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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 12, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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i am in disbelief right now. a store center to a debt collector. b mac evacuation orders remain as firefighters continue their battle to contain the fire down in orange county.
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strong wind by the ocean is turning the flame into a roaring and for no. >> with most surprising is the attitude of these homeowners. sandy is looking at coronado point. the place where she raised a family and bill's decades of memories until she and her husband knew they had to leave. >> they were going into my car. he put a fire out on the floor mats in his car. >> when he left the house was
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intact and this is what they came back to. it is what it is. >> across the street is tesla wasn't inside. the fire minutes unwanted arrival. nine years of life under this roof are gone. officials say they will stay open as long as it's necessary. >> the fire in southern
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california is sparking concern. it's early for a wildfire. conditions are unfortunately just right for a fire to ignite. firefighters have already been very busy. a small grass fire broke out along the waterfront near martinez. you can see fire crews putting out the hotspots. his family have this was fire over the weekend. after an arsonist set six grass fires. they started a bucket brigade.
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in southern california the coastal buyer has destroyed at least 20 houses. if you conditions are very dry right now. we're experiencing it now. firefighters say it's critical to create the space.
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they are gearing up to protect their homes. crews are fully staffed and ready for a long and difficult fire season. twitters ceo is asking executives to leave the company. they are announcing drastic cost-cutting measures as elon mosque waits in the waiting room. a lot is happening in the last several hours. early this morning the consumer
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product and revenue products both tweeted out that they were fired. the company was pausing and implementing others on cost- cutting moves. the drama is giving an inside look at a company struggling with a potential takeover. >> i think it points to the realities of leadership and how it can be. you have covered some of these twitter executives any response
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from that? there was a deal made not to tweet elon musk, but between ceo and the workers. is not all that uncommon if the company will be brought out to clear the decks of the executive team. nothing to do with the cutbacks for the hiring or anything like that. the not really talking about an executive shape up remember he
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hat officially taken over the company yet. a pandemic milestone tonight, 1 million in the u.s. they are protecting the vulnerable. the goal is to send the amount through factory workers and african-americans just to be impacted. we owe it to their memory. with 100 million projected for this fall and winter biden is calling on congress for another $10 billion to fight covid.
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let's talk about jan and napa. they took over the computer using gift cards using her red card. she realized it quickly and alerted target. they denied the information. to the united states postal service with tracking numbers. after months of getting nowhere with target, that 1500 bucks was a accumulating interest. here is what they say. you are not responsible for any charges or transactions on your red card that you do not authorize. we contacted their office.
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they cleared the case and reversed all the charges. everyone can get a free credit report at annual credit even though it says annual you get free weekly access during the pandemic. we made a how-to video walking you through the whole process. just look for the how to playlist. how this cultural heritage and experiences helped shape their future.
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it was cold with wind in san francisco. i am tracking heat coming on the way and i will have details on that in a few minutes.
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we are halfway through heritage month and we honor the people who are shaping our community. a filipino american artist you understand both of these versions. >> grew up in the east bay and she uses music to talk about her culture and life growing up as an immigrant. my family and i moved to california when i was five years old. >> music makes life. your lyrics are so moving.
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think when i gravitated it was the storytelling. the voices always had something. growing up as much as i loved listening to hip-hop i was the very nerdy kid who was still curious. had a fascination and interest in science and ended up attending uc davis and majored in biochemistry. i hope the kids are following, you know it's okay to have different parts of yourself.
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these are the images that you would see. it's important for us to not only reflect but to interrogate the sufferers that are in place in this country. gives people awareness. she also talked about the unspoken topic on the minority communities. talking about being sober honorable. i feel like it's a thing that is very real. this is where people who are darker skinned are frowned upon or made to feel like they need to have a centric features.
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they're always compared because she was more of a darker tone and people would question why she more darker than i thought? music has always been the most digestible way to open up these types of conversations. it allows you to be honest. >> and a for a lot of immigrants not just my family, you think about america we think about the greener pastures. sometimes what we deem or think is greener or more beautiful or random opportunities is not as easy, is not as dutiful as we
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think. we learn that through working with other people we realize that we are able to get through struggles. just being able to sit here today and being able to be on this program and platform. i think it's such a big stride. >> we will be celebrating here in a month.
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we would like to hear more from her actually. all three answers know what it's like with just music. we are looking after more temperatures here. we've got this cold front over the past 24 hours. it's all about high-pressure. we started off chilly with mostly sunny skies. i have 44 in the north bay. they are going up at 10-50
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degrees. let's take it over to the east bay 80 in pleasanton. be ready for more coastal. anywhere from 20 to up to 30. on the 70 forecast you will see in san francisco going up to the warmest day on saturday.
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it looks good for the beta breakers on sunday. we will get wind and it does not look like it will be a bad event in this area. we're up to 88 on saturday in the warmest day in the forecast. backup two more 80s. it would be the flower or the blood moon as well. flour mill because all of these flowers are in bloom. a day-glo to it that goes into the lunar eclipse.
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legendary bay area videogame company is in a slump. they do not meet wall street expectations this quarter. expects to make one $.2 billion. they're not released any major titles at least not yet. after a shocking world.
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if you ever wondered about the nfl popularity, tonight is a great example of how much people love it. everyone glued to their skin. everyone around the country waiting when the schedules are released based on last seasons results, 49ers are coming into this with the fifth toughest schedule. some of the marquee games, season opener, september 11 in chicago. home opener, september 18 against the seahawks. sunday night football on nbc, twice this season, september 25th in denver and chargers at levi stadium on november 13. the raiders have the seventh toughest schedules on. they open on september 11 in l.a. against the chargers. home opener the following week
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september 18 against the cardinals. they host the patriots on sunday night on december 18. they play the 49ers in las vegas , january 1st, new year's day. the niners, the raiders, it will be so good. along with the new schedule, they are unveiling part of their rookie class today. here's anthony flores. >> with no first round picks, there's not the usual hype. the niners are hoping they selected a few games changers. >> i try to make a play. >> former receiver and third round pick danny gray had a workout with colin kaepernick before the draft, he believes it's prepared in to catch passes from a hard thrower. he is looking forward to showcasing his speed. >> i am going deep. >> reporter: along with the
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nine draftees, 14 undrafted free agents will be a it rookie minicamp. >> i am ready to go to work. >> reporter: former iowa state quarterback, is known as mr. irrelevant, the title given to that last draft. there's a chance 30 can have a role with the niners. >> i think the mental part right now is what is going to separate you. >> reporter: tomorrow is the day that they will work out on the field. football is still several months away. can't wait. >> coming up at 6:00, can the millennium tower be right in the forgotten problem underneath the sinking and tilting building. it creates uncertainty of
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how it will respond when you implement. also ahead, this wasn't the first time that they tried to kidnap baby brandon. what new text messages revealed about the man and a woman accused of taking a three-month- old boy in san jose. after the break, lockdown, returning to san francisco this weekend, the preparations and the controversy coming up. good evening and thanks for being with us on this thursday. the beleaguered melanie powers back in the spotlight tonight, there's progress with the sinking and meaning luxury high-rise, even as work continues, we have learned that there's a nearly forgotten underground wall that could prevent the building from writing itself.


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