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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  May 10, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- bob odenkirk - star of "mr. mayor" actor and comedian bobby moynihan -- an all new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with derrick. ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth mers >> seth: good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well. and now we're gonna get to the news russian president vladimir putin is reportedly expected to formally declare war this week on ukraine
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really now [ laughter ] putin's like the guy who's been dating the same woman for six months but refuses to say "girlfriend. [ laughter ] ukraine has its own dresser drawer in your apartment you're at war. [ laughter ] president biden last week named karine jean-pierre as the next white house press secretary, which makes her the first black woman, an openly gay person to hold the position. so she's going to spend a lot of time at the podium saying, "no, i mean, questions about world events." [ laughter ] the biden administration issued a warning over the weekend that the country may see 100 million coronavirus infections this fall and winter unless we, as a nation, commit to going out and catching it this summer instead. [ laughter ] senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said in a new interview that the supreme court overturning "roe versus wade" could pave the way for a national ban on abortion on the bright side, mexico might finally pay for a wall [ laughter ] at a rally held by former president trump last week, pennsylvania republican senate candidate dr. mehmet oz was repeatedly booed by the crowd.
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in his defense, that's just how pennsylvania says hello. [ laughter ] the cdc announced over the weekend that it's investigating a recent coronavirus outbreak on a carnival cruise ship that might be the shortest investigation ever conducted "it's a cruise ship, you say well, i think we've figured out your problem." [ laughter ] u2's bono and the edge held a surprise concert yesterday at a subway station in ukraine. if you're curious how it went, check your itunes. it's already in there. [ laughter ] they probably didn't think that decision would have such a long tail. [ laughter ] is that a decade it's like a decade ago now [ laughter ] "what's the worst that could happen they're still making jokes about it 10 years from now?" [ laughter ] "what a good bono! [ cheers and applause good bono. i feel like you rolled your eyes at me, wally [ laughter ] and finally, a family in
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massachusetts recently rescued a puppy that they found on the side of the road, which was actually a baby coyote said the family, "i guess it's for the best it didn't get along with our cat anyway." [ laughter ] thanks to the family who posed for that photo that was the monologue, everybody. whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo [ cheers and applause we have got a great show for you tonight. you know him for "mr. show," "breaking bad," and of course, the incredible "better call saul," which airs mondays on amc his memoir, "comedy comedy comedy drama" is out now bob odenkirk is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause and he's a very, very funny actor and comedian you know from his amazing work at "saturday night live." now he's starring in "mr. mayor," which airs tuesday on nbc my friend bobby moynihan will also be joining us [ cheers and applause but before we get to all that, president trump's former secretary of defense said in a book and interview that trump wanted to shoot protesters and called his own senior officials,
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including vice president mike pence, f-ing losers meanwhile, the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection is considering whether to hold rudy giuliani in contempt for pulling out of a scheduled interview. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: so, it seems there are two kinds of former trump associates who emerge every day. the first is someone like former defense secretary mark esper, who was on "60 minutes" last night and who wants you to think he stayed in the trump administration as a check on trump's worst instincts. but now that he has a book to promote, he's willing to tell you exactly how bad it was the other kind are people like rudy giuliani. they don't have books to promote, because they are open books, telling you everything about themselves in every waking moment rudy is like a human pop-up book, the kind you return to the store because it gave your kid nightmares. [ laughter ] it should be noted, if rudy was a kids'-book character, he would be a reverse cinderella. he used to be known as america's mayor, and now you wouldn't be surprised to see him trying to drive a giant pumpkin.
