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tv   Today  NBC  May 7, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. first lady near the frontlines. dr. jill biden on the humanitarian mission. this with 50 more civilians evacuated from the besieged steel plant in mariupol and hopes more can be brought to safety today. there are new fears russians may with stepping up attacks this weekend. we're in ukraine with the latest. hunt for survivors. rescuers digging through the
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rubble of the collapsed hotel in huvana. 22 killed and more injured and fears more trapped. this morning, the investigation into what happened and the tale of the hero chef who helped avert a bigger disaster. and closing in? they found the vehicle. >> we have a place to get in and boots on the ground and start the investigation from that point. >> is this the break in the case the investigators have been looking for? royal reunion. for the first time in two years, prince harry and meghan and kids will be back in england next month. the queen won't allow them on the balcony for the famous photo op. will it lead to a new royal
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rift? all that and derby148th run hours away with thoroughbreds ready to hit the track. how a different four-legged animal is helping them on the road to glory. today, may 7th, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with peter alexander and kristen welker. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. hope you have your mint julep ready. >> it takes a bit of mint and kentucky bourbon. a good mix on saturday to stay inside. we are thrilled to have dylan back with us this morning. she is all decked out for the
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derby. looking good, dyl. a great story she has coming up from churchill downs. >> a great fascinator, dylan. more on that coming up. we are covering the several developing stories. a sharp tick of the covid cases nationwide. we will look at what is driving the late surge and whether we and happening right now. first lady jill biden is overseas in romania. she is getting a first look at the war in ukraine with the refugees in romania. we get latest from nbc's erin mclaughlin in ukraine. >> reporter: this morning, first lady jill biden. the highest profile figures to travel close to the war zone. a day after she thanked u.s. troops deployed to romania and
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served dinner. the first lady checking in on the humanitarian efforts for those fleeing the fighting. >> i think this is just the beginning, unfortunately. just the beginning. >> reporter: tomorrow on mother's day, she is headed to slovakia's border with ukraine. the united states stepping up efforts to help the ukrainian military. president biden authorizing the shipment of $150 million of weapons and equipment to the frontlines. this as efforts intensify to save those trapped in mariupol. russians circling the key port city. 50 civilians and children evacuated by bus on friday with the help of the red cross and u.n. the hope more can leave today. the did glimmer of hope for the war efforts. the british defense ministry reporting that the war in ukraine is taking a heavy toll on the russian units. volodymyr zelenskyy speaking out overnight laying down his red
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lines. saying any peace deal with russia will depend on russian forces pulling back to the pre-invasion positions. i was elected by the people of ukraine as president of ukraine. not as president of the mini ukraine of some kind. russia preparing for victory day marking the end of world war ii. for the ukrainian people, there is nothing to celebrate. only terror. ukrainian officials say they are bracing for the next two days and what it might bringing with the victory day for russia. the mayor of kyiv saying there is a high probability of rocket fire throughout ukraine. warning people to pay attention and warning people to seek shelter. kristen and peter. >> erin, thank you for that. now to the search for survivors after the deadly explosion at the hotel in havana. the cuban government saying 22
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people were killed with more than 70 others injured. there are fears more could be trapped. guag venegas has more. >> reporter: this is the scene after the powerful explosion ripped through havana. the saratoga just blew up in front of me saying the man. the rubble from the saratoga hotel covering the streets 100 feet in every direction. the$700 a night establishment was four days away from reopening its doors. in one section of the building still left standing, survivors are seen close to the edge. as first responders rescue, people describe the carnage. people are screaming smoke. it was like a real-life horror film. as firefighters worked on-site, relatives arrived in hospitals
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searching for loved ones. cuban authorities believe the massive explosion was caused by a gas leak. the mayor of havana says the hotel shift survived. he smelled gas before the explosion and warned others. state news television warning people to stay clear of the area as cuban authorities continue to search for survivors. guad venangas, nbc news. and with covid cases rising sharply, a sub variant responsible for the rise is driving up hospitalizations. we have emilie ikeda with more on all of this. emilie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. cases are spiking in places across the country like west virginia and south dakota. here in new york, we saw more
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than 10,000 infections in one day for the first time since january. experts believe the real count to be greater with so many people testing at home. this trend is concerning as we cross 1 million covid-19 deaths. this morning, the streets of new york city are coming back to life. the former epicenter of the pandemic is seeing troubling signs with the battle with covid. >> concerned about the numbers? yes, we are. preparation, not panic. >> reporter: the positivity rate exceeds 16% in parts of manhattan. >> most of the country remains in the green. not recommending indoor mask mandates. >> reporter: greater concerns to the epidemiologist is the rise of hospitalizations. >> the uptick, be it small, is concerning for me because we know that means people are having a rougher time.
