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tv   Today  NBC  May 13, 2022 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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local news update. >> the today show is starting in a few moments. this is the behind the scenes crew in the control room. we'll have an update on the journalist killed and we'll look at the efforts to tackle the baby formula shortage. the today show starts right now. good morning feeding frenzy ♪ good morning feeding frenzy the nationwide baby food shortage going from bad to worse. >> i went to 11 different stores and could not findny. >> the white house this morning scrambling to take action as desperate families face empty shelves. inside the new plan to replenish supplies, and how soon it might help new threats. russia now warning of dire consequences and possible retaliation if finland joins nato but russia's invasion stalls in eastern ukraine facing heavy resistance we're there live with the very
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latest going up another day of extreme heat on top across much of the country as record highs from texas to maine. al has your full forecast including where we could see severe weather over the weekend. crash course with fascinations still surrounding the miracle landing by a passenger who'd never flown a plane. the question so many are asking, how would you do under that pressure >> may day, may day i need help. >> this morning our kerry sanders in a flight simulator puts himself to the test th> ose stories plus, lifesavers >> i was so happy. i was so grateful for those people. >> a woman saved by good samaritans who raced into action after she suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel >> we need more people like this >> her remarkable experience just ahead and on top of the world. an illinois teen becomes the
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youngest american woman ever to summit mount everest she's celebrating with us live and heading from the highest peak, to high school graduation. today, friday, may 13, 2022. ♪ ♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning welcome to "today" on this friday morning good to have you with us talk about an over achiever. >> what were your doing at 18? what was i doing at 18. >> on top of the world we'll talk to her from the world's highest peak in a bit. let's start with what has become a national crisis. parents coast to coast in a state of panic over america's baby formula shortage. >> the amount of formula now out of stock rising to 43% what is the reason a mix of supply chain issues and product recalls. >> to make matters worse, several states are now reporting more than half of all formula is
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sold out in stores president biden under immense pressure to act. met with top manufacturers and retailers yesterday. and the question now is, will he invoke a federal law to boost the supply nbc's blayne alexander in atlanta with the latest. blayne, good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. you are right. for so many parents this is truly the topic of conversation. the average 3 month old can go through a can this size in less than a week. so that is why there is growing pressure on the biden administration to find a solution this morning, for millions of parents, the frantic search for formula is getting closer to home. >> it's scary. not knowing if you are going to be able to feed your kid. >> reporter: and the shortage is growing. 43% of the nation's baby formula supply is out of stock >> there was one day that i went to 11 sthoers and could not find any. >> reporter: overnrnight the whe
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house announced new steps to address the crisis, as president biden met with retailers and manufacturers, walmart, target, ricket and gerber. >> the message to parents is we hear you we want to do everything we can. >> reporter: the administration is facing growing pressure >>s this not a third world country. this should never happen in the united states of america. >> reporter: increase import, cutting red tape and asking regulators and state to cut down on price gouging but the white house acknowledged there is no time line for when parents with expect to see results on the shelves >> we encourage any parent who has concerns about their child's health or well-being to call their doctor or proceed tradition. >> reporter: for many families, the need is dire according to the cdc, only 25% of infants consume only breast milk through their first six months and many rely on specific formula brands >> i've seen moms in the store crying
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and in the formula aisle because they can't find their baby's formula. >> reporter: inventories are so low some major stores put limit on how much baby formula you can buy at a time. the months long shortage comes from a voluntary recall by manufacturer abbot nutrition that prompted the shut down of a major plant. all of it made worse by supply chain issues now parents are scrambling for solutions. online, searches for homemade formula have spiked. but experts warn against making your own or diluting formula as both could be harmful for your baby. >> we try to tell parents to remain calm and make sure that they contact us. >> blayne you mention the president's new measures some lawmakers including some democrats saying it needs to go further. >> reporter: that's right, savannah some are calling on him to invoke the defense production act. a war era measure that gives the president emergency powers to order some companies to produce
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certain goods. the white house is exploring it. but already at least one company says they are already running their plant 24/7 around the clock and they say that is only part of the solution savannah >> blayne alexander, thank you also this morning, escalating threats from russia amid its assault on ukraine that neighbor finland against joining nato. matt bradley in eastern ukraine with the very latest. hey matt. >> this morning, russia warning of consequences and possible retaliation after its neighbor finland announced it would apply to join nato. russia's president putin previously suggesting ukraine's desire to join the alliance is the reason he invaded. finland's president telling putin he has only himself to blame. >> you caused this. look at the mirror. >> sweden may follow suit, showing how russian fears of nato has given the alliance new purpose. in eastern ukraine, russia's
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invasion continues to stall. ukraine's military said it destroyed a russian pontoon bridge, as well as the russian troops and tanks that were trying to cross it. and after months of bombarding the northeastern city of kharkiv, russian forces are now pulling back according ukraine's ministry of defense. but as kharkiv grows quite, the subway stations are still packed with terrified residents. she's been there 11 weeks. she's only left a handful of times. what did you see when you were up stairs? one time i left i saw rockets in the sky she told me." now it feels like a permanent l. the tents have a kind of address system. there is even a small school for children.
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these kids are all smiles, but they only get a few hours a day to see the sun. what is it like when you hear the shelling and the bombs? "i feel panic and i want to go to the bunker he said." so you are glad to get down here, you feel safe when you are here. >> yes. >> reporter: the kharkiv subways can be as much about celebration as safety. yesterday this pop singer entertained hundreds of soldiers and first responders, showing their bright lives even in the darkest of times. >> nice note to end on. matt bradley reporting from eastern ukraine. another major story. record number of migrants crossing the southern border with washington clashing over how to respond. all eyes on a federal courthouse
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in louisiana, in a case that attempts to block the biden administration from lifting pandemic related restrictions. nbc national correspondent gabe gutierrez near the border in texas for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. republicans are tryingic to make title 42 a major issue this election year and could come to a head later today. when a federal judge is set to weigh in on whether the biden administration can end a policy former president trump used to keep migrants out. >> reporter: with border crossings at the highest level in decades, this morning the biden administration is facing growing concerns that surge could grow even larger. >> especially cubans, haitians still coming through. >> reporter: in march, customs and border protections reported 221,000 crossings, the highest in more than 20 years. texas has launched a controversial multi billion dollar effort. >> something you see in day in day out around the clock. >> reporter: over eagle pass texas we ride with troopers from
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the texas department of public safety and see migrants wading across the rio grande. some holding children. one group includes more than 100 people. many from cuba. >> influx is constant. but local authorities we spoke with say that if title 42 is lifted, this surge will be even worse. >> reporter: title 42 is a public health policy the trump administrationed used during the pandemic to expel migrants. the biden administration wants to end it saying it the e nighs asylum seekers theirs rights. but 21 republican attorneys general have sued. even some democrats are against lifting it, especially in an election year. >> title 42 needs to remain as is. we don't have the infrastructure.
