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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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not not in my backyard. it's don't push me out to help them. >> the future now in limbo for hundreds of vendors and countless families who rely on the flea market. >> mixed martial arts star kane evangelicals was back in court today to try to get out on bail. we'll tell you how that fight turned out. will you need to move your mother's day lunch or brunch plans indoors? we're tracking a change in the weather and how it might impact your weekend plans. good evening. thanks for being with us. optimism raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. a plane crashed killing two people. >> let's bring in cheryl hurd who joins us from the marin headlands with the latest. cheryl, what do we know?
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>> we're just able to see where that plane crashed as the fog rolls in, you can't see it. i think that mike can zoom in there and see where it crashed, right over our heads. now about a half hour ago, about three truck loads of search and rescue members left this area. they are on that hill right now. now the crash site is on the back country ridge, north of conzumel road. the site is away from trails and roads, so bikers and hikers are still able to enjoy the marin headlands. this is what we know so far. about 2:15, an emergency beacon for a small aircraft was activated in the marin headlands. now the experimental rv-10 is a four-seater. two people were on board. they died in that crash. now the ntsb, faa, search and rescue here in marin county, and others are investigating right now. now we don't know where the
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plane came from, and we dent know where it is going. if we can come back here live, you still may be able to see through the fog this four-seater plane crashed into this hillside. two people were on board. they died in the crash. we'll try to gather more information for you. but that's all we have right now. reporting live from the marin headlands, i'm cheryl hurd. back to you guys. >> that fog making another obstacle there for the rescue crews and investigators. thank you, cheryl. an emotional day in court for kane evangelicals. he is a mma star facing an attempted murder charge for trying to shoot a man molesting one of kane's family members. evangelicals is facing a judge in a courtroom today and is still hoping to be released on bail. nbc bay area's robert handa was in court, and it's clear where he velazquez is facing an uphill
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fight. >> tonight he is back in his jail cell after a brief hearing as his family and supporters continue to argue they have the wrong man behind bars. appearing in a jail jumpsuit, kane velazquez flashed a heart symbol to his family and supporters in the santa clara county courtroom this morning, causing his wife to cry. then later posted these photos of him and his daughter to mark her birthday. outside the court, many of the former ufc heavyweight champion supporters rallied for his release, saying kane should be celebrating with his wife and daughter at home. kane's first attempt at getting bail was denied in march. >> it's hard. it's difficult. he shouldn't be there. this should have never happened. he shouldn't be there. that's why we're here. it's time to let kane out. this is ridiculous. his family needs him. his friends need him. this is an incredible injustice. >> mother's day is sunday, and i think he'd like to be with the mother of his children, obviously. but he's tough. >> reporter: velazquez was taken
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into custody february after investigators say he got into a high-speed chase while firing shots at harry goulart, who had just been arrested for allegedly molesting cain's young family member. he remains on house arrest while he waits for his day in court. >> you have a child molester who is given far more freedom than those people should considering the crimes he committed. >> reporter: cain today was granted a new bail hearing for may 16th. his attorney mark geragos, appeared confident. >> i don't think anybody who believes for a second that cain is a threat to the community. if anything, he is part of and -- part of the fabric of the community. i don't think that there is any worry whatsoever. >> reporter: the prosecutor declined to comment. geragos says he has offered to have velazquez meet certain so-called conditions to try to work out a bail arrangement. the struggle over bail has slowed this hearing down considerably. velazquez is not scheduled to
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enter a plea until mid-june. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. turning to our weather. a big change coming this mother's day weekend. let's give you a live look outside. it's foggy, overcast. meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking the cold, windy weather. and it's going to be different. >> it certainly is. look, i think saturday is definitely going to be dry. the wind will start to pick up. then by sunday, also lingering into monday and tuesday, we'll see the system dropping down to bring us another cold blast of air. a chance of showers and winds picking up. i detailed it for you in case you're making any plans for mother's day. maybe some indoor bookings could be good. look, we're still going to get some sunshine here. but we'll have the chance of some spotty showers. on and off wind gusts will be 20 to 40. temperatures in the 50s to 60s. sierra snow also, 3 to 6 inches. and we can't each rule out the possibility of some thunderstorms here throughout northern california as we head into the afternoon. let me show you the first part of this rain chance, and you'll
