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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  May 11, 2022 11:34pm-12:37am PDT

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before we go, we want to update you on that fire in orange county, laguna niguel. these are live pictures from our chopper. they are putting together property damage assessment teams to start surveying all the destruction. the current estimate, at least 20 homes have burned, the fire about 200 acres in size. evacuation orders remain in effect. 0% containment. thanks for joining us, we hope to see you pack here tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - florence welch jimmy buffett, musical guest florence + the machine d featuring the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 1651 >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, yes! [ cheers and applause that is a crowd. welcome, everybody welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show. you're here, you made it [ cheers and applause thank you for watching at home let's get to some news
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well guys, today president biden visited a farm in illinois, where he announced new steps to fight rising food costs and inflation. you know your presidency is in rough shape when your staff is like, "it's time to drive you to a farm upstate. [ laughter ] the entire time biden was walking around the farm going, "seriously, if i don't have enough crap to deal with, actually i have more crap i have to deal with. [ laughter ] yeah, when biden first arrived, a secret service agent was like, "older mcdonald is on the farm." [ laughter ] "e-i-e-i-o." but this is strange, at one point biden actually walked into a cornfield and slowly disappeared. [ laughter ] "if you build back better, votes will come. well everyone's talking about this yesterday, the pilot on a flight from the bahamas to florida had a medical emergency, and a passenger with no idea how to fly successfully landed the plane at the airport. [ cheers and applause
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it's amazing >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: you could tell the guy didn't know how to fly, 'cause the plane actually arrived on time. [ laughter ] and as if this story wasn't crazy enough, listen to the name of the air traffic controller who talks the passenger through the whole thing. >> with us now, the air traffic controller who helped that passenger land the plane safely captain morgan, it is amazing to have you here [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "you're going to help me -- you're going to help me land this thing? who is this? "captain morgan. "oh, my god! call my wife." captain morgan then when they got on the runway, the ground crew was led by jack daniels. [ laughter ] "jack -- jack daniels? some entertainment news. a bill was just introduced in congress to make ads on streaming services quieter [ applause ] you like that. judging by this commercial i saw today, i think it's already working. take a look at this one.
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[ light laughter ] [ water droplet >> four loko [ laughter ] >> jimmy: blackout in can. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: yeah, i didn't know that, yeah >> steve: quiet. >> jimmy: yeah well, guys, yesterday in new york city protestors gathered around a starbucks to demand the company stop charging extra for vegan milk. yeah and i thought some of the signs at the protests were pretty good yeah this one here said, "that's it, i'm going to write my bad screenplay somewhere else. [ laughter ] and i saw this one, it was, "milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner, injustice is made. [ laughter ] a good sign. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: well guys, this is going viral. in washington, state troopers pulled over a u-haul truck because it had an s.u.v. hanging out of the back of it. take a look at this thing. [ laughter ] i like that, like, the one bungee cord over the back, like that's - take a look at that.
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i think that's known as a highway turducken. [ laughter ] that's how expensive gas is right now, even cars are carpooling you know what i'm saying [ light laughter ] well guys, listen to this, i heard south korea's new president wants to change the way age is counted there which means overnight 52 million south koreans could officially become one or two years younger. >> steve: whoa that's wild. >> jimmy: yeah, imagine just getting years younger just like - [ snaps -- that. >> steve: yeah, that'd be crazy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, too bad it's not possible moving on. finally, did you guys see this an oceanfront house in north carolina was listed on zillow for $381,000. when a storm came through yesterday, and here's what happened - [ wind blowing ] >> jimmy: yeah yeah now it's oceanfront, oceanback,
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and oceanside. [ laughter ] we have a great show, give it up for the roots, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: what a show we have for you tonight. i'm so excited her band, florence + the machine, have a new album called "dance fever" right now, which out this friday. florence welch is here >> steve: oh [ cheers and applause very nice. >> jimmy: "dance fever." we are talking to her, and she's performing later in the show and he co-produced the new documentary "jazzfest: a a new orleans story. jimmy buffett is here. >> steve: yeah [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: and then florence + the machine tonight, what a show come on. what a show. guys, do you ever see a photo in the news and think, "that headline should be different?"
