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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 11, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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young girl at a church. her mother now behind bars. the troubling video posted days before her arrest. this is "today in the bay." wednesday morning is here brick ing bring the sunshine and the shines. good morning. thanks for making us part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. you can also watching us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. first we want to talk about wild weather across the area. this is what happened in the north bay, thunderstorms brought rain and hail and lightning strikes, sparking that fire there. this video is from glenellen in sonoma county. the tree went up in flames, fortunately it did not spread. >> meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect today. nothing like that today? >> no, it's all quiet now but we're feeling the cold air settling in behind the storm system yesterday. as you're heading off for work
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this morning in the east bay, pleasant hill in the mid-40s and take a look at our trend for today. we're headed for the upper 60s. this is still cooler than normal. we should be in the low 70s and we'll only see a few spots reaching the low 70s like concord and fairfield reaching into the low 70s. 71 in santa rosa while san francisco will see a high of 60. we'll be in the upper 60s for san jose and 66 today in fremont. we'll talk about a warmer forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. want to take a live look right now at capitol hill where abortion rights will take center stage. in the wake of the recently leak of the supreme court draft decision this is happening. democrats are trying to pass a federal law guaranteeing the right to an abortion, an effort most believe will fail. >> this morning laura garcia is tracking the potential impact of overturning roe versus wade and what that could be on america's political future, and what laws could be in jeopardy. we want to start with skpt ask the scott mcgrew, we want to see
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how things will pan out. >> probably honestly fairly poorly for the democrats and abortion rights supporters. the first vote is to end debate, it's not specifically a vote on the new law. the democrats will not be able to get that far past that first vote because they need 60 yeses to get past that first vote. they don't have 50 at this point. but their party boss chuck schumer says it's time america saw who is for abortion rights and who is not and he'll get that with a vote. >> and we will vote on wednesday and every american will see how every senator stands. they can't duck it anymore. >> reporter: two republicans, collins and murkowski are pro rights but expected to vote no because they have a pro rights plan of their own in many ways, theirs are closer to the current set of laws and rights than the democrats' plan does.
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democrats are also not going to get a yes vote from one of their own and that is joe manchin. you know joe manchin often frustrates his own party with no votes. not the first time democratic leadership has held purely symbolic votes they knew would go nowhere, votes they know they can't win. last march a minimum wage bill failed in the senate and at the time they said the same thing, we want people to get on the record for their vote. sinema and manchin were no votes on that and that vote came a month after a symbolic vote for voting rights, a serious bill, would have expanded vote by mail and other things. again symbolic, they couldn't get it past because they needed those ten republicans and indeed could not even get all of their own democrats to vote yes, and again it was sinema and manchin. now a reminder that no matter what happens in washington today, the laws have not changed in california.
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what was true last month or last year is true now. this senate vote changsz changes nothing in the golden state, marcus. >> thanks, scott. we turn now to laura garcia. we've heard so much about a potential ripple effect when it comes to the possible end to abortion, but some believe even more than that may be at stake. >> yes, it's very interesting. we heard a lot about the rationale behind that leaked decision including fears it might also eventually lead to issues affecting gay marriage for example. one political science lecturer says it could go beyond that. we've seen the demonstrations grow from outside the supreme court to just this week outside of the home of justice samuel alito, one of three justices who have been seeing protests at their private residences since the leak. i spoke one on one with donna crane, a political science lecturer with san jose state university. she says the rationale of turning rights back over to the states has been used in the past to oppress americans.
