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tv   Today  NBC  May 9, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thank you mike and kari. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at :25 with more live local news. >> joining our newscast again at 11:00. much more on "today in the bay." have a great morning, the "today" show is coming up next. test ♪ good morning breaking overnight, on display, in an attempted show of force to the world. vladimir putin front and center at russia's annual victory day parade delivering a message to the west, while the devastating war in ukraine rages o dozens feared dead after an air strike on a school. but support for ukraine grows. first lady dr. jill biden making a surprise mother's day visit. while u2's bono and the edge put on a performanced in a subway
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station. ♪ stand by ukraine ♪ ♪ oh oh oh ♪ ♪ stand by ukraine ♪ >> complete coverage live from ukraine and moscow straight ahead h. divided nation protests rage across the country over abortion rights, including sit-ins at the homes of several supreme court justices issues on capitol hill this week as americans on both sides await the hype for its final decision. soaring gas prices inching up overnight. closing in on an all-time high with the busy summer driving season on the way. is there any chance of relief? we'll bring you the very latest. mystery in paradise. questions around the shocking death of three americans at an exclusive five star resort in the bahamas. a fourth hospitalized after
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becoming dangerously ill >> it is really hard to wrap your brain around. >> inside the search for answers just ahead. those stories plus that's more like. after a chilly spring, a major warm up in the works for tens of mels this week al will tell us where to look today. and striking it rich >> rich strike is coming up on the inside oh my goodness >> inside that astonishing dom from behind victory at the kentucky derby that people are still talking about. one of the longest shots ever. a horse not even in the field just one day earlier taking the crown. >> i fell down when he hit the wire i'm so happy. >> how did he pull it off? we'll talk live with the man behind that victory today monday may 9th, 2022. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb.
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good morning good to see you. so happy you are joining us. will is in savannah and craig both off. >> hue about that kentucky derby on saturday? absolutely stunner 80/1 long shot coming out of nowhere to win horse racing's most iconic event. if you placed a $10 bet on rich strike, you are $800 richer this morning. and you owe some of that good fortune to this man, trainer eric reed. we'll chat with him live in a bit. what a story not in the race at this time friday morning when you sat here, late entry, wins the derby at 80/1. >> you said he was hyperventilating what a great win if you drive and placed a belt on that horse you might need the extra cash a gallon of regular gas now stands $4.33 up 14 cents the past week alone.
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more on that in a live report straight ahead. >> the numbers are shocking. but we begin in russia this morning the nation marking victory day. the soviet union's world war ii defeat of nazi defeat with a display of military might to the world. >> it comes hours after a very different kind of display. one of solidarity for ukraine on moernl's day first lady dr. jill biden appearing with the first lady of ukraine in the western part of the country. we have it all covered. starting with nbc's keir simmons in moscow. and we should point out that russia is cracking down on journalists ther limiting what reporters can say with a threat of imprison. with that said, good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. according to the russian government 11,000 military marched through red square behind me there this morning president putin walking close to us with cheers by the invited guests
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his speech as uncompromising as ever this morning, russia's military men and women marching through red square and in victory parades across rush yashgs the message, unmistakable. referring to the region of eastern ukraine where fighting is now focused addressing them, president putin defiant. you are fighting for your mother land, its future, he says. blaming the west for the conflict and saying their soldiers is a grief for all of us russia's leader evoking the memory of world war ii on this day declaring victory over the nazis but not declaring victory in what he call his -- in what he calls his special military operation this is a patriotic day for russia it is rarely held on a day like today. every one of these men and women have colleagues in ukraine president putin saying just a moment ago some of them have come here straight from the
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fighting after he spoke, intimidating military hardware, tanks, even nuclear capable missiles rolling through red square this was a smaller parade than last year. is a planned flyover of fighter jets and bombers canceled at the last moment. because of the weather, the kremlin says looking with his grandson, this man told me victory will come. it will not be otherwise this woman saying the victory of 1945 will be repeated in 2022. that is president putin's message, too following the parade laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. and so far polls suggest the majority of his people appear to support him. and today's parade was dripping in symbolism, hoda people will be looking closely for clues at the kremlin's intentions, but
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today president putin giving little away. hoda. >> keir simmons in moscow. thank you. inside ukraine, rescue crews are at a school. jill biden made a surprise weekend visit to western ukraine. good morning, erin >> good morning, willie. dr. jill biden is meeting today with the president of slovakia to thank slovakia for support for ukrainian refugees this after spending mother's day in western ukraine >> after crossing into western ukraine, first lady jill biden greeted her ukrainian counterpart with a bouquet of spring flowers and a warm hug. in a powerful mother's day show of solidarity.e ukrainia >> it's important to show the been brutal, and that ukrainian people that we support
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them people of the united states stand with the people of ukraine. >> reporter: not seen in person since the war began, elena zelinsky is it thanked her for her courage. we understand what it takes for the first lady to come here during a war, she said after a private meeting she helped dozens of displaced children with a moernl mother's day art project. and president zelinsky released this video marking the anniversary of the end of world war two. we're fighting if awe new victory and we have no doubt we will win as the war ranges on. a russian air strike sunday hitting a school doubling at a shelter. on. in lou lun at least 60 feared dead according to ukrainiuhansk on st 60 feared dead from this air strike accordi to ukrainian officials. in thi in the eastern city of bakhmut,e ukrainia more ukrainian tears after n tee russian air strikes also hit r air strikes also hit that city that city. this woman weeps over the dead
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this woman weeps over the dead bodies of her bodies of her they were kind they were kind, very good people, she says. very good people, she says ♪♪ ♪ ♪ stand by ukraine ♪ >> repor inside a capital subway station, bono and the edge from the band subway s u2 treated residents to a tatioe edge concert. fro and this weekend next to the m d pedestal of a statue that once stood at the tribute to the u2. and standing next to a founder of the soviet union pedestal that this, startling sculpture. the artwork is called shoot onco the statue of the yourself.soviet union, this startin what message are you sending?g d "shoot yourself. >> w >> putin has two choices he says.hat message are you sendin? >> reporter: put to go to trial or to take the it hint.o choices, we says go to trial or to take the a small number of american diplomats have returned here to. >> reporter: a small the u.s. embassy in kyiv which m has been sealed off since the bf beginning of the war. american diplomats returned here to kyiv, i'm told this is a temporary s beginning of the war visit and does not signal a fulo embassy reopening. willie?es not >> erin mclaughlin in kyiv ukraine this morning.signal a thank you so much. >> also the pain felt by americans at the gas pump is
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growing deeper. prices climbing even higher overnight, inching closer to an all-time record with the busy summer travel season fast roaching. morgan chesky is in dallas. hey morgan. good morning. >> good morning from texas. hard to believe we are just one of nine states nationwide where the average for a gallon of gas still below $4. but prices across the nation only expected to rise and we could be hitting that record price that we is set as a nation back in march. and right now all signs to point to one expensive summer travel season. from the highways to the skyways, the cost of getting where you want to go is once again on the rise. just weeks ahead of memorial day. >> i don't even look at how many gallons anymore or what the dollar amount is anymore. it is expensive everywhere. >> reporter: nationwide is average is around $4.33. up 14 cents the last week alone. and 1.37 higher than in this
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time last year. 22 states and washington, d.c. have had even bigger jumps. in michigan the price soaring 27 cents in a single week. >> the prices are pretty high. actually, we haven't cut down driving at all. i got to get to work and got to do things with the kids to chemo to keep them busy. >> two-thirds of people in a recent survey said they've made or will make significant changes to driving habits if prices are between $4.12 and $4.35. for others the threshold would be $5 a gallon. and it is not just regular. nationwide a gallon of diesel is $5.54. 2 plt $2.43 high thaern last year. a harsh reality for rafael whose company has 20 trucks. >> normally $2,000 in diesel and now i got to put $5,000.
