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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 6, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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nevertheless, "saturday night live" he appears with muzical guest rk fire, tomorrow night at 8:30. >> thanks, benedict. right now at 6:00, a former san francisco police officer in court answering to criminal charges. five years ago he shot and killed a man after a few days on the job. the new calls this morning for more accountability. >> it's so important to the president and to me that the ukrainian people know that we stand with them. >> first lady jill biden arrives in europe to meet with refugees as rescue efforts continue for ukrainians trapped in the steel plant in mariupol. the new developments overnight including new signals from russia ahead of a critical day for its military. vaccination without consent. a controversial california bill for teens clears a major hurdle. this is "today in the bay."
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it is friday morning and i want to say good morning to you. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm whereby shall. >> i'm kris sanchez. if you're on the go you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. we want to get a look at the weather forecast because things are changing. >> yes, we're starting out with some clouds, some spots getting some drizzle and as we go into today it's going to clear out and we also have weekend rain chances. as you head through the tri-valley in dublin, you ma i have to turn on the windshield wipers. we're looking drier in martinez as our morning starts at about 60 degrees at 8:00. you'll just see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds and it will also be a cooler day with breezy winds as we reach near 70 degrees. here we'll see some upper 70s for the south bay, but mostly stay in the 60s in the north bay. so we're tracking all of the changes and i'll talk about it in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, thank you. happening today, a former san francisco police officer charged in a deadly shooting set to appear in court.
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you may remember the shooting happened back in 2017. it took three years for city prosecutors to file charges. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live in san francisco to explain this. this was unusual circumstances surrounding this case. >> reporter: yes, marcus, it was nearly five years ago that rookie officer christopher samoya was involved in an altercation way left one suspect dead. fast forward five years, the former rookie officer is expected in court in a matter of hours. the district attorney filed several charges against him including involuntary manslaughter, assault by an executive officer, assault with a semiautomatic firearm and negligent discharge of a firearm. this was the first time the city ever filed these type of charges against an on-duty law enforcement officer. the charges stem from that 2017 incident in which the officer was on his fourth day on the
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job, that's when he shot and killed 42-year-old kita o'neill an unarmed carjacking suspect who police say ran from a stolen van. the city agreed to pay a settlement to the family of o'neill. they say that is not enough. they plan to show up in court today. we'll continue to follow the story and let you know any outcomes or developments from that hearing, both on air and online. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> that will be one to follow. a lot has changed when it comes to accountability over the last five years. thanks, cierra. happening today, former mma star kane velasquez is due in a south bay courtroom for a plea hearing. here is a live look at the santa clara county courthouse where the hearing will happen. velasquez accused of shooting into a truck several times in february, targeting a man accused of sexually assaulting
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a velasquez family member. another person in the truck was injured. developing now in ukraine, evacuations continue overnight at a steel plant in mariupol. the u.n. secretary-general says some 500 people escaped but 200 or more are still trapped. this comes amidst heavy clashes in that area surrounding the plant, and new overnight, russia's foreign minister says the kremlin will not use nuclear weapons in ukraine but the statement comes as troops are preparing for victory day celebrations in mariupol next monday and despite objections from the city's ukrainian leaders. also the u.s. defense department now says intelligence provided helped ukraine sink a russian warship last month but the intelligence was offered without knowledge of ukraine's real intentions. meanwhile, at this hour, first lady jill biden on her way to romania, after landing in ireland overnight. she'll be meeting with ukrainian mothers and children impacted by the war. a controversial state
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measure allowing children over the age of 12 to get vaccines without their parents' consent is now moving to california's full senate. the senate judiciary committee approved the bill yesterday. other than vaccinations for sexually-transmitted diseases, minors cannot currently receive a vaccine without permission from their parents or guardians. this bill would expand the lot to state any vaccine approved by the fda and cdc. >> 6:05 this morning. time to talk about the battle within me. the golden state warriors continue their playoff bat well memphis tomorrow, my hometown. game three takes place at chase center. >> the matchup is getting fans a series' worth of dramatic moments. laura garcia is here now. he is torn. you and i are not. >> no, he better not be torn at all. that's for sure. all right, green fans, he was