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>> there is a second set of rights we also need to be looking at, and alito does talk about this in his draft opinion, this idea of states rights, so states rights is the idea that the federal government shouldn't interfere with the way states want to govern themselves, sounds good, it comports with federalism. the problem is states rights has also been used to enact some of the most draconian, awful repressive laws we've ever seen in our country, all the jim crow laws that kept basically apartheid in the south for 100 years were all based in this idea of states rights, so when you think about things like interracial marriage, those kinds of issues, those are also potentially at risk, depending on how far this court decides to go down the road of revising the doctrine of states rights. >> legislatures in nearly half the country passed laws this
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year to restrict abortion access or expand it with an eye on the supreme court and its final ruling is likely to come next month. professor crane also says with midterm elections coming soon that the decision, if it's overturned, it could really galvanize democrats and supporters of abortion rights to move them to the polls, and with so many seats up for grabs, it could impact america's political future potentially for generations. there's also of course so much we have to wait and see. marcus and kris? >> we know so many young voters are watching this issue in particular. thank you very much, laura. >> 6:06 for you this morning. new details only on nbc bay area, about the death of a 3-year-old girl at a san jose church. that church also now indirectly tied to the recent san jose baby kidnapping, but that's where the 3-year-old girl died last september. police say she is a victim of child abuse, specifically from some kind of exorcism ritual. her mother was arrested in
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january on felony child abuse charges, days after a video she posted on youtube. sources confirm to nbc bay area that the woman in that video is claudia hernandez, the girl's mother. >> a lot of people turned on me after my daughter passed away. a lot of people thought a lot of things because after my daughter passed away, because of how the situation looked, but like i said, if you weren't there, if you don't know what happened. >> according to court documents, hernandez believed her daughter was possessed by a demon. medical examiners recently determined the girl died from suffocation and no one called 911 for two hours after that girl died. hernandez denied a request for an interview. she is now being held without bail. so far, no one else at that church has been arrested. new this morning, some relief for san francisco teachers who got layoff notices in mid march. most of the teachers if not all are being retained. the district initially issued more than 300 preliminary layoff
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notices which by law they have to do at a tern time. certain time. but because of attrition, that is people leaving naturally, and a better financial outlook, the district now says only five teachers are expected to be laid off permanently. those workers could still be brought back if more vacancies pop up. a live look at downtown san jose. the sun is starting to peak up over the horizon, and good thing, because it's a chilly start. >> we're going to need the sun to warm us up but we're not going to feel it until the next couple of days, when those temperatures start to crank up even more, but take a look at how cold it is especially in the north bay, where we had all of those storms yesterday, with the lightning and the hail. you're walking out the door this morning, the temperature is around 35 degrees, even colder for st. helena and it's 40 in livermore, 45 in san jose. check out saratoga right now, 39
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degrees and also 39 in san martin. after this cold start, take a look at the trend for today, at 10:00 it's 55. 11:00 59 and we're at 65 degrees at 1:00 today, eventually making it up to about 71. some upper 60s for san jose and livermore and hayward today expect a high of 62 degrees while san francisco will reach 60 degrees. i'll have the jacket on most of the day. how about the morning commute, mike, starting out cold but that shouldn't affect the roads. >> i still have my jacket on anyway, kari, because that's what they told me i need to wear. looking toward the roadways, traffic is calming down indeed. the two crashes 87 and 101 in potential trouble spots both cleared, that first burst really eased up there. now we're just kicking in with this burst of traffic coming down out of discovery bay, brentwood, vasco road slowing to about 35 minutes from marsh creek down to 580, where you see 580 has more traffic shifting in out of the altamont pass as
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well, folks coming in. that will be westbound your commute building there. i've circled a crash there over highway 4, that cleared from port chicago highway, all lanes cleared eastbound. westbound the arrow shows you the traffic build there, same thing for vallejo, highway 37 and the bay bridge where the metering lights are on and the toll plaza is now filled. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:10 right now. the warriors can wrap their playoff series tonight, but they'll have to be without the head coach. >> steve kerr as we told you yesterday, he has covid so he did not travel with the team to memphis, which is where all the warrior also take on the grizzlies tonight in game five of the conference semifinals. assistant coach mike brown will fill steve kerr's shoes once again. a live look outside chase center where the stun is coming up and where the warriors will host another watch party tonight. the plaza opens at 5:00 with tip-off around 6:30 tonight. admission for this is free. >> going to be a lot of fun out
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there. >> thrive city. tesla facing a new recall, coming up on "today in the bay," the concerning issue that some fear may put drivers in danger. also -- ♪ just eat it, eat it, get yourself an egg and beat it ♪ ♪ have some more chicken, have some more pie ♪ >> oh, weird al. look, you heard that right, eat it, because today is national eat what you want day and we'll give you insight of what we like to chow down on. >> a little taste. >> much more ahead for you this morning. grab something, eat it, and meet us back here. ♪ eat it ♪
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right now at 6:14, we are just seconds away from a beautiful sunrise over the south bay and it's starting out with a few clouds here and there but very chilly temperatures. we're in the mid-40s right now, we've seen some spots in the north bay and south county dip into the 30s but then our trend makes it feel much more comfortable by late morning into the afternoon, but all of these temperatures cooler than normal and we'll talk about a warmup, coming up in a few minutes. >> a live look shows you fremont with the headlights headed south. they'll travel smoothly past our cam camera, nice spacing here. there is a crash at warren and another crash at dixon landing road, both sound like the activity is off to the shoulder.