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>> experts say diesel coupled with the highest inflation in decades could mean higher costs across the board for many products. >> everything in the economy you see in a store arrives via a semi truck. and surges in prices have been so recent that many costs will not yet filtered down to what you pay. >> as for the rising cost in diesel, they anticipate having a big impact on families vacationing this summer using rvs and keeping an eye on two factors regarding that price going forward, russia's war in already just around the corner. >> morga ukraine and hurricane season. hoda? >> morgan chesky. thank you.n chesky in dallas, texas. the battle over abortion front and center on capitol hill thank you. the ballttle this weak. over abostian front and center on capitol hill after a weekend filled with after a weekend filled with protests protests on both sides. on both in the wake of that leaked draf opinion suggesting that the the wake of that supreme court will will soon overturn roe v. wade. leaked sum blayne alexander is in atlanta with the latest.e court decision that they will blayne, good morning. overturn row >> reporter: well good morning . good morning. >> reporter: to you. well,
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over the weekend we did see wi morning. protests in dozens of cities over the weekend we saw protests in dozens of cities around the countr around the country.y including atlanta. many in so-called trigger law af roe were where abortion would be immediate outlawed if roe were to be overturned. now the focus is incingly shifting to local abortion laws with many states poised to take action in every corner of the country the fight over abortion rights is heating up. in wisconsin, a molotov cocktail was launched through the window of the headquarters of this anti-abortion rights group and in washington, protesters set up outside the homes of supreme court chief justice john roberts and justice brett kavanaugh. while more gathered on the steps of the nation's highest court. >> i'm here with everyone to have a choice whether they become a mother. >> reporter: it's been a week
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since the leak e supreme court draft opinion revealed the future of roe v. wade is under threat nearly 2/3 of americans want to keep roe in place. in washington, senate democrat are preparing to vote to advance a measure that would guarantee abortion rights nationwide but it is expected to fail because democrats do not have the 62 votes required nearly two dozen states are boysed to ban abortion outright should it be overturned by the supreme court. some state capitals are seeing a flurry of action when lawmakers advancing legislation in preparation. >> states have been build regular asterisk after restrict for decades and now they have turned that into ban after ban. >> all of it setting the stage for a potential patch work of laws from state to state fro mississippi governor at a time of the supreme court case. >> at the end of the day, there is n right to an abortion in the united states constitution. >> reporter: while in illinois, governor j.b. pritzker makes
7:15 am
this promise. >> we're going to defend people all across the nation who want to if they need to get an abortion they know they can come to illinois and they will be free. >> reporter: and all of this comes as senator mitch mcconnell said over the weekend in an interview with usa today that a federal abortion ban is "possible if republicans regain control in washington. he added that discussion is premature. >> blayne alexander in atlanta thank you so much. >> lot more to get to. tom llamas with some covid news. >> good morning. new york city for sure a new covid alarm this morning with cases back on the rise across certain parts of the country. and health officials expect that upward trend to grow in the months ahead nbc national correspondent gabe gutierrez. he joins us with the details good morning >> tom, good morning here in new york, the governor announcing she's tested positive as cases explode across the state and there is no new mask mandate in
7:16 am
place but health officials are strongly recommending them indoor once again this morning a dire warning of a dangerous fall surge ahead a senior white house official saying the u.s. could see up to 100 million new covid infections that is about a third of the population. >> we're going to have a lot of waning immunity. the virus continues to evolve an we may see a sizable wave of infections, hospitalizations and death this is winter whether that happens is largely up to us. >> reporter: now as a new highly contagious subvariant the biden administration renewing its call for vivid relief money, to hel provide funding, testing, therapeutics and boosters nationwide this comes after the u.s. topped a one million covid deaths in almost every state new covid cases are on the rise. up nearly 56% over the past two weeks.
7:17 am
>> we're seeing new variants and remember we have about 50% of the country that did not get infected in the omicron wave that is now freely out, dwoent have masks, also making them targets for infection. >> reporter: the northeast being hit hard, high alerts raised in several states including new york and connecticut and new york city ma be grappling with a fifth wave. >> time for preparation and using the many tools that we have, masks, vaccine, frequent testing and treatment. >> and as people gather for celebrations like graduations and mother's day health experts urge americans to stay vigilant. especially those at high risk. >> you may want to be more careful. have outdoor celebrations, consider using a rapid test. >> reporter: hospitalizations
7:18 am
also on the rise but overall helmet officials say cases are not as severe as last year and. >> we thank you for that 17 past the hour mr. roker. usually we're complaining at this time because it is cold and we're whining. not today. not today, al. >> who's ready for some weather? >> we are. >> who is ready for some warmer weather? all right. southwestern fires unfortunately. strong winds surging up to 65 miles per hour out west dry wind conditions going to be a problem. but for the folks in the midwest, the plains e we're talking records possible in ten states temperatures today we're looking at all at or above temperatures. as we move into tomorrow 16 states may see records from bryson city, columbus to new orleans. amarillo, tulsa, up to madison
7:19 am
wisconsin. get ready. 70s. by friday, 75. mid-80 in charleston chicago 90 degrees on thursday st. louis into the 90s that is the way, uh-uh uh-huh. and mid may, warmer than average in the northeast, gulf coast all the way out west that's what i'm talking about. but we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. it was literally... literally the greatest thing i've ever seen... scene... it was such a scene, but i looked pretty hot... so hot. i mean the look on his face... face it! you really missed out on the best time... time of our lives. you really had to be there. when you're with amex, you always have a story to tell. it's never a question of if it's going to happen... it's when. ♪♪
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good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san rafael, heading through the north bay, it's clear and sunny, and it's also going to be very chilly, with those gusty winds continuing, also a slight chance of rain today as our temperatures head to near 60 degrees, and a chance of rain for tomorrow as well. we will have a cool start to the week but take a look at how much more it warms up by the end of the week, on friday we're seeing our valley temperatures in the low 80s and mid to upper 80s this weekend. weather, guys? >> great job controlling the weather, al. thank you very much. >> what we do. >> up next investigation in the bahamas after the mysterious death of three americans at a popular resort there a fourth woman fighting for her life in the hospital we'll have the latest. plus he raced from the longest odds to a stunning come-from-behind victory
7:21 am
we're going to take you inside rich strike's incredible run into the history books in the kentucky derby when his trainer who has his own remarkable story joins us live but first this is "today" on nbc. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty.
