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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 4, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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fight. who leaked that supreme court draft memo about overturning abortion rights? lawmakers, advocates and americans on both sides of the issue are plotting their next move. >> what are the next things that are going to be attacked? because this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. >> plus attacked on stage. what we're learning about the man who came after comedian dave chappelle at his hollywood bowl show. and a billion dollar donation allowing stanford to open its first new school in 70 years. we'll tell you how this will help fight our climate in crisis. news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm audrey asistio. >> and i'm raj mathai. we have the update to the breaking news we've been bringing you for the past several hours. >> traffic at a stand still during rush hour. this is happening on westbound 24 at the 680 interchange.
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at 1:30 the colin powell got a call about someone walk going traffic and law enforcement began running traffic breaks. wohl keep you updated on that. >> also, our top story tonight, for the second straight story, there are rallies and protests about abortion from people on both sides of this issue. this is happening while an investigation is under way after that leaked draft opinion from the supreme court. nbc's susan mcginnis is tracking the story from capitol hill, including how democrats and republicans are trying to capitalize on this situation for the midterm election. >> reporter: reaction growing across the country a day after the bombshell leak of a supreme court draft opinion overturning the landmark roe v. wade decision. >> the right to have choice is an important one. >> i do not believe there should be abortions once that child is viable. >> reporter: states preparing for a patchwork of differing laws. 26 of them certain or likely to restrict abortion if roe is
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overturned. >> arkansas is a pro-life state. we have already put a trigger law in place, and we're going to protect those lives. >> reporter: some aren't waiting. oklahoma's governor signing one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation, while new jersey codified a woman's right to choose into state law, a coming senate vote solidifying abortion nationally is expected to fail. >> every single american is going to see where every single senator stands. >> reporter: the issue shining a spotlight on the november midterm elections. republicans and democrats hoping it galvanizes voters. the president addressing today whether a reversal of abortion rights could be just the beginning. >> what are the next things that are going to be attacked? because this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. >> reporter: meanwhile, an investigation is under way into who leaked the opinion, an unprecedented act many believe could undermine trust in the nation's highest court.
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legal analysts say when found, the leaker is unlikely to face prosecution if they had legitimate access to the document. in washington, susan mcginnis, nbc news. today the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol attack heard from donald trump jr. he spoke voluntarily to the panel by videoconference. a source tells nbc news his testimony was, quote, pretty uneventful. the house committee has already spoke to ivanka and his brother-in-law, jared kushner. the panel has interviewed more than 800 witnesses and begins live televised hearings next month. as more people invest in cryptocurrency, today the governor signed an executive order on government oversight of crypto. it's similar to an executive order president biden signed back in march. the order lays out a road map for regulatory and consumer protections when it comes to using crypto. it also looks at ways the stay can take advantage of so-called blockchain technologies.
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that's the digital account used to keep track of crypto. of the 800 blockchain businesses in north america, about a quarter are in our state, california. the federal reserve is attempting to curb the worst inflation in 40 years with a short-term interest rate hike of half a percentage point. it's the biggest rate hike in two decades, and it set the markets rallying. the dow soared more than 900 points. investors were relieved. fed chair jerome powell settled on a hike that wasn't larger. the increase likely means higher loan rates for mortgages, credit cards and cars. the goal is to discourage consumers from borrowing. well, less red ink for the federal government. president biden says new numbers show the national debt will shrink this quarter. >> we're on track to cut the federal deficit by another, another $1.5 trillion by the end of this fiscal year. the biggest decline in a single year ever in american history. >> and that's on top of a $350
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billion drop in the deficit last year. the president also criticized the tax plan proposed by republican senators which favors the wealthy. he called it, quote, an ultra maga agenda. well, the attacks are relentless. russian forces are pounding targets across ukraine. they're taking aim at supply lines for weapons being sent in by various country, including the united states. russia says its missiles destroyed electric power facilities at five railway stations across the country. it also claims their aircraft hit fuel and ammunition depots. as the fighting wears on, the european union made more moves today to squeeze moscow by proposing a ban on russia's oil imports. the eu is also targeting the head of the russian orthodox church. the pate trork is head of one of the largest and most influential churches in eastern orthodoxy. he justified russia's invasion of ukraine based on spiritual grounds. he says it's a meta physical
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battle against the west while using homophobic language. the church is criticizing the proposed sanctions by saying it will just prolong the conflict. secretary of state antony blink e has tested positive for covid-19. we're told he tested positive after attending the white house correspondent dinner and various events over the weekend. blinken is fully vaccinated and boosted and experiencing mild symptoms. he first tested negative yesterday and has not met in person with president biden for several days. in the meantime, the u.s. reaches a grim milestone, surpassing 1 million covid deaths, by far the world's highest total. that's according to data compiled by nbc news. it comes 27 months after the nation confirmed its first case of the virus in washington state. the nation's first confirmed deaths were in santa clara county in february of 2020. vaccines have slowed the pace, but 360 people are still dieing from the coronavirus every day. the cdc says most are unvaccinated.