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we'll check the sensors to see if they light up anything but green, we'll show you that around the bay, coming up. >> we wish we were seeing green on wall street, mike. wall street set to open a little higher ahead of key reports this morning but that is not what the futures are showing. earlier this morning it was green. however as scott mcgrew told us the inflation numbers came out and the report was hotter than expected, so we are seeing red now. the nasdaq lost 1.5% on futures, so we will talk with scott about what this all means in about 15 minutes. tesla is recalling 130,000 vehicles in the u.s. because of a center touch screen display malfunction. the company says an overheating issue could keep it from operating properly or displaying that rear view camera, warning lights and other information. the recall includes certain model sedans and model x suvs from 2021 and 2022, as well as
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model 3 cars and model y suvs from 2022. tesla plans to provide an over-the-air software update. no reports of crashes or injuries related to this recall. google kicks off its annual developers conference today at shoreline amphitheater in mountain view, including the latest version of android, new feature for google assistant and map and improvements to the web browser. rumors are flying about the first company-made smart watch called pixel watch. 6:16 for you this morning. i'm feeling good, because it is national all those days, national this, national that. today might be the best one. it is national eat whatever you want day. >> obviously we gathered some newsroom favorites. it doesn't take much to rise to the level of favorite in the newsroom. but you know, chips, doughnuts, whatnot. here's what i crave though, what my mama and sister make.
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enchiladas, chili verde on the right and the vermicelli noddles and the traditional rollup and oh my gosh, it's so good. >> the verde looks good. >> i eat that breakfast, lunch and dinner in my mom and dad's house. they catch me in the fridge eating it cold. >> i got something for you, too. this is me a friend of mine, in 2008 when we went out to eat there and shrimp pasta, plate of fries myall time favorite are fries, salad on the table, wings, spinach artichoke dip, a glass of wine and two the with aers, we ate all of it. >> why would you waste space with water? you have limited space. >> clear room for more food! kari, mike, we want to know what you would eat if you could
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eat whatever you wanted. >> i like the fries marcus but looking at pasta, i'm a savory guy, the enchilada sweets is one of my favorites. kari and i were talking a like a touch of the sweet and savory, fresh fruit pies number one. >> yes, that's what we were talking what my mom made last night because over the weekend we went cherry picking in brentwood and we have all of these cherries now, and my mom made a pie last night so that's what i have waiting for me. >> kari, i think potlucks are again legal in the newsroom. >> nope, not yet. >> fine. we'll meet you in the parking lot! >> catch you outside. i'm looking forward to that, but first we need to get in that workout and before you have your eat what you want day, willow glen with our temperatures in the mid-40s for you. we're going to see temperatures
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slowly warming up today, but only reaching into the mid-60s by 1:00. i think that's kind of chilly, but we are going to see a lot of sunshine in some spots reaching the low 70s. we'll see that in fairfield and concord. after all of that active weather yesterday you'll be happy to know in the north bay it's going to be much quieter today with sunshine. and then tomorrow we're looking at more of the same, just a little bit milder in some spots but we really start to feel the warmup on friday with highs in the upper 70s and some spots like the tri-valley up to 80. 85 in fairfield and san francisco in the upper 60s. here's what's going on. we still have another cold front that's going to come in tomorrow, keep it breezy, rain just to our north. it doesn't look like many of us will see that rain chance and then going into the weekend, early next week we start to see that high pressure building and the storm track heading farther to the north, meaning we'll be missing out on the rain. take a look at livermore, our ten-day forecast, we have upper 60s today and tomorrow, and then
6:20 am
low 80s on friday. mid 80s on saturday, that's the warmest day of the weekend, starts to feel much nicer on sunday, and then we see some mid-70s for next week. we're keeping in mind that low 70s is normal and that's what we'll see in some of our warmest spots in the inland valleys for today and tomorrow, and then on friday, once again, those temperatures start to crank up, peaking on saturday and we do see a lot of dry conditions in this forecast, going into next week at least and it's going to be windy at times, especially for san francisco, where we see low 60s for the end of the week, upper 60s for friday and saturday really nice 72 degrees there. mike, how is it looking for the morning commute? >> we're looking at the camera and i hope you didn't hear my stomach grumbling from all the food we were talking about. a smooth drive, one crash in the south bay which has not shown slowing. reports of two at dixon and at warren sounds like they're both in the same area, it's the same
6:21 am
crash reported twice, no slowing south out of fremont. no slowing into freemonth except for south 88 off of 238. westbound 80 coming down through richmond some slowing toward the racetrack and the arrows show your typical westbound commute, notice it is lighter, it's 6:21 and only seeing this traffic. however we have the buildup at the bay bridge toll plaza and the sunrise if you're leaving san francisco headed into the east bay as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. parents feeling the burnout from the stress of young children. >> i have some great news today. i have the sure-fire guilt-free formula. >> we are listening. coming up reassurance from experts on what we can do to avoid hitting that wall. as we head to break we were talking about this, kari and her family picking cherries this weekend, this is her son here and there is her daughter. >> baby bella. >> boom, there you have it. follow kari and her mom on instagram, twitter, facebook.