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[ laughter ] "it won't start! i think the thieves are in the engine!" [ laughter ] i feel comfortable saying rudy is the weirdest man in the history of politics. last week, he posted a video of himself on the golf course, swinging a club back and forth, wearing what were either pants he stole from gap kids or shorts he stole from big & tall [ laughter ] "the great thing about these pants is they're perfect for zero occasions." [ laughter ] it just seems like there are no ways those pants aren't medical. the saleslady were like, "they're very stylish, and they release lipitor right into your bloodstream. [ laughter ] then there's the fact he just keeps swinging the club back and forth just for no -- he looks like a great, great, great, great, great-grandfather clock. [ laughter ] anyway, the point is, he's a weird dude, and yet he does not seem in any way aware of his weirdness or the perception of him as a weirdo. for example, rudy pulled out of a scheduled interview with the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection, and he
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did it for a typically weird reason >> former trump attorney rudy giuliani has backed out of an appearance before the january 6th committee. he was supposed to take part in an interview today, but a spokesman for the panel said giuliani is now refusing to participate unless he is permitted to record the interview. >> seth: why does he want to record the interview is he worried they're gonna cut it together to make it sound bad? that's what his brain already does to his mouth. [ laughter ] why do guys like rudy always have some weird angle, like thinking they're a genius chess master, calling their bluff by asking to record the meeting? but anytime rudy has ever been recorded, it's always been bad for him. he was recorded calling a senator on the day of the insurrection, again to overturn the results. he was recorded butt-dialing a reporter and talking about how he needs cash as part of some mysterious plan. and he was recorded by a world-renowned investigative reporter, better known as borat. [ laughter ] rudy records himself saying incriminating things all the time before he talks to anyone, he should pat himself down to make sure he's not wearing a wire
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[ light laughter ] "check him to make sure he's not wearing anything." "he's clean, boss. "now check me. "uh, not good, boss. you're wearing two wires, and you have an open voice memo recording on your phone. "oh, rudy, you've done it again! [ laughter ] after he pulled out, rudy went on steve bannon's podcast to explain his decision and did not do himself any favors. >> are you saying your concern is they would doctor the tape and hold it back [ laughter ] >> you want -- >> come on would they - >> this is not your first rodeo? it's not your first rodeo? >> you got a bunch of people on that committee that tried to frame a sitting president of the united states. and i'm gonna trust them do i look like a fool? >> seth: do you look like a fool [ laughter ] well - ♪ ♪
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[ laughter ] ♪ we've used that last photo so often, i've started keeping one on my wallet now for emergencies. there they go. [ laughter ] it's fun when i say, "you want to see a picture of my son?" [ laughter ] "aah!" anyway, the important point is, now that rudy is refusing to testify, the committee is threatening to hold him in contempt >> giuliani's decision to stonewall the committee now puts him on the very same path as other trump allies, like mark meadows, dan scavino, and steve bannon the panel today dangling the prospect of holding giuliani in contempt, saying this. "mr. giuliani is an important witness to the conspiracy to overthrow the government, and he
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remains under subpoena if he refuses to comply with the committee, the committee will consider all enforcement options. >> seth: hey, committee, i don't know how any of this works, but can you stop waiting until people don't show up before you start considering what their punishment will be why can't you just say, before they don't show up, "either be here at the appointed time, or you're going to jail and bad news, they don't have jumpsuits in your size, because that's not a size" [ light laughter ] it's worth remembering, this guy was the president's personal attorney look, i don't want to put words in his mouth, but i'm starting to think that people who work for trump might be, and perhaps this is harsh, f-ing losers. >> the president is ranting at the room he's using a lot of, you know, foul language. you know, "you all are f-ing losers." >> seth: so that's the former secretary of defense, mark esper you'd be forgiven for not recognizing him, since trump cycled through more defense secretaries than actors who've played doctor who "sorry, uh, the doctor --" i know what it is. i did it on purpose to see how many of you would get your tardis in a twist.