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have you seen this yet? a jarring confrontation involving one of the most famous comedians in the world. dave chappelle attacked on stage. it happened last night down in l.a. at the hollywood bowl. as he was leaving the stage, a man in the audience rushed chappelle, attacking him. security quickly came out and grabbed the attacker. chappelle wasn't hurt. chris rock and jamie foxx were also part of the show. people in the audience were stunned. >> it was kind of difficult to tell if it was real or not until you started to see more and more people that were not a part of the show. could out. and then it started to be like ooh, what's going on here. so, yeah, it was crazy. >> the attacker was taken out on a stretcher. you see some video here. police say he was armed with a replica gun with a built-in knife. he is accused of assault with a deadly weapon. so far no word on a motive for the attack. actress amber heard took to the stand today in the trial involving her ex-husband actor
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johnny depp. depp is suing her for $50 million claiming she defamed in in a 2018 "washington post" column where she claimed she was the victim of domestic abuse. he says it impacted his career. today she testified today for three hours, detailing the violence. >> and this horrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything. this has been one of the -- this is the most painful and difficult things i've ever gone through. >> depp denies all allegations. heard is counter suing with a $100 million defamation lawsuit. our climate in crisis. some of the brightest minds in water conservation are meeting this week to discuss solutions to problems caused by our ongoing drought. the california water agency conference is taking place over three days this week. leaders representing agencies across the state gathering together to talk about possible ways to conserve water. we spoke with an executive
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director who will attend. he expressed hope for the future, but acknowledged the struggle ahead for california. >> we've got to do our very best to store that water above and below ground. and that means we got to invest in storage facilities and the canals and every other thing that we need to be able to move that water around the state. >> he also stressed that water agencies across california need to work together on the local state and federal levels to make it all work. stanford university is getting a new school, and it will focus on addressing climate challenges. it received a huge boost, $1 billion from a silicon valley venture capitalist. christie smith has the story. >> reporter: coming in the fall at stanford, the school of sustainability taking on the global climate crisis. it appears funding won't be a problem after a $1.1 billion donation from venture capitalist from john doar and his wife jan.
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>> the size and timing of john door's grant is truly nothing breast taking. >> reporter: the gift is considered the second largest to a university in u.s. history. >> i think we're lucky because stanford has some very brilliant and bold adaptation thinker, and we're going to need them. >> reporter: stanford says the new school will be the first one added on campus in 70 years. students will focus on climate change, sustainable cities, energy technologies, as well as food and water and technology. the academic departments will start with 90 existing faculty and add dozens more over the next decade. >> i was extraordinarily excited to hear about the news about the new school of sustainability this fall. >> reporter: liza goldberg is a student at stanford studying earth systems. >> i think the bottom line is that climate change will impact every single person on this planet within the coming decades. but i think what this new school's sustainability is really going to focus on, at
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least initially is getting to the communities who are at the heart of the climate crisis right now. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. up next, you could have money waiting for you. the $141 million settlement from turbotax over a misleading advertising campaign. covid-19 test kits can expire, but not necessarily by the date printed on the box. you'll need to look it up. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. i'll show you how, next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. after 80s in the south bay, we're starting to drop. 78 right now in san jose, and 60s by 8:00 p.m. we'll talk about the colder weather, the wind, even some thunderstorm chances. i've got it all for you in about seven minutes.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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the mountain view company behind turbotax, the popular at-home tax filing program is being forced to pay up. intuit has to pay more than $141 million to users across the u.s.
