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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  May 8, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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♪ it's unthinkable. good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this mother's day, may 8th. a special mother's day to-all of your moms out there. let's hope it's half as thrilling as the kentucky derby.
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80/1 longshot, rich shot won the derby. coming out of nowhere to beat the stretch in the wire. and behind that horse in a historic race live ahead. . and our sunday focus on prepared to overturn roe verses wade. an in-depth look at what will follow if and when the landmark abortion ruling falls after more than a quarter of a century. for the modern fight against racism and intolerance. and later, a new sunday sitdown with the academy award winner and now earning acclaim
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again, while starring on broadway in the classic dave a udmammoth play, "american buffalo." . >> what did you love about the role? >> you want to tackle a real beast, you know. so, you got to see are where and gefor it. >> a sunday sitdown with sam rockwell, plus another life well lived. let's begin with the biggest upset. stunning the world with his improbable come-from-behind victory. good morning. what a race.
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>> oh, my god, the long longest shot has won the kentucky derby. >> the improbable champion pulling off the biggest upset in over a hundred years. >> i don't know how i fell down when he hit the wire. i almost passed out. >> calling rich strike a long shot is -- >> few were paying attention at the number 21 horse that was added just a day before the race. >> so, you-head to the backstretch. simplification is next. rich strike -- >> reporter: moments before the
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finish, it was favorites neck in neck, leading the pack. >> epicenter and sand -- >> but then, out of nowhere. >> rich strike is coming up on the inside. oh, my goodness. >> his jockey knew he had made history. >> i say i got race and then we're there. dream come true. >> a cinderella story for these kentucky derby first timers. >> they know who he is now. >> unbelievable. i can't -- it's unreal. >> and now a real opportunity as they set their sights on the next big race. >> now, for those ewho like the long shot odds and bet on rich strike, a $2 bet paid out $163.60. big win withers walking away
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with nearly $15,000. rich strike heads to the preakness next. >> just a breath taking performance to realize the jockey in the final turn i'm going to go win the kentucky derby on this 80/1 longshot. we turn to breaking news. first lady, jill biden, is at ukraine's border in the latest high-profile leader in support of the ukrainian war effort. the visit comes hours after a deadly russian air strike at school being used as a shelter. in the city of ukraine with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you. air raid sirens have been sounding throughout the night and into the morning. across ukraine, the school, one of several sights hit over the past 24 hours.
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this as first lady, jill baden, makes this emotional visit to the border. this morning first lady jill biden is marking mother's day with refugees on the ukrainian border in slovakia. as fighting intensifies in the east. this school hit with a russian missile. there were 57 people here, the man filming this video said. the basement used as a shelter. in the sitto of odesa in the black sea coast, four missiles hit buildings. and at the steel plant in mariupol, are russian forces are attacking again, after the last of the women, cheldn are and elderly were evacuated. president zelenskyy says intense diplomatic negotiations are underway to evacuate the medics and soldiers. ukraine accusing russia of bombing homes, hospitals and cultural sites like this museum
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in kharkiv. are russia's aim is to destroy us, says the muse i's director. president zelenskyy said overnight. every day of this war the russian army does something that is beyond words. despite the militant, president putin cia director william burns. >> i don't think this means putin is is termed. >> rehearsing for tomorrow's victory day military parade in moscow. forces showing off the country's fire power. which is already left a mark. >> and later today, president zelenskyy is set to meet virtually, including president biden. >> in ukraine for us again this morning. thank you so much.
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it shows the supreme court is prepared to overturn roe verses wade. nbc is traveling with with the president. in delaware. good morning. >> good morning. the supreme court is -- after the leaked draft opinion to overturn roe v wade. telling us, according to reuters that the institution can't be bullied into making certain decisions. as lawmakers kobt to weigh in ahead of wednesday's expected vote. >> fencing marks the frontline of the most consequential battle in decades. as fallout continues nearly one week after the leak of the draft supreme court turn roe verses
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wade shook the country. while americans await roe's fate, the top democrat is launching a last stitch effort to protect it. >> they're going to vote on legislation to codify women's right to seek abortion into federal law. >> the democrats lack the 60 votes naeded to overcome a filibuster or even pass the bill without it. >> we're if wing to see where everyone stands. >> instead turning the vote into a midterm message against republicans. >> you will hear lot from us through the next months. >> the vice president addressing the upcoming battle in tennessee state university, saturday. >> we are once again forced to defend fundamental principals we hoped were long is settled. principals like the freedom to decisions about their own bodies. >> republicanthe leaker.
