celebrating "star wars" day today we are. we'll tell you which characters most inspire pet owners when it comes to names for their furry friends. we'll be right back.
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good wednesday morning to you. it is 6:14, as you're headed out in the north bay, check out petaluma. it's 43 degrees.
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you'll see the temperatures warming up, going from there to 73 at lunch time and it doesn't stop there. it gets warmer for this afternoon. today the peak of the heat, cooldown for the weekend. we'll talk about when we could see rain coming up. >> 101, this is in san jose, traffic is flowing at the limit actually at this spot, which is a complete reversal from what we saw a half hour ago headed up toward mckee. we'll show you the impact on the rest of the commute in the silicon valley coming up. for so many people trying to make it in the bay is a challenge and affordability continues to dip for those who really need it. >> laura garcia joins us with results of a new real estate forecast and laura, this is tough to swallow. >> yes, it is really tough. it's according to the california association of realtors, as we've been telling you here on "today in the bay," california's median home price set a new high in march and as interest rates reached their highest levels in more than two years the housing affordability outlook for californians was diminished in
6:16 am
the first quarter of 2022. the percentage of home buyers who could afford to purchase median priced existing family home in california in the first quarter of 2022 ticked down to 24% from 25% in the fourth quarter of 2021, and that was down from 27% in the first quarter of 2021 so you can see that downward trend. we're talking statewide numbers here but i broke it down for you specific to the bay area. so take at look at what you live. let's start north in marin county. 18% of residents there can afford a median price. in san francisco it's 20%. same goes for the south in santa clara county, just 20% of residents can afford a median priced home. contra costa county may be where to move if you are looking for bay area home affordability. 30% of people can afford a median priced home. alameda county only 17% can
6:17 am
afford a median priced home so it's really tough. we're seeing the strend across the state. we always say how hard it is to make it in the bay. it's hard to make it in this state. >> not everybody is in a position to move. if you have kids in school or have your job here you can't move here. what is the solution? >> we're hoping for the future. we need to move faster on construction. experts point to housing construction. the state added over 100,000 new housing units in 2021 but that was just over 1.7% of the state's overall housing stocks. we know we're emerging from the pandemic, we have the supply issues as well. if we can get moving on construction, that could possibly help a little bit as well. >> thanks, laura. >> 6:17. new this morning, facebook's parent company meta is taking a
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big step to promote its meta verse in the retail world. this is the new store opening next week at meta's reality labs campus in burlingame and it will offer products including oculus, quest, headsets, portal devices, smart glasses, branded with ray-ban and the store opens monday may 9th. kris? i'll meet you there. trending this morning, "star wars" fans will be happy to remind everyone that today is may fourth and may the fourth be with you. >> one pet company is ranking its star wars-themed pet names. as yoda might say very interesting this is. top five is chewbacca. i had a dog named chewy but not because of chewbaca, followed by luke, leia, obi and kylo. yes. >> i like the last names. leia i guess.
6:19 am
>> john nguyen on our sales team got a new dog and named it kylo because of "star wars." >> yes. mike's wearing "star wars" socks. we'll check your flexibility. there you go. >> the bottom of your shoe? there we go. >> showing a little leg. >> i got a cramp. >> job for today done. >> we'll start with some yoga after this. [ laughter ] let's check out what's going on weather wise. we see carl rolling over the golden gate bridge in the top of the tower sticking out from the fog. this is what's going to aprotect san francisco from the heat in the inland areas and also give us a wide range in temperatures. san francisco headed up to 66 degrees. 82 in novato and in oak lan today 75 degrees but you compare that to concord, and livermore
6:20 am
reaching 87. also 87 in morgan hill and fairfield the hot spot 89 degrees. we're all going to start to cool back down tomorrow into the mid-70s in the tri-valley and north bay highs in the lower 70s. san jose reaching 75. we are also looking at the same temperatures on friday. we do want to make sure that with the warmer weather, people in the inland areas headed to the coastline be careful out there. we have a beach hazard statement in effect through tomorrow. some of the swells could reach five to eight feet and the sneaker waves that reach up higher on the coast than some of the other ones and can be dangerous. so never turn your back to the water. overall our weather pattern is quiet here, thanks to those temperatures, and also that high pressure building. once that moves out we'll see several storm systems moving by. i want to stop it here on mother's day, because you may have plans to take her outside, go to a vineyard or something. a heads up there will be a
6:21 am
chance of rain. doesn't look like it will be raining all day but we'll see scattered showers and also some sierra snow that's going to make travel very difficult getting there, but we're also going to see another chance of some rain early next, rather the late part of next week but we are still looking at our temperatures going up and down. check out napa, very warm today, or the weekend and sunday we may only see highs in the lower 60s. all of our inland temperatures are going to be on a trend where it's hot today but then we're going towards more seasonable weather for the end of the week and weekend, watching out for the mother's day showers. mike, may the fourth be with you out on the road, too. >> i showed too much skin so they won't left me back on camera. the bay bridge toll plaza the typical backup. look at twitter, i tweeted out a picture of my socks. backup at the incline and through berkeley, lighter volume throughout the area and the rest of contra costa county. highway 4 slows but nothing
6:22 am
dramatic out of bay point. san jose a great recovery, down here a crash north 101 at mckee that tied things up badly early but now it's sorted out to just about your normal commute. more traffic coming from san martin. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area "nbc bay area responds." >> covid-19 test kits can expire, but not necessarily by the date printed on the box. you'll need to look it up. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. i'll show you how, next.