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we don't have the facilities. >> reporter: but joanna from ecuador who is pregnant said she could not wait. >> why did you come here to the united states? [speaking foreign language] "i want to work she say, describing how a gang back home threatened her. she and so many others risking their lives to come to the u.s. as a legal battle that could ultimately determine their fate plays out in court. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says it is preparing for up to 18,000 migrants a day to cross into the u.s. if title 42 is lifted this month. savannah. lot more to get to. including the latest on that controversial shooting death of a respected journalist in the west bank. fearing growing about potential clashes as she's laid to rest in jerusalem today. good morning raf sanchez. >> reporter: i've covered a lot of funerals but i have never seen anything like this. police are carrying astics ks they carry her body out of the hospital and on its way to church for burial. we saw israeli police ripping
7:12 am
palestinian flags off of the hearse carrying that coffin. they said they were responding to nationalist chants by the palestinians and to stone throwing. we looked very carefully at the video, you can see some people throwing stones. but from the edge of the crowd, not from the group that is actually carrying the coffin. the funeral and burial went peacefully. the israeli preliminary releasing finding of an investigation into the shooting. they say she was either killed by a palestinian gunman or shot by an israeli soldier. hoda? >> thank you we move to wall street a roller coaster ride for stocks it is even worse for crypto investors. bitcoin and other investors losing. we explain what it all means good morning >> yeah, good morning, there is a lot of anxiety for crypt investors right now. one of the big promises would be
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that crypto would be this better alternative to centralized banking and could withstand inflation and stock market volatility but now the crypto world is being shaken to its core >> reporter: despite high profile celebrity endorsements, cryptocurrency has been in the sudden free fall. >> fortune favors the brave. >> reporter: since that matt damon ad in the super bowl, bitcoin has lost half its value. the reason, experts say can be traced back to the collapse of a controversial south korean cryptocurrency luna and its counterparty terra, because it is supposed to stay pegged to the u.s. dollar. but the week the crypto version of a run on a bank sent the value of luna plummeting, making it almost worthless. the nose dive sending shock waves all across major crypto exchanges wiping out nearly 200
7:14 am
billion dollars of wealth overnight. one user i lost 450 kusd i'll be losing my home soon. >> problems trading crypto surns or using software to trade online. >> reporter: mental health professionals say they are seeing more and more patients whose crypto trading is interfering with their every day lives. >> they made a lot of financial decisions by themselves, late at night on their phones without proper training. without proper support. >> reporter: but some crypto enthusiasts insist volatility is simply a chance to buy low. >> i think the main thing is that this is the moment of peak opportunity, entering the place this is going on the an amazing entry point the next several years. >> reporter: and there are lot of people exposed. back in 2015 only one percent of people owned crypto. now 16% are trading digital
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currencies which is about a 52 million americans. something that hasn't escaped the notice of congress where lawmakers have been talking about how to regulate crypto starting with those stable coins. >> we're going to smile and nod at you thank you. >> we have a lot more to get to. including our first check of the weather. for that good morning mr. roker. >> good morning. we had some severe weather rolling in this is a time lapse from the national weather service in sioux falls, south dakota. this storm, 80 miles per hour wind gusts structural damage. just crazy stuff and let's look at what's happening today with our severe weather. with have a risk of severe weather today stretching from green bay to sanderson, texas. 9 million at risk for wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. tornado threat's low that's the good news saturday, stretches green bay, chicago, down to oklahoma city, nashville. wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. and again a low risk of tornados how ever as we move into sunday, a bigger risk, 33 million people
7:16 am
likely wind gust, damaging hail t possibility of tornados exist. that stretches from pittsburgh down into tulsa and little rock. and record highs big area of high pressure dominates. look at this today chicago may tie a record almost 90. same in st. louis. buffalo. getting up to 84 caribou maine, 85 degrees. albany up to 83. tomorrow that warmth continues boston you are going to pop up. 82 for you 75 in the philadelphia, 80 in detroit. but as we head on towards the beginning of next week, temperatures come back down to earth. we're looking at 66 degrees in portland what were -- what was oing gonna. >> i was just happy i saw 78 in new york i'm so happy i was just cheering for you, al. >> okay. i wasn't sure. was my fly down. what was going on? 66 in chicago. >> if that happens we're going to be like "al your fly is down". >> thank you very much and you would be laughing too. we're going to check your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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francisco with upper 60s today, 72 tomorrow, gusty winds with highs in the upper 60s on sunday. in the next hour, lunar eclipse. >> oh cool. >> coming up we've been talk about this one all week. the miracle landing by a passenger who had no flying experience the question is, could you pull it off if you were put in that unenviable position? we'll show you what happens when kerry sanders hops into a flight simulator to find out how cool he is under pressure >> plus the amazing teenager from illinois just made history yesterday. she became the youngest american woman to summit mount everest. she's going to celebrate that remarkable feat was. he but first this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. here is today's top stories including new doubts about elon musk's deal to buy twitter. good morning everyone. shares in twitter are down about 11% after elon musk tweeted in the middle of the night he would put the purchase on hold. he says it's because of a new report showing twitter has fewer fake users than expected which is a strange reason. he later tweeted he was still committed to buying twitter. we'll dissect this strategy on
7:27 am
the midday news at 11:00. later this morning governor newsom will announce revised budget plan that will include $18.1 billion inflation relief package. you see the break down on your tv screen. a majority of the money, $11 billion, would go to $400 checks for vehicle owners, up to two checks peroner, 400 million for a 12 month pause to diesel fuel tax which would be a big deal for commercial truck drivers. we are starting nice and cool but it will be a slightly warmer day for us. upper 70s to low 80s today, upper 80s tomorrow. 77 in fremont and mountain view and 79 in los gatos. for san francisco we are keeping it comfortable even as valley temperatures warm up. we'll see some spots up to 93
7:28 am
in fairfield, 88 livermore, 88 san martin while fremont will see highs in low 80s and slightly cooler for sunday but we are preparing for a warm weekend marcus. >> thanks. looks good. we'll have another update in 30 minutes. we'll see you then.