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kari, i hope you post a picture of one of the pies, too. much more ahead for you this morning, maybe without the pie, but we'll be back. you're watching "today in the bay."
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some mental health advisers call it mommy burnout but i say daddy burnout is real, too. experts say the pandemic is compounding thele chaenings that parents face for generations but here's what one therapist tells parents feeling guilty about it. >> i like to tell mom that feeling guilty, part of being a mom, part of that duty is modeling self-care for your children and also the ability to say no. >> experts say you can battle the burnout teaming up with other parents, which i do, planning ahead or structuring your day and joining young children in their activities. they do appreciate it. this story appears on nbc lx and you can check out other stories like it any time at and you can watch lx on xfinity channel 185 or over the air on 11-5.
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mark your dal calendars as we mark asian american and pacific islander month heritage month that is researchers are talking about the need for more studies on the impact from alzheimer's. experts say people in the aapi community make up less than 5% of alzheimer's research participants. one four-year study is testing whether intervention ahead of symptoms may prevent future memory loss and dementia but researchers need more subjects to round out that data. >> it's very important to recruit them to participate because i want the treatment to work for us, work for people like me, and without them participating, we won't know how the treatment, potential treatment or future treatment will be working on them. >> she says that cultural differences in treating memory loss is one of the biggest challenges in recruiting candidates. we have many more stories celebrating asian american and pacific islander heritage month. watch them all, go to heritage month.
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neck the stop top stories we're following for you, the south bay gearing up for a busy primary election. we're breaking down what you need to know before you cast your ballot. only on nbc bay area, four people arrested in connection with over 30 fires here in contra costa county. what investigators knew about one of the suspects beforehand. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay." bookoking most c cruises can be comomplicated.. but t this isn't't most crcruises. this is cecelebrity crcruise. anand we thinknk cruisingg shouldn'n't be confufusing. so, onon our awardrd winning vacationons drinks, , wi-fi and d tips ae always incncluded. everery sailing.g.
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the fuels out there right now are light, flashy fuels. the amount of wind we've had recently and the lack of rain over winter, it's already dry out. >> right now at 6:30, a story you will only see on nbc bay area. four suspects and more than 30 fires ahead in a live report, authorities in the east bay now investigating whether the cases are connected. we just got the latest numbers on inflation. prices are really hot, but we found some good news. we'll tell you. this is "today in the bay." >> we need some good news on that front for sure. thanks so much for joining us on this wednesday. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington, broadcasting not only on television but you can also find us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. if you're one of the many folks who looked out the win toe yesterday and said the weather is wild you're not alone. social media buzzing about hail in the north bay and video from santa rosa that almost made it
6:31 am
look like there was snow on the ground and st. helena baseball field at the high school right after this. >> there it is. >> yes, it's not colorado, folks. >> nope. meteorologist kari hall monitoring all of that and today hopefully none of that. >> none of that but there were two days in a row where san jose had to deal with the hailstorms and now we're left with cold air behind those weather systems. as we wake up and head out in palo alto, it's right now in the mid-40s and we'll hold steady there for now through 8:00, and then our trend slowly warms up today. the temperatures only reaching 60 in san francisco. 68 in livermore as well as 68 in martinez and napa and we'll heat up in time for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike how is it looking diving through the east bay? >> more crowded at the richmond-san rafael bridge, the backup headed from richmond to san rafael, the aptly named bridge then.