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the food and drug administration says you shouldn't use an expired covid-19 test kit because the components could degrade or break down over time and that could mean invalid or inaccurate test results. but some expiration dates have been extended because the manufacturers have proven the tests still work. you're looking for this hourglass icon, that is the expiration date. if the date next to the hourglass is passed don't just toss the test kit. see if the fda extended the expiration date. checking takes a couple steps
6:26 am
but they're easy. start by clicking this qr code. it will take you to an fda list of tests. in the first column scroll until you find your test manufacturer and type, then go to the column farthest right that says expiration date. two more steps. first click the link that says updated expiration date, then finally look for the lot number of your test and you'll find that lot number on the sticker with the dates or somewhere on the box. many have been extended for six months, but not all. if yours has been extended consider writing the new expiration date right on the box so you don't forget about it. >> that's good to know. next, top stories we are following today include that breaking news from overnight, another on stage assault. that's it right there. dave chapelle attacked while performing on stage.
6:27 am
what police are saying about the suspect this morning. the cdc recommends you continue to mask up on planes and trains. the data behind the latest guidance and new changes to one city in the east bay when it comes to covid guidelines. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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to could potentially be devastating for people who need care from out of state and for californians. >> at 6:30, strong reaction to
6:30 am
the leaked supreme court brief, the way states are bracing for an end to roe v. wade and how california could feel the impact. plus another covid spike case and many more across the nation, and right here in the bay area. this as local leaders loosen covid guidance. our live report coming up in a bit, moving you forward with when it comes to travel. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. you can watch us online and roku, amazon fire and apple tv. breaking news and a lot of video emerging overnight of this incident that has a lot of folks talking. a fan attacked comedian dave chappelle while he performed last night in los angeles. chappelle is okay. he was then later joined by another popular comedian who just experienced his own on stage run-in.
6:31 am
we'll let you guess who that is and tell you what he said. plus, brand new details coming in at this hour about the person under arrest. before we get to that we want to get to the forecast for you today. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the hot day ahead for us. >> hot in the valleys, some places won't heat up that much more compared to yesterday. as you are stepping out the door our cool, refreshing start to the day continues with some upper 40s in san francisco and it's 48 in dublin, 53 in san jose. about time to drop the kids off for school, you may have them headed to school with the jacket on and short leaves at pickup time, concord will see the highs reach into the mid to upper 80s today. when you compare it to what's normal for early may, it's going to be well above what we should see for this time of year with upper 80s in the inland east bay. we'll talk more about this and a weekend cooldown coming up in a few minutes. developing this morning, emotions still high following that leaked supreme court
6:32 am
opinion suggesting the high court plans to overturn abortion rights. >> people rallied in march, including san francisco and oakland and washington, d.c. these are just a few of those demonstrations that we saw. >> we have team coverage on the jowel out this morning. cierra johnson looking into the planned response from governor newsome. scott mcgrew, strong reaction from both sides. >> absolutely. millions of women, kris, who never thought abortion rights would be something they'd lose were speaking out, millions more celebrating at parent overturn of a supreme court case they hated. they're speaking out, too. >> abortion is not the only option. it's not the worst option. >> the decisions will make abortions illegal will not stop them from happening. it will only stop them from having safely. >> it's an apparent decision, a draft from the supreme court the chief justice yesterday confirming it's authentic but
6:33 am
saying it's not a final decision yet. the bottom line in california abortion is legal in this state now, it will be legal later, even after other states move to ban it. the decision ends nationwide protection for abortion, and moves the decision to the state. now it's worth diving down into the draft that was written by justice samuel alito. he reasons abortion is not protected because it's never mentioned in the constitution. he acknowledges the 14th amendment guaranties certain rights to privacy but he argues abortion is not one of them because abortion isn't part of what he calls the nation's history and traditions. what else is not deeply rooted in history and traditions, a lot of things.
