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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 11, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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fares, and new cars all going up and gas prices hitting a new record high today. how much longer will it last? also tonight, the senate failing to advance a bill to protect abortion rights nationwide. democrat joe manchin and all 50 republicans voting against it. where does the battle go now ukraine's forces said to be making gains against russian troops near kharkiv as kyiv disrupts the flow of russian gas to europe dramatic dash cam showing the arrest of alabama fugitive casey white and the 911 call from the corrections officer he was with, vicky white. what she said to him as police closed in. the passenger landing a plane after the pilot suffers a medical emergency. tonight we hear from the air traffic cont controller, how he guided the passenger to safety.
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and crash test controversy. are the dummies used in safety tests putting the lives of women and girls at risk >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening the best you can say about today's new report about inflation is that it may be leveling off the inflation rate now 8.3%, showing little change over a month ago but still close to a 40-year high the war in ukraine, the fallout from the pandemic, all playing key roles in driving up many prices like food, up over 9%. new vehicles up 13%. electricity up 11% and by the way, these latest numbers from april aren't reflecting the current record gas prices you're seeing at the pump now reaching an all-time average high of $4.40 a gallon according to triple-a. today president biden on the road, looking to demonstrate his commitment to beating inflation, as rising prices cascade across virtually every corner of the economy and onto american kitchen tables, as jo ling kent explains.
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>> reporter: today president biden focusing on american farmers in his latest attempt to bring down food prices. >> right now, america is fighting on two fronts, at home it's inflation and rising prices abroad, it's helping ukrainians defend their democracy. >> reporter: in april inflation went up 8.3% compared to last year. the cost of rent, food, airfares, and new vehicles drove up prices the president visiting an illinois farm offering a new plan which in part expands crop insurance for farmers who harvest two crops in the same field. missouri mother of two megan feels it at the supermarket, with grocery prices u 11% in the last year >> you can see how things are moving, everything feels more expensive. >> reporter: she feels it on the road with gas prices soaring even higher. >> when you're at the pump, you're thinking, okay, when is it going to stop rolling, right? >> reporter: and she and her husband mark also feel it on their family farm where the cost of fertilizer has
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skyrocketed. how much are you paying last year for nitrogen versus now? >> so last year was around $270 per ton and now it's over $1,400 per ton >> reporter: what does that do to your budget and your ability to survive? >> well, it's scary. >> reporter: although the corn and soybeans they grow are selling at higher prices now, she says the price of what goes into the crops put the family business at risk >> everything is higher equipment is higher, land is higher seed costs are up. >> reporter: what is president biden going to do to reduce inflation for american farmers who are helping to produce what we eat and what we serve on our kitchen tables >> it's a great question first, he's doubling federal funding for fertilizer to try to get more fertilizer out to the farms that need it. second, he's going to use precision agricultural techniques to help our farmers actually increase their crop production >> reporter: despite inflation, president biden's top economic adviser brian deese
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says the administration is also aware corporations have been bringing in record profits >> so one of our key focuses has been, where can we encourage more competition, particularly by having more small businesses, more entrepreneurs come into a market, help to innovate and disrupt? that's not only good for our economy but will help bring prices down as well >> reporter: prices megan has to pay to get through the season ahead. >> we'll work some longer hours and be a little less comfortable for a while. >> jo, what does the administration think about when these prices might start heading downward >> reporter: brian deese told me there's a, quote, long way to go and would not give a specific time frame. meantime the fed meets again next month when we expect to see another rate hike aimed at driving down this inflation, lester >> joe ling kent in our newsroom, thank you. tonight the attorney general has directed u.s. marshals to ensure the safety of the supreme court
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justices, after the leaked draft opinion that could overturn roe v. wade. plugs plus moments ago the senate defeated democratic efforts to protect apportion rights garrett haake reports. >> reporter: a fiery floor debate on an abortion rights bill tonight in the u.s. senate >> for maga republicans, this has always been about making abortion illegal everywhere >> democrats' radical bill is extreme as extreme gets >> reporter: crashing into a legislative brick wall 11 votes short of advancing. >> on this vote, the yeas are 49, the nays are 51 >> reporter: west virginia democra joe manchin joining all 50 republicans opposing the women's health protection act. it would have strengthened abortion rights nationwide, even superseding some stat restrictions already in place democrats have vowed to take this battle to the courts, the states, and the voters >> the majority of the american people believe in defending a woman's right, her
