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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 11, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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close to two dozen homes destroyed by a fire. right now at 11:00, breaking news. multi-million dollar homes in flames, zero percent containment at this hour. is this a sign of what's coming our way this summer. plus, inflation pushing many families to their breaking point. what many are forced to do.
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and a stunning loss for the warriors. what went wrong in memphis, and what comes next in san francisco? >> we got our [ bleep ] kissed. that happens. >> and a vow to bounce back on friday night. good evening. >> i'm raj mathai. we begin with that breaking news. a wildfire destroying multi-million dollar homes in orange county. it is an anxious night for thousands of people in this upscale community. this is happening in laguna niguel. >> reporter: a wildfire fanned by ocean winds, ripping through
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canyons and hills and into multi-million dollar estates. at least 20 large homes destroyed. >> it's unfortunate to see their house go up in flames, but this entire street is chaotic right now. seems like a war zone out here. >> reporter: firefighters battling the flames through the night to keep them from spreading. some of the homes were gutted in minutes. >> i never thought a big fire would reach this far in. it's crazy. >> reporter: first responders, evacuating 100 homes. brad morey grabbed what he could in five minutes and got out. luckily, his home was saved. >> it was smoke, all up in here it was smokey. >> reporter: the small fire starting in the afternoon, then spreading to dozens of acres, also fueled by dry brush from the drought. >> wildfire season as we know it today, it's not just the summer months anymore, it's 12 months a year, and we have to be prepared
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year round for a fire. >> reporter: embers from the fire went into homes through vents, sparking new fires. so they're inspecting the whole neighborhood. >> when the wind does pick up tomorrow, that we've missed anything and we have a re-kindl. >> let's take a live look. you can see one of the homes on fire. this is what we've been seeing for several hours now, homes between the sizes of 3,000 square feet up to 10,000 square feet, and you can imagine because this started around 4:00 or 5:00 this evening, a lot of these families and people never had a chance to collect up their buildings or pack up bags because they were at work or school. wind is an issue. we hear it in ian's story.
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jeff's with us. we could see similar fire conditions for months to come. >> when we look at the fire, we had temperatures in the 60s and high humidity. even though there was wind, it was cool with moisture in the air. now the problem they got into, of course, is the drought. that is the first thing. the second thing is the topography, the very heavy wind is blowing the smoke. we could see overnight wind gusts of 10-20. tomorrow, warmer temperatures up to 78. wind gusts up to 15-30. fires burning uphill move extremely fast. a fire is able to move four to 16 times faster than on flat ground. as the fire gets g the hot air from it preheats the grass and trees out ahead of it, that's
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what makes the fire spread fast. a lot of local communities have deadlines coming up on june 1st for clearing brush. really traumatic memories in the bay area with our own fires. we are not done. in a few minutes, we will go down to orange county with our reporter on the scene from this neighborhood. this is a hook look from the chopper. the man and woman accused of kidnapping a 3 month old baby in san jose will be in court tomorrow. ramirez and portillo have a plea hearing. on april 25th, baby brandon was taken while his grandmother was watching him. they worked together to kidnap the baby, police say. ramirez has been deported back
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to el salvador three different occasions. we have new information regarding sjpd. another investigation of a san jose cop. the fifth in the past few weeks. this time the officer's accused of giving a meth pipe to a san jose woman in exchange for information. a spokesperson for the department says they can't comment on a personnel matter that's still under investigation but does say the alleged misconduct occurred more than six months ago. this comes on the heels of a san jose cop dieing from a fentanyl overdose. another showing up to a scene intoxicated, another accused of sexual misconduct and another investigated for drunk driving off duty. tonight the faa and ntsb are investigating a helicopter crash in livermore. two people on board rushed to a local hospital. it happened just before 10:00 a.m. at pg&e's livermore electric safety academy. the crash involved a contractor
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doing training exercises. when rescue crews arrived, they found the pilot trapped in the chopper and the injured person suspended outside by a cable. both the pilot and passenger have non-life-threatening injuries. a step toward healing after the deadliest shooting in the bay area. today one of the biggest physical reminders of the vta shooting starting to come down. crews began demolishing the building at the rail yard where six of the night victims were killed. it was nearly one year ago that vta worker killed nine of his co-workers before he shot himself. today vta board home sydney chavez explained that many people felt keeping the building was just too painful. >> many wanted that facility to look and feel different. they wanted to come back to
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something fresh. building b is a building that we lost six lives in that building. this is a response to a majority of our employees saying it's time, and they wanted to see that building gone. >> vta plans to replace the building with a new facility. the hope is to put up a monument to the victims at the site or another location. we are all feeling it. inflation is close to a 40-year high, and bay area food banks and the people they sve are struggling. some people are having to do something they've never done before. >> you like lemons, as well? >> yes, please. >> reporter: she comes to this food pantry in livermore once a month. rivera helps care for her granddaughter and is a major provider for her son, who suffers from asthma. she needs help. >> i'm not working.