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this is a craft 170 years in the making. (sniffing) for bold, smooth flavor in every batch of black silk. it's something we pride ourselves on at folgers... yeah, i said folgers. good morning. it is 7:26. i'm marcus washington. and here are today's top stories including a new trend in improvement projects kicking off today in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. we're hours away from the start of new construction project that will build on the first phase of the project deals with the 16th street improvement project. it will add biking lanes and slated to reduce transit time by nearly 25% for those who ride the 22 or the 18,000 daily
7:27 am
requireds. i'm bob redell, the price of gasoline unfortunately inching up again, gas at this station here in san ramon $6.25, a gallon, that is above average. you can see from overnight aaa suggesting that the average gallon of gas in the bay area anywhere from $5.80 to just over $6 a gallon. gas buddy says prices are going up because demand is going up over the memorial day holiday and europe indicated it wants to sanction russian oil because of its invasion of ukraine. time to look at the forecast for you on this monday. meteorologist kari hall is tracking that. >> it's cool and breezy around the bay area, the same weather we had from yesterday that continues today, and maybe even a couple of spotty showers. as our highs headed for 60 degrees, we are going to have a cool start to our week, but take a look at how it ends. we go from low 60s today for the inland areas, rain chances to sunny and very warm, feeling like summer this weekend, while
7:28 am
san francisco will see highs today in the upper 50s. marcus? >> thanks, kari. we'll have another local news update in 30 minutes. i'll meet you back here then.
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7:30 on this monday morning. 9th day of may 2022 there you go live look at myrtle beach south carolina al says it will final feel like beach weather for a lot of us on the east coast getting warmer as the days go on >> it's warm in the west. in the midwest now and coming east. >> finally >> our 7:30 headlines t biden administration announced plans this morning to provide affordable high speed internet access to low income americans
7:31 am
20 internet companies signed off on to the program agreeing to lower costs or increase speeds soon nearly 50 million households could be eligible for free internet service for an already existing federal subsidiary. >> powerful wind complicating efforts to contain wild fires in new mexico wind gusts are keeping some aircraft on the ground more than twice the size of philadelphia in the northern part of the state. thousands have been forced to evacuate. a baby formula shortage is getting worse in the u.s retailers will limiting how how many product customers can buy cvs and walgreens placing a cap of three baby foodie items officials site supplier challenges and the shortage is further complicated by a major
7:32 am
facility in sturgis, michigan. >> also a shocking and mysterious story out of bahamas where three americans were discovered dead at a popular resort after being found unresponsive in two separate villas. >> nbc national correspondent kerry sanders is there this morning. we heard you were able to speak to a couple friends of the victims? >> reporter: it is really tragic they came here to the sandals emerald bay resort to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary they and another couple started to feel ill and within 24 hours they were in the hospital being treated and three other americans were dead. this morning, the picturesque sandals resort in the bahamas now is scene of transgender. roil bahamian police founding the bodies of three americans at
7:33 am
sandals emerald bay. >> it is really hard to wrap your brain around. >> reporter: police first found vince unresponsive on friday his wife donis was very sick but alive. she was air lifted to a miami hospital. >> donis woke up feeling paralyzed. >> reporter: paralyzed. >> paralyzed is what was reported to us couldn't move. arms and legs were swollen and that she could see vince laying on the floor. >> reporter: moments later response crews found the bodies of another couple on the other side of the split beach front villa. a man slumped against a wall in the bathroom and a woman found in a bedroom police say both showed signs of convulsion but no signs of trauma the resort says it initially issued a health emergency and alerted medics while investigators are not sure what caused the three deaths, they do not suspect foul play.
7:34 am
local officials believe it is an isolated situation and say at least one couple felt ill the day before >> there were signs of individuals presenting with nausea, vomiting and symptoms. they were eventually seen too and subsequently discharged themselves. >> reporter: health experts tell investigators here, dizziness, nausea and temporary paralysis may suggest carbon monoxide poisoning. they are checking the area for leaks and examining the resorts diving and scuba gear fo possible contamination though this is unclear if any of the victims had gone diving. right now it is an urgent search for answers. >> is there any word whether or not american authorities are going to be involved in the investigation? >> reporter: the u.s. embassy offered services of course they are dealing with the notification of the next of kin of those two died. it is expected the bahamian
7:35 am
authorities later today may hold a news conference and give us more details, identifying all those who died here. and also giving us a schedule of when the autopsies will begin. because those autopsies may revf indeed reveal if this was carbon monoxide poisoning or something else. >> thank you kerry. >> unthinkable you go to paradise on vacation you die and don't have any idea right now. >> and so many families getting ready to travel for summer break too. up next. inside the jaw dropping upset at the kentucky derby rich strike, the horse not even entered one day before the race pulling off the astounding historic victory what's next? and how does that horse do it? we'll ask his trainer live right after this
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tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. we're back what a closer look at the stunning upset at the kentucky derby. >> been talking about this all morning. rich strike shokd the world winning the coveted triple crown first leg. nbc's jesse kirsch with more good morning. >> good morning. every time i watch that replay i get chills rich strike's win one of the biggest upsets in kentucky derby history and he did wit help in a jockey who spent a amount of the
7:41 am
time in tracks in the traction in ohio. all the magic pointing to kentucky right now, churchill downs. >> rich strike is coming down on the inside >> 80/1 odds, barely anyone gave rich strike a shot. >> oh my goodness. the longest shot had won the kentucky derby. >> this morning the 3 year old colt smelling the roses after racing into history. >> you fell down in the paddock when he hit the wire i'm so happy i just about passed out. this is the reason that everybody does this. >> rich strike's impossible win all the more exhilarating. because it wasn't just an upset. but a comeback too watch the overhead replay. he went from 15th to 1st just in time to win the most exciting two minutes in sports. >> we knew we had a shot every time he went longer he got better.
