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tv   Today  NBC  May 10, 2022 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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story as we celebrate national nurse's week. >> "today in the bay" will be back at 7:25 with more live local news. >> thanks for joining us on "today in the bay." the "today" show is coming up now. >> the dangerous convict behind bars. >> he's not getting out of this jail again.
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>> what led to that capture. >> soaring to an all-time high as americans looook to anoththe wild ride on wall street. what is being done to get families back on track. and a bitter battle. growing demonstrations at the home supreme court justice alito. lawmakers on both sides say that process crosses the line. fanning the flames to even more. police revealing new details linked to mysterious deaths of three americans at the same
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luxury resort in the bahamas. where the investigation stands. royal absence. the queen missing a london tradition this morning for the first time in nearly 60 years. what the palace is saying about mobility issues and what it could mean for her ceremony next month. jaw-dropping. andy warhol painting soling for nearly $200 million. inside, the record smashed along the way. this is tuesday, may 10, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today from studio 1a. good to see you.
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7:00 a.m. on the west coast. tuesday morning. savannah is off, craig is off. look here is here? mr. tom. >> good to see you. >> first time to host with you. let's get to the details of that stunning man hunt that began april 29 when inmate and officer walked out of jail in alabama. >> 11 days and they made their way across multiple states where they were you were spotted in indiana. ending in a crash. vickie white pronounced dead at an indiana hospital. let us get started with nbc's sam brock. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. with authorities closing in, the duo decided to make one last run
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for it. u.s. marshal service and law enforcement using police work to track them down here to evansville, indiana. casey white is back behind bars. vickie white, the correction's officer is dead. >> the suspects from alabama. >> u.s. marshal service following following a roughly 10-minute pursue, the smashed cadillac rammed by task force members with casey in the passenger seat >> they intercepted and collided with them to try to end the pursuit. video show the police cars rushing in and authorities detaining a suspect. they didn't hear any gun shots, it soon become clear she fired a single bullet into her head. >> we could hear her saying she
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had her finger on the trigger. >> and saying casey got out of the house, surrendered saying, please help my wife, she shot herself >> bought a pickup truck and ditched it at a car wash >> i noticed a black pickup truck. my first thing, this is the guy from alabama >> tracking the pair to a local hotel parking lot. the car chase lead to their capture. over. just facing murder charges for the 2015 murder. her son relieved the man hunt is over
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officials now vowing casey will be brought to justice. >> he will stay in handcuffs and shackles he wants to sue me for violating his civil rights, so be it he's not getting out of this jail again next day or two. authorities believe they were up in that hotel for six day consecutive and planned on spending weeks there. >> let's get more details behind that chase joining us is dave wedding, the sheriff of vanderburgh, government morning it sounds like they had been in evansville, could be six days, l a week tell us who spotted them and how you finally made that catch? >> well, yesterday morning, members from the u.s. marshal's service out of the state of alabama and mississippi met with
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my deputies, and our marshals task force i want to clarify, the u.s. marshal task force is comprised of member of the sheriff's office, the police department and indiana state police so we had a lot of local law enforcement involvement in this capture, but we were interviewing people, reviewing surveillance videos, and it seemed we came up with certain leads to track the people down based on the vehicle being spotted on may 3rd, while everyone was at our operations center, and there was a police officer located a vehicle that matched the description of the one that they had exchanged on may the 3rd. we went to investigate, which led to the chase. >> sheriff, take us into that chase, right we saw how it ended there. what does your officers tell you? what does they discover once that car flipped over? >> well, the pursuit was very
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short. it went up a major artery here in the county. they cut across a parking lot at a large factory. they were in a grassy area, so three of our task force members actually rammed the vehicle and pushed it into a ditch so that it ended up on its side. as they approached the vehicle, it was obvious the female driver was unconscious, and still had a weapon in her hand they removed the murderer from the vehicle simultaneously >> okay. sheriff, according to the u.s. marshal's office, when casey came out of the car, he said this -- please help my wife, she just shot herself in the head and i didn't do it just to clarify, how are you certain it was in fact suicide, and were to the married, as far as you knew? >> my understanding, they are not married, they just shared the same last name the coroner's office will do an
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investigation and they will determine if it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound the initial indication is that it was, but we won't rule anything out until we have a thorough investigation by the coroner. >> sheriff, thank you so much. we appreciate your time this morning. we want to turn to another major headline we're following this morning the growing concern surrounding your money and the state of the nation's economy americans are waking up to a new report when it comes to ga
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make ends meet.consumer price
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index. tom? >> morgan, thank you. a new wave of attacks in with programs like medicare and ukrain social security. e overnight. saying that russia new wave of attacks in ukraine. russia firing on the key port of odesa. this war is showing no signs of slowing down. officials claiming that russia is using new more powerful artillery aimed at the port city >> as russia's victory parade presses on
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striking targets including hotels and a shopping mall officials say russia's new evasive hypersonic missiles were used as the united states dug deeper into the conflict. president biden signing the lend lease act into law aimed to stream line support for ukraine and urging congress to pass another $40 billion in funding and sealing off the u.s. embassy. a handful of u.s. diplomats have returned to kyiv >> i hoef hope it sends the message the united states is here we are hindu crane working hard to give ukraine everything it needs to fight the war against russia >> as the war wages on in the south.