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see as we head into mother's day on sunday morning at 7:30, some rain up towards ukiah and guerneville. that will move over the north bay by 9:30. i'll take you through the full timeline of this, your entire weekend forecast into next week. i've got details on that in about 15 minutes. >> all right, jeff, thank you. our nbc bay area app in the meantime is a great way to track the weekend weather. you can download it for free on your device. so you have it before you head out the door. this is our ongoing series about challenges of living here. berkeley wants to turn bart parking lots into new homes. it might create another issue for a much loved flea market. here is nbc bay area's melissa goard. >> reporter: on the weekends, the ashby bart station parking lot transforms into the berkeley flea market. >> this market has been here for the past 47 years. we have people from all over the world. we have it. >> reporter: today general
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manager yasim khan is busy preparing for this market, which could draw in as many as 100 vendors. >> there is a lot of people support their family. >> reporter: khan has also been involved in the ongoing negotiations between the market, the city and bart about a housing proposal that would likely force the market the relocate. the details of the development are still being worked out, but ultimately, it will have to go for a vote before berkeley city council. >> we're expecting that we would have some options for the flea market that would be a permanent site where they would have maybe even better amenities than they have now. >> reporter: bart hopes there is room for all, with the new housing creating new customers for the flea market. >> we're all in agreement that affordable housing is a dire need, and we're working to provide solutions for that. >> being a product of the city, graduating out of berkeley high, growing up around here, i've seen the need for housing, and i see the artistry around here as well. >> reporter: but people who have
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spent decades in the area worry that going forward with the new housing plans will mean driving out long-time businesses. >> everybody wants to help. it's not not in my backyard is don't push me out to help them. >> reporter: while the proposals get ironed out, those who love the flea market have a plea. >> to consider the people with disadvantages, you know, low income earners, people who are struggling to make it. >> reporter: in berkeley, alyssa goard, nbc bay area news. tagging the tiger. a popular mural in san francisco's chinatown was defaced by vandals this week. today we found plenty of tourists still stopping there to appreciate the tiger mural at the corner of commercial and grant avenue, despite the graffiti sprayed all over it. while the graffiti is upsetting, the artist commissioned to paint the mural is not angry. he said art often evolves with other artists adding the mural. he just wishes whoever did tag
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had been a little more skillful and better at it. >> it doesn't rook like typical street graffiti. it look likes amateurs who didn't know how to hold the spray can. >> he lives in southern california right now, but he grew up in berkeley. he easily can come back to the bay area as early as next week to help restore the tiger dragon. today marks a very complicated anniversary for a lot of people. exactly 140 years ago, congress passed the chinese exclusion act, restricting chinese laborers from coming here to the u.s. and preventing chinese immigrants from becoming u.s. citizens. our audrey asistio joins us now with how the bay area commemorated this day. audrey? >> raj, it's been a painful, bittersweet day for many. some even describe this anniversary as therapeutic because it offers an opportunity to help others fully understand this dark time in our history. at the turn of the 20th century, angel island was a front line in a wave of discrimination in the early 1900s.
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chinese citizens were detained before being allowed in the country or deported. today a number of people took part in candle lighting and wreath laying at the angel island immigration station to commemorate the anniversary. reverend norman fong's father emigrated to the u.s. during the chinese exclusion act, arriving at angel island. he says his father was ashamed, blamed themselves for his hardship. today reverend fong honored his father, saying learning about the chinese exclusion act opened his eyes and helped him understand his family's history. >> me and my dad had special problems because i didn't know the history. all i knew is that i grew up in chinatown and north beach, and we were very poor. we even got evicted. and i did not know his struggle. in a way, celebrating or understanding our history
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changed my attitude towards a lot of -- a lot of things. >> well, reverend fong says he is grateful more youth are starting to care and invest in learning about aapi history. he also says education and understanding are the best ways to embrace our differences. raj? >> audrey, thank you. up next here at 6:00, going where few have ever gone before. we're going take you inside the giant hangar 1 at moffett field. and this is worrisome. what's behind the growing baby formula shortage? and what experts recommend to do if you have to get your hands on some formula. well we have fog in san francisco right now. look at that blue sky in san jose and 67. we'll drop it down to some lows. 60s here over the next couple of hours. full details on the weekend and all of our changes, including some rain, coming up in about eight minutes. right now, looking inside those strong new job numbers as inflation leaves a big question
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mark over the economy. tonight what could put the brakes on your summer travel. some important tips. plus, the americans extending themselves for ukrainian refugees. when we're joined by our viewers in the west for "nightly news." if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs.
