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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 10, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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happened to de'jon packer. >> it suggests they don't know where officer packer got the fentanyl, how he ingested it, who he was with. >> the san francisco district attorney's office says a boba shop in the tenderloin was a front forestolen goods. we'll tell you about their operation to bust it, coming up. also, will mask mandates be coming back to the south bay and santa clara county? dr. sarah cody sets the record straight as covid cases continue to rise. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this tuesday. i'm robert mueller. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. we're track thunderstorms on this tuesday night. let's get right to meteorologist jeff ranieri. what are you seeing? >> we are seeing some lightning strikes, small hail and certainly heavier downpours. this is all contained towards the north bay. you know what i'm talking about. if you live here in santa rosa or near saint helena, you can see how active it is from saint
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helena towards windsor. now on my map obviously here, this is the lightning. the purple is indicating some of the small hail. and then when you start to get into the orange and the red, that is the heavier rainfall. let's put a track on it. it will continue to stay active in windsor as we head through 6:29 tonight from that thunderstorm cell right there. this activity right here moving off to the south. it will push into bellevue. by 6:18, wilfred by 6:34. could run up to rohnert park by 6:47. as we move into this portion, we'll likely see that move into the south and eldridge as we head to 6:45. the big heat on the way. i'm back with that in about 15 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. our other top story tonight, new details into the overdose death of a san jose police officer. officer de'jon packer was a healthy, fit young man who died after ingesting a small amount of fentanyl. just some of the findings in the coroner's report obtained by nbc
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bay area. now that report is what milpitas police had been waiting for to determine the next step in its death investigation. damian trujillo is in milpitas police headquarters with the story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> milpitas police had not even seen the coroner's report until we told them that it was out. now they'll begin to ask questions like who was officer pack were the night he died, and did that play a role in his death. the coroner's report lists the cause of death for san jose police officer de'jon packer as fentanyl toxicity. but the official manner of death is considered an accident. >> it suggests that they don't know where officer packer got the fentanyl, how he ingested it, who he was with, if anyone. >> officer packer was found dead at his milpitas home in mid-march. sources say he was with friends the night before. the coroner's report says aside from fentanyl, packer also had marijuana and alcohol in his system. the report does not say that the coroner's investigator found any
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drug paraphernalia in packer's home. we took all that information to legal analyst steven clark, a former prosecutor. he says it could mean packer ingested the fentanyl somewhere else. >> for milpitas police department, this investigation is just getting under way, and it's going to be important for the milpitas police department to start searching for answers in some of what they find may be very uncomfortable. >> reporter: like looking at the officer's text messages and social media post, asking if other officers were with him the night before, and trying to determine who provided the drugs that led to his death. >> one of the faces of fentanyl was one of our san jose police officers. >> reporter: the d.a. mentioned officer packer at a ceremony today, commemorating national fentanyl awareness day. he also reiterated a promise to go after people who knowingly provide fentanyl to someone who dies, and if that person knew the dangers telephone drug. >> if we're not able to show that level of knowledge from the
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perpetrator, we will prosecute them for possessing fentanyl for sale or selling fentanyl which are also serious crimes. >> reporter: milpitas police say they have no current comment on the investigation. but clark says now is when police will begin knocking on doors and potentially serving search warrants to try to figure out how an otherwise healthy young police officer became a statistic in the nation's latest drug crisis. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> now you can watch our investigative units' in-depth look into the fentanyl crisis any time on your roku, apple tv or amazon fire or download our nbc bay area streaming app. look for our series fighting fentanyl under the investigative play list. we have new video that captures the wild scene of gunfire at a south bay taqueria. this was provided by sjpd with captions and identifiers that were provided by san jose police. well were not given the raw
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video. the raw video was captured in march when a fight broke out at la taqueria in downtown san jose. police shot k'waun green. police say he ignored warnings to drop the gun. this is body cam footage of when officers shot him four times. we want to show you this self-that we have previously seen. green and his attorney tell us they believe the video proves their claim that police shot an innocent man. they disputed the police department's description of what happened that night and have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. the san francisco district attorney's office says a boba tea shot in the tenderloin was doing a lot more than making tea. the d.a. says it was front forean international fencing operation and was fueled by goods stolen from cars across the bay area. here is nbc bay area's sergio quintana in the city. >> reporter: this table full of
