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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  May 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and crashed into the car, and taken to the hospital with injuries, but thun of them life threatening we are told and today, bart delays with the repairs on the track that is impacting the trains going to antioch, and berryessa and no service from richmond, and so far it has not been fixed. today, the contra costa deputies are looking for the fires that have started at willow road just after 4:00 a.m., and they started a man who ran away and starting a chase, but he got away. this is following four arson arrests started in the same general area. and we are also following arson arrests in the way, and you can
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see the plumes of smoke rising into the air, and the crews have contained the spray of the fire that burned 132 acres and did not appear to threaten any structures. we will take you to san francisco now and one person is injured tonight after a fire in the garage, and this happened just before 6:00 in the morning in the excelsior neighborhood, and crews responded to a garage on fire in edenburg street. >> and now the emotional interview with the parents of alexis gabe who are the parents of a girl who has been missing for three months now. we go to maryann favro. >> it is very scary when you see the actual pictures of my
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daughter. >> reporter: reacting to the missing evidence of her daughter, and the missing cell phone case, and the authorities are releasing pieces of it after a class of kids found it outdoors a month and a half ago in antioch. >> we thought that it was her, but it took this long to release it, because they had to send it to the lab for dna and fingerprints, and it was definitely hers. >> and this is a photo of alexis with the same case of tupac shoe cur before she disappeared. >> this is held in the event that is very suspicious. >> on thursday, they served a second search warrant at the antioch home, and investigators released this picture of man who is considered a man of interest in the case and seen not far
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from where the man is abandoned and it is from the man who was seen not far from the man, and it is a video of the man not far from the man. they say they miss so much from the man and their vibrant daughter. >> and she would dance in front of me, and right in front of me, and she is beautiful inside and out. they will never give up until alexis is found, and they are hoping that the family will never give up. >> and we are begging, if you know anything, come forward and give us the information that you need so we can find alexis. we really miss her. we want her back.
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>> maryann favro, nbc bay area news. >> steph curry not just leading the warriors to another nba championship, but he is making news off of the court and he said today, what he has been thinking about more than a decade. >> be ready to look outside, and more of what to expect and the best way to see it. >> the world of skies cooperating with high clouds in the west, and around the peninsula, and low clouds hour by hour, and the wind in the forecast, and we will come right back.
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in total 20 separate ceremonies took place, and the students get to hear their names announced as the family and friends get to cheer them on. remember that, audrey? it is a great day. and one of to highlights was gold medalist kristi yamaguchi receiving an honorary doctorate. and so speaking of honorary, steph curry is busy graduating from college that is correct. he officially graduated from davidson college with a bachelor of arts degree, and his major is sociology, and he was one semester short of graduating when he left the school for the nba in 2009, and i don't know how that turned out. and he reenrolled for the spring semester towards the goal of finishing what he started, and
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he won't attend the university's school commencement because he is busy with the day job, and also, davidson only retires the numbers of schools that graduate, and so now they will retire his number in the not too distant future. okay. are you ready for the show in bay area which is hours away, and we are talking about the total lunar eclipse of the moon happens when the shadow falls on the moon, and the moon goes dark, and it is not just dark, but it is going to bend the light effectively and it turns a blood red color which is interesting to see, and it is going to happen between 8:30 and 9:00 this evening. >> it is happening so that working people and school kids can see it. it is a celestial phenomenon in that you don't need special
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equipment, and you don't need protective glasses, because it is perfectly safe to look at it, and everyone can enjoy it. >> okay. if there is fog or clouds, and we are in the bay area, the inland areas have a better chance of seeing it, and it is happening low in the sky, and the experts say it might help to be in the lower elevation where you might see the lower horizon. >> on such matters, let's see the car behind you, rob. >> well, not too many favors, but the total lunar eclipse is going to last longer, because we will have to dodge in and out of the clouds at times, a right now, the high clouds approaching the low clouds around san mateo and the peninsula. right now, it is the direction that you want to look at the southeast, and tonight, the moon rise at 8:04 and the window of opportunity to see the darkening of the moon maybe the brownish
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copper color is from 8:29 to 9:54 and the clouds passing by, i think that you will need the runway of time to get one of the good shots of the total lunar eclipse at 9:30, and then back as we head to 11:50 at night. this is the challenge, low clouds on the coast, and high clouds, too, as both will be moving to the bay area tonight, and better viewing tonight likely for the inland areas and hilltop headed for the coast as they are banking up to the mountains and yes, you will have to dodge some high clouds, too, and watching for the fantastic photos on nbc bay area on twitter and facebook, and we will see what we can come up with between now and 11:00 tonight. low clouds tomorrow, and low 50s to start the day, and breezy, and it is not a big surprise, and this is 2 way that the weather has been for the last few day, and temperatures cooler, and around san jose, 71, and low 60s in san francisco, and lower 60s in oakland and 70s
