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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 10, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, an urgent plea to conserve water. the new plan south bay leaders are considering to help you reduce your everyday water usage, and the consequences you may face if you don't comply. plus new calls for added security amid a heated battle over abortion protections. the bipartisan legislation now aimed at ensuring family members of supreme court justices are protected as proest iters gather outside their homes. this is "today in the bay." >> tuesday morning is here. >> it is here. it's good to be here, too. i'm kris sanchez.
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>> i'm marcus washington. so look if you're headed out this morning you could take us with us, look at your devices, we're on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> and could you take mike with you on the go as you hit the road, you could also take kari with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. we're starting out with a couple of spotty showers here and there, and where we do see the rain maybe coming down heavily along the peninsula as well, up toward marin county as we zoom out, this is what's going on. we have a low spinning off the coast and it's going to bring us the chance that we could see a couple of waves of these isolated showers moving through but most of us just feeling this cool air, take a look at how cold it is in parts of the north bay, with some mid to upper 30s. we are seeing some mid-40s over toward the tri-valley, upper 40s for fremont, 45 for san jose, but san martin right now at 37 degrees, and it's only going to reach into the low 60s today. kind of cool for this time of
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year, as we keep the this unsettled weather. by tomorrow we're going to see it clearing out and eventually those temperatures will warm up. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike, have you seen any issues on the roads? >> not because of the rain or anything like that, nothing from chp, but kari, that would be surprising for me, if i came upon a patch. there was a patch of closure for westbound 80 past gilman overnight. there was slowing from the central down past gilman. it's all clear now, cleared just before 4:00 as they had scheduled. tonight there will be this closure again, well i guess tomorrow morning, 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. they'll close eastbound getting away from the been been to 1:00 to 5:00 a.m. and open for the morning commute basically. you can get off and on without much problem but it was causing a backup last night and a minor crash in san jose which i will check out north of capitol expressway. >> thanks, mike. a week after the stunning leak of a supreme court abortion
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case opinion, protests are growing more passionate and personal and congress is moving to provide more security for the supreme court justices families. s a >> reporter: in alexandria, virginia, abortion rights activists once again protested at the home of a supreme court justice, this time samuel alito's. he wrote the leaked opinion which appears poised to overturn roe versus wade. on capitol hill republicans condemn the demonstrations. >> it is an attempt to replace the rule of law with the rule of mobs. >> reporter: democrats are trying to make permanent protections granted by the roe decision with the federal law. a senate vote is planned for tomorrow. it's doomed to fail but will reveal every member's stance on abortion rights ahead of the midterm elections. >> no more runs, no more hiding. the vote will shine light on
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every single one of us. >> reporter: the battle over abortion is being fought from the u.s. capitol to state capitols, this year eight states enacted measures protecting abortion rights while at least ten states passed changes which would increase abortion restrictions or ban it all together, despite recent polls showing the majority of americans don't want roe overturned, republicans accuse democrats of being out of step. >> the radicals are running to show. >> all this bill does is protect a constitutional right that women in this country had for almost 50 years is hardly what i call radical. >> reporter: battle lines being drawn before the high court reveals its final decision next month. chris pollone, nbc news, washington. happening today, san jose leaders vote on an ordinance to ban untraceable ghost guns. it would outlaw owning ghosts guns or distributing the parts. supporters argue the weapons can be easily assembled with kits and 3-d printers. santa clara county authorities say ghost guns are recovered at
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crime scenes some 70% more frequently than in 2015. turning to our climate in crisis in the south bay, santa clara county is considering a water enforcement team to convince to you decrease water use as "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd shows us asking nicely hasn't worked. now they're considering more drastic measures. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district says the trends are alarming. back in 2019, the district asked the public to cut back on water usage but instead of cutting back, it appears some people are using more. using more water during this drought means the county's largest water provider is gearing up to crack down on water wasters. >> what we're doing is looking at possibly going to enforcing restrictions. >> reporter: the district had asked the public to limit watering landscaping to two days a week. some cities passed an ordinance to allow three, but that gentle
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ask is not getting the result needed at a time when people really need to conserve. >> march of 2022 our water use was 30% higher than march of 2019, so you know, what we're looking for was a 15% reduction and we ended up with a 30% increase. >> reporter: that's alarming when all ten of the district's reservoirs were just 24% full on monday. aaron baker is the chief operating officer for the water district. he says they're proposing a new ordinance with enforcement restrictions that will be presented to the board soon. the district is looking at hiring a water enforcement team or water police. >> it will start with letters, door hangers those things for an educational thing and then it will ramp up to something on a probably more on a per occurrence basis of fine. >> reporter: those fines could be up to $500 for people watering too much. >> we're going to have to, pretty soon you'll have nothing