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in fact, i guarantee, at least one person watching this segment online paused the video as soon as i said that, to write in all caps, "the character's name is 'the doctor,' not 'doctor who.'" and then, when they clicked "play" again and saw that i corrected myself, they added a follow-up comment that said, "how did you see my comment? are you a time lord? [ laughter ] esper was recounting a meeting in the oval office where trump suggested putting active-duty troops in the streets to suppress lawful protests against police brutality in 2020 and in the course of that meeting, he apparently looked directly at his own vice president and called mike pence a loser >> the president is ranting at the room he's using a lot of, you know, foul language. you know, "you all are f-ing losers," right and then he says it to the vice president, mike pence he's using the same language, and he's looking at pence. >> he called mike pence an f-ing loser? >> he didn't call him directly, but he was looking at him when he was saying it, and it really caught my attention. >> seth: trump called his aides, including his own vice president, mike pence,
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[bleep] losers i have to imagine that's when pence went into chameleon mode again. you know that thing he does where he closes his eyes and tries to blend into the background, hoping to disappear? it's the same he does when he's walking in the zoo and he sees two monkeys getting it on. [ light laughter ] "this isn't happening. this isn't happening they're just wrestling they're just wrestling." [ laughter ] he looks like he's waiting for scotty to beam him out of there. "this is commander pence away team is ready energize." [ transporter warbling ] so, why was trump calling them [bleep] losers because they referenced "doctor who" and "star trek" in the same "closer look" surprisingly, no he called them losers because he wanted them to put active-duty troops in the street to attack protesters, and they refused, according to esper >> and i thought that, "we're at a different spot now he's going to finally give a direct order to deploy paratroopers into the streets of washington, d.c. and i'm thinking, with weapons
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and bayonets, and this would be horrible >> what specifically was he suggesting that the u.s. military should do to these protesters >> he says, "can't you just shoot them just shoot them in the legs or something. and he's suggesting that that's what we should do, that we should bring in the troops and shoot the protesters >> the commander-in-chief was suggesting that the u.s. military shoot protesters? >> yes, in the streets of our nation's capital that's right shocking >> seth: it is shocking. so shocking, you should have told us about it at the time it's also somehow not surprising to me that trump would specifically request paratroopers, although it also wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't know what that word meant. i mean, maybe he knows it's parachutes, or maybe he thinks it's the two guys from "chips. "ponch and jon, a finer pair of troopers you'll never see. we love ponch and jon, don't we? the great erik estrada, i met him once at a charity golf tournament and i said to him, i said, 'erik, i love your show, but why are there never any delicious
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chips? [ laughter ] 'it seems like false advertising. and he said, 'are you joking?" i said, 'i wish i was, erik, i wish i was, but i'd love to see chips if the show is called "chips." and he says, '"chips" is an acronym. and i just laughed because i didn't know where they were, man. [ laughter ] i don't know what i mean, so i just i wandered off. [ laughter ] trump was an aspiring authoritarian who wanted to use the power of the state to violently suppress dissent and keep himself in power. we don't need any more evidence to prove that these two statements are true, but we keep getting it anyway. and yet his closest confidants are refusing to comply with a lawful investigation into trump's attempted coup if rudy did show up for the interview, i imagine it would go something like this. >> do i look like a fool >> yes >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: we'll be right back with bob odenkirk, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: give it up for the fantastic 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause sitting in on drums this week, he's a new york-based musician and producer who's worked with some of the world's top artists such as adele, toni braxton, thalia and ben platt derrick wright is here with us
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thanks so much for being with us, derrick. >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: our first guest tonight is an emmy-winning writer as well as an emmy- and golden globe-nominated actor you know from shows like "mr. show" and "breaking bad," as well as the film "nobody." his memoir, "comedy comedy comedy drama" is out now, and he stars in the sixth and final season of "better call saul," which airs mondays on amc and amc+ let's take a look. >> here at saul goodman and associates, we welcome all ages, all creeds, all stripes. >> and who is this saul goodman? you? >> you got it. what colonel sanders is to chicken, saul goodman is to the law. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, bob odenkirk, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
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>> seth: welcome back, bob we've got a lot to talk about. [ cheers and applause >> are you kidding me? what's going on? what is going on alright. >> seth: this is - >> wait. if you're watching this show, are you watching "better call saul," too. >> seth: oh, 'cause -- well, no, this is on after >> oh, okay. >> seth: yeah. so you're safe don't worry. >> we're all safe. >> seth: there's no -- there's no show of saul's quality that would ever air this late at night. [ laughter ] congratulations, by the way. >> thank you >> seth: you got a star. >> i got a star on the hollywood walk of fame [ cheers and applause look at this all these -- all these people have killed each other or might kill each other on television. >> seth: it's a real reminder that tv is not real. >> it was so much fun, and we're such good friends. >> seth: there's your beautiful wife and i'm assuming that's your dog, as well >> my wife, naomi. and that's winnie, our dog, who we adopted during covid. >> seth: oh, wow >> and now lives next door, so she comes over all the time.
