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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  May 15, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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ts include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. the choices you make can help control your a1c. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. i'm taking inflation very seriously. >> it's been very frustrating. >> i've got a serious situation here. >> it's scary not knowing if you are going to be able to feed your kid. good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on may 15th. i'm willie geist. officials in buffalo, new york, are calling the deadly attack on shoppers and employees at a supermarket there a racially motivated hate crime.
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an 18-year-old alleged gunman is being held without bail charged with murder in the killing of ten people with three more injured. a security guard inside the supermarket this morning being called a hero after he was fatally shot while trying to stop the attack. we will have the latest in a live report and get new details when we speak with the local district attorney just ahead. savannah guthrie's exclusive interview with darren harison who had no flight experience but successfully took over the controls and landed a plane in south florida after the pilot fell unconscious. we will hear the full story from the hero himself. let's begin in buffalo where an 18-year-old is being held without bond charged with killing ten people inside a grocery store filled with shoppers. police say the attack was motivated by race. good morning. what is the latest there.
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>> reporter: this morning, the grocery store behind me, which became a killing field, is still a crime scene. there's a small memorial to the side here. an area allegedly targeted by someone specifically for a lot of black people. police say that this suspect showed up here in tactical gear and shattered what was a peaceful day. buffalo, new york, reeling after police say a gunman went on a racist grocery store rampage, shooting 13 people, killing ten. >> we are hurting, and we are seething as a community. >> reporter: all but two of the victims were african american. >> this was pure evil. it was straight up racially motivated hate crime. >> reporter: the aftermath unvarnished tragedy. first responders seen here next to a lifeless body. >> i saw a lot of people who
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were in distress. they didn't know if their loved ones were okay. >> reporter: the attack began around 2:30 p.m. saturday. the suspect opening fire in the parking lot of a tops friendly markets. >> shots fired. >> reporter: then moving inside where a security guard fought back. that former buffalo police officer being called a hero. >> fired multiple shots. struck the suspect. because he had heavily armored plating on, that bullet had no round. the suspect engaged our retired officer, and he was ultimately shot and deceased at the scene. >> reporter: the attacker finally surrendered after putting a gun to his neck and then being persuaded by officers to drop it. >> yes, sir. i understand my charges. >> reporter: prosecutors say 18-year-old payton gendron from new york is charged with one count of murder in the first degree. authorities say he traveled hours to buffalo armed with an
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assault weapon. three senior law enforcement sources tell nbc news it appears the n word was etched into one of multiple weapons recovered. he wrote a manifesto. it was briefly live streamed before it was removed. it's the fourth mass shooting at a u.s. grocery store since march 2021. the second rampage to shake new york in just over a month. >> i'm angry. i've seen violence from guns on the brooklyn subway and now in the streets of buffalo. it has to stop. >> reporter: tops friendly market sharing a statement saying in part, we are shocked and deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. yet another american community now grappling with the unconscionable. >> we can't let an evil person divide this community and an
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evil person divide our country. >> reporter: a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news authorities are looking at the alleged manifesto filled with racist and anti-semitic tropes. that potential disturbing manifesto said he was bored during the start of the pandemic. >> at once tragic and infuriating. thank you very much. john flynn is the district attorney for buffalo's erie county. he charged him with first degree murder overnight. thank you for taking time with us this morning. the hearts of the country are with you this morning. there's rage and we saw it from the law enforcement officials about what happened there. let me start by asking you about motive. we are hearing about this manifesto online filled with racist and anti-semitic language. we are hearing about the gun. we have seen images with racist
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language there. the sheriff was quick to say, this is a racially motivated hate crime, his words. what is the motive so far as you can tell this morning? >> willie, there's evidence that appears that we have ascertained right now that show that the motive potentially is race related. right now, he has been charged with murder in the first degree under new york state law where he has allegedly killed multiple people. there's also a provision in the murder in the first degree statute that talks about an act of terrorism. the terrorism mechanism and the hate crime mechanism in new york state law are not actually, per se, crimes of themselves. they are enhancers for lack of a better word. you have to have an underlying crime and then the hate crime aspect would be an enhancer.