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choice, to decide what happens to her own body >> reporter: her argument bolstered by new polling that shows a majority of americans do support abortion remaining legal with no or some limitations. >> if they want to run on that issue, i think that would make people more aware of just how extreme their position is, uh, and it will not help them on election day >> reporter: across the country abortion rights groups have seen massive increases in donations since the draft opinion striking down roe leaked. planned parenthood reporting a 2,300% spike in a surge of searches online. >> we're working to ensure there's every legal lever used t prevent any state from trying to stop its residents from going to another state to get a legal abortion >> garrett joining me. garrett, what's next at the capitol >> reporter: there are some other ideas under discussion o capitol hill but among democrats i talk to, the strategy begins
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and ends with the midterm elections. electing like-minded lawmakers is the democrats' only path forward on this issue. >> garrett, thank you. overseas, ukrainian forces are gaining some ground even as russians advance in the east. for the first time ukraine shut dow a pipeline that carries russian gas to western europe kelly cobiella reports. >> reporter: tonight ukraine says they're pushing russian troops outside kharkiv back towards the russian border in the villages retaken by ukrainian forces, scenes of devastation. this convoy of cars came under fire while trying to evacuate, the soldier said "unfortunately children were there," he says. in kharkiv, some still so frightened they're sheltering in a subway nbc's matt bradley is there. >> reporter: when the bombs started falling a few months ago this station offered a temporary refuge now it feels like a permanent community underground. >> reporter: lilia has
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only left the shelter four times since february i'll leave when the mayor or president says it's safe, she says in the russian-controlled east, ukrainian officials said they turned off a key russian gas pipeline today. russia's energy supplier confirmed gas flowing into europe fell by 25%. russia can likely divert gas to another pipeline 2 1/2 months into the war, russia now controls more land than before the invasion in the east and in the south. this woman and her son are from kherson, now occupied by russia you talk to people who are still there? "yes," she said. her parents are still there. this aid center run by ukrainians who fled the war helps 2,500 people like her every day. why do you do this "we need our ukrainian people in ukraine to work, to lift the economy," he tells me,
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"so we can pay for the army and keep fighting." tonight pro russian authorities in kherson say they're going to ask russia to annex the city a ukrainian official says they may as well ask to join mars or jupiter and that kherson will be liberated soon, lester >> okay, kelly, thank you. we're following some breaking news right now. let's get the late details. >> reporter: good evening, i'm gadi schwartz in los angeles. we're monitoring a fast spreading brush fire destroying homes in orange county so far eight homes appear to be burning and the fire is being fueled by wind gusts up to 20 miles an hour along some very steep canyons. we can see crews actively fighting back flames in neighborhoods and attacking that fire in the air. so far evacuation orders have been issued for surrounding areas, as more fire crews head in to try to help in that fight. lester tonight an insid look at the final
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dramatic moments in that manhunt for the escaped alabama inmate and a corrections officer. newly released police video and audio showed how it unfolded in evansville, indiana. meagan fitzgerald now with the new details >> reporter: an 11-day manhunt over as police dash cam captured casey white's arrest on the hood of a squad car after officers rammed the car he was driving in evansville, indiana. moments earlier, vicky white, the jailer investigators say helped casey white flee, placed this 911 call then a gunshot is heard on the line. [ sound of gunfire ] >> she's got the gun in her hands >> reporter: an autopsy confirms vicky white shot herself in the head tonight, casey white is back in alabama charged with his escape the suspected murderer now held in a state prison known for dealing with problem inmates. the couple spent six days at this motel here in evansville
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they were essentially hiding in plain sight, literally just down the street from the vanderberg county sheriff's office the hotel's owner confirms he has no record of the pair ever checking in >> they were driving around, approached somebody, appeared to be homeless, and offered that person money if they would go and rent the room for them >> reporter: a longtime friend of vicky white's says she's in shock, that the veteran deputy treated everyone with kindness how did vicky treat inmates? >> she was good to them, she treated them like they were still good people. >> reporter: when the sheriff was asked if casey showed any emotion after vicky' death, a simple response >> no. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, nbc news, evansville, indiana. how many of us have wondered what we would do if it was left to us to land an airplane in an emergency? it became real for a passenger on a small plane who said he had no idea how to do it kerry sanders talks with the man who talked him through it.