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fined $25,000 for flipping off memphis fans. he did it while he was walking to the locker room on tuesday after being elbowed in the eye and bleeding. meantime the grizzlies will be without dylan brooks for the game three of the series. he was suspended for his flagrant foul that left gary payton, jr., out for approximately a month with a fractured elbow. >> doesn't matter. gary's out. gary's out for the next, you know, foreseeable future for weeks. that's the only thing that matters to us. >> that's in the past. so let's look towards the future for game three of the western conference semifinals, the warriors and grizzlies have now won one game apiece. we asked the team to put us in touch with one of their superfans. we spoke with jeff thomas, the san francisco-based teacher has been a season ticket holder since 1975, when his dad first started taking him to the games at the oakland arena. the thomases have some of the
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best seats in the house, about 13 rows up on the aisle at center court at chase center. we asked him how he feels about his team headed into tomorrow night. >> it's been, you know, watching them, since they're older version of our great team, i think they got to, you know, without wiseman they have a tough road but i like our chances if they can start making some threes. >> it's amazing to see, i bet they wish their prices from the '70s were still here. >> no kidding. >> but they still got good seats though, center court. >> moving from one venue to the other, sometimes you lose that seat. >> we should be buddies so i can go. >> they're die-hards. i'm wearing my gold today, marcus, come on. >> warriors. >> before i even moved here, golden state was my team so they're still my team, but then
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my family and you know, where i'm from, eh, you know. >> you can enjoy your memphis barbecue but have to go for our team. >> problem solved, go warriors. >> atta-boy. speaking of chase center, let's look live outside san francisco right now, not chase center but a different view of the skyline and you see that heavy fog is sticking around, kari. >> it's been drizzling as well. for people driving across the golden gate bridge, the roads may be wet. you're seeing it on the sign there, slow down, wet road and you have to turn on the windshield wipers as you head out on this friday morning but look at our temperatures, we're headed for 64 degrees there, 68 across the bay and oakland, and in hayward, reaching the upper 60s but then you go down to san jose, it's upper 70s, going to be all about the microclimates today, because there's going to be lots of changes not only today but going into the weekend with highs in the upper 60s.
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a little bit cooler tomorrow but at least we will continue with the sunshine. on mother's day, there will be a chance of showers especially in the north bay, and take a look at how cool it's going to be, only some low 60s with the gusty winds, i think saturday is going to be the best day of the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike, may want to get my mom a gas card. >> a great gift for mother's day, too, because prices are like diamonds. not so bad in spots like vallejo, we have it below $5 a gallon at royal gas on tennessee street, it's $4.97 a gallon. in san jose, it will be above $5, l&d on south king road is $5.19 a gallon. in morgan hill our southernmost of the three, $5.29 at the 76 on monterey road so some options, some variety depending on where you are. as we look at the roadways, we have mostly green, that's a great option. it's a friday. we typically see that. the slowing patterns showed up about 5:40 and eased off a little bit early. friday, a shorter-lived commute for the first burst.
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second one should be a little shorter-lived clearing by about 8:00, but right now highway 4, 37 and the bay bridge showing slower drives, typical spots again, not as extensive as a monday through thursday. the fog that kari pointed out is an issue. chp gives the note just like the sign kari pointed out, slow down, wet road. it may be a little slick and there may be mist, enough to use the windshield wipers as it developed over the last few minutes here. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up for you, sharks by the dozens, but in florida. so coming up here on "today in the bay," these are cute, not dolphins there. a warning for the swimmers out there and the reason experts believe these sharks are getting so close to shore. and bears everywhere on wall street. plus the latest jobs numbers, those are good bye then there's those bears. plus -- ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time ♪ ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound
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dog, crying all the time ♪ >> we know the elvis classic, but ahead of one new biopic one wrapper is giving "hound dog" a modern twist. we'll give you the first listen, up next.
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commute starts out with some low clouds. you ma i have to turn on the windshield wipers and our ten tours start out in the upper 50s. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds today, and really comfortable temperatures in spots. we'll talk about this and a look ahead to mother's day coming up. and the metering lights are on at the bay bridge, but it is friday, so your friday commute is in effect. that means lighter traffic so only slowing is on the incline. doing all right, here is fog on the golden gate bridge. we'll see how things are shaping up as you get ready to leave the house in the next few minutes. good morning, very happy friday to you. it is the first friday of the month. so we just got the latest jobs numbers, showing 428,000 jobs added to the american economy in april. that's a very strong number. it's the 12th month in a row we've been over 400,000. we were hoping to see the unemployment rate fall to 3.5%. we are still at 3.6 but that's a really good number.