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well, we'll take care of that right now. it's time for "news and improved." here we go [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ news and improved ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: uh, let's -- first example here, check out this first photo. the original headline was, "biden speaks at white house correspondents' dinner." the headline could definitely have been improved, 'cause if you only looked at the photo, the headline could've been, "man watches a6 snack drop from vending machine, when he clearly pressed a7." [ laughter and applause >> steve: "oh! what?" >> jimmy: up next, this headline says, "kate middleton presents fashion award." headline could've been better. it could've been, "women sees frenemy was also invited to brunch." [ laughter and applause "hey." next headline was, "bernie sanders speaks out against corporations." [ light laughter ] headline could have been, "man still on first row in hour three of eye exam. [ laughter and applause "j --"
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[ light laughter ] the next headline was, "golfers tee off at mexico open." headline could have been, "man regrets eating 3rd edible on 14th hole. [ laughter and applause "whoa! next headline was, "international donors conference raises $6.5 billion." headline could have been, "roommates promised to get married in 15 years if everyone's still single. [ laughter and applause next headline is, "emmanuel macron visits with indian prime minister. headline could have been, "men walking in opposite directions, both refuse to step aside. [ laughter and applause and finally this headline was, "brazilian president launches reelection bid." the headline could have been, "shadow puppet dog bites man's face in real life. [ cheers and applause that's all the time we have for "news and improved." stick around, we'll be right back with "audience suggestion box.
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♪ girl you know it's been way too long ♪ ♪ i got to get back in my zone ♪ ♪ ooh wee ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ alright ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ 3... 2... 1... ♪ ♪ you know i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ [ music stops ] ♪ hey ladies, don't we look good? ♪ ♪ we came to have a good time baby ♪ ♪ said i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ ♪ me and all of my girls gonna tear it up ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back welcome back, everybody. as you guys know, we're always striving to get better here at "the tonight show. ♪ harde better ♪ ♪ faste stronger ♪ [ laughter ] so before every show, we put out a suggestion box for the audience, just to get some feedback about what you guys think of the show, things you'd like to see us do, that kind of stuff. so, tonight let's look inside the audience suggestion box. here we go ♪ look into the box the suggestion box ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: we got a lot of suggestions. first one here is from mike reilly. "hey, jimmy, i'm really psyched to see the new 'firestarter' movie, about a girl who can start fires with her mind. can you do something cool like that with your mind?
11:48 pm
i don't know i mean, can i do that? i'm like -- i can try to light this candle here, i guess. [ laughter ] no, couldn't do it higgins, do you want to give it a try? >> steve: yeah, sure >> jimmy: how about you, james >> sure, jimmy, let me try [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and applause >> steve: "the price is right" theme song after a tiny hat appears [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't know what happened, man. this one's from -- this one's -- [ laughter ] >> steve: "the price is right" theme starts playing [ laughter ] it's the audience -- they suggested it real audience members. >> jimmy: this one's from suzanne griffin. it says, "hey jimmy, i'm really into this year's nba playoffs. go warriors.
11:49 pm
do you ever notice how different all the players' sneakers squeaks sound you should use them to make a song." that's a great idea. here is an all sneakers squeak version of gayle's "abcdefu. ♪ [ sneakers squeak ♪ >> jimmy: yeah come on, that's how you do it right there. [ cheers and applause let's try another one this one is from terry robinson it says, "hey jimmy, i'm obsessed with marvel's 'dr. strange' but i wish he gave out more medical advice can you show me what it would look like if dr. strange gave someone a medical diagnosis? sure, we can do that take a look. >> after consulting medical journals and of course your pubes, i have concluded that you have crabs
11:50 pm
[ bleep [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: here's another suggestion, it's from andrea dunkirk "hey jimmy, i'm so excited that jimmy buffett is on your show tonight. yeah, well, we are [ cheers and applause we love him. "my favorite song is 'margaritaville. do you think you that you could have him come out and sing it for us right now?" [ cheers and applause all right. ladies and gentlemen, here to perform his classic song "margaritaville," please welcome jimmy buffett. ♪ ♪ wastin' away again in margaritaville ♪ ♪ searching for m lost shaker of -- ♪ >> what is that? jimmy?