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neatly arranged electronics and other items are just part of the loot san francisco district attorney chesa boat dean says his investigators collected when they raided a popular boba tea shop in the tenderloin. >> the goal of this operation was to map out the flow of stolen goods in san francisco and beyond. >> reporter: the d.a. says building the case involved using bait cars and electronics with trackers. he says they managed to identify items stolen from as far away as morgan hill. the testimonies then made their way to this quickly boba shop. according to the district attorney's office, this was a front for stolen items that were sent to places like southern california, dallas, hong kong, and vietnam. the husband of the shop owner, kwok lee, has been arrested and charged with possession of stolen goods. and because investigator says this is part of an international operation, he could face federal charges as well. >> one of our biggest hopes is that this operation will deter
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future similar criminal taitt. activity. we know lots of people commit burglaries in san francisco because they don't fear they'll get arrested. >> federal agents from the u.s. postal inspectors office and the department of homeland security investigators were deeply involved as well. >> with their help were able to pursue criminals overseas and abroad from california. >> the primary goal, i want to be very clear was never to arrest the people breaking into those cars. we let the police take the lead on those kinds of investigations, and we prosecute the cases they bring us. >> reporter: if you're among the many victims of car bay area car break-ins and you're wondering if some of your property was recovered, d.a. bodine says his office is working on putting together a website and listing the items and creating a way for victims to get their items back. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. a sole lando county 7-year-old is undergoing surgery
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after the boy was shot on his way to baseball practice. the shooting happened on i-80 in vacaville. today the chp told us it is still trying to figure out what led to the shooting that left the family's honda riddled with bullets. today the boy's camera told us offcamera the 7-year-old was with his father headed to practice when he was shot in the foot. we talked to a driver who saw the chp picking up bullet casings in the minutes after the shootings. she says this has left her shaken. >> and to find out that that kid was on the way to baseball practice, i had my son in the car. shea baseball player. and i was taking him to baseball practice. i hope he has a full recovery with his foot, and i hope he can play baseball again. that's what i want. he needs to play baseball. >> so far investigators have not releasing any information on the suspect or the motive. if you know anything about this shooting, you are urged to call the chp. in the south bay now, within the past hour, the san jose city council unanimously approved a
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new ordinance banning ghost guns. it will make it more difficult to buy, sell, or make these homemade weapons because not only banned the firearms, but also their individual parts. few months ago, you might recall san jose police broke up a sophisticated ghost gun manufacturing ring run out of a home in willow glen. they are called ghost guns because they have no serial numbers making them virtually impossible toe trace. oakland approved a similar ban earlier this year. okay. covid cases going up and santa clara county sounding the alarm, warning that covid transmission rate is now fire than it was during the delta surge. nbc bay area's alyssa goard joins us live from san jose where the county's top doctor, who we saw a lot during the beginning of the pandemic made some suggestions for protecting us from the virus. so here is the big one that people are worried about. are we going to go back to a mask mandate? >> well, jessica, as of right now, the county's answer is no.
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the county says it's sticking to the state rules, which strongly recommend but do not require wearing masks indoors. but santa clara county health officer dr. sarah cody made it clear today the case numbers are increasing, and that residents should respond accordingly. i asked if there is a threshold of cases or hospitalizations where the county would consider bringing back more restrictions. here's how she responded. >> i would say at this point in the pandemic no one wants to issue restrictions. at the same time, we also know that we have to think about the whole community, and particularly people who are more vulnerable and need restrictions to protect them. >> so no restrictions. what are the options then to protect other people and protect ourselveses? is this voluntarily masking or eating outside or just trying to continue with some of those things we did before? >> yes. a lot of those voluntary
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precautions, jessica. the county is recommending in general. whatever precautions you were taking a month ago or this past month, step it up one level. so whatever mask you were wearing, try and wear a more protective mask. if you're comfortable with it, any of those rapid tests you may have stockpiled in the cupboard, make use of them. and get vaccinated if you haven't already or get boosted or double boosted if you're eligible. >> i know you visited a vaccine site today. are people actually going? because it seemed to plateau there for a little bit. are we seeing an uptick in vaccinations? >> well, jessica, i'm not sure about big picture whether there has been an uptick. but at least at this site in san jose at the santa clara county fairgrounds today, it was pretty empty today, even though walk-in appointments were available throughout the day. there were not many people in getting their vaccinations. the female who we did speak with were getting their second booster doses. they were all over the age of 50 and eligible for those.