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>> the person who leaked the draft opinion, you're the dumbest guy or gal in town. >> they need to be punished to the full extent that is allowable. because this does damage the integrity of the court. >> chief justice john roberts stressing that draft does not rptd the court's final opinion, directing supreme court marshal, gailey curly to investigate the source of the leak. >> reporter: meanwhile, back on capitol hill, senate minority and possibly majority leader telling u.s.a. today this weekend that a national ban is possible if roe is overturned this summer. >> with the president in wilmington delaware, thanks so much. chuck, good morning. we're if wing to talk about the practical implications if that does indeed happen. let's talk about the politics chuck schumer and others were
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discussing. it's been interesting to see democrats energized by this where they're worried and watch republicans, how they've handled it. it's long been the holy grail and yet, they're more focussed on the leak than the substance as roe v wade. what are the politics here? >> i think watch what they do, not what they say and it looks clear to me that the republicans are nervous that the elected republicans, that is, that this is going to backfire. that it hands democrats something to get their base up. just hook at younger voters. they were ail ready -- democrats were having a hard time making the case that look at what unified democratic government has gotten you. build back better hadn't gone well. what's it going to take to get the democratic base excited? in our politics these days, you know this works more than success to rally the troops.
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and i think the democrats now have their fear issue. and if this can turn out younger voters in a midterm, then you're looking at a more level playing field than we expected. >> and the democrats think they need that to have any chance, at least in the house. we just scratched the surface. chuck has a lot to talk about in a special edition of "meet the press." among chuck's fwes, michigan's and we are waking up to 40s in san jose with 49 degrees. morgan hill is 44 running about five degrees cooler in nevada running about five degrees north. and in areas around the golden
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gate bridge about 50 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including the amazing story behind one of the world's biggest stars, teaming up with a ukrainian band whose singer is is on the frontlines of the war. and a beautiful moment from baseball, when a home run ball leads to hugs, tears and a young fan meeting his larger than life hero. but up next our sunday focus on the leak that shook the country this week as a draft opinion shows roe verses wade may be struck down after nearly 50 years. if so, what is the future of abortion in america. >> if we can no longer provide care here, i have no idea where a lot of these women will go. >> it's all
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and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®... ask your doctor about tremfya® today. on january 22nd, 1973 when the united states supreme court ruled 7-2 in the case of roe verses wade that bans on abortion violate a woman's right to privacy under the 14th amendment. the country has been fighting that decision ever since. the republicans came close to their holy grail with a draft opinion showing the supreme court will leave abortion law to the states. if the court says take that step, what are the implications for women and families across
5:19 am
the country? alley vitali has our sunday focus. >> reporter: a week of raw emotions after an unprecedented leak from the supreme court. >> life is precious. it's a meral can. >> i'm afraid for my daughters, my future granddaughters. >> reporter: with a leak affirming what many thought, a wave of new restrictions at the state's level. 13 states have trigger laws that will snap into place, banning abortion, as soon as the supreme court announces its decision. including south dakota. what happened when the supreme court makes its decision? >> we stop abortion care the minute it happens. >> because that's how the trigger works? >> we would stop that second second. >> reporter: they're one five states in the u.s. that have only one abortion clinic. they wait weeks due to mandatory three-day waiting periods and
5:20 am
abortion pills use exacerbate the distance in states hike this one. >> some are very much living a life where it's not possible for them because their life circumstances. >> reporter: in missouri, with its single clinic, it's a similar story. >> we know what it looks like because we live that reality every single day. >> reporter: but as advocates wait for a world without roe's protection, in louisiana, a new push for a law that would make it a homicide. >> if we can no longer provide care here, i have no idea where a lot of the women will go. >> reporter: while in oklahoma, a new ban after six weeks. when most women don't even know they're pregnant yet. and where where it is protected, in california, governor newsom pledging a state constitutional
5:21 am
amendment inshrining productive rights. >> we will stand tall and firm and we will afirm the constitutional, currently constitutionally protected right of women, girls, their reproductive rights in california. >> reporter: the so-called safe haven for women who live in states where abortion is banned. they signed into law thursday, a bill effecting people from out of state lawsuits. and heavy decisions about the future. >> we are looking into opening a facility in new mexico that will be one of the states where patients will be able to obtain an abortion. >> reporter: if they leave, it will leave mississippi with no abortion clinics in the state. about to keep fighting. as all eyes now turn to the battles ahead. for political control and public opinion. >> and ally joins me now. good morning.