11:51 pm
>> jimmy: what's up, buddy >> what is that? are you kidding me that's my lost shaker of salt. [ laughter ] you've had this the whole time >> jimmy: i didn't - >> i have been searching and searching for that and now i finally found it i guess this song is over. all right, that's it >> jimmy: jimmy buffett, everybody. give it up for - [ cheers and applause johnny carson had it - >> steve: who knew >> jimmy: johnny carson left that here. he left that it was just always on the desk i didn't know it was jimmy buffett's salt shaker. [ laughter ] sorry, jimmy this one's from doug hamilton. "hey jimmy, i'm excited for the new 'top gun' movie. but i saw the trailer, it looks pretty intense is there any way you could make it a little more for kids? well, yeah, i see what you're saying it definitely seemed a little intense. so, i got my nephew cody to redo the sound effects take a look at this. >> your reputation precedes you. >> i have to admit i wasn't expecting an invitation back >> they're called orders, maverick [ mouthed sound effects
11:52 pm
>> "top gun: maverick. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: let's try another suggestion here. this one is from chris middlebrooks "hey jimmy, i'm sure you know this already, but today is national twilight zone day has anything weird happened to you today? i don't think so i mean, today has been a pretty normal day well, actually there was something weird that happened earlier today. ♪ >> jimmy: hey abe. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: doing oat milk >> yeah, i'm doing the oat milk thing now. whatever [ applause ]
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: you know what, 'cause i always thought of him as a a whole milk - >> steve: yeah, when i think of abe lincoln i think whole milk, right? >> jimmy: yeah, abe lincoln -- yeah, no >> steve: i would never think he'd use oat milk, that's weird. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's doing oat milk. >> steve: yeah, oat milk that's the weird part, yeah. >> jimmy: it just kind of shook me up a little bit, yeah >> steve: yeah "twilight zone" weird. >> jimmy: yep. here we go - >> steve: what else you got in there, buddy >> jimmy: you got one more right here last one here is from connie wilson. "hey, jimmy, i'm kind of bummed that jimmy buffett didn't finish singing 'margaritaville. [ laughter ] i'd love to hear the rest of it." [ cheers and applause well, you're in luck, because we found someone great to finish singing it. ladies and gentlemen, here to sing the rest of "margaritaville," give it up for florence welch ♪ ♪ nibblin' on sponge cake
11:54 pm
watchin' the sun bake ♪ ♪ all of those tourists are covered with oil ♪ ♪ strummin' my six string on my front porch swing ♪ ♪ smell those shrim they're beginning to boil ♪ ♪ wastin' away agai in margaritaville ♪ ♪ searchin' for m lost shaker of salt ♪ ♪ some people claim tha there's a woman to blame ♪ ♪ but i kno it's nobody's fault ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's all the time we have for "audience suggestion box." my thanks to jimmy buffett,
11:55 pm
florence welch we'll be talking to florence welch after the break stick around, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ >> i was like, i need to look at my phone because she can't actually be professor evelyn welch in my phone she should be mum. >> jimmy: mum, yeah. did she change the contact >> she's not in my phone i full-named her it comes up as evelyn welch and i don't -- i'm like that's the most british thing i've ever done ♪ it's a lovely day today ♪ ♪ so whatever you've got to do ♪ ♪ you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true ♪ [ chuckling ] ♪ and i hope whatever you've got to do ♪ ♪ is something that... ♪ [ music stops ] [ beeping ] cars built with safety in mind, even for those guys. the volkswagen atlas with standard front assist. ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our first guest is the very talented grammy-nominated front woman of the multi-platinum band florence + the machine
12:00 am
they have a new album called "dance fever," which is out this friday. please welcome florence welch, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back to our show thank you for doing talk with us and thank you for doing that song with us earlier i appreciate that. you singing "margaritaville" was something i don't think everyone thought we would see. i want to talk to you about going on tour. you're about to start off -- kick off another tour. are you excited, are you preparing? what are you doing >> umm, yeah, i'm so -- i'm so excited to play again, because there was just -- yeah, there was a period of time where i thought, i was like, "do i need to like find another job?" [ laughter ]