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let's look at the bad news. the dow fell more than a thousand points on thursday. the nasdaq even more, when you measure it as a percent, down 5% in a single day. so we were talking about this yesterday. the economy's doing well. we're near maximum employment. the stock market is not doing well. money is moving out of stocks into bonds as interest rates go up. the economy is not the stock market, and the stock market is not the economy. cnbc reports elon musk will take over as interim ceo at twitter, once he's completed that purchase. that's led a number of people to wonder if musk overextended himself. he already says he sleeps on the factory floor at tesla some nights. the business editor at "axios" tweeted i'm old enough to remember it was a problem twitter's ceo had only one other job, referring to when jack dorsey on the right was the ceo of twitter, also the ceo of
6:16 am
credit card processing company square at the same time and a lot of analysts said at the time that was too much to concentrate on. dorsey eventually stepped down as twitter's ceo. musk would be the interim ceo of twitter, the leader of tesla, chief engineer at spacex, as well as the company's neural link boring company and open ai. those are just the ones i can think of off the top of my head. i think he's probably got a couple more projects he's going to tell us about soon. >> is that a problem for investors, do you think, they say how can you spread yourself that thin and be successful? >> i think it's a legitimate concern especially looking at a guy with two companies, and as marcus was pointing out earlier, tesla is so behind in making cars, not the ceo's fault. it's just the demand but i can see as a tesla shareholder why you'd be concerned. we can make more money and more cars. >> the proof is in the pudding. he could run 17 companies.
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>> we'll see. >> thanks, scott. 6:56 for you this morning. we've got some new video to show here. a warning for folks in florida, the beachgoers those are not dolphins or tadpoles. those are sharks swimming. authorities along the gulf coast released this video of what's believed to be dozens of black-tipped sharks which can grow up to six feet. so experts say the black-tipped sharks move towards the coast during the spring and summer months and typically do not pose a serious threat to humans but of course probably do not have the whole pack of sharks swimming together in mind when they say that. you get them all together you never know how they respond. >> it takes one bad an toll spoil the batch. >> i don't want to be the apple. trending this morning, doge cat is taking presley's "hound dog" to its blue roots. >> this is a track from an upcoming elvis biopic.
6:18 am
take a listen. ♪♪ >> i like that. is that big mama thornton, the original singer of "hound dog." >> i didn't know that. >> elvis is not the original. my producer put it there for me. elvis, memphis, so doja cat flair to the classic blue song, elvis covered "hound dog" and turned it into a huge hit. here is the original for you. ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ >> the original version is the best version. >> big mama thornton, she's bad. >> you knew it. >> i did, i looked up, oh, the producer is putting it in there for me, thank you, producers.
6:19 am
the elvis biopic set to come out june 24th. >> my mom will want to love that. she loves elvis. >> i listen to the older stuff and watched some of the older videos, elvis was bad. bad as in good. he was smooth, too. >> and he was kind of bad, to y. >> a little bit of everything. >> hound dog, jailhouse rock. all right, kari, take it away. >> we're starting out this friday morning getting you ready for the weekend. it's going to be changing minute by minute here. we are seeing clouds rolling across the south bay, some sunshine peeking through, and in other areas it's kind of misting and drizzling. let's get you ready for school in mountain view and make sure you celebrate the teacher appreciation day as you're dropping off the kids, make sure they have something a little extra for teacher because they worked so hard throughout this school year, we thank each and every one of them and today at pickup time it's going to be nice there, 71 degrees, warmer temperatures in the south bay, reaching 77 in los gatos.