6:32 am
on the richmond side as well westbound 80 builds up as is tradition heading down toward golden gate field and then clears up at the bay bridge toll plaza, standard backup through contra costa county, no major surprises, just a little build. we'll talk about what's going on in the east bay coming up. >> thanks, mike. authorities have arrested the people they say set more than 30 fires earlier this week in theine. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us in contra costa county. this is where the story you will only see here on nbc bay area. talk to us about this, because it really sounds unsettling here. it is. given the fact so many fire departments are gearing up for what it is expected to be another tough fire season during this drought. four people were arrested for over 30 fires that were set during a 48-hour period earlier this week, all in contra costa county, mostly in concord along highway 4, all the way to hillcrest park in ant knock. contra costa county fire tells
6:33 am
us that all the fires were immediately adjacent to neighborhoods and businesses, but what we know so far, none were damaged or destroyed. >> it sucks. you know, he's putting everybody in danger. look at the, that's fuel, straight fuel on the ground. >> reporter: the fire department says one of the four suspects arrested was on the radar screen for three months, and this suspect accused of setting six of those fires. law enforcement found him on saturday in hillcrest park, they tased him, strapped him to a gurney and took him to a hospital to be put on a psych hold. we're not showing his face because he's not yet been charged. there's no information on the other two people arrested in connection with the fires. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> why someone would want to do that, i don't know but i'm glad they caught them. all right, thanks so much, bob. >> 6:33 now. breaking news, inflation might be fading just a little
6:34 am
bit, just a little bit, but it's still startlingly high. >> scott mcgrew, the worst they've seen since what the late '70s/early '80s? >> headline inflation, good morning, shows when you look from this time last year, prices have gone up 8.3%. slightly less than the reading we got in march, so trending, kris is right, that is good news or good-ish news. still near four-decade highs and more than we expected. now some things getting more expensive. keep in mind i chose these randomly, i chose apples, i could have chosen oranges. used cars up 22% from this time last year, gas almost 45% more expensive, food at a sit-down restaurant up nearly 9%. there's your apples, 6.6%. not every price is up. televisions for instance nearly 6% cheaper than last year. president biden spoke about inflation yesterday, before he
6:35 am
knew these numbers. the president doesn't get the numbers early. the president said fighting inflation would be his administration's top priority, and warned of future interest rate hikes. now, i said at the time how peculiar his speech was, because if you were spinning tooled's numbers in washington, you would say there's evidence inflation has peaked, that we're on the back side of the hill. it's a thin argument. but it's true. the president will travel to a farm in illinois today, kris and marcus, to talk about how to get some of the food prices down. >> yes, that one hits especially low-income families really, really hard. thanks, scott. to decision 2022 now, and santa clara county gearing up for the primary election on june 7th, and mail-in ballots are already in the mail. "today in the bay's" ginger conejero saab is live at the county registrar's office with information we'll need to know before we cast our ballots. hi there, ginger.
6:36 am
>> reporter: hi, kris. good morning. the registrar's office technically isn't ope yet. here we are with a glimpse what we can expect for today's media day. the county is inviting the public and media to walk through the voting process to give voters more comfort with the process in this year's primary, so with us to take us through that is evelyn mendez from the county's registrar office. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: today is media day and as i mentioned, the public is also welcome to test things out. >> the vote centers, it's going to be a mock vote center so voters or media want to see the step-by-step process what to do when they go to a vote center when they open on the 28th, they can do that and here today, or walk through any of the processes in a building sorting the balance the ballots and th steps of the election. >> reporter: as you mentioned, there's a live voting center just right there, right behind
6:37 am
us. why don't we take a walk there, talk to us about what we can see over here. >> early voting happens, it started on monday. voters can come in or wait for their ballot. they can come in here if they need to get a replacement ballot or if they want to vote in person, they go to the counter, get their ballot. they can go to the voting machines, vote there for one of our booths and vote in there and drop the ballot in. >> reporter: all right. it is a voting center where you have all the resources needed, like you mentioned, a super center. you can walk in and have everything there for you. behind those windows, that's also where a lot of the work gets done. >> some of the machines are to open and sort, open and slice the ballot envelopes when they come in and there are sorting machines that sort them into different precincts. >> reporter: big question, what is something important or different in this year's primaries versus other elections? >> redistricting. every ten years after the
6:38 am
census, the lines get redrawn so we have some people might have a different congressional district than last time, assembly or senate, so if they get their ballot, it might not look as familiar as it was, but that's what redistricting does every ten years so that's something new voters should look out for. >> you were telling me from your feedback from voters, people are already a little thrown off with the new names and the different lines. >> yes, they are saying where is my assemblyperson i've had for the last ten yearses? 'not on there. go to our with ensite and there is a look up tool to punch in your address and it will tell you your new district. >> reporter: you have that here as well. let's go through important dates that voters need to know. >> so early voting started here today, started on monday. may 23rd is the last day to register to vote. if you forget to register to vote or change any of your information by that day you can register and vote at the same time at the vote centers, that open may 28th.