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this i t this injured fighter >> they don't look at what the targets are, military or civilians. >> now ukrainians are hitting back including from the sky. >> this civilian drone unit has been dropping bombs and performing reconnaissance helping to take out a large convoy as it approached the capitol. >> without this drone, could you have won the battle for kyiv >> it is hard to tell but this drone has saved a lot of lives >> those drones now being used,h they say entire live capable o in battlefields across ukraine
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they say entirely capable of taking a tank you ot we have a lot more to uncover. alarming turn of scenes like this activists protesting at the home of alito good morning to you. >> good morning. these protests have become increasingly personal going from the steps of the supreme court to the homes of several justices themselves showing nearly two-thirds of the country supports keeping roe in place. >> reporter: the latest sign of a deeply divided nation. >> i'm very upset the minority
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is making the decision for the majority it is wrong. this whole thing has become political. >> protesters taking their fight to the home of justice alito author of the decision that could overturn the right to an abortion >> protesters descend to the home of justice alito and cavanaugh. >> it is the attempt to interrupt the rule of law with the rule of mob. >> immediately introducing security for the justices and their families a much different fate than the one likely awaiting democrats had they tried to pass a bill sealing abortion rights into
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law. that bill almost certain to fail but will force senators to make a decision on the record >> they can't duck it anymore. >> shifting from the nation capitol to the state capital in georgia, laying the groundwork to strengthen abortion laws already on the books. >> do you expect more will come when it comes to strengthening these laws >> next goal, restrictions on abortion pilled by mail. >> it would outlaw them by mail. it means you would have to have a doctor's visit and then go on to receive by mail >> many states ready to go to limit access it comes down to a question of enforcement. two attorney generals say they do not plan to enforce those laws if roe v. wade is overturned
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how about a first check of the weather. where are you? out in miami beach >> we are down in miami. taking part in the as spen institute climate conference we are talking all different things we'll be interviewing form google ceo about how technology can help let's show you what we've got going on today a tale of the coasts where it is cooler at the coast. breezy conditions along the eastern seaboard looking for cool, breezy conditions and showers we have rip currents and beach erosion along the southeastern coast and down to miami. we move to the west, look at the daily record highs
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heat index in mid to upper 90s look at this stretching all the way from houston up to parts of the midwest and st. louis that will last right into the weekend. the good news wee we'll be looking at warmer conditions into the eastern seaboard with temperatures in the 70s and 80s down to richmond we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 secononds good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall.
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we're going to see a chance of showers today, especially for the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. otherwise, we're looking at sunshine and our high temperatures headed for the low 60s. we will be warming up heading closer to the weekend and by saturday, upper 80s in the forecast. it's going from winter to summer, all over the course of a few days and we're going to see san francisco warming up as well, really nice weekend ahead with highs in the low 70s on saturday. and that is your latest weather. guys >> al, we'll check back in a bit. coming up, new details on the americans who died under mysterious circumstances a the americans that died under mysterious circumstances in the bahamas.
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coming up something really special this mor an incredible story on the bond of a young patient and a nurse with a heart of gold >> a touching reunion coming up after this has been terribly shot since i was a kid. i always show up as too dark or shiny. lizzo song: ♪ cause if you love me ♪ ♪ you love all of me ♪ ♪ ♪ everything the light touches ♪ ♪ baby give me light touches ♪ ♪ ♪ look me in my eyes ♪ ♪ takes over my mind ♪ ♪ don't you be afraid ♪ ♪ no, no, no, no, no ♪
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7:27 am
county. marin and santa clara county seeing an uptick in covid case. in marin there are 20 schools experiencing outbreaks according to marin county an outbreak is defined as three or more cases between students and staff, right now the county not issuing any local mask mandates and down in san jose there are city workers revised they have to to their mask policy again. it's implemented for two weeks, a month ago they saw 200 cases, this week 550 cases a day. time to get a look at the forecast for you this morning. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking what we can expect >> it's going to be a cool day, san francisco reaches into the upper 50s, and there will be a slight chance of some showers, but we'll also have breezy winds continuing and a gradual warmup by the end of the week into the weekend, as we are going to see some drier weather. let's get a look at our inland forecast that will be cool today and a chance of rain but then take a look at our end of the week into the weekend forecast,
7:28 am
major changes ahead, going from a chance of showers and cool today to sunny and hot for the weekend. >> thanks, kari. another local news update is coming up for new 30 minutes. out-of-statate corporarations wrote an online e sports betting plplan theyey call "sololutions for the hohomeless".