5:22 am
it's great it to so you. as you know the polling is complicated, to say the least. what do we know about how americans want the debate to bow settled? >> this is an emotional issue. but public opinion is clear and pretty consistent over the years. the majority of americans, 61% support legal access to abortion in all or most cases. 37% say it should be illegal with some exceptions. that gap, the largest in 27 years, according to pugh. clearly the two sides aren't going to come to consensus. but the decision, whatever it is from the court, won't end the abortion debate. abortion itself in the united states. but what it will do is certainly make it more difficult and less safe for a lot of women. >> and the nuance comes when you ask americans how they feel about abortion at different trimesters along the way. coming up next, a new sunday
5:23 am
sitdown on stage with oscar winner sam rockwell in the broadway revival of "american buffalo." and growing up the son of struggling actors before rising to the heights of hollywood himself. and a life well lived. the ground breaking public servient whose extraordinary life experience served the internment camp of world war ii and our photo of the week. kim kardashian at the glitsy met gala showing off an iconic dress. this is the same dress worn by marilyn monroe when she famously sang "happy birthday" to president kennedy in 1962. the dress stored for decades in a
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good morning and thank you for joining us on this sunday, may 8th, i'm kira klapper, and even though it is mother's day, there are reservations for more than 100 people for brunch, they
5:27 am
will do their best to put people outside with heaters on blast. >> we will have people outside. >> and the cases of covid have gone up 155% compared to last month. officials are going to recommend being tested, and if you are tested positive, the recommendations is going to get the new antiviral medication. stanford is going to hold a opportunity at 12:00 to 4:00 at the bescel center and will be
5:28 am
streamed live on facebook to allow opportunities for ukrainian refugees. and we have some 50s right now, but there will be some chances for rain at the peninsulas, and areas north of the golden gate bridge, and right here at 10:00 or 11:00 where it is going to be very windy. we will have less rain chances in the areas of the south bay in the afternoon. we will have a area of mix of sun and clouds and the winds are expected to be picked up where it is going to be in the full forecast, and showers at times increasing monday into tuesday. so we will go into more detail on that, and plus the sierra snow that we have been monitoring, and winter advisory where you need to travel up
5:29 am
through the sierras, and i will guide you through the temperatures of the mother's day of course at 7:00 a.m. >> thank you, vianey. and also coming up today on the bay. >> and chasing my truck right now. >> a wild chase after a man is going to track down his stolen truck. it is a story that you will only see today in the bay area. we hope to see you for our full forecast, and until then we have more with willy geist.
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announced that dolly parton would be inducted along with carly simon. which begs the question, what is rock and roll? >> fair question. that is michael che from the weekend update desk on the new episode of "saturday night live." benedict cumberbatch opened the show. tomorrow the nominations will be announced for broadway's tony awards. and the list of marquee names may include sam rockwell. the academy award winner is getting rave reviews in the
5:31 am
revival of "american buffalo." where are he takes on a famed role played over the year by the likes of al pacino and robert duvall. winning an oscar and golden globe for three billboards outside missouri. playing bob fossy in the series, fossy burden and starring as the lead voice in america's number one movie right now "the bad guy. "sam and i got together on this week's circle in the square theater, home of "american buffalo." sam rockwell spent much of his 30-year career in hollywood flying under the radar. most of you probably know me as that guy from that movie. you know what i'm talking about. not main guy but the other guy. >> even with more than 100 credits to his name and appearances in major studio films like "the green mile."
