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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 9, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking news at this hour in moscow where president putin's plans for russia's victory day are revealed this as the first lady met with her ukrainian counterpart on sunday and bono and the edge from u2 performed for the ukrainian resistance brac aaa reports a 13% gallon rise. protesters demonstrated outside the homes of two supreme court justices over the week as
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the debate he's up coast toest could. what killed three tourists staying at a luxury sandals resort in the bahamas? our kerry sanders reports from the scene. an organization helping young boys honor the special women in their live, their moms. a busy start to your week. "early today" starts right now >> thanks for being early with us i'm frances rivera arrange i'm cori coffin. in a show of solidarity, u2's bono and the edge performed a concert. during the set, the pair sang a rendition of "stand by me" alongside the ukrainian singer in fatigues. another display of unity dr. jill biden meeting with olena zelenska on mother's day let's bring in matt bradley who is live for us this morning. matt, good morning >> hey, good morning, guys as you were just mentioning,
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it's a flour of diplomacy. some more lyrical than others with u2. but there was also quite a bit of substance going on. that visit by dr. jill biden was important symbolically it's not the first time a first lady has visit adwar zone, but it is a rare appearance. there was some very real changes. we saw the g7, if world's most wealthy democracies coming together and announcing another round of sanctions against russia, as well as a pledge to eventually cut off all wheels of importance from russia so that is a very important first step because the g7 countries, the wealthiest democracies in the world, this would really be cutting off a huge flow of cash to russia. russia is essentially a rentier
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economy. it relies on gas and oil without that, putin's war machine will falter. but we're about to get a butch better look at what putin's plans are. it's the anniversary of the debate of nazi germany of world war two. we all know vladimir putin is going to use this day on some level to either proclaim victory, to either proclaim a wider war or to launch a fresh offensive. this man, this president of russia is very frustrated by how long this war has taken. we know he clearly thought it would be over within hours or days back in late february now it's dragging on into its second and third months. so we can expect something from vladimir putin in moscow in the coming hours a glimpse of exactly what this man and what this nation wants in ukraine cory >> okay, matt bradley, thank
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you. record high gas prices could put the brakes on your summer travel plans we could hit a record high on average americans are paying about $4.32 gallon, up about 15 cents and $1.36 from a year ago. our sam brock has more. >> reporter: states coast-to-coast are smashing their records for gas prices from new york and illinois to oregon and washington. right as the beaches beckon for travel season and families are forced to deal with the familiar foe, high fuel costs is it sticker shock? >> i just close my eyes. i pretend i'm not spending any money. i see it as my account gets lows to zero. >> the value shifting dramatically >> right now, currently, i come here because it's $4.09. >> the numbers poised to pop as many people are on the move. >> it's never a great time see
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the raising gas prices, but the absolute time leads up to memorial day it could see a resurgence. >> the average across the u.s. is just under 4:32, up where 4:14 a month ago he had to cancel a family trip planned for this summer. is it making you which the twice about filling up your tanks? >> two times >> this map from aaa with the most expensive states in red shows the northeast region hammered particularly hard >> hopefully they don't get much higher but trying to look for the best price and that's about it. >> making this memorial day holiday for many a financial balancing act. as for how high we can go, analysts right now say it's a virtual guarantee we'll be looking at $4.50 nationally with many of the big cities like miami where i am already above $5.50 a gallon
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and if china eases its lockdowns, that would send prices even higher sam brock, back to you >> thank you police in the bahamas are trying to find out what caused the mysterious deaths of three american tourists at a high-end resort on friday reports say the victims experienced nausea and dizziness the day before are fueling speculation of carbon monoxide poisoning. our gary sanders is on the island he spoke with other american tourists who now worry for their safety >> reporter: on the island paradise of exuma, bahamas, a mystery is still unmolding why are three american tourists who stayed at the emerald bay resort dead. the two couples did not know each other, were on either side of a split beachfront villa. at least one couple had complained to friends about nausea and dizziness >> it is a tragic situation, and it's really hard to wrap your brain around. >> reporter: the resort posts