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♪♪ 7:30. look at our sunny little corner our sunny corner tuesday morning, may 10, 2022. i. >> i look forward to the day jackets are off. it is amazing. >> some alarming news from government climate officials they say over half of the con t contiguous u.s. is in a drought
7:31 am
leading to wildfires in california, two state reservoirs are at a critical low level. asking residents to cut watering down to one day a week beginning next month police in massachusetts are still searching for a suspect of a suspected kidnapping stopped kidn by a gsamaritan. you can see the victim there moments later, a passer by there stops their car. police credit that passer by for saving that woman's life >> a plane flips during an emergency landing. it flipped over after it touched down
7:32 am
thankfully no one on the ground was hurt likely engine failure to blame >> new developments tied to the mysterious deaths in the bahamas. three american victims' identity has been released. still questions as to the cause of their death >> good morning, guys. police say the team has scoured the beach front villa here looking for a common thread that may explain what is so far inexplicable three deaths. the cause of three american deaths at this popular resort is still a mystery. this morning, focusing on this
7:33 am
split villa in search of toxic contamenants >> it should be able to help us determine whether or not there was a chemical >> the luxury room where the 68-year-old and his 65-year-old wife were found dead family saying our hearts are grieving and broken. right next door, 64-year-old died and his wife of 65 years old severely ill and in the hospital in fair condition all four reported feeling sick the night before and believe the three deaths occurred between 11:00 p.m. thursday and 8:00 a.m. on friday looking at the hot water heater and air conditioner for harmful leaks. >> have you checked the
7:34 am
temperature inside to determine any poison or contamination no? >> health investigations are doing investigations and they will be able to speak to what they are doing later. >> reporter: working as a travel agent at entering through that system now? working as a travel agent. they frequency posted about their travels. >> i'm in st. lucia this morning. >> hours before found unresponsive writing. if you want the most beautiful, long, private beach. this is it relaxing >> what brought this dream vacation to a tragic end >> it seems like autopsies might
7:35 am
hold a key to what happened here. >> meantime, they may have a new lead several guests here have told nbc news that they complained about the strong odor of insecticide in the area. that information has been passed on where they are looking into it as well they'll go further from there. >> thank you >> new concerns over the queen's health after the royal reluctctantly missssed an evene hasn't m missed in n nearly 60 years.s. >> a livive report f from london afteter this p my nenext doctor r appointmene. i'i'm just n not doing a as wes i'd hohoped on my y antideprese.
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7:41 am
ceremonial places inside britain's parliament. >> my biggest ceremony taking their places inside the parliament a ritual her majesty has only missed twice before due to pregnancy. the queen continues to experience episodic mobility problems the prince of wales will read the queen's speech she is taking calls from home. mobil has forced her to push back in march, her only public appearance from home this year recently announcing she would not be attending the annual garden party
7:42 am
>> having been to the party myself, you literally stand up for hours. if you are the guest or the host, that would be too much for somebody a fraction of had err age. >> all in preparation for her platinum jubilee next month. >> decisions will be made during four days of parades, street parties, a live convert to celebrate 70 years on the thrown >> that is something 70 years of service. amazing. wonderful. ex emparticularry. >> also the first time the royal family will be together since harry and meghan moved on to the u.s. >> the last time we saw them here, you could see the
7:43 am
frostiness in the air. if we see them at the service, it is important we will. it will be quite a moment to sea them reunited with the queen and a hope >> we are hearing the queen was watching from home this morning. you may have noticed in that video, her absence was definitely marked. where her thrown was, it was empty. her crown there instead. and instead of robes, the prince was in military wear >> heading over to al with a check of the weather good morning you referenced some wild fire and drought out west right now, critical fire danger today. strong wind gusts.