12:57 am
>> seth: that's great. >> we're her grandparents. >> seth: was this the first time this adopted dog realized what a star you were? is that what you brought it? >> no, i lectured her every day from the time we got her >> seth: yeah. >> that was really fun, and hollywood never feels like a small town so much as those hollywood walk of fame ceremonies it is -- darling >> seth: it's true i don't think people quite real -- i mean, it's not like some massive si- >> well, you have people from the chamber of commerce, and they're really proud, and there's a feeling of, like - "and we have someone here who made -- he's in tv." "yeah, i know! we're in hollywood." what they're so happy and proud for you, and it's amazing. >> seth: that's really great >> you'd be very happy >> seth: i obviously, like a lot of people, knew you first as a comedian now, it should be noted, i also knew you as somebody who approached comedy with the same rigor and took it as seriously as anybody who does dramatic acting >> yes >> seth: but drama did occur to you in your early days of comedy that you might do it >> yeah. i mean, it was kind of a brain fart moment.
12:58 am
i was on stage with chris farley and jill talley at second city, and we were improvising a scene, and chris was always so funny. and i'm in the middle of this scene, but you know what it's like when you do the second city show and you do seven shows a week and you can think about, like, groceries. [ sighs "i got to get eggs later," and then you're your character and then you're like, "i've also got to get, you know, some new socks tomorrow." anyway, chris -- you can think about a million things, and chris and i are acting and i think, "i should be in a drama [ laughter ] that's what i should do. and i really had that crazy thought. i was just -- i think i was just loving his presence so much and he was so wonderful, and i thought, "i can't compete with that." >> seth: yes >> but put me in a drama, and i'll be so funny >> seth: i had that -- i worked with a lot of people where i thought that as well where people - >> well, there's a lot of people who are so undeniable, you know, that we all know, you know - jack black, chris farley, people
12:59 am
i've worked with i think david cross is always funny. and so, you know, i had that thought, but i never pursued it because i already started my life as a comedy writer and i wasn't going to go back in time and take some, what, acting classes. [ laughter ] who needs that [ laughter ] >> seth: but this was the situation with "saul." you know, they called up, right? vince knew your work as a comedian >> yeah, it's so weird because i was writing and i got a phone call during "breaking bad. they asked me, "if you want to play this sleazy lawyer," and i said, "well, i can do that." >> seth: yeah. >> but i'd never seen "breaking bad" and i didn't watch "breaking bad. i went and flew to albuquerque to be on it. i watched like 10 minutes of it and i went, "it's a drama. okay, cool." and all i'd seen are the billboards all i knew was guy in the desert in underwear
1:00 am
[ laughter ] and so i get there and - and i have to dial it in like that but i have me and cranston i'm working with cranston, and so i immediately just honed in on his - he was gravity, you know he was powerful in that role and every role he does, and he just brought me into the orbit of that show. and from that point on, i -- it was great fun. and then "saul" was a whole another level. >> seth: did you pretend that you had seen show? >> i pretended that i was talented and i pretended that i belonged there and i am continuing to pretend that [ light laughter ] and they gave me a star because of it. >> seth: yeah. i mean, it must have been -- i mean, we talked about it because, you know, i had reached out to you during "better call saul" - i'm sorry, excuse me -- during "breaking bad" about how great you were >> you have been so kind let's hear it for this guy >> seth: oh, no. [ cheers and applause >> he -- listen. he has been so nice to me and so appreciative of our show
1:01 am
and you, of course, you know, it's -- 350 people make that show >> seth: yeah. >> and they devote themselves to it and so thank you on behalf of all of us. >> seth: well, let me just say, like, there's never -- there are very few shows where i feel like you see the work of 350 people and this is a perfectly constructed show it is so well-written, it is so well-acted, and it looks really beautiful. yet with that said, you must have had hesitation or thought, "is this --? because "breaking bad" had this wonderful ending it seemed like it was completely -- the loop was closed >> yeah. >> seth: and they were like, "we're going to spin off." >> i should have had hesitation. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> but i got something wrong with me. >> seth: yeah. >> i'm missing a part of my brain -- the part that says, "hold up, slow down. [ laughter ] wait a second. what are we going to do? >> seth: well, we're all the better that you lack that part of your brain. i have a few more questions about where that lack of -- that part of your brain lacking has come in handy. we'll be right back with more from bob odenkirk, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