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and santa clara county says while the whole county has a really high vaccination rate of those people who are eligible for these second booster dose, only 21% of them have actually gotten it. so they're saying if you're eligible to get vaccinated or if you're eligible for your booster dose or your second booster dose you want to get that now. don't put that off for later. head over now and good news is there is plenty of time for you to get vaccinated, and you won't have a big line. >> okay. >> in san jose, alyssa goard, nbc bay area news. >> overcoming that vaccine fatigue, that's a big hurdle. okay, thank you. up next, a big controversy, but no charges. why a local d.a. says he has no plans to charge boxing legend mike tyson for a fight on a plane at sfo. i'm scott budman outside federal court where prosecutors in the second theranos trial are trying to link sunny balwani
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with the actions of elizabeth holmes. and i'm tracking thunderstorms over the north bay. oakmont just got nailed with some heavy rain, lightning, and some small hail. i'll show you where this dangerous thunderstorm is headed. i'm back with what in about six minutes.
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they already convicted elizabeth holmes of fraud. now federal prosecutors are in a second theranos trial. they're zeroing in on holmes' former business partner and
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ex-boyfriend sunny balwani. they're following a very similar playbook. scott budman has the latest from the courthouse in san jose. >> reporter: the prosecution in the second theranos case today tried to link sunny balwani to elizabeth holmes when it comes to a key decision to mislead investors into believing theranos had a working relationship with pharma giant pfizer and to put faulty blood testing machines into walgreens stores. >> sunny balwani was operationally the lead in that walgreens relationship, which is exactly the link that the prosecution here needs to show. >> reporter: one of the points stressed by the prosecution in the earlier case against holmes is that she fraudulently used the pfizer logo while promoting theranos blood testing machines. one of the ways investors were convinced to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the company. now they want jurors to believe balwani was also part of that
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decision. >> the idea that balwani was pushing things that had the pfizer logo without pfizer's permission. again, that was him doing fraudulence operational things. >> reporter: an investor also took the stand today, testifying about flaws she found inside the theranos lab. interesting to point out she was not asked to testify in the holmes trial, only against sunny balwani. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. ex-heavyweight champion mike tyson will not face charges from the altercation on board a plane at sfo. san mateo district attorney's office said it made the decision after examining the circumstances surrounding the confrontation. you saw this video last month. it went viral, capturing tyson punching a man on a jetblue fight before it took off. tyson says the man had been harassing him and threw a water bottle at him.
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lawyers for alvin georgetown send said he got overly excited when he saw tyson but deny he threw the water bottle at him. both sides requested that no charges be filed in the case. okay. let's get back to our weather. a very active tuesday evening. this video just in to our newsroom. this is st. helena. several spots in the north bay with hail. also looks like snow there. it's coming down. st. helena, calistoga, the list goes on. jeff is back with us now. and that is still happening as we speak, right? >> very dangerous to drive in, and of course with the lightning, that is also extremely dangerous. so we're not used to seeing this very often. if you see the lightning or you hear that thunder, you're close enough to get struck. so you want to head indoors. if you can safely get some video from inside, we'd love to see it. you can send it to also get ahold of us on twitter and facebook. let's get you in to where it is the most severe right now, and you can see multiple lightning
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strikes. the purple on my radar here that is indicating some of that small hail we're picking up. and when you start to get into the orange and red color, that is heavier rainfall. you can see the key here at the top. in santa rosa, you have been hit quite hard here over the past 30 to 45 minutes. you've got some hail out here on your eastern side of the city. also some lightning strikes. we'll take you down to the most severe spot right now. this just ripped right through oakmont. you got drilled with the lightning, the hail, and the heavy downpours. now this is moving off towards the south. so glen ellen, eldridge, it's all knocking on your door. if you know anybody that is out and about close to home, you want to tell them to get home because this is the kind of thunderstorm that again is very dangerous with those heavy downpours, the hail, and also the lightning. again, just stay inside. you'll be good to go with that. all right. let's take it out here to the wider view. i do think this might actually hold up towards sonoma by 7:07