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it's the same with the terrorism charge. right now, he has been charged already with the highest count that we have in new york state, which is murder in the first degree. what we are looking at now are basically just potentially additional charges related to racial and terrorism that we could add on. >> was he known to police, mr. flynn? there's reporting out there that he had threatened to shoot up his high school not long ago. was he on the radar of law enforcement as far as you can know? >> well, he was not on the radar of law enforcement in buffalo. he was not on the radar that i know of to the fbi. it's my understanding that there was an alleged incident where he is from, which is in broome county, 3 1/2 hours from buffalo, there was some incident last year where he made some
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threats. i'm aware of that. we are looking into that. we are going to obviously contact them and find out what exactly happened, which could kind of help our case in terms of his intent and what his thinking was when he came here to buffalo. you go, i must ask you about the security guard, the retired buffalo police officer who stood in the doorway, literally, and exchanged gunfire with this man who killed ten people. heroically probably saved lives. what can you tell us about him? >> he is a hero. we knew he was a hero before yesterday. he is a retired buffalo police officer who spent the better part of his life defending the citizens of buffalo. when he retired from the police department, he took a job as a security guard at this tops store. a tops store that i know well. down the street from the tops
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store is a cigar shop i'm frequent. i'm familiar with this area and this tops store. he is a hero, like you said, willie. he used his weapon yesterday and exchanged gunfire, again, allegedly. the defendant was wearing tactical gear. he was not injured. again, as you said, he is a hero. has been a hero for a number of years in this community. >> without question. john flynn, who has charged the allege gunman with first degree murdered and may add hate crimes as we go along in this investigation. thank you very much for your time this morning, sir. please send our sympathies and love to your community this morning. we are all feeling for you. thank you. >> thank you, sir. president biden spoke out overnight about the shooting saying, quote, hate must have no safe harbor. nbc's josh letterman is traveling with the president. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. president biden issuing a statement just before midnight praising law enforcement for their bravery in responding to this incident. the president calling it an incident of domestic terrorism and a hate crime. now the attorney general says federal prosecutors will investigate this as a hate crime. the shooting took place just a day after mr. biden warned about a potential summer surge in gun violence as he implored the use of leftover covid funds to plus up police departments. this morning, the president heading back to washington where he is going to be speaking at a memorial service for fallen police officers. he may have a chance at that event to address this crisis, which comes as president biden has been trying to show he is focused on addressing gun violence, even as gun violence advocacy groups criticize the president for not making this a
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priority. they say that just since president biden was inaugurated, there have been more than 850 mass shootings in america. >> we will see if that focus sharpens. josh, thank you. thousands of people yesterday took to the streets across the country to march in support of abortion rights. the demonstrations come in response to the leak earlier this month of that draft opinion from the supreme court that suggests the court is prepared to overturn roe v. wade. a new nbc news poll out this morning shows stronger support than ever for abortion rights. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." good morning. i know you will talk through the new polling this morning. we look to the midterms, perhaps, as josh said, the president will turn his focus as well to gun rights, inflation also on the table. what did you find in the poll? >> look, i think what you saw on some aspects, not a shock, with
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the economy and it continues to hurt president biden. his numbers are now fallen to donald trump level. i say fallen because donald trump never improved his standing. it shows you that biden'sfallen. it shows you how polarizing he has become. we measured the abortion issue a number of ways. without this issue over roe v. wade being overturned, it would look like the republicans were basically on a straight line path to winning both the house and senate. all of a sudden what you see with abortion rights, you see one in five voters saying, this is a single issue vote for them. they mostly fall, 70%, on the choice side of this. you see suddenly democrats a lot more interested in midterms than two months ago by 13 points.