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>> reporter: a sub variant is driving the fifth wave with cases surging near 60% nationwide in the past two weeks. most infections in the northeast. massachusetts schools saw cases double. high risk for transmission and new jersey's daily average of infections jumped 137% from a month ago. officials are not rushing to reimplement pandemic precautions. cases pale to the january surge and hospitalizations are not rising at the same rate. >> a lot of people have gotten vaccinated over the last year and a half and more. they have really built up a wall of immunity. >> reporter: the biden administration warning friday that the u.s. could reach 100 million covid infections nationwide by fall. here in new york, we are seeing hospitalizations and cases tick up, the commissioner says we are not seeing a lot of people in
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need of critical care. peter and kristen. >> emilie, thank you. >> the cdc is racing to find the cause of the liver disease linked to the deaths of five children since october. the centers for disease control said on friday it is investigating more than 100 cases of pediatric hepatitis. nearly all of the previously healthy children were hospitalized and at least 14 required a liver transplant. doctors think what is called an adeno virus is to blame. troubling news from afghanistan. less than a year after the u.s. completed the pullout of the troops. taliban has the harshest restriction on women since seizing power ordering them to wear burkas in public. the taliban recently decided to not open schools to girls above
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grade six. it was a wild weather day on friday with heavy rain and hail. we want to get the first check of the soggy forecast. we turn to somara theodore. somara, a lot of rain in places. >> 15 million people are waking up to flooding in the panhandle and the washington d.c. area and southern and central pennsylvania. this is the rain falling right now on the radar. check out the yellow, red and orange. that is where we see the higher, heavier rain falling in western maryland and areas like harrisburg, pennsylvania. and in fact, additional totals from .25 to 1 inch is leading to the flooding. let's see what we are expecting as far as timing. i know we are think going when will it end? showers. we got rain throughout saturday.
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by sunday, that system starts to pull more off to the coast. still feeling the residual impact from the storm. cool and cloudy conditions. it will be a wet and soggy one on the east coast before we dry out. nonetheless, we will get sunshine on the east coast in time to celebrate mothers. here is a look at the mother's day forecast. out to new york city, conditions in the 50s with a good amount of sunshine breaking through the clouds. down into southern georgia, sunshine in the >> right now, live look in san francisco. starting out with temperatures in the 50s. we're going to get a mix of sun and clouds through about11:00 a.m. winds north-northwest at 12 miles an hour. expect the winds to pick up around your lunch hour, 1:00, 2:00. san jose, forecasted highs today will be in the mid 60s.
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cooler weekend ahead. ville forecast and rain chances at 7:00 a.m. see you then. . and that's the weather in your neighborhood. kristen, peter. >> somara, thanks so much. still to come, is it a break in the case? we go to tennessee where authorities say they found the car belonging to the corrections officer who they believe helped break free a murder suspect from the alabama jail. plus, reunion of the royal family. what we learn about harry and meghan's trip to england to celebrate the queen's platinum jubilee. wee back after this.'r
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♪ ♪ what do you think healthier looks like? ♪ ♪ with a little help from cvs... can support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy...even skin. and before you know it, healthier can look a lot ♪ ♪ cvs. healthier happens together. we are back on saturday morning with news about the royals. harry and meghan announcing they
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will travel to england for the queen's platinum jubilee. >> there could be a source of tension as the family gathers for the first time in two years. we have kristen dahlgren with more. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. nice to talk to you. there has been so much speculation. will they? won't they he? we have answers. harry and meghan will be here for the jubilee. they have not been invited to stand on the balcony for the famous photo op. meghan and harry headed back to london releasing a statement reading the duke and excited and honored to attend this june with their children. it will be the first time 11 month old lillibet will meet the
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queen. it will be the first time they have been there since 2020. >> the first time they see the children or the children with the queen. >> reporter: just last month in the netherlands for the invictus games, harry told hoda he wasn't sure if the family would attend the celebration of 70 years on the throne. >> will you come for the diamond jubilee? >> i don't know yet. there are a lot of things, security issues. >> reporter: the couple making a secret stopover in england to visit the queen during the trip. at next month's jubilee, the pair will not join the family on the palace's balcony for troupinging the color. the appearance will be limited