7:44 am
humidity, red flag warnings. 4 of the last 30 days to parts of new mexico. precipitation well below average. rain and snow much of the west it is bone dry out there summer out look, significant fire potential in the plains wir we are looking at possible severe weather also down to the southwest we are expecting severe weather as well throughout parts of texas. hail and damaging winds. we move into tomorrow. upper midwest. 5 million people at risk isolated risk. moving on to thursday, more of a risk of severe weather good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. heads up it's going to be a cool
7:45 am
and also a breezy day, with a mostly sunny sky but there will also be a chance that parts of the bay area could see some rain as well as thunderstorms going into late morning as well as the afternoon. tomorrow is all bright and sunny but we're still feeling some cooler than normal weather. we should be in the low 70s, mostly looking at some mid to upper 60s for our inland valleys. and on thursday, still pretty nice and mild, with breezy winds, but we're looking at a heat-up this weekend. coming up next iconic and colorful. yeah inside the rich history and record setting sale overnight. andy warhohol's portrarait of mn monroe comoming up aftfter this. shoppiping rashidada...
7:46 am
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marlin monroe one of the most iconic images. just set records it took just under four minutes of bidding to set a new recor we have more it took just under four minutes of bidding
7:50 am
propelled by our endless curiosity in the subject and th image hung over the auction artist who created it. >> we come to the american dream. picture of marlin monroe >> all coveting the 40 by 40 inch silk screen called the mowna lisa for the 20th century bringing the highest price for any american piece of art and 20th century piece of art. a whaping $195 million just short of the $200 million some thought it could bring. >> close to $200 million let it sink in it is quite something.
7:51 am
the work has a lore of its own a visitor to warhol's factory studio fired a revolver. shot same blue marlin. previously exhibited in new york, zurich, london and paris >> there is no other painting that represents this diversity of emotion capturing what the audience, what people, what we are fascinated by because it is marlin 60 years after her death, monroe having another cultural moment kim kardashian wore her dress from 1962 when she sang happy birthday to president kennedy
7:52 am
and netflix running a story looking at her life and death. pushing appreciation of this art to new heights this morning. >> this piece from a collection of brother and sister swiss art dealers. the money raised will go to children's charities around the world. bloomberg reports that the buyer is art dealer larry delgosian. >> well that changes things. >> i was tell you me and carson haveve the getawaway car waiaitg > we have a a musical ababo menu itetem at taco o bell that's's coming upup
7:53 am
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good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here's a look at what's happening now. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. chp needs your help solving another shooting on a bay area freeway, the recent shooting happened yesterday afternoon at 4:30, on interstate 80 near the alamo exit in vacaville. chp says someone fired several shots at this honda sedan. you can see the bullet holes on the driver's side of the vehicle. at least one shot hit a 7-year-old boy who was riding in the back seat, taken to the hospital, fortunately his injuries are non-life-threatening. meteorologist is tracking kari hall is tracking the numbers. >> we are seeing scattered showers across the region, not happening right now in the bay area but there will be that chance that we could see that rain popping up at any point
7:57 am
today especially for the cruz mountains at noon as well as parts of the north bay and we're going to see the chance of showers off and on especially for the north bay, maybe some small hail and thunderstorms again today like what we can around santa rosa, that extends up toward ukiah and fairfield, watching the region for some heavy rain that will quickly taper off and then it's all quiet the rest of the forecast after getting that chance of showers, highs in the low 60s today. we'll see highs up to the low 80s by friday and upper 80s for saturday for the inland areas. marcus? >> thanks, kari. we'll have another local news update coming up for you in 30 minutes. see you back here next. nextt "calalifornia liveven to hulu dadance as the taste of hahawaii comomes to thee san frfrancisco babay. plusus "new yoyork times"" best selling a author ian smith dish now ways to add more plant power to your diet. that's this morning at 11:30 on "california live."
7:58 am
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8:00 am
8:00 on "today." coming up breakfast, tragic ending. a da coming up, a tragic ending the escaped inmate hundreds of miles away from where he fled. >> he's not getting out of this jail again >> the officer who helped him takes her own life and speeches never heard that could have changed the
8:01 am
course of history.two, a look at the way words can shape >> give people the truth from civil rights and the way words can impact we are reuniting a special four-year-old boy with his health care hero the dark days he went through on his way to becoming a healthy ray of light and the nurse who watched him. >> we'll be close from now until forever. >> the special moment we brough.
8:02 am
>> north dakota. >> and go bison. >> proud mom from illinois. >> love this. them back together tuesday may 10, 2022 >> on tuesday morning. we are so happy you are with us. thank you all for helping us savannah and craig are out they both tested positive with covid. how you feeling? >> i feel great. i'll be back tomorrow. i just had a little cold i was really lucky having five days by myself can you imagine. no kids. no husband also kwourdal. delightful.