6:20 am
a little cooler for parts of the inner bay where hayward reaches 69 degrees. antioch reaching 76 and some mid-60s up and down the peninsula, and when you head into san francisco, we're up to about 59 in the marina district and downtown 64 degrees. 64 also in mill valley and for napa, up to 71, really nice weather today, but don't be surprised if you see some spotty, light showers moving through, especially in the north bay. it clears out for the afternoon but here we are at 11:00, there could be light rain passing by if you'll be out late tonight you may want to make sure you have the umbrella just in case. tomorrow's all dry and then on sunday, yes, mother's day, we're going to have a chance of spotty showers. most of that rain stays to the north but especially if you're traveling across the region, maybe going to the sierra, there could be some rain and snow coming down, and we're still in an active weather pattern next week, where there will be some storm systems passing just to our north, and we're going to get the cooler air, so in all,
6:21 am
we're looking at maybe a tenth of an inch of rain over the next week from san francisco on southward. the highest rain chances and the more measurable rain will be farther to the north, ukiah on northward and for the sierra, another foot of snow, this would be great to see over the course of the next week, while it's mainly dry here, we could see some light showers off and on. that will definitely be the case on mother's day into monday. look at how cool it's going to be before it warms up for the middle of next week. mike, how is it looking on the roads this morning? >> kari looking like this, san jose easy short-lived first burst of traffic. the second one should be building about now. there you see traffic moving smoothly though and there is no slowing on our sensors northbound 101 just north of 680. friday shows a lighter build. i checked back to san martin, a little tiny bit of slowing but nothing major. folks are getting a little bit, maybe taking a break from commuting in on friday as
6:22 am
sometimes happens. there is an incident by the small part of the maze, it is not a major problem for 580 at 24, just your build highway 4, 37 and the metering lights on at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> who gets to see your private pay stub? more people than you might think. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we found a bay area startup that's looking to lock down your salary info, next.
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well, it is 6:24 for you this morning. if you've ever had a job work for someone, you need to listen to this. a lot of the companies sharing employees pay stubs with big data companies, information about every penny you make every single pay period. >> i don't know about this. consumer investigator chris chmura found a bay area startup that is stepping up to protect your paycheck from those prying guys. >> good morning. this startup is concerned you have little or no control over who can see your pay stub. in san mateo, the company called certree wants to change that. we recently paid a visit and spoke with the ceo. >> don't you want to know where your information is going? who is looking at it? >> tonight at 11:00 we'll show you how they're aiming to lock down your pay stubs so imposters, identity thieves and debt collectors cannot and see without your permission. and why they need workers like to you help them turn the tide and keep your private payroll data private.
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if you think your pay stub has been seen by someone who shouldn't have, let us know. go to and click the responds option or call us 888-996-tips. i'll join you tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, chris. next our top stories we're following today that include a foggy start to the day. mike has his eyes on the road conditions, looking through the fog and meteorologist kari hall is tracking our weekend weather outlook. plus, caught on camera, brazen theft in someone's driveway and what the owner of the truck believes the thieves were after. and a story you'll only see on nbc bay area, another san jose police officer accused of wrongdoing. the response from the san jose police officer's union. stay with us, "today in the bay."
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fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. if these allegations are prorve to be true, this person has no place in law enforcement. >> right now at 6:30, another san jose police officer accused has no place in law enforcement. >> right now at 6:30, another san jose police officer accused of misbehaving on the job. more troubling allegations, you'll see only on nbc bay area. a new program approved in one east bay city that would side-step police. this is "today in the bay." >> it is a good morning especially because it's a friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington.
6:30 am
we're not only broadcasting on your television this morning, you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. this morning we are celebrating mother's day a little bit early. that's my mama, we're sharing a touching tribute to our moms, who come from different walks of life and somehow continue to lift us up every day. >> but first before we get to that, we want to get a look at that forecast for you. mike also looking at the roads in a bit. kari, we're expecting some rain headed our way? >> yes, there's a chance some spots in the bay area could get in at least on light rain this weekend and there have been some areas even through your drive that have to turn on the windshield wipers as we get some mist and drizzle. not too bad in dubly. we have the blanket of clouds keeping our temperatures warmer, in the upper 50s right now and we'll see the highs reaching into the low 70s here with a little bit more sunshine for the afternoon. the weather is going to vary greatly across the bay area. we'll see mid-60s for san francisco but it will be in the
6:31 am
mid to upper 70s for some of our inland valleys. mike, you've been watching the roads and fog near the coast. >> you see low clouds oakland hills, not a major problem at the bay bridge. the backup is forming a little late but it's friday, the metering lights have been on for about a half hour there. looking at over a half hour there, looking at slowing from the toll plaza up the incline to the metering lights, and then a smooth drive once you get past treasure island, everything's at speed toward san francisco, slowing for highway 4. 37 typical spots, no major complications but there will be fog at the golden gate bridge and we've seen mist at times on the san mateo bridge. it's clearing up. we'll show that to you coming up. back to you. >> thanks, mike. here's a story you will only see on nbc bay area. another san jose police officer is accused of misconduct while on the job, and we have to tell you that these allegations are a little graphic and a little bizarre as well. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live in outside of police headquarters. bob, how is the police union