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>> reporter: rivera is just one example of bay area families in need. >> we definitely see new people. new people are registering with us, and older customers or customers who haven't been with us for several years are coming back. >> reporter: families are struggling, and so are bay area food banks. a spokesperson says inflation is the driving force behind the problem. >> since the beginning of the year, going back to january, we have seen our monthly food distribution increase by the equivalent of about 700,000 meals per month. >> reporter: he says food is coming in, but it's not so easy to get. it costs more to buy and the demand is even higher. >> we hear people anecdotally, they're there because the cost of going to the grocery store is too expensive. the cost of gas is too expensive. people are struggling right now. >> reporter: that struggle is hitting the middle class.
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some people who come to the food banks have jobs, but they just need a little help to make ends meet. >> we're currently serving about 270,000 individuals monthly, which is more than we were serving during other points of the pandemic. so the need is still there, and it's continuing to grow. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a covid outbreak reportedly hitting north korea. the country today imposing a lockdown to control its first acknowledged outbreak. north korea has maintained for two years that it has kept the anniversary out. most have doubted that claim. the 26 million north koreans in that country are believed to be unvaccinated. stanford says its positivity rate is nearly 10%. more than 320 students in isolation. that's up from about 230 students last week.
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most are students in housing, student housing. they are tracking students at big events like prom. the marin county health department reports cases have tripled. the silver lining is there hasn't been a rise in hospitalizations. marin county recommending those at risk to avoid non-essential indoor gatherings. wear a mask to indoor gatherings and get up to date on vaccines and boosters. all right, did you see it? it wasn't a bad dream. it was actually real life. the warriors got blown out tonight. 134-95. they couldn't do anything right. klay thompson said it it best e it was awful. it was embarrassing. the game was in memphis, but the party was here in san francisco. it it was supposed to be a
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victory celebration. so what happened instead? terry mcsweeney joins us from chase center. >> reporter: after the disaster tonight you could probably understand if the warriors were down, down, down, but if you file that way, you would be wrong. ♪ ♪ ♪ the warriors in my heart ♪ ♪ the warriors in my soul ♪ ♪ we lose control ♪ >> reporter: that's harold wilson of the back yard party kings of san francisco who is not worried about his team's playoff chances. >> we are going to take it. we have to. we got to. >> reporter: thousands have come to celebrate the warriors clenching the semi-finals, but there was no clenching, but there was a little bit of celebrating. >> we're going to come back here and win it and be like aye aye aye aye.
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♪ winners ♪ ♪ winners ♪ >> reporter: terry mcsweeney. >> we will have highlights from this game later in the news cast. up next, though. the latest from orange county. a live look from our chopper. this wildfire gutting homes in just minutes. we're live on the ground to show you what firefighters are up against. jeff? i'll have another updated look at the conditions in southern california, plus a cold front getting close to the bay area. i'll show you what that brings in couple minutes of the also is there relief on the way? we have an update on the baby formula shortage that's left some families scrambling.
