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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  May 9, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now on nbc bay area news we are following breaking news. a shooting on interstate 80 in bakeville. a child has been injured. what we're learning about the latest freeway shooting. and more winter-like weather heading our way including hail and snow in the sierra. jeff ranieri with us tonight tells us what to expect in the coming hours. and the bay area's largest city telling employees to mask up again. will other local cities follow suit? the highest gas prices we've ever seen, again. what is fueling the historic highs. good evening. i'm raj mathai. we begin on this monday with breaking news. it is troubling. a child has been caught in the
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crossfire of a freeway shooting on interstate 80 near alamo drive in bakeville around 4:20 today. traffic was blocked but all lanes of 80 are now open. video sent to our newsroom shows this car covered in bullet holes. the car was at the emergency facility in fairfield. the chp telling us a 7-year-old child was riding in the back seat of the car. the injuries thankfully are not life threatening. no word on any suspects. anyone with any information is asked to contact the chp. we will keep you updated as we learn more. also tonight we kick off this week with rain and hail. the temperatures are dropping. more rain is on the way. our radar is lit up and green there. not just rain but hail. this video from the santa rosa fire department early this afternoon. in the sierra, more late season snow. something that we love to see not only for skiers and boarders
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but for our snow pack. the majority of california is already in a drought. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. any rhyme or reason why the unusual weather at this point? >> it's all about this area of low pressure. it started setting up into last friday and then slowly is lingering across the west and helping to bring down the colder air and bring the possibility of showers and isolated thunderstorms and also has been kicking up that wind. >> what is the sierra looking like for snow in the next few hours and what about rain? >> rainfall will be hit and miss for us. at 11:30 tonight i expect dry conditions through the bay area into tomorrow morning, a spotty shower chance near the south bay but a better bet of isolated thunderstorms redeveloping 4:00 p.m. tomorrow over the north bay and the east bay. i do think we'd clear out from any activity as you roll into 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. sierra snow we're good for 2 to 5 inches expected across interstate 80, highway 50. so be prepared for those wintry
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conditions as we head into tomorrow. >> we were joking a couple hours ago. my house today we put the heater back on. in terms of the cold weather i know it is going to be a little longer and then we do a dramatic shift. >> yeah. this is really going to turn around for us quite a bit this week. we have the 60s in the forecast again for tomorrow. you see the forecast here in livermore at 62. then we see it jump up to 77 friday. 86 saturday. 80 on sunday. next week it does cool off a little bit. i am expecting dry weather but overall remains comfortable a is we head into next monday, tuesday, and wednesday. this rainfall we had over the past 72 hours obviously did not make a big dent in the rain season but this continues to help to push back our fire season. if that is all we get out of it, it is really good news this year after what we've been through the past several years. >> a very good point and a big win for all of us. we'll see you later in the newscast. another great way to track the rain and snow and the hail,
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our nbc bay area app. get access to our exclusive storm ranger radar. you can see when the rain will move into your area. more developing news tonight. warriors head coach steve kerr is out. kerr tested positive for covid and will miss tonight's playoff game. presumably he'll miss the next five days at least. the news broke just a couple hours ago. assistant coach mike brown will lead the warriors tonight in game 4 of the playoff series against the grizzlies. this was at a news conference over the weekend, kerr wearing a mask. as of right now no warriors players have tested positive. steve kerr just part of this recent surge, a rise in cases bay areawide prompting the bay area's largest city san jose to reinstate the mask mandate. it went into place three days ago for all city of san jose employees. it will last at least two weeks. just one month ago santa clara county was seeing an average of 190 cases per day.