7:42 am
>> and became a major moneymaker for anyone betting on the literal dark horse a $2 bet pay over $160 in youngest town ohio, mark bush he made more than $6,000 thanks to a hunch to bet on rich strike's jockey. >> two words sonny leon. >> reporter: just one part o the story behind the horse's remarkable run to victory. >> a stunning unbelievable upset. >> reporter: rich strike riding high seeming to nip at a pony after the race he wasn't even supposed to be in the race until there was a last minute vacancy on friday rich strike had only one once before and coming off a five race losing streak into the derby. the second biggest upset i derby history and the biggest in more than a century. soaking it in after the race. >> your son a kentucky derby winning trainer. how does that feel for you
7:43 am
>> unbelievable. i can't even -- i can't explain it it's unreal. >> reporter: all of this from a horse that was purchased last june for all of $30,000. you can imagine he's probably worth a little bit more now. and he's got a shot to win the triple crown a real life underdog story about an actual dark horse, willie and hoda back to you still cannot believe it out here. >> we love the horse, we love the trainer. we love the joblgy but we really love dad what a great moment. jesse, thank you >> joining us now is one of the guys behind rich strike's success. trainer eric reed. hey, we heard you say that you practically passed out when your horse won. we're wondering how you are feeling this morning >> i'm full of life this morning. >> i bet you are, eric congratulations. you guys were very confident you say we wouldn't put a horse in this race that we didn't think could win the kentucky derby. but now with a couple of days
7:44 am
distance, come clean with us the horse before the race, an hour before was 99/1, 80/1 at post time. did you really think rich strike could win the kentucky derby >> we thought he would run really good. nobody thought we would win but we said earlier in the day we know the horse and the paper and numbers and the forum. i can see him being 80/1 but the public doesn't know much about us gave us no recognition didn't watch him train and he was workout was the best for anybody that ran that week and he outran everybody in the race we knew the extra distance and longer stretch and this horse had already won by 18 lengths at the track in our minds if he could fight through the horses he could win. and we absolutely thought we could win. >> pretty amaze. watching him weave through the
7:45 am
field of horses was just magic was there a point in the race where you were like i think we have this because he looked so far behind through most of it. >> i saw him into the final turn move into contention and i thought this is not a bad spot and sonny knows the horse. and i lost him in the middle of the turn he got in a big group of hours and i said i can't find him. where is he and about the time top of the stretch he just dropped to the rail. you are fifth. and i saw him is looking oh my god, dad we might hit the board and middle of the stretch he massed messier i here ken tyson going oh my god. oh my god. and about the second time he said it he put his head in front and i grabbed my father. i said oh dad we're going to win
7:46 am
the derby. and i don't remember hitting the wire because i went down and they jumped on me like i scored the winning touchdown at super bowl. >> well you did basically you. really did and what a ride by your jockey sonny leon you can almost see a moment from the view above where he decides hey let's go win the kentucky derby. you mentioned your dad been talking about your own personal journey been a trainer for 40 years. your dad herbert for 60 years. you have recently had a fire at the farm i think about six years where you lost some of those horses you love and you weren't sure you would continue in horse racing or the a trainer. how much more did that moment saturday mean? >> it meant everything we've had a rough six years. we had the barn fire which was probably the most horrific tragic thing i'd seen at that point. two of my best friends, assistant trainers pass away from cancer a year and a half
7:47 am
ago. by grandson was killed in a tragic accident. the only thing that kept us going was the horses and the love that everybody gave us and, you know, man, rich is america's horse. i keep getting these text and e-mails. he's america's horse he's brought us out of a dark time. >> what a beautiful ending there was a moment when the race was over, eric where they were describing him as feisty. he was nipping at a pony and people didn't know what to make of what was happening. looked like somebody was punching him off what was going on there? >> i'm glad you asked because i want to clear that up. the outrider's job at the end of the race is to get the leading horse and get him calmed down and take him around and let him do the interviews richie was in killer mode to outrun every horse on the track and he had not had a horse after
7:48 am
the finish line so when he saw that pony coming, he thought he had another horse to beat. and man did his job and reached out and grabbed hold of the horse. and made the horse mad he didn't know he was trying to help him he thought he was trying to outrun that horse. and bit his leg terribly couple bad bites and the horse is not a mean horse. he was just in race mode and he didn't understand. that man saved my horse from injury i'm sorry for the injuries he sustained. >> okay. glad you cleared that up we didn't know all that. congratulations eric i assume it is on to the preakness for you. we can't wait to watch rich strike is america's horse don't forget you can watch the preakness stakes saturday may 21st here on nbc and on peacock. >> wow learned a lot from that interview. >> learned a lot about that horse. >> yeah.
7:49 am
>> mr. roker, what about a check of the weather >> so exciting let's show what we've got going on unfortunately as we heard earlier. lot of fire weather. 11 million people under red flag warnings, nevada, to colorado. parts of texas dangerous wild fire spread potential. watching that. and here in the east, strong low pressure system off the coast keeping rip current breezy wind, flood advisories out for five million people from new jersey all the way down to the delmarva peninsula. severe weather tonight in the upper mississippi river valley damaging winds and tornados possible and texas, tomorrow late in the day, storm hazards, damaging >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds, breezy winds and cool temperatures for this time of year. we'll also have a slight chance that a few spots could see some rain. we'll continue rain chances tomorrow with highs in the low
7:50 am
60s. after that, we're dry the rest of the week and temperatures will warm up quickly going from the low 60s to the mid 80s this weekend for some of our interior valleys. san francisco will be in the upper 50s today, and also for tomorrow, but warming up by the end of the week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you coming up a royal change of heart. inside harry and meghan's decision to attend the queen's platinum jubilee after all with the kids. >> plus, why you won't see them during a very public event tied to that celebration. >> first these messages.