5:32 am
"iron man 2." and "charlie's angels." he's largely danced around celebrities. that all changed in 2018 when he earned an academy award for his performance in "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." >> no, you get over here. >> now the oscar winner is is bringing his talent is center stage. in the broadway revival of david mammoth's classic "american buffalo." >> i'm going you an order of bacon real crisp. what did you love about the role? >> you want to tackle a real beast, you know. the only way to become a better actor is is to do the great roles. are you got to see what you're made of and go for it. >> it is a powerful play.
5:33 am
>> it is, isn't it? >> it comes at you fast, stays on you the whole time. >> does a lot of talking. >> a lot of saliva, hopefully. >> if you're doing right, there's a little bit of spray. >> totally. keep your mask on. >> that's it. >> rockwell is joined by lawrence fishburn and crisp in the story of three small-time crooks angling for a big score. >> 50% of some money is better than 90% of a broken toaster. >> he plays don, daren plays bobby and i play teach, in the '70s/'80s. this is a members only jacket maybe. and a guy finds a buffalo nickel and buys it for a lot of money and don feels he's been ripped off. hijinx ensue. >> $90 for a nickel. >> are you kidding me, teach? >> i bet it's worth five times
5:34 am
that. >> the latest production is more than two years in the making. >> two years ago we were rehearsing and about to come to tech and we were shutdown because of lockdown, the pandemic and fishburn and i continued to run lines on facetime or zoom and occasionally neal, the director and daren would join us. fisher and i would run lines just to keep from going crazy. you're thinking maybe we lose this all together. >> absolutely. we didn't know if it was going to come back or theater was going to come back. >> reporter: theater, it turns out, is is in rockwell's blood. >> something about being in a dark theater when it's nice outside with a cup of coffee and a lack of vitamin d. i don't know. there's something great about it. >> he grew up on both coasts. spending summers with his mom in the new york theater scene and the school year with his father in california.
5:35 am
did your parents ever give you warnings it's not all red carpet and awards shows? >> i saw that first hand with my mother. going on auditions and she used to work in restaurants and sing telefwrms. and my dad couldn't make a living as an actor. >> reporter: rockwell moved to new york at 18 to pursue acting himself. making ends meet with bit parts in movies and tv commercials. >> on a scale of one to ten, how mad are you? >> in 2002, he landed a starring role as gong show host in the george clooney-directed movie "confessions of a dangerous mind." >> i got tv show. >> was that a big moment for you to get that job? is >> that was a huge moment. and actually, the movie didn't do well initially and now i think people look at that movie as -- george did an amazing job. but confessions was a big deal, big deal. and it was really fun.
5:36 am
>> reporter: rockwell's star has continued to rise with roles in films like "moon." "spike" where he plays president george w. bush. and "three billboards." the role that earned him the academy award. >> i'd like to thank the academy. never thought i'd say those words. moment they called your name at the oscar felt like what? >> pure adrenalin. yeah. pure adrenalin. just get up, say what you got to say. it's a surreal thing. >> when you said i'm the other guy. the guy in the movie. no, not that guy. this guy. when did that change for you where you thought maybe i'm not the other guy anymore? >> i guess i'm starting to feel a little bit of that maybe now since i'm 53. but it's always been -- i'vall a
5:37 am
ways felt pretty good for a while and then recently it's picked up for obvious reasons. >> look at this young man. what a handsome guy. oh, yeah. >> that's your good-luck move every night. fix your own photo. >> are there other things you want to doprofessionally? >> shave this mustache. get a haircut, shave the sideburns. >> is it hard to get out of a character like this? >> oh, it's easy. >> walk off the stage and it's over. >> miller time and i'm out. sometimes you don't get it all out in the performance and then you're like oh, that wasn't really -- but there's always tomorrow. >> you can see sam in "american
5:38 am
buffalo" on broadway now through jewel 10th and "the bad guys" is in theater now. don't forget to subscribe to the sitdown podcast to hear the whole interview with sam rockwell. and the next week, comedy legend mike meyers as we go deep on his years with "saturday night live." the phenomenon and future, perhaps of austin powers and the new netflix series where he plays eight characters. and we are waking up to 50s in san francisco on this mother's day. we are also seeing some shower activity around 10:00, 11:00 a.m., expect some gusty winds in the afternoon. in san jose, 50 degrees, and daytime highs are low to mid-60s for a cooler afternoon. if you are south of the golden gate bridge, less chances of showers, but if you have plans to head to the sierra, keep in
5:39 am
mind, a winter weather advisory remaining in effect through the evening hours. ahead on "sunday today." our highs and lows of the week. including freshly unearthed footage of a news correspondent named keanu reeves, covering a canadian teddy bear convention. yes, it is as delightfully strange as it sounds. and harry smith on the century old abolitionest newspaper now back up and running and taking on modern issues of race and injustice. we're back in just 45 seconds. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences.
