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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 7, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

1:37 am i want to thank aric improta and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ right now at 11:00, what went wrong, investigation under way after deadly plane crashed into the marin headlands.
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what will learning about the flight's final moments through the fog. also a big change, track rain, wind, snow, updated time line. >> he walked in like he owned the place. >> damage is more emotional crush than the things they're stealing. >> long list of stolen things from south bay restaurant and why the owners think it wasn't the thief's first time there. all the private info on your paystub might not be private. who else might be looking at it and bay area start-up looking to keep your information under wraps. good evening, federal investigators are on site, battling the fog and combing the crash site. small plane crashed and two people died.
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>> we obtained the tail number, tracked it to sacramento and getting a sense of what might have happened. cheryl hurd. >> reporter: the faa and ntsb are major players in the investigation. plane took off this morning in sacramento, made circles around the marin headlands before it crashed. you could see the crashed plane through the thick fog on a country ridge in the marin headlands. county search and rescue teams surrounding the team before nightfall. we with our aviation consultant tracked the tail number on flight aware. >> followed normal flight path out of south side of sacramento, through the delta, just where skaggs island turns due south to treasure island, then descending pretty rapidly, doing circles
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over the bay. >> reporter: shows a plane that appears to be in distress. >> appears to be lost in the clouds. it was foggy, visibility probably zero. >> reporter: happened around noon. faa says emergency beacon for small aircraft was activated at 2:15. according to faa, the experimental plane crashed in golden gate recreational area northwest of the golden gate bridge around 2:40. two people on board died. >> home-built airplane. >> reporter: broker and pilot instructor who has been flying since 1963. says you have to assemble the rb-10 and it's very popular. >> four-seat, low wing, all metal airplane. >> reporter: neff has no knowledge what type of instruments the plane has on
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board. but says flying in the fog is always bad. >> you can make it legal and airplane could be legal and you as pilot have to have instrument rating and be current in terms of flying experience. it's not taken lightly. >> reporter: marin county, nbc bay area news. >> we'll be finding out a lot more in coming days. unclear if the fog played a role. foggy in parts of the bay area and weather is changing. colder temperatures, rain and wind on tap for mother's day weekend. jeff with the latest time line. rain and snow in the sierra. >> there's a lot happening. we're going to be dry, wind 15 to 30 miles per hour. system drops down sunday, hangs out monday into tuesday. as you start to make plans, you'll see sunday we are going to get sunshine, mixed in will
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be spotty showers. on and off wind gusts 20 to 40. temperatures dropping to winter-like numbers, 50s and 60s across the bay area. sierra snow 3 to 6 inches and chance of northern california thunderstorms. first part of this, as we hit sunday morning, we'll see rain develop over ukiah 7:30 and drop over the north bay at 9:30. full time line in 15 minutes. only on nbc bay area, he went for the tip jar and top shelf booze. robber helped himself to san jose restaurant, all caught on camera. the owner is reeling after waking up to costly and destructive break-in. thom jensen tells us neighbors and customers are stepping in to help in more ways than one. >> reporter: surveillance video shows masked burglar smashing through the plate glass door and into the restaurant at 3:30
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thursday morning. >> i awoke to a bunch of texts and phone calls. >> reporter: owners monica and ron jumped into a car to find the damage and police already on the scene 15 minutes later. saw as the man searched for anything of value. >> really bad, stealing staff tips was hard, they were hidden. >> reporter: about $200 taken from below the front counter and empty cash register was smashed to pieces. owner thinks it's inside job but can't think of disgruntled former employees from this or any other business they owned. >> it's not acceptable. >> reporter: also learned they're not only ones targeted in the shopping center. >> almost everyone in the plaza
