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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 9, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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contest and now has her iphone photo prominently displayed in san francisco. nbc news at 6:00 starts now. this video just into our newsroom. a car riddled with bullets after a three-way shooting on interstate 80. again, this is near vacville. we reached out to chp but the investigation is still active. they don't have much to share with us right now, but that car was riddled with bullets. no word yet on injuries or deaths. terry csweeney is arriving on scene shortly. the bears biggest city bringing the masked mandate back. this as covid cases continue to rise across the state. details on who will be impacted by the new mandate and how they
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don't have to look far for mandatory masking that works. >> for the more than 6,000 people who work for the city of san jose, masks indoors are once again a job requirement. >> even though our interview with a spokesperson wore a msk because she worked for the city. it was mandatory for employees and strongly encouraged for the public. >> friday, may 20, 2022, this date may be extended as we continue to monitor covid cases in san jose county in our work force. >> the mask mandate was never lifted in this school. they will tell you they didn't have a choice because community rates were high but vaccinations were low. and it's paid off.
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>> our numbers were not as bad. >> on january 29, there were 255 school exposures. they drove down to single digits after spring break. the number is once again back down to single dijts. i think keeping it is masks was good. i think it was an important layer of protection. >> reporter: in fact, with the county covid numbers climbing, the superintendent is now considering extending the mask requirements to summer school. the question now is bay area county is now back in the high transmission county. should. >> now, we understand that the covid situation is dhanging every hour and we're constantly updating our stream rg. click download. there you can watch our
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sfwoerld. you may have noticed, gars to $4.33 a gallon. most of our counties are averaging anywhere from $5.81 to anywhere to $6 for a gallon of gasoline. oil prices are rising. as europe indicates, it wants to sanction russian oil because of the russian oil inside ukraine. >> at the same time, general air. that's an indication of how bad it's going to get this summer. >> he reminds us slowing down.
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as inappalachian crimes, to trt. held a town hall discussion at ipa food center in newark. the goal was to find more about the problems and heavy huge ds rs. >> reporter: one of the things we could do is if the federal at a low price and sell it at a low price. >> they got a definitely. he said he plans to talk to president biden about what he heard at this town hall meeting.
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>> third time in five years, a noose found. reaction from both students and administrators. >> reporter: the noose was reported to virginia police and they are now linking it as a hate crime. he was under arrest. >> it's a terrible situation. it's just really bad and kind of scary to see that on your own campus. >> it's not the first time a noose has been discovered on campus. in 2019, a noose was found hang ogg a tree outside the place where a diverse group of high school students were staying and then two new ropes, you see a
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recall fortunately. every time you see a noose, it is associated that is most identified with black people. >> amir lagen says something has to change. beyond investigating as a hate crime, r. like let's make some systemic changes as opposed to moments of apologies. >> in a statement sent to students and staff to. we cannot say strongly enough that a noose is spesd.
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we must stand united against such kaukt and those who period of time -- on bay area news. . oakland police got a call about 7:30 last night. police rushed to the steam ride and a man died on the scene. up close frightening look at a story we first brought you. we believe this car shot from under green light. the sheriff's office says the other cry had hit. >> it is best i could find.
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16th avenue and footnichlt has a long history of appointing city products. most recently dorothy was the dheef spokesperson and communication strategists for the city police chief bill scott. before that he aefshd 14 years as a spokesman against denny va hair on. which he will. even comparing it to are the. >> as a gay man lifrg with hiv who remembers those terrifying days, i will tell you that just like aids, the stigma of who is dying is masking the horror of
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how many are dying. >> dorsey went on to say he plans to campaign to keep the seat in november. out going former aide to supervisor matt haney has also announced plans to run for that seat. apple showing off photos taken by regular people on iphone. this was a contest inviting submissions all over the world. the winner gets their faces posted on the billboards. we see it right through ut reporter, scott budman. >> her work is about to be larger than life, thanks to a billboard in san francisco and a worldwide contest. now this photo, taken by ashley lee, a ten chosen in apple's
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micro approximate zl. our winner represents. manically. >> ashley said she was inspired while in covid lockdown. >>ly we welcomed back to the committees in southern at, then pulled out her i>> okay recall. ly it all came together to look like this. now skme pm. nbc bay area news. up next we have the cloedly.
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>> ka mu. i'll show you why the drought isn't the only thing concerning video officials here. >> reporter: i'll till what. i'll tlak and show you eats frl right now getting to the bottom of a growing baby formula storage. whatly. we know in avmt. >> join the best for nightly news. ly ly.
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a 30% cut is mandatory after a water main break at a water treatment plant just yesterday. >> luckily it was pretty cool here. it actually rained yesterday afternoon. residents here say as the week heats up, they hope to see the pipeline permanently fixed. >> we have people working to pipe water throughout the facility to ensure we can have
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safe water treatment at the plant. >> a pipe broke yesterday, limiting the amount of usable water the city delivers. that's why benicia is calling on every resident and business to cut their water use by 30%, while permanent repairs are made. neighbors we talked to are taking the request seriously. >> we're going to have to be just more aware of how we're going to landscape, maybe suck lents and things like that in the yard, things that take less water. >> reporter: they are hoping people will cut down voluntarily because they have a serious problem. >> we have an aging infrastructure and that's one of the symptoms of that. we need to be careful about our choices so we don't endanger our coming generations.