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it's part of a settlement between the company and the attorneys general of all 50 states. in 2019, the company is accused of charging low income customers for tax services they should have received for free. impacted customers will get a notice and a check in the mail. the company admitted no wrongdoing in this settlement. linkedin is paying nearly $2 million in back wages to hundreds of female workers. the sunnyvale-based company agreed to a $1.8 million paid discrimination settlement. that settlement affects about 700 women who worked at linkedin's sunnyvale and san francisco offices between 2015 and 2017. linkedin says although it grid to the settlement, it still denies any claims of pay discrimination. it's been a few months now since the federal government began mailing free covid rapid tests, and health insurance companies started providing them for free as well. >> so are your unused test kits that are sitting around in your
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cupboards still good to use? let's bring in our consumer investigator chris chmura. >> reporter: the food and drug administration says you shouldn't use an expired covid-19 test kit because the components inside could degrade or break down over time. and that could mean invalid or inaccurate test results. but some expiration dates have been extended because the manufacturers have proven the tests still work. so let's find the expiration date on your test and see if it's the actual actual expiration date. first, grab the box. on these tests we found the expiration date stamped on the side or a sticker along with a lot number which you might need later. well found two dates. you're looking for this hourglass icon that is the expiration date. if the date next to the hourglass is past, don't just toss the test kit. let's see if the fda has extended the expiration date. checking takes a couple of steps, but they're easy. let's start by clicking this qr
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code. it will take you to an fda list of tests. in the first column, scroll until you find your test manufacturer and type. then go to the column farthest right that says expiration date. two more steps. first, click the link for updated expiration date. finally, look for the lot number of your test, and you'll find that lot number on the stick were the dates or printed somewhere on the box. many have been extended for six months, but not all. if yours has been extended, consider writing the new expiration date right on the box so you don't forget about it. if your test has expired, you can simply trash it. if you have other questions about your test, consider contacting the manufacturer. >> good information, chris, as a lot of us are starting to retest again. we see a lot of apple stores across the bay area, what about meta stores? the first opens in burlingame. we get a sneak peek.
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meta says that's where it's going to tell you products that you need to dive into the metaverse, things like vr headsets and so-called smart glasses. the store will also hold interactive demos to explore virtual reality. meta, the parent company for facebook and instagram says the goal is to give people a glimpse into the future of the metaverse. this pretty exciting right now. in san francisco, our very own robert handa is being honored at the annual asian pacific american heritage awards. they honor civic organizations that serve the community and individuals who have made a positive impact. and for robert's decades of bay area reporting, he is being honored for his inspirational achievement. >> he is an inspiration in our newsroom as well. >> oh, absolutely. he is so wonderful. >> let's bring in jeff jeff. is it a little hot out there today? >> a little bit. >> really hot. >> it's warm. >> you had the ac on, let me guess. >> yes. you know, we're going to be in for some big-time changes. if the heat was too much for you, just hang on. let's get a look at how warm it
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was here across the bay area. up to 89 in novato. redwood city 83. but as soon as tonight, we're going to begin to see some changes that will then come into full effect as we roll through tomorrow. what i'm seeing here is the storm starting to lower a little closer. that's all it takes in weather sometimes is a small change that is going to set off big results for tomorrow. i do see clouds rolling in. also, temperatures becoming cooler. let's take it to that. you can see on your thursday morning forecast. we're going to start here with the overcast skies from the north bay to the south bay. i definitely think we'll see a few isolated breaks of sun moving in tomorrow, but still generally a lot more cloud cover than we've been used to as we head to the afternoon. with the clouds, we will start off slightly warmer. they always help to insulate us. so instead of the low and mid-40s, a lot of us starting off in the low 50s, especially from the tri-valley to the peninsula. the one exception is in north
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bay where you're up early around 6:00, i do see upper 40s to begin tomorrow. daytime highs. because the storm track is starting to move closer, they're going to drop off in a big way. 10 to 15 degrees colder tomorrow. instead of the 80s in the south bay, we're back down to 73 in south bay. over to east bay, we were close to 90 degrees in a lot of inland locations. but tomorrow this is a lot better for you. 72 here in concord. right through the peninsula, you're going to feel that cold wind at your back, 66 in san mateo. 68 in redwood city. 60 in downtown. let's take it off to the north. also, that cold air rushing in with the overcast skies. only 68 in santa rosa. we'll struggle to get to the 70 degrees here in sonoma and also napa. so this is the first of the changes. then i want you to be ready for this. as we head into this weekend, we're going see a broad reaching system start to drop down on sunday. i think this is definitely going to linger into monday and potentially into tuesday's forecast. that's going to help to really give us another cold blast of
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air. a chance of showers, isolated thunderstorms will be possible in northern california, and that wind also picking up. we're looking at sierra snow as well, anywhere from 4 to 10 inches as this rolls in sunday. friday, just a slight chance of showers. better chance of some spotty showers sunday, monday and tuesday. the windiest day on sunday. 20 to 40 miles per hour. for the inland valleys, we'll go 76 tomorrow. down to 67 for mother's day on sunday. so if you want mom happy, reservations inside. that's the way to go on sunday right now. >> okay, mom. what do you got? what do you want? >> ask my kids, ask my husbands? they've got to plan it all. >> family, let's talk. thanks, jeff. up next, not levi's stadium or even candlestick. the 49ers are going on a big road trip, international. we'll tell you where they're going to play a game next season. stay with us.