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now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. [bag crumpling] really? they're goldfish. i always go for the handful. i got about 73 here. i have more than 73. go for the handful! on new year's day, 1863, abraham lincoln signed the emanseimation proclamation. like those behind a newspaper called "the emanseparity." now, two centuries after it was born, it's publishing again, with a fresh eye on some of the
5:41 am
country's lingering challenges. >> reporter: summer there was anger on the street. came that season of unrest came an idea for a new kind of news, "eemancipator." >> we have a lot to be emancipated from. >> the original was the first abolitionest newspaper, published in tennessee in 1820. at the time, a most radical idea and now. >> it may be radical and bold to say you need to call for the immediate end of racial injustice and equality. but why is that such a bold idea? why can't we do that with
5:42 am
journalism? >> conceived on antiracist research. >> when you put out on a evidence-based opinion that's backed up with facts and details with, you can really change minds. >> reporter: and perhaps. >> change hearts and laws. >> reporter: it seeks to be more than a soap box. for it's in search of voices of change. >> there are people in communities and don't often get the amplification in traditional media to do the work on the ground. >> reporter: you'll find a comic strip, this one unveils the little known truth of dewy from the dewy decimal system. file under appalling. they hope to build a sense of
5:43 am
community, unafraid of america's unvarnished truths. >> a lot of times systems don't eve an have us in mind. it wasn't made for us. but we're all americans, right? and we're interested in the american project, then we're doughty bound to deconstruct the systems and build them back up so we can all benefit from them. >> reporter: why in boston? and they took me to the african meeting house, built in 1806. >> so, this is the center of black political culture, life, spirituality, education in boston. this is where organizing was happening. this was the heart beat of the black community. and this is the oldest standing black church building in the country right now and it was a sent isser for abolitionest activities. maria stewart, fredric douglas. >> reporter: spoke here? >> right here. >> reporter: we stood for a moment inside, certain we could
5:44 am
still hear their voices. for "sunday today." harry smith, boston. >> harry, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. norman maneta was 10 when he and his family were taken to an internment camp for japanese americans in wyoming. even after that experience, he spent the rest of his life, serving the united states. he became an intelligence officer in the u.s. army, serving in korea and japan. while working at his immigrant father's insurance agency in the 1960s, he was eect alled to the san jose city counsel. in 1971, he became the city's mayor, the first asian-american ever to lead a major american city. in 1975, he began the first of
5:45 am
his ten terms and two decades in the united states congress, representing sillicon valley. in 1988, he fought for and won passage of legislation that gave a formal apology and reparation from the united states government to the 120,000 japanese americans, like mineta detained during world war ii. he later served as commerce secretary under president clinton, becoming the first asian-american to hold a presidential cabinet post. he stayed in the administration of george w. bush as secretary of transportation. a position that would with thrust him to forefront of history. september 11th, 2001, he joined dick cheney and others in a command bunker, where he gave
5:46 am
the dramatic and unprecedented order to the faa to ground all of the 4500 commercial planes in the sky that day. after the attack, mineta was charged with creating and coordinating a new transportation security administration, which he did in just over a year. in 2006, president bush awarded him the presidential medal of freedom. norman mineta, who rose above the discrimination of the country he spent his life serving, died on tuesday at home in edgewater, maryland. he was 90 years old. with her citi custom ℠ card, rashida earns cash back that automatically adjusts to where her spending is trending. just ask overly confident diy rashida... wait, was this the right wall? ...or last-minute gift shopping rashida... i'm putting a bow on it! wow... ...even sneaking away for a vacay rashida.