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from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. ♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with bob odenkirk i have spent, because my wife's family is from there, i've spent a lot of time in albuquerque it's a very beautiful place. i haven't spent a lot of time in in the summer months and i feel like you had some some real desert work, over the last couple of seasons >> yeah, season five, there's a huge episode that takes place entirely in the desert do you know it, anybody? [ cheers and applause and jonathan banks, mike, we're out in the desert. we're trying to -- we're getting chased by some people and we actually shot for 14 days in 110-degree heat in the desert and i'll tell you what here's how hot it was. when we shoot outside in albuquerque and the surrounding areas, we have a snake wrangler
1:07 am
who comes out and checks around and finds the little fellas. there're everywhere. and puts them in a bag for you and then holds on to them while you act, and then let's them go back to their business [ laughter ] 'cause snakes don't want you acting on their land >> seth: they have no appreciation for the art form. >> they don't care about thespianism. [ laughter ] and so the snake wrangler is working, and he's not finding any snakes, which is kind of concerning, right? like we don't have a good snake wrangler, maybe. and we go ask him, "why are there no snakes in your bag? and he goes, "it's too hot for snakes." [ laughter ] that's pretty hot. >> seth: yeah. >> when the snakes are like, "yeah, no, no, not --" >> seth: you worked at "snl" as a writer and i think a lot of people -- i certainly remember the first time i met lorne michaels. and you, in your head, have this burden of, "i hope i don't say anything that might blow it, 'cause i've gotten this close.
1:08 am
you played it slightly differently. >> well, yeah. well, lorne is a busy man. and oftentimes, when it's your first time to be interviewed, you do have a waiting period >> seth: there's a bit of waiting on the couch outside >> a couple hours. >> seth: yeah. >> and for me, it was about an hour and 45 minutes. and that time was not good to me, because i was, like, thinking, "how do i work this? i want this job. how do i get this? you know what, this guy doesn't want his ass kissed. he's had that. [ light laughter ] he doesn't need to hear that he wants to hear there's a critical mind at work. [ laughter ] so, "it's your turn, mr. odenkirk, you little nothing guy from chicago you're not even a waiter yet." they wouldn't even let me wait on tables at the restaurant. and i come in, and i'm like lorne's like, "well, now, uh, what do you think of the show? and i'm like, "it's not great. it's not great."
1:09 am
[ laughter ] but without the smile. i'm totally serious. "yeah, i don't like it i like 'monty python.' yeah, that's better. "well, you know, we're thinking about having writers here. "okay, well, sure, the show could be a lot better. you know, i'm critical, very harsh, and for some reason, he still hired me." >> seth: it's crazy. it worked. >> i think he meets a lot of crazy young people >> seth: yeah, i think that's true, and i do think - i mean, i think youth and a little bit of craziness are actually very key. >> yeah, especially in a comedy writer >> seth: yes >> they should be a little unhinged >> seth: well, because this is really interesting to me so one of the -- i love "mr. show," which is your fantastic, you and david cross, your fantastic sketch show >> everything i learned at "saturday night live," i got to use making "mr. show." >> seth: there was, i will say, a fascinating thing you said about writers bringing in ideas and that you would not hear an idea and dismiss it as being a bad idea you as a group of very talented
1:10 am
writers would just drill down and find the comedy in it. >> to a torturous extent, if somebody pitched an idea, any idea, we would work it over until we found something and i was tenacious and unpleasant in put pushing it but you know what? it really worked for us. i mean, my theory was, "we got a bunch of supposedly funny people here i'm paying them, right there's something in there if you said it, there's something in there, and i insist upon it. [ laughter ] and we did we did a great job with it we wrote some of the funniest sketches, came out of dead-dog pitches. >> seth: yeah. >> just garbage pitches. >> seth: you obviously knew this season was the last season when you started filming it >> yeah. >> seth: you know, a character you spent more time with than any character you've ever played?.e did you feel like you had to emotionally say goodbye as you filmed the last few episodes >> not really. i think i'm saying goodbye as i watch the final season of "better call saul" play out. i certainly know where the story goes, but there's something about the closure of watching it, because it's you -
