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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  May 4, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i'm raj ma, get ready for more bitcoin, a push for crypto currency. do you use turbo tax to file your taxes? you may get money back. $800 a month to rent a home in palo alto. here is the catch. you got to sleep in a pod. we'll take you inside. the bay area gold medalist who took the winter olympics by storm. >> people always have their own opinions. >> eileen gu why she represented china instead of the usa. the san francisco skier on her way to stanford.
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good evening i'm raj mathai. a lot happening tonight including late developing news and two financial stories that could benefit you. let's start with the abortion battle. calls for action in the wake of the leaked supreme court draft. today governor newsom is joining the voices of those who want the government to do something. the governor made his case at a planned parenthood. he responded to the leaked opinion that indicates the high court will overturn abortion rights. he urged a vocal counter offensive to protect everything from abortion to same-sex marriage. >> this supreme court is poised to rollback constitutionally protected rights and don't think for a second. don't think for a second this is where they stop. the right to privacy is not foundational. they're coming after you. they are. fill in the blank. who is you? it's us. it's all of us. across a spectrum of issues.
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do you think for a second same-sex marriage is safe in the united states of america? give me a break. >> of course, he's been a champion of same-sex marriage dating back to his days here as mayor of san francisco. many in the lgbtq community are worried the reasoning used in the abortion situation threatens equality. we spoke with one of the first same sex couples who married when california's supreme court ruled it was legal back in 2008. >> what this draft opinion tells us is that rights that we regard as fundamental, reproductive freedom, marriage and so many other rights, this court is not regarding them as fund mental. >> even though there are fears, many scholars believe marriage equality has far more constitutional precedent and would be extremely difficult to overturn. also tonight, as the covid case count continues to rise in all nine bay area counties, the next hurdle may be mother's day.
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many of us are planning big gatherings for mom and health leaders here are anticipating another covid surge. local restaurants are completely booked with mother's day reservations. doctors say to minimize your risk, take a covid rapid test before hand. eat outside and keep your party size small. especially since covid numbers are already climbing. >> in the bay area, we've seen an uptick in cases of 155% between the beginning of april to where we are now. there is a lot of virus going around. >> the doctor adds it's a good idea to wear a mask in crowded areas to minimize the risk of you or your mom getting covid. we have an update to the breaking news during the 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscast. traffic is a mess but there is good news. it moving again through walnut creek. parts of the 680 24 interchange were shut down for nearly four hours after a man was walking
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into traffic. that man was removed about an hour ago. the chp got a call about that man around 1:30 in the afternoon leading officers to shut down several off and onramps. you see the activity of police cars. mental health officials arrived and got that man off the freeway without incident. the chp says he will be given the help he needs. this say live look now at the area from a cal tran live cam. again, you see the traffic flowing. traffic much better now than it was several hours ago. even last hour this is near the 680 24 interchange in walnut creek. it's the trending thing to do but is the right? the governor directs the state of california to look into crypto currency and figure outweighs to embrace it. scott budman, i'd venture to
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guess 50% of us in the area don't know what crypto currency is. with that said, what the is the governor asking for? >> there is a lot to talk about here. it really comes down to as you say increased knowledge but increased security. there are also business decisions here for california and california investors. also competition. there are other states trying to steal crypto currency startups from silicon valley and for an area that prides itself on tech leader ship governor knew zoom doesn't want to see that happen. >> we've been interested for a long time. does that come into play and will we get pushed of the picture here? >> no. today is a large part of that. for example, a lot of the startups that are hot and sexy right now in the tech world involve crypto currency and silicon valley wants a role in
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that. people are experimenting with crypto that can be financially rewarding and i say this all the time, it can be very, very risky as well. and both of these things need to be taken into account here. >> it could make or break you really quick. are we trying to keep up with miami, the miami mayor is taking part of the salary in crypto. >> couple different issues. if you take your salary in crypto, you're making a very risky decision. we've seen athletes do that and politicians do that. the bigger issue is i think competition. miami is trying to take tech business away from silicon valley. it's trying to lure techies to miami instead of siicon valley. so far silicon valley has venture capital to startups. crypto is new and pretty unknown and so if miami gets a lead, you know, that would be something that we would take personally out here on the west coast. so first, what governor newsom wants to do is clean things up. make it safe. make it understandable.