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we have an update now to our
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breaking news that we've been tracking for several hours. traffic is once again moving in walnut creek. a man who was on the freeway has been safely removed and is no longer blocking the traffic. this is happening on westbound 24 at the 680 interchange. you can see all the traffic. for the last couple of hours, it's been a mess. around 1:30 this afternoon, the chp got a call about someone walking into traffic. officers shut down several offramps. again, 680 and 24. mental health professionals arrived on scene, and within the last few minutes, were able to get that man off the freeway. so that is good news. however, the downside here, traffic is still backed up. so this evening commute has already been a mess this evening. . all right. from the south bay to south of the border, the 49ers are heading to mexico. the nfl announced today that there will be five international games this upcoming season. one of them will be in mexico city between the 49ers and the cardinals. it will be a monday night game
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on november 21st at estadio azteca. in 2005, you might remember the niners played the cardinal there's in front of more than 103,000 found, the eighth largest crowd in nfl history. swinging for the fences. nice hit. how the long balls help the spartans in the race for the conference championship. i'll have the story. stick around, sports is next. what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa.
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you going to boo somebody who get elbowed in the eye and face you should get flipped off. i'll take the fine. i'll go make an appearance and make up the money. but it felt really good to flip him off. >> see kind of telling it like it is. >> yes. >> even when he flipped -- we won't show you the video when he flipped off the fans in memphis, but we'll show you the play. draymond green likely to be fined by the nba for his actions. last night he was elbowed in the eye. when he went to the locker room to get stitches, he flipped off the crowd as they were jeering and booing him. so he is very upset. game three saturday in san francisco. >> looking forward to that. nothing excites the crowd and the dugout like a home run. that's something the san jose state baseball team knows a lot about. >> they are bangers. here is anthony flores. >> reporter: the spartans baseball team has spent
5:58 pm
countless hours in the batting cage. all that work is paying off in a big way. >> and durrell, it's a fly ball out to deep left field. that ball is back and gone! >> reporter: the team has set the single season school record for home runs with 56 and counting. >> it's a pretty big deal. that's a whole lot of homers. >> reporter: hunter derieux says he doesn't swing for the fences when he is at the plate, but he has been hitting them out of the yard. he has also tied a 32-year-old single season school record with 15 home runs. >> if try to swing for the fence, i swing and miss a lot. try try to put the ball hard and line up the middle, and if it goes, it goes. >> in my second year we hald 12 home runs. you see where we are now with 56. we just knew in this conference we had to have the ability to go on the road and be physical. >> coach says hitting home runs is not something he teaches. he thinks it just may be his
5:59 pm
players are simply bigger, stronger, and better hitters. the home runs aren't just lighting up the scoreboard, they're also adding up in the win column. spartans are closing in on their first winning season in more than a decade. >> a a 24-21 record, the spartans have the most wins in the mountain west. as they round third on the regular season, they're chasing their first winning season since 2011. >> we got picked to finish last in the mountain west this year. and, you know, it's certainly a chip for ow guys to prove that we're better than that. >> the spartans are third in the mountain west standings with ten games remaining. they need to finish in the top four to get an invite to the postseason conference tournaments. >> that's the ultimate goal, to get to the conference championship. i think that would prove a lot, that this program is turning around and that we're here to stay and we're here to win. >> the spartans are become on the diamond friday at home against fresno state. at san jose state, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> well, they're looking really good. they sound determined. i think they're going to part.
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they have the cool baseball hair. they have the nice shades on. >> you need to have that as well. >> jessica is here with what's coming up at 6:00. >> he went to the hospital to try and save his sister's life, but he ended up losing his own. we investigate the deadly medical mistake at a local hospital, a and the grief that now remains for a bay area family. >> i knew he wasn't breathing. >> and the nurse didn't notice? >> and the nurse never touched him. never checked on him. >> and what are the doctors telling you at this point? >> they're not telling me anything. a caviar shop in the ferry building says their bottom line has been hit because of people mistakenly associating them with russia. we'll share with you their message for the community, next. but first, the mascot has got to go. the high school in contra costa county saying goodbye to its controversial moniker. >> don't want guns on our campuses or images of guns. >> yeah,


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