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>> reporter: it could have ended so differently. this cessna 208 was at 9500 >> reporter: it could have ended so differently. this cessna 208 was at 9,500 feet, going 180 miles per hour, when flight data shows it went into a dramatic nosedive, dropping more than 3,000 feet in just 16 seconds the pilot suffering a medical emergency. >> and the pilot was slumped over on the controls they pushed him back, they get him out of his seat, had to get on the controls and pull back the plane so it would climb up out of the dive it was in. >> reporter: fortunately bobby morgan, a flight instructor, was working an extra shift in the air traffic control towe at palm beach international airport. he began talking darren harrison, one of two passengers on board, through the crisis >> trying to hold the wings level. see if you can start descending for me. >> reporter: what are you pointing at with him, what are you telling him to look at >> i said what do you see in front of him, he said, that's all black. i said, oh, boy, that doesn't help us much
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>> reporter: bobby morgan was in the tower behind me in windowless room, telling him to adjust the throttle, descend, and line up with the runway and remarkably, a perfect landing. the pilot was rushed to the hospital where his condition is unknown tonight. the newly-minted pilot taking thank you photographs with his instructor what a student >> yeah. my best student ever >> reporter: no arguments there. kerry sanders, nbc news, palm beach county, florida. >> pretty amazing. we'll take a break. in 60 seconds, the shocking report by the government on the shameful treatment of native american children for decades by the government on shameful treatment of native american children for decades.
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for copd, ask your doctor about breztri. breztri gives you better breathing, symptom improvement, and helps prevent flare-ups. breztri won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. it is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition... ...or high blood pressure before taking it. don't take breztri more than prescribed. breztri may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,... ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. now to the shocking new report revealing the horrors inside boarding schools for indigenous children run or supported by the u.s. government for over a century. here is antonia hylton >> reporter: the report is a damning reckoning of america's dark past. the u.s. government acknowledging it intentionally targeted
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tens of thousands of indigenous children, sending them to boarding schools where they were forced to change their names and punished for speaking their languages. a policy the report calls traumatic and violent. the findings announced today by deb haaland, who is laguna pueblo and the first native american cabinet secretary. her grandparents were forced to attend the schools. >> i am here because my ancestors persevered and the work we will do with the federal indian boarding school initiative will have a transformational impact on the generations who follow >> reporter: the report found the u.s. operated or supported 408 boarding schools in 37 states from 1819 to 1969. the highest concentration in oklahoma, arizona, and new mexico there was rampant physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. disease, malnourishment, overcrowding, and a lack of health care. children who broke the rules were disciplined with corporal punishment such as solitary confinement, flogging, withholding food, whipping,
6:46 pm
slapping, and cuffing. the investigation has already determined hundreds of children died but that number is expected to exponentially rise as more schools are studied. at least 53 burial sites have been found. some marked, some unmarked >> our children deserve to be brought home >> you've got to admit that it happened >> reporter: last year i met fred, who was sent to holy child of jesus school in harbor springs michigan the memories still haunt him. getting locked in a freezing closet. once forced to eat another child's vomit. >> i don't know if i've been able to heal >> reporter: holy child neve responded to nbc news' multiple requests for comment. >> i think it's actually way overdue >> reporter: today fred told me the report is a good first step >> it now can put to rest a lot of the people who went missing, who went to school and never came home >> reporter: but there's been no formal apology from the u.s. government the investigation will
