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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 13, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the hospitals are on alert for possibly more patients. this is primarily going on, on the second and third floor of a multiunit building, as you can see from nbc bay area sky ranger. multiple resources are being routed there. san francisco fire is asking you to stay out of that area if you don't have business there. as soon as we get updates, we'll pass them along. we'll post them to a different view of san francisco, much more peaceful from this vantage point. we know we're expecting warmer
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temperatures this weekend. >> meteorologist carrie howell monitoring that for us. looks nice out there now. >> we have great weather for all the events going on this weekend, including the a's starting later on. if you're out there early, that's definitely something good to do because we do have a lot of activities going on. temperatures will be cooling off going into late this evening. we also have the spacex falcon 9 launch happening at 3:07 and there will be 53 starling satellites launched in this space, you can watch that online and see the rocket land back on the ship. that's where we see our temperatures headed for the low 80s for today in morgan hill. temperatures much warmer than yesterday afternoon with double heading up for 78 degrees. 80 in martinez. 79 in napa. san francisco will reach into the upper 60s. but tomorrow we get a big boost in temperatures as we quickly see it spiking into the upper 80s and low 90s for some of our inland areas. we'll be following that and talk
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about more events going on this weekend coming up in a few minutes. marcus and kris. >> thank you, carrie. new at 11:00, 12 bay area officers are stressing the public should take more safety precautions including masking indoors. just within the hour, our newsroom got that letter. the health officers say the bay area currently has the state's highest covid infection rates and actual case rates are higher than those reported because of the widespread use of home tests which don't get reported. although not required, masking is strongly recommended by the state health department. well, shares of tesla way up and shares of twitter way down. this is after elon musk said that he would put the deal to buy twitter on hold. >> okay. scott mcgrew, musk claims he's concerned about new data. >> that's why he put this deal on hold. data out for a couple of weeks, data that shows 5% or less of twitter users are fake, or bots. let's look at that tweet that
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was heard around the world this morning. twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details that spam, fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users. and then a few hours later, around 6:00 a.m., he says still committed to the acquisition. and what is odd is the article he's linking to is from may 2nd, a long time ago. why would we care or why would he care about a report from a week and a half ago that twitter's spam bot problem isn't as big as we thought? fixing that problem was going to be one of his priorities after he took over twitter, perhaps he's saying i don't have to buy twitter if one of the big things i wanted to fix isn't broken. but, there are a lot of other reasons to suspend the deal. the consensus is he overbid on twitter, his tesla stock, which he said he would borrow against to buy twitter, is worth 20% less than when he announced the deal. that means musk would have to find more financial partners or borrow more money from banks to
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come up with that money to buy twitter. today's announcement seems to help him solve two of those problems. stock is up in tesla, twitter is worth less money. perhaps we'll see him revise his offer for twitter downwards, but i guarantee you come monday morning, we'll have a lot more to talk about. marcus and kris? >> maybe you should have that graphic just blank. just pencil it in. >> yes, add words to it, yes. >> keep us talking, no doubt. thank you, scott. a live look at sfo and happening now, network issues at terminal one left some of those travelers with nowhere to go earlier this morning. sfo sent a tweet out around 7:00 this morning, the learning of ticket disruptions for american, jetblue and southwest customers, the airport says the tech issues have since been resolved, but travelers we spoke with are still working to find a way to their destinations. nbc bay area's cierra johnson is live this midday.