6:32 am
responding? >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. the san jose police officers association, that's the union, they tell us that if these allegations are proven to be true, this person has no place in law enforcement. nbc bay area learned an officer who responded to a home recently with a mother and daughter inside is accused of performing a solo sex act in their kitchen. this is the third recent case of serious accusations of misbehavior by a san jose police officer. last week we learned that 24-year-old rookie officer de'jon packer died from a fentanyl overdose in march following a night of partying with other officers, another officer was placed on administrative leave for allegedly being intoxicated when he responded to the scene of a kidnapping of a baby boy, sources with knowledge of the case tell us the officer had a blood alcohol level of 0.139, nearly twice the legal limit. >> having these different incidents really led us to a place where we want to start taking a much harder look at our
6:33 am
hiring process, our backgrounding process and really see is there something that's being missed. >> even though this only involves a small number of officers, there's a spillover effect that people will start to wonder what is going on at the san jose police department when you think of this many incidents in a short period of time. >> reporter: that's nbc bay area's legal analyst steven clark, who said the d.a.'s office will likely review every case involving these officers because defense attorneys are sure to use the misconduct to poke holes in prosecutor's cases the alleged misconduct i should say, and in clark's opinion, that could lead to some cases being overturned. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, thank you, bob. we'll see how it all kind of plays out. 6:33 for you this morning. new overnight, santa rosa police are investigating a shooting during a side show.
6:34 am
this happened at about 10:00 last night at sebastopol road and west avenue. one man was shot several times and is now in critical condition. he is expected to survive. despite hundreds of people being there, police have no suspects at this time. also overnight in oakland, police responded to several side shows, this video showing what's going on from the citizens app, showing the cars spinning out of control, the crowds gathering around and police tweeted they towed several of the cars out there. no word of any arrests or citations issued. an east bay trucker hopes his mounted camera tracks down what he says are two thieves caught in the act. it happened in his driveway at his home in concord and those burglaries stole expensive tools. so he's going public about this because he doesn't want the same thing to happen to someone else. the thieves got away with $2,000 worth of equipment.
6:35 am
>> i do feel violated. we're new here in town and we have been feeling that it's a nice neighborhood. >> no matter how safe you feel, it could happen to you. concord police say the city is not immune to escalating problems of brazen car break-ins, catalytic converter rip-offs and property crimes. >> you take somebody's tools, they can't go to work. that is rough. this morning berkeley leaders are reportedly giving the green light to a new community safety department that would work side by side with the police. the department would be staffed by social workers who would respond to conflicts and other non-emergency calls instead of police officers. as "the chronicle" reports last night councilmembers approved the plan but the city still has to find the funding. friday morning for you, at 6:35, taking a live look at the sunrise here, over san jose as we get started with the weekend. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking what we can expect from that forecast over the weekend. >> yes. >> you said some rain may be
6:36 am
headed our way. >> yes, it's going to be toward the end of the weekend. if you're planning to be at the giants game for tonight we're starting out at the upper 50s at oracle park and going to be breezy as well. we'll see the fog rolling in so be prepared for the cool temperatures, and also those gusty winds by the end of the game. mill valley music festival happening tomorrow, starting at 12:30. if you're going to be out there, light jacket but nice with the mix of sun and clouds and going into the afternoon and evening with the temperatures falling back to the mid-50s. if you're making mother's day plans, heads up we'll see some peeks of sunshine there and a couple of spotty showers. off and on wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, windy if you're going to be out there, and the chilly temperatures will be with us with highs in the 50s and 60s, going to the sierra, we're looking at tricky road conditions about three to six inches of snow and farther to the north, there may be an
6:37 am
isolated thunderstorm. we most likely won't see that in napa valley but i think tomorrow is the best of the two days as our highs there reach into the low 70s and for santa cruz, it's going to be in the upper 60s today, mid-60s tomorrow, but only the upper 50s by sunday. as you're waking up and heading out this morning, it looks good, but mike, you've been watching the road conditions. how is it looking around the bay area? >> kari, you had the low clouds behind you. here fog touches the roadway, that's to or from the north bay. you mentioned the mill valley music festival as well, first ever, and the local police and the organizers say i'm supposed to remind you all. don't just park anywhere. look for the signs to tell you where you can park so you don't disturb businesses there. toward the north bay the golden gate bridge showed you fog but the speed sensors show you it's just fine, mind the speeds for safety conditions and mind the crowds over here after work, this evening like yesterday oracle and chase both have events, same events, giants game
6:38 am
and a concert. there shouldn't be overlap because the start time of the concert arena is after the start time for the game. however, there will be crowds in the area again and friday night combining with that. friday morning a lighter drive, slowing hay way 4 and 37 but the richmond toll plaza you have to pause in spots and slowing san jose north 101 around oakland road. back to you. >> thanks, mike. saying farewell to one of our favorite giants. coming up next how the team will honor buster posey this weekend. the dow industrials lost more than 1,000 points yesterday down another 350. as we wrap up teacher appreciation week we'll introduce to you a bay area teacher getting far more than an anal from her students today.