7:51 am
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good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here's a look at what's happening now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. remember that picture of the children sitting outside a taco bell in salinas on the curb doing their homework because they could get taco bell's free wifi. the white house says 20 american internet companies agreed to take part in a plan to provide free high-speed internet to poor families all over america. it's part of their $3 trillion infrastructure plan. let's get a look at the forecast for you today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking what we can expect. >> we're seeing a couple of spotty showers to our north as this cool air continues across the bay area. watch out for a chance that we
7:57 am
could see some showers by late morning in parts of the north bay, and that could also creep into parts of the east bay as well, but much of the rest of the bay area staying dry, and we'll also keep that slight rain chance tomorrow as this cool air continues, and it's a chilly start to the week but take a look at how the week will end. we'll see highs in the mid to upper 80s for saturday and sunday, as we go from winter to spring to summer, all in the course of the next seven days, it doesn't warm up as much in san francisco, but still we're going from upper 50s today to 73 degrees for saturday. marcus? >> all right, thanks, kari. we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. we'll see you back here then. this morning on "california live" fashionistas designing for a beautiful future and returning to the office anxiety as society openings back up, that's this
7:58 am
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8:01 am
new details about the vehicle they used to get awa and what she went shopping for earlier that week rvegt. plus, royal reunion. prince are harry and meghan markle will attend the queen's jubilee. new details about th celebration and what they cannot attend and oh mandy we're going one on one with mandy moore. catching up with the star about her family and her new music. as she gives a special performance "today," monday may 9, 2022. ♪ >> three generations of -- >> from illinois. >> arkansas. >> st. louis >> florida >> nashville >> shout out to my husband and
8:02 am
kids in columbus, ohio ♪ >> 17th birthday >> marietta, georgia >> today is our last day of school >> visiting from bloomington, north carolina because today i turn 60. >> all right. >> wow lots to celebrate outside. it's monday. we're happy to have willie and tom for savannah and craig like a lot of folks, savannah tested positive for covid on friday and then craig tested positive yesterday >> okay. >> but they are all feeling fine and hopefully they will be back soon and we're all testing negative >> all negative here >> let's get to our news at 8:00 russian president vladimir putin used his country's most important patriotic holiday to defend his invasion of ukraine erin mclaughlin is in kyiv with three things to watch there.
8:03 am
good morning >> reporter: good morning hoda today russia marks victory day as annual celebration of the end of world war ii. in a speech russian president vladimir putin told thousands of soldiers they are fighting in ukraine for the same thing as their fathers and grandfathers once again claiming russia was forced into their brutal invasion of ukraine by nato. president zelinsky and his own speech saying ukraine is fighting for the freedom of its children, vowing its own victory. today dr. jill biden visited the slovakian president following her mother's day trip to western ukraine where she met with the ukrainian first lady >> erin mclaughlin in kyiv thank you. new developments in the nationwide man hunt for that escaped murder suspect and now former corrections officerk stae
8:04 am
accused of helping the search now in its second full week. started in alabama but quick expanded to other states nbc's sam brock joins us this morning from franklin tennessee. sam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is hard to believe this is now day 11 of the man hunt the car that pair was using to get away was uncovered here in williamson county abanded on rural road hours after they first hit the road we're gaining more understanding of what she was doing in the days before this was all started. from this camera inside a quality inn vicky white checking out of a hotel ten days ago before going to her job as a corrections officer as usual but hours later according to authorities she helped spring a violent felon, casey white and the pair has been confounding law enforcement ever since.
8:05 am
>> i really had hoped that we would have them in a couple three days max. >> reporter: we learned in the week leading up to the escape vicky white went to a cole kohls shopping center and also itted an adult toy store. >> clothes for him the adult store thing i don't know what that was about. >> reporter: the time line setting the stage for an unlikely escape. 17 year veteran of the department assisting a man accuse of violent crimes and a capital murder their car found about an hour south of nashville. >> heard a noisy truck and idle for the longest time >> reporter: the suv eventually move to a towing lot for a week valuable time lost as authorities try to track down the pair white's former toney attorney daily bryant appointed to represent him in several appeals.
8:06 am
warns the felon is likely off his medication making him even more dangerous. >> casey is someone who suffers from mental illness. when he is not on his medication he has a tendency to self medicate by using methamphetamine. >> reporter: the rewards to their arrests have been upped to $15,000 for casey and $10,000 for vicky. as the u.s. marshals hope the new photos help them break the casey. and the car they used to get away is now headed back to florence, alabama, where this al began. as for how these two got out of tennessee. investigators are examining the possibility vicky may have had some help from a former inmate or somebody else >> dangerous guy sam, thank you so much two construction barges floated for miles down the potomac this week after breaking away from their moorings the barges were pulled in near williamsport maryland. bridges along the way were temporarily closed but crews
8:07 am
were able to stop the barges overnight, they plan to pull them to shore once high water levels retreat it is 8:06 we need a boost. here we go in 2018 college football player justice edwards was told he may never walk again because of a spinal cord injury during a game but he went from milestone to milestone. just one year after the injury he was using a walker. and this weekend at berry college in george he walked on stage to accept his degree >> justice edwards [ cheers ] >> edwards earned a degree in exercise science he credits his faith for keeping him going and said his graduation was quote a fruitful day. >> what a beautiful, beautiful moment congratulations justice. coming up next a long awaited decision for the royal family
8:08 am
prince harry and meghan set to bring their children to england next month for the queen's platinum jubilee. >> but one very public event they will not take part in the latest in a live report from windsor castle after this. ♪ ♪ google pixel. the only phone made by google. because when google makes your phone. your camera sees in the dark. sees all skin tones accurately. and fixes your photos like magic... literally. with a battery that learns from you and adapts
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we're back 8:13 with big news to the queens platinum jubilee. >> prince harry and meghan markle will be there but they will not join family members on the balcony of buckingham palace. >> more from windsor castle with more on this haste kristen, good morning. >> reporter: the uk abuzz with this last minute confirmation that harry and meghan will be in attendance as one royal watcher told us this morning, "this is going to spice things up a bit. it is a royal reunion. prince harry and meghan markle announcing they are excited and honored to attend this june with their children the whole family hasn't been together since harry and meghan stemmed down as working royals and moved to california.