12:01 am
>> jimmy: i mean, i guess during the pandemic. >> all kind of singing and performing was gone and that's kind of all i've really known. but what's really funny about it, we've done some shows, because the last two years feel like i kind of blinked, our last show was in 2019 and so when i came back to play again, i was like, "wait, was i just here, did this just happen?" but it's been -- do you know what the nicest thing is going and seeing everyone who come to the shows because they make such an effort and everybody dresses up the florence + the machine show is like a fully immersive experience >> jimmy: yeah, i've seen people dress like you. [ laughter ] identically. yeah, i've seen it >> but it's nice for me because i play a show and i also get to watch a show because like the whole front row will be in these amazing outfits. i think "rolling stone" described it as like "euphoria" meets the renaissance fair [ laughter ] which is a really good, accurate description, i thought. >> jimmy: yeah, i would take
12:02 am
that but i mean, look at this, by the way, look at this picture. this is how cool you are, come on [ cheers and applause that's your move i love that, gorgeous. and i was like, "okay, i love that, that's your move." i go, i wonder how long you've been doing that. and i got actually -- i found a baby photo of you. [ laughter ] here is baby florence. with your mom, evelyn. look at this [ audience aw's look at this the flower crown >> there's already a flower crown. >> jimmy: you were always into flower crowns. >> i know, always in a flower crown. born in one, will be buried in one, i think [ laughter ] >> jimmy: be buried in one you were saying too, i go, "where did your kind of thing come from, where did your whole identity come from with florence + the machine?" >> so i think -- i don't know, i was thinking a lot about this and i sometimes wonder if the whole thing of florence + the machine is like an amalgamation of things that i loved when i was a kid. so i feel like florence + the machine is a mix of like rogue
12:03 am
from x-men with a victorian ghost and then like mermaids and i wonder if one day, i'll wake up and i'm back in my childhood bed and it was a a dream, i just kind of like made it up >> jimmy: oh wow, and you made up - and i love that i'm in your dream. >> yeah, i know. >> jimmy: this is the best thing i've heard all week. [ applause ] i looked it up, because i was like, "oh, rogue from x-men," i just wanted to look it up and see what it is and i kind of get it yeah, i see this >> it was redheads, so it was like rogue from x-men, the little mermaid, anne of green gables, pippi longstocking was huge for me. >> jimmy: oh, yeah >> so, yeah. >> jimmy: like what were early gigs like for you? do you remember where you started out? what was one of your first gigs >> okay, so a lot of my first gigs >> jimmy: yes, sorry >> gigs were, i just kind of pretended i had a band and i didn't really have a band. but there was -- yeah, so there's a lot of imagination that goes on there's a lot of pretending, as you can see. so florence + the machine kind of started out with everyone in
12:04 am
the southland and indie scene all had bands, and so i would just show up to these club nights and i'd be like, "yeah, i have a band, i have a band too," and that's how i got booked for my first show, by pretending i had a band that i didn't have. [ laughter ] and i had no band members. i had a name -- i had the name of the band and saying i had a a band but there were no members of this band i had to find some members >> jimmy: but what would happen when you get booked, you're like, "hey, i just got booked, i need someone to play with. >> that was exactly what happened because i got booked for my first show by auditioning in a a nightclub toilet and saying i had a band and just singing. >> jimmy: wow. >> and then i said, i need to find a guitar player because i have a show in a week. and i was like on a bill, yeah, so -- but -- >> jimmy: isn't it funny the stories -- no one knows all the stories and the hard work and the hustling you had to audition in a toilet to get to where you are. >> no, i did, yeah, but bathrooms have very good acoustics. >> jimmy: they do actually yeah, you are right.