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to drink. >> reporter: kirk rhodes realized he had to act a while ago. he ripped out his lawn and went from watering that once a day to watering his drought-resistant cactus once a month. >> actually i was saving up to buy a fishing boat for my truck and there ain't no water around to go fishing so we got to do something. >> reporter: that something could mean people will be forced to conserve by the end of the month. cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." over in benicia, crews are working to fix the pipe that burst at a local water treatment plant on sunday, until permanent repairs are made, the city is issuing an emergency mandate for all businesses and residents to cut water use by 30%. that means no sprinklers no, driveway car washes and the broken pipe is a symptom of a bigger problem city officials say. >> we have a serious issue with aging infrastructure and this is one of the symptoms of that and so we need to be focussed on addressing that long-term solution and making thoughtful
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investments so that these types of things don't happen for future generations. >> as of now, the city has not given a time line for a permanent repair. this morning, gas prices continue to climb. next on "today in the bay," the new record hit and the reason we may not see any relief any time soon. plus, working to make a pandemic rebound. the theater chain seeing a promising boost in revenue and the new blockbuster set to be released which could give the company even a bigger bump. stick around. much more ahead for you this morning. it's 4:38. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 4:40, we've made it past monday, and it's already a busy start as we take a live look outside in dublin, at least the weather is nice. it's chilly out there, though, temperatures in the low 40s, and we'll see it slowly warming up today with a mix of sun and clouds. also a chance of a spotty shower. we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. >> our standards have shifted, we made it past monday. making it across the golden gate bridge it's great. the crews you can see them poised in some of the northbound lanes still doing their work. they'll clear in the next half hour. is it clear on the markets? check in with silvana. >> thanks, mike, good morning. i'm silvana henao from cnbc. wall street is set to open higher following yesterday's sell-off sparked by continued worries of inflation, rising rates and a slowing global
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economy. the s&p 500 closing below the 4,000 level for the first time since march of last year. the index is now 17% below its record high, the nasdaq falling more than 4% yesterday, it's down more than 27% from its all-time high. the world's largest tech companies, apple, microsoft, tesla, amazon, alphabet, nvidia and meta have shed more than $1 trillion in market cap in the last three trading days. investors appear to be less interested in what drove markets higher during the bull market including during the pandemic consumer staples like campbell's soup and general mills. gas prices hit a new record average high as global refineries struggle with bottlenecks ahead of the summer driving season. aaa says the average cost of a gallon of gas hit $4.37 today, topping the previous record of $4.33 set two months ago. since the end of march, oil
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prices have dropped 7% but gas is up 9% on the futures markets. refinery closures due to scheduled maintenance and other issues boosted prices even as the u.s. and other countries have taken steps to increase crude supplies. global fuel stockpiles are shrinking as demand has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. amc's revenue surged in the first quarter of the year as moviegoers continue to return to theaters amid the pandemic. the company says the results were the strongest in two years, and were boosted by highly-anticipated movies such as "spider-man: no way home" and "the batman." the outlook could look bright with "dr. strange" in theaters now and "top gun maverick" and "lightyear" on the way. back to you. >> thank you, silvana. understanding climate change. next here on "today in the bay," "today's" al roquer to talk
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>> absolutely. i had a really heavy downpour on my way into work. >> what? >> we're like, huh? >> she's the leader, you have to believe her. >> didn't happen. >> right. >> my goodness, yeah, we have lots of changes as we are starting out this morning, mike. that may impact the commute. >> that's right, kari. you were telling me that i'm like oh my goodness but no reports of problems from chp. the roadway in the south bay northbound 101 the on-ramp at capitol expressway looks like there was a crash there and maybe a towing i'm hearing about overnight, damage to one of the poles, a light pole there, sounds like everything's cleared because chp looks like they have cleared all vehicles from the scene but just watch both of those onramps to northbound 101. an easy drive for the rest of the flow of traffic has traffic flows through the area green 280/101 along the peninsula.
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a new crash popped up in the last couple of seconds and xhp is populating the report in the next couple. a smooth flow of traffic to the been been as well and 242 crash just cleared, great news, kari, because that literally cleared through been cord, no problems walnut creek and getting across the bridges in order the north bay, san rafael tail lights toward the golden gate bridge and southbound side on the golden gate bridge clear. northbound the cones should be picked up any second. back to you. we're starting out once again with some spots seeing the stars and clear skies and other areas seeing some spotty rain moving through. let's zoom in, because you may encounter some of that rain driving through 680, as you're heading closer to fremont and then we're also seeing some showers on 280 and 101, heading up the peninsula through woodside, as well as on your way to san mateo. so we're seeing a couple of these spotty showers passing by, just be prepared but for the most part we're looking at dry weather. fremont headed out the door to temperatures in the upper 40s.