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now an average of 550 new reported cases each day. joining us tonight the spokesperson for the city of san jose. i see you are masking up right now. i am guessing you are in a city building. >> that is correct. i'm at city hall right now where masking is a mandate for two weeks. >> who made the decision? are you getting pushback? >> no. other city executive staff made the decision and it was based on an abundance of caution due to recent data from the county of santa clara showing the increase of positive cases in the county. is it odd for you, i don't think san diego or new york is doing it. why san jose? >> well, we see the increase of cases throughout santa clara county and have been monitoring
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and evaluating as days go by. we see to keep our employees safe, our community safe, it was something we needed to do. >> thank you for your time. >> sure. absolutely. >> that is for city employees inside city buildings. so san jose for now. here is the question. could other cities follow suit? should we be making other changes? joining us now one of our covid experts. doctor, nice to see you again. will it make a difference in san jose? any harm to require city employees in city buildings to mask up? >> certainly there is no harm of masks. i would say we've been looking at the mask mandate versus mask literature over the last two years and places that put in back mask mandates didn't seem to have lower cases than places that didn't have the mandates especially after vaccination. for example, oc county and l.a.
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county put back masks during the delta surge and it was really just the rate of vaccination that determined number of cases. and hospitalizations. that is probably because people are wearing masks a bunch of different ways. it was not the best mask. and cloth masks and wearing them down on their nose and mask mandates really haven't seemed to make a difference. if you want to avoid it, wear a good mask. >> it is fascinating we continue to have this debate two years in. why the disagreement right now about mask mandates even among experts and doctors like yourself? >> you know, because it is something we can do. it is something that made sense. covering your nose and mouth. doesn't it make sense we could stop cases from occurring? and it is just something city officials feel they can do so philadelphia put back mask mandates about two weeks ago and then four days later took them off because they got so much pushback from the community.
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probably other places aren't going to be doing this in california. so it is going to look sort of like an outlier. it is just something kind of a visible sign of the pandemic. you wish putting back mask mandates would change things but it doesn't seem to have. however, i still recommend anyone who is vulnerable to wear a fit and felt erd mask. it won't completely prevent it but can help. >> any guidance on what to do to avoid the surge for those who haven't tested positive already in the last couple weeks? >> you are right that not everyone will test positive and you certainly don't have to be in situations where you are around each other and you can stay away from cases. i think a lot of people have seen covid, though. it is very important to remember that our hospitalizations are staying low. that is really the immunity we have here in the bay area from two reasons. one is vaccination. that is the most important reason. one is we saw a lot of covid during the winter so we have natural immunity and that is why
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hospitalizations are staying low. >> last question when does the current surge end? weeks away or is it going to bleed into the summer? >> well, at least according to ucsf department the more transmissible the variant is it'll come down faster so i am hoping say three more weeks they were estimating and then start coming down. i know we keep on seeing these surges but remember our severe disease. that's what we're keeping our eye on and it is keeping low. >> that is the silver lining. dr. monica gandhi from ucsf appreciate your time and insight. thank you. the covid situation as you know is changing every day. we are constantly updating our streaming app. on your roku, apple tv, or amazon fire search for nbc bay area and down load. you can watch stories about test and treat sites opening across the bay area. also tonight bay area gas prices hitting a record high. we've said it before. we've been saying it for months. why do we keep going up?
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three counties now seeing average prices over six bucks a gallon. take a look. here are today's averages around the bay area. pick your county. san francisco, marin, san mateo counties just over six bucks a gallon. the cheapest cost in contra costa county, $5.87. the cost of gas is catching the attention of a lot of local lawmakers including congressman ro khanna who came to town for a town hall today in newark. he says he thinks it is time for the government to intervene. >> costs are crazy. >> with the government acting, that is just to stabilize prices because the prices are out of control. >> we know that part. prices are out of control. joining us now is our business tech reporter scott budman. why now?