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and then make it hours kind of an east coast, west coast think would happen here. >> would you take your nbc salary in bitcoin? >> i could not. >> smart man. that brings us to the question of the day, what do you think california should do with crypto currency? weigh in on twitter, facebook and instagram. also tonight, do you or someone you know use turbo tax? if so, you might be getting some money back into your pocket. it comes from a massive nationwide settlement. the attorneys general from all 50 states accuse the california based company turbo tax of advertising free services but then steering customers toward paid versions instead. you can't do that. as many as 370,000 californians are eligible to get a refund. let's bring in chris. what exactly is turbo tax accused of? >> deceptive advertising and in the middle of the case is an ad we'll show you now. ♪
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♪ >> free! free! >> that's where the nrrator says it was not free, free, free. what ends up happening is the people that should have qualified for free tax preparation and filing didn't get it. they were going through the process. they put in the right salary amount and that's what drove it. you got the free services if you had a salary of a certain amount of lower but turbo tax according to the government didn't give you the free service instead, it charged you like 50 or $60 sometimes. >> so they charged me 50 or $60. that's not supposed to happen. how much money do i get back? >> turbo tax did not admit wrongdoing here but got out the checkbook to move past this. so we wanted to know the same question, raj. how do you get your money? here is what the attorney's general office told us. it will apply for tax years 2016 to 2018. you'll get roughly $30 per year that you paid when you weren't
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supported to pay and they say they already know who you are. you do not have to apply. they're going to send you that money. >> so i sit back and wait for the check hopefully. >> that's what they say. we asked the attorney general's office today what the envelope looks like because we get a lot of junk mail. we wanted to show you what you need to not treat as junk mail. they don't have that yet. when we get an image of the envelope, we'll share here and online. >> chris has a lot of useful advice from checking to make sure you're at home covid tests haven't expired to checking to see if you have a forgotten 401 k as part of his how to series. head to to. all right. up next, $800 a month to rent a home in palo alto. are you kidding me? is it too good to be true? well, there is a catch. you have a lot of roommates and have to sleep in that thing right there in the pod. we'll take you inside the home next.
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i've always said, you know, my message is about inspiring young girls. >> our exclusive with eileen gu. she addresses the backlash she's receiving for choosing to compete for china instead of team usa. you're watching nbc bay area.
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she agreed to a one on one interview with nbc. eileen gu just won two gold medals in the winter olympics representing not her home country of the united states but china. the 18-year-old gu was the breakout star, remember this, who dominated the slopes. she sparked controversy for representing china where her mom is from. she's a fashion model and incoming stanford student. let bring in audry who joins us now. she's fascinating because she tran sends sports here. eileen gu sparked conversations about loyalty, nationalism, business and politics. >> she spoke with hodhoda on "t today show." she said it was more than representing her mother's home country but also about introducing her sport to millions in china and making a difference, as well. >> for me, it's always been about using force, using sport as a force of communication.
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and especially in a sport like free skiing, it's free and personal. you use it and it's creative. there is style. a lot of people in china had never even heard of it so introducing that sport culture to younger girls, especially, is -- it changed my life and so to be able to have that kind of contact with the sport. now there is 300 million people in china who have gone on snow after the winter olympics and that impact is insane. >> she's a remarkable young woman. what did she say about the backlash? we were talking about commercial, you google her name and there is all sorts of negative comments online. >> a lot of backlash. of course, it was a lot for her to take on. but she said, you know, she's aware everyone will have their own opinions but it about intention for her and having thick skin, as well. >> did you feel like you needed a thick skin for what came at you after that? >> absolutely. people always have their own
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opinions but i try to stick to -- there is no wrong or right. there is intention. i'm trying to make the world a better place in my own way. if people disagree, that's okay. i encourage them to make the world better in their way, right? we can approach this situation from different standpoints so yeah, to each their own. >> we have to remember she's still a teenager. >> she's 18. >> this is the beginning for gu. we'll see her at stanford for the fall and the next winter olympic. did she talk about that? >> she wouldn't confirm. she was asked. i'm guessing she probably will four years from now just because she said, you know, skiing is so personal for her. it made her who she is today but says of course, she wants to focus on school first. >> the next winter games i believe are in italy. i hope you're going. >> i hope i am, too. >> to document her going down the slopes. we do this often talking about housing and how challenging it is to make it in the bay regardless of your income level or whether you own or rent, housing is always a hot topic.
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here is a new one. would you rent a sleeping pod for $800 a month? let's show you and explain. it's a rental house in palo alto. here is the skinny. a company called brown stone shared housing inside this house as many as 14 people pay $800 a month to sleep in that pod right there. they share the bathrooms, the kitchen and family room. $800 a month. it's way cheaper than the average rent if you're willing to have a bunch of roommates. according to rental company, the median price for a one-bedroom in palo alto is $3200 a month. we got to check out this house. we're joined by the co-founder of brown stone shared housing. nice to have you on the program. let see, you're in the house right now in palo alto. first of all, who is renting there right now and for how long do they stay? >> reporter: yeah, so it's students, researchers, people who need to be at stanford for a bit and also interns. so there is culinary interns and
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tesla interns. just anyone who needs to come to the bay area for a few months at a time. and they stay anywhere from one month to we have people who have been here the whole time that we've been doing this so about eight months. >> might have nbc interns coming your way. show us around. what room are you in and how many pods are there? take us inside a pod. >> yeah, so this is the main pod room. there is ten pods in here. they are stacked on top of each other. i stay in that pod myself in the corner and so we're testing our own product and really love it and so there is ten pods here and we have another four pods in another room. but as you can see, it's just single family house. it has a kitchen. >> and james, let me jump in. i see people there. >> it can accommodate everyone. >> i see a young woman there and a guy outside. those are actual renters just
7:18 pm
chilling out? >> so this is my co-founder christina. she also lives in the house and out there are people from all different backgrounds hanging out together. >> that's pretty amazing. okay, serious question here, are the neighbors upset? if i own a house there in palo alto or anywhere and see a rental house with 10 to 14 cars parked outside, i might be ticked off. what's the neighbors' attitude? >> yeah, as you may have seen in the shot before, there is bikes out there. there is 14 bikes total. everyone in the house bikes. pause we're able to get in a location where people need to be for school and work, they don't need a car. it actually probably less cars in our driveway than our neighbor's driveway. >> interesting. some house-cleaning questions. who cleans the bathrooms and kitchen? where do i put my food in the fridge? >> yeah, it's really funny. the major rule is to just respect everyone else and clean up after yourself and then we do a monthly cleaning. so there is actually some house
7:19 pm
rules that one of the residents wrote down themselves to remind everyone of the basic things that everyone should be doing. >> and any -- i'm guessing there is a pretty big background check. you have women and men all together in different sorts of back backgrounds? >> right, absolutely. we background check and make sure everyone would be a good fit with other residents in the house. >> any plans to expand other than palo alto? how is business going? >> we just opened up our second house in bakersfield and we're looking to expand anywhere where there is a need and there is a lot of need here in the bay area and beyond. >> okay. well said. james, thank you. one last question, what if i snore? what happens there? [ laughter ] >> well, we encourage ear plugs and wireless headphones but yeah. >> we appreciate it. james running that house there in palo alto, also one in bakersfield.