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has suffered a break-in. >> knew exactly what to take. >> also an ipad and small items. smashing through the exterior door and randomly kicking in unlocked door to back office. >> destroyed whole thing, useless now. >> reporter: another couple grand in repair cost. >> damage is more emotional crush than the things they're stealing. you see the wreckage, you have to do something about fixing it. stuff that's gone is gone, you lost it. okay. >> reporter: san jose pd is investigating and owners have received calls from people who think they know who the man is, and callers were forwarded to police. nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, man accused of selling a stanford student the drugs that led to his fatal
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overdose learned his fate today. in 2020 we covered the story of student wiener who took drugs laced from fentanyl, overdosed and tied at theta delta psi fraternity. the man who told him the drugs was sentenced to two years probation. he did spend a few days in jail but won't face additional time behind bars. family said the sentence was a slap in the face. >> drug dealer that sold lethal drugs that killed our son walked free. what message did he send? >> it is a slap in the face to our family. >> reporter: the weiner family is suing for his death and
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making sure there weren't controlled substances in the fraternity house. university said it doesn't agree with the allegations. spreading fast, many of us know someone who has covid right now. especially bad in the bay area. counties with the highest case rates in the state. 8 of the 9 bay area counties in top ten statewide case counts. san francisco the highest. averages new cases a day per 100,000 people. can see on the graph the positivity rate has skyrocketed since mid-march. 7.7%. positivity rate is 3.9. spoke to our expert. >> possibility is victims of our own success. lot of people hadn't been exposed naturally to covid, don't have hybrid immunity with high vaccination rate. people had the luxury of being able to work at home, took
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precautions, now everyone is going out and resulting in case counts. >> dr. chin-hong says despite the increase in cases it's important to know that hospitalizations are still low. goes to show how well the vaccines are working. layoffs coming to san francisco city college. tonight the board of trustees voted 5-1 to cut 38 full-time staff members. drew close to 400 attendees to the virtual meeting, all public comments opposing the layoffs. faculty members protested earlier by camping out on campus. sfpd arrested ten outside of conlin hall. >> been deeply disturbed, angered and frustrated with the way the administration and board of trustees have handled this. utter lack of transparency, of
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communication, of democracy. >> city college says the layoffs are necessary for decline in enrollment. staff contends this will just accelerate that. popular mural in chinatown a target of vandals this week. still dropping by to appreciate the mural in spite of the graffiti. artist commissioned to paint the original mural was not angry, says street art evolves, just wishes whoever did the tagging had been more artful. >> doesn't look like street graffiti but amateurs who didn't know how to hold a spray can. >> he grew up in berkeley and could be back early as next week to help restore the tiger lion. man accused of attacking
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dave chappelle on stage at hollywood bowl pleaded not guilty, faces misdemeanor charges. judge ordered him to stay 100 yards away from chappelle. lee, aspiring rapper, rushed the stage at the show. armed with knife that looked like a hand gun. he was not hurt. tense and emotional day in court for mma star facing attempted murder charge for trying to shoot the man accused of molesting one of his family members. grew up in the south bay, hoping to be released on bail. at one point he flashed heart symbol to his family and supporters in the courtroom. wife breaking into tears. been in jail since arrested in february. police say in high-speed chase
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on phone camera here, fired shots at goulert, hitting his stepfather. velazquez remains in jail, accused molester is out. >> care more about the perpetrator. cracking down on retail crime. east bay congressman ask them to stop it. talked to the fbi field office, calling on them to partner with local law enforcement to stop the attacks in shopping centers. you've seen the video. jewelry stores and high-end retailers targeted. it's time to act he said, needs
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to be now. >> terrorizing people around the retail centers. end of the day, criminals will run our communities or law and order will. >> retail crime increased by 70% in recent years. who gets to see your private paystub? more people than you think. i'm chris chmura. we found a bay area start-up looking to lock down your info. next. steph curry talks about what he does that makes his mom angry. curry and the warriors getting ready for the showdown at chase center. we've got fog in san francisco. i'll show you more about that. also the booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing. so, on our award winning vacations
