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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 8, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. thank you so much for joining us on this sunday, may 8th, 7:00 on the dot, as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, and beautiful way to start our mother's day. thank you so much for starting it with us. i'm kira klapper, and meteorologist vianey is joining us. >> thank you, and we have some interesting mother's day weather for us, and live at sfo, we have some changes. it is going to be cooler for us, and hear the morning
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temperatures in the 40s and the 50s and the temperatures will drop in morgan hill and santa rosa and a little bit of a difference of temperatures, because we have a chance of scattered showers into first half of the day, and it is going to be the icons and the little bit of the rain activity popping up around noon, and san francisco is 51 and the wind will be a factor for today and we are talking about the gusty condition, and we will go through some of these headlines and expecting the timing coming up, kira. >> thank you, vianey. and now, for the second time in a year, a man's truck full of tools was stolen, but this time, he tracked down the thief himself and got his tools the back and all of it is caught on the dash cam. you will only see this on today's bay area, and now we will find out why he did it. >> reporter: robert pendergrass
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says this is a surveillance that shows a thief stealing his tools, and it was a community service officer who came out to scene, and as a service contractor, his tools are critical to his livelihood. >> when somebody take it, it is important to me, and i will do whatever i can do. >> so then he realized he could use his air tag tracking device to find he jumped going down the hill while enforcement what he is doing. this dash cam is showing his own truck passing hem, and so robert made a u-turn, and he followed the driver. >> i am chasing my truck right now and head toward san martin. >> robert continues to follow his truck to gilroy. >> it is taking me to a place
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where it is dangerous. >> he stops and jumps out of the truck and runs. within ten minutes the sheriff's department and the highway patrol and gilroy police show up. >> reporter: less than two hours from when his vehicle is stolen, he gets the truck back. but it is not first time that this has happened, because it happened last april. >> about that time it was $5,000 of tools and variations of all of my hand tools that i use for my typical job work. >> luckily, someone saw someone selling his tools, and the police responded and helped him to get the truck back and this time he lost $500 of tools. san jose police repeatedly warn of the dangers of pursuing criminals on your own. robert says that he just reacted. >> that is it. i am not going to put up with this anymore.
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and it never krosd my mind what could happen. >> maryann favro, today in the bay. developments now, a shooting in concord that happened at 10:00 last night in the parking lot of a sun valley mall near b.j.'s brewhouse, and no one was hurt, but the police found several shell casings on the ground. the search for the shooter continues. and continuing in the bay, a suspected serial arsonist is suspected in antioch. two fires were set yesterday, and the suspect reportedly resisted arrest and was tased before being handcuffed. this is a separate case from the other arson in concord yesterday, and in that case, the police arrested that man after eight fires were set on highway
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four in concord on friday. we are shifting gears now as people host get togethers today at mother's days and all those mother figures. covid cases are on the rise in the area, and after two years of the pandemic, family members are trying to make this holiday as normal as possible. we learn how. >> something for my mom, and some coffee, and my younger brother is flying in, and that is going to be fun. >> some families said they will not let covid keep them from uniting for mother's day. >> this is a treat, and i will have that. >> reporter: others are maxing up, and taking the celebration to another level. >> i am flying out to vegas to meet up with my mother, and we are going to see a show.