6:34 am
the most obvious is gay marriage. not rooted in american history. it's barely seven years nationwide since that supreme court decision and indeed alito mentioned gay marriage and interracial marriage and the right to seek contraception, the legality of certain sexual acts between consenting adults, all of those court cases he says are questionable for the same reason roe v. wade is, that alarms a lot of americans. alito anticipates that in his opinion for the majority he writes abortion is a special circumstance and we are not to read his opinion on roe v. wade as an indication issues like gay marriage are next, but of course, there are a lot of americans who already think they've been misled by supreme court justices who, during their confirmation process, assured suspicious senators that roe was already established law. gorsuch here in 2017 said the court had approved roe, it was
6:35 am
precedent and it was law of the land. now california is anticipating a potential influx of patients in need of access to abortions. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson continues our coverage in the north bay. she's talked to local leaders and planned parenthood. how are they preparing? >> reporter: many women in many states grapple with potentially losing access to abortions, some facilities here that offer those services they're preparing to possibly fill that void as states across the country potentially prepare to roll back that access. we're here in san rafael at a facility that does prepare those services, planned parenthood and we also spoke with the ceo of the northern california chapter, gilda gonzalez. she tells us a recent study shows local california clinics could see a 3,000% increase in the number of patients from out of the state, that is if the supreme court overturns roe versus wade. she emphasizes the large number
6:36 am
is an estimate but wants to make sure clinics in the bay area are prepared. >> we're waiting to see the details in the language of the constitutional amendment but i'm already telling folks that at this moment, if we're really committed to being a reproductive state, we all have to be all in. >> reporter: it is important to note that abortion rights here are protected in the state of california. last year a bill was also introduced that would not only help women find providers and establish a travel fund to help women get to the facilities and today governor gavin newsom will be in l.a. speaking about abortion access. the governor and other lawmakers proposed making abortion a constitutional right in the state of california. at this point we're in a holding pattern waiting to see what the supreme court does. local leaders that provide access to abortions are preparing for seeing an increase of folks coming out of state if
6:37 am
the state level abortions are rolled back. a lot we'll continue to follow. live in san rafael, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> cierra, thank you. we're closely following the developments out of the nation's capital, includes an in-depth look at what's happening in the bay area with roe v. wade is overturned. and currently, that is the top story at 6:37 right now. breaking news for you this morning, a bizarre scene playing out at hollywood bowl, comedian dave chappelle was attacked while on stage and within the last few minutes, police updated that investigation. >> first we want to tell thaw could have been a whole lot worse. take a look. >> make some noise for hip-hop history. >> so the video shows a man rushing the stage last night, tackling chappelle during his performance. now we know according to police that attacker had a replica gun that could also eject a knife
6:38 am
blade. guards quickly caught and subdued that man who was later being seen, was seen loaded into an ambulance. chappelle was not hurt and later returned to the stage and kind of even joked there that he was joined by another comedian, who made light of the situation. >> was that will smith? >> all right, that was not will smith but that was chris rock, referencing smith and the ugly incident at the oscars, but police this morning now identify the suspect as 23-year-old isaiah lee. he's now charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon. >> wow. as covid cases rise again, the cdc recommending that you continue to wear those masks on planes and trains. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us this morning outside of the dublin b.a.r.t. station. bob, what else is the cdc saying? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. the cdc is basing its recommendation you continue to mask on planes and airports and
6:39 am