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we've been asking this question periodically for the last year. why are prices spiking right now in mid may? >> like just about anything else it is supply and demand. supply is still low largely because of the war going on in europe right now. we are not getting the energy from places like russia. also demand is higher. remember for a couple years during the pandemic gas prices were low. not a whole lot of people on the road. now people are going back to work, traveling again. the demand for gas is high. the supply is still low. when those two things combine we get high prices. >> we got memorial day weekend coming up as well. how does the stock market factor into this in terms of what we're seeing on wall street with the wild swings? >> i'm not sure it factors in all that much other than the fear factor. gas is a leading indicator of inflation we're seeing, everything from groceries to gasoline is costing more. that inflation is impacting companies and they are dialing back. earnings are a little lower. we're concerned about lay-offs and investigators see cloudy
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uncertainty into the future. that's why they're selling instead of buying stocks. >> what other impacts will we see in the near future? >> if gas prices stay high it is going to continue to impact restaurants and businesses, anything that deals with travel is going to have costs go up because they have to buy gas. those costs get passed on to the consumer. less money we have for vacations, investing in stocks, and more pressure on our household incomes. >> it is going to be a rough few months ahead. >> yes. >> thanks for your time. our question of the day. how are these high gas prices changing your habits? patty wilson says we only drive for necessary travel like doctor appointments and food shopping. recreational outings are no longer. pretty drastic. maurice woods posted managing drive times and days, switching cars, and strict speed limits. that's smart. jacqueline says i started taking a free shuttle. i drive a truck so i've been saving hundreds of dollars by not driving 30 miles to work.
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up next here at 7:00 from her iphone to a billboard >> i was walking around the house, went to my kitchen, opened the 'fridge, saw we had some fruit and cans of soda in the 'fridge. >> we'll be joined by the san francisco woman whose photo was selected for apple's shot on an apple campaign after a worldwide search.
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san francisco has a new supervisor but voters didn't get a say. mayor breed made the appointment. the mayor appointed matt dorsey to represent san francisco's district 6 including south of market neighborhood and the area surrounding oracle park. the seat is open because matt hainey moved to the state assembly. dorsey has never held political office but is very familiar with city politics. most recently he was sfpd spokesman and communication strategist for the chief. prior to that he served 14 years as former city attorney dennis herrera's spokesman. after being sworn in today dorsey described himself as a three time drug rehab graduate and says his highest priority will be taking on san francisco's drug crisis. >> we saved lives on covid-19. a generation ago we saved lives.
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don't tell me we don't have a better way to work together. >> dorsey says he will plan and campaign to retain his seat when the partial term expires in november. he'll be running in november. honey mahogany is an activist and former aide and outgoing supervisor. matt hainey has also announced plans to run for the seat. here is a cool story. next time you're on the freeway look at the new apple billboards or around town. apple showing off photos taken by every day people on their iphones. there are some stunning images out there using the iphone macro lens. apple recently held a worldwide contest selecting winners from across the globe. one of the winners is from right here in the bay area. ashley lee took this photo. that is a strawberry in soda water. today a billboard with her strawberry photo is up in her hometown of san francisco. ashley is with us tonight. nice to have you on the program.
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let's start with this. a strawberry in soda water. how did you come up with this idea? >> i think with the covid-19 pandemic i've been home a lot more and had to become more creative by taking pictures of things around the house. when i first heard apple had this macro photo contest i walked into my kitchen, opened up my 'fridge, saw we had some strawberries and sodas and i remember seeing some photos online that had used combinations for interesting photo concepts so i tried it using the iphone. >> you dropped the strawberry in a glass of soda water and that's it? >> yeah. so i also grabbed a clear vase, poured the soda in. i put a piece of black paper to use as a background and dropped the strawberry in and waited for the bubbles to build up and held my iphone up to the glass and snapped the shot. >> how did you find out about
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the contest? >> my dad sent me the apple article and was like you should try it out. try submitting. i'm glad i did. >> good for dad. are you a photographer, part-time photographer or what do you do for your day job? >> i'm a security engineer so i take photos in my free time for something fun to do. >> how does the iphone compare with the traditional cameras you use? do you use traditional cameras? >> i do. but i think i've been using my iphone more and more. people always say the best camera you have is the one you have on you and the iphone is great. it makes it easy and does a lot of the work for you and you can edit. >> apple said you were one of the worldwide winners and you get a free iphone or mac book or anything like that? >> no. the billboard is very cool. >> it is. ashley, congratulations. that is a really cool and creative photo.