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people are just trying to get out on vacation, cierra. >> reporter: folks are trying to get out and enjoy their weekend, this morning here at sfo in terminal one, they were told they need to find another airline or another airport after some technical issues really left a lot of their flights grounded. many of which were left grounded with no explanation. now, travelers we spoke with say they began receiving notification around 7:30, saying their flights out of sfo were canceled. the techs did not explain why they were canceled and travelers told us the gate agent said their hands were tide because the issue was on the tarmac, not with the actual airline. a tweet from sfo says it was the network, network issue, and three airlines within terminal number one experienced those issues. the tweet continued by explaining techs were on site to fix the issue and backup methods were being used. that was around 7:00. now lines began to grow as many travelers worked to find alternate plans including these
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two travelers, one destined for kansas city and the second lady to disney land for her bachelorette/birthday party. >> rather than stay here, i'm looking at possibly other airlines. and i'm also possibly looking at going over to oakland and sfo. maybe i can get back sometime today. >> we have plans to be in disney land today, hotel, tickets, at that point we went to the gate and the southwest employee told us that it was not southwest canceling our flight. due to delays on the tarmac flights in general were being canceled and pushed back. >> reporter: and by 8:15 sfo sent a follow-up tweet saying their systems were back up and running. by that point, many of the travelers were already on their way to another airport, many have already made it to other terminals for other airlines and
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some like that last lady was on the way to rent a car to meet two of their other friends. confusion behind me. we're live at sfo, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> not the way you want to start a friday. thank you. the state of california budget surplus is almost $100 billion. an unprecedented amount according to governor gavin newsom. the governor is proposing some of that money should be coming back to taxpayers. >> reporter: people who are driving and paying through their nose at the gas pump, good morning to you, kris. look at this live stream now, the governor is holding this press conference in sacramento, and announcing his revised budget plan.
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and announcing that the state has what he says is an unprecedented surplus of $97.5 billion, half of which is discretionary. in no small part that surplus happening coming to be because of last year's booming stock market. and the resulting taxes on capital gains. the governor is proposing to use some of that money for an inflation relief package. a majority of that money, what i was alluding to, $11 billion, would go to $400 in checks for vehicle owners, up to two checks per owner. over $400 million for 12-month pause of the diesel fuel tax, which will be a big help for commercial truck drivers. $750 million for free bus and train rides for three months, also money for emergency rental assistance, past due water and electrical bills, $1500 checks to retain hospital and nursing homeworkers, expansion of health care subsidies for the middle
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class and waiver of child care fees for low income families. now, taking a look at that budget surplus, as a result of this budget surplus, since january it resulted in an additional almost $20 billion for education, an additional $17 billion for infrastructure and additional $500 million for housing. incidentally last night the state also announced a california minimum wage will be increasing to $15.50 an hour in 2023, that's a 50 cent increase. and why is this happening? there is the law back in 2016 that requires the increase if inflation goes up by more than 7% between 2021 and 2022 fiscal years. the california department of finance projects that that increase is actually going to be 7.6% higher than the year prior. reporting live here in contra costa county, bob redell, nbc bay area news. we continue to follow that
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breaking news in san francisco where at least four people were rescued from a multiunit building in the city there. this is on ellis street, near jefferson square park. as we are looking from nbc bay area sky ranger. we'll have more on the details of how this is happening and what is happening coming up.
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are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. welcome back. here you go. a live look at this fire, this is an apartment building in san francisco right now. you can see firefighters there on top of the building, seems like they have it under control earlier today. we were able to see thick cloud of black smoke, that has now gone, but you can see firefighters assessing the damage from atop the building. >> from the sky level view, down to the ground, we go to the scene. we know a couple of people had to be rescued. >> well, we know that the fire department got on scene pretty quickly and they were able to try to contain the fire to the
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three units you can see there. this building is a three-level building. the fire basically went and aff at the furthest end of the building. they did have an active rescue as soon as they arrived, they did take about four people from the building. we know that two of them are in critical condition, two in serious because this is pretty tightly packed building, that they also have the hospitals in the area on stand by in case there are any other injuries. but at this point, it does look like the fire crews here have been able to knock down the flames. we know they are still on scene, still actively putting water on this fire, just to make sure there are no hot spots. at this point, it doesn't look like any further movement of the fire has been contained. right now what we see them doing is actively trying to strip apart portions of the building so they can get to any of the hot spots that are within the
