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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 6, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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we begin with breaking news out of havana, cuba. state media reporting a powerful explosion at a downtown hotel. this is video of some of the smoke billowing from the scene there. cuban state tv says at least eight people are dead, 13 others injured. it also says the hotel was empty at the time of the explosion. he was present as search and rescue operations are continuing for anyone who might be trapped in the rubble. at least four people, at least eight people were killed in that, we don't know the cause. >> thanks for joining us for the
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midday news. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm marcus washington. don't forget, you can also get the latest information as we're live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. the american economy added 240,000 jobs in april, according to brand-new data released this morning. >> solid year of jobs reports. >> a couple more months and we'll have earned back all of the jobs lost since the pandemic. we could be there now if more people would get back to work. it's amazing how many are still on the sidelines. 240,000 jobs added in the month. the unemployment rate sticks to 3.6%. same as it was in last month's report. it's a post-pandemic low. wages are up, that's one of the reasons the stock market has been trending downward. we got really walloped yesterday. the dow was down more than 1,000 points. nasdaq losing 5% in a single day. investors are moving out of
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stocks into bonds as rates go up. you remember the fed announced a half-point interest rate hike to try to fight inflation. more will come next month. there are a lot of causes for inflation. we have talked utthem, slow supply chain is part of it. economists say part of it also are all those people staying home and not working. more than 11 million american adults. that means employers are fighting for a smaller labor pool. and therefore, they have to pay more to try to get prices up. i spoke with the former chief economist at the department of labor. >> very concerning for inflation because the only way we're going to get these job openings down is if people enter the labor force and take the jobs. that will stop upward pressure on wages. >> so the next big day to watch for markets is next wengz. that's when we'll get another read on inflation, and we do not expect much good news. >> all right, scott. thanks. well, new at 11:00, the plea hearing for former mma star cane
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velazquez continued. these are new images of velazquez. investigators say he was targeting a man accused of sexually assaulting a young family member. another person in that truck was injured. the plea hearing now set for june 10th. before that, a bail hearing is scheduled to take place may 16th. >> now to a live look at downtown san jose, where it is a little bit hazy but mostly clear for now. meteorologist kari hall is tracking incoming rain that could affect yourmotor's day plans. >> if you're getting ready to head out, it's still soggy at the golden gate bridge with low visibility, kind of misting and drizzling. that's the way it's been all morning long. as you head to the inland areas, we're seeing sunshine. that's what we're going to see in some spots going into the weekend. temperatures right now in the mid-60s and then we're trend
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into the low 70s here. it's going to be a very comfortable day, but yeah, much cooler near the coastline where we are seeing the clouds and the fog in napa today reaching 71 degrees. 71 in martinez, and we'll see some mid to upper 70s for san jose down to the south county. going into tomorrow, we're seeing those temperatures cooling down, but we still keep the dry weather and a mostly sunny sky with dublin headed up towards 68 degrees. los gatos in the upper 60s. on mother's day, tracking a chance of rain and the high temperatures may only make it to the low 60s in some spots. we'll talk about those rain chances in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> kari thank you. >> this is a story you will only see here on nbc bay area. another san jose police officer is accused of misconduct while on the job. and we should warn you, first, that the allegations are a little graphic. and a little bizarre as well. >> bob redell joins us live from
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outside police headquarters. bob, what's the police union saying about this? >> the san jose police officers association, the police union, says if these allegations are proven to be true, that this person has no place in law enforcement. nbc bay area has learned an officer who responded to a home recently with a mother and daughter inside is accused of performing a solo sex act in their kitchen. this is the third recent case of serious accusations of misbehavior by an officer. earlier this week, the san jose police chief confirmed an officer with the department was on leave while being investigated for sexual misconduct. declined to divulge any details. last week, we learned 24-year-old rookie officer dijon packer died from a feptinal overdose in march following a night of partying with officer officers. another officer was placed on administrative leave for allegedly being intoxicated when he responded to the scene of a
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kidnapping of a baby boy. sources tell us the officer had a blood alcohol of .139, nearly twice the legal limit. >> having these different instances really has led us to a place where we want to start taking a much harder look at our hiring process, our backgrounding process, and really see, is there something that's being missed? >> and even though this only involved a small number of officers, there's a spillover effect that people will start to wonder, what is going on at the san jose police department, when you think of this many incidents in a short period of time. >> that was nbc bay area legal analyst steven clark, who says the d.a.'s office will likely review every case involving these officers because defense attorneys are sure to use misconduct to poke holes in the prosecutors' cases, which in clark's opinion, could lead to some cases being overturned. reporting live here in san jose,