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>> city experts say residents should be aware governor newsom is expecting to call for mandatory water conservations statewide soon. most neighbors here already preparing for it. >> we do laundry once or twice a week, if that. it's pretty hard with family, but we do our best. >> reporter: city officials say if everybody chips in, they should weather this water crisis and ensure that the water making it out of the facility is safe. >> the water is safe to drink. when you turn on that tap, the water is safe to use just as it was three days ago. >> benicia, sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. one of the streets will be tied up for a year-long construction project. they are adding another bus to 16th street. the improvements will help bus riders get around town faster
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and make it safer for bicyclists and pedestrians and drivers, too. >> too many pedestrians going at the same time, so anything that can help cut down the amount of pedestrians crossing would help. >> it's going to take a while, though. muni estimates work should be done by next summer, so you should expect traffic trouble around that area for at least a year. take a look at this. it is may and it is snowing in the sierra. over the past 24 hours, a storm had dusted the mountains with snow. chp says if you are traveling to the sierra, you do need to drive carefully. >> we've got a big snowstorm there and then the weather is about to make a dramatic turn. >> jessica, do you know how you wanted to see me beyond the weekend? we're going to set it off a little differently here tonight and we're going to begin with a 10-day forecast. i think it's a really good thing here, especially with how cold it has been the past couple of
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days. certainly very strange for may. we have chilly weather on the way with 60 degrees. 79 in prada and look at this heat coming for the weekend. 87 on saturday, 83 on sunday. we'll be dry this weekend and next week we'll cool it off back in the 70s. overall i think those temperatures will be pretty comfortable for us. let's go ahead and get to those 60-degree temperatures. it was all about this area of low pressure that set up last friday, hung out, took its time. we had the wind this weekend and some spotty areas of rain, and of course colder temperatures that started to really move in yesterday, stayed with us today. we've got one more day of this coming our way with isolated showers and also a little bit of wind. i don't think it will be as windy tomorrow, but breezy at times. we'll take you to the radar right now and you can see i've got this put in motion. we had thunderstorms earlier across northern california. those are starting to die down.
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heavy snow in the sierra if you're heading there tonight. the bay area, nothing to track. dry conditions, isolated drizzle, light shower there right off the coastline of san francisco. as we take it into the forecast here, as we roll through tonight, i'm anticipating dry conditions here at 11:30. we're watching activity offshore that could bubble up a little bit for us by 8:00 tomorrow in the south bay. a spotty shower. 3:30 tomorrow over the north bay, right over the east bay. as we head to tomorrow night, we're seeing things dry out for us. across the sierra, we're good for another two, two, about 6 inches of snowfall. we could see that starting just after colfax and pines. it's going to be cold, those heaters clicking on again tomorrow morning. in fact, on my ac heater unit, i actually had to tell it to turn the heater on this morning, it
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was so cold when i woke up. you may have had to adjust those settings. we're down to 41 here in the tri valley. in the north bay, 37, san francisco bay 42. we've got upper 50s and low 60s across the bay area. winds out of the northwest, 10 to 20. let's take you to that forecast. warm weather by saturday up to 72. 69 on sunday and through the inland valleys. we're going to 80 on friday. jessica, we've got those mid to upper 80s. huge, huge change for us. up next, open for business. i'll tell what you to expect with the first meta store, as in metaverse. it's right on the peninsula.
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they said they will slash spending on market incentives. he went on to say they'll treat hiring as a privilege and be more deliberate about where they add to their head count. across the country today, many daycare centers did not open to make a statement of a day they dubbed a day bout child care. in oakland it was marked with a rally. providers asking state and federal governments to address what they maintain are gender, racial and economic dispariies and handicap care providers. >> a liberal wage, retirement plan and benefits. these are the basics! and it's not too much to ask for! >> child care hit parents hard after the pandemic.
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gas and food are increasing every single day. the road to the metaverse goes through burlingame for now. long lines today for a grand opening. take a look. meta's first physical store opening today. meta, the parent of facebook, will show how the company's virtual look actually works. >> i want to see what it actually feels like. >> i want to see the store because i work in the silicon valley. it's a top notch industry. >> you have to be into tech to really enjoy the stuff. the store is open monday through friday. up next, cracking down on ghost guns. you see one of the top stories inside russia and
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this is a big problem for a lot of cities. san jose may be banning ghost guns. >> they get that name because they're hard to trace and can be easily assembled through kits and 3-d printers. the number of those types of guns found at south bay crime
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scenes have increased by 70% in the last few years. there is a ban on not just making ghost guns but in selling and distributing the parts. now at 7:00, steve kerr testing positive for covid. so what does this mean for the remainder of the playoffs? and the bay area's biggest city telling people to mask up again. will other cities follow suit? coming up next on "nightly news," dozens of attacks in mariupol under siege today. the nation celebrated its world war ii victory. president putin used the occasion to justify the invasion of ukraine but didn't adopt new escalation? so now what? lester holt joins us from new york now. breaking news tonight. the two alabama fugitives caught after a nationwide manhunt just a short time ago, authorities announcing an escaped murder suspect and the corrections officer accused of helping him were captured after a
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chase and car wreck in indiana. the officer taken to the hospital what we're learning. also tonight, vladimir putin speaking to thousands at russia's victory day parade, marking the defeat of nazi germany. the defiant message he sent to the west and new images, the bombing of a school in eastern ukraine. more than 60 feared dead our teams inside moscow and ukraine the fight over abortion escalating in wisconsin. an antiabortion rights group's office hit with a molotov cocktail senate democrats preparing a vote this week on abortion rights as the battle rages from state to state. mystery in paradise police naming three american tourists found dead at a bahamas resort a fourth airlifted to the u.s. what caused it the nationwide shortage of baby formula. the urgent warnings from pediatricians nbc news investigates the chilling, never-before-heard fbi interview with a school shooter a year before the killings.


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