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wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. oakland saw some unwelcome overnight celebrations for cinco de mayo. video from the citizen app shows illegal sideshow, cars spinning out, crowds gathered around. police say they had to tow dozens of cars. no word yet on arrests or
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citations, but in many cases, cars attached to the shows can be impounded. well, there is a new struggle at the stores, and this one is hit young families hard. across the bay area and the nation, families are having trouble finding baby formula. stephanie tells me what families are doing to try to keep their families fed. >> empty, empty, empty. the situation is the same in every store i walked in today, walgreens, cvs and target. the stores are limiting how much you can buy, and families literally scavenging. among them guadalupe delgado, who came looking for baby formula for her 8-month-old son and left with everything but. you couldn't by your baby formula? >> no i have to go to other stores to look for it. >> reporter: she says she started noticing the empty shelves about two months ago and tells us it is just getting worse. so much worse that she is now
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looking for other options. >> breast-feed only. >> reporter: both cvs and walgreens cited supply chain issues. each say they have had to set a limit of three cans of formula per family, per purchase. in target, families looking for formula found this sign instead. stating a recall is impacting their inventory. >> i feel guilt if my son didn't have what he needs. i feel guilt for that. >> reporter: yasmin just started giving her son regular milk, but says the shortage has left several of her family members struggling, especially those who rely on a certain brand. >> especially if they are a child that has a very sensitive tummy, like him, for instance, some soy and some home milk can hurt their tummies. >> reporter: state and federal nutrition programs like wic say their participants are also being impacted by this shortage. low-income families. wic is recommending their families call stores ahead of time and ask what day each store gets restocked. in san jose, stephanie magallon,
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nbc bay area news. today they were celebrating history and one of the bay area's biggest landmarks. local leaders and construction workers gathering to celebrate the restoration that's under way right now for hangar 1 at moffett field. that's that huge structure. >> so cool. >> right off 101. there it is from our helicopter. but down below, it's a whole different bag of chips. one of the world's largest freestanding buildings. the navy constructed in 1932 to house air ships. several times since then, it's faced demolition. but congresswoman zoe lofgren and anna eshoo have helped lead a charge to save it. >> we saw the opportunity for a national model of a public/private partnership to preserve, to protect, to advance. >> right now the structure is stripped to its american steel skeleton. but by 2025, so we still have a few years, it's going to look much like it did into the 1930s, at least on the outside. however, the inside will be
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state-of-the-art as nasa and google, public/private there, nasa and google will use to it collaborate on research and innovation. >> it's going to be so spectacular. >> when that's done, to go inside is going to be fascinating. jeff's got to get us inside. >> yeah. we got to get the vip tour. >> you have got the right credentials, dude. >> we've got connections at nasa, for sure. we've got big-time changes coming our way this weekend. i know it's a big one for a lot of the moms out there. we're going get you going, let you know when rain moves in and out. and we're all about the week on this one. we're starting right off at 7:00. and i do see more of that patchy fog in san francisco, down the coastline. also here through the south bay, east bay. a chance of a little bit of the patchy fog lingering in the north bay as well. then through the afternoon, we get sunshine. so if you got to be out doing stuff this weekend, i really think saturday is going to be the best day, just because we're going get all of that sunshine moving across. temperatures are going to start off a little chillier. so be ready for some 40s if
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you're up early tomorrow morning. trying to cross things off your list so you can relax for the rest of your weekend. 48 in the south bay. tri-valley at 47. san francisco i have you down to 49. and the east bay coming in at 47 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow, no big adjustments copping our way. we'll see plenty of upper 60s and low 70s. santa rosa 69. nampa 71. livermore 68. san jose 67. and as you get to the coastline, it is going to be cold with 56. while we get the sunshine tomorrow, i do see the wind kicking up 15 to 30. but again, just deal with that. and i still think we've got some good weather coming our way. once we hit sunday's forecast, i have been telling you about this, we have some big-time changes coming in. now this storm system is not going to bring us widespread nonstop rainfall. it's more of this chance of some spotty showers, another reinforcing shot here with cold air, and also the wind beginning to kick up. so let me show you the timeline of this as it moves in. and i really think again saturday is going to be dry.