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drinks, wi-fi and tips are always included. every sailing. every room. every guest. effortless from the start. celebrity cruises. next time you get paid think about this, private information on your paystub might be going places you don't expect and your boss knows about it. >> chris chmura looks at this, some bay area companies want you to have a say. >> waging war, tiny numbers on your paystub their ammunition. why they're being scooped up in bulk and you're being enlisted to fight back. photos, music and movies are all
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filed in the cloud these days. also payroll files. millions of paystubs streaming to the cloud daily. some see a storm up there. >> sale of our personal data needs to be questioned and protected. >> you would apply for car loan and mortgage, fork over paystubs on paper or fax them in, they call your boss to verify the income. they automated the steps online. all your boss has to do is share every paystub every pay period. millions do. >> it's hidden process not really talked about. >> what does this exchange mean for you? i haven't applied for loan in years, yet every two weeks my paystub is uploaded to third party server where i have no control to opt out or delete my data. some bay area companies are
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challenging the cloud, ceo of one, certree, who is concerned about identity theft. >> not in the loop. >> equifax says only people like loan officers are supposed to look at your data, however it lets debt collectors in. says it does audits to catch impostures. she sees a weakness, solution is giving you control of the data. >> should be issued to you directly and it can be. >> reporter: says it's reinventing the paystub cloud. a service that puts each user's info into a vault. >> bank has key and you have a key. without your key, bank can't open a lockbox, it's similar
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construct. >> says you can even opt out and delete them from the cloud. equifax says it's offers control, you can view your file online and see who accessed your paystubs, but will not opt you out. some companies are switching away. >> we partnered with them. >> manpower used to share with data company, now the info goes into the safe deposit style boxes. >> private data and your pii is critical these days, that's the primary underlying reason. >> certree signed up thousands of employees. other start-ups with different ideas to give workers control told us they enrolled other
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companies. millions more are still sharing paystubs in bulk. workers like you must speak up. >> this is something they should and can be vocal about. let your ceo and hr organization know. >> we made how-to video showing you the pay information equifax might have on you and who looked at it. see it on our website, streaming channels and youtube page, look for the how to playlist. >> that's unnerving. >> had no idea. talking about idea for mother's day. what would you like, little wind and rain? >> fine with that. >> i'm going to deliver. saturday forecast. tomorrow with areas of fog near san francisco, around the coast. back in the east bay and south bay, we'll clear out to sunshine for the afternoon and will make
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saturday best day of the weekend. temperatures to start will be chilly. 48 in the south bay, tri-valley to 47. san francisco, fog lingering. 49. daytime highs, comfortable, upper 60s and low 70s inland. san jose 67. palo alto, 64. coastline, 56. winds increase with on and off gusts 15 to 30 miles per hour. enjoy tomorrow, more changes on sunday. telling you about this all week long. basically a slow moving system across the west. not going to bring us nonstop rainfall but some periods of on and off showers moving throughout the bay area sunday, monday and tuesday and kicking up the wind. sunday morning, mother's day, showers toward ukiah and guerneville, then move over the
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north bay at 9:30, down to the east bay and peninsula at 10:30, then spotty showers through the south bay at 11:30. through the afternoon, most of us return to sun but isolated chance in the north bay of spotty storms. trace amounts of rain sunday through tuesday. check this out. don't get caught off guard, across the sierra, 4 to 12 inches of snow sunday and monday, down to about 2,500 feet. might even get a dusting on the bay area mountains. seven-day forecast, see this exit for drier weather wednesday, thursday and friday. inland valleys, had 80 to 90 degree temperatures this week. down to 64 sunday, 60 on tuesday, and jessica, i can deliver 4, 78 next friday.