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to her majesty. >> i think the queen has made the smart decision. she is removed all of that curiosity and all of that interrogation that every minute of body language. >> reporter: it is not just harry and meghan. prince andrew. he was rmoved from royal duties after the jeffery epstein scandal. william and prince charles tweeting happy birthday wishes to archie in california. no word if gifts are in the mail. >> kristen, thank you. i think everyone is hoping we get to see a picture of the queen with lillibet. >> i imagine harry and meghan in
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the back room with bbc on tv and take a selfie with the family. that is a tough go for them. >> it may be. >> the queen makes the call. >> that selfie would be seen around the world. still to come, our friend dylan joins us. we are excited about this. at the home of the kentucky derby. churchill downs with the story that has you saying ahh. >> i got to meet the g.o.a.t. himself. tom brady. i met another goat. this one not as handsome. stick from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this saturday, may 7th. i'm kira klapper. investigators will be spending the weekend trying to figure out what went wrong when an experimental plane crashed, killing both people on board. the plane crashed in the golden gate national recreation area northwest of the golden gate bridge around 2:40 yesterday afternoon. you can see how thick the fog is. the two people on board the plane died in the crash. >> i thought it was a normal flight path out of sacramento's airport, south side of sacramento, down through the
6:28 am
delta. just above the island, turns due south above treasure island. then he descends rapidly and does some circles over the bay. >> the identities of the two people on board have not yet been released. covid is once again spread spreading across the bay area. 8 out of the 9 bay area counties are in the top ten statewide for covid case counts. san francisco has the highest rate. it is averaging 32 new cases a day per 100,000 people. you can see on this graph the city's positivity rate has skyrocketed since mid-march. it's at 7.7%. for perspective, the state's positivity rate is 3.9%. let's check in with meteorologist vianey arana for the forecast. >> good morning. we're expecting cooler weather today leading into the weekend. we're also talking about the
6:29 am
chance of some rain activity, mainly to our north. satellite radar now, you can see just over the region, things do remain dry. but the temperatures right now as you head out the door, in the 50s. starting in the san jose area, 54. san francisco, 53. 24-hour temperature change running a few degrees cooler, especially through parts of san jose, livermore, couple areas of fog, as well, through gilroy. the fog and visibility, you've also got limited visibility in half moon bay. full forecast at 7:00 a.m. >> see you at 7:00. thanks. coming up also at 7:00 on "today in the bay," caught area restaurant. what this thief did that has owners thinking he's done it before. that plus all your top stories coming up at 7:00. me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million.
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finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. above all, i'm grateful to the four guys standing behind me who bravely and candidly told their stories. >> we are back on saturday morning. may 7th, 2022. that is our friend joe fryer accepting a glaad media award for the piece he did today looking back at 40men living wi. he accepted the award men he pr piece. joe, we want to say the biggest
6:31 am
congratulations to you. we could not be more proud. it looks like an incredible night. >> reporter: i brought the award with me. it is heavier than you expect. incredible honor. all four guys had a chance to speak and share stories. so inspiring. an honor. >> really. you deserve it. great work. we will see you, joe, of course, coming up in just a few minutes for "popstart." we want to check the headlines with dr. jill biden's humanitarian mission near ukraine. this morning, she visited the refugee children at the school in romania and checked on efforts at the u.s.embassy. the first lady will travel to the border with ukraine near slovakia. the u.s. is bringing more equipment to the frontlines. the wnba season p tipped off
6:32 am
last night without britney griner. the wnba is honoring her with the floor initials in the arenas. gr officials said they found vape cartridges in her luggage. a russian court hearing is scheduled for may 17th. the latest long-time champ on "jeopardy!" saw her run end after she failed to answer the question correctly. >> did you know it was hartsfield-jackson? >> absolutely not. >> you finished with over $15,600. you are the new champion. >> roach lost by a single dollar. her streak ending at 23 games.
6:33 am
the tutor from toronto earned $650,000 in her run. she did not come close to host ken jennings' record of 74 consecutive wins. a manhunt that started in alabama crossed state lines. authorities believe they found the car in the get away. that car turned up in tennessee. sam brock has been following the story. he is now in tennessee with the latest. sam, good morning. >> reporter: peter and kristen, good morning. the car found in the rural road in tennessee. it sat on the lot for a week until officials learned what they had and contacted the u.s. marshal s service. now clues for the whereabouts of casey and vicky white.