8:15 am
and the first time the queen will meet her great granddaughter name lilibet. just last month in an exclusive interview, harry tol hoda he wasn't sure they would attend. >> lots of things, security and everything else. this is what i'm trying to make it possible that i can get my kids to meet her >> yeah. are you waiting for that day >> yeah. >> what do you think that will be like, that day. >> i have no idea. >> come on, you know it is going to be great. >> but things will be different this year. a palace spokesperson saying after careful consideration, the famous balcony photo op is now just for working royals. prince harry and meghan, and prince andrew stripped of his royal duties amid the jeffrey epstein scandal won't be included but estranged brothers william and harry could only in contact at other events. the golden coach that carried elizabeth to her coronation has been prepped and thanks to modern technology will show images of the young queen in the windows and new images of the 360 degree stage set for the star studded
8:16 am
jubilee pop concert have been unveiled while new unseen footage of a young elizabeth has also been released for an upcoming bbc documentary. one image of a beaming princess showing of her engagement ring the queen, now 96 is expected to decide day to day which jubilee appearances she'll make, as she battles mobility issues. but at the palace this week, preparations for the massive celebration are full speed ahead. and take a look. the tea towels are printed even your platinum jubilee socks. pretty much anything with the
8:17 am
queen ice likeness on it even show, people still afraid that perhaps harry and meghan coming may take some of the attention away from the queen. prince harry was actually seen acting today in a launch video for one of his initiatives that was released on youtube. that has many here wondering whether the cameras will also be following the couple when they return here to england hoda. >> lot of good questions there, kristen. let's dive deep we are nbc news royal commentator, daisy mcandrew they will in fact go with your kids but they are limited. they are not going to be in the big photo op t trooping of the color on the balcony what do you think went into the queen's decision to limit them >> reporter: my personal opinion hoda -- and very good morning to you. glad you haven't got covid like so your team on this question my personal opinion is that this is a really neat elegant solution to a big problem that was sitting in the queens intray.
8:18 am
how to manage the photo opportunity. who should stand where how to stop everybody looking at prince andrew and saying what on earth is he doing there because he's persona non grata pretty much everywhere at the moment. and then as you said the harry and meghan issue we know they would have been welcome on the balcony but what would have been unwelcome i think is the idea that all eyes would have been on them all eyes would have been on them looking to see what relations were like these days with windchill, with charles was it ferocity. what was the bad long like you know what it is like when everything mannerism is poored over and analyzed. the rule is if you are a working member of the royal family you are on the balcony if you are not, you are off the balcony that does kill two birds with one stone. >> i'm wondering how you think they will be received by the british public in addition at the invictus
8:19 am
games there were always cameras in tow documenting what was going on >> reporter: i'm hoping that this is the next step in the rehabilitation of harmony as far as the british public is concerned. because their popularity has taken a hit and the feeling is that they have made everything about them there is a bit of me me me rather than we the royal family. and people do feel with the queen being 96, with the country wanting to celebrate her 70 years on the throne, they want to see harry and meghan be a part of that so i think there is a bit of concern that if everywhere they go they are being trailed by camera crews filming everything for netflix, that perhaps that is a bit more than me me me rather than we we we and also there is definitely concern amongst the royal family inside the royal family how much of the
8:20 am
platinum jubilee celebrations behind the scenes is going to end up in the netflix documentary. so i think if they play it right, and if they look like they are being team members, then the british public will say we forgive you for whatever the slights that probably think they have done and move on. as the one thing you were mentions, it is about the children people are so excited that arch and lilibet are coming over. it is lilibet's first birthday on the sunday of the big weekend. wouldn't it be wonderful to see here with her name sake. the photographs being taken by kate you can dream but that would send a message that the family is back together. >> choreographed perfectly there, daisy appreciate you thank you function the insight. 8:20
8:21 am
here is mr. roker with a check of the weather. >> thank you, daisy. for today we've got few showers in the pacific northwest low pressure system spinning offensive line the eastern sea board and some strong storms firing up in the plains today. good monday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're watching some showers just to our north and there is that slight chance we could see in the north bay as our temperatures only head for 60 degrees today. still cool and breezy, slight chance of rain tomorrow as well. going into wednesday, it is all bright and sunny. but not yet warming up until thursday. and this weekend is going to be feel like sum we are highs in the valleys reaching to the mid to upper 80s and from san francisco, from upper 50s to 70s
8:22 am
this weekend. est weather. that is your latest weather. here is how you start the week off right. best time of the morning "popstart." mother's day, yesterday of course celebrating the special women in our lives hollywood honored moms it was an emotional holiday for actress ashley judd. opening up about the recent loss of her mom country superstar naomi judd she wrote "my mama was a legend, she was an artist and storyteller but had to fight like hell to overcome the hand she was dealt to earn her place in history i chose to honor my mama for the person she was and mother and so much more. very sweet there for some it was a first mother's day. in a pair of posts the couple details how after spending more than 100 days in nicu, their daughter is home priyanka and nick thanking doctors and nurses in los angeles who helped over the last
8:23 am
few months and writing our next chapter begins now and there is one guy we can always depend on for a good laugh. ryan reynolds with the help of his mother to whip up a special mother's day cocktail. take a look. >> stir till it is dissolved >> thank you as this chills for an hour you will want to spend that time reflecting on everything your mom has done for you over the years. >> i don't see a coaster. >> or just add champagne while it is warm and drink the every living [ bleep ] out of it mother's round. >> mother's round punch. >> upcoming bone biopic. >> get a haircut, butter cup. >> in that moment, i watched
8:24 am
>> get a hair cut, buttercup >> that skinny boy transform in a super hero ♪ ♪ >> hey now. >> hey >> that's just great >> -- on that film is crazy. >> the movie's already earned the family stamp of approval on friday prisila opening up about the emotional experience of seeing the film -- if the family sanctions it, we know what we're watching is not salacious. it is pretty accurate. next up. anthony anderson proving never too late to go back and get the diploma. he graduated from howard university with a bachelor of
8:25 am
fine arts degree from the college of fine arts over the weekend. calling this journey 30 years in the making credited his son for inspiring him to nourish the work after he was accepted into the university did walk at the commencement and handed the degree by howard alum and dean of fine arts. so congratulations on the big milestone. >> good for him. >> and finally america's song contest. tonight is the competition star studded grand finale artists from across the country are going perform for their chance to win best hit song. top ten includes washington, kentucky and the michael bolton from connecticut no idea how that works national jury of public voting will determine the winning song. and -- tonight features jimmy allen going to formula and.