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just about perfect. >> perfect. >> just got to wait for it. >> thank you, jeff. ahead, empty store shelves, why baby formula is hard to come by. happening now, federal judge dismissed lawsuit seeking to overturn president trump's ban on twitter. twitter banned him january of 2021 following the insurrection at the capital, cited the risk of inciting further violence. president trump sued seeking to
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tesla says it will pay travel costs for any of its employees seeking out-of-state abortion. came in the 2021 impact report released today. says tesla will provide travel and lodging for any employee that needs health services not available in their home state, including abortions. last year tesla moved from palo alto to austin, texas, and texas currently bans abortions at roughly six weeks of pregnancy. remember when the shelves were bare of clorox wipes? now it's baby formula, going on two months and getting worse. reached out to cvs and walgreens, said it's supply
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chain issues and they've had to set limits for purchase. preserving a gigantic piece of bay area history. google kicked off present to restore hangar one at moffitt field in mountain view, navy built to house warships. local leaders gathered to celebrate the project, among them, congresswoman who worked hard to save the hangar. >> we saw the opportunity for a national model of a public/private partnership to preserve, protect and advance. >> google and nasa working together, this restoration is expected to be complete in 2025. >> not too bad. back in a moment with
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okay, are you ready? memphis grizzlies have arrived in san francisco. >> they're here. >> they're here. now they're going to be booed, probably, loudly tomorrow night at chase center. and we're on the eve of game three. think it's going to be nasty. >> i think it's going to be crazy. who is watching closely is sonia curry, steph's mom. pet peeve when steph turns the ball over. >> gives him basketball advice? >> she's a good athlete herself. blows up his phone with not so friendly text messages when that happened. >> thankfully she wasn't at game two, would have got an earful last game. but evolved out of having to
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worry about penalty for turnovers, just embarrassment of getting text from mom, still on her radar. >> a grown man with kids, more scared of mom than the refs. curry led the team with five turnovers in game two. the best of seven series is 1-1. game three, game four monday night at chase center. back to memphis. najee harris, running back for the steelers went to antioch high school, sitting with big boss there. bottom of the fifth inning, giants trailing 2-0. clutch hit by darin ruf, two-out two-run single and tied with the cardinals at 2-2. ninth inning, dylan carlson killed the giants. rbi single, cardinals win 3-2.
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giants have lost 7 of 8 games. a's also slumping. in minneapolis today, this is jose miranda of the twins, his first career home run. who is jose miranda? >> who? >> cousin of lin-manuel miranda. the world table tennis tournament, headed to the bay area this weekend. kicked off today. 150 table tennis players from 17 countries expected to compete. some of the best in the world, including some olympians. >> excited to have this event, hope to bring more world level events to the bay area in the future.
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>> this is the first time the event is being held in the bay area. didn't you play with olympians at some point? >> i did. when we play it's ping-pong, when they play, table tennis. thanks for joining us. happy mother's day. >> thank you. tonight the deadly explosion rocking a historic hotel in cuba the massive blast killing at least nine people at the hotel saratoga in downtown havana the urgent search and rescue mission fears more victims may be trapped under the rubble the question tonight, what caused it also tonight, at least 50 more civilians evacuated from that besieged steel plant in mariupol russian forces trying to crush the last pocket of resistance in that ukrainian port city and why fighting may escalate this weekend. breaking news, the images from north carolina reports of multiple tornados touching
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the major manhunt for an escaped alabama inmate and the corrections officer accused of helping him. the plane crashing into a backyard in houston, all four people onboard escaping alive the u.s. economy adding more than 400,000 new jobs in april despite soaring inflation. the cdc now investigating five deaths and more than 100 mystery cases of hepatitis in children. what it's now ruled out as the cause and “inspiring america.” my report on strangers opening their homes and churches to ukrainian refugees >> announcer: this is “nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening terrifying images coming out of cuba tonight. a five-star hotel in downtown havana ripped by a massive and deadly explosion the death toll rising as rescuers search for the missing. dozens of injured were rushed to hospitals. cellphone video capturing the moment of the explosion as the saratoga hotel was quickly engu


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