6:34 am
the sprint to find the corrections officers and offender she helped bust out of jail. a mini break. the car. uncovered two hours from the site of the escape. >> it was abandoned quickly and they probably had mechanical problems with it. because it was abandoned in the middle of nowhere on the side of the county road where it obviously would draw attention and be found. >> reporter: and found it was. hours later, when someone called police. one neighbor living nearby could not figure out what to make of it. >> i heard a noisy truck. it idled for the longest time. i looked out the window. >> reporter: soon, the truck left and the sheriff's car took its place with the car whisked away. no one realized the link to the high profile manhunt. >> we're fortunate. it is unfortunate it was seven days ago. however, we have a place to get in there and boots on the ground
6:35 am
and really start our investigation from that point. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals service is relying on pictures and rendering of the photo of the 6'9"casey. tattoos on his arm and back. and rendering of vicky. the two were rmantically linked and that relationship has now taken them off the map. >> we hope maybe they walked somewhere and stole a vehicle. we are searching to see if vehicles were reported stolen. >> reporter: vicky white stayed in the quality inn two nights and armed with cash taken from numerous banks before she bolted. the reward to find the two is increased by alabama's governor to the maximum amount. $15,000 for casey. $10,000 for vicky.
6:36 am
the flood of the pictures of the suspects and car all of last week brought them to the tip to this point. the very loud williamson county, sam brock. >> this has folks riveted. >> we want to turn to somara theodore who is tracking fires out west. somara? it seems every weekend we have fire alerts. in the same region. look right now. we have fire warnings as well as fire weather watches for the entire state of new mexico out toward flagstaff and vegas and texas and down to midland. 12 million people impacted by that. here on the east coast, we are tracking cooler weather. that storm system that is bringing the rain is also an onshore flow. breezy te temperatures in the 5.
6:37 am
we are headed for warmth farther to the south. temperatures in the 50s. as we head west and south, temperatures in the 90s. look at the derby forecast. the kentucky derby. >> right now in san francisco, starting out a little cloudy out there. about 55 degrees. today's daytime highs will be in the 60s. once we see the cloud cover clear, expect mostly clear skies and also the wind will be picking up right into the afternoon with winds from the west-northwest. san jose starting out in the 50s. we'll get a nice clearing by about 12:00/1:00 with temperatures in the mid 60s. and that's the forecast in your neighborhood. kristen, peter. >> somara, glad the derby forecast is looking good.
6:38 am
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and cheesier. we're childhood icons. will they reboot us? with bigger, bolder cheesier hunks? you look great! new goldfish mega bites. bigger, bolder, and cheesier. ♪♪ we are back with today's moms. peter, hopefully you know tomorrow is mother's day. look, if you haven't found the perfect gift, do not worry. >> we are excited, kristen, as she is about to celebrate the first mother's day with baby margot. i hope john has his act together. we are excited for you to celebrate. nbc's senior consumer investigative correspondent vicky nguyen has more. excited to see you. >> reporter: good morning. you can call me whatever you want, peter and kristen.
6:41 am
i'm excited for you, kristen. john, this is fair warning. >> happy mother's day, vicki. >> you are down to the wire. where are good places to start for the last-minute gift? >> reporter: never under estimate the power of the personal gift. we have paper and pen. if you sit down and write to your mom or mother figure in your life and what you love and appreciate about them and helped you with. i promise that will go over well tomorrow. if you want to do a homemade gift, i'll thank my daughter for this. what says i love you more than 103 buttons hot glued to the frame? if crafting is not your thing, that's okay. a gift card for that. a gift card to the favorite store or experience like a cooking place on dancing class or pottery. something new. subscription boxes are huge.
6:42 am
a fruit of the month. skin care of the month. coffee of the month. it will not get to mom tomorrow, but print something out so she has something to look forward to. photo gifts. go to the drug store and printout photos. maybe she needs a mug or key chain or mouse pad for working at home or a photo collage? how many of us have a frame from five years ago of our kids? >> way to go. >> the crew guys are taking notes. >> exactly. what about digital gifts, vicky? >> reporter: for mom who doesn't want things or clutter, but the thought, a lot of us are spread out. especially if the kids are older. we all can't get back together for mother's day. have everyone record a video message about what mom means to them. then these days phones have free apps for you to edit videos for a message.