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it is time for the highs and lows of the week. and our first high goes the musical collaboration between one of the biggest stars on the planet and a band from the country inspiring the world. in march, a ukrainian band caught the eye and the ear of ed sheeran. he asked if they'd like the collaborate on a remix of his
5:50 am
new song "two step." the only problem is the lead singer is preoccupied as a medic on the frontlines of ukraine's war with are russia. even so, he wrote a new voice for sheeran's song, which was released this week. ♪ >> sounds good. the video features two ukrainian dancers and him on patrol with his battalion. the verse is about the pain of 11ing behind his wife and three children to lead the fight. all proceeds will go to humanitarian operations in ukraine. i like the remix. ed sheeran is a good man. when you open your treasured
5:51 am
wedding photos, certain to become family heirlooms for generations to come, only to find everyone has a case of the crazy eye. she got married to her fiance in a beautiful wedding ceremony in pennsylvania. the proofs came back from the photographer. let's see how they turned out. it turns out the photographer sent out to a third party editor, the pictures where people's eyes were closed to have opened eyes placed eerily over the closed ones. the bride was upset, at first, naturally, and then she started to laugh and posted the zombie shots to facebook. we asked if the images were sent as a joke. she assured us they were not. says there were good ones mixed in. maybe a full refund on the other. our next high goes to the beauty of baseball on display. in toronto, yankee's star, right
5:52 am
fielder, jud, hits a 427-foot home run, grabbed in the stands by a blue jays fan, in front of a young boy wearing a jersey of his hero, aaron judd. >> two people who never met became life-long friends in that moment. >> that is is 9-year-old yankee fan, derrick rodriguez bursting in handed him judd's home run ball. he had been talking to he and his family throughout the game and knew how nuch kid loves judge. the next night, derrick and mike were invited back at the stadium and into the yankee's dugout before the game. guess who was waiting there? that is aaron judge himself and time for the tears and the hugs again. hugging his idol, who spent
5:53 am
several minutes talking to the young fan and admitted to goose bumps of his own. the skrenerous jay's fan didn't go home empty handed eegtder. springer gave him a signed jersey. everyone wins on that one. the assignment editor who insulted a seasoned hard-hitting journalist by sending him out to cover a fluffy softball story. coverage of the 1984 international teddy bear convention. >> why are all the bears first names teddy? what college are you going to? i've been looking all over for you. we got to go down to the calfway. what doyour friends think of you collecting bears? >> that is a 20-year-old keanu reeves nearly 40 years ago, covering the first international teddy bear convention for a cbc
5:54 am
children's news program called going great. long before the matrix, he ways a co host of the third season. and it was unearthed and went viral this week. does it matter why we're seeing it when we're just so grateful that we are at all. that we are at all. ke'aunue lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really? you're probably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? thank you for taking care of lorenzo. ♪
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recall chesa boudin now. we got more of your sunday today mug shots with a special mother's day theme. carol in tallahassee,inal fll. and shelly with her daughters, lindsey and bethany in jersey vill, illinois.
5:58 am
hello ol fwrks a. olga is celebrating her 100 -- birthday. she's holding a mug lisa will be getting today. jessica in illinois. bonny and her daughter, bridget celebrating the college grad auation and in my mom's home town of fairingten, illinois. i will see you at the can teen, ladies. send us a photo with the #sunday today. might see yourself next week and you can get the hug online at today/shot. major league baseball has come to nbc and peacock and it gets going early today. our mlb sunday leadoff coverage of the white sox and red sox begins this morning at 11:30 eastern.
5:59 am
thank you for
6:00 am
this sunday, the fate of roe v. wade. >> how dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body. >> a dividing country react as to that draft supreme court decision. >> i've been praying for this as long as i've understood what a baby was. and it's a big deal. >> this is an attack on women. >> washington's strong reaction from abortion right supporters. >> it's an assault on women. >> i'm going to fight like hell to protect this fight for michigan women. >> it rocks my


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