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then as we hit sunday's forecast at 7:00 in the morning, we've got rain over ukiah in guerneville. the rest will have patchy clouds. the rain will move over the north bay by 9:30 in the morning. the east bay and peninsula at 10:30. and we'll hang on the a chance of spotty showers by 1130 down through the south bay. then into the afternoon, a slight chance of instability that could fire off thunderstorms. i think the best chance would be over marin, napa and sonoma counties. only trace amounts to 0.2 from sunday into tuesday. check this out. i don't want you to get caught offguard. if you miss my earlier updates, sierra snow sunday and monday as well. anywhere from 4 to 12 inches. snow levels could go as low as 2500 feet. so on that seven-day forecast, we're down to 58 here in san francisco. eventually, some 60s returning by next wednesday, thursday, and friday. and through the inland valleys, 64 on sunday. 60 on tuesday. so we need those winter jackets out. and raj and jessica, i know one
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thing is for sure. if you can find mom, tulips as big of these, you're going to be good to go. >> those are beautiful. >> and if you can't, take a picture of the screen and give it to her. maybe it will help. >> get the real thing. >> the real tulips. >> they're not around. both are in college. it's just going to be me. >> we'll hook you up. we'll get you these gigantic ones. >> we're on it. thanks, jeff. up next, cracking down on organized retail crime. the new plan to go after thieves here in the bay area.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. frightening car accident near the sutro in san francisco. a car went over the cliff at point lobos. it happened just before 3:00 in the morning. the driver was traveling on point lobos when the car ran off the road, plunging between 30 and 40 yards. four people rescued. investigators are trying to figure out what led to them going off the cliff. cracking down on retail
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crime. today east bay congressman eric swalwell asked the fbi to get involved. swalwell made that request at the san francisco fbi field office. he is calling on the feds to part their with local law enforcement agencies and address the rise in crime at shopping centers across the country. we've seen it so much here in the bay area. there is a lot of video of previous incidents. here it is, in the bay area, where jewelry stores and other high-end retailers have been targeted. we've been covering this for months now. congressman swalwell says retail crime has increased by 70% in recent years, and it's becoming even more violent. >> it's terrorizing retail clerks, shoppers, people around our retail centers, and at the end of the day, either criminals are going to run our communities or law and order will. >> for every billion of retail sales, a million dollars is lost to retail theft. up next, this is crazy. a vending machine not for candy bar. a new eight-story-tall structure
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on the peninsula. wait until you see what's inside there. take a look inside 30 rock, the control room here. lester holt getting ready for "nightly news." one of the top stories, after they run for the roses, where do those racehorses retire? as we gear up for tomorrow's kentucky derby. nbc news shows you where some of the great horses go. lester joins us about three minutes. under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me
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how about for cars? >> eight-story car vending machine opened in daly city. structure made of glass and steel holds up to 27 cars developed by carvana, the online market for used cars. you pick out your car and pick it up at the vending tonight. tonight at 7:00, it's the covid treatment that has the power to drastically improve the lives of people immunocompromised. so why aren't we hearing more about it? we're talking to a local doctor who has received the treatment herself. that story and more coming up on our 7:00 newscast. on "nightly news," travel this summer could burn up your budget. what's fuelling the soaring prices. what you need to know before you plan your trip, and the days of the week that would be cheaper. lester holt joins us next from new york. tonight the deadly explosion rocking a historic hotel in cuba the massive blast killing at least nine people at the hotel saratoga in downtown havana the urgent search and rescue mission fears more victims may be trapped under the
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rubble the question tonight, what caused it also tonight, at least 50 more civilians evacuated from tt besieged steel plant in mariupol russian forces trying to crush the last pocket of resistance in that ukrainian port city and why fighting may escalate this weekend. breaking news, the images from north carolina reports of multiple tornados touching down the major discovery in the manhunt for an escaped alabama inmate and the corrections officer accused of helping him. the plane crashing into a backyard in houston, all four people onboard escaping alive the u.s. economy adding more than 400,000 new jobs in april despite soaring inflation. the cdc now investigating five deaths and more than 100 mystery cases of hepatitis in children. what it's now ruled out as the cause and “inspiring america.” my report on strangers opening their homes and churches to ukrainian refugees


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