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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 14, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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it will be very dramatic. about; 40, rob? >> sometime around 8:30 to 9150 in eastern sky. clouds permitting erica and on areas, northvale. san jose should be some of the best viewing. >> rob. thank you very much. should be nice. that's tomorrow night. thank you for joining us. s for baby formula the new warng from one manufacturer that there likely won't be enough for the rest of the year families forced to ration what they have. nationwide protests for abortion rights tens of thousands taking to the streets, from new york to l.a., in what organizers say is the beginning of a, quote, summer of rage. a plane crashes into the middle of a
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busy miami highway, slamming into an suv a dramatic video of a passenger jumping to safety, another killed. republican leaders on the ground in ukraine today. the new warning from putin, as sweden and finland make moves to join nato. devastating news from britney spears. the pop star opening up about her miscarriage. plus, extreme couponing is back. how americans are getting in on the coupon craze to fight rising prices. >> all will be $3 instead of $39 that's crazy >> how you can save big. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening it was the most simple of everyday activities, going grocery shopping, that turned deadly. a gunman in upstate new york opened fire at a topps supermarket, killing ten people the sheriff described
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the act as pure evil details still coming in tonight here's what we know right now. in addition to the ten killed, at least three people were injured. this video shows the alleged shooter being taken into custody alive. we've blurred out the bodies of those he killed in the background investigators believe the shooter was racially motivated the supermarket serves a predominantly black neighborhood >> reporter: the aftermath of a mass shooting captured on camera an apparently lifeless body lying on the ground in buffalo, new york. >> shots fired >> this is the worst nightmare that any community can face and we are hurting, an we are seething as a community. >> reporter: police say 13 people were shot, 10 of them killed saturday afternoon at this tops
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friendly market in northeast buffalo. >> crazy dead bodies in the car. >> reporter: authorities arrested an 18-year-old white male from concord, new york. >> the shooter was not from this community. in fact, the shooter travelled hours from outside this community to perpetrate this crime on the people of buffalo. >> reporter: three senior law enforcement sources tell nbc news that authorities are looking into whether the shooter was motivated by white supremacist ideology and whether he posted anything with his intentions >> he was heavily armed with tactical gear. >> reporter: two rifles were recovered at the scene with the n-word etched into one weapon >> this was pure evil. straight-up, racially-motivated hate crime. >> reporter: tops friendly markets sharing a statement, saying in part, we are shocked and deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence, and our thoughts and prayers
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are with the victims and their families authorities charging the suspect with murder in the first degree and seekingparole another american city is left reeling in grief. nbc news >> let's bring in chief investigative reporter jonathan deese. we're hearing more of the alleged shooter. what do we know? >> law enforcement officials are now identifying them as 18-year-old peyton gingron, calling this a racially motivated attack many in the supermarket were black. the suspect was armed a couple of rifles officials are looking into whether he left behind a manimanifesto, a well as whether he livestreamed or attempted to livestream the shooting incident to outline his alleged racial hate. they say he drov several hours from the suburb in binghamton
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to this supermarket. he is now charged with murder in the first degree officials say they expect him to appear in court for his arraignment later this evening. again, they believe racial hate, the motive behind this afternoon's shooting of a supermarket where everyday people were just shopping this saturday afternoon >> thank you another mass shooting to tell you about tonight. this one in milwaukee after at least 21 people were shot there overnight in several separate incidents here's the chaotic scene in the city's downtown people running and screaming as shots were fired just blocks from the arena hosting the nba's bucks/celtics playoff game 17 hit and wounded there, 4 others shot nearby, all expected to survive 10 people in custody for the shooting a curfew is in effect this weekend. in city ace cross the nation, protesters took to the streets in anger over the threat of rolling back
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abortion rights. it comes as we are hearing from a supreme court justice for the first time about that roe versus wade draft opinion leak em we have more >> reporter: coast to coast, tens of thousands of abortion rights supporters making their message loud and clear hundreds of hands off our body marches kicking off what some are calling the summer of rage. >> i'm angry this was something i thought was a done deal for us to go back in history and change it? >> reporter: the outcry in direct opposition to the leak supreme court draft pp, opinion, posed to overturn roe v. wade and restrict abortion access. >> the public is overwhelmingly on our side there are marches like this occurring all across the country >> reporter: in new york, protesters shutting down the brooklyn bridge. crowds marching to the supreme court in washington, d.c. northwest illinois,
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clashes with counter-protesters >> we will not go back >> reporter: today's crowds reminiscent of the women's march in 2017 following the inauguration of donald trump as president all three of former president trump's appointees appear in favor of overturning roe v. wade. in addition tothomas, who spo out about the leak overnight. >> when you lose that trust, especially in the institution that i'm in, it changes the institution fundamentally. >> reporter: a resounding message today from the masses to the highest court in the land. protesters here are already eyeing other ways to protect abortion access, like packing the supreme court and getting out the vote during midterms so congress can turn roe v. wade into federal law jose >> emilie, thank you now the baby formula crisis gripping the nation.