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we are back. 7:30 friday morning. it's friday the 13th look at our plaza crowd. they came to celebrate and we're going to celebrate with them in the meantime, inside studio 1a, sheinelle joins us early good morning. >> -- unless that jinxes us -- yeah, okay morning everybody. nice to have you with us this friday morning let's check your 7:30 headlines. tech billionaire elon musk tweeted this morning he's $44 billion deal to buy twitter is
7:31 am
temporarily on hold of the number of fake account on the platform the value of twitter stock has also dropped in the recent slides on wall street. horse that stunned the world by winning the kentucky derby will not be going after racing's triple crown its owner just announced rich strike will not compete in the preakness next saturday. he said it was always the plan to let the colt rest for five weeks after the derby so it will be ready to race in the belmont stakes in unit a florida woman who survived frightening ordeal caught on camera is thanking a whole team of good samaritans a medical issue caused her the pass out at the wheel.towards ay intersection one of her coworkers noticed and tried to stop the car. and several strangers rushed to help bringing it to a stop finally.
7:32 am
she hopes the video inspires others. >> this is more of what should be happening instead of what is happening right now. and we need more people like this >> another sign luck was where her. a nurse in a nearby parking lot was able to provide medical care until an ambulance arrived blad she's okay. in the meantime for days we've been captivated of the story of the passenger the guy with no flight experience who safely land ad small plane after the pilot passed out >> it was a truly remarkable feat and that's had us wondering, wouldn't it be interesting to she how difficult it would be for someone who is not a pilot to stick the landing and that is where our guinea pig, nbc's kerry sanders came in don't try this at home, right? >> hi guys i have even more respect for the passenger turned pilot darret ir
7:33 am
and that is about as close to as it can take months to years to learn to fly a small plane so when darren harrison, a passenger turned pilot safely land ad cessna 208 when the pilot became unconscious mid flight. >> i've got a situation here my pilot has gone incoherent. >> reporter: it was nothing short of a miracle. >> did you say a passenger is landing the airplane >> that is correct. >> ohhed my god. great job. >> reporter: even professional pilots applauding. air traffic controller and weekend flight instructor bobby morgan safely guided harrison behind the controls. what were you thinking as you knew that the hardest part of this now was going to be bringing him in for a landing. >> mostly just staying calm. >> reporter: i found out that's not so easy. i'm in a simulator and we're going to give it a shot. the plane is in a steep dive
7:34 am
i'm going to try to pull it up nice and level i've not a pilot i've never done this before. and now i'm going call for help. may day, may day i need help. >> keep calm, i'm here to help you. >> reporter: camilo ruiz is a certified flight instructor. my approach to the international airport was a struggle >> i'm going into trees i just -- i don't know >> reporter: i landed but then i crashed. it is a good thing i'm in a simulator. because if this had been a real plane there are no doovers. hat i just did. >> i'll say good but i know, this is hard. >> reporter: what do you think of the panger who became the pilot and stuck the landing. >> amazing. >> amazing because it wasn't a simulator. it was real life i can't even get my head around the fact that he was able to do it for you kerry, what was the
7:35 am
hardest part of that simulator >> well first of all, it is not like driving a car when you turn it is sort of delayed. and then when i went too far and tried to turn back, i overcompensated. i missed the runway. landed on the grass. but then i didn't really understand how to stop he kept saying hit the pedals. hit the pedals it was only after the fact i learned you take the pedals and you point your toes and that engages the brake. the fact he hit the runway dead on and was able to do this landing and he was never behind the flight controls of the plane. i think it tells us that darren is one in a million. >> absolutely. well kerry, thank you. we've just been so captivated by this. >> first of all, to look at that entire panel of knobs, buttons and things and to understand and who would have ever understood you need two feet on a brake to stop it.
7:36 am
>> no one. didn't we say he actually had to a dive before he even called how do you know even how to call had to plug -- >> thank you kerry coming up next inside a remarkable feat on mount everest. an illinois teen becoming the youngest american woman to reach the summit and guess what she's going to join us live, less than one day after she made history. we look forward to chatting with lucie but first these messages sees all skin tones accurately. and fixes your photos like magic... literally. with a battery that learns from you and adapts to last over 24 hours. and new features are always dropping. so it all just keeps getting better. google pixel. the phone made by google. for all you are. ♪pour lower sugar for me♪ ♪ohh so subtly sweet♪ ♪pour lower sugar for me♪
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7:40 am
lucy westlake. and she did it just ten days before she'll walk in her high school graduation. live in nepal. before we talk to her let's leak at her historic trek lucy westlake is standing at thg mount everest' more than 29,000 feet. that is about as high as 18 empire state buildings completing her extradition in just 24 days. >> i used to be afraid of heights, which is very ironic. >> lieu is i started with her dad when she was just 7 years old. >> i'm at the top of new mexico. >> and she's no stranger to breaking records last year she became the youngest woman to reach the
7:41 am
highest points in all 50 states. >> you did it. >> from mount kilimanjaro to elsewhere, she's reached great heights all over the globe >> we can see the top. boop right there. >> but lucy says this is just the start. she wants to complete the explorers grand slam the highest mountain on eachnd continent and go to the north to go. >> for me it is not about breaking records it is about pushing limit. >> but first lucy will take on a challenge of a different kind, starting her freshman year at usc. and distance running for the trojans on the track and field team
7:42 am
wow. fresh off her record breaking climb, lucy is joining us from her hotel in nepal we have to say wow we are marveling at your life. just 18 years old. will you take us into that moment where you stood atop mount everest as a feat you usually do with your father. this time you did it solo. take us inside that moment >> yeah, oh many i gosh. it was absolutely incredible being at the top, i just couldn't imagine that i was at the top of the world i looked down and there is no -- nothing higher but still, and it was actually i thought i was going to cry at the top. i really did but i actually cried like an hour before the top. which was so strange when the sun was rising and i thought we had like three more hours. and i asked how long tand just e it right then. i started crying >> such an incredible feat getting to the top and getting down and you did all of that what motivates you, lucy the old joke why do you climb mountains.