6:43 am
if your mom loves celebrities of a certain era. two web sites. memo and cameo. you can get a mother's day message recorded. there are athletes on there. a lot of the real housewives from the tv series are on there. you will not get elton john, but you will get an impersonator. >> that is a pretty good way to go. that would count. vicky, thank you. >> happy mother's day. still to come, we will have dylan's story on the goats working behind-the-scenes at the kentucky derby and joe he i from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon,
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6:46 am
for upcoming season for his netflix show, "my next guest needs to introduction. he has some big names. will smith will be sitting down, too. but the interview was shot before the oscar so you won't hear talk about the infamous slap it hits netflix on may 20th. speaking of netflix, they just released a clip of pete davidson's at the netflix flex is a joke. he started about the weird year since he started dating kardashian which included some personal attacks from her ex kanye west >> does anyone else secretly hope kanye pulls like a "mrs. doubtfire. i come home one day and they're like, this is the new
6:47 am
housekeeper, and he's like - >> that was davidson's first stand-up performance in three years. along with his work at "snl" he has been focusing on multiple acting projects. definitely interesting to hear him finally talk about this with all of the back and forth going on, kristen and peter. >> it sure is. he was at the correspondent's dinner and both met peter who introduced them to the secretary of state >> it is more like i met them. i was sitting next to the secretary of state and i nudged him. get ready to stand up. kim, can i introduce you to secretary of state blinken in. >> it was quite a moment, joe. >> no kidding. finally here, a sneak peek ahead of tonight's inspiring america the 2022 inspiration list. hoda sat down with the legend rita moreno and talked about where she finds inspiration.
6:48 am
>> as we sit here, at 90 years old what inspires yo u now? >> women i have such a deep appreciation of women and what they have to go through to be successful in life, and that doesn't mean stars. that doesn't mean the head of corporations, just handling their lives and being a parent that takes enormous amount of work, and it is about time that we supported them. >> you can catch more of the conversation, the rest of the 2022 inspiration list in tonight's primetime special on nbc, msnbc and streaming tomorrow that's your pop star back to you guys >> thank you very much still ahead, the ghosts helping the kentucky derby get ready for the run of the roses that's no joke >> dylan has the store coming up from churchill down. then the final s
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
we are back on saturday morning with the 148th run for the roses also known as the kentucky derby. >> everyone will watch the crowded field of thoroughbreds today, but other animals are stealing the show. dylan dreyer is at churchill downs this morning with fascinator and all. >> reporter: i don't know if ruffles were the right choice with the wind. think about the pressure the horses are under leading up to the big race. you imagine the nerves. it helps to have a four-legged friend to keep them calm. with cheetos in hand, i got a look. >> ready for the start. they're off in the kentucky derby. >> reporter: among the horses who have gone for glory at the kentucky derby. >> secretariat.
6:52 am
>> reporter: some of the greatest of all time. >> american pharoah and victor espinoza. >> reporter: it is on the back side of the track at churchill downs where you find the real goats. yeah, literal goats. who are doing important work as emotional support animals for the breakneck barn mates. >> this is for you. >> reporter: meet bandit. >> she likes it. >> reporter: under the care of the trainer, the baby goat brings peace to his barn. >> he likes to be always doing something playful. >> reporter: even striking up a special friendship with the philly. >> you can see the difference with the fillie. they are eating together from the same hay. it is hard to take them apart. >> you look like you had a few. >> reporter: bigger goats can
6:53 am
act like security. a few doors down, she trains the stable which houses three horses run for the roses. >> what is the mentality of the horse leading up to the race? do they know the race is coming? >> they're all different. some handle them better than others. >> reporter: it is a lot of pressure. especially when you are coached by the defending derby champ. good thing he has mr. man to calm him down. >> he has become our barn mascot. he gets as much attention as the horses running in the kentucky derby. >> reporter: and for good reason. these trainers say their goats are their horses good luck charms. even if they are not exactly sure what gives them the magic touch. >> dylan, who do you like today? cyber knife and happy jack. what are you thinking? >> reporter: i did get to meet cyber knife. i had to place my bet. it is 20 to 1 odds.
6:54 am
epicenter and zandin are the favorites. this race is open to any horse. it is fun for people who bet on the horses that don't know that much about horses. you can pick a name or the horse you like and place the bet. it could be a good payout. it could be anyone's race. >> you can put me in that category. dylan, this is the first time in three years the derby is back in full force. what are the new trends you have noticed? >> reporter: it is wild. last year, there were the restrictions because of covid. the year before was postponed until september. this year, think big hat. bright colors. everyone really wants to go back to traditional and old school kentucky derby style. florals are in. bright patterns on clothes. solid colors in hats. the bigger, the better. i have bigger hats for the coverage later today on nbc. this is my medium-sized hat. >> dylan, have a great weekend
6:55 am
and mother's day. watch the kentucky derby today. the 148th coverage is at 2:00 p.m. on nbc and peacock. as we get started for kristen as her first mother's day. this is for you. >> thank you, my friend. that is so sweet. my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin
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6:58 am
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good morning. it is saturday, may 7th. 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside in san francisco. cloudy skies, but it looks like the sun is trying to break through ahead of this mother's day weekend. thank you so much for starting it with us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist via


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