12:05 am
"dance fever" comes out this friday it's beautiful it's fun its -- there's bangers on here like i think my jam right now is i like "free" right now, is what i'm jamming out too but i love it so much, you've been working on this for a few years. >> i started working on it in 2019. as soon as kind of the last record - that cycle ended, i -- the album is kind of about that fever of creativity. so as soon as i finished playing the last show, it was like all these songs arrived in 2019 and i set off to new york in end of february 2020, just thinking, "this is going to go so well. >> jimmy: wow. [ laughter ] boy, were you wrong, wow wow. >> i was like, this is going to go so well i had three months booked at electric lady. i had so many songs written already. i was like, "do you know what, i think we can just get this done fast. i really think this is going to be easy, this one. >> jimmy: and then this happened
12:06 am
>> and then my mum called and my mum never calls me because she's very busy. she only calls me if something -- i don't know if anyone else has -- but she -- if i looked down, oh, my god, something terrible must have happened, or somebody died [ laughter ] like, why is she - >> jimmy: the only reason why mom calls. >> i was like, "oh, my god, it's professor evelyn welch. i was thinking about this story before i came about the album. i was like, "i need to look at my phone, because she can't actually be professor evelyn welch in my phone, like, she should be mum. >> jimmy: mum, yeah. did she change the contact >> she's not in my phone, i've full-named her, it comes up as evelyn welch and i don't -- i'm like, that's the most british thing i've ever done. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that is very british of you >> why don't i have my mum in my phone >> jimmy: your own mom, yeah or mum >> oh, evelyn welch is calling time to go [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and she was like, "hey, this is serious, get home." >> i think maybe i full-named her because she's quite a serious person, and she was like, "yeah, you should come home now."
12:07 am
but we also thought, "well, i'll be back in a month. see you then." no, i didn't actually get back to new york to work with jack for a year and a half. >> jimmy: i think we all thought that, this was going to be finished in a couple of weeks, and got to two and a half years later, yeah it turned out unbelievable and we need entertainment, we need good music, we need solid stuff. this is -- and you said jack antonoff. >> yeah, jack antonoff and myself and dave bailey produced it >> jimmy: talented people right there. you're doing -- what song are you doing tonight for us >> "my love. >> jimmy: yeah, do you want to set that up? what's "my love" about >> it started off as just a really sad poem, but if when i try to put it acoustically, it was too sad, it was just like, "this is too bleak." >> jimmy: really >> yeah, i couldn't -- it was just sort of - i needed something to kind of turn the sadness on its head and add some euphoria. i needed catharsis at that time and so, yeah, me and dave bailey, who was also at that point stuck at home having
12:08 am
the biggest hit of his career and doing all of his interviews from his kitchen so we got together and kind of made this song >> jimmy: and it's a gem, so get ready, guys. it's unbelievable. [ cheers and applause "dance fever" is out this friday florence will be performing later in the show. florence welch, everybody. we'll be right back with jimmy buffett. come on back [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪prodigies♪ ♪party♪ ♪lobby♪ ♪join us♪ ♪sorry♪ ♪i'm dazzling, shining 24/7♪ ♪clouds rolling♪ ♪is this heaven?♪ ♪i be like sheesh♪ ♪sunset on the beach♪ ♪make me want to pull up on miami with the heat♪ ♪i don't know 'bout you♪ the first-ever corolla cross. ♪♪ toyota. let's go places.
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12:14 am
and los angeles, and coming soon to theaters nationwide. please welcome the one, the only, jimmy buffett. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: jimmy buffett, we love you thank you so much for coming on >> jimmy fallon. >> jimmy: i know, jimmy and jimmy right here >> right, yeah >> jimmy: thank you for singing margaritaville earlier in the show >> let's talk about florence welch >> jimmy: i mean, can we just talk about that? >> singing, doing "margaritaville. come on, please. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: she's got everything, right? she's got the voice. >> i know, that was like angelic kind of. >> jimmy: yeah, take that on tour you were saying backstage, i go, "thanks for doing the bit," and you go, "yeah, well, i sang 'margaritaville' for the first time on the "tonight show. >> that's right. >> jimmy: with johnny carson >> yeah, 41 years ago. [ cheers and applause
12:15 am