7:43 am
because it is there. but you have something deeper motivating you. >> yeah. i've always been adventurous ant got harder i really had to find the deeper motivation to still want to do them and it is really just pushing my limits i want to see how far my body and mind can go. and i hope to inspire others to do the same. because that is how you figure out who you are. that is how you discover yourself and discover more about the world. is just seeing how far that your body and mind can go and so far, i've made it to the top of everest so i think i'm doing pretty well so far >> you are doing really, really well i think what's great about you is, a lot of people do these kind of adventures for themselves like, i did it i made it to the top i feel like your mission is much bigger than just about lucy. >> yeah for sure i actually really a passion the
7:44 am
for that was on my big motivations but also on this everest, this specific expedition was to help bring more women to the outdoors i met a good amount of women on everest and it made me smile walking by them. but it is still such a sport that is dominated by men and really like younger people i want also to get it into i know they will love it it should be a place for everybody who wants to be there. >> lot of your expeditions you have done with your father this one you were alone, obviously with sherpas and a team that takes a village literally to get up the side of everest. but what do your parents think it is not like you can text from the top of mount everest and be like i'm cool. were they nervous about this one? >> yeah, definitely. i -- they have a lot of trust in me they do. and you are trust has grown over
7:45 am
time i honestly think my mom was more nervous about the smaller mountains when i was like 7 or 8 than now because just because that trust has really grown but one of the hardest part, maybe the hardest part for me was not having my dad there. just being like completely alone. and i love my sherpa owe was ahe was amazing. he was like my stand in dad. but it was really tough being away from everyone and anyone i knew for 26 days i was on the mountain for 26 days >> well you are heading to high school graduation, which is exciting it is going to be a big time for you in june. and then you are off the usc, and you are going to run on their cross-country track team so just tell me a little bit about what's ahead for you that's like equal passion to big mountaineers.
7:46 am
i love running so much. mission is to do - and i missed it on the mountain. i tried to run like the first few days i had like one of my friends run with me. but yeah, that didn't last long. so i'm really excited to get ready and in the fall hit usc cross-country team hard and then after that i'm hoping to do the explorers grand slam that is also one of my big goals. so i have a trip to antarctica left to do mount vincent and the south pole the north pole after that. any any order, the north pole and carson's pyramid >> lucy you blow us away we'll be calling your mother later to find out how she did it because you are an incredible young lady but i think she'd say it comes straight from you. best of luck to you. >> congratulations, lucy >> thank you >> you're welcome. what a sweet kid
7:47 am
oh my god i'm totally blown away by her wow. >> long distance runner. 4.6 gpa, graduated early from high school actually she's just going to go walk with her graduating class going to usc let's go home and ground our kids home school or do whatever lucy's mom did. >> wow i'm exhausted. >> amazing >> she's amazing well, i almost feel like a let down but if you have been feeling a little sneezy or a little itchy, guess what moderate to high pollen levels for 90% of the country and in fact the heaviest part from the plains, the northern plains, the midwest into the northeast.
7:48 am
11:39. it is a flower moon for this time of year for may and then we'll start to see this move away, total eclipse ends at 12:53 and then the partial eclipse ends at 1:55 a.m so you will be up late but it will be worth it that's what's going on around good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. hopefully we do still have a clear sky for the lunar eclipse sunday night. today it's starting to warm up, highs reaching to the low 80s. we'll see upper 80s tomorrow for inland valleys. next week, some above normal temperatures. san francisco keeps it comfortable with upper 60s throughout the weekend, 72 tomorrow with sunshine and breezy winds sunday. it's going to be gusty as we keep this weather next week. re we've seen a lot of a eclipses >> eclipse is so last year >> lucy's even more impressive.
7:49 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56. a live look at sfo where some passengers in terminal one are getting checked in via back up systems. this is due to networking issues. teams are on it and there is no delays to tell you about. here is what else is happening now. good morning. i am sierra johnson in san francisco. this weekend is sure to be a busy one in the city and it starts at 7:00 at the chase center when warriors take on the grizzlies. this is game six. i am sure they're thinking a lot about game five. hopefully this has a better outcome. a lot of traffic changes and a
7:57 am
lot to be aware of. we had a chance to speak with a spokesperson from bart and he says bart is ready for the masses. he says it is important to note you have to wear a mask on bart systems if you try to come for beta breakers. time for a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall has a look. we are going to warm up for inland areas and tomorrow some valley temperatures reaching upper 80s, slightly cooler sunday for san francisco, still nice with sunshine and breezy winds at times. marcus. >> thanks. we'll have more local news coming up in 30 minutes. we'll see you back here then.
7:58 am
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless.
7:59 am
and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
8:00 am
♪ it is 8:00 on "today." coming up. parents on edge. it is 8:00 on "today." coming up. parents on edge. the frightening shortage in baby formula coast to coast. >> it is scary not knowing if you are going to be able to feed your kid. >> empty shelves and difficult choices. the white house under pressure to take action will it come soon enough >> and then, inflating the issue. answering your most searched questions about inflation from impact on daily expenses to the recent behind the recent interest rate hikes. experts break down your bottom line new alternatives that look at the staggering
8:01 am
number of middle aged women treated with anti-depressants and the alternative that could be even more effective. >> i honestly have never felt more balances and happy. >> what you should know before considering a new prescription . and hello again, cleveland. >> hello cleveland >> a sequel to cult mocumentary now in the works 40 years later. everything we know about the project. >> numbers all go to 11. look right across the board. 11, 11, 11. >> -- up to ten. >> exactly. >> including the familiar faces ready to turn it back up to 11. >> why don't you make 10 louder and make 10 the top number and make that a little louder. >> today, friday may 13, 2022. ♪
8:02 am
>> hey to our friends watching in atlanta >> wisconsin. >> and oxford, mississippi >> seattle >> chicago, illinois. >> celebrating hanna's birthday. ♪ >> visiting in. >> florida. >> houston, texas. >> shout out to our team nbc channel 13 in des moines iowa. >> portland, oregon. >> to the "today show" to celebrate my retirement after 44 years as a pediatric nurse ♪ >> a party out there >> come on. >> so much to celebrate. a beautiful morning. people bringing their matching tee shirts, their al roker standup figures. these are like life moments. i can't wait to get out there. and sheinelle in for craig who continues to recover from covid. let's get standard
8:03 am