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tonight. we're going to continue to track this. and of course we've got more updates here as we head throughout this hour. all right. let's bring it back to what i see happening as we head through later tonight that should be all cleared out. the system that's producing it should move off towards the east. i'm participating it right now dry weather at 11:30 this evening. then as we head through tomorrow morning, we're starting it off with sunshine and also dry conditions. so temperatures are going to be able to cool off. we're going to be cold, down 39 in the tri-valley. south bay at 40. san francisco i have it at 47, with just a few clouds. the north bay at 33. so jacket weather to start. but i think overall as we head through tomorrow, numbers are going to warm up by about 5 to 10 degrees warmer. as that system pulls away, that will put it to 68 in san jose. the east bay, up to 71 in concord. 72 in antioch. peninsula, 61 in san mateo. san francisco, mid-50s for the marina and the outer sunset. and through the north bay, 66 in clearlake. 67 in novato. on the seven-day forecast, the big trend will be a warming one by saturday i've got you up to
6:21 pm
72 in san francisco. and dry through the next seven days. and inland valleys, huge jump from that 71 tomorrow, up to 86 on saturday. 81 also on sunday. again, if we need to come on for more updates, i'll be here to do that. we've also of course got our 7:00 show where we'll have the live updates. >> we'll see you then. thanks, jeff. up next have, you booked your tickets yet? how sfo is preparing for a very busy summer travel season. we'll explain next. are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations
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that play music. >> i still think i have one somewhere in my drawers. >> have i four. >> those changed the game. i remember that. a travel forecast today from sfo. get ready. analysts are predicting the highest levels of passenger traffic since the start of the pandemic. a total of 12 million travel ers are expected at sfo between memorial day and labor day. while 12 million is a pretty big number, it's just 67% of prepandemic levels. sfo wants us to pass along this advice. try to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your domestic flight or three hours before your international flight. and yes, parking garages will likely be full this summer. so make plans accordingly. up next, cracking down on vacation rentals. the bay area county that is trying to put a cap on permits. and let's take a look inside 30 rock. lester holt preparing for "nightly news." one of the top stories. new details on that dramatic capture of the alabama inmate and the tips that led officers
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to he and his girlfriend. lester joins us in about three minutes.
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if you're thinking about a weekend getaway, some choice bay area locations may be hard to come by. many places are cracking down on vacation rentals. >> the sonoma board approved a 45-day moratorium. the county says it's seen a sudden spike in application, and that's raising concerns on the
6:29 pm
impact on housing. the moratorium would be temporary until the county is able to update its vacation rental ordinance, which is expected in august. tonight at 7:00, the latest on the hail and thunderstorms in the north bay happening right now. also, keep tahoe blue. 25,000 pounds of trash pulled out of lake tahoe. we go underwater with the team that just finished a year-long push to clean up the lake. and we get the inside scoop on some of the most unusual items they found during these deep dives. that story and mother coming up on our 7:00 newscast. up next on "nightly news," students at usc part of a growing movement urging people who are going to take drugs any way to test them with fentanyl test strips. a new jersey lab shows us how it works. tonight, president biden defending his handling of soaring inflation as gas prices hit a new record the average price at the pump hitting an all-time high of $4.37 a gallon the president at the white house
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today saying taming inflation is his top domestic priority and taking aim at what he calls the gop's ultra maga economic policies how republicans are firing back. also tonight the dramatic capture, the sheriff saying a fugitive inmate and an alabama corrections officer planned for a shootout with police before a car crash ended the 11-day manhunt. the officer apparently taking her own life the arsenal police say the fugitives had and the tip that led officers to them. the deadly missile strike in the critical port city of odesa. a shopping mall destroyed. our team inside ukraine tonight. celebrity chef mario batali, the verdict in his sexual misconduct trial the senate on the eve of a vote on abortion rights and now the growing battle can states block women from going out of state for abortions? the extreme fire danger in the southwest and tracking severe storms in the central u.s. and elon musk weighing in on donald trump's twitter ban,


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