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in the east bay, and you will see that in addition to the wind icons in the seven-day forecast, you will see the warming in the high pressure building in, and the reason that tomorrow's temperatures are in the low 70s inland is that for right now, it is mostly a sea breeze that is wind direction likely changing by thursday, and the storms are passing by, and they will drop inland east of the sierra, and this is a typical pattern for may, and we will see the rain chances to stay to the north, and the north winds picking up at time, and then notice from monday to next weekend, and most of the rain chances are staying north of california and they will have to deal with wind at times, and climbing, and then you will have to see that near the forecast, they are closer to 90 degrees by next weekend and patchy clouds to be near the seven-day forecast and then you will see 70s later in the week, and the inland temperatures are the mid- to upper 80s and
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perhaps as warm as 90, and the areas south of san jose, and the tri-valley as we approach next weekend and the trends for the next week, and then all eyes on the cloud conditions which will be challenging for the lunar eclipse viewing given that starts 8:29 to 9:54 to provide enough time for the clouds to break up to get the lunar eclipse photography around the bay area tonight. >> thank you, rob. and trying to get a flight for vacation this summer could be more difficult as the airline industry is in the middle of an unprecedented airline shortage, and what is proposed to fix the situation is next.
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flight hour requirements or lowerring the bar for training, and lowering the age for retirement. and now, a passenger with no flying experience had to take control of a small plane after a pilot suffered a medical emergency in the air. he miraculously landed the plane safely at a florida airport and the world captured the world's attention and the pilot is speaking out to savannah guthrie and he is speaking exclusively with darren harrison. we see the effects of the on going drought. >> we will look at how bad
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things are going. everybody, all of you, the billboard music awards, vi great news, they are all performing. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message.
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welcome back. there is no denying it. california is seeing record dry conditions. >> no matter, it is from our platform lx taking a look. >> this is charlemagne crowned the holy emperor in 800a.d. and that is the last time that there was a drought this bad in the american west. >> a once in 1200 west. >> it is a mega drought. >> an emergency drought -- >> 140 feet. >> and many of us lie on aqueducts and canals and we bring our water from hundreds of milesway, but with this drought, it is not enough. >> and really the most important change seen so far is the temperature which is decreasing the amount of water that we have available there, and it is a cascading effect downstream in
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terms of how much water is available to us to use. >> think of it as food sitting under the heat lamp, and the longer it is there, the drier the food gets, and that is what climate change is getting without rain. >> we have two forces going in the wrong direction to intensify it from both sides. >> that is right. the supply side of the drought has been a factor, because we are seeing less precipitation, and less snow pack built in the wintertime, and less of that, and less water is making it way into the river, and combined with that, we have the less temperature in the land surface, and water is not making its way into the reservoir. >> and it is going to be in lake mead and lake powell, and supplying to 40 million americans, and it is at the lowest level ever. it is drops below 895 feet, only las vegas would have water, and that would mean that no water would go through hoover dam from
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arizona to california and california's two largest reservoirs are at critically low levels at a time they should be at the highest levels. >> this is asis unlike anything that we have seens thaf the water that we need to make it through the summertime to the end of the year. >> the californians meet the toughest water restrictions, and this will grow more food than any other state, because it is growing 2/3 of nuts and 1/3 of the vegetables. >> we no water for the central valley project, and the only way to keep farming is that we go out the find other farmers who may have water and buy the water from them at extremely high prices. >> if this pattern or the trend doesn't change, what are we looking at in the next few years? >> well, we are at the whim right now of the national
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variation of climate, and we need above average precip tashgs and no other way of that happening, and not just -- precipitation, and no other way of that happening. >> so you need to limit the outdoor water and skip the car wash, and replace the grass with desert landscapingsh and for everyone else vote. this is a crucial election year, and the long term solutions to droughts and all of the climate problems is to cut and then eliminate fossil fuel emissions which is going to require the state and federal leaders who are serious about the climate action. >> that story originally appeared on lx, and you can watch that story and others like it on, and also on channel 185, and also on channel 11-5. still to come, we will update the breaking news, a mass shooting at a southern california church. what we have learned. >> and tensions rising between
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russia and finland. the move that finland is poised to make to provoke vladimir putin even more.