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it's really chilly out there. we'll see our temperatures staying on the cool side for today, as our high heads up too. also 62 in novato, low 60s, this is about ten degrees cooler than normal and then we'll start to warm up heading into tomorrow with some upper 60s for the inland areas and more of the same on thursday, as we see some spots reaching into the 70s. as we go hour-by-hour, it starts out fairly quiet, once when it a couple of spotty showers but we'll have a better chance possibly some thunderstorms going into this afternoon. take a look at the north bay, we're going to zoom in here, 2:00 to 3:00 we start to see the thunderstorms developing in parts of the north bay, especially around napa, where there could be three-quarters of an inch of rain in some spots and watching out for the chance in the hills in parts of the north bay. a heads up you want to plan your afternoon accordingly because we'll see the his-or-miss showers moving through. at we look at our sierra snow
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one to three inches as we deal with the last wave of moisture passing by before our temperatures heat up. look at the seven-day forecast. we have some low 60s today, low 70s tomorrow, and then we'll see it ramping up to the upper 80s for the weekend for the inland areas. san francisco the gusty winds will continue, cool temperatures but it looks like a really nice weekend, with highs up to 72 on saturday. now let's turn to our climate in crisis. we have al roker joining us as we talk about the political and corporate leaders from around the world gathering in miami this week for a special conference by the aspen institute and it's dedicated to climate change. al roker is there. many of the notable speakers. you helped kick off the conference, al. tell us what's going on there. good morning to you. >> >> good morning, kari.
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the aspen idea's climate conference brings people from different walks of life, whether government, industry, students, scientists and looking at best practices and how we go forward in trying to fight this climate crisis, as you guys are doing there in the bay area, and so i was excited to give a chat yesterday a spark talk they call it. today i'll be sitting down with former google ceo eric schmitt what he's doing with his institute looking at artificial intelligence, inspiring young people and looking at all different ways that we can try to reduce our carbon footprint, our greenhouse gas emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels. and the other thing i'm excited about, just like you guys there in the bay area, kari, "today's climate" is powered by our nbc news climate unit and we are looking at not just the problems but the solutions that we can
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use to try and help save our planet, whether it's looking at greenhouse gases, looking at how we can help reduce drought to even saving some of our endangered species. so what's happening today is just the tip of the iceberg, if you will, and that as we know the iceberg is rapidly melting. >> and during that conference, al, you talked about your passion for helping to inform the public on climate change, and one of your big messages is that everyone can change, be the agent to help change our environment and climate change. >> yes, that's right, kari. because look, you look at the climate crisis, and you might be overwhelmed. what can i do as one person? well, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of little steps you can take, whether it's by changing your landscaping in front of your house, so that it doesn't use as much water to the products you buy, to even something just as simple as trying to bike for the short trips as opposed to getting in
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your car, if it's not powered by electricity, if it's a fossil-fueled vehicle, maybe you don't use it quite as much. maybe one day a week you start biking to work or biking to do some sort of earned. it's all those little things that add up to the big things, and holding your local politician and state representatives and federal representatives' feet to the fire as far as taking steps to mitigate climate change, to support legislation that does that. >> yes, we do all have to keep that top of mind, al. thank you, and your climate, for all of the work that you do and we appreciate what you're doing for us this morning. al will have more of this coverage during the "today" show, the third hour of "today" and he's also participating in another event this morning as we talk with google's former ceo, eric schmitt, about the role of technology that it has to help save our climate crisis. if you would like to watch this conference in real time, head
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over to our site for details. don't forget, we have a whole page on our website dedicated to our climate in crisis. go to and click on the "climate in crisis" tab. >> thank you, kari. the unexpected loss for the warriors, even before they hit the court. coach steve kerr sidelined about one hour before last night's critical game four against memphis. ahead on "today in the bay," why kerr may be away from the bench for a while and the highlights on a game that went down to the wire. and happening now for you, teachers at seven bay area charter schools plan to protest this morning saying that contract talks are at an impasse. some operate schools from richmond to sunnyvale, as part of the protest, teachers plan to picket outside of the redwood city headquarters. so far, summit is not commenting. we'll be right back. 4:54.
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the warriors are suddenly without their coach for a while because steve kerr tested positive for covid. the news took the team by surprise shortly before last night's playoff game in memphis. kerr said he wasn't feeling well on the ride to chase center, and that test turned positive. not clear how long he will be out or whether he will travel with the team for tomorrow's game five in memphis. i would think not. assistant coach mike brown took over, but remember, he just took the head coaching job for next season in sacramento. on the court last night, the warriors were good when it mattered. they looked pretty average on offense and -- we're being nice about that. the defense did hold up, keeping the game close until the end. the warriors took their first lead of the game in the final minute of a steph curry free-throw. they win the game 101-98 and
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take a 3-1 lead in the series. >> with memphis with ja out, it's really -- >> it's rough. when you have one signature player >> yes. all right t is 4:57 this morning. voicing support for reproductive rights. coming up on "today in the bay," san francisco's new call to turn the roe v. wade into the law of the land with the countdown to a critical vote in the u.s. senate.
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we want to make sure to our housing stock is used mostly to house local residents. >> right now at 5:00, wine country crackdown, the proposal that could soon add new limits to vacation rentals, and the recent move suggesting this is just part of a much wider trend. plus a new warning for water wasters in the south bay, as a push to conserve intensifies, ahead in a live report, the consequences you may soon face if you choose not to comply. this is "today in the bay." here we go, terrific tuesday as i like to on the go if you're on the go, roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online, and if you are looking to get on a getaway on the go we'll break down the top searched vacation destinations for that. i think i need


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