6:39 am
24 of our vote centers will be open on june 3rd, 101, all of our vote centers will be open throughout the county and then everybody can vote in person here. >> all right, and over 99 drop box locations all throughout the county where people can drop off their mail-in balance the los as well. >> so 99 drop boxes and 101 vote centers located throughout the county. >> reporter: great. we'll have more information on the county website as well as on the nbc bay area app. that's what we've got so far. back to you guys in the studio. >> the dates are super helpful. we'll post those up on our social platforms, too. thank you so much, ginger. we have election coverage including the key voter registration deadlines on our website as ginger said and find full elevator pitches from san jose mayoral candidates and santa clara county sheriff all at >> 6:39. testimony continues today in the criminal fraud trial for the former second in command at theranos, sunny balwani.
6:40 am
prosecutors yesterday tried to show balwani was involved in the decision to try to mislead investors by fraudulently placing a pfizer logo on theranos reports. the big pharma company never approved it. prosecutors are trying to establish balance juan wees apart of the decision to place faulty blood testing machines in walgreens stores where unsuspecting patients are sometimes given the wrong results. time to look outside, beautiful. this is nice and clear in san francisco. >> calm. >> that, too, but the sun is peeking through. meteorologist kari hall monitoring what we can expect. that's a beautiful shot there. >> it is and it's great to have the quiet weather service it got tired of crazy the past couple of days and didn't really feel like may, and it's still going to be cooler than normal today. as we take a live look outside in walnut creek yesterday at the midday show i was taking a look at that thunderstorm that was billowing up in the distance, but now once again it's clear.
6:41 am
our temperatures in antioch starting out in the upper 40s. you can see the trend throughout today slowly warming up with sunshine, still a breezy wind picking up and we're headed for the low 70s there in antioch, with fairfield reaching 73, but most of us in the mid to upper 60s today, with novato today reaching 68 degrees. if you like the warmer weather, i've got that for you too coming up in the forecast. mike has a look at the commute now and what's ahead. >> that's right, kari, a smooth flow of traffic into the city right now at the tail end of the bay bridge. you see at the top of the screen, nearby oracle park and today another game there but at 12:45, so that will mean midday traffic both local closures around oracle park and then tonight thrive city lights up, watching the warriors. they're out of town but on our minds as well and that will be traffic starting for the 5:00 p.m. opening there, that could blend with the traffic getting out of oracle park, blending with the evening commute so keep that in mind just off the bay bridge, south of that portion of
6:42 am
the market. the other side a smooth drive, no major surprises. the build at the toll plaza for the bay bridge, richmond to san rafael bridge, highway 4, 37 and richmond westbound 80 standard flow there. we're building in the south bay. we're looking to the south bay 1011 building up starting back at capitol expressway and 87 as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. for a lot of us, those birthdays that end in a zero they tend to make us take a little pause. >> one south san francisco man it started when he realized he has a lot to be grateful for, the subject of a new "bay area proud." >> reporter: good morning everybody. i'm garvin thomas. a 29-year-old man from south san francisco is on quite a mission, 30 acts of kindness before he turns 30. brian jiliakos just finished his first, a big one, he baked close to 400 flam desserts and personally delivered them to all 32 san jose fire stations. he wanted to thank first
6:43 am
responders for what they do and maybe inspire others to do something similar. >> i think the key is to do something because one act can lead to hundreds and it can start a chain reaction of kindness. >> reporter: watch the story and see the reaction he got at as well as all our other stories of people in the bay area being good to each other. >> love those stories. >> we love those stories, yes. the war in ukraine could it soon impact global food supplies in next here on "today in the bay," how russia's focus on one city in particular is now driving up concerns across most of the rest of the world. does someone you know have covid? there is a surge going on. i talked to experts about how to keep your family healthy, and if you're unvaccinated but have had covid, how your natural immunity may not be enough to protect you. plus -- >> good night. >> good night. >> yes, yes, yes, good night.