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right now, 4:30, music's biggest stage is ready to hit the stage for the billboard music awards and we will take you to the red carpet in las vegas. and the efforts of one woman to gather everything she can to send to those in the war-torn country. and we are following breaking news in southern california. another day with a mass shooting to report. this time at a church. thank you for join us oun a special edition of nbc bay area. i'm audrey asisto. >> i'm terry mcsweeney and more details on that shooting at a church. >> it happened at a prsbyterian
4:31 pm
church. they say that there are five injured and one man who has died. one person has suffered minor injuries and 30 to 40 people were inside of the church at the time of the shooting. as far as the gunman, the deputies have a suspect in custodied and they have recovered a gun that may have been used in the shooting. there is no motive for the shooting, and we are expecting to get more updates, and sign up to get more updates sent right to your phone at while this investigation is
4:32 pm
at the early stages, the police commissioner says one thing is clear. >> this is a racist hate crime, and this is someone who has hate in the heart, soul and mind. >> reporter: saturday a lone gunman opened fire at a tops supermarket, and ten killed and four of the victims were african-american. >> the person came here with the express purpose of taking as many black lives as he possibly could. >> yes, sir. i understand my charges. >> reporter: 18-year-old peyton gendron is charged with murder and investigators say he drove 200 miles the day before the attack. >> shots fired. send as many cars as you can. >> reporter: police say an armed retired security guard died in the gun fight with the attacker. >> i can't say enough about our
4:33 pm
retired colleague who confronted this armed individual to save the lives of others and may he rest in peace. >> this is what our community looks like. >> reporter: and many have been gathering the outside of the market to pray. >> this is an act of evil. >> reporter: while in washington, president biden condemned the attack. >> we must work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of america. >> reporter: police investigated the accused gunman after a threat, but said he was released after a mental evaluation. chris pallone, washington. >> he also live broadcast his actions on twitch. and the governor of new york kathy hochul did not mince words. >> i do not mind alerting law enforcement, because that is the issue here, and it is fomenting,
4:34 pm
and people are sharing the ideas and sharing the videos of other attacks, and they are all copycat. they want to be the next great white hope to inspire the next attack. we can't let that continue. we know where it is occurring. it is not happening in the basement of a kkk meeting anymore. we have a limited number of people who are succumbing to the evil influences, but it is happening globally. >> hochul says she is going to talk to internet companies about internet changes. >> you can see more on the home page today, bay area police officers were honored who have lost their lives in the line of duty. they were honored who died while in the line of duty and during covid-19. they say it is an increasingly
4:35 pm
difficult job that leaves physical scars as well as mental one. >> being a cop today is a heck of a lot harder than it has ever been, and we have to do more to protect the officer's mental health and well-being. suicide is the highest cause of death for law enforcement officers in 2021. >> last november, president biden signed into law more services to help officers and mass help for officers. finland's president and
4:36 pm
others are planning to join nato even though it is a threat to their security from russia. sweden is also said to join nato as well. american weapons are used on the front lines against the russian forces and ukraine's armed forces are saying that troops are firing american howitzer's against ukraine, and reuters has distributed the video saying that it could not be independently verified, but the u.s. embassy has said that it has sent 09 long-range missiles to help the ukrainian army. a woman is doing her part to support the victims of the ukrainian army and today it is all about collecting shoes. the woman had people donate
4:37 pm