6:39 am
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. right now at 6:41, it's the last day of teacher appreciation week. make sure that the kids give the teachers a little something extra, maybe even a compliment. we'll start out drop-off time in mountain view at 56 degrees, really nice at pickup time with some low 70s there. we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up. >> kari, thank you for teaching us about the forecast every day.
6:42 am
over here looking at the san mateo bridge where we have low clouds, we had drizzle, a little dry off on the lens here and sunshine in the distance. we'll show you how things are slowing a bit headed toward here on the nimitz though, it's concerning me. i'll show that to you coming up. the first lady headed to eastern europe for mother's day. >> scott mcgrew, some of the plans have her just miles away from the ukrainian border. >> where she'll be meeting with refugee families. she'll be overseas for four days. dr. biden will also visit with nato allies and u.s. troops in romania and aide workers before moving on to slovakia to help displaced ukraiukrainians. the president named his new press secretary, karen jean-pierre when jen psaki steps down later this month. >> she'll be the first black woman, the first out lgbtq+ person to serve in this role which is amazing because representation matters and she
6:43 am
is going to, she will give a voice to so many and allow and show so many what is truly possible when you work hard and dream big and that matters. we should not, we should celebrate that. >> the u.s. denying reports it helped ukrainian forces find and target senior russian military leaders. the u.s. says it helped ukrainians locate enemy forces in general but not actual generals. however, the u.s. intelligence officials did confirm to nbc news that america had a role in the sinking of the warship "mosca." the ukrainians saw the ship in the black sea, asked the u.s. to identify it and we did. intelligence officials say they did not know what the ukrainians were planning to do beyond that. former u.s. defense secretary mark esper says former president trump wanted to conduct a missile strike on mexico to hit drug manufacturing facilities.
6:44 am
esper says trump wanted to conduct the strike but then deny the u.s. was involved. we never did that. we didn't carry out that strike. according to the "new york times," esper writing in a soon-to-be published book says trump is an unprincipled person who, given his self-interests, should not be in the position of public service. nbc has not yet seen the book but reached out to president trump for comment overnight. we've seen a number of former officials and journal is reveal very startling things about what went on in the trump white house in their own books, legitimate criticism here, if you know something's dangerous for america or democracy, don't save it for a book. at the capitol, chuck schumer will bring a vote on a bill protecting the woman's right to choose that would apply to everyone in america, except there's little chance it would pass. schumer wants to put people on record with their vote. we're talking about all of those issues on social media on
6:45 am
facebook you'll find me at scott mcgrew tv. >> 6:44. so the good news is buster posey is headed back to the giants but just for one day. happening tomorrow the giants will honor the long-time catcher with buster posey day to celebrate his 12 exciting years with the team, the first time posey has been back at oracle since he announced his retirement at the end of last season. posey is a seven-time all-star who helped lead the giants to three world series championships and it was a class act through the whole thing. >> it was. all week long here on "today in the bay," we have been celebrating teachers as part of our teacher appreciation week. >> for some newer teachers, this is the first time they get to celebrate in person. laura garcia is here with one such teacher. >> we're so appreciative of our teachers, aren't we? yep, this is teacher appreciation week. as it is wrapping up we here at "today in the bay" want to give a shout out for all the hard work that teachers do, the
6:46 am
tireless roles educator, parent, friends to their students. we appreciate you every single day. add that to the newer stevener who started their work in the middle of the pandemic, came out of it only to face other hurdles from staffing to funding but for some, their purpose goes beyond the classroom. genelynn puglse from oaklands a's ascend elementary started teaching two years ago. she celebrates her first teacher appreciation week in person this year and she says there's nothing better than being back in the classroom with the kids. >> getting to be in person with the students this year and celebrating teacher appreciation week in person with them and actually getting their physical hugs instead of virtual hugs is amazing and our school has made a huge effort into really making us feel extra appreciated this week as well.