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you see a leveling -- it's not a level playing field, a leveling of the playing field due to the issue. >> we may see that ruling coming up in weeks. chuck, thanks. we will look for more this morning on "meet the press" when chuck will have coverage of the tragedy in new york. kathy hochul will be a guest. mitch mcconnell led a congressional delegation on a surprise trip to ukraine saturday. >> reporter: good morning. on saturday, mitch mcconnell arriving here in kyiv with three other senior republican lawmakers, meeting with president zelenskyy as well as other ukrainian officials as the u.s. senate is trying to push through that massive $40 billion aid package that ukraine says it badly needs to win this war. during the visit, president
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zelenskyy thanking them for their support. meanwhile, what's being seen as a massive morale boost here in ukraine, last night the ukrainian rap band won the eurovision song contrast with their song, which was originally written for the lead singer's mother, but has since become a war anthem of sorts. after their performance, the band thanking the audience for their support, calling for more support for ukraine as well as the devastated port city of mariupol. president zelenskyy congratulating the band saying that ukraine will host next year's eurovision song
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straight head, the highs and lows of the week, including the story behind the high military honor bestowed by ukrainian president zelenskyy upon a 2-year-old jack russell terrier. the budding grade school track phenom who became a viral star after she lost her shoe, went back for it, and still came back to dust the field. up next, our sunday focus on the story that captured the country this week. a heroic passenger with no flight experience taking over and landing a small plane after his pilot had a medical emergency. we have savannah guthrie's
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nosedive, one of the passengers on board with no flight experience jumped into action and calmly landed that plane. now the heroic passenger, darren hir harrison is telling his story to savannah guthrie. sam brock has the story. good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning. last tuesday, darren harrison, a man who believes strongly in his faith, landed the airplane here against all practical odds. no flying experience. his plane went off the radar at the worst possible time. now, he is speaking out. for darren harrison, a career in home and business flooring sales should not have prepared him for this. >> i have a serious situation here. my pilot has gone incoherent. >> reporter: the pilot experienced a medical emergency
6:21 am
and passed out. the 39-year-old stepped up, helping move the pilot over and grabbing controls with zero experience flying an aircraft. the question as he speaks exclusively with savannah, how did this go off without a hitch? >> everyone is amazed how calm you were. did you feel calm? >> i did. somebody asked me what i had heart rate or what i thought my heart rate was and i said, in the 90s. what about after it was over. probably about 160. the time i stopped the plane, that's when it hit me. i was pretty calm and collected the whole time because i knew it was a life or death situation. either you do what you have to do to control the situation or you are going to die. that's what i did. >> there was no time to panic? >> no. none. >> reporter: harrison said he had no choice. the husband and father to be who is expecting a child with his wife this summer had everything
6:22 am
to live for. his faith, he says, guided him through the ordeal that could have turned fatal. air traffic controller robert morgan showing kerry sanders what he had to do. >> he had to pull back the plane so it would climb up out of the dive. >> reporter: then the plane disappeared from the radar and ten seconds later. >> he said, i'm on the ground. what do you want me to do? >> did you say the passenger landed the airplane? >> that's correct. >> reporter: harrison telling savannah he had nightmares over this exact scenario, a pilot incapacitated midair. >> amazing. you can hear on the air traffic communication how calm he was throughout that ordeal and stuck the landing. sam, thank you very much. watch savannah's full exclusive interview with darren harrison tomorrow on "today." a sunday sitdown with mike
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meyers and a life well lived, the designer who helped to give birth to sneaker culture when he teamed up at nike with a young nba star named michael jordan. our photo of the week. a massive black hole at the center of the milky way 27,000 light years from planet earth. the black hole is 4 million times more massive than our sun. the historic image capped by the the historic image capped by the event horizon telescope made ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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tonight, political fallout from the recent january 6 subpoenas, updates on the russian helicopter taken down by ukraine plus a nationwide shortage of baby formula. we start, of course, with the johnny depp amber heard cuckoo trail. i know it's not the most pertinent story, but isn't it nice to have a story we can watch and say, glad it ain't me? >> that's kate mckinnon on
6:31 am
"saturday night live." mike meyers is among the comedy greats who walked the halls at snl. his popular sketch became a more popular movie. after leaving "saturday night live," meyers introduced the world to a character named austin powers and his nemesis dr. evil. he became the voice of shrek in a franchise that earned $3 billion at the box office. the 58-year-old has been out of view somewhat over the last decade or so, focusing on his family of three young children. now meyers is back in a new netflix series filled with more of those hilariously odd characters that live in his mind. mike and i got together for a sunday sitdown 101 stories above new york.