shoes to donate for people on the ground in ukraine. for fedorova, this is a personal mission. >> my full family and my classmates and friends are all there. i am trying to do anything i can and help. >> fedorova collected 600 pairs of shoes today, and if you have shoes that you would like to donate, she is going to be back at blossom hill park to collect on the 5th, 12th and 25th. and now, in abu dhabi, there is a delegation to leave to offer condolences on the parts of the united states government, and the president of the uae died after a stroke. they have appointed their brother as the nation's next president. president harris is to meet with the new president in the upcoming trip. the other members including the
4:38 pm
secretary of state antony blinken and lloyd austin and austin burns. and now, there is to be a dropping of the ban of mask mandates in airports and the planes in the eu. they say that travelers are safest from contracting the covid if they mask up. and tonight, immediately after the newscast, music's biggest nights. >> and the billboard awards will take place in las vegas, and stephanie staten is joining us live from red carpet. stephanie, you look beautiful. thank you so much, audrey and terry. it is great to be with you, and we are about 20 minutes from start of the billboards. they are back here at the mgm grand garden arena, and i'm on the red carpet surrounded by celebritiessh and there is
4:39 pm
michael buble, and he is being interviewed there, and burner boy, and right next to me, you may recognize this beautiful lady heidi klum, and so we have seen a slew of celebrities walking by and streaming by for the show. it is going to be an incredible show, and people are so excited to be back on the stage after a three-year hiatus, and as you know, sean diddy combs is going to be hosting and presenting, and it is going to have an old school flavor and he is expected to perform, and also a surprise performance that was just announced. maxwell is going to be singing a michael jackson tribute song, and you want to tune in for, that and we have so many artists up for so many awards. the weeknd is up for 17 awards
4:40 pm
and doja cat just behind with 14. and so it is going to be interesting how that is pulled off. anyway, it is hot out here, and the temperatures reached 100 degrees, and so it is pretty hot. >> i have an announcement that i want you to hear -- >> reporter: 25 years after winning his first billboard music awards sean diddy combs is going to take the reins as the show's host and executive producer. >> the weeknd. >> reporter: it could be a big night for him as he comes in with 17 nominations the most overall. not far behind him is doja cat with 14 nominations. and they are both up for tonight's big award, top artist. their competition including multi grammy winner olive owe rodrigo and drake who has won the most billboard awards of all time with 29, and taylor swift who has the second most at 25.
4:41 pm
in between the awards a lot of performances by nominees including ed sheeran, and silk consick, and florence and the machine, and elle king who is up with miranda lampert. >> i am excited to perform in a huge room with a great show. >> and astro world show canceled by travis scottment and also, with a leaked video with a racial slur from country music star waller will be here. and also many other
4:42 pm
performances. >> yes, so many performances and music ahead and celebrities. stephanie, i am wondering what makes this award show so different from years past, because you have been to so many of them. >> well, i think that, you know, there is a certain energy that i have to say this year that is, i would say it is a little stronger than years past, and that is just that the fact that everything that we have been through with covid, and since 2019, and everyone is so excited, and music is something that can bring everyone together, and the theme tonight is love and forgiveness and you can feel it, audrey and terry, you can feel the love. >> fantastic. stephanie, thank you so very much. >> good vibes all around, and up next, when you need some work done around the house, a lot of people might call a handy man, but how about a handy woman? we will introduce you the local
4:43 pm
worker breaking down the stereotypes. >> and the lunar eclipse is less than four hours away, and we are watching the clouds very closely, and the clouds around the peninsula and the coast, and the high clouds moving by hour by hour with the forecast coming by. are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom?