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>> reporter: this restaurant says they have more than 100 reservations, and they have more calls. so sunday, they will have more tables outdoors than indoors. >> i need more space. >> reporter: this year, they are expecting big groups and changed from last year when mother's day reservations were two to four people. >> last year small, but this year, we have a four or five big parties like a over ten people. >> reporter: as families prepare to celebrate, the health experts warn that the likelihood of anyone getting infected is high. the cases in the bay area have increased by 155% in the last month, and dr. peter hong says they will continue the ogo up. >> i recommend that if any of the members of the family become infected after mother's day, particularly the members of the household with comorbid conditions, that they get in
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touch with the health care professional to get in touch with the medications. >> reporter: there is this antiviral medications on the spot as well as other cvs and health centers the across the bay area. in san mateo, bay area news. turning now to deadly plane crash in the marine headlands and we are learning more about the victims from one of their friends. the friends say this man and woman who were the two people killed. mike breyer and jennifer fox both from sacramento. their aircraft crashed friday just before 3:00 in the afternoon noon. the faa and the ntsb are urging that anyone who saw anything that could be helpful to contact them. the plane took off from sacramento, but it ran into trouble near the golden gate bridge under extremely foggy conditions. >> yesterday at noon we received
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the notice from the u.s. coast guard and the faa that aircraft transponder beacon was activated indicating a possible accident. yesterday's weather friday was extremely foggy. >> the ntsb is going to move the wreckage and begin reviewing the records today. turning now to the war in ukraine, all women, children and elderly have been rescued from that surrounded steel plant in mariupol, and this is according to the ukraine deputy prime minister, but the ukrainian fighter are remained trapped in the plant. this all comes after several days of evacuations after the russian forces work to take over the plant. russian soldiers are set to complete their takeover in time for the victory day holiday which marks the triumph of russia over germany in world war
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ii. the first lady met with the refugees with the first lady of slovakia. and the refugees are averaging less than 2,000 people per day, and she met with first responders, and we learned that biden took an unannounced trip into ukraine to meet with war refugees and she felt it was important to show support to the country. today, stanford is showing sup rt not for the ukrainian people held by the ukrainian student body, and they are giving bay area residents and companies to have opportunities to help the refugees. it is running from 12:00 to 4:00 at the bechtel student center. and today, we will go to washington, d.c. with our weekly interview with chuck todd who
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has this week's "meet with the press."
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welcome back. it is time now for the weekly discussion with chuck todd, nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press." hi, chuck. good morning. good to see you. we actually aired "meet the press" an hour before the newscast as opposed to after the newscast today, and so i got to catch a little bit of it on the issue of abortion after that leaked draft of the supreme court poised to overturn the supreme court case addressing abortion. and how rare is this leak, and what is going on. >> well, it is unprecedented to have a leak of the draft of the
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supreme court. they have had their share of leaks, but this is in response to a leak that took place five days earlier that "the wall street journal" who looked like they had informed speculation that chief justice was writing an opinion that roe would be intact, but lowering the viability to 15 weeks, and the indication was that brett kavanaugh or amy coney barrett was in play here, because of the precedent nature that -- look, if they overturn roe which had been upheld twice, and no such thing as an official thing in legal community here called the superprecedent, but if there were, this is one of them, so this is an unusual thing by the court to essentially take away rights that it once granted. it is certainly overruled itself in the past, but usually in favor of getting rid of restrictions on rights that had been taken away. in that sense, it is unusual,
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and what is interesting is that the clerks were kind of split on what is going to happen, and our conservative clerk believed that what we have seen leaked is likely going to be what the ruling is, and the liberal clerk seemed to believe that a couple of things were possible, and don't rule tout chief justice to finding a way to convince somebody to his side, and he also speculated it is possible to order a retry of the case because of the unusual nature of what happened to it and all of the leaks. >> and speaking of the retry of the case, you have the governor of mississippi on this morning for those who don't know, it was back in december that the supreme court heard the arguments of the mississippi case which is in direct arguments of "roe versus wade" that we are today, and i know that you can't sum it up, but what is the overarching message to this leak? >> well, he is -- look, they are