8:26 am
snoop and kelly host of the show. >> just had the very busy mandy moore is here. >> yay >> final episodes of "this is us." she's a fan favorite around here we love our mandy. but first good morning, it is 8:26, i'm kris sanchez. three people are injured two of them right now are in critical condition in the hospital after an early morning house fire. it starts just after 3:00 this morning near bruna vista and 8th street. firefighters had to rescue fro victims an both of them suffered burns and smoke inhalation. and we're having a roller coaster in our forecast. kari is tracking it. >> it is weather like winter. highs in the low 60s and watch
8:27 am
something spotty showers nearby. and this is the way that the day will shape up very much like yesterday. with a high of 60 in livermore and about the same tomorrow with a slight chance of a spotty shower or a thunderstorm. and then on wednesday it is starting to warm up as we get more sunshine. but then we head straight up hill by the end of the week we'll see temperatures reaching into the low 80s and even some upper 80s by the end of the weekend. while san francisco will start out the week with upper 50s and get ready for those 60s and 70s to come our way. a really nice weekend ahead. >> kris. >> looking forward to the weekend. we have more local news coming up for you in just half an hour.
8:28 am
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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scan the qr code you can find or go to making spacy wherever you get your pod cast. >> yesterday i snuck into my mom's suitcase she'll be on "today. >> what your your name >> -- >> you got out of the suitcase
8:31 am
right? there are no snacks under the plane. >> love it where you guys from? >> pa. >> thank you for coming down and hollywood the word, hoda's season finale of making spaces you have a huge guest. >> we're close things out with the one, the only rita moran i had a chance to sit with her i don't know if you know her life story i was learning more and more
8:32 am
about it as i got to sit with her. all the things she overcame, the pressures of hollywood she attempted suicide one time and she talks about how she turned her life around she's 90 years old chef is run the world and working movies she's amazing. >> scan the qr, code, can you find it or go to making spaces where you get your podcasts. >> all right how about a quiccheck of the weather. >> this is one of the funniest signs i've seen. i snuck into my mom's suitcase to be on "today. pictures are spectacular >> what your your name >> -- >> you got out of the suitcase right? there are no snacks under the plane. >> love it where you guys from? >> pa. >> thank you for coming down i love that sign looking at what the week ahead sunshine eastern third of the
8:33 am
country. severe storms through the plains chilly with mountain snows out west record heat through texas. by the time we get into the midweek period, record highs through the ohio river valley. warmer temperatures along the eastern sea board. fire risk continues in the southwest. and end of the week, wet weather along the mid atlantic states. record highs into the northeast of new england above average highs through the center part of the country that's what's going on a good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're starting out the week cool. more clouds and also a slight chance of rain here and there for today and tomorrow. but then look at wednesday. it is clear, sunny, highs in the mid-60s. and then it is starting to warm up on thursday. really nice and warm weekend ahead as we'll see our high temperatures in the valleys reach the upper to 80s. san francisco will have a significant warm-up from the upper 50s to about 73 degrees on saturday with sunshine.
8:34 am
and now we have a cheaper way to travel. just get in that suitcase. >> coming up get ready to shop. best sellers to talk about, including pants that will help you jump on the coastal grandma trend? y'all know about that? it's hot but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ girl you know it's been way too long ♪ ♪ i got to get back in my zone ♪ ♪ ooh wee ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ alright ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ 3... 2... 1... ♪ ♪ you know i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ [ music stops ] ♪ hey ladies, don't we look good? ♪ ♪ we came to have a good time baby ♪
8:35 am
♪ said i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ ♪ me and all of my girls gonna tear it up ♪
8:36 am
back now 8:46 with a new batch of "today" best sellers this morning. customer favorites heading into the summer fashion essentials that are on trend. and you can start shopping right now go tour qr code chassie, good morning. >> good morning. >> so these are the favorite of the customers. >> i love researching what shoppers will loving so much fun to see and we've got really good ones everybody is wearing in this summer is the visor. it is so cute. kind of like that sporty tennis court trend we've seen so must have but you don't have to be doing sports to wear it.
8:37 am
and what customers say is the coolest thing, is it is strong material but rolls up into this little. >> sure. you can't pack on vacation but this one you can. >> yeah. and -- and you know what's great us who love a pony tail or this messy bun. this is the new version -- >> all right take me to swim suit season. >> hoda. >> yes >> over 10,000 ratings for this. >> over 10,000 rate physician are this >> what do they like about them. >> customers loving that it is so flattering. this little color block thing is a big trend but it also creates
8:38 am
an optical illusion. this is high waist here is really elongating. and then its got that great wrapped silhouette and really flattering on lot of people and a little tummy control and it is about $33. >> this is the coastal grandma trend everybody is talking about. >> yes i love this trend. think diane keaton in something's got to give. and you got the coastal grandma trend. easy, effortless can't you see these pants walking the down the beach. >> yeah and they seem comfy. >> so comfy. 100 percent linen, hoda. and cropped silhouette and elastic waistband. and 100% linen for $23 >> yeah. breathable great for summertime. >> greej breathable. breezy easy breezy. >> you call this an exercise dress? >> yes hoda. >> for what? >> kind of like the warm weather version of the yoga pant and you don't have to be exercising to wear it. and it is really so cute and comfy. >> shorts under it >> yes
8:39 am
look it is almost like shape wear like a little biking short i tried it out i love it so much that i have three. and we're seeing women wear these constantly anywhere you would wear your legging. perfect for sporting and also lounging, shopping and its got this wonderful moisture wicking support material and it is $29.99 so many cute colors. you are going to see a lot of exercisers, air quotes, wearing these. >> yeah. >> the 90s, we've seen these they are back in a big way one of the biggest hair trends of the entire season but i think these are pretty glamorous. >> yeah. it is not quite a banana clip. doesn't go all the way. >> the tortoise and mother of pearl in here and a set of eight. for under $10. >> easy way to put your hair up.
8:40 am
>> so easy just grab the claw so easy. and i love the price and last but not least >> the most comfortable shoes you will ever find. >> i wish you could slide under these. these called cloud slides and they are are number one best seller not only for women but also for men and quite simply they are popular not for their looks but for the way they feel. >> good for the beach? are they water proof >> we're seeing women wear these everywhere to the store, the beach, to the pool and i mean they are water proof. >> okay. >> and they are like walking on sunshine and so, so affordable. >> thank you cassie. how much are they? >> they are under $20. yes. >> all right to. shop these picks, scan the qr code you can head to up next watching up with mandy moore is and a live performance of her new song.
8:41 am
but first this is this is "today" on what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi.