8:03 am
>> i discovered wordle but also quardle. >> what is that? >> four wordle's at once i started reading a book a gentleman in moscow. watching tv. some organizational things and sleeping i slept 13 hours and set my alarm to watch with you today. >> savannah, she doesn't miss a day. when she takes a day off
8:04 am
it is a huge thing >> you are sweet to check in >> love you, savannah. love your show our news at 8:00. this morning the 11-day man hunt for an accused killer and forme >> we are going to senld you another mug. to a >> the 11-day man hunt is over >> good morning. >> a rough week. 10 minute long pursuit off a local highway that ended an 11-day long man hunt that happened without him firing a single shot. the only person to fire a weapon was vickie white who appeared to have taken her own life. for so many people wondering how authorities tracked these guys down i spoke with u.s. marshal and they said on saturday, they
8:05 am
found that pickup truck. he purchased it in tennessee ran the vin number evansville police ran it as well a car wash ran the plates as abandoned. they interviewed the carwash owner. see casey white in a cadillac that picked him up six days later, they would be in the area but let's scour the area and find at a local motel and see their car. minutes later, images of casey white and his truck and vickie white comes out with a wig on. casey white in the car driving vickie is the passenger. stopped by marked units.
8:06 am
the pair flees it ends more than a mile away. authorities there pinned them in smashed the side of the car were able to get casey to surrender safely no police or civilians injured >> so many answers still thank you. a tough day on wall street after the dow drops. the third losing session in a row. >> looking on to inflation later today. >> once again, cases are climbing coast to coast as prom and graduation season gets under way. travel season is looming
8:07 am
we are joined with more. good morning new york city has just listed vaccine requirements to attend prom and others are urging students to test often as cases are rising in every state and their growing worry and the spread of the contagious sub variant >> the fifth covid wave surges across the country >> all but two states and washington, d.c. are seeing a rise but covid relates deaths are down 12%. a cases nationwide up 50%. hospitalizations are up but
8:08 am
deaths are down asymptomatic new york governor at home with a positive test. >> we are a far better place because those restrictions were put in place initially because we didn't have vaccinations. we have so much now. >> uncertainty for graduation season lifting the vaccination requirement with public school proms. in hawaii, outbreak associated with two high school proms >> we are not asking people to cancel weddings or proms we do want to take care of each other. the world is looking now to south africa their positivity rate a
8:09 am
original strain. still there are very few deaths in the country which is a positive sign. >> that is a positive sign. we have to staggering 30% a concern of the sub variant but very few deaths. there is usually no room for error in a 200 meter sprint. watch this recovery after an unfortunate start. she loses her shoe out of the gate she doubles back, puts it back on she turns on the after burners powers through the turn. overtakes the entire field look at that cheering squad in she won the race with room to
8:10 am
spare her cheering squad deserves some credit >> that's like a children's book >> we celebrate national nurses week of a nurse, kathy. they have an adorable reunion. two years in the making . (dad allenen) you u know when n you see a a t deal on a a hihighlightingng an inspiriringd a rerelationshipip two yearsrs makingng he c calls her h his girlfririe. momore after t this. (b(boy brown)) check k it out! (d(dad allen)) so, wawait. everybybody gets e sameme great deaeal? (mom a allen) i think ththat's ththe point. (v(vo) now w everyone c can get a nw iphohone 13 on u us on americica's mostst reliablee 5g netwowork. (a(allen kid)) can i i have a phohone? (vo) for r every custstomer. currrre, new,w, everyone.e. to show t th. (dana)it's very difficult for the family
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8:14 am
♪ohh h so subtly y sweet♪♪ ♪pour l lower sugarar for♪ ♪♪all new frfrom pure lelea♪ ♪pour l lower sugarar for♪ ♪♪pour lowower sugar f for m♪ from p prom dresseses to workoututs ♪pour l lower sugarar for♪ and new adadventur s you u hope the m more you ge the e less they'y'll miss. but even i if your teeeen ws vaccinatated agagainst meniningitis in n tt they mayay be missining vaccinan for r meningitisis b. althouough uncommomon, upup to 1 in 5 5 survivorsrf meningitisis will haveve long tererm consequeuences. nonow as you''re thinknking t all l the vaccinines your tn mimight need make sure e you ask yoyour dor if your teteen is missssing meningitisis b vaccinanatio. back at 8:14 with our special
8:15 am
celebrating nurses as we celebrate national nurse's week. >> the story is from my home tone >> it is a really heart warming story on the bond that can form. the little ones can bring out the biggest hearts >> they say sometimes during the darkest moment, then, you will see the light. >> i said cassidy is our angel on earth that's what she is >> gabriella of staten island thought they are son had a bad case of covid when she brought him to the doctor in 2020. >> the physician came back and
8:16 am
said we've contacted oncology. that's when i knew our lives were about to stage. >> diagnosed with stage four neuroblast oklahoma. a rare form of cancer. rushed by ambulance for to memorial sloane cancer >> we went from one day celebrating him being potty trained to fighting cancer with him. >> they were taken into the emergency room where they would meet the nurse they would call their angel. >> she had all this energy and lit up the room. we were like, this is going to be okay. >> for the next six months, pediatric oncology nurse would not leave his side >> i feel like we were meant to find each other somehow. >> playing spiderman shaving his head with when the chemo started to take effect
8:17 am
>> he stands on the bed and kisses me on the lips. >> his mom goes, excuse. he goes, what? she's my girlfriend. >> two rounds of surgery, five rounds of chemo and removing one kidney this is roco today a healthy four-year-old. he loves running and jumping and driving his electric scooter and cassie who we are going to surprise him with today at the hospital >> hi, how are you >> i can't believe he just jumped in my hearts. is he a huggy kid? >> he is it was two years i remember praying over him and
8:18 am
wondering if he was ever going to come back out i'm so sorry >> here you stand with a four-year-old boy. hi >> he's energetic, happy and strong >> a happy little boy deserving of a surprise. >> i have a surprise for you you ready? >> open your eyes. >> she surprised you >> who is that is that your girlfriend. >> the bond between these two unbelievable >> what is the magic fairy dust you sprinkle >> smiling and being there for the families >> something unique and appealing about you.