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here's tom costello. >> reporter: somehow a family of four in this small suv survived after being hit head-on by a pickup at 70 miles per hour. but hannah and her 10-year-old daughter myra suffered neck, spiral, and severe abdominal trauma >> we had similar injuries our lower intestines had been completely destroyed by the seatbelts and they had to do emergency surgery to save our lives. >> reporter: hannah also suffered a brain injury, while her husband and son's injuries were less severe exactly what researchers have found for years. females in the front seat are 73% more likely than males to be injured in a crash. 17% more likely to die. since the 1980s, the government crash tests that give out those five-star ratings have relied on smaller male dummies to represent females. even though women and girls are often more petite with less muscle mass. new high tech female dummies have been
6:52 pm
available for years but the government doesn't require them this is the old female crash test dummy used for decades. this is the new high tech version much more anatomically correct, from the legs, the pelvis, up into the spine, the neck, and the head 150 sensors including a soft abdomen to detect any seatbelt injuries >> the closer you are to the dashboard, the higher the risk of injury for women, that can be a factor >> reporter: chris o'connor runs the bigges maker of crash test dummies. >> the biggest injury is in the lower legs it's a combination of thei anatomical nature and the way they sit in a car. >> reporter: european and asia safety regulators are already using the new female dummies while the u.s. department of transportation has been studying them for nine years, it still doesn't require them >> it completely ignored women. they continue to completely ignore women. >> reporter: governmental regulators say gender disparities are unacceptable and concede the approval
6:53 pm
process has taken too long while men are more likely to cause crashes, women are more likely to die tom costello, nb news, detroit. up next tonight, when fishing is about so much more than the day's catch. how it's inspiring america. erica. it's...the si. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade is more than a trading platform. it's an entire trading experience. that pushes you to be even better. and just might change how you trade—forever. because once you experience thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ♪♪♪ there's no going back. what are you recommending for muscle pain?
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yep, it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your provider if cologuard is right for you. consider it done. finally, one man's holy mackerel moment has turned into a passion for teaching kids to fish, especially when they have no one else to take them. sam brock with tonight's "inspiring america.
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>> reporter: under perfectly formed clouds, in st. cloud, florida. a group of young fishermen guided by big will dunn reel in a little slice of heaven >> oh, nice fish, man! >> reporter: what is your favorite part about this whole experience >> definitely the fight between me and the fish >> reporter: the children here parenting in take a kid fishing inc. have either lost their father or don't have an active father figure and few things hit harder than that what was your relationship with your dad like >> a beautiful bond, my dad was a phenomenal dad >> reporter: dunn started mentoring kids missing that relationship >> haul up your fish, everybody. >> reporter: dunn says he was first inspired by a boy living next door whose father wasn't around. >> my philosophy is, just for one more. i thought if i would help just this one more kid but it's gotten much bigger than one more >> reporter: since then, thousands of
6:58 pm
kids have become hooked >> nice catch! >> reporter: including 12-year-old jaden pryor. >> it's nice to have someone who's got your back, right? >> yeah. >> he does that for so many other guys too. >> what he's doing is amazing. >> is he changing lives? >> definitely. multiple at a time >> reporter: dunn may not fill the void of dad but the connection certainly feels an awful lot like family. >> there you go! all right! >> reporter: sam brock, nbc news, st. cloud, florida >> that is time well-spent that's "nightly news" for this wednesday. thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night
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i'm raj mathai, next, inflation reaching a record high here in the bay area. we have a new look of how hard it's hitting our bottom line. also, something that's never happened in california before, workers at two starbucks unionizing. could more stores follow suit? after two years of living and dealing with covid, why can't we better prevent the spread? we're talking to one of our covid experts from stanford. good evening. this is nbc bay area tuesday tonight, i'm raj mathai. we'll get to those stories in a moment. we want to start with the breaking news in orange county. we've been covered this now for a couple hours. a fire burning several homes down


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