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planning for a world without roe, and they have a trigger law that would essentially ban most abortions including those that are committed via incest. they don't have an exception for incest. he seemed to indicate it is under discussion, but the news from the governor is that he would not specifically rulely out a rule that banned conception. so he did not rule out that it would not sign a bill that came to his desk, because he believes that life becomes at conception. >> thank you, chuck. if you missed it, you can watch it on, and stream it on the nbc app or watch it on roku, hulu live and apple and peacock. coming up in 30 minutes from
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now, we will talk to bay area expert larry thurston, and how the move could potentially impact other rights. and now, a march for women's right that started in powell and market street, and many brought sign and banners and declaring that the right to a legal abortion is an essential human right. the party for socialism and liberation organized the march. we will turn now, and let you know that if you are doing something this mother's day, there are plenty in the bay area, and here is mike inouye. >> thank you, kira, and the rest of the mom out there, and others, if you have forgotten to buy some flowers, the san francisco rose society is back with the rose show at the holland flowers and go to sfo
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rose and if you are allergic to flowers, go to the bay area where they are continuing the bay area book festival that celebrates the written word, and the celebration of those writing the words and a bay area book and also n the next tleet weeks, you will have open artists, and this week, it is coastside, and then the peninsula, and the next week in may is the south bay, so go to to find out more. >> thank you, mike. and now, there is a celebration for those who tied the knot in the bay. they are both 90 years old and they met in jefferson high school in the 40s and started to date, and broke up when carolyn moved. they went on to marry other people for more than 60 years,
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and had families of their own, but after their spouses passed away, they reconnect and found a spark. the happy couple got married in nevada with a crowd cheering them on. >> we had lunch with each other, and found out that we cared and loved each other after that length of time, and at our age, it is great to know that you love and care for each other after that length of time. >> the original wedding date was more than two years ago. we wish you all of our love and the very best to you, caroline and jim. >> that is great. >> i wish we had more to talk about that, but we have to check in with vianey about the forecast. >> yes, there is a system lurking by, and that going to bring some shower activity and wind and cooler temperature. so let's get right to it, and right now in downtown san jose, you can see the sunrise coming out, and mix of sun and clouds and the current temperatures as
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you head out the door in the 40s and the 50s and we are running a few degrees cooler in areas like santa rosa, and 70 degrees cooler, and santa rosa cooler, and san jose is five degrees cooler, and talk about that system, because it is expected to bring some showers north of the golden gate bridge, and you can see it here, and this is going to kick up the wind, and yes, we are talking about the sierra snow, and look at the timing here, and looking at the hour by hour outlook, at 10:30, and san francisco and oakland and parts of hayward, and it is scattered. looking at 11:00, some of the scattered showers around and into freemont, and fast forward to 12:00, and we could see some shower activity and further south to los goydos and that area where you will notice some of the cloud cover, and if you are north of the golden gate
7:20 am
bridge up to santa rosa, notice it lingers. the biggest thing that you will notice is the wind. if you are looking at the rain fall totals, it will be north near ukiah, but if you are south, it will be less of that rain. hourly temperatures in the 50s to start, and then looking at 1:00, the upper 50s and eventually topping out at the mid-60s by dinner time, and running cooler this afternoon compared to what we have ahead. the biggest thing that i mentioned is the wind, and here the reason why. 10:00 a.m., and santa rosa, and san francisco, 20 miles per hour, and lunch hour, if you have any tents going up in the yard, make sure they are secured, because in livermore, it is 30-plus miles per hour winds and it is going to stick around. and there is a winter weather advisory in the sierra, and we are talking about the peaks up
7:21 am
to 10, 12 inches in parts of monday and tuesday. heading into monday, more wind and cool, and also we could see the possibility of more showers coming into play as we head into some of the mountain areas. isolated chances of thunderstorms could be a possibility, and spotty showers linger into tuesday. and so since it is mother's day, of course, kira, we wanted to celebrate you, and here is a simple message from some cuties. check this out. >> happy mother's day, mama. >> our favorite part of you, and we love you and you are so pretty and i love you. how about you? >> mom, you are so pretty a lot, and nice to me. and you are nice, and you let me