8:19 am
we know what medicine does but there is something else that plays into kids. do you ever feel that responsibility >> it is the greatest honor to be with them and go with it. we'll be close from now until forever. it is amazing. >> a partnership starting in a child's darkest hour bonded for life by a nurse's magic medicine love and it is incredible. and they do that. and, you know, this is one child. >> yes. >> cassie, you just feel it. they do that and this is just one child. >> yes
8:20 am
>> we want to send our love. coming up tomorrow, graduation day. we are filling up the plaza with the school of nursing class of 2022 from montclair state university for their pinning ceremony a special tradition nor nursing students >> time for another check of the weather from al in my neck of the woods. miami beach, mr. roker >> i need you to give me a couple of lunch places i can go to tom i'll be talking with former google ceo talking about climate change starting off with satellite radar making its way through the rockies. showers and thunderstorms in the plains some severe weather there
8:21 am
later today. looking at 90s and triple digits for today, we are looking at severe storms in the midwest through the southwest. record lows in northern good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a chance of scattered showers possibly some thunderstorms today. as we only see our high temperatures headed up for about the low 60s today. but it will start to warm up tomorrow into thursday. and for friday, it is going to feel more like summer with a high of about 80 degrees. really warm weekend ahead with saturday's inland valley reaching 87. and for san francisco, it is cool and breezy and only 57 today. but we are going to see milder weather for the end of the week into a sunny and warm weekend. that's your latest
8:22 am
that's your latest weather here in miami, this is the best part of the morning. time for pop start >> get some stone crab at joe's. 11 washington avenue key lime pie with it >> i'm on my way. >> father of the bride the very loveable and stressed out dad. now a new latin-led cast parents of the bride also on the verge of splitting up when thei but we're get daughter announces she's engaged. >> what do we say, sorry to destroy your happiness >> what are you thinking about about?
8:23 am
>> so yoga class instead of a wedding? >> streaming june 16 on hbo max. >> everybody loves raymond set to play legendary basketball coach including the 1983 win off the court, legacy lives on in the cancer research institute. his family set to participate in that film as executive producers. coming on the heals of hbo maxtd popular series winning time chronicling bus and the lakers
8:24 am
that season also coming up >>. >> return of the mexican pizza menu item. rapper and tic toccer also set to appear in mexican pizza the musical. the music being written by grammy winning duo >> the girls from bridger ton. ! i was one of those who wanted to bring that >> it will be a saterical duo the five letter word in six tries but the answer is food that fought to bring that back
8:25 am
phoodle. the answer is food related >> culinary expert posted about it she broke the cartnal rule and posted the answer. >> straight ahead. >> and signs women should never ignore re first your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, it is 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. the south bay's largest water district appears ready to crack down on water wasters. rally board members today will debate creating a drought enforcement team. not enough people are following the cutback requests. if agency leader as prove the so-called water police, it could start enforcing by the end of the month. first warning customers but then eventually fining them up to 5 hup dollars per violation. boy that, will make you wish for rain for sure, kari. >> and what we're seeing is definitely not enough to put a dent in the drought. the rain has been so hit or miss. that only a few spots have really seen this rain in the past 24 hours. but there is that chance today
8:27 am
that where we do see the rain in parts of solano, and napa and lake county, we could definitely see some brief heavy downpours an more hail and we saw that yesterday up around santa rosa. watch out for that chance again today. into tonight, things calm down but after that we're in for some warm and very dry conditions with temperatures heating up into the inland areas into the upper 80s for saturday. san francisco today windy and cool. highs in the upper 50s. but it does look nice and comfortable just in time for the weekend. >> thank you. and we have more local news in just a half an hour. have a great tuesday morning.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪♪ hey everybody. it is 8:30. it's a tuesday morning. welcome to our beautiful crowd. hey, by the way, look moms. look mom, y'all are in the big is it f. where are you from what city? >> you go all the way down to hear it's good to see you coming up.