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bob redell, today in the bay. >> tough time for the department. one case after the other. bob, thank you. >> new at 11:00, san francisco fire investigators say a car fell down a cliff near suit row baths. this happened just before 3:00 this morning. this is a look by daylight. pictures of the scene there. the car was traveling at an unknown speed at the time. and went down between 30 and 40 yards. four victims were rescued. two are in critical condition, two are stable. investigators are still working to learn what led up to that crash. how scary. >> very much so. >> this is also new at 11:00, a bay area landmark provided is giving you a first look inside a massive restoration project. >> you may notice the dome from 101 in mountain view, but do you know the history? cierra johnson stopped by the facility to learn more about the historic role this hangar played and the work going in to restore it. anytime anyone comes to visit,
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they say what is that? >> well, i was one of those people. i was saying what is this. i knew it had to do with something space or military related as i was coming to san francisco from there station. i would wonder but now i know exactly what it is and i'm also now aware it is under construction. their work to rebuild it to its glory days. it was built decades ago and now they're working to restore it. today's tour featured supporters of the project of hangar one. zoe lofgren and anna eschew say they know the history of the hangar and have worked to save it. they used it to store air ships. it was a few years later the structure was found to have harm ful pcbs. the goal now, removing the toxins, repainting and encasing it. for the congresswoman, this is years in the making and a moment she says worth celebrating.
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>> i call it operation tenacious. and now today, we're moving toward mission accomplished. so it's a great win. not only for the people of our region but for the people of our country. >> and just to give you an idea of what contractors and developers here are working with, the structure is huge. approximately 1133 feet long, 308 feet wide, and 198 feet high. so they have a lot to deal with, a lot of steel. much of which was from the original structure. they have a lot of remediation to do there. the project will be completed in 2025 after repainting and encasing it. at some point, folks will be back to redebut this hangar. we're live, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> thank you for illuminating us. appreciate it. >> first lady jill biden is in romania this midday.
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this is new video of the first lady touching down there this morning. it's the first stop of a four-day trip to europe, and she served dinner to u.s. service members stationed there in romania. next she will go to slovakia on mother's day to meet with ukrainian mothers and children forced to flee their country because of the war. the first lady's trip comes as ukraine says a new attempt is under way to evacuate hundreds of civilians trapped in that heavily bombed steel plant in mariupol. >> the russian forces continue their assault on the last stronghold of ukraine's positions there. nbc's jay gray has more on the tense situation under way. >> look, the focus of the most intense violence continues to be to the east. specifically mariupol, where the fight at that steel plant in the center of that region continues to rage around the clock. not own lee ukraine military, army and marines bunkered in that steel plant and also 300 or so civilians. 30 of those children.
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good news today is the u.n. says they have established a human corridor there and are beginning to bring out some of those civilians. though they're also very quick to point out that those types of situations have crumbled very quickly in the past due to the intense fighting. so they're very cautious as far as continuing that effort. but it does continue right now. that's pushing refugees here to lviv. they could see as many as 200,000 added to the population here before it's all said and done. they have created these modular communities. areas where refugees can come, they can live for as long as necessary. they're putting these in near universities, near bus lines, near schools. doing what they can to help those who have escaped the violence. give you an idea of what's inside, you can see this is one of the wash rooms. zee washers and dryers. something obviously that folks need as they try to settle in as best they can, call this place home. you have showers and restrooms and then the actual units where
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they can live and start to acclimate to this community. something that's very important to them, very important to the people here in lviv as well, as they try and support what's happening on the front lines, they say, by taking care of those behind those front lines, the family and others who need help. that's the latest here in lviv. jay gray, nbc news. >> thank you so much, jay. >> cracking down on dangerous side shows, a busy night for law enforcement in the east bay and north bay. and next here on nbc bay area news at midday, what you need to know about the violence in one incident. >> plus, the warriors getting ready for game three of their playoff series against the grizzlies. we talk one-on-one with the superfan headed to that game. and we'll show you why he thinks the ws have this one in the bag. but first, here's what dateline's josh mankiewicz is following on a brand-new "dateline" for tonight. >> coming up, a murder committed
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in the middle of the night, and so many potential suspects you might find it hard to keep track of all of them. it's tonight on dateline. >> you can watch the undoing tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back.