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draw first, umm, umm at home. thank you, mama. >> oh, my gosh, for anyone who needs a translator, i think that he let mes let him draw at home. >> and you are so pretty. >> and when i come home, i look so beautiful, because i normally have my hair on top of my head and in sweatpants, and thank you so much, and thank you to my husband for recording that. >> dana was on it. >> thank you so much. happy mother's day to all of the moms and mother figures for all of you, and we could not do a video for all of you, but we want you to know that you are appreciated. and coming up today in the bay, the warriors with a blowout at the chase center, but more injuries and accusations coming
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm anthony flores and there is no place like home. the warriors are a perfect 4-0 at the chase center after blowing out memphis. jonathan kuminga is the youngest player to start a playoff game since 1971. the dubs were down, and then they catch fire. steph curry cashing in at the bank. and the warriors were shooting 64% from the three. and klay thompson with the one-legged three. the warriors hammered the grizzlies 142-112. ja morant hurts his knee on the play in the fourth, and leaves the game limping, and the grizzlies say that jordan poole yanked on his knee, and this is jordan's pool. >> i went for the ball, and i
7:26 am
don't want to obviously see anybody get hurt, and i'm not that type of player, and i respect everybody. so, you know, we did not see him out there in the game. >> and game four is monday night at chase center. a special day at the ball park, the giants are honoring one of their all-time greats buster posey. >> it is time to honor and welcome the man of the hour, number 28, buster posey. >> the giants paying tribute to three-time world series champ before the game against st. louis, and bruce bochy and teammates were in the house, barry bonds, and he spent his entire 12-year career with the giant, and he had this message for the fans. >> simply, thank you. there is no other word that i can say and i am humble, and grateful for you so much that i got to wear the giants' uniform my entire career and i never
7:27 am
wanted to wear another one. >> as for the giants they were off to a great start, and wilmer flores smack ad grand slam, and the giants won 13-7. and the a's were scoreless in the sixth until blanco teed off for a solo home run, and they blanked oakland by the twins. they lost. and oh, my goodness, the longest shot has won the kentucky derby. >> what and upset in the 148th edition of the run for the roses. rich strike and jockey sonny leon went off as longshot, and they win the kentucky derby and the biggest upset on the history of the race. and on the pitch, chicago lost
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8th, 7:29 as we take a live look outside of sfo where my sister-in-law is waiting for a plane to go back to austin, texas. happy mother's day to one and all and all of the moms and the mother figures and thank you for joining us, kira clapper, and joining us is vianey arana, and what do you think about today? >> the wind is the biggest thing today impacting us across the region. but if you are living north of the golden gate bridge around the peninsula, there is a system to bring us shower activity. so i want to start with the satellite radar off to the north, and if i zoom in closer, you can see the majority is focused further north, and if i zoom in and show you the temperature trend for san jose, we are starting out at 50 degrees right now, and looking at 11:00 or 12:00, and the rain
7:31 am
pops up there, and so there are spotty showers at the lunch hour, and the temperatures will remain cool in the 50s and the 60s, but it is the wind around 10:00 or 11:00 in san francisco, and the winds are going to be gusting. it is going to remain gusty all day long. here is a closer look at what i will guide you through in the full forecast. we will talk about the showers, and the return of sierra snow. i will send it back to you. >> thank you, vianey, we will see you soon. for the second time in a year, a san jose man's truck full of tools was stolen, but this time, he sprang into action and tracked down the thief himself and got it back. it is caught on dash cam, and you will only see it on nbc bay area. maryann favro tells us why and how the man did it. >> robert pendergrass says this surveillance video from his home shows a thief stealing his track
7:32 am
in south san jose tuesday. robert says he called the police and met with a community service officer who came out to scene. as a contractor, he says that his truck is critical to his livelihood. >> when somebody takes it from you, it is like, hurting one of your children. i mean, it is that important to me, and that important to me, i will do whatever it takes. >> reporter: after filing a police report, robert realized he could use the air tag tracking device to find out where his truck was. so he jumped in his daughter's car and drove down to morgan hill to find it while telling law enforcement what he is doing, and he said that this dash cam video shows his own truck passing him. so robert made a u-turn and followed the driver. >> i am chasing my truck right now! we are heading towards san martin. >> reporter: robert keeps following his truck to gilroy. >> he is taking me to a place where it is dangerous. >> he stops and jumps out of the truck and runs.