on trains base the on the fact of the higher rates of covid transmission that we're seeing nationwide and in the bay area. this would be a moot point for b.a.r.t. riders at dublin bate and the other stations throughout the b.a.r.t. system because you recall they are still required to mask up. last week, b.a.r.t. reimplemented its mask mandate through july 18th. on april 18th the federal judge in florida declared the mask mandate unlawful. passengers are no longer required to mask up on airplanes. the mask mandate would have expired on its own last night at midnight without an extension, which explains the timing of the cdc announcement that it is still recommending masks even though they aren't required. the cdc classified all nine bay area counties as having high level of covid transmission, that means counties are seeing an average of 100 new cases each day per 100,000 people. statewide we're averaging about 4,000 new cases each day, up from about 2,800, which was the
6:40 am
average one month ago but far lower than the number of cases we saw during the winter surge which hit a record of 112,000 new cases each day. in oakland, the city council has dropped a vaccine or negative test requirement for most public indoor settings like restaurants, gyms and concert venues though the requirement is still in place for assisted living and senior centers. reporting live in dublin, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, thank you very much, bob. just in to our newsroom this morning, 49ers fans are saying. [ speaking in foreign language ] marking calendars as the nfl schedule comes together. the league announced one of the team's biggest matchups against the division rival arizona cardinals will happen november 21st monday night in mexico city. this will be considered a home game for the cardinals. full schedule comes out next thursday. are we going? >> let's go. >> let's go. and shining bright. ♪ shining, shining, shining,
6:41 am
shining, yeah ♪ meteorologist has a look at that sun and what it's going to be doing across the bay area today. bringing the heat, kari. >> i love that for our song of the morning. we need to get that going. we're starting out with not really shining here in san francisco, because the fog is rolling through but carl is also making low visibility on the golden gate bridge and also going to help protect san francisco from the heat we're going to feel in the inland areas. if you're in brentwood today and you plan on heading to the park, take a look at this temperature trend. get out there early. we're at 72 degrees at 10:00. still nice but not so much later today, as we reach into the upper 80s this afternoon. and yes, we are going to see some hot temperatures in fairfield, livermore 87, but notice the north bay, with some lower 80s in san francisco, in the mid-60s, that follow and that ocean breeze making it to the peninsula and parts of the inner bay, but not helping us out in the inland valleys.
6:42 am
we'll be tracking that for the weekend. mike, you have a look at now some breaking news for the south bay. >> that's right, we're looking at another crash northbound 101 at mckee. this time at the off-ramp instead of the on-ramp. we have four lanes blocked, so only the far right lane mixing in with the traffic coming onto the freeway, that is the only one open. you see it crawling right here on the live shot and the map shows you it's jammed up as well. you're going to hit the brakes before you get to story road, building back toward tully which tends to happen and may ripple back to capitol expressway and north 87 as we talked about before but this time because we're an hour later, we have the slowing into downtown san jose north 87, already building for the morning commute. this could make things a lot worse headed into downtown so we'll track it. they need tow trucks to clear the three cars down there. tonight you'll have some slowing eastbound again, one lane closed but two lanes open, east 92 to the san mateo bridge is open all night. one lane restriction and this
6:43 am
afternoon we have the a's became starting at 12:37 so that will be a smooth flow of traffic and in the newsroom behind me, ruben has arrived on bicycle, no, he's watching. it's what happens in the newsroom, guys, back to you. >> i love the morning news. pull back the curtain. in california severe drought. the key meeting involving top leaders from water agencies across the state. we're going one on one to find out what may come from it. ♪ it might seem crazy wearing stripes with plaid ♪ >> i love that guy. >> get ready for an inside look at how weird al first came to be. get ready for your first look at daniel radcliffe as weird al. ♪ because i'm tacky ♪
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this morning on "california live" it's national teacher appreciation week and we have another extraordinary educator. plus may the fourth be with you, inside the hollywood bar celebrating "star wars" in a big way. that's this morning at 11:30 on "california live." good wednesday morning. right now at 6:46, as you're heading out in the east bay, you're keeping the nice mild weather and a lot of sunshine. it's going to be so comfortable this afternoon when you compare that to the upper 80s in the inland east bay and the south county. we'll look at the spread in temperatures and the mother's day rain chances in the forecast. >> mind the backup again, north 101 at has four lanes blocked. one lane gets by north 101.
