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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 5, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, amy schumer and jennifer grey. stephen sanchez, everybody carter mclean, the 8g band stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ . new tonight, a wild takedown on the bay bridge. story behind this video and people passing by who jumped out of their cars to help a chp
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officer. plus, he's back, update on the bear that caused a stir in the bay area neighborhood. why is he back? comedians concerned about their safety after another onstage attack. latest target, dave chappelle. >> starts with heckling, always existed, now feel like escalating to person getting on stage. >> extra steps comedians are taking to be left alone. mobilizing and moving forward. abortion right supporters meeting after the leaked draft that signals a potential end to roe vs. wade. good evening. turning their anger into action, uproar over the leaked draft supreme court opinion. tonight people are processing how a reversal of roe versus
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wade might impact them and if it's opening salvo in erosion of personal freedom. >> cheryl hurd. >> reporter: people are reacting to a possible reversal of roe versus wade. governor has a strong opinion, and uc berkeley students are protesting. found a group of people here in san francisco who want to fight, and found out tonight just how they're doing it. >> idea here is there was something that was -- >> reporter: at manny's in san francisco, room was packed with people wanting to understand what the supreme court's draft opinion means. >> majority draft opinion, recognize it's a draft, undoes 50 years of precedent and holds that abortion is not a right under the constitution and it's left up to states and potentially the federal government to regulate whether women have access to abortion.
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>> reporter: breaking down every detail for an audience hungry for knowledge about what could happen next if this draft opinion becomes law. >> you're going to see women who end up performing abortions themselves outside of the purview of care providers. >> reporter: and says women are going to run to states where abortions are legal. speaking outside of planned parenthood in los angeles, governor gavin newsom is calling on democrats to take action, saying they've been too passive. >> don't think for a second this is where they stop. right to privacy is not foundational? they're coming after you. they are. fill in the blank, who is you? it's us. >> hey, hey. >> reporter: the leaked documents pushing uc berkeley students to the streets,
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marching throughout downtown with signs. >> beautiful to see the community come to defend women's rights, even guys, it's amazing to see. >> reporter: some believe it will change public faith and trust in the court. >> could be a move to change the composition of the court. maybe add justices and -- or impose term limits. >> reporter: that takes change in laws and making sure voices are can it happen, some willing to fight believe it can. >> anything is possible at this point. >> reporter: attorneys we spoke with say in order to make change you should contact your local lawmakers, and say it's also important to vote. reporting live in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. elections do matter. going to be one of the most high profile investigations in decades.
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justice john roberts tasked the marshal of the supreme court to find out who leaked the document. unclear if she'll do the investigation herself or put together a team. doj is not asked to help. 26 states certain or likely to restrict abortion. >> arkansas is a pro-life state, put a trigger law in place and we're going to protect those lives. >> some states are not waiting for the court. oklahoma's governor just signed one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. new jersey codified a women's right to choose into state law. same-sex marriage? just heard the governor refer to it. growing concern among many in the lgbtq community about what else could happen if roe v. wade
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is overturned. happened on the bay bridge upper deck. someone called 911 seeing a man walking on the western span towards oakland. officer approached him. said the man didn't follow his command and things got physical. chp says other people got out to help the officer. officer and man suffered minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital. also new at 11:00, he's back. that bear. vacaville police confirmed neighbors have spotted the bear again. this is from monday when the 300-pounder was roaming around the north orchard area near jepson middle school. they responded and thought he made way back into the hills but he's back in city limits today. we'll keep you posted. he was hit with skateboard, learning more about brutal attack on 75-year-old man.
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video from moments before. we stopped before the man is hit. this is monday night in san leandro. spoke with the store owner who shared the surveillance video with us. >> i was pissed when i first saw the video, he's such a nice guy. just started talking, didn't seem like they were arguing, just hit and smashed his head twice with the skateboard. >> victim in serious condition, police tell us, with major damage to face and skull, including a brain hemorrhage. officers arrested the suspect, rafael bettencourt, no word on the motive. three alameda officers who held a man down for seven minutes before he died will not be disciplined. independent administrator investigated the death of gonzalez and said the officers
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acted consistent with department policies. he lost consciousness minutes after they pinned him to the ground at public park. largely exonerates the police officers who initially encountered and restrained gonzalez. his death which drew comparisons to murder of george floyd remains subject of two federal lawsuits filed by his family. something many of us couldn't fathom, a somber milestone in the pandemic, more than 1 million americans have lost their lives to covid-19. early in the pandemic it was estimated 200,000 to 300,000 would die from the virus. as the covid cases rise in bay area counties, next hurdle is mother's day. planning big gathers for mom and health leaders say could lead to another surge.
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bay area restaurants booked and health experts saying take a test before you head to lunch. eat outside and keep the party size small with the uptick in numbers. >> in the bay area seen uptick 155% between beginning of april to where we are right now. there's a lot of virus going around. >> dr. peter chin-hong says it's good to wear a mask in crowded areas. just like the oscars, people thought it was part of the show, a joke. wasn't, dave chappelle attacked in performance at hollywood bowl last night. man rushing from the audience. video from tmz, many comedians sharing they have ongoing fear of this happening to them and taking unusual steps to beef up security.