7:33 am
within ten minutes the highway patrol shows up, the morgan hill, and the gilroy police and the sheriff department all meet where i am at. >> reporter: less than two hours when his truck is stolen, gets the truck back, but it is not the first time it happened. last april someone stole the same truck and everything inside. >> at that time it was about $5,000 in tools and variations of all of my kind of the hand tools that i use for my typical job work. >> luckily, a neighbor saw someone selling his tools a mile away, and the police responded and helped him to get his truck back, and this time, he lost about $500 worth of tools. the police warn of the dangers of pursuing a criminal on your own, but robert said he reacted. >> that is it. i am not going to put up with this anymore, and it never cross md mind what could happen. >> reporter: the police are still looking for the suspect
7:34 am
that stole his truck. maryann favro, today in the bay. and police are looking for a shooter in concord that happened in the sun valley mall near b.j.'s brewhouse. police did not find anyone hurt, but did find shell casings on the ground. they search for evidence and the shooter. and now, police are suspecting that a serial arson has been arrested in antioch. he set five fires friday and one in hill crest park in antioch. he reportedly resisted arrest and was tased before being handcuffed. this is separate from the other arson arrests that happened in concord as well n. that case, the police arrested a man after eight fires were set on highway 4 in concord friday. as people come together to celebrate mother's day today,
7:35 am
covid cases are on the rise in the bay area, but after more than two years of the pandemic, families and businesses are trying to make the holiday as normal as possible. stephanie magginone showing us how. >> i could not ask for more than having my family. >> i am bringing my mom coffee. >> reporter: some families are just reuniting. >> it is just having the fear of covid over you. >> reporter: and some are masking up, and going to another level. >> i am flying out to nevada and going to see the colts in concert. >> reporter: and those making reservations at places like coco. >> they are going to have tables outdoors. >> reporter: there are more than
7:36 am
100 reservations. this year, they are going to have big groups and change frad last year when the reservations were about two to four people. >> this year, not small, but like four or five big parties over ten people. >> reporter: as the families are preparing to celebrate, the likelihood of anyone getting infected is pretty high. the cases in the bay area have increased by 155% in last month, and dr. peter hong says they will keep going up. i recommend if any of the members of the family would become infected after mother's day, and particularly the older members of the household or those with comorbid conditions or those immune compromised that they get in touch with the health care professional to see how to get a hold of covid testing. >> reporter: the college of san mateo is offering this antiviral medication to qualified individuals on the spot as well
7:37 am
as health centers across the bay area. stephanie for nbc bay area news. turning to the deadly plane crash in the headlands. we are learning more from their friends. they tell us that this man and woman were the two people killed on board. mike breyer and jennifer fox both from sacramento. their experimental aircraft crashed friday just before 3:00 in the afternoon. the ntsb and the faa are documenting the crash, and asking for witnesses or anyone who saw anything that could be helpful to contact them. the plane took off in sacramento, and near the golden gate bridge they ran into foggy conditions. >> yesterday we received notice from the coast guard and the faa that an aircraft transponder beacon was activated indicating a possible accident. yesterday's weather on friday was extremely foggy.