6:47 am
we'll show you the impact and talk about the progress and i'll see if we can find you a better alternate. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:46 for you right now. now to our climate in crisis. state water leaders will start day two of a three-day conference later today to address all things water. >> and the lack thereof here in the state of california. laura garcia talked with the executive director of the association of california water agencies. laura, it looks like they have a lot to talk about. >> yes, can you imagine? they certainly do. we talk about it all the time on "today in the bay." california is in a drought and with lack of significant rain in the forecast, we vnt aren't com out of it any time soon. this week there is a california agency conference taking place over three days where leaders representing agencies across the state gather together to talk about possible strategies and solutions. i talked to executive director david eggerton about what they'll discuss. while he expressed hope for the
6:48 am
future he acknowledged the struggle ahead for our golden state. >> we'll have some real opportunities to capture water. we have to do our very best to store that water above and below ground. that means we have to invest in storage facilities and the canals and every other thing that we need to be able to move that water around the state. >> the executive director stressed that water agencies across the state need to work together on the local, state and federal levels to make it work. different regions of our state experience different water need. take the central valley, its heavy agriculture or san diego and innovations with when it comes to water desalinization. >> san diego has done a marvelous job in that way. it's a reliable part of their water portfolio and there's certainly more opportunity to do that and certainly other available supplies become less reliable that's probably a more attractive option for other communities. >> you'll recall californians
6:49 am
were asked by the governor in july of last year to reduce water use by 15% from 2020. he says conservation is key but really it's just one part of the future of our state. >> laura, we've talked about this for quite some time now and what are things that people can do to really help save water and money possibly? >> exactly. it goes both ways. according to, here are the top things you can do today. update your yard with water smart plants and just water where you need it and a big one is fixing leaks. you can do that by checking your water meters. a good indicator is if your bill seems way out of line, that could let you know that you have a leak. that's a pouring out of your wallet literally as well. >> it's not even watering the lawn. 'just leaking somewhere. thanks, laura. children of the '90s, trending this morning, a new
6:50 am
biopic. >> the man best known for playing harry potter channeling his inner weirdness. >> anyone got an accordion? ♪ like a surgeon, hey ♪ >> the brand new trailer for "weird: the al yankovic story" stars daniel radcliffe. he channeled yankovic by the looks of it. looks of it side by side. "weird: the al yankovic story" will debut on the roku channel this fall. >> i always enjoyed his renditions and remakes of songs. >> i do but harry potter, i don't know. i can't see it and i can't unsee it. >> we're looking for the transformation. >> i guess good thing i didn't watch harry potter. here's a look at the forecast for you today. meteorologist kari hall is working hard keeping track of the hot temperatures. >> it's going to be hot in the valleys. look at what we have over the
6:51 am
golden gate bridge. yes, it's this fog that's going to keep san francisco from heating up. carl protecting the city again today, and also kind of reducing visibility across the golden gate bridge. but then look at the difference in temperatures we'll see today, really warming up for the south bay with los gatos reaching 85 degrees. 86 in east san jose. we'll see those highs up to 89 degrees in antioch but you compare that to the 75 we'll see in oakland today and some low 60s for daly city, 65 in half moon bay, and san francisco in the low 60s for the marina district but downtown you can get more sunshine, 72 degrees. and there will be a wide range in temperatures for the north bay as well, bodega bay 62, 82 santa rosa and the cool breeze does not make it to ukiah, headed up 86 degrees. high pressure keeping the sunshine and warm temperatures here for now, but there will be a big change as we go toward the weekend. we'll start to see rain getting
6:52 am
closer and i'm going to stop it on mother's day, because i know a lot of us have big plans to visit mom or the mother figure in your life and there will be that chance that we could see some scattered showers, looking more and more likely, especially for parts of the north bay into the sierra. if you're going to tahoe this weekend, heads up sunday is going to be tricky and going into next week, we'll see some more rain chances toward the end of the week. we really need every single snowflake we can get, and usually we don't see at the beginning of may a lot of big snowmakers but right now we need it because we're ohm at 29% of the statewide normal, and the southern sierra doing the worst only at 16% of the normal amount. let me show you the hope we have in the forecast, with the possibility of getting anywhere from 11, 12, possibly 20 inches of snow. so that could keep some of the resorts definitely open through
6:53 am