8:31 am
something all women need to see. things like fatigue and shortness of breath. she'll let us know when we should check it out. on the streets of nigril we get this by way of the bronx. one of our favorite chefs with a dish that has the ability to transport you to the warm climate. here talking about his run as g and fight in her lifelong
8:32 am
battles with ms and alcohol. it is raw, it is emotional. a way we haven't seen selma in a long time. savannah's b mr. mayor. >>. >> savannah has been looking forward to this interview. we'll get a look at this >> i'm coming back to get a little hunk of that. in the meantime, i'll show you what we have for today cooler along the mid-atlantic coast. rip currents along the southeast. record highs from texas to the plains for tomorrow, starting to inch its way to the east. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have much cooler than normal weather for us today. breezy winds and a mostly sunny
8:33 am
sky. but we'll also have a chance of spotty showers and possibly some thunderstorms in the santa cruz mountains and in the parts of the north bay. heads up about that but then the rest of the forecast is quiet as our temperatures warm up. we're going from low 70s to upper 80s for saturday and for san francisco still that chance of rain, upper 50s today but 72 on saturday. that is your latest weather.
8:34 am
8:35 am
we're back we are back now 8:35 with your health. this morning, three signs women should not ignore. busy
8:36 am
taking care of family and sometimes we put off taking care of our own needs when it comes to your health, there are things you should never ignore we are busy. we mutt our kids first, our work, husbands or spouses. when we feel something isn't right, we think this will pass just wait a few days >> that's not incorrect a lot of time there is no duration of a symptom that makes it a red flag other than crushing chest pain, some things can wait there are very benign explanations for a lot of things and more serious the last message listen to your bodies. ladies, we get gas lit a lot in the doctor's office. if you feel something isn't right, get it checked.
8:37 am
>> some people walk up the stairs and feel winded this is unusual for meike decong up there. when should you check it out >> i always put in deconditioning is something. >> shortness of breath comes from the lungs and one thing it could be asthma, kpneumonia. copd and covid is on that list you've got to think of something coming from the heart such as a heart attack heart failure a ridge mia. you also need to rule out it is?
8:38 am
go right away or what should you do? >> for most of us in medicine. shortness of breath and chest pain are two red flag symptoms that. fur triaging someone, better to be safe than sorry. maybe you have a new allergy and asthma and that is not acute. not cardiac in origin. maybe you have an allergy and it is not acute >> jaw pain. you feel it is stress related. tmj, joints that connect the jaw to the skull grinding your teeth can cause that jaw pain you can get arthritis. jaw pain 30 seconds into chewing could indicate a serious inflammation in the blood vessels. think lumps. heart attack jaw pain
8:39 am
for women especially it doesn't always present with chest pain you can have pain that radiates to the jaw or down the arm if you are having unexplained left-sided jaw pain. and shingles neuralgia causing facial pain that can be diagnosed and treated. >> this one will hit a lot of frequent fatigue >> fatigue is probably the most subjective complaint that can mean something different to everyone. i like the first two because these are pretty different to diagnose and remedy. depressiond history by your fa feeg happens to be one of the
8:40 am
most >> a really good history from your doctor asking you about pain and tolerance chronic liver, kidney and lung disease. people who often don't think people who have these lung diseases can present as fatigue. listen to your body. a really good history taken by your doctor some investigation can usually treat this >> just ahead.
8:41 am
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"thahat was the e worst thing i'veve ever seenen in my lifi" toto stop teslsla's full self-driviving softwarare... vote d dan o'dowdd for u.s.s. senate. we are back. saying good morning to one of our favorite people. harry smith is here. >> yeah.
8:43 am
there was a carly simon album about letters never sent or comments not delivered that could have changed a trajectory of a relationship or love affair what if it was a speech never delivered that could have changed history. >> history has a way of holding on to words uttered in crisis. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> and in times of promise >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country >> what of the words not spoken? the march on march 1963, preceding dr. king, john lewis determined to speak his truth.