7:38 am
>> the ntsb is going to review the wreckage and maintenance records today. the women and children and elderly have been removed from the steel plant in mariupolrdin minister, but the ukrainian the plant. this is all coming after several days of evacuations as the russian forces are working to take over the plant, but russia is appearing to take over the plant in time for the holiday in russia which represents the triumph of russia over nazi germany in world war ii. in the border crossing near
7:39 am
poland, it averages 2,000 refugees per day. the first lady took an unannounced visit to ukraine to meet with more refugees saying it is important to show support to the country. at 7:39 on the dot, still to come on "today in the bay" deadly crashes are on the rise in one bay area neighborhood, and now the city leaders are going to take action the stop traffic fatalities. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions
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good morning, it is 7:41. happy mother's day and we are expecting a couple of changes ahead, and definitely some wind. so right to the forecast, and live look at sfo and depending where you live, or where you are headed to this afternoon you might even get some showers. live look in downtown san jose, and here is a system that we are monitoring just to our north, and this is expected to kick up the winds, and also bring the
7:42 am
sierra snow, and even a chance of showers. guiding you to the hour by hour outlook, and looking at 11:00, we do have a little bit of the shower activity up here in san francisco, and oakland and the hayward area, and it is not widespread heavy downpours, but scattered around 11:30, and notice that in palo alto, and moving into freemont and livermore area, around 12:30, and expect cooler temperatures and the wind. that is the most noticeable aspect of the forecast for today, and along with the cooler temperatures, because if you are looking at the rainfall totals, and a couple of hundredths of an inch, most of it is focused up to ukiah, but again, we could have some shower activity, an increase in the thunderstorm isolated thundershowers. and now, we will stay in the 50s around 1:30, and still in the upper 50s, and only topping out in low 60s for some areas, and this is going to continue into
7:43 am
the monday, and so we stay cool, but look at the wind at about 10:00, and san francisco is 22-plus, and it is going to be gusty at around 2:00, and look agent san francisco, and the city of san jose even through concord and livermore and stays gusty, and backing off a little bit, but if you plan to go to the sierra, check the travel condition, because there is a winter travel advisory in place because of several inches of snow in the higher peaks especially heading into tuesday. so here is the overview of what to expect for mother's day in case you missed the first half. mix of spotty showers, and on and off gusty winds of 20 to 40. and we have chilly temperatures of 40s and 50s. and we could have some mountain showers, and isolated shower chances.
7:44 am
by wednesday, the showers back off, and we will keep the wind, but we will top off in the upper 60s by the end of of the week. back to you. >> a little bit of everything. it is 7:43, and we have more coming up on today in the day. we will talk about the leaks of the draft of the supreme court that may overturn roe v. wade and if it happens, what could happen next. we will be right back.
7:45 am
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin
7:46 am
is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. new this morning, a baby fox is now safe after being rescued from a construction site near oracle park in san francisco. the firefighters got the call that the fox was trapped in a hole in a steel pipe. they used power saws and cooling water under the supervision of animal control to rescue the baby fox and free it from the pipe. the fox is now being evaluated by animal control. the deadly crashes are on the rise in san jose, and city
7:47 am
leaders are taking action, and city council and member raoul perez is saying that more than half of the victims of traffic accidents were pedestrians and they are on pace to break the high of 50 traffic deaths in one year. yesterday, he held a town hall on the accidents, and he said that the number one cause is that too many drivers are speeding, so the city's plan is to target the areas where the collisions are happening and narrowing the lanes, and putting up more warning signs and hiring more patrol officers. this week, the draft opinion that was leaked suggesting that the justices are going to overturn roe v. wade set off a political firestorm. both sides of the debate are closely watching to see what will happen next, and that includes a vote in the u.s.