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all right. forget jack of all trades but what about jenny or jill of all trades. >> one full-time mom could not make ends meet, so he is started a business of handywoman. >> wehave the inspiring story. >> jen has a job she loves with these exhibits at parks all over the bay, but with two growing boys and bay area prices on the rise, it turns out one job is not enough, and that is when she became a jen of all trades.
4:46 pm
>> you want it centered? >> yes, there. >> whether it is drilling through the bricks or tightening bolts, she has probably done it before. >> i am very good at completing the honey do lists. >> reporter: the dictionary says a handy man is someone who completes repairs, but a handywoman is not in most dictionaries. >> handywoman is sounding weird, and so does handiperson. >> reporter: but from a young age, she was born for this. >> my dad would continually find his tools in my bedroom and be all upset about it. >> reporter: then she found habitat for humanity and built houses, and then went to the navy and broke barriers. >> i went into the recruiter's office and said, that i wanted
4:47 pm
to join the navy and i wanted to build ships, and they said, well, you can't do that, and i said that is not true. so i learned about teamwork and leadership and solving the problem without saying, i can't do it. >> reporter: so years later when life threw her a curveball that can do spirit kicked in. >> divorce kind of splits you in half, and my life kind of stopped. >> reporter: she moved to pleasanton, but her one-room apartment did not have room for this. >> did you think of leaving pleasanton? >> i certainly looked, but it came down the school, and the schools here are unmatched. >> her job gave her every friday off, and so she called it a opportunity, and she called up a
4:48 pm
friend who is a contracter to. >> i said i could use some extra side jobs. >> reporter: daniel curtis had more than enough. >> i knew that i had more that she could do. >> reporter: and the first few jobs were the start of more than she could do. >> it is hard to find people that you trust. >> reporter: and immediately, rebecca was referring her to friends. and singing her praises on social media. >> she is genuine and knows what she is doing. >> reporter: then jenn has a reputation for being precise. is it true that you measure twice and cut once. >> no, measure five times and cut once. >> if you want something done ask a busy mom. >> and wielding the heavy tools. >> my husband does not read
4:49 pm
directions. >> i will take a look. >> reporter: you could say it is a gender thing, but it is what jenn has learned through years of experience. >> and this is what is in the box. this morning i installed a dog door and i realized that there were parts missing in the box. >> reporter: in the life of a handywoman, everything is different. >> this is dream, but it is gross. >> for this handy woman, one thing is always the same. >> i tend to work as if it is my house. i don't go to quick and easy way most of the time. >> reporter: and that gets her invited again and again. >> the shower upstairs needs to dry overnight before you can use a shower or bath. >> reporter: and she leaves every room flawless as her fingernails. >> reporter: how do you do this work with those fingernails? >> i have a very good manicurist. >> but she does a great job with
4:50 pm
the other nails with a carpenter's hand and carpenter's eye. >> i get a lot of calls with saying i got your number from so-and-so. and then she needed a truck and a garage to put it in. and then it was not longer. >> i feel proud to have my family in a nice neighborhood. >> and through all of the work that she is able to do from other people's homes, she can do her own. >> i can have my boys in their own rooms and my mom can come live with us. and she has time for something else. >> we build beds to deliver to families in need. >> daniel curtis runs the local chapter, and jenn runs the
4:51 pm
group. >> when she is out, i don't have to worry about someone drilling a drill bit through their fingers. >> and it is something that jenn no longer takes for comfort, a child having the comfort of home. >> and if a child has a bed, they have a space. >> and they have feel it is a bed and so much more. >> and she is learning. >> she is hoping to give them a few more skills headed out into the world. >> and these jobs are going to continually change. and everybody is going to be needing carpenters and plumbers and the trades are never going to go away. >> reporter: and if they can pick up her can do! spirit, well, that, too, it can come in handy. >> there are people who are just good enough, but i like undoing the good enough, and i like to make it the best.