6:47 am
>> pugliese says when her first graders began in-person learning they had a lot of social and emotional development skills to work on but says they made great strides over the past few months. her students have been working to earn stickers and they got enough and as a result they get to pie her in the face today. >> ooh! >> that's a really good sport. >> you know what? i bet for those kids, that's like big motivation there. >> laura, we've been choosing the wrong -- >> we've shown up with the wrong. >> hopefully it's and she loves it, not just shaving cream. >> something with a little moisturizer in it, too. >> it's not a facial, marcus. >> teachers are not the only folks that we are celebrating, of course mother's day is coming up on sunday. >> here "today in the bay" we really wanted to let those very special women know just how much they mean to each of us.
6:48 am
>> happy mother's day to my mom, maggie. thank you for being the perfect example of love and kindness and patience, not just for me but for my babies, too. si amo, mama. >> a mother's love is especially special, because it starts before you even met and it extends well beyond that final good-bye. to all the moms out there, happy mother's day. to mine, i miss you, mom. >> happy mother's day to my mom who not only made me successful and a great mom, but she's also the best grandmother in the world. i love you. happy mother's day. >> a very happy mother's day to my mom, jackie, who found the time to be a wonderful mom, still is, even while working as a teacher with at-risk kids and after retiring, working with young teachers to recruit them into the inner city schools in a very happy mother's day. we love you.her's day to all the
6:49 am
mothers out there but a special happy mother's day to my mother, who has been my rock, my biggest cheerleader and a best friend when i needed one. mama, i would not be where i am without you. i love you so much. mwah! >> you know, honestly, mother's day is so bittersweet for me. i had longed to be a mother myself for so many years, and finally became a mother of triplets. my kids were born a year after my own mom passed away. so there is something very bittersweet about mother's day morning. i get to experience this joy of my three kids, who i love so much, but also i deeply miss my mom. happy mother's day to everyone. >> i love that. on behalf of myself, mike, scott, happy mother's day to you, kris, kari, laura, shayna, one of our editors part of the morning team, sharon katsuda, ginger conejero, all the morning
6:50 am
people, the morning moms. >> it's sad to think about the fact that not everybody has their moms here but what an imprint mothers leave on you, that your moms raised great kids, mike and laura. >> completely, completely, completely. yep, got to celebrate 'em. >> sure do. mother's day celebration this sunday, kari, how is the forecast looking for us? >> i'm helping you plan, because you want to make sure the weather is perfect and if you can, maybe move that celebration to saturday, because sunday is looking a little iffy. as we start out the door this morning in san jose, looks really nice, we've cleared out nicely here and our temperatures head for the upper 70s. we will see the clouds linger a little bit longer near the coast and parts of the bay. we reach into the low 70s, and for napa today, 71 degrees. san jose upper 60s. tomorrow we have sunshine across the bay area, but it will be breezy, a little bit cooler in some spots but i think that's really comfortable, 68 degrees in oakland and 69 in livermore.