memorial day and it's really great to see. and especially when we are seeing temperatures in our inland areas reaching into the upper 80s. we cool down for friday into saturday and then definitely much cooler with the rain chances on sunday. next week we'll see the highs near 70 degrees with sunshine. mike, what's the update on that breaking news? >> the good news is traffic is flowing right here through san jose, the bad news is no lanes have cleared according to chp, north 101 and mckee the top of the screen backs up almost to capitol expressway. 87 also shows more slowing back toward capitol expressway. i think they're seeing more cars use it as an alternate. we're also seeing north 280 coming off of that split because it's trying to shift over to 87 as well. that may disrupt things. the rest of the bay shows a standard commute outside of north 101 through san jose. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, ohio republicans are advancing conservative commentator and
6:54 am
author j.d. vance in the race to become the state's next senator. vance last night was declared the winner of ohio's primary. his victory did follow an endorsement from former president trump. so now he will face democratic congressman tim ryan in the november general election. and next a quick look at top stories that we're working on, including california already taking new measures to protect abortion rights with the fate of roe v. wade unclear. plus taming inflation. the federal reserve is expected to take new action that may curb rising prices. scott mcgrew breaking it down for us, the impact on the credit card payments and when we may all see some relief. back in just two minutes for you this morning. you are watching "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs
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available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. good morning, it is 6:57 for you right now. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at top stories today. >> we're a few hours away from an historic interest rate hike. scott mcgrew a half percentage point. >> the first half percentage point rate hike in decades, kris, usually the fed moves more cautiously in quarter-point moves but with inflation running so high, it's probably not time for caution. we may learn later today the fed plans more rate hikes in june. the fed usually makes its announcement around 11:00 our time. the. is the going to speak at 8:00 our time about the economy. i expect he's seen the new
6:58 am
deficit numbers and kris, they're looking good. >> thank you very much, scott. governor newsom planning new action following fallout from the leaked supreme court draft opinion on roe versus wade. this is a live look at los angeles, where the governor is expected to announce a state amendment to preserve reproductive rights in california. the news is parking all sorts of protests and gatherings of people on both sides of the issue. the court is launching an investigation into the leak of that opinion draft that was obtained by politico. if the court indeed overturns the law, it is believed that up to half of all u.s. states will ban abortion. senate democrats are now pushing for a new federal law to protect abortion rights, but it is unlikely to get the votes it needs to pass. in just a few moments the "today" show will have much more coverage ahead. time to get a look at the forecast for you today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking what we can expect from those warmer temperatures today. kari? >> look at our seven-day forecast when ale see highs
6:59 am
inland areas reaching into the upper 80s today and after that spike in temperatures, we will cool off, big heads up there is a chance of showers on mother's day, put that in the plan, maybe take her out on saturday to be safe and san francisco's going to be much cooler thanks to the fog we're seeing over the golden gate bridge right now and then it continues to cool off, heading into the weekend, with some gusty winds. mike, you still have that crash in san jose? >> still do, kari. we have a backup and unfortunately we saw things moving a little better a few minutes ago but still they are moving cars through the area. i did catch a closed circuit camera shot and it did look like still four lanes are blocked northbound 101 at mckee. we show that to you on the map that does have traffic jammed back, the brake tapping starts before you get to tully road. 280 moving to the right, a lot of folks getting out of that backup or avoiding the backup when they see it on the trance igand headed toward 87 which will send more traffic past the airport. the downtown slowing, capitol expressway expect more traffic
7:00 am
there as well. >> that is what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with you at 7:25 with more live local news. >> join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. we leave you aa view of the golden gate bridge and carl the fog sticking around. the "today" show is coming up next. ♪♪ good morning, shock waves the supreme court confirms the authenticity of that draft opinion overturning roe v. wade and the battle line hardened from coast to coast. >> how dare they tell a woman what she can do and not do with ore own body. >> the chi justice calling the leak a betrayal and launching an investigate as both sides point fingers. >> if you're a conservative you are a traitor to the accuse. you are if a liberal you are the dumbest person in washington. >> trump card.


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