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new overnight, santa rosa police are investigating a shooting during a side show. it happened around 10:00 last night. one man was shot several times and is now in critical condition. and expected to survive. despite hundreds of people being there, police have no suspects at the time. >> in oakland, police responding to several side shows there. this is video from the citizens app showing cars spinning out, crowds gathered there. police did tweet this out, they told several cars there's no word yet of any arrests of
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citations issued. >> so the golden state warriors continue the playoff battle with memphis. this is tomorrow. game three of the conference semifinals takes place at chase center. >> nice to have them back here at home. they have given fans a series worth of dramatic moments. laura garcia has more on the matchup as some of the drama is hitting draymond green in his bank account. >> yeah, green was fined $25,000 for flipping off memphis fans. he did it while he was walking to the locker room on tuesday after being elbowed in the eye and bleeding. in the meantime, the grizzlies will be without dillon brooks for game three of the series. he was suspended for his flagrant foul that left gary payton jr. out for approximately a month with a fractured elbow. >> doesn't matter. i mean, gary's out. gary's out for the next, you know, foreseeable future, for weeks. that's the only thing that matters to us. >> that's in the past, let's look towards the future. for game three of the western
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conference semifinals the warriors and grizzlies have now won one game apiece. we asked the team that put us in touch with one of their superfans. we spoke to jeff thomas, the san francisco based teacher has been a season ticket holder since 1975 when his dad first started taking him to the games at the oakland arena. the thomases have some of the best seats in the house, about 13 rows up on the aisle at center court in chase center. we asked him how he feels about the team headed into saturday's game. >> it's been, you know, watching them, our older version of our great team. i think -- i think, you know, without wiseman, they have kind of a tough road, but i like our chances if they can start making some threes. >> i like those chances too. just make those easy peasy threes. let's go warriors. back to you. >> we're with you, laura. >> sunday is mother's day. >> and here at nbc bay area, we really wanted to let those very special women know just what
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they mean to each of us. >> happy mother's day to my mom, maggie. thank you for being the perfect example of love and kindness and patience. not just for me but for my babies too. >> a mother's love is especially special because it starts before you even met and it extends well beyond that final good-bye. to all the moms out there, happy mother's day. to mine, i miss you, mom. >> happy mother's day to my mom who not only made me successful and a great mom, but she's also the best grandmother in the world. i love you. happy mother's day. >> to a very happy mother's day to my mom, jackie, who found the time to be a wonderful mom, still is, even while working as a teacher with at-risk kids and after retiring working with young teachers to recruit them into the inner city schools in chicago. we're just so proud of everything and so thankful of everything you have done. so from me and my little sister, a very happy mother's day.