6:32 am
he saw his latest project from the window of his new york city home. >> this is the headquarters. >> why did you choose this location? >> i think it's a landmark new york building. the pointiness would make you believe you could have a helipad. it's the first building i saw when i looked out my home. >> it has been controlling world events for centuries. >> when you grow up in canada and look south and how industrious and powerful americans are, you get a sense of -- that your life in canada is being run by some secret society. >> he stars at eight characters in the series he created and wrote. >> not tonight, dear. i've got a headache. >> i was watching the first few episodes and thinking, my god, that looks like a lot of work.
6:33 am
>> it was a lot of work. >> how did you approach what is really a big project? >> i had a lot of help. producers were fantastic. a lot of story boarding. lots of rehearsals. >> i told you it's real. >> you're a reporter. you have to do an expose. >> my brother was my stunt double. sometimes when i'm with something but -- that's my brother paul. >> is that right? >> true fans may remember the first mention of this in his film "so i married an ax murdered." >> it's a well-known fact that there's a secret society of the five wealthiest people in the world. >> it was planted back then. this has been kicking around in your mind for a time. >> it was 20 years before that. >> really? >> i have always been obsessed with secret organizations. it's a fantasy for me. we talked about secret organizations being bad people and nefarious. i grew up in government housing.
6:34 am
went to a public school. took public transport. my school had a pool, a gym, ice reek and a million dollar television studio. for me the secret organization is really the canadian government. it's a secret organization that's benevolent. this country has been so fantastic to me. i'm a citizen of the united states and england and canada. i'm an international man of mystery. oh, start. >> we got one. we got one. >> there you go. one for the kids. >> born and raised in a working class neighborhood outside of toronto by supportive british parents who immigrated to canada from liverpool, he grew up loving comedy. he never dreamed he could make a life of it. >> my dad sold encyclopedias.
6:35 am
my mom worked in the office. to -- an architect. my mom said, don't do that. be an actor. why wouldn't you want to be an actor? that's what my dad thing is. >> he began to cultivate some of his most famous characters while playing with comedy groups. in 1988, he got a call from "saturday night live" creator loren michaels to grew the cast of the show he grew up watching. >> we talk about coffee, new york, daughters, dog, just coffee talk. >> did you ever settle in at snl to a comfort zone when some of the characters took off? >> no. >> you never were totally comfortable? >> no. i enjoyed doing them. loren has been nothing but fantastic to me. it sounds like it's anti-loren.
6:36 am
not at all. he is a tough coach. i have always benefitted from tough coaches. i didn't think "saturday night live" would be around for me to be on it. i didn't think i would do well. i see i did okay. i thought i was being fired every week. >> live from new york, it's saturday night. >> his breakout snl sketch wayne's world spun or two hit movies and introduced a new generation to a six minute song -- ♪♪ by queen. >> wayne's world was me growing up in ontario. "ax murderer" was every scottish family in canada. a little bit my dad. everything had to be personal. everything is autobiographical. >> even that international man of mystery. >> you have to grow up in my house to get it.
6:37 am
james bond was massive in our house. scottish but british. british culture. i think my mom used to say all her favorite characters are happy survivors. >> austin powers -- >> yeah, baby. >> and it's blockbuster sequels. >> get in my belly. >> together became one of the most quoted -- >> one million dollars. >> and successful comedy franchises in hollywood history. >> my mom gave me great advice. she said, don't forget the villain is the hero of his own story. that was a big influence on dr. evil. she said, the essence of a hero is plasticity. the ability to change. the essence of a villain is being steadfast. >> that's pretty serious maternal wisdom. >> yeah. >> oh, behave.