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walls or within the frame of this particular building, which is pretty standard, especially in such a densely populated area and in such a relatively good sized complex as well. right now there is a good portion of this neighborhood that continues to be blocked off. as this fire fight is ongoing. ladder crews are still on scene, still actively trying to control the situation here. and as i mentioned a little earlier, they also are still trying to see if there are any -- if there are any other people who are potentially affected by the fire if not because of the fire itself, also potentially because of the smoke. we are on scene, we're going to continue to monitor the situation, reporting live in san francisco, back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, sergio. hopefully those folks are going to be okay. we'll continue to post updates. also this midday, we are celebrating asian-american pacific islander heritage month here at nbc bay area. >> a local aring their talents
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community -- i want to tell you about adrian per, born and raised in san francisco, he dreamed of using art to tell stories. this weekend he's opening up an art exhibit called we're golden, adrian took dramatic and cinematic photos of aapi communities, so they could see themselves in a way that they haven't really seen before. >> it gave people a chance to see what they would look like as if they were casted for a big hollywood role, or shooting them for the cover of gq or vogue or esquire, in a light that we have been waiting on big hollywood to do and i just didn't want to wait anymore. i took it upon myself to showcase that. >> i'm sure you probably want to see that exhibit. it opens saturday in los angeles. you can buy his book and other art work online. >> that's really lovely. >> yeah. we do have the link on our website, you'll see aapi stories, go to
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and in the north bay, we're still getting those light winds with sunshine and ukiah headed for 76. 80 in sonoma. if you're going out to the contra costa county fair tomorrow in antioch, it is going to be warm in the middle of the day. it is going to be in the low 80s, peaking to 89 degrees at 4:00. if you like the cooler temperatures, wait until 7:00 where it is going to be a really nice evening. we talked about this, the bay to breakers happening on sunday in san francisco. returning for the first time in a couple of years. starting at 8:00 in the morning, we have some low 60s. and then temperatures stay in the low 60s for a couple of hours, but we'll also see some great weather for that. and then by the end of weekend, night, the super flower blood moon lunar eclipse. it is going to be a super moon because of its proximity to earth a little closer, making it appear larger. it a super moon, but also going to appear
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reddish for us. a flower moon because of its may and we have flowers blooming out there. it will start at 8:06 sunday evening. it will peak at about 8:30 to 9:54. and then we'll see it ending late sunday night, shortly there before 11:00. so got a couple of hours to view that on sunday night. and maybe staying up late before our start to the week next week. on monday, we're going to see our temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 70s. and then kind of staying there throughout the week, only going up and down a few degrees. for san francisco, for the weekend, we have upper 60s today, low 70s tomorrow, and some gusty winds on sunday with highs in the upper 60s and expect those temperatures to stay in the 60s next week, but chances here for the next seven days, maybe beyond that point seeing rain returning to the bay
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area. >> much needed rain. our team is staying on top of that breaking news in san francisco. firefighters are on scene of an apartment fire right now. this is the view from nbc bay area sky ranger. next, all new information coming into our newsroom about the number of people rescued and how many people were injured. and happening now, b.a.r.t. is nearly ready to bite the bullet on a pilot program offering a universal transit pass, compatible with all 26 other bay area transit agencies. the financial director says the pilot program will likely start this summer. initially it will only be provided to college students, but those who take part will have their transit fees paid for. the two-year program is expected to cost b.a.r.t. about $6 million. much more ahead for you this midday. we'll be right back.
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want to give you one last update of that breaking news in san francisco. this from nbc bay area sky ranger, over a two alarm fire happening right now in an apartment building. this is happening on ella street near jefferson square park. we have learned that five people were injured in this fire. two people have critical injuries, two of them have serious injuries and one person suffered minor injuries. this is going on the second and third floor of that area so the have room to move unless you have business to be there. >> all right, final look at the
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forecast for you today. >> we have a nice weekend ahead with temperatures warming up, especially for the inland valleys this carrie. we made it to friday. >> we made it. high five. >> boom, there you go. >> all right. have a great weekend. the next one coming up for you at 5:00. >> we'll leave you that live look from nbc bay area sky ranger. hope those folks are all okay.
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and right now on california life, it is furniture season i'm in redondo beach for the ultimate beach party.. is


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