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thanks for your time and the tour tonight. a couple notes here, this isn't the only pod style living experience in the bay area. a couple years ago in 2020 we showed you a pod share in san francisco. it's a similar setup. people pay to live in a spared space and sleep in these pod style areas. at the time they were going for $1200 a month. the pod website lists space available now but the rent is $1400 a month. more than palo alto. is there a place you can easily rent a one-bedroom apartment for $800? not around here. we looked at the 100 biggest metro areas. the cheapest, wichita, kansas. a one bedroom there $650 a month, oklahoma city, $810, albuquerque, $860 and des moines $900. right now you can read about the most expensive rental market in the bay. you can see reports on why companies are leaving san francisco's financial district.
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well, up next, draymond green explains why he flips off the fans in memphis and what the nba is probably going to do at it and a live look at the camera in san francisco. fog. jeff is going to join us talking about the forecast as we head into mother's day weekend. stay with us. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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you going to boo somebody get elbowed in the eye and face running blood, you should get
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flipped off. i'll take the fine and do an appearance and make up the money. it felt really good to flip him off. >> he tells it like it is. we won't show you the moment draymond green flipped off the fans in member face but you get the idea. he was elbowed in the eye when he went to the locker room to get stitches because he had blood, he flipped off the crowd as they booed him. by the way, this series is tied one game a piece. game three is saturday night in san francisco. >> man, that looks painful. >> painful. you know, they're going to fine him a few thousand dollars and he'll pay the fine and as dre monday says, forget it, it was worth it. i feel good. >> he tells it like it is. >> probably has to get his eye checked out behind the scenes. >> foggy? >> huge, huge changes after the heat we had today. temperatures in the upper 80s. one of the hottest, 89, concord 88. the change tonight as the storm
7:25 pm
track moves more to the south will drop the temperatures, also pick up the cloud cover tomorrow. we start at 7:00 in the morning, the clouds are returning through the day and a few breaks of sunshine but again, the clouds lingering as we roll through the afternoon and that will take us out of mid and upper 80s. santa rosa 68. 72 concord. 73 san jose. isolated warmth down here towards morgan hill but still, way down from where you were today and at the coastline in the 50s to 60s. so today is really the first part of the changes. then as we hit sunday, monday and tuesday we'll see this broad reaching system kind of linger for us. that will bring more cold air, chance of showers, isolated thunderstorms and also some gusty winds. on top of that, if you're headed to the sierra on sunday or monday, winter conditions returning four to ten inches of snowfall expected. so here it is on the seven-day forecast. all the way down to 67 on sunday
7:26 pm
for mother's day and again, the best chance of some spotty showers sunday, monday and tuesday. so anything for mom, let's plan it inside and then you'll be good to go. >> you got our attention there. at noon, 11:00 a.m., 1:00 is the hot zone. will we know more clarity probably saturday about that? >> definitely. it could be bumpy with the wind. make reservations inside. >> fair warning. thank you. here is what we're working on for the 11:00 newscast. comedians concerned about safety on stage after another attack. the latest target you might have seen it. dave chappelle the extra steps some comedians are taking to make sure they're left alone when they're performing. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. tonight in prime time it's "chicago med" followed by "chicago fire" at 9:00 and "chicago p.d." and then our 11:00 news. that will do it for us at 7:00. for all of us, thanks for joining us.
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enjoy your evening.
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♪ make some noise for hip-hop history. >> the dave chappelle attack. there's so much you have not yet seen or heard. "access" uncovers startling new videos and an eyewitness shares all. >> is that will smith? ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> what is this? >> that is marilyn's hair. >> a lock from the legend? only "access" has more mind-blowing revelations from kim's marilyn met moment. there's 5 gs. >> tell me who threw up the most, miles? don't lie. >> who couldn't handle "


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