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there is an alarming, new warning tonight about just how long the shortages could last maggie has the story. >> reporter: panicked parents across the country counting cans and rationing powder. >> we go to buy formula, everything is gone. >> shelves are completely bare. >> reporter: now as shelves meant for baby formula remain entity, alarms sound maker of perrigo says he predicts the shortage could last the end of the year. adding two perrigo plants are running at 115% capacity. how alarming is this shortage to you? >> extremely alarming. >> reporter: as parents become desperate, pediatricians warn against watering formula down. >> this isn't like taking a lemonade and putting water in it. it is not safe for babies because of nutritional and protein levels >> this is a process we're working on it very, very hard. >> reporter: president biden vowing to increase availability of formula to
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low-income families and import formula from abroad. milk banks needs skyrocket. have you ever had a surge in demand like this >> this is the most surge and demand i have ever seen we have a need for donors to step up. babies need to be fed. >> reporter: babies and older kids with special medical conditions, like prince green >> it's good for me that i have pediasure. >> reporter: a mom of three from the bronx, liz cruz is trying to keep her 11-year-old out of the hospital. he's already been twice this year. his body has trouble absorbing nutrients. cruz has five days left of the formula her son needs. is it wild to you to see something so critical like baby formula run so low >> yes it's just major. i believe that it's worse than it was during the pandemic. >> reporter: a
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life-saving resource in critically low supply >> maggie, is there any relief coming? >> reporter: jose, help may come from abroad the fda commissioner saying he'll announce plans on how manufacturers and suppliers in other countries can import formula into the u.s jose >> reporter: maggie vespa in los angeles, thank you. overseas in ukraine, another high-profile u.s. delegation met with that nation's president today. senator mitch mcconnell led the group of republican senators in face-to-face talks with president zelenskyy in kyiv. russia is now retaliating against its neighbor, finland, after that country announced its intention to join nato th they're not the only ones who intend to become members the news dividing the international community at this weekend's nato meetings keir simmons is there and reports tonight from berlin. >> reporter: secretary blinken arriving in europe tonight
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his delayed trip after catching covid dominated by tense diplomacy and signs of division among some allies russia already angry at nato countries for supplying arms to ukraine. now, finland's president today calling president putin to personally confirm they're applying to join nato. putin replied, abandoning neutrality is a mistake russia retaliating by cutting electricity to finland. >> we have 1,300 kilometer border with russia the border is peaceful, and we want to main that i know that border peacefully. >> reporter: sweden taking part in joint military drills with the u.s. this weekend, set to announce next week it's seeking membership of the alliance turkey's president erd erdogan, a nato member, declaring he is not positive about enlargement. germany's foreign minister hosting this weekend's meetings telling us the alliance is strong how do you maintain unity in europe and nato if this fighting
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and conflict continues over a long period >> we are 100% on the same page to defend the international peace order. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence says russia is preparing for a long conflict. nato's role will be crucial. secretary blinken here for a short time with a lot to talk about. jose >> here simmons from berlin, thank you. ahead tonight, a terrifying plane crash on a miami bridge. the dramatic moments a passenger jumps free also, britney spears' heartbreaking announcement today sometimes'. can never have too many pillows! sometimes, i'm all business. a serious chair for a serious business woman! i'm always a mom- that is why you are smart and chose the durable fabric. perfect. i'm not a chef- and, don't mind if i do. but thanks to wayfair, i do love my kitchen.