>> jimmy: 41 years i have a photo of it >> oh, god >> jimmy: here's a picture of you and johnny, right there. [ applause ] >> oh, that mustache, no wonder it went. >> jimmy: look at that mustache i think you look like a stud come on, bud >> no, that's a little porn-looking mustache. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, no >> no, i never -- no >> jimmy: 41 years ago this song has stood the test of time >> it has. >> jimmy: do you remember going on "carson"? >> oh, yes yes. >> jimmy: what was it -- >> it was a transitional time between like -- most of the acts before, there were vegas acts, and people johnny knew or liked. and i guess the network probably was pushing rock and roll in there. so i studied it for like two weeks like it was a course, because i wanted to know every move and i wanted to know who was good, who could talk, and who -- because he was a straight man, you know that. >> jimmy: of course, yeah, exactly. johnny would set you up and then - >> and so they had jimi hendrix on, and jimi hendrix had bad trouble with whatever the sound was, and he stopped in the
12:16 am
middle of the song and then started again so it was like a transitional point. when i got on, they were not very kind of friendly to me. they said, "listen, the one thing you can't do is stop because johnny doesn't like it when you stop. and so i'd studied, i said, i'm going to do 'margaritaville.'" and then he said, and you know, "he'll never go to the desk. maybe, he does it sometimes. but in case he waves you, then you walk over. but it's not going to happen." >> jimmy: anyway, thanks for being here yeah >> yeah, get out of here >> jimmy: yeah, get out of here, good luck. yeah >> so i said, "okay. i was just happy to be on "the tonight show." i mean, come on. i'd studied it so what i forgot about, the good thing was there are parrotheads in the audience. got any here >> jimmy: yeah [ cheers and applause >> oh, thank god, they're still here >> jimmy: of course, they're everywhere >> but they started yelling. and johnny kind of caught on to the fact that there was a crowd there. and so, me, i didn't know that much about television, so i'm playing to the audience, and
12:17 am
never looking at the camera. that's the first one so -- but when we started the song, we were off tempo because the crowd was yelling so much. so i basical [ ble up "margaritaville" on the johnny carson show [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. but did you -- did you stop? >> no. >> jimmy: that's exactly right that's theson learned, never stop [ appl ] >> no, as the band knows, there's an old credo, is, "when you get , meet me on one," right? immy: yeah >> so we got on one,did it, and then i [ bleep ] up -- i'm going, "this is never going to happen. i looked and he was going -- >> jimmy: he waved you over. >> and i went over and i was lucky enough to do that show [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: how many times >> i think 15 or 16 times. then he actually invited me on the last week. what a great guy and just - >> jimmy: became friends with him. >> yeah, but i'm -- that's so weird, but i'm getting goosebumps 41 years later, i'm still on "the tonight show. >> jimmy: yeah, but come on. [ cheers and applause now you get an intro with the one and only, now you're the
12:18 am
one and only jimmy buffett i love you so much because you're just a performer and you're an artist and you need the audience >> yeah. >> jimmy: when the pandemic hit, i really thought of you, you're one of the first people i thought of, because i go, he must be going insane because you love to perform, you don't stop >> absolutely. above anything that i've been lucky enough to do, performing is what i love to do but i also, as a sailor, i have been on some rough voyages and you just have to keep going that way and so i just kind of, you know, i had to take that kind of sailor mentality to steer through the bad currents that were going on. so what we were lucky enough to do, because we had already had radio margaritaville, we had margaritaville tv, and my daughter, who was doing filmmaking at the time, got me saying, well, you just got to play to people on both of those things so we stayed in touch with our audience on radio margaritaville, margaritaville tv people that were still working,
12:19 am
and first responders, and people in hospitals. and people got on. at least we were staying in touch but we weren't physically in touch so physically in touch came, the first show was ten tables, four people to a table, at a a place called belly up down in southern california. >> jimmy: you really made it [ laughter ] >> i said, "am i back to the beginning? >> jimmy: belly up, that's a a great name >> was i time traveling in the other direction. >> jimmy: 40 people, you go wow. >> we went to rehearsal before that so three of us were in -- in california, and two of us were in new york and they zoomed in and the three of us in california were in my piano player mike utley's apartment and we started to play and we broke down crying, it was that emotional. we hadn't seen each other, because that's the other family >> jimmy: exactly. >> so at least we did it then because when we got in front of the 40 people, they started crying immediately [ laughter ]
12:20 am