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the villas can cost thousands of dollars a night. kevin and cara rainbolt from nashville say they had made friends with vince and donna chiarella who were celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary >> very sweet guy. sorry. very sweet couple. just really good-hearted >> reporter: donna survived and was airlifted to the hospital. >> we're told donna woke up feeling paralyzed. >> paralyzed >> paralyzed is what was reported to us said she couldn't move, her arms and legs were swollen and she could see vince on the floor. >> at this point he was maybe dead at this point >> it could be health experts say dizziness, nausea, temporary paralysis are symptoms that suggest carbon monoxide poisoning but bahamian police are examining theville a's water conditioner and th crime
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scene tape has been taken down the resort remains open. most guests unaware of what's happened >> my biggest concern was three people passed away within several hours of even other, all in the same villa. another one became very ill. so am i safe to go to sleep at night? >> sandals management says it's sending its correspondences. meanwhile time, a government autopsy may we veal what killed these americans. >> thanks for the report roe v. wade continues to fuel responses across the nation many people chose to spend their mother's day speaking out at rallies and protests for each side of the issue. chris pollone joins us from washington good morning some protesters even popped up outside the homes of supreme court justices >> francis, good morning abortion rights supporters are taking their concerns to the streets, and over the weekend, some of those concerns spilled into the streets outside over
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the home of justice brett kavanaugh, where they chanted "we will not go back they also marched to the home of chief justice roberts. someone painted a message that said if abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either no one was injured this shows nearly 2/3 of americans want roe kept in place. republican governor tate reeves says the constitution sorts state abortion bans as congressional democrats do what i what they can to protect access the abortion. >> at the end of the day, there is no right to an abortion in the united states constitution, that the issue with abortions that makes it very difficult is there is a life. >> it's very important to get every senator on the issue about
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where they stand on this issue you see republicans trying to dodge and not talk about this issue, because they know how incredibly popular it is >> new york senator chuck schumer plans to hold a vote wednesday on a bill that would make protections of roe enshrined in federal law but the bill is all but certain to fail as he does not have the votes, but schumer said he wanted to get every senator on the report francis? >> chris, thank you. strong winds fuel the spread of new mexico's hermit's peak fire the blaze continues to grow as dangerous gusts make it difficult for firefighters to contain it a fire has burned over 176,000 acres. it was last report as 43% contained as of sunday night governor grisham ordered the evacuation of several counties in mora county thousands of residents have already evacuated the area let's bring in michelle grossman who has been following the fire danger as well as heat in other
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parts of the morning >> good morning. >> good morning to you both. and yes, we're looking at that fire danger, all due to an area of high pressure, a big ridge in place. that's bringing that fire danger, gusty winds, really dry spot in the southwest. looking at a lot of heat look at the temperatures from the south all the way to the midwest. we're looking at temperatures in the 90s in a lot of spots. it's certainly going to feel like summer and a building heatwave abilene 102. the record is 101 we could break that today. kansas city 91 then as we go throughout tuesday, records possible to be broken across 16 states. madison, wisconsin 85. st. louis 93 and st. louis you're looking at temperatures in the upper 80s that is going to spread east by later this week. to new york city you're into the mid-70s. and look at chicago. you't we're looking at sunshine.
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we had a wet and cold weekend. philadelphia today 64. all right, guy, we'll talk more about the heat and the fire danger and get a look at the week ahead too >> thanks. in honor of national deals we have freebies for health care workers. four free medical books through crime reading. fox is bringing back its partner to give 10,000 pairs of s of crs and a 10% discount with id all of these ideas can be found on each company's main website we go live to moscow for a look at russia's victory day frayed we'll be back in just a second are stopping you in your tracks...