6:44 am
>> good night. >> we know the little guys there, the new minions movie coming this summer and you won't believe which music icon signed up to be a part of the soundtrack. the star-studded line-up comes up next. >> hello!
6:45 am
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> this mornining on "calali live" leararn about ininnovativ treaeatments to o help womenen ththat uncomfofortable haiair l. plus d decorating g tips toe your homome feel luxuxurious evn a bubudget, thisis morning a at onon "californrnia live."" happy wednesday. the time is 6:46 and it's a cold start with some low to mid-30s in parts of the north bay. upper 30s in the south bay.
6:47 am
we are going to warm up just a little bit today. we'll talk about a bigger warmup in our forecast in a few minutes. >> and looking over here to oakland, the traffic flow is smoothly. cars headed south past the coliseum toward the buildup through hayward and into fremont. we'll show you the patterns and the slowing that you can expect as you hit the roads this morning. developing right now, ukraine's natural gas pipeline operator is halting russian shipments to the eu through one of its key pipelines. the stoppage in the eastern part of ukraine is the first for this war. this is video of the southern port city of odesa, coming under increased russian fire. ukraine's president zelenskyy says the blockage of the port is threatening the world's food supply. 25 tons of grain stuck in silos. russian troops are gradually pulling away from northern ukraine. yesterday u.s. house lawmakers approved $40 billion in new aid
6:48 am
for ukraine. so don't expect the latest covid surge to end any time soon. more experts in or cities believe cases nationally will continue to be heading higher over the coming weeks and the cdc expects more cases ending up in the hospital. >> laura garcia joins us now. you have some new data on bay area cases that really kind of drive home that point that vaccinated is the best way to go. >> yes, it really is. santa clara county warns cases are higher right now than even last year's delta surge. public health officer dr. sara cody says even with hospitalizations steady, the focus should really be on preventing new infections. doctors and pharmacists are stressing people get vaccinated. new statistics from the association of pharmacists says vaccinated people are 41% less likely to die from covid than the unvaccinated.
6:49 am
the unvaccinated can't count on natural immunity from previous infections since it's unclear how long that immunity lasts, and whether it can stand up to future variants. >> what we've seen is that natural immunity does not last as long as vaccine immunity, so we still recommend that everyone, even the people that have had covid do go get your vaccine, do get your booster, be up to date. it's safe. it's effective and it will help protect both you and all of your loved ones. >> with more of our world opening up, people are planning graduation parties, family trips, to minimize your risk, experts say make sure you're up to date on vaccinations. wash your hands, keep it safe. a second booster dose has been authorized for everyone over 50 years old and for those 12 years and older who are immunocompromised. the fda soon will be reviewing data on vaccines for kids under 5. covid although we're starting to
6:50 am
come out of our shells a little bit it is still out there so we have to try to play it safe during the pandemic. >> and it's worse in other parts of the country where people might be traveling for family events, summer vacations and stuff. good reminder. thanks, laura. trending this morning, when it comes to getting up this early, only so many people can turn up our energy. >> uh-huh. one of those people, the icon, the boss, miss diana ross. ♪ all around the world, we can turn up ♪ >> hey, i like it. >> "turn up the sunshine" a new song on the upcoming minions: the rise of gru. the soundtrauk there, and she posted a snippet of that new song on instagram. got a '70s vibe right there. >> yes, i think so.
6:51 am
>> new single dropping may 20th, the soundtrack features herr and comes out july 1st. >> kari we're going to be doing that on july 1st? >> a new theme song for "today in the bay." >> yep. >> get marcus to do his rendition? >> with the wind machine going. >> we're turning up the sunshine compared to what we've seen the last few days and cranking up the heat by the weekend. the live look at the golden gate bridge where it is all clear. you step out the door and it's like ooh, i need a warmer jacket. it's going to be nicer for those outdoor activities going for a hike in the south bay later on today. i'd wait until about noon to 3:00 when our temperatures hit the 60s and only reaching the upper 60s for san jose today. gilroy we're looking at a high of 70, pretty nice, also 70 in walnut creek, 62 in hayward.