1:11 am
if you've been with us, if you've been watching "better call saul," i can almost assure you you're gonna love where it goes. the writers did a marvelous job, and so i know, when i watch those final scenes is when i'll really confront the fact that this character is passed, for me it's been the greatest character you could dream of it's funny on one page, and three pages later, it's heartbreaking. and so, i don't know, i got very lucky here >> seth: that's amazing. the last thing i want to ask you about, because this seems like a dream to me. your son is comedy writing, and the two of you did a podcast together with a lot of your old friends. >> "summer in argyle," and it's on audible and it's got david cross, and tim robinson is on it and so many funny people. stephanie courtney, just the best, brian posehn >> seth: do you feel like you're different when you're giving your - >> it's pure comedy, and he reminds me of working with a young me
1:12 am
it's like falling through a time warp, and it's pure, insane silliness, the kind of stuff you loved when you were 20 >> seth: so that must make you intensely proud. >> it makes me intensely proud and worried for him. [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, thank you so much for all the years of saul and for being here tonight really appreciate it >> thanks, man [ cheers and applause >> seth: bob odenkirk. "comedy comedy comedy drama" is out now, and new episodes of "better call saul" air mondays on amc and amc+. we'll be right back with bobby moynihan [ cheers and applause ♪ before treating your chronic migraine— 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a very funny actor and comedian you know from his work on saturday night live. he stars in "mr. mayor," which airs tuesday nights at 8:30 here
1:18 am
on nbc let's take a look. >> sir, i need your advice my friend works at the discotheque, but he just got invited to play at the olympics. >> jayden. i'm on my tv right - right now. >> oh [bleep]! did i say [bleep]? >> no, no. >> i'm [bleep] sorry i'm so [bleeping]! i'm sorry! >> now get out [ bleep oh, boy. where was i? um, i don't recall and neither should you, los angeles. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our very good friend, bobby moynihan [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back, my friend >> hello it's so good to see you. >> seth: it's so nice to have you back in new york city for a few days >> yeah it's wonderful >> seth: how are you enjoying --
1:19 am
are you enjoying being back out here on the east coast >> it's weird to be back i haven't been back in, like, two years. >> seth: that's nuts >> very different. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: a lot's different you've got -- your daughter is four >> is she? >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] we did some -- we checked wikipedia, yeah. >> i got to check in with her. yeah, yeah i hope she's doing well. [ laughter ] no [ light laughter ] yeah, no, she's four she's the best >> seth: what she into >> everything that i am. [ laughter ] >> seth: i mean, you have -- i will say this. i say this lovingly. i feel like you have a lot of tastes you were just waiting for a child to share with you. >> correct i realize what i'm best at is playing with the toys. yeah, a lot of trolls right now. a lot -- she, like, had a little spooky phase >> seth: okay. >> a lot of monsters like dracula. >> seth: oh, that's fun to be inside of that >> yeah. what every little girl loves - mummies. [ laughter ] she's the best >> seth: that's really exciting. and the birthday's coming up, right? >> yes once a year. >> seth: is that what they're doing now? wow, kids. does she, like, have any theme requests for a birthday or --? >> every year she asks for a
1:20 am
theme request, and every year it ends up being "toy story" somehow. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> why or how, but it does maybe because we don't buy new decorations. [ laughter ] no, yeah, i think this year it's probably going -- right now very heavy into sonic sonic and knuckles - >> seth: oh, okay. alright oh, that's exciting. >> yeah, it'll change in like 14 hours. >> seth: you have a fantastic cast we saw ted danson in the clip. holly hunter as well a couple of legends. >> yes. yeah >> seth: what are they like to work with? >> the best. i've learned so much about acting from watching holly hunter for 40 seconds, and from ted danson i learned that you should have turkey and apples like every hour >> seth: really? >> yeah. >> seth: 'cause he looks outstanding. >> yeah. >> seth: he looks really good. >> yeah, he's a really healthy man. >> seth: yeah. and it's just turkey and apples on the hour? >> it's just seven feet filled with turkey and apples [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, you got to eat a lot of turkey. yeah, you don't want to go