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we continue to follow that breaking news down in orange county. this is another live look. it is happening so fast. tonight at least 20 multi-million dollar homes have
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been destroyed. that number could be climbing higher overnight. this fire is in laguna niguel, and from what we understand, we'll get confirmation. it is 0% contained. again, what you're looking at is a live look from our nbc chopper. one of the many homes that are on fire here. we're going to bring in jeff ranieri. we've been watching this in the last several hours, from intense flames, it's been constant. one of our reporters earlier said it's really been hopscotching. firefighters don't know which house to go after because it hopscotches around the street. >> you can see in the video, the wind's not blowing too much, but it's just the terrain and also the vegetation around these homes is so dry that you get an ember moving to the next street over, and there you could have her to house going up. it was really phenomenal earlier today to see just how fast this fire was able to spread. i talked about it earlier in the show. and that because of the hilly
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terrain, that's just behind these homes in the canyon, these flames are able to spread six to 14 times faster. i haven't heard about any kind of major injuries or deaths from that. so they have definitely been doing some quick, quick action on it. getting the fire retardant planes on there. again, raj, we're seeing the winds calm down right now, but we could still overnight gusts pop up with this one. >> it's so dramatic just to watch this unfolding right now. you see part of this home just crumbling. you brought up a good point. we haven't had any reported injuries here, with so many of these neighbors being evacuated, and a lot of people just weren't home because this started around
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4:00, 5:00 this evening. seeing it on local news coverage is something we've experienced in the bay areas now they're experiencing in orange county. we did see the wind going in all sorts of directions, but it seems relatively calm right now. >> this also a good reminder for us. we don't know how this fire started yet. we heard it was at a water treatment plant that, down the hillside, they're still investigating that. but we just had this past weekend in contra costa county 30 fires set. they were arsonists, four arsonists in just a 48-hour period in contra costa county. if you see anything suspicious as we continue throughout next warmer months, you've got to report it, because unfortunately, there are people out there trying to do harm and to set these fires. >> yeah, and jeff, i was going to say, we going to go to our reporter at this location this this neighborhood. i think it might be a little unsafe to go to her right now.
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we will continue watching this, and at some point we can transition to our local bay area forecast. >> just a quick, if you have friends or family there, we've got 55 right now, winds calm, we could get overnight wind gusts of 10-20 miles per hour. tomorrow, a warmer day, 78, with winds 15-30. any kind of wind would continue to blow embers and smoke right forward laguna niguel. we have more coverage on nbc bay, twitter, facebook and instagram. our forecast is going to be dominated by this cold front to the north. i do not see any rainfall for us from this. you'll see in the south bay, even a chance for fog through san jose and gilroy and high clouds filtering in.
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that's really the thing that's going to make it different. you look up, the sky may not be quite as blue with the filtered sunshine for us. temperatures tomorrow, not quite as cold as it has been. we've had some 30s this week, with that winter-like weather, so 45 in the tri valley, might just and little better for you. 49 in the peninsula and south bay at 47. yeah, it is may, and we're still talking about 40s. i think once we hit the noon hour into the afternoon it's going to be a perfect day if you can squeeze some sort of your day outside it's worth to. 67 in cupertino. we've got upper 60s and low 70s from danville right over to antioch. you're still chilly through the peninsula. might need some sort of jacket through the day. 65 in redwood city. san francisco, 60 in downtown.
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67 in mill valley. temperatures tomorrow, again, really, really nice, but then we're going to crank up the heat from this area of high pressure. i really see it sticking around friday, saturday and sunday. i think we're going to stay out of the dangerous heat category. this is definitely good news with this. a warm day for you. and we're staying dry over the next seven-day forecast. through the inland valleys. going up to 80 on friday, 86 saturday. 70s return next monday and tuesday. right now, raj, i do not see any wind. major wind, as we roll through this weekend. that would be good. hopefully we can just enjoy these nice temperatures coming in saturday and sunday. >> hopefully we can just take it easy. up next at 11:00, they're making more than lattes and macchiatos. the starbucks store making history. and we have jimmy.