>> jimmy: because we missed it >> they missed it so much. so we went from 40 people initially and tried to work our way up safely and then last -- sunday night, we played to 60,000 people in new orleans [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. we're coming back. we're coming back. new orleans. >> in new orleans, yeah. >> jimmy: that's a place right there, new orleans when you play there, i mean, if you crush there, you've made it because that's the good crowd, that's a good spirit right there. >> i started out on bourbon street as a folk singer. >> jimmy: you did? wow. what was that? >> i was working, there was a lot more music on bourbon street then than there was the latest attractions so all the musicians that i really loved, jazz and other people, were there and i worked in a little place called the bayou room for kind of a lower level mafia pair of brothers [ light laughter ] and so i was just so happy to
12:21 am
be there, and i made $150 a week and half price on drinks. and the first week, i owed them money. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's legendary, come on, that is legendary >> as an ex-catholic altar boy, i went hard. i did start there. that was really, my musical roots came in new orleans. i've stayed connected to that for as long as i've been here. >> jimmy: let's talk about your new documentary, "jazzfest: a new orleans story. i mean, jazzfest is legendary, i don't know if anyone knows the history and the story behind it. >> to me, i think, jimmy, what starts it, jazzfest is like the child of mardi gras, you know. because i grew up as the child of mardi gras, because you were allowed -- you know, fun is important in this world. >> jimmy: thank you. >> as we're learning now, when you see audiences coming back, they're so amped up to see >> jimmy: it's the greatest, there's nothing like it. [ cheers and applause
12:22 am
it's tough for us not to get emotional. >> jazzfest, i think i went to the third or fourth one. and our other friend, quint davis, who helped, who was instrumental in finding the right musicians for the documentary with frank marshall, he ran a little head shop called the love shop and we met then, when i was going in to buy papers and so - >> jimmy: not newspapers >> no, not newspapers. [ light laughter ] so i experienced my whole kind of musical beginnings on bourbon street and in new orleans. so i went to the festival that early and continued just to go so they asked me to come play it and that was like 20 years ago. i played it pretty much ever since. >> jimmy: it's pretty fun, it's actually beautiful i want to show everyone a clip here is jimmy buffett in "jazzfest: a new orleans story. take a look at this. >> i grew up on the gulf coast, i was an 18-year-old virgin jesuit altar boy and i came to new orleans to not be that ♪ i come here each season ♪
12:23 am
we couldn't get to california so we kind of hippied out right here in new orleans. ♪ these louisiana cuties ♪ ♪ >> everything about the songs, i heard the melodies and the rhythms that i loved, came out of here. ♪ >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. jimmy buffett, everybody >> thank you >> jimmy: always good to see you. go see "jazzfest: a new orleans story. florence + the machine perform after the break. stick around, everybody. jimmy buffett. [ cheers and applause ♪
12:24 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: performing "my love" from her new album, "dance fever," give it up for florence + the machine! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪
12:30 am
♪ i was always able to write my way ou song always made sense to me ♪ ♪ now i find that when i look down every page is empty ♪ ♪ there is nothin to describe ♪ ♪ except the moon still bright against the worrying sky ♪ ♪ i pray the tree will get their leaves soon so tell me where to put my love ♪ ♪ do i wait for tim to do what it does i don't know where to put my love ♪ ♪ and when it cam it was stranger than i
12:31 am
had ever imagined ♪ ♪ no cracking ope of heaven ♪ ♪ but quiet and still all my friends are getting ill ♪ ♪ so tell me wher to put my love do i wait for time to do what it does ♪ ♪ i don't know wher to put my love ♪ ♪ so tell me wher to put my love do i wait for time to do what it does ♪ ♪ i don't know wher to put my love ♪ ♪ my arms emptied the skies emptie the billboards emptied ♪ ♪ my arms emptied the skies emptie the buildings emptied ♪
12:32 am
♪ so tell me wher to put my love do i wait for time to do what it does ♪ ♪ i don't know wher to put my love ♪ ♪ so tell me wher to put my love and do i wait for time to do what it does ♪ ♪ i don't know wher to put my love ♪ ♪ my arms emptied the skies emptie the billboards emptied ♪ ♪ my arms emptied the skies emptie the buildings emptied ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: come on! florence + the machine wow! [ cheers and applause
12:33 am
thank you so much! "dance fever" is out this friday we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause whoo ♪
12:34 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my thanks to jimmy buffett, florence + the machine, once again. [ cheers and applause and of course the roots, right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody thank you.
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- ken jeong -- star of "girls5eva," actress and comedian paula pell. music from pup featuring the 8g band with derrick wright ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. and now we are going to get to the news president biden spoke today in illinois about his administration's plan to support farmers. although i feel like he should be asking about their plan to


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