4:52 pm
>> and you can check out some of johnathan's other stories like the faithful 49 fan. >> i love that one. >> and routing for the niners in spanish or the secret life of the oracle park seagull. >> that is a top one. >> you have to seriously watch them and go to bay originals. >> and now, are we going to be able to see that incredible celestial event. >> the moon is going to be rising in the east at 8:04 later in the evening, and right now, we will see a sneak preview of what we will see around the santa clara valley, and you will see the clouds passing by, and the lunar eclipse is going to be going around the clouds, and around sfo, you will see the clouds around the san bruno gap, and clouds around 62 degrees and the key times around the lunar eclipse are going to be reaching
4:53 pm
totality of 7:29 to 9:24 which is a long window of time, because in the future cast, we will be dodging some clouds there, but notice what is happening there, off of the morin coast, we will be seeing the wind breaking up the high clouds and going through the north bay, but there are some breaks in between and the time from 8:30 to 9:54 at night, you will see the clearing breaks with the high clouds passing by, and for good viewing inland and across the hill, and less so around the san mateo coast, and you saw at sfo, and the gusty wind, and more of the pattern through tomorrow, and the cooling that took place today is going to drop the temperatures down, and a little bit more tomorrow thanks to the sea breeze like we saw today, and picking it up today and early evening. so the window is good news coming to air quality, and the
4:54 pm
green tomorrow from the coast to the inland valleys, and the pollen count is not as pleasant. if you are suffering from the olli pollen, and those high grasses and pollens in the high range. if you wake up in the morning, you will see the high clouds, and across the inland bay in the morning, and the morning temperatures starting out in the 50s, and lunchtime, and breezy, and you will see san jose in the low 50s and san francisco, and near 80 degrees inland, and notice in the forecast that things will be warming up as you see less of a sea breeze and a stronger potentially north wind at times when we get to thursday and friday, and from here, it is looking like may, and storms are missing us, and to the east of the sierra, and unlike the sea breeze, it is with the temperatures warming up to the hills of napa county or the diablo range, and thursday and
4:55 pm
friday and needless to say, no rain chances, and clouds at time, and the winds are picking up, and thursday and friday, the skies will clear a little bit as we head to next weekend and friday and saturday the warmest days ahead, and we will start to cool down tomorrow with areas of drizzle near the coast, and we are trending to low 70s next weekend, and valley temperatures are going to continue the trend of another weekend warmup, and friday and saturday around morgan hill, and brentwood and antioch close to 90 degree, and watching that in addition to the clouds breaking up for thee cast with the lunar eclipse near 8:00 tonight. >> thank you, rob. and it has been a long time since we have had a concert at levi's stadium, and why we know there is good rocking tonight.
4:56 pm
out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. taken from the homeless funds.
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look at this, this is billboard music awards coming up right after the show, and you are looking at d.j.khalid and travis scott performing for the first time in the festival, and the tragedy where several people were killed. right behind you see kylie jenner walking behind him as they enter. >> and the little one. >> of course, a lot of celebrities and stephanie stanton saying that they have maxwell, and sean diddy combs is going to be the host tonight, and lot going on at the billboard music awards. we heard from the red carpet that the theme is "love is forgiveness." >> and she said it is a different energy since they have had the billboard music awards
4:59 pm
for three years, and exciting night. >> and it has been more than 1,000 days since the concert took place at levi's stadium, but who knows. >> and cold play is hitting the stage tonight at the home of the 49ers and video of coldplay, and they are part of the halftime show playing at levi's in 2016 and i was kin of there. and the show was scheduled for the 23rd, but had to be pushed back to night, and they said that there are no mandatory restrictions in place, and recommended but not enforced. so if you want to go, you might get there early, and those opening for coldplay is the grammy award winner her. it is a musical night wherever you go. >> all right. we are out of time, and of course, the billboard music awards are coming up.
5:00 pm
>> we will be back at 11:00, and we hope to join us then, and we hope have to have some beautiful video of the celestial occasion. >> oh, yes. >> and we will show you then. it's the 2022 billboard music awards live at the mgm grand garden arena ♪


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