1:21 am
higher than the -- yeah. >> yeah. it'll come out the top >> seth: you do -- i know you're doing a lot of v.o. stuff, and during the pandemic people who were smart built sort of makeshift home studios did you do that? >> yes, almost instantly yeah the first v.o. job i got, i said, "can i keep this can i pay you to keep all of this stuff?" >> seth: because they sent you the gear >> because they sent like a set up and they said yes, and i did, and i haven't -- i've been in my closet for two years doing voices >> seth: that's great. >> like every other 45-year-old man. [ laughter ] >> seth: you come out to play trolls, and then you go back in. >> i play, and then i go play in the closet yeah, yeah >> seth: you have a show you're doing a voice on, "lightning wolves. >> yes. yes. >> seth: so, explain "lightning wolves" real quick. >> "lightning wolves" is a cartoon, a bunch of shorts that i wrote. it's based on -- loosely based on those, like, '80s cartoons, "thundercats," "he-man," "voltron," "g.i. joe." but this version is, you know, it was all about teaching people life lessons or teaching children life lessons, and it was really just there to sell them toys. >> seth: yeah. >> and that's what this is
1:22 am
it's just a bunch of -- a bunch of '80s characters realizing that they mean nothing and they're just toys. [ laughter ] >> seth: you also -- welcome to the children's book author game. >> yes, congratulations. >> seth: thank you very much, yeah it's fun to write a kid's book >> i just read your children's book to my daughter and her whole class. >> seth: how'd it go >> not great no, i'm just kidding [ laughter ] they didn't get it they were sad after i read it. >> seth: oh, no! that doesn't -- that's not good. >> two of the kids said, "i don't want to do school anymore. >> seth: what? it made him stop wanting - >> one said, "what's a bear? >> seth: what's a bear well, that kid should probably go back to school. >> that kid's not great. >> seth: should probably do double school. >> no, it went great i did your voice [ laughter ] it was great it was fun it's so crazy. you will read my book to my daughter's class soon. >> seth: yes and your book is called -- >> "not all sheep are boring." >> seth: that's great. is that the take that a lot of kids think sheep are boring >> yeah. it's about a little toad who says, you know, "people count
1:23 am
sheep to fall asleep, but not all sheep are boring i can prove it." and by the end you realize he's wrong. all sheep are boring [ laughter ] >> seth: and then -- and then the butcher comes. >> and then -- yeah. kids need to learn [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, so you -- you've got again -- i've known you to do animated voices for a long time you did one in our show, "the awesomes. >> yeah, it was teleportation larry. >> seth: yeah, a very famous, very important character to the canon. you also played a -- the penguin in "batman the audio adventures." >> yeah, our friend dennis mcnicholas. >> seth: yep i did a little voice work in this as well the penguin, though, i couldn't help but notice does feel to, like, sort of complete the circle, because you played danny devito on the show a couple times >> correct, yes. i was lucky enough when they let me to play danny devito. it was so much fun >> seth: here's you and taran as george clooney and danny devito. >> aw, my taran. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. did you -- were you -- are you pointing because you
1:24 am
were worried - >> i just liked tickling this little guy >> seth: i thought you were like that, "now this one's me." [ laughter ] >> no, i just saw it and went, "he's adorable!" >> seth: you also -- this was "star wars" auditions, and this was danny devito auditioning to play bb-8 >> yeah, that was all colin jost colin jost was like, "would you mind dressing up as danny devito just rolling around? and i was like, "yes." i go, "should i say anything?" and he goes, "when you're done, just go, 'right?'" >> seth: perfect >> that was all jost >> seth: and then you were lucky enough to meet the legend, mr. danny devito >> yeah, yeah. right after i played him on the show -- i don't remember if it was the "star wars" one or the nespresso one, but that night, like directly after the show, i had two of my buddies, mike and rob, from high school, like, with me. like, i had two buddies from high school with me, because you want to look cool. and i get them to the party, and we pull up to the party and it's the coolest, and you're on "snl" and your buddies from high school are there and i walk past a car, and i get, like, yanked like - and i'm like, "i'm being assaulted," and it's danny devito he's like, "you think it's funny playing me?"