7:48 am
senate. we bring in larry gurston, and good morning, larry. good to see you. start with the senate vote, if we can, and what do you see happening? >> well, good morning to you, kira, and happy mother's day, and my wife and all of the mothers who have worked so hard to give our kids so much, and kudos to all of them. as far as the senate goes, it is a vote to allow a vote. that the idea. you need 60 votes in the senate, and chuck schumer, the majority leader says that we need to put everybody on notice, and we need 60 votes to get the vote on the a abortion issue out there, and the republicans are against it, and some democrats are against it, and it won't happen, but schumer believes that he is putting the people on notice, and letting the others know how the senators feel, and that the idea behind the vote. >> if roe v. wade the so-called middle ground for 49 years, and why now? >> that is a good question. you have the two competing
7:49 am
values out there for years, and decades, really, and the right of the unborn as people call it, and the right of women to choose, and what to do with their own bodies, and the idea of roe v. wade is to find the middle ground, but we know that the ground has shifted with the three new justices on the supreme nd all of whom said it is settled law, and all who have said according to the draft, they said, no, it is time to change, and it does not belong in the constitution, and so it is a pivotal time for both sides. >> many pro choice advocates say that if row is overturned, it is going to close access to care, and then open the door to stopping personal rights, and do those claims hold merit? >> i wish we knew. justice alito who drafted the
7:50 am
majority opinion said this is about roe only. but if you are looking at it, it is connecting very closely to same-sex marriage, and contraception pill, and will these things, too, be found unconstitutional, and you can't say it relates only to roe, because once you open the door, it is other things can be opened as well, and that is what the pro choice feels, and we don't know whether it is going to roll that way, but we believe it could be possible. >> and chuck todd said that he felt that there were two former clerks that one believes there is going to be changes to the memo, and one believes it is going to go ahead as written, so what is the likelihood that this going to proceed, or at least one justice in the conservative majority who appears poised to overturn roe would change their mind? >> well, that a another good question. we know that normally, the justices do not change their
7:51 am
mind, and highly unlikely. we have seen justice roberts change his mind at the last minutes to allow obama care to go through, and justice kennedy in the case also about abortion that in the last minute, justice o'connor convinced him to change his mind. and so is that possible? yes, it is possible, and does it happen? it could happen. and kira, we are on strange ground here, because there is so much at tumult here, and a lot at stakes for both sides, and this is a big case to watch. >> and surely not the last time that we will talk about this. larry, thank you for your insights here, and thank you for the mother's day wishes. it 17:51 and up next, a quick look at the top stories that we are following. as families are celebrating mother's day, the covid cases are increasing, and what you
7:52 am
should do in case of a loved one getting sick. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing
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welcome back here. here is a look at the top stories we are following this morning. we are learning more about the victims of the deadly plane crash in the marine headlands and a friend of the two victims said that these were the two people who died mike breyer and jennifer fox from sacramento. their experimental plane crashed just before 3:00. now the faa and ntsb are
7:55 am
documenting the crash, and they are urging residents or anyone who saw something to contact them. the flight ran into trouble near the golden gate bridge under extremely foggy conditions. they plan to move the wreckage and start to review the maintenance records today. the first lady dr. jill biden went to ukraine today to meet with the first lady and this is after a meeting in slovakia today after a four-day trip to the war-torn region. she and the other first ladies met with refugees in the war torn country. and now back here, family will be celebrating mother's day amid the highest covid cases in months. but many are doing what they can
7:56 am
to make things as normal as they can. the owner of coco's restaurant said that they are going to do everything they can to make people safe by seating people outdoors with heaters on blast. >> this year, we will have four or five big parties and like over ten people. >> the cases in bay area have gone up by 155% compared to last month. health experts are recommending getting tested in a few days after today, and if anyone is considered at risk testing positive, the recommendation is to get the new antiviral medication. it is 7:56, and before we get to the final forecast with vianey, we want to wish our mothers in today in bay crew a happy mother's day. i have a picture of my mom at our wedding, and vianey's mom and grandmother. >> i am blessed to have them
7:57 am
both. >> and our director corrin and her mother there on the right, and the leader and fearless producer dana up there in the left with her mom, and we have paul, and his mom, and we have aaron typically our director who is off today with his mom, and in the bottom right, jason, our production assistant and his mom, and in the bottom, john and his late mother virginia who is definitely missed today and always. we wanted to, you know, be selfish for a second here, and celebrate our moms, because we wouldn't be who we are without them, and so how will the weather be to celebrate our moms. >> and to show off the behind the scenes squad, because they put in a lot of work. a mix of sun and spotty showers, and we have talked about that, but the wind is going to be an impact, and so if you have an outdoor party or a tent going up, make sure that you have it secured for the afternoon. >> good information. i wonder what i will be doing
7:58 am
for mother's day, and probably taking care of people. thank you to all of of you for making us a part of your sunday morning. we will have more local nudes at 5:00, and 6:00 and 11:00, and all day on be sure to have a stay with us, and have a great mother's day.
7:59 am
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