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ian cull. >> reporter: a night of fun became no laughing matter as man ran on the stage to tackle dave chappelle at hollywood bowl. shortly taken away by security and seen later bloodied loaded into ambulance. chris rock tried to lighten the mood. >> was that will smith? >> deputies claimed he had this replica gun on him that flips into a knife. comedian from chicago was victim of attack on stage in early 2000s. >> came and we scuffled and security got him out of there, had to brush myself out and continue the show just like chappell. >> reporter: the club's owner, in l.a. at the same festival where chappell was assaulted,
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said beefed up security last year when drunk patron tried to go on stage. >> been doing extra security since may of last year, had extra security with busier shows. >> reporter: other comedians are worried the incidents are escalating. >> 99.9% you're alone in the club. >> reporter: doing stand-up in napa next month, she tweeted out after the incident any police officers who think i'm funny or your wife is a "juicy scoop" fan, contact me for tickets to live stand-up, would really love to have you in the front row. she's not joking. >> i could feel secure, they could see a show for free and something that's really good idea for other comedians and comedy clubs to consider. >> reporter: to keep the laughs coming and comedians safe.
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follow-up to breaking news at 5:00, traffic moving through lafayette walnut creek, parts of the interchange shut down after man walked onto traffic. started 1:30, chp got a call, leading to shut down off and onramps for hours. mental health professionals arrived, got him off the freeway and into custody. frightening moments for students at south bay elementary school. man armed with knife walked up and began yelling at 11:00 in the morning. parents received text and emails from the districts that scared them, explaining the kids were under shelter in place order as the officers negotiated with the man. after several hours the man surrendered and was taken into custody, students left end of the school day safe.
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update to the brutal injury that could hurt the warriors' chances to win the nba title. gary payton jr. is expected to miss a month after fracturing his elbow last year. payton jr. -- payton ii i should say was fouled hard, steve kerr called it a dirty play. payton could return if the warriors make the nba finals, first things first, memphis grizzlies, game three saturday at chase center, best of seven series is tied 1-1. ahead, is same-sex marriage at risk, growing concern among the lgbtq community after the leaked draft opinion. to rent a home in palo alto, yes, there's a catch. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri after upper 80s inland,
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beginning to c do you recognize this woman? oakland police looking for 69-year-old who was last seen this morning around 8:00 a.m. when she left to walk in her neighborhood in area of 23rd avenue and foothill boulevard. she has alzheimer's, you're urged to call oakland pd if you
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see her. roe versus wade at risk, is it the beginning of slippery legal slope. many in the lgbtq community worry if it's overturned, could threaten marriage equality all over the country. sergio quintana. >> reporter: supporters of reproductive rights have taken to the street to protest the leaked draft of samuel alito. it extends beyond roe versus wade, could signal a threat to other landmark civil rights rulings. >> tells us that rights we regard as fundamental, reproductive freedoms, marriage, so many other rights, this court is not regarding them as fundamental. >> reporter: stewart and john among first same-sex couples to be married in california when legalized by supreme court decision in 2008.
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vividly remember visiting family in missouri where it was not recognized and filled with fear what it meant. >> would lose it right there. we did have to bring documents in case something terrible happened that one of us had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: concern right now is logic used to possibly overturn roe in this case could then be used in other controversial supreme court cases, among them the 2015 ruling that guaranteed that same-sex marriage in one state should be recognized in another. some conservative commentators have started criticizing that case. stanford low professor says even if roe versus wade is overturned, marriage equality could be protected by other provisions. >> there's equal protection and substantive due process, right to privacy or liberty basis.
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>> reporter: the final decision challenging roe v. wade is expected within three months. for those concerned, focus is on the midterm elections and backing candidates with similar believes. >> reproductive rights are ours, marriage rights are our rights, voting rights are our rights and immigration rights are our rights, down the line. we're stronger together and we're the majority of the country. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. controversy in contra costa county. minuteman carrying a rifle has been high school mascot for generations but planning to change it. sent out survey, options including the crocodiles, condors, kangaroos or cows. voted to replace all human mascots and noted that image of minuteman carrying a rifle
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presents some issues in modern times. >> i think the students would want to move to something more peaceful and little bit more reflective of them. something they could somewhat relate to. >> it was part of our history in the revolutionary war. not at war, it's about rifles. >> guidance advising them to eliminate racially, insensitive or demeaning mascots. in the south bay, city of san jose needs more home to clear out homeless camp near the airport. city council voted to push the deadline set by faa to september. faa ordered san jose to remove 200 people camped out on the 40-acre lot or lose millions in federal funding. cleanup started but homeless people continue to return. so far 71 people have been set up in housing.