6:52 am
still cool for daly city and half moon bay with some 50s there and some upper 50s for the outer sunset. 68 novato. santa rosa today up to 71 after all of that wild weather. we are going to see another cold front pushing through, heading into tomorrow, with rain just to our north. there will be that slight chance that there could be some spotty showers in the north bay, and then we start to see it really pushing farther to the north by next week, as high pressure builds and it's going to crank up our temperatures just temporarily. take a look at morgan hill. we have upper 60s today, which is cooler than normal but we go from one extreme to the other we peek at 86 degrees on saturday and next week it's looking nice with upper 70s and we'll see that continue but overall our inland temperatures will peak up to the low 70s today and tomorrow, and then 80 degrees on friday, as you're making those outdoor plans, just plan on it being pretty warm on saturday.
6:53 am
maybe a little bit more comfortable on sunday into early next week. mike, anything happening out there now for the commute? >> it's not bad, kari. the south bay what we expect pretty much 87, 101 and now 85 showing more traffic flowing off of the split coming out of al maden valley as well. 101 through santa clara starting to build as well. unusual for this map is at the bottom of your screen eastbound 580, a crash as you are headed toward greenville, causing some slowing counter to your morning commute. the other direction out of the altamont, the standard flow, same thing build on vasco and no other surprises, more traffic through castro valley and 880 through hayward and union city. back to you. happening now, stanford is reporting the highest number of covid cases since the start of the spring quarter in march. it includes a 56% spike for students over the last week alone. that follows some recent large events including admit weekend where nearly 3,000 incoming
6:54 am
students visited the campus in april. next a quick look at top stories we are working on including breaking news on inflation hitting near a 40-year high. scott mcgrew will break down all of this and how it may impact your wallet. the battle over roe v. wade coming to a head in congress, the vote happening within hours on capitol hill as more states consider taking the matter into their own hands. much more ahead for you. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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6:56 for you this morning. welcome back. we're going to move you forward with a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay." >> starting with breaking news, just a short time ago, washington released the latest numbers on inflation, and skpt scott mcgrew there's a silver lining in there. >> we get the reports once a month, kris, when you compare this month's report, the one we just got the last month, it's a little bit better from this time last year, april to april, prices have gone up 8.3%, slightly less than march, so that's good-ish news, but it's still near four-decade highs. the "today" show will break down which things cost more money and where you might find savings, tvs for instance actually cheaper coming up at 7:00. >> thank you. a live look at capitol hill where abortion rights this morning will take center stage. this is in the wake of the
6:58 am
recent leaked supreme court draft decision. democrats trying to pass a federal law guaranteeing the right to an abortion, an effort most believe will fail. that vote today is to end debate. it's not actually specifically a vote on the new law, but democrats don't have the 60 votes they need that would pass that first vote. majority leader chuck schumer says that with these votes, the midterm elections coming, americans will see which congressmembers support and do not support abortion rights. those warriors they can wrap up their playoff series tonight, but they'll have to do without their head coach. >> steve kerr has covid and did not travel with the team to memphis, where the warriors take on the grillslies tonight in game five of the conference semifinals. assistant coach mike brown will fill kerr's shoes. a live look outside chase center, it is's beautiful morning. the plaza opens at 5:00, tip-off is about 6:30 tonight.
6:59 am
admission is free. >> i would imagine they need coats out there today at 6:30, kari. >> still chilly and windy in san francisco. for some of our inland areas feeling much more comfortable with a high of about 71 today, and we'll see some warmer weather going into the weekend with our valley temperatures in the mid 80s. mike? >> unfortunately we have an alert now eastbound 580 that crash at greenville is blocking three of four lanes. that's counter commute. traveling through livermore headed toward the altamont pass this is a problem for you. las placitas goes parallel to eastbound 580, jump back on because the crash is shy of the greenville off and on ramps. that will be an issue out of pleasanton and livermore headed to the altamont pass. typical slowing in your commute direction. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with more live, local news. >> join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. much more ahead for you then. until then, see you later. a live look at san francisco
7:00 am
this morning, beautiful shot to wrap up "today in the bay," and welcome in the morning. the "today" show is coming up next. have a great morning. good morning. under pressure. gas prices hitting yet another all-time high overnight. food, clothing and fuel prices soaring. americans feeling the ever deeper pinch of skyrocketing inflation. the president on defense. >> i'm taking inflation very seriously. and it is my top domestic priority. >> straight ahead. inside the latest plan to battle inflation from the white house. on the record. democrats order an historic bill protecting abortion rights nationwide. a move to force their colleagues


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