8:44 am
>> he said patience is a dirty and nasty word he said, i don't know if i can support kennedy's civil rights bill because it is too little and too late >> the never heard speeches that would rewrite history. >> all of these things are what people felt. they asked him to tone it down he said, you haven't seen what i have seen. >> lewis arrested. moments before he speaks, he has a change of heart. >> he retreats to the back of the lincoln memorial where he's sitting under the arm of lincoln reworking his speech >> the speech has less anger but no less passion. >> all over the nation, joining the march for freedom. >> uncompromising. dr. king finished the mfrp with a dream. >> a professional speech writer, most recently wrote speeches for
8:45 am
president biden. he started with vice president al gore in the 1990s >> we think history happened the way it happened because that's how it had to happen but no, there are moments every day history hangs in the balance. >> or in gore's case, a hanging chad >> what if prince henry had not abdicated. he prepared a speech >> the prime minister called and said if the king comes walking on your door wanting to give a radio address, don't let him do it >> edward finally caves. >> after he an dig indicats, his
8:46 am
first trip was to germy, he gives a nazi salute. invasion. and dwight eisenhower. >> he changed the troops have been imagine if he had not abdicated. >> he changed the troops have been withdrawn to, i have withdrawn the troops he wrote in, the decision is mine alone this colorful illustration about leadership which is, you do something, you take responsibility for it >> wouldn't that be something. >> responsibility, honesty two words at times feel lost in history. >> i wonder the truth is a lot more than most people want to handle >> give people the truth in a way they can understand and trust and hope and pray they'll make the right decision. >> there are several examples in
8:47 am
the book of people that wanted to tell the truth but were censored like, we are not ready. >> that eisenhower footage of the speech >> this guy was a speech writer and worked for al gore in that world, a lot of stories get told the speeches are interesting it is the homework that goes around there was a governor in illinois in the late 1800s who had pardoned some wrongly convicted criminals. they said, you are never going to get reelected he didn't. back then, the custom was to speak at the next inauguration he wanted to say, we are too partisan we need to work together more. he never got to say that coming up next, if you want
8:48 am
your kitchen to smell like this studio does. packed flavor. there hes right there. i
8:49 am
8:50 am
and we are back with cook you may have seen him on top chef opened five restaurants all before turning 30. my america, recipes from a young black chef this book had been basically your lifeline. >> for sure. it is my version you take your whole history from nigeria, the car ibbean and the bronx. >> when you are a kid, you are
8:51 am
not acting like, what ethnicity is this? that was american to me. >> what do you remember being in little jamaica in the pronch making this food >> jerk chicken. i remember sitting on the side of the road eating jerk chicken out of the barrel. >> what is jerk sauce. it started as an act of preservation it has so many different layers of flavor. j it starts with a marinade. it is smoked >> i remember making this from scratch. a scott bonnet puree we have thyme. a blender. ginger, soy, allspice, bay leaf
8:52 am
and clove. then the sauce comes out like this >> is it in the barbecue sauce family >> no. but you can make a barbecue sauce like we are going to do now. you have onions and garlic add in brown sugar add the jerk >> we went to spring break in miami. the weather was so bad, we had to divert to nigril. that's where i tasted jerk the first time >> that's why i wrote the book, this is america. >> the difference between mine, i like to brine my chicken
8:53 am
overnight brine. the flavors in there as well we are in the studio >> you got to add some smoke >> what kind of smoke chips do you like >> i like pimento wood >> never heard of it >> our plates are almost empty >> we need more. >> a lot of times jerk chicken is too wet there is too much jerk sauce >> when do you it properly, it is so juicy. >> what is properly. >> smoke it, make the seasoning from scratch to build those layers of flavor >> we have to plug the family reunion. >> it is this four-day food
8:54 am
festival at the sal mander resort and spa the best chefs and entertainers. tickets drop today >> of course they do >> i want to see all of you. >> what is the side dish by the way? >> sauted cabbage and carrots. >> you know what we need some grump bunch >> looking forward to family reunion. looking forward to the family reunion. the recipe today check out today. we are back with our third and fourth hours including performance from josh grobin thank you kwame. first local news and weather >> insane. i want more.
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good morning, it is 8:56, i'm kris sanchez. sonoma county leaders debate new short-term rental restrictions. the supervisors cite a spike in app lickations so they're considering a 45 day moratorium on new permits as early as this summer. marin county reacted its own ban
8:57 am
on short leases and new licenses. bob redell is monitoring today's meeting and will have an update at 11:00. also the south bay water leaders are talking about cracking down on water wasters with the idea ofeem ploying water police. the valley water district said too many customers are ignoring the request to cut back so their considering using officers to warn people first and then i ise fifines. yoyou could f find that t on ou page r right now..
8:58 am
into you are viving inflation and scott mcgrew breaks down the numbers and your impact to bought the bottom line. >> and a push to make sure everyone is vaccinated and what you need to know about the next booster shot. tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00.
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