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and happening now for the first time since 2019, cal state east bay is preparing for traditional graduation ceremonies. olympic gold medal skater kristi yamaguchi will be given an honorary doctorate on sunday by the teachers
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rosy: it's the parent-teacher partnership that really makes a difference. ingrid: they know that their children are coming to a safe place. they're coming to a place where they'll be loved. kiyoko: we have a strong community of people that all look out for each other. we're all kind of taking care of the children. rosy: janitors, the teachers, the office staff. kiyoko: the cafeteria worker, the crossing guard, the bus driver. carol: because our future is in those schools. that's where the heart of our community belongs. ingrid: because teachers like me know... carol: quality public schools...
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kiyoko: make a better california... man: for all of us. fanduel and draftkings, kiyoko: make a better california... two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. . an effort to end racial inequities during traffic stops is gaining momentum.
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a new proposal somebodying considered to cut down on reasons an officer can pull people over. the goal is to end so-called pretext stops. that's when a driver is pulled over for something minor like a broken taillight, in hopes of finding something more serious. they discuss data showing the stops disproportionately affect people of color. the police officers association says they target driver behavior, not race, and minor stops help take illegal guns, quite often, off the street. not everyone agrees. >> they're fishing ex-petitions to prolong the stop, to investigate something wholly unrelated to the stop. and these are biassed. they harm community relations and instill fear. >> police chief bill scott also says he's focussed on revising existing policies to eliminate racial bias. they could vote on a final proposal this fall. parents across the country
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are still scrambling to find baby formula because of supply disruptions. that's led to the fda allowing formula to be released from the abbott facility on a case by case basis. abbott recalled some of its products. now the fda is working with the company to make sure their prokt product is safe. abbott has companies across the country including one in alameda. workers at two starbucks stores in santa cruz became the first baristas in the state to unionize. they tweeted out the announcement today. a third location plans to join on voting them next month. the movement started in november when a starbucks in buffalo, new york won the right to unionize. they say it's not just about the money but benefit as well. one of the shift supervisors
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there, a 18-year-old, helped lead the charge. a big weekend at levi stadium, for coldplay. it's the first concert in more than one thousand days. coldplay will take the stage, and the stadium is nearly sold out. there are some tickets available for as low as $52. up next, we go back to memphis. check in with the warriors, what went wrong, and what the guys are saying following the game. stay with us s.
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. okay, so what do you do after you get embarrassed on national tv? it doesn't happen often for the warriors. the buzz from the warriors' locker room afterwards in here it is. learn what happened tonight and flush it down the toilet. here's dre and steph. >> we got our [ bleep ] kicked. all right. it happened. but you want to be front runner. when you spew it out you got to be willing to take it. not duck from it, not run from it, embrace it.
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>> it's going to be really hard to close out this team because they're a really good team. >> they are a good team. the warriors are better, but they didn't play better tonight. memphis ran the warriors off the court. 19 turnovers. here's something i can't ever recall seeing, steph curry, draymond green got pulled from the game. it was that much of blowout. the grizzlies were on fire, taking advantage of everything. outmuscled the warriors. memphis wins, 144-95. game six at chase center on friday night. if the warriors win, they eliminate the grizzly. we need smiles here. it was a perfect day to skip school or work or both. the giants have now won five in
11:31 pm
a row. bottom of the fifth inning, brandon crawford with this two-run homer to break the game wide open. the giants sweep the colorado rockies. final score, 7-1. the a's have suddenly won three of their last four. they blew out the tigers. third inning, kevin smith with a two hon run double. a's win 9-0. ba being in a moment. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today.
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before we go, we want to update you on that fire in orange county, laguna niguel. these are live pictures from our chopper. they are putting together property damage assessment teams to start surveying all the destruction. the current estimate, at least 20 homes have burned, the fire about 200 acres in size. evacuation orders remain in effect. 0% containment. thanks for joining us, we hope to see you pack here tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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