6:38 am
>> ogers are like onions. >> do you go, i can't believe what's happening? >> every day. every day. it's fantastic. it's beyond anything. i think it's -- seeing it in the culture is unbelievably satisfying. it's mind blowing. >> it's streaming now on netflix. thanks to the truly spectacular peak restaurant and edge at hudson yards for hosting our conversation. subscribe to the sunday sitdown podcast to hear the full interview, including some cryptic hints about the future, perhaps, of austin powers. you can find that on apple podcasts or wherever you get yours. next week, a new sunday sit is the down with john hamm about the boyhood dream of starring in
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the new "top gun" gun movie and the legacy of don draper and "mad men." ahead on "sunday today," the highs and lows of the week. why so sad minnesota vikings? we will explain what had the team in tears.
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introduced something called the ipod, which now officially is said to become a relic of history. in our sunday sit-down we say good-bye to the device that changed the way we listen to music >> there it is right there >> reporter: the year was 2001 one in can denim beyonce still one-third of destiny's child. music was listened to on mostly plastic >> this amazing device holds 1,000 songs. it goes in my pocket >> reporter: the ipod revolutionized the way the world listened to music. >> you could pick what you wanted on the wi >> reporter: steven levy wrote the book on ipod >> create your own soundtrack. >> you could write andrew for bare earphones >> reporter: it hit the market without its online music marketplace contributing to another growing phenomenon piracy music lovers could download
6:43 am
their cd on an ipod. where were taking it from sides like napster because of that not everyone in the music industry embraced ipod at first until the i tune store offered a way to profit off digital music. >> it helps revitalize the music industry it's now selling music at levels as before napster, before piracy >> reporter: a >> reporter: anti. >> reporter: apple wasn' the first mp3 player but it became the most popular a hit advertising campaign transforming apple known for it pedalled by presidents, celebrities. >> how does the music get in computers to a ubiquitou computers to a lifestyle brand pedalled by presidents, celebrities. >> how does the music get in there? >> reporter: music lovers around the globe. apple selling 450 million ipods over the last two decades. launching seven generations of the original plus mini, nano, shuffle, touch >> video ipod. >> wow
6:44 am
geez >> somebody got carried away with this. spirit of christmas. >> it was me >> people wanted to know what you had on your ipod apple was on top of that and exploiting it and making sure ipods got into the hands of celebrities. it was the catalyst for apple becoming this huge company >> reporter: despite selling 3 million units last year, this week, apple finally decided to officially end its ipod era. while promising its revolutionary macdna will live on in our phones >> one great thing about steve jobs, he wasn't afraid to cannibalize his own product to move things forward. you could see the writing on wall when the ipod is integrated into the iphone. >> reporter: which means the once groundbreaking tech goes the way of the record player, eight track, walkman something you have to explain to your kids. take comfort in showing that shuffle you found in the back of your closet is a collectible that is music to my ears
6:45 am
if you can find an adaptor for "sunday today" gabby schwartz, nbc news >> i have a couple of those in a drawer somewhere this week, we highlight another life well lived. on june 19, 1984, the chicago bulls selected michael jordan with a third pick in the nba draft. basketball, culture and sneakers were about to change forever. a young designer named peter moore had joined nike a year earlier as the company's first brand creative director. moore and marketing director rob strasser saw in jordan a magneticage let. and a potentially transformational figure. they began to build a brand around him. beginning with a signature shoe. in april of 1985, nike released
6:46 am
the air jordan i. a now iconic red, white and black shoe designed by moore to match the bulls' team colors. commonplace now, the idea of making a shoe for an individual athlete was revolutionary. so, too, was the shoe itself. with the nba limiting its players at the time to black or white sneakers, the air jordan i was banned by the league after jordan wore a pair during an exhibition game, handing nike a game changing opportunity. >> fortunately, the nba can't stop you from wearing them. >> with its new outlaw status, the $65 shoe flew off the shelves. selling more than 1 million pairs in its first year. starting a tradition of a new air jordan every year since. moore designed the first air jordan logo, a winged basketball inspired by the airplane
6:47 am
captain's wings he saw pinned to the chest of a child during a flight. in 1987, moore designed a new logo. now ubiquitous around the world. the jump man is a silhouette of jordan leaping through the air with a basketball in his hand. inspired by the photograph in this famous poster. later that year, moore left nike going on to design the now famous three striped mountain logo for adidas and helping to turn around that company as its corrective director and president. peter moore, a visionary designer who teamed up with michael jordan to reshape popular culture with a sneaker died late last month in portland, oregon. portland, oregon. he was 78 ars we gave zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep. to people who were tired of being tired. i've never slept like this before. i've never woken up like this before. crafted with clinically studied plant-based ingredients that work naturally with your body.