1:25 am
[ laughter ] and he immediately let go was like, "i love you, kid." and i was like, well, "that was the greatest mo-- i just got attacked by danny devito in front of my high school buddies. >> seth: i mean, that's really the dream. >> i've made it. [ laughter ] >> seth: so i was recently -- i was a guest on "the tonight show with jimmy fallon" recently, and we were talking about bombing. >> yeah. >> seth: especially specifically bombing at charity gigs. >> yes >> seth: and i was talking, and i think you know where i'm going. >> oh, no, i saw this, yeah. >> seth: you and i together bombed worse than i've ever bombed in my life. >> it was -- the worst >> seth: yeah. >> it was the absolute worst >> seth: it was at madison square garden. >> madison square garden the 12.12.12 sandy concert, benefit concert. >> seth: yeah. >> it had been going on for hours. >> seth: it was an incredible list of bands and musicians. >> like a seven-hour concert, i think. and we went on like hour five and a half >> seth: yeah. >> six >> seth: yep >> you recounted it wrong. we went on after kanye west --
1:26 am
>> seth: okay. >> who was in a kilt and screaming. >> seth: yeah. >> and then threw his mic into the audience and then when -- and then chris rock went, "are you going out there? >> seth: yeah. >> and i was like, "yeah." he's like, "in that costume? >> seth: now, we should know that bobby and i, what we did at the hurricane -- a concert for hurricane sandy, which was all music -- >> yep >> seth: arcade fire, the who, kanye. >> we went in between kanye west and billy joel in new jersey >> seth: yeah. so imagine you've just seen... you've just seen kanye west. you see them roll out billy joel's piano before that -- >> but before that - >> seth: i walk out as me, and he walks out as drunk uncle. >> yeah, in costume, which, by the way, they made me wear to madison square garden. i said, "can i get dressed when i get there? they said, "there's nowhere to dress. i said, "inside that tiny building?" [ laughter ] so i showed up in costume and sat in a room with the rolling stones in a wig. [ laughter ] >> seth: and i -- because the thing chris rock said that i
1:27 am
remember is he goes, "you're going to go do sketches? because he knew. >> he said, "are you in a costume? i was like, "i'm not that terrible, please." and we went out there, and the second we got there, everyone got up to get a beer >> seth: yeah. it was amazing because i do feel like we were doing drunk uncle for maybe the biggest collection of drunk uncles that had ever been -- yeah >> it was not -- do you know what happened after that >> seth: no, what happened after that >> i left. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] you just went home >> i walked out, and i didn't go to the green room. i walked through madison square garden. i went down, like, you know, the regular way. >> seth: yeah. >> through the be -- like, through the beginning. you know, the opening. the beginning of a building. >> seth: have you ever been to the beginning of madison square garden? [ laughter ] >> i got almost to the end, and i walked out the front doors of madison square garden, and i walked home 13 blocks dressed as drunk uncle. >> seth: yeah.
1:28 am
the other thing -- >> and they called me, and they said, "your car is here. and i said, "i'm home. [ laughter ] >> seth: i will say this as well i feel like i've done a lot of -- like comedy charity events always is like a lower - like it's going to go worse than comedy for people who pay to see comedy, always but when you walk off, more often than not, people are like, "that was great. like, the people backstage are like, "we're here for a good cause. like the sea parted for you and i. no one made eye contact. it was just like - >> handler came near me. >> seth: no, nobody. >> i walked home alone [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. people, like, would see us, and just with their beers would be like, "hmm." [ laughter ] >> i believe it was katie holmes katie holmes went, "i'm so sorry. [ laughter ] >> seth: the other thing is that afterwards, do you remember this was a really cool thing. because all the money was going to hurricane sandy, but then they -- half of it they gave to us >> yes >> seth: because of how -- they were like we want to raise money. they were like, "that was a disaster, hurricane sandy, but not -- >> this is a hurricane sandy - >> seth: oh, yeah. >> this is a hurricane sandy suit
1:29 am
they gave me this. >> seth: well, it was an honor -- it was an honor to bomb with you that night. >> if you're gonna bomb with seth meyers, do it at madison square garden. >> seth: yeah, that's it we played madison square garden. we didn't do anything worse than the knicks do on almost -- [ laughter ] bobby moynihan, everybody! "mr. mayor" airs tuesday at 8:30 p.m. here on nbc. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests bob odenkirk and bobby moynihan i want to thank derrick wright [ cheers and applause and the 8g band. stay safe, get vaccinated, get boosted, we love you everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ right now at 11:00, a car riddled with bullet holes. 7-year-old the latest victim of a bay area freeway


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