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leading the news, all eyes will be on russia as the country celebrates victory day a massive parade featuring hardware, aircraft, military vehicles and more is set to roll through moscow's red square. today marks russia's victory over nazi germany in 1945. our keir simmons is there with the latest >> reporter: good morning. this is a day of patriotism here in russia, and across red square, marking russia's role in helping defeat the nazis victory day. but rarely has it been held on a day like today one man told us he is sure russia will be victorious in ukraine. another woman told us just as russia won in 1945, it will win again now. across red square there, there is a sign that says 1945 and 201022 they're expecting 11,000 military personnel to march
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through red square here. 131 units of military equipment, and 77 aircraft to fly over, including one plane dubbed the doomsday plane it is the plane the president of russia would use in the event of a nuclear war. we're expecting president putin to give a speech many people will be living, not just to the words he traditionally gives talking about this day, this victory day, but also what he has to say about events in ukraine. back to you. >> we're watching. keir, thank you. still to come on "early today," still the life of the party. kanye west is back with new music. nltas al, going mediev "s" keon the supreme court and abortion rights. well, jake from state farm, i'm saying farewell to my expensive gym membership. so you're getting rid of all your workout gear? honoring it. don't give up the things you love! state farm has options to personalize your policy,
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tomorrow is mother's day, whether you want it to be one or not. in an unprecedented move that
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could cause lasting damage to the supreme court, a draft opinion was leaked which indicates they intend to overturn roe v. wade so the court is usually careful, but they slipped up just this once, and now they've got to live with it forever that was really unfair >> "saturday night live" did not hold back, securing the leaked supreme court draft ruling that would overturn roe v. wade they also had some really funny mother's day skits that they always have. it was definitely a much-watch episode. >> not a surprise a whole lot of materials in the headlines ye is the life of the party of the music world with a brand-new video. ♪ ♪ we going to win big, put the whole family on, look at what my kim did ♪ ♪ christopher, we go in big, we go in big ♪ >> the artist formerly known as kanye west had photos for life of the water
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yeezy, gap and balenciaga support. he is being productive when it comes to music again after he took a break from all the social media secures of his i guess soon to be ex- that he would like to keep >> and the boy that she hachltz. >> who also happens to be in "snl." >> we won't get in that. >> rabbit hole, but the music is much anticipated when we return, michelle's got your monday forecast >> plus, a group of boys come together for one very special mother's day, surprising texas oh gosh, what an interesting hemline on those... pants? yes, i do believe they are called pants! pardon me! no! pardon me. at least geico makes bundling my home and car insurance easy. i save so much. (knocking) i have come to call upon... just text me! argh! well i'm heading up. it's a ghost! for bundling made easy, go to
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social media travis scott was also in attendance in support of his younger siblings >> that's the event to be at this past weekend. let's go back to michelle for more weather on your week ahead. >> good morning. we are looking at it all today we have winter weather advisories, heat advisories, severe weather threat and fire da dangers. today we're looking to build heatwaves throughout the south to the midwest we have winter weather advisories snow the inner mountain west. you're also looking at a warmer day. such a cool and wet weekend. as we head towards wednesday, plenty of sunshine along the east seaboard. we need some relief in the southwest. that's good news too because we're looking at fire danger today and also tomorrow. and also a chance of sierra snoer snow as we head towards fridays. a muggy day in the southeast snow still in the intermountain west and the fire danger continues in the southwest back to you guy, michelle, thank you. coming up, how a community came together for a special
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what would you like the power to do? . we are back with a group of boys in texas that made mother's day special. their organization partnered with fort worth police to make an unforgettable holiday for their moms, kxas has the story. >> she appreciates any quality time spent with her boys. especially when she can relax, be present and take in the moment. >> it is special, your hard work you put in as a mom. selfless, in giving to them. it is nice to have an opportunity to receive.
4:27 am
>> that was the goal. to make sure the moms felt special. that their sons played a major role as their escort to dinner. they had to look the part for a proper date. >> this is a special occasion, they need to dress for the occasion. they had to put on their blazers, tie, and excited about doing it. >> mario is the director for boys who come from women-lead single homes. >> we are doing everything possible to make sure they are successful in life. >> the owner of cafe republic, happens to be a fort worth police officer. not only did he open his doors for the event, but counted on fellow law enforcement to serve. the fellowship between the department and this organization is critical. >> it is an honor for these officers to be here. they had an opportunity to serve the kids and have a lasting
4:28 am
effect on these kids. police officers are human too. >> he -- she is grateful for the impact that this will have on her boys. >> really fun. >> stars, they are just like us and love their mommas too! first public photo of their daughter, maria, via surrogate. after spending 100 days in the nicu, she came home in time to celebrate her first mother's day. >> the caption, i miss you. >> the award winning actress
4:29 am
took a pictured without the support of her fifth grade teacher she would not be where she is today. >> we love our other mothers. >> we love our other mothers. >> we hope you have a great ♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ whoa... [john cena sniffs] how do they get these things to smell so good? ♪y, hefty...♪ [john cena sniffs] ♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ must be magic. hefty® ultra strong™ with fabuloso® scent.
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right now at 4:30, reduce your water usage immediately. that's the plea from one east bay city this morning, and why the drought is not to blame. plus, covid cases on the rise, the all new concerns as summer travels begin to pick up. and it is the start of a new work week, meteorologist kari hall is tracking when we could see more rain in the bay area and who got what over the weekend. this is "today in the bay." all right, it is monday morning, and it's time to get things going for you. i'm marcus washington. >> we are


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