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>> thank you so much. >> have a good evening. let's take you outside for a live look at the golden gate bridge. that is a beautiful photo. live shot there. back in a moment and jeff will update the forecast. what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa.
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kine of a big deal here. residents in venetia having to get creative after the city asked them to cut water use immediately by 30% because of a water pipeline break which happened yesterday. pictures provided by the city
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show crews this morning working to repair the pipeline at a local water treatment plant. until permanent repairs are made the city is issuing an emergency mandate for all businesses and residents to cut water use by 30%. they are asking everyone to turn off sprinkler systems, avoid driveway car washes and shorten every day showers. city officials also say the broken pipe is one symptom of a bigger problem. >> we have a serious issue with aging infrastructure. this is one of the symptoms of that. we need to be focused on addressing the long term solution and making thoughtful investments so these types of things don't happen for future generations. at the mom the city says it has a temporary fix in place but has not given a timeline for a permanent repair. there was a grand opening in burlingame today. meta's first physical store opening its doors to the public. meta the parent company of facebook says the store will allow everyone to get hands on experience with all of its new
7:24 pm
products. among highlights, interactive demos that show people how the virtual reality equipment works. we have jeff ranieri in here. the okay -- oculous goggles. >> they're pretty cool. you can get kind of dizzy and disoriented but overall it is interesting. >> you bring yours in the station and i'll bring my son's and we'll walk around together. >> we'll get weather stuff. let's get you to the forecast. it has been cold. we've seen a couple isolated thunderstorms, spotty showers, and that wind all from this system right here. and the way i see it we have one more day left of this before things really start forchange. we'll get you in here to the satellite radar picture right now with thunderstorms. you can see it right here fire up over the past three hours. those have since died down. i have a little isolated activity offshore. but really nothing to track through the bay area right now. let's move it right into
7:25 pm
tomorrow morning's forecast. there is the possibility we could get a few showers near the coast. also down toward san jose but the better bet of isolated thunderstorms comes in to play 4:00 p.m. tomorrow over the north bay and right there through the east bay. otherwise as we head through tomorrow night we'll start to dry out and then that is going to set us up for further changes. we'll start off with some cold weather, too. your heater definitely may be clicking on. get that extra blanket. we're talking down to 39 in the tri valley. 42 the peninsula. chilly weather through the north bay, coldest average with 36 degrees. san francisco 45. east bay 41. daytime highs, upper 50s and low 60s right here throughout the bay tomorrow. the other thing we're watching is the wind. northwest 10 to 20. not quite as gusty as it had been the past weekend but certainly a little breezy for you. taking it into the seven day forecast you will see big time changes here. we'll begin to see those numbers
7:26 pm
warm up as that colder system gets out of here. 71 on wednesday. friday up to 80. check out the weekend. 87 saturday. sunday 84. i see numbers starting to drop next monday down to 79. overall as we head through next week it is going to stay comfortable and the weekend looks mighty nice. >> i'm already game planning what i want to barbecue saturday or sunday. >> with the goggles on. might be dangerous. >> we could do oculous goggles and not barbecue anything. >> there you go. coming up in primetime final rounds of "american song contest" at 8:00. then "new amsterdam" at 10:00 and we are back for our 11:00 newscast. that's it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. enjoy your evening. we hope to see you back here at 11:00.
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♪ ♪ happy mother's day, everyone. it's so funny, mother's day, i met ryan gosling. >> oh, right. >> i was screaming. >> "access" has captured every moment of mother's day day, but there's no shortage of raw emotion, too. as they welcomed home their baby girl after 100 days in the nic-u. straight from pregnant britney and sam, it's time for a few more wedding countdown clues. >> and we're drunk. >> that leads to more laughs at the kentucky derby.


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