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪far-xi-ga♪ we're getting late details about a deadly small plane crash in miami. it hit a busy bridge and burst into flames this afternoon sam brock reports on how one of the plane's passengers was able to get out alive. >> is someone in there? >> reporter: a harrowing sight on the bridge 8 miles north of miami beach, with one person killed and another jumping out of a burning plane with the help of another person, tumbling onto pavement. >> plane crashed into the bridge possibly crashed into vehicles on the bridge, as well. >> reporter: chaos over aqua water with dozens of boats nearby >> appears to be a head-on collision with that suv, causing the plane to flip over and then, of course, engulfed in flames >> reporter: the person who died was found in the aircraft with six people total
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injured in the crash, two transported to the hospital with trauma alerts this after that red suv took a direct hit with a mom and her two toddlers inside. they're doing all right after receiving precautionary treatment. >> mmiraculous you're travels in the vehicle, the driver with the two toddlers, and head of on collision with an aircraft. >> reporter: in a series of videos posted to social media, bystanders can be seen filming smoke billowing for the aircraft, with concern for their safety a single engine cessna lost engine power and crashed into the bridge with three people inside the plane and three in the car that it struck the federal agency says the plane took off from ft. lauderdale airport with a planned destination of key west the surreal sequence unfolded the faa and the national transportation safety board will inves investigate. sam brock, nbc news, miami-dade county. coming up, the new manhunt for an escaped killer after his dramatic getaway
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against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today. . >> reporter: now to your money and how much everything costs these days with goods rising at record levels, shoppers are turning back to an old strategy, couponing. you will not believe just how much some people are saving. kathy park reports
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>> reporter: ashley allen shops with a strategy. >> cvs receipt. >> reporter: bundle of body wash. a stack of wipes. >> $5 off baby purchase. >> reporter: two packs of diapers. >> $4 off. >> reporter: all would have cost $63. as you can see in the videos she filmed for us, she paid $21.69 before tax and is getting $19 back in cash and store credit. >> i spent $2.69 on all that product that was a good deal today. >> reporter: this mom of two from johnson city, tennessee, doesn't consider herself an extreme couponer. >> i prided myself on getting a good deal. >> reporter: she started couponing this year as prices started climbing >> with inflation and things changing, my good deals weren't good deals anymore. >> reporter: ashley isn't alone. >> couponing is definitely coming back >> reporter: recent data shows one-third
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of shoppers used more of them last year. ten years ago, tv shows like "extreme couponing" fueled the craze. >> couponing has almost become an ill ngs illness for me. >> reporter: now, it is influencers on social media. >> stop paying full price. >> reporter: this nebraska mother has a following of more than 2 million on tiktok. >> people are searching how to save money. how can i bring down my budget back from pre-inflation prices >> reporter: you used to have to clip to free money those days are over. scissors have been replaced by cell phones with coupons going digital. you have to know where to find them, mostly on apps. for stores you shop at often, those where you upload receipts to get rebates, and others gather a variety of coupons and deals for you. the savings can often lead to stockpiling. did you buy all these items because you needed them or because a lot of these were a great deal >> they were things
5:52 pm
that i knew i would need >> reporter: eventually >> eventually, yes >> reporter: but experts say it is important to shop with caution. >> my concern is things are going to go bad or lose some of the efficacy over time my approach would be everything in moderation >> reporter: ashley says she's learned to strike a balance >> i'm not saving anything if i'm still spending just make sure i'm buying what i need for my family, and that works out really well. >> reporter: scoring big. >> all this will be $3 instead of $39 that's crazy. >> reporter: but also making it count. kathy park, nbc news, johnson city, tennessee. a massive manhunt is under way for an escaped prisoner convicted of murder. this is the man texas authorities are looking for tonight. gonzalo lopez. he escaped thursday from a prison transport bus after stabbing the driver in a rural area between dallas and houston 46-year-old lopez was serving a life sentence for a 2006
5:53 pm
murder texas authorities are offering a $22,000 reward for information leading to his capture. fans all over the world are sending their support to pop star britney spears tonight. last month, the singer said she was pregnant with her fiance's child. today, she posted the sad news that they had lost the baby. writing, quote, our love for each other is our strength we will continue trying to expand our beautiful family when we come back, how the legacy of a little boy's joy is now helping others get through tough times.
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♪ there is good news tonight about finding meaning during difficult times. the mom now helping others with the joy inspired by her beloved son. >> this is called the mason shuffle. >> reporter: mason mazuka had a way of lighting up any room >> three, four, five >> reporter: his mom kelly said he spread joy everywhere he went kelly, tell us a little bit about mason. >> he was full of life from the get-go. >> reporter: but in 2016, kelly got devastating news her 4-year-old had leukemia >> he was happy while he fought. >> reporter: he was able to even dance through the
5:57 pm
difficulties >> yes i miss him every single minute. he was my best friend. >> reporter: after mason passed in 2018, kelly and her family turned their grief into a mission their goal to help other children who need extra love and care >> okay. >> reporter: over the years, kelly and her husband, bob, opened their home to eight foster children. >> come on >> reporter: kelly taking care to protect their privacy. she also started a non-profit called mason's st strong village the organization honors mason's upbeat attitude the communityhelping kelly pack and give out joy boxes to kids in d.c. area hospitals. they're filled with some of his favorite things like stuffed animals, toy cars, and art supplies so far, roughly 500 boxes delivered. >> i brought some stuff. >> reporter: we were at children's national hospital in
5:58 pm
washington, d.c. when ford's son, jason, got his gift. >> i got legos i love building legos. >> to help other people going through this, she's a superwoman i'm very grateful to her. >> that's a minecraft one. >> reporter: sully shields was buddies with mason and says this work is exactly what his friend would have wanted. >> at the end of the day, we're helping someone in his name. >> hi, austin. i'm kelly. how you doing today? >> reporter: a mom honoring her son's legacy by turning heartache into action. >> i will live every day doing this for mason and all the other children that are faced with these unforeseen battles >> kelly and bob, extraordinary parents. extraordinary people last week, by the way, would have been mason's 11th birthday. to continue his mission, kelly hopes to expand mason's strong village efforts to other states in the future that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday kate snow will be here
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tomorrow night i'm jose diaz-balart thank you for the privilege of your time and good night
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