here is your news at 8:00 on a friday morning white house promising new steps to ease the nationwide shortage of baby formula that has some families driving for hours to find precious supplies, and sometimes paying big too blayne alexander joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning savannah this is the conversation so many parents are having as they go from store to store. some stores are placing limit on how much formula a parent can buy. and others are just out of stock altogether you see many bare shelves. a average 3 month old or so can go through a can of this in less than a week. so there is growing pressure on the biden administration to find some solutions overnight the president met with both stores and manufacturers, representatives. essentially saying they are going to do more they are going to up imports they are going to cut red tape and some people even in the
8:04 am
president's own party are urging him to do more hoping he'll invoke the defense production act giving the president emergency powers to order companies to produce more of a certain product at least one manufacturer says they are already working 24/7 but say that is just one part of the solution it is important to realize this is impacting so many parents nearly 43% of the nation's supply is out of stock guys >> so heartbreaking. feeding your baby is so fundamentally. blayne as you know you have 10 month old sage there. thank you very much for the story this morning. now wisconsin and a county there that is a democratic stronghold in that crucial swing state. but it is also where some of the party base say they are frustrated by the lack of federal action on student loans. it was a key campaign promise, but now another class is graduating and adding to the debt crisis. nbc shaquille introducer at
8:05 am
university of wisconsin with more hey shaq good morning. >> good morning. the people who will be filling these seats were in the middle of their college experience as they heard from democratic presidential candidates promisi student loan cancellation. now college graduates, likely midterm election voters still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled. this morning in madison a new class of college graduates for some another round of crushing debt. >> i graduated with about $65,000 in student loan debt. >> i'm graduating with $25,000 in student loan debt. >> i'm graduating with no student loans. thank you mom and dad. >> reporter: experts say it is a student loan crisis. the cost of college higher than ever more than 43 million americans owing a collective $1.7 trillion in college debt. >> something that is on your mind always. like it informs every decision that you make after you graduate >> i wish in the years to come i wouldn't have to really think about as much. >> reporter: in 2020 then candidate biden supported federal forgiveness of some student loans. >> immediately provide $10,000 in debt relief as stimulus right now. >> reporter: the white house now teasing an announcement within the coming weeks as a pandemic driven pause o
8:06 am
federal loan repayments started under the trump administration and extended by biden is set to expire august 31st weeks before the start of early voting in many states. >> without a real commitment to it, i think there is going to be some people who aren't very interested in voting and that is pretty sad. >> reporter: a poll by a progressive think tank shows debt cancellation could impact voter turnout. 45% in battleground states that with $10,000 in debt cancellation they are somewhat or much more likely to vote in november the number jumping to 56% among young voters. >> he's got to deliver on that promise. at the same time i think the longer this plays outs, the more the political opponents on the right are going to critique that and say this is not the way to go. >> reporter: the prospect of cancellation already facing threats of legal challenges and political opposition. >> i think it would be really unfair especially when you consider hard working citizens who didn't go to college and who
8:07 am
don't have those burdens of loans, but where's their money where is their relief. >> reporter: as the cloud of doubt and debt hangs over the excitement of graduation season. experts point out the biden administration has made targeted efforts at expanding forgiveness the those who already qualify. but anything more widespread will invite that political fight. last week a group of republicans introduce ad bill that would block biden from even extending that pause on student loan payments and would prevent him from that widespread cancellation that so many people have been calling for. >> shaquille brewster in madison, wisconsin thanks. queen elizabeth was all smiles this morning when she attended one of her favorite events the royal windsor horse show this was the queen's first public appearance since march when she attend ad memorial service for her late husband she had missed a royal engagement earlier this week because of what the palace called mobility issues she's 96 years old she looks great. the monarch will celebrate her platinum jubilee marking 70 years on the throne next month.
8:08 am
>> looks like she's in her happy place. >> yeah. >> news is covered let's get a boost. >> here we go. this is a time of year lot of schools and clubs putting on year end performances, and hats off to the ones that try to include as many students as possible ♪ >> this dance group had some pretty fancy costumes, and complicated moves. and that talented young fella in the walker keeps up with all of it running off to different corners of the stage doesn't miss a beat. pretty cool there. >> absolutely. >> all right up next it is the -- of these soaring food and fuel prices and record inflation. >> two experts vicky nguyen here to shed light on everything happening, help you find relief. the answers to your most pressing and google's questions. wright after this.
8:09 am
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can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. in a survey, 92% of current users said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. plus, right now, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. welcome back inflation remaining at welcome back americans are really feeling the strain with inflation. the average house spending $450 more per month than a year ago to cover the cost of everything from gas to groceries. >> we thought let's answer questions, including top searches on google stephanie rhule and vicky nguyen are here, you are our in-house experts.
8:13 am
this is a complicated question but one a lot of us have it was one of the top search questions. why is inflation so high >> let's go back to the start of the pandemic what happened? everything got shut down the economy ground to a halt businesses were shut we were out of work. so the federal reserve stepped in and lowered interest rates. what happens then? it means it is cheaper to go out and borrow so we're willing to go out and spend so many did renovation, bought houses because it is cheap to borrow money demand for things goes up. >> and the government was pumping -- >> -- money. >> -- between stimulus checks for individuals, individual, giving up all this money to spend and we went out and did that what's the problem not enough supply. all sort of supply chain issue, labor issues there is not enough things on the shelf to buy what happens the prices go up and everyone said oh this is
8:14 am
going to be short-term once the pandemic is behind us. this is going to smooth out. but the pandemic isn't behind us in china so many things are still shut down. and then the war in ukraine. that impacts food prices it impacts gas so we're still living with the supply and demand mismatch and prices are high. >> this was a popular question how does raising interest rates help inflation >> first vicky and i want to say thanks that everybody is googling that. think i'm not a money person, i don't care you do care. money matters. when interest rates rise, when the federal reserve raises them it gets more expensive to borrow example mortgages. a year ago a 30 year mortgage probably about 3%. now 5.3% a $350,000 lone, about $500000 more a month so the issue is the fed has to stick the landing. if they raise rates too quickly they will get tipped into recession. >> not too hot not to cold.