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the citi music series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. we are back with a "today show" favorite award winning actress and singer mandy moore. >> mandy is releasing a brand new album "in real life" this week >> and first a bit of everything happening in her world good morning great to sue you hi band. how was that sound check 5:30 >> pretty early. >> yeah. mother's day >> yeah. >> everybody take good care of you. >> we were flying from los angeles. >> oh, happy mother's day. >> yeah. flying with a toddler was actually pretty uneventful in the best way. >> that is a win
8:44 am
>> that was a real win >> cute. >> cutie yeah. >> good boy. >> and "this is us" finished just last week right? >> yeah. tuesday. >> -- last scene of the day. you went early why did you go early. >> i went early because i want to see the rest of the cast wrap al there were a bunch of people wrapping right before milo and i. >> was it crazy? >> it was more emotional i think watching them wrap than when i actually wrapped the as lot six years of our life and telling the story of this family it is a lot to let go and say goodbye to. >> talking maybe a run on tissues in grocery stores? >> i feel like you are going to need to take a day off of work after the finale >> good vice.
8:45 am
>> talk about the music. back on the road lot of people first met you at 15 singing candy -- >> -- >> -- what is it like to get back out there i know you were prepared to go on the road couple years ago now you feeling act all this >> item despited i wrote my whole world record taylor, my husband and best buddy mike here. great to be able to take this show on the road as a family is most exciting. >> it was like no music. and silver landings came out and basically put out two records in like two years. >> yes >> most artists have a release coming now is reflective of time in the pandemic. >> it is a lot of reflecting on parenthood impending parenthood thinking back to mychild and make sense of the pandemic and everything >> how have you been with all this new baby "this is us. acting, singing going on the road how do you get through that? >> i don't know you just prioritize swhaefr in front of you and try and remain present if you can it is like wearing one hat at a time i guess >> -- >> yeah. >> -- music hat right now and take it away mandy moore ladies and
8:46 am
♪♪ ♪♪ gentlemen. ♪ ♪ eyes ♪ ♪ and two more in o ♪ i can see four moons all at a♪ ♪ i can eyes ♪ ♪ and two more in our cups ♪ ♪ where do the days go ♪ ♪ whe ♪ one in the sky ♪
8:47 am
♪ one in your eyes ♪ ♪ and two more in our cups ♪ ♪ i can hear music in the air ♪ ♪ i can see four moons all at once ♪ ♪ ♪ i can once ♪ ♪ kun in the sky one in your ♪ ♪ ♪ and our very first christmas tree ♪ ♪ eyes ♪ much ♪ ♪ step on your toes ♪ ♪ pull you in close ♪ ♪ never really close ♪ and two more in our cups ♪ ♪ where do the days go ♪ tempo ♪
8:48 am
♪ there ain't a step i'm ♪ when did the clock start ticking ♪ flow ♪ ♪ looking at you and ♪ pickling up tempo ♪ ♪ there ain't a step i'm skipping ♪ ♪ i'm in a flee flow ♪ ♪ looking at you and thinking ♪ ♪ i can see four moons all at once ♪ ♪ ♪ i can smell our whole history ♪ ♪ dinner we burned ♪ ♪ your favorite shirt ♪ ♪ and our very first christmas tree ♪ ♪ i wanna hold your hand a little too much ♪ ♪ step on your toes ♪ ♪ pull you in close ♪
8:49 am
♪ never really close enough ♪ ♪ where do days go ♪ ♪ when did the clock start ticking ♪ ♪ picking up tempo ♪ i'm in a f♪ ♪ looking at you and ♪ there ain't a step i'm skipping ♪ ♪ i'm in a free flow ♪ ♪ looking at you and thinking ♪ ♪ i can see four moons all at f once ♪♪ once ♪ ♪ i can see four moons all at once ♪ >> mandy. >> let's go. >> that was awesome. that was great >> thank you very much >> and look at your gorgeous husband over there a clear shot of taylor but there he is. thanks y'all. >> what a great sound. >> what a great way to start our monday that was perfect and you are coming back on the fourth hour with me and jenna. >> yes, ma'am. >> we got party planned. >> the new album is out friday
8:50 am
"in real life. great to see you mandy congrats >> thank you. >> this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
♪♪ ♪ let's go out of town for the summer ♪ ♪ i wanna go across the trees ♪ ♪ just take my hand ♪ ♪ we will have fun till the sun goes down ♪ ♪ and we'll start over again ♪ ♪♪
8:52 am
and and welcome back uncle al, seems like a good time to celebrate only birthdays. >> let's take out the smucker's jurors and see who we've got first a happy 100th birdie to robert english a christmas card enthusiast from sheboygan michigan loves sending cards to his 22 great grant kids and 16 great great grandkids and 16 great, great grand kids that's amazing jean bergeman is 100 and jeanne onc bolton
8:53 am
shopper from cincinnati, ohio. been a member of her local church for more than 80 years. amazing. and miller floyd is 100 from chesterfield virginia. he starts the day with oatmeal secret to his longevity. and milton goldstein from massachusetts, avid reader 101 years old. served as a staff sergeant in world war ii we salute you. >> amen. >> and happy 100th to gertrude burstein from new york she's played tennis every day until she was 90 there you have it. all of our happy birthday wishes >> always love those >> happy birthday to all of them hoda what's ahead on hoda and jenna? anything on casual grandma what's that called coastal grandma. >> you have to read up on it by the way jenna is back off for a week and she's back. we're going to talk about summer's must see movies and mandy moore as you mentioned. >> "top gun" this weekend.
8:54 am
>> oh. >> fantastic. >> fantastic. >> so good >> yeah. >> first on the third hour, remarkable young woman chasing two dreams as a nurse and a model. first here your local news
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning, it is 8:56, i'm kris sanchez. san francisco's mta is kicking off a major improvement project to boost commute time as long one of the city's busiest corridors, the 16th street improvement project. it is going to add bus only
8:57 am
lanes between church avenue and when the project is finished it will move buses through the area 25% faster but it won't be completed until the end of next summer meaning drivers in that area should expect this traffic disruptions for more than a year. happening now, our cierra johnson is talking with transit leaders an we'll have the latest in our midday news at 11:00. also at 11:00, it is been another tough day on wall street. at times the dow has been trading more than 500 points lower coming on the heels of four straight losing weeks. scott mcgrew is tracking it. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds.
8:58 am
and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. we continue to celebrate a api month by shining a light on kristi yamaguchi, we ask her about winning gold 30 years ago. >> and cracking down on short-term rentals. new ordinance in the naeb.
8:59 am
tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00.
9:00 am
this morning on the third hour of "today." our pain at the pump. gas prices nearing record highs with the busy summer travel season upon us. how much we're all going to be paying to fill up our tajs. plus "today" celebrating nurses. a motivational message from one women with two passions. balancing her love of nursing with her modelling dreams. and taking it back to the 80s and actor andrew mccarthy joins us in studio. and how it felt to be a member


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