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we love you. >> happy mother's day to all the mothers out there but a special happy mother's day to my mother who has been my rock, my biggest cheerleader and a best friend when i needed one. i would not be where i am without you. i love you so much. >> honestly, mother's day is so bittersweet for me. i had longed to be a mother myself for so many years and finally became a mother of triplets. my kids were born a year after my own mom passed away. so there is something very bittersweet about mother's day morning. i get to experience this joy of my three kids who i love so much, but also i deeply miss my mom. happy mother's day to everyone. >> you know, happy mother's day to the women who mother us, too, all of our aunties and our friends. >> takes a village. >> it really does. so thank you all of you, and if you are wanting to be a mom, we wish you the best. >> we are wishing for a great
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forecast, too, on mother's day. meteorologist kari hall has been monitoring that for us. >> it will be decent. there will be a slight chance some spots could see rain, but hey, that's relaxation weather. hopefully you'll be able to do that too. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. maybe you'll be going out for lunch soon. it's looking good although we're seeing loudz and our temperatures will be warmer in the south bay compared to elsewhere. with morgan hill headed for 78 degrees and 77 in downtown san jose. for the east bay, 74 in danville and pleasanton, and oakland in the upper 60s. wind still pretty brisk there coming out of the west, and coastal areas will be in the mid-60s today. we were seeing fog over the golden gate bridge. that keeps the marina district in the upper 50s. we'll see mid-60s in the mission district and 64 today in mill valley. santa rosa reaching 69, and 71 in napa. not bad, but it's going to be cooling off quickly this evening. so if you're going out to the giants game, at first pitch,
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we'll be in the upper 50s and gusts at about 15 to 17 miles per hour. and that fog rolling in may even be misting as you're heading out of the game. here's a look at the bigger view, where the rain actually is. it's over the pacific northwest. we'll see those chances that we could get in on at least a couple spotty sprinkles but there will be some scattered showers on mother's day, and much cooler temperatures as this cold front comes in, very brisk winds and even some sierra snow with the possibility of getting about 3 to 6 inches of snow there, and then for our outlook for next week, it does still show that the rain will be very close by. highest rainfall totals will be farther to the north with ukiah. closer to an inch than what we'll see elsewhere, with just a light amount of rain elsewhere, probably not enough to really help us out here with the drought. but at least we are seeing some decent amounts of snow, very consistently, the models are shown anywhere from 12 inches of snow to up to 15 inches in some
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of our upper elevations. really great forecast here. but it will be cool for this time of year. well below normal temperatures for mother's day into early next week. so we do still have the comfortable weather for today and tomorrow. and then expect it to cool down and i think once again for mother's day, it's going to be a nice day to cater to mom indoors, although it's going to still be at times some peeks of sunshine here and there, and then next week for the middle of the week, we start to up once again, just watching out for those cooler temperatures on mother's day. >> thanks, kari. >> taking -- i'll be loafing on mother's day, but some people will be turfing tonight. next on nbc bay area, the local dancers now representing the bay area in a street dance competition. >> should be fun. >> happening now, residents of menlo park are on alert this midday. san mateo county deputies say that a mountain lion was spotted on a resident's security surveillance system last night.
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it happened along la mesa drive. this is in ladera neighborhood about a mile from woodland school. no word on the animal's current location. the national park service says if you encounter a mountain lion, stay calm, hold your ground, and back away slowly. we'll be right back.
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the hunt for the triple crown begins tomorrow with the
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kentucky derby right here on nbc bay area. >> get ready for the stylish clothing, the big hats, the mint juleps. all of it returning to churchill downs in cent. 20 horses have the chance to win the $3 million purse, and we talked with dylan dreyer of the "today" show. she said with no covid restrictions this year, everybody is going way out with wagering and with the fashions. >> everybody wants to go the bigger traditional hats. the bright colors. a lot of florals and just make it feel like traditional old school kentucky derby. >> at the center is the odds-on favorite, now 5 to 1 to win the other horses currently 6 to 1. don't forget to tune in saturday right here on nbc bay area for full coverage of the kentucky derby. and don't forget to follow kari because she always gives you recipes for your mint juleps. >> turfing is a dance style born in oakland and it's taking a national stage in a competition
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today. >> this style is turf, which stands for taking up room on the floor. this is through dance that features freestyle movements that combine gliding, popping, and bone breaking. >>ient dough what that is. good. >> it looks like breaking your bones. >> the competition will feature one-on-one battles with different styles. no plans choreography, no preselected music. >> what you'll expect to see with turf dancing is a lot of grooves, aauthenticity, story telling, and a lot of creativity. >> the competition starts at 6:30 tonight. last minute tickets are $20. the crowd will decide who's the best, and the winner will advance to the national finals two weekends from now in new orleans. >> kari, you ready for the kentucky derby? >> i'm always ready for the derby. yeah, i'm going to be decorating my hat today. getting ready for that with nice
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weather, but a little cooler on mother's day. >> thanks. and thank you for joining us for this edition of our midday newscast. >> have a great day and happy mother's day to all the moms out there.
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