8:15 am
>> too slow -- it is exactly that the goldilocks landing. >> lot of people are asking how will inflation impact daily expenses >> every time you open your wallet you are feeling the pinch. two science inflation may mr. slowing. -- sales and used car sales. both have ticked down. let's start with fuel. really think about when you need to pop into your car is it something you could actually get delivered for cheaper? and also i was at the gas station the other day. be consistent about where you fill up. i was at a bp and the guy across goes are you using a app i'm saving 5 cents he was just trying to pass on the good word. he showed me the app and another up a called get upside
8:16 am
combining those two, the pennies really add up. >> lot of people want to take vacations, and i guess airfare climbed 19% the past month if you are thinking about going on a trip. they want to know what should they consider? >> if you are flying, two site, sky and airfare we talked to a world renowned travel expert. she puts the alert on her phone and gets a ding three times a week, and if you are open minded, boom that is where you go and camping is a great way to see the country. it is cheap. camp sites are filling up fast so book now. and another site boondockers welcome. you can get 4,000 sites for free you can sign up for a year annual fee 50 bucks if you host then it costs you nothing.
8:17 am
boondockers. >> willing to have someone park their camper in your backyard. i they have hook ups for water and electricity. and it is just a really community thing. >> i've wanted to do a "today show" rv hip >> i keep pushing that. >> i'm with you. let's hit the road. >> -- >> -- the rv. >> -- i know. >> -- baby formula. >> the thing with baby formula organic baby formula is widely available. searched online. >> -- expensive. >> it is not cheap but it is available. if you need it to get through the stretch. check with your pediatrician but organic baby formula. >> we're out of time this is so hard. people are also asking when is this going to end? >> -- prices are down. businesses keep prices as high as you are willing to pay. if we start to say i'm not willing to pay that. then they are going to lower willing to pay up. i'm going keep charging up
8:18 am
>> really good >> let's move to the man with all the answers, at least when it comes to the weather. hey al. >> good morning. severe weather firing up in the mid plains we have a pesky low pressure system causing showers along the southeast atlantic coast and showers in the pacific northwest. 50s and 40s in the pacific northwest. 90s from the great lakes to the hundreds in texas 80 in new england. cooler in the northeast and mid atlantic states. record highs in new england and parts of the great lakes strong storms in the midsection of the country firing up showery conditions with hints of sunshine along the mid atlantic into the southeast where they really need the rain, we're not going to get it. down to the southwest and into southern calif good friday morning.
8:19 am
i am meteorologist kari hall . it is going to be warmer inland with lowe's meeting into the 80s tomorrow. pretty warm on sunday as well but not too bad going into early next week. nice ocean breeze with a mix of sun and clouds. 70s. we are st friday "popstart." billboard music awards are this weekend. all-star line up of performers getting ready. including ed sheeran megan thee stallion. and mary j. blige. all set to perform jason kennedy caught up with the the show's host, sean diddy combs. he gets ready to emcee the big ceremony diddy revealing he's never been more ready to lead the live event.
8:20 am
>> first two times i host an award show, are i really sucked. >> what? what do you mean what happened? >> because i used to like live in my head sometimes when i starred on broadway or i'm hostin the mtv awards i was nervous on those two but, you know, now i come back in glorious fashion. different mind set i won't stop so now coming to knock this thing out the park >> i never would have thought he did a bad job on any of them. >> yeah. >> but i love it i'm loose. >> two strikes, i'm not gonna get a third. catch more of the conversation in the fourth hour 2022 billboard music wards sunday live coast to coast, 8:00 p.m. eastern and streaming on peacock. the band getting ready to all cast set to return almost 40 years after they rocked the big screen reiner will be back on the big screen and behind the camera to direct the follow up as far as the plot we don't know
8:21 am
on the idea the band's manager originally played by the late tony hendra, that he passes away and his widow inherits the contract and says spine tap owes them one more concert. the sequel has big shoes to fill after so many quotable lines and including this amazing scene. >> the numbers all go to 11. look >> -- amps go up to 10. >> exactly >> does that mean right across the board 11, 11, 11 >> -- amps go up to 10. >> exactly >> does that mean it is any louder is it louder >> well it is one louder, isn't it >> spine tap 2 scheduled to be released in march 2024 ready for that up next. kendall jenner has gone viral for a bizarre culinary blunder take a look at this latest
8:22 am
episode of the kardashians kendall appears to be struggling as she tries to slice a cucumber by crossing her arms the internet had a field day the clip exploding on social media. one wrote the way she cut thatt could come home and search kendall cucumbelieved them and some simply called it the best part of the episode all in good fun. kendall hopped online and called the moment tragic. looks like she could use a few pointers from starting from scratch here indy rock band putting their spin on harry stiles layouts number 1 single. group recently covering the song in a live performance. take a look. >> ♪ ♪ you know it's not the same as it was ♪ ♪ as it was ♪ ♪ as it was ♪ ♪ you know it's not the same -- >> great musical stuff there
8:23 am
we are by the way, let's just chat about harry stiles for a second counting the seconds until harry gets here. he's going arrive on our plaza, kick off our citi summer concert series, that's next thursday >> can't wait. >> how many people are asking you -- >> people i haven't heard from in years. >> 50,000 requests i'm told. >> 50,000. >> and we all know that our own circles. -- i'm like, no. >> who is this >> jackson, i'm in the basement. >> finally mike myers, the superstar comedian the latest to sit down with willie geist about. the two caught up about mike's netflix series "the pbringing me
8:24 am
inspired the idea for the show. >> i grew up in government housing and went to a public school, took public transport. my school had a pool, a gym, an ice rink and a million dollar television studio. so for me, the secret organization that is "the pentaverate" is really the canadian government. this country's been so fantastic to me. and i'm a citizen of the united states and england and canada. i'm an international man of mystery. ha ha ha ha. oh -- >> little bit of austin powers. >> yeah. >> is that a little rainbow room action always the greatest shop there "the pentaverate" is streaming now on netflix check that out of course that great conversation you can watch with willie this weekend on sunday "today." still ahead t changing rules when it comes to your work
8:25 am
wardrobe where to find the latest more relaxed styles as companies are throwing out the traditional we'll get into it but first a check of your local news, weather and
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26 am. demolition work is completed at a real yard building where six of nine victims were murdered in a rampage last year. survivors that work there have been working at other locations since returning to their job. the building will be replaced with the new facility and they hope there will be some sort of a memorial as well. busy weekend in the bay area
8:27 am
kari. there is a lot going on as we enjoyed cool temperatures to start on the sunny sky. it will warm up for the inland areas. we will see low 80s for the valley and the north bay. getting even hotter tomorrow in fairfield reaching 93. 89 in concorde and 87 in morgan hill. mid-80s for fremont and the hills. starting to cool down with a stronger breeze on sunday. we are going to have some norma warmer than normal temperatures but the best of the two days will be saturday and sunday. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half-hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
biggest concert ever. it's 8:30. as carson mentioned, we have six days until harry styles takes ouf over our plaza 50,000 people applied for tickets so far he will be here next thursday. it could be the biggest city concert ever >> guys, just don't leave. stay until thursday.