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city estimates 100 people still live in this encampment. campout at san francisco city college, spending second night in tents on campus. they protest potential layoffs at ocean avenue campus. urging trustees to reconsider cutting full and part-time staff members. we reached out for statement, not heard back. our colleague robert handa was honored for all he does and continues to do. award for inspirational achievement at apa heritage awards in san francisco. honors those who made impact in their career while serving the community. heart-felt congratulations to our robert, we respect and honor him. >> he's so respected in the newsroom, doing it for decades
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but still shows up to work like a rookie, so hungry and passionate. great sense of human. >> congratulations. and he's so genuine, what you see is what you get. we had isolated heat inland but beginning to see changes. subtle difference in the storm track, moving a little bit more to the south but good enough to set off clouds as we head through tomorrow, also cooler temperatures. tomorrow morning's picture a lot different than the past couple of days with blue skies. cloud cover moving across the bay through the afternoon, a few sun breaks but clouds are back. tomorrow morning, lots of 50s in bay area, tri-valley, peninsula and south bay in low to mid-50s. san francisco, 53. coldest in north bay at 49. because that storm track is dipping a little bit more south, it's going to drop temperatures tomorrow 10 to 15 degrees.
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in the south bay, instead of 80s, back into the 70s. 73 in san jose. we were close to 90 for interior valleys and east bay today, tomorrow better, 72 in concord, filling the chill in oakland at 64. cold wind in san mateo, 66. redwood city 68. san francisco, a couple of layers to stay warm in the marina, 53. winds out of the west at 15 and through the north bay, huge drop. 20 degrees colder in santa rosa, 68. this is the first part of several changes moving our way. next big thing moving in hits us on sunday. monday, likely hangs out into tuesday next week. wide-reaching system will drop temperatures again. bring showers, isolated thunderstorm chances in northern california and pick up the wind. on top of that, sierra snow
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sunday and monday, 4 to 9 inches. good news across the sierra to help out immediate fire danger. seven-day forecast, san francisco, chilliest on sunday, 59 on mother's day. winds 20 to 40. through the inland valleys, 67 on sunday. best chance of showers sunday, monday, tuesday. lot happening. rent unheard of, in a good way. $800 a month for house in palo alto, but yeah, a catch. unique way of living. happening now, spacex dragon carrying the endurance 3 crew has undocked from the international space station, journey back will take (music throughout)
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a bay area caviar company says it's become the target of hateful messages. tsar nicolai caviar in ferry building. in the '80s when it started, russian harvested caspian caviar was the gold standard. so tsar was added to the name for california caviar. >> useful in the conception, making sure it was equivalent of caspian caviar, turned into
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episodes of us receiving hate mail, in russian. >> tonight the business is making it clear it stands in support of the people of ukraine. it's working with ferry building to keep eye out for security at its cafe. isn't your typical roommate situation. company on the peninsula doing something different to help people make it in the bay. ready for this? inside nice palo alto home, paying 800 bucks to sleep in a pod. $800 a month to sleep in a pod. pretty well equipped. light, power, internet access, whole deal. many as 14 people live in this house at once. pods are equipped with everything. this room has ten in it. where do they eat, go to bathroom all that? share the kitchen, family rooms, backyard and bathroom. if someone snores, they
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recommend ear plugs. $800 is a lot cheaper, median is about $3,200 a month. >> stunning. >> imagine the neighbors seeing all the people moving in and out are you looking to renovate allyour kitchen or bathroom? out of the i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty. that's why agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovation specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! okay. no joke. one of the most dramatic series of the nba playoffs in years.
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not even halfway done. mentioned the warriors won't have gary payton ii for next few weeks. >> injury will have him out and expect the nba to fine draymond green for flipping off the fans last night in memphis. series shifts to chase center. game three saturday night. baseball, giants at dodger stadium. who is that? >> mary hart. >> of entertainment tonight, old school. brandon crawford, solo home run, giants led, but wheels would slowly fall off for san francisco. bottom of the sixth inning, mookie betts here. very close to fan interference bu
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okay. talk about an entrance. tom cruise landing on the flight deck of the "uss midway" in san diego for the red carpet premiere of the long awaited sequel that highlights san diego navy pilots competing to be best in class. military community made appearances and helped the cast withstand g-forces.
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many were filmed instead of computer graphics. remember this? >> was he maverick or goose? >> i think he was maverick. >> need to resee the first one. >> thanks for joining us, see tonight, several developing stories. a grim new covid milestone, and the growing fall-out over that supreme court leak. first, the protest nationwide over that leaked supreme court draft that would overturn roe v. wade abortion protections. president biden claiming the gop may target other longstanding rights next and calling donald trump supporters, quote, the most extreme political organization in recent american history. how republicans are reacting as democrats look to make abortion a central issue in the mid-terms. also tonight, a dire new number in the pandemic covid deaths in the u.s. now surpassing 1 million with cases rising again
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the fed announcing the biggest rate hike in more than 22 years as it seeks to tame soaring inflation. the impact on everything from mortgages to credit cards to car loans. in ukraine, heavy fighting at the mariupol steel plant where hundreds of civilians remain trapped and the new evidence the death toll in the single worst attack on civilians so far maybe double initial reports, some 600 killed tracking severe storms on the move tonight and dave chappelle attacked on stage the suspect taken down and arrested the unusual weapon police say he had. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening just breaking as we come on the air tonight, a stunning milestone reached in this country's battle with covid. according to an nbc news count, the number of dead who had the virus in the u.s. has just crossed the one million mark we'll get to that in a few moments.


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