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it's time for the highs and lows of the week. our first high to the smallest soldier on the battlefield in ukraine. a bomb sniffing dog named patron who was honored by president zelenskyy. the jack russell terrier, whose name means ammo, is specially
6:51 am
trained to sniff out land mines planted by the russian army. since the war began, he has helped to detect more than 200 explosives, saving untold lives. the 2-year-old dog has become a social media sensation earning hundreds of thousands of followers and becoming a national hero to the people of ukraine. a role, as you can imagine, that can be quite exhausting. take a snooze there. this week, president zelenskyy rewarded him with a medal of honor for his work on the battle field and off, where he teaches local children about mine safety. he accepted the award with barking and as you can imagine an enthusiastic wagging of his tail. that is the definition of a good boy. first low, a driver in milwaukee who encountered a terrifying sight while passing through a tunnel late at night. or so he thought. >> i was on this on ramp.
6:52 am
there's no sign blocking it off. that's just a pitch. on the on ramp. >> it's a pit. jordan could not believe his eyes. thinking he might fall into the abyss in front of him, he stopped the car and let another driver test out the waters first. that driver hesitant but decided to go for it. very bold. then came a third driver who really took the plunge and somehow lived to tell the story. >> holy [ bleep ]. it's water. >> it's an optical illusion. it looks like a hole in the road. as he discovered, it was a harmless puddle and not a portal to an underworld. a 7-year-old blew past her competition despite a slow
6:53 am
start. take it out to the track in omaha. the gun goes off. as you can see, she loses her shoe. too bad. we will get them in the next race. wait, no, she wants to win this race. she goes back for her shoe, slips it on and turns on the jets. closing that big gap down the final stretch. >> let's go! let's go! >> it wasn't even close. she's the daughter of world champion professional boxer bud crawford who posted the video online with the caption, this is the definition of not giving up. heart and grit. i suspect we will see you at the 2036 summer olympic games right here on nbc, i assume. our final lob. a sob scene at the minnesota
6:54 am
vikings training camp. the wide receiver delighted the internet by trying out the popular crying filter which makes any face look so very sad. >> gotta go to work. >> monday. [ laughter ] >> cheer up. he recorded his buddies in the locker room and cafeteria as they appear beside themselves with sorrow thanks to that app. viking fans hoping the tears are not real when their team opens the season from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon,
6:55 am
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we got more of your mugshots. vehiclie and avery in new york. gaby and creighton in texas. lisa in florida. carol and her grandchildren. happy birthday. michelle and michael in atlanta. happy 13th anniversary. betty in north carolina, happy 95th birthday. emma and her son nathan at his confirmation service in minnesota. congratulations to you. how about this? meredith and eric at the tulip gardens in the netherlands. beautiful. a programming note. major league baseball is now streaming on peacock. it's another early day. our mlb sunday leadoff coverage of the padres and braves begins
6:59 am
at 11:00 a.m. eastern on peacock. spending part of your morning with us. weill w
7:00 am
oh good morning. it is 7:00 on the nose on this sunday, may 5th teens. that is a look at a blanketed golden gate bridge. trusted is there somewhere. lots of cloud cover. let's get to the weather to see if that cloud cover will burn over.


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