8:31 am
all right. >> coming up in this half hour, maria shriver going to be with us she is sharing an eye opening look a the dramatic rise in anxiety and depression particularly among middle aged women and search for better treatment. >> plus are you among the many returning to the office. and also missing the cozy work from home sweat pants? jasmine snow is here to help with work clothes that are style, and comfy. >> and perfect time of year to start a new home garden. wouldn't that be nice? we're going to dig into best tips and tools to get your plants in the ground and have them thriving asap. >> can't wait for that. >> and just ahead on the third hour, we got a super hero in the house. black panther's winston duke is going to be live talking about a new project already getting a lot buzz. >> but first, mr. roker, your people await you how about a check of the weather? >> starting with tomorrow. scattered showers, ohio river valley, mississippi river valley into the mid atlantic.
8:32 am
strong storms in the central plains record highs through texas sunshine out west. sunday sunday -- interior parts of the ohio river valley appalachians, record highs through texas, hot and dry out west with wet weather in the pacific northw good friday morning. i am meteorologist kari hall . it is busy out there. we are prepared for a lot of events happening this weekend. we are headed for the low 80s in the inland areas and then upper 80s tomorrow as we continue to see the valley temperatures heat up. it will not last long because they come back down on sunday. as sunshine continue san francisco keeps it cool and breezy with highs near 72 for tomorrow. here we go look out
8:33 am
o my golly look out for that. here we go we're coming down. everybody, and that is it. we just went around the horn >> all right that's your latest weather bam. okay hoda. >> hey. >> like that long shot at the kentucky derby. >> i know. >> like 12 horses. >> -- see -- >> i love that -- >> everyone's got a little al roker love in the house. up next, maria shriver exploring why some doctors believe anti-depressants are being overprescribed, especially to middle aged women. plus the search for a better solution to treat those symptoms symptoms but first, thi
8:34 am
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8:35 back with your health. >> this is women's health mont this morning we're looking at something that impact a lot of women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. anxiety and depression. >> new information about the causes and treatments. maria, good morning. >> good morning all of you well, the number of middle aged women taking anti-depressants is truly eye opening. some even say it is staggering it is more than double the number of men of the same age. so we wondered what's contributing to this high rate of depression among women at midlife? and could there be better treatment to ease their symptoms >> reporter: the numbers are simply staggering. about one in five women betweenn nearly 1 in 4. that's twice the rate for n the same age and while depression is more common among middle aged women,
8:37 am
some experts believe anti-depressants are being over prescribed to treat their mptoms >> i'm very concerned. i think it is wron replacement. >> o ob/gyn dr. donna shup says during menopause most women go through symptoms like hot flashes and difficulty sleeping but and also risk havoc on the mood risk of depression is two to four times higher around menopause than at any other time in her life. and many experts say hormone therapy is a more effective treatment than traditional anti-depressants. >> women in their 40s and 50s complaining of i'm anxious, feel like this impending doom i'm depressed. and they are given prozac or another ssri you are saying you don't need that and you actually need hrt instead? >> this is absolutely correct. add back hormone replacement and many women go back to normal pretty quickly.
8:38 am
>> it worked for nina collins. in her late 40s he was in peri and her kids were off at college. that's when she says anxiety and depression hit her like a truck. >> it was really a feeling like am i about go off a cliff? like, i felt like i'm gaining a little weight. i'm not as pretty as i used to be i was in a bad second marriage so i thought okay i'm going to be twice divorced, unattra no kids at home. you know, who will want me >> her doctor gave her prozac, but the depression kept getting worse. then her gynecologist added in hormone therapy. nina says the difference was night and day. >> for me, i honestly have never felt more kind of balanced and happy. >> while many women are afraid of estrogen, thinking it will increase their chance of breast cancer, newer studies show the
8:39 am
risk is low for women in their 50s. in fact taking estrogen in midlife is linked to stronger bones and possibly better hearts and brain health >> i think the benefits are quite high and the risks are very low. >> reporter: now scientists at the national institute of mentally are hoping to develop even better treatments for depression in middle aged women. medications that actually target estrogen receptors in their brains the goal to alleviate depressive symptoms without the side effects of traditional therapy >> i think it would be hugely important, anti-depreswon who is going to be taking them. >> reporter: to help others like her, she runs a platform called revel which offers forums and expert advice on menopause and midlife. >> you went to your doctor for things you did not associate. >> right. >> with menopause. being depressed. being anxious, being irritable and people didn't connect the dots for you.
8:40 am
>> that is why i started the community i did. >> knowing that you are not alone and being able to talk to other women about how to get through it is huge >> the bottom line is experts say any woman in her 40s and 50s experiencing depression or anxiety should talk to her ob/gyn about hormone replacement therapy as a possible treatment. and this is really important because so many women don't know when they are in perimenopause they don't associate, insomnia, mood changes with menopause. >> i think you are right that a that. lot of people did think that hrt was so connected to cancer that you was just like hands off of that. >> exactly that was sort of the message out there.
8:41 am
and now people are rethinking that and saying obviously everybody if you have a history of breast cancer, that is really important. but other people who never thought about hormones are finding incredible relief. bio identical hormones, all different kinds. but have that conversation. >> it opens the door to continue having that conversation so many women are suffering. >> and the new research is exciting too. >> yea >> thank you marh.ia
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back this morning on "today style", the return to the office if you fell in love with sweatpants and leggings while working from home, good news companies have relaxed traditional dress codes in favor of something cozier. here with more on the work wear is jasmine snow. you can shop along with us good morning good to see you. comfort is king. it is hard to welcome back this morning on "today style", the return to the office if you fell in love with sweatpants and leggings while working from home, good news companies have relaxed traditional dress codes in favor of something cozier. style expert, jasmine snow you can shop along with us good morning good to see you.