6:51 am
going towards sunday, it's going to reach into the low to mid-60s here. we'll see more clouds, some gusty winds and also a slight chance of rain. don't be surprised if you see some spotty sprinkles in the north bay this morning near the coast where the fog continues. tonight, later this evening a chance of light rain but we clear out in between. saturday all clear and sunday we see another chance of showers moving in. this storm system that's farther to the north of us starts to approach, so we'll see a couple of systems passing by that will bring in a slight chance of showers for the bay area, a better chance of snow for the sierra and if you're going farther off toward the east or to the north, just watch out for that and we'll see next week our rain chances continue. so over the next week, it looks like a better deal for the north bay. in santa rosa we could see a quarter inch of rain but higher for ukiah and a few hundredths of an inch of rain for much of the rest of the bay area. then for the sierra, there could be possibly a foot of snow over
6:52 am
the next week. that will be really nice to see as we hopefully continue those snow chances in the forecast, and temperatures cool down. we're in the mid-70s in the inland areas today. low 70s tomorrow, and then only into the low 60s for sunday into monday as well as tuesday. for san francisco if you're going to be there this weekend, very windy, more clouds especially on sunday, and on monday, we may start it off with some mist and drizzle. mike, getting out the door this morning, how is it looking on the roads? >> not so bad. not as much fog, light traffic backed up to the overcrossing but kari, we did hear at the toll plaza somebody ran over one of the cones between the hof and the first lane there taking tolls so there may have been a temporary slowdown there. looks like everything is sorting itself out. buildup north of the richmond-san rafael bridge. look at the map i circled the shot, the arrow at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic
6:53 am
down through berkeley for west 80, a lighter traffic flow all over the bay. slowing out of castro valley 238 southbound 880 through hayward and the south bay san jose shows the first slowing for the northbound 101 and the 87 commute. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, vta board leaders approving the first major construction carts for the b.a.r.t. silicon valley phase two project. the first round of work is expected to begin later this month. phase two includes building stations in east san jose, downtown san jose and near santa clara university. passenger service is expected to begin in 2031. and a quick look at the top stories this morning, including that breaking news after the worst day for stocks in two years, how wall street is responding this morning. our scott mcgrew is tracking trading following the opening bell. and the warriors get ready for game three of their playoff series against memphis, how about some home cooking? two mi
6:54 am
much more for you right here on "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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6:56 for you this morning. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." >> more good news about the economy. the u.s. added 480,000 jobs in the month of april. and scott mcgrew, the stock
6:57 am
market not impressed. >> not impressed. the jobs number very good number. unemployment rate sticks at 3.6% which is a post pandemic low. the markets down again, crushed yesterday down more than a thousand on the dow, nasdaq down 5% in a single day and more red arrows as money moves out of the interest rates rise.onds a >> the "today" show wil getting should be joining her shortly, inside studio1a. this is the takeaways for the dow's worst day since 2020 and more on your bottom line. a san francisco police officer charged in a deadly shooting is expected to appear in court today. this is body camera video of that 2017 shooting, three years later, the district attorney charged the officer.
6:58 am
samayoa was on the job four days when that shooting happened. investigators determined the man who died kita o'neill was unarmed and shot as he ran from a stolen van. last year the city agreed to a settlement with o'neill's family. >> here is a live look at santa clara county courthouse in san jose. former mma star kane velasquez is due in a south bay courtroom for a plea hearing. here is a live look at the santa clara county courthouse where the hearing will happen. velasquez accused of shooting into a truck several times in february, targeting a man accused of sexually assaulting a velasquez family member. another person in the truck was injured. moow night resume their west conference series. >> the series tied at one game apiece. so far the drama is extending beyond the games which have been closed. it involved injuries, gary payton jr.'s fractured elbow and ejection of draymond green who got fined $25,000 for flipping off fans when he left the court
6:59 am
during tuesday's game. after a spat, the one-game ejection, he has to pay that fine. game three tips off tomorrow at 5:30. let's look outside for you this morning. san francisco there, oh, carl the fog sticking around. meteorologist kari hall has a look at what we can expect today. >> kind of drizzly in some spots. other than that we'll see the sun peeking out and temperatures for the inland areas headed for the low to mid-70s. tomorrow, really nice. i think we'll see more sunshine before the clouds arrive on sunday. mother's day is looking cool, windy and there will be a slight chance of showers and of course we'll keep you up to date on that. mike, how is it looking on the roads? >> it's lighter friday pattern so over here the san mateo bridge shows what you're talking about, the sun peeking through, where we had a lot of mist earlier this morning but still marcus was talking about, there's our friend carl the fog, back on twitter after a vacation, relocated during the pandemic and right back here at the golden gate bridge. [ laughter ] be careful, that's all. >> even carl took a break. all right, that's what's happening for us this morning on
7:00 am
"today in the bay." we'll be back for you at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and join us at 11:00 for our midday newscast. the "today" show starts right now. have a great weekend and happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day! >> happy mother's day!


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