8:44 am
comfort is king. it is hard to go back to that buttoned up thing. what is this business style? >> we've all been very cozy for a long time. but it is possible there is a ton of companies offering tons of options. >> elastic waistbands. we love them and don't want too give them up how do you make this work for work wear. >> you do not have to give them up the wide leg thing is happening right now. a huge trend >> our beautiful model. >> this gorgeous pair on the elastic waist. >> looks so sharp. tucked in, the blazer over. >> exactly if you have a meeting or a big event after work you can throw a blazer on, make it still look really profession. >> well, and you have other options on the rack. what are these >> we have the same thing. that nice soft fabric. this is weekend nation they actually call this the -- pj pants >> you can rock these with heels and look really professional. >> i love this pant. also from amazon if you like that traditional jogger shape. >> great let's come over here and talk
8:45 am
about the business skirt here is our model. tell us about this this looks comfy. >> exactly skirts are not all confining and uncomfortable now. this is a stock stretchy knit from h&m and paired with a classic button down to keep it professional and it is just really comfortable and still very polished. >> and these other options >> old navy has a beautiful floral skirt, keeping things flow by. gen 7. if you want that classic denim skirt. soft fabric, and asos, same thing. soft knit. >> and wear on the weekend with flip flops, would be a really cute look. thank you so much. this shirt dress i love a shirt dress one stop shopping. tell us about this.
8:46 am
>> you know i love a one and done this is banana republic. it looks amazing on her. a black chic sleek shape you can dress it up for nighttime or the weekend we paired with a heel and really just throw it on and go. >> so sharp. and what about these other options? >> making your life easy tuckernuk here bolder from zara with a print. and banana is really loving the futility vibe going on easy one and done. >> and let's talk about accessorizing. sometimes you could go a little more casual. but the jewels or the accessories could make it step it up a little bit level up as the kids say. >> you know i love an accessory. shoes are key here you want to be comfortable aerosoles has an amazing collection and same thing great options from amazon and a bold chunky chain necklace like electric picks or this beautiful one. throw it on and out the door. >> scan the qr code or go to ladies, great job. thank you so much. and carson, over to you.
8:47 am
>> if i kill a plant at my house, is it possible to bring it back to life? is that a thing? >> umm, maybe? >> everything you need to know except bringing plants back to life we're going chat about having a nice plant setup in the nice plant setup in the backyard did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's number one kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone. we quote and design each project and help customers select all finishes without having to leave their home! wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off!
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and we're back with "today" home if you are looking for help when it comes to first time gardening, and who isn't got you hooked up right here the great dominique charles to help us out. >> she spreads joy on social media. she has a blog, plots and pans and the caught the eye of one and only martha stewart. this morning sharing tips for gardening. coming from new orleans to nbc -- in the old days. >> the old days. >> let's get started you don't want to give away all your secrets
8:50 am
>> not all of 'em. >> but you have a couple to get your plans up and going. >> absolutely. one of the things i love to start in the garden, like my secret sauce earthworm casings. love plant food and i love egg shells in the garden. >> this is what you start with >> you have to have a strong foundation with the soil add all these things and gives it a good boost of calcium and vitamins >> what is the difference between dirt and soil? >> dirt is, eh soil is like oh my gosh. it's the best. that's your foundation. >> got it. >> do you crunch up the shells. >> i do. use a spoon and grind them up. sometimes put them in the blender. >> that is hue you get started. >> how you get started bring it on down so here we talk about some easy herbs for new fard gardeners to start with i love tell new garners start with rose mary and thyme these are hardy and you can cook with them and also make cocktails with them.
8:51 am
>> okay. reason to get it right. >> are these easy to grow? >> i think they are just really really hardy they can take a beating. if you are a new gardener and don't have the schedule down it is okay >> let me ask you a dumb question how do you start this? with seeds >> rosemary and thyme are difficult to start with seeds. i tend to start with plants from a farm or nurse are you. >> water in a pot, is that simple. >> yes >> sunlight. >> lots of sunlight. and watering, you want to water every day about the same time. my schedule is 7:20 a.m. like clock work i'm outside. >> you are in d.c. >> i am. >> how much room do you need for gardening. >> i have a nice amount of space but you can use any type of space. obviously a small space, you want to use something smaller like a grow bag. or even a terra cotta pot. a big space, you can use a big raised bed there are also different vessels. i also use coffee beanbags >> tell us about the grow bags
8:52 am
>> the grow bags are made from recycled water bottles you can actually put them in ground and they will break down over time or you can put them on the balcony, patio and it is just a really good vessel they help the roots aerate i love them. >> can you reuse that grow bag? >> absolutely. >> can you use it out of ground? >> you can definitely reuse them i reuse them season after season they don't look as pretty over time. >> what do you have? walk us through your garden. i bet it is dope. >> my garden is pretty dope. strawberries and garlic, sweet potatoes galore. all the herbs. >> don't we all romanticize the idea making a saddle and go out idea making a salad and go out to your little herbal garden and grab basil a tomato. i want do that but it is intimidating >> say you wanted to grow
8:53 am
flowers. do you have to have a green thumb? what is the trick? >> i don't know all flowers but i do grow marigolds. my favorite to grow. i grow them with tomatoes and with basil and i call it a triple threat. one, they really really make the flavor of those tomatoes so good. >> you put tomatoes in here? >> i do. i do the tomato, the basil and the marigold and also the other side of it is the smell of the basil with the marigold really wards off pests. they do not like the smell. >> what? >> yeah. >> interesting. >> so it does double duty. obviously i'm not eating the marigolds. >> do you have to put netting and spray pesticides. >> i don't do pesticides and no netting i don't have so many pests. >> the a flatten -- >> -- never going the garden
8:54 am
again. >> -- bring it back? >> strawberries you can. then perennials. they will come back every year they will look dead but they are not going to be really really dead others, may not come in the regular form but you can grab the seeds from them and reuse the seeds from them. >> what are we doing with the pepper the pepper when you have peppers you can go and cut that and take these seeds and use those seeds and grow those for next year. >> i throw those away. >> no. we'll use the seeds for a new plant and save the membrane for our compost. >> so good new orleans is proud of you. >> thank you. >> we got a lot more ahead joy bauer sharing some creative ways to use leftover rotisserie chicken. first a look at your local news and weather. thank you dominique. >> thank you
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning. it is 8:56 am. we are following breaking news out of san jose where police
8:57 am
arrested two more family members of a three-year-old girl who died during an exorcism at a church. the grandfather of the child there along with her uncle were arrested on suspicion of a felony held abuse leading to the death of the child. the girl died last summer and the woman on the left is her mother. they say she suffocated during an exorcism ceremony performed by the family. it they told police they were trying to drive an evil spirit from her body. the church where she died is the same when they look at when she disappeared.
8:58 am
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