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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 15, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ you a ♪ you are the lady in my life ♪ ♪ you are the lady in my life ♪ >> we love you, michael jackson! >> seven years after its release, a new remix of demi lovato was a top lar sound on tiktok, triggering an official
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♪ yeah how y'all feeling out there? ♪♪ yeah. how y'all feeling out there? we are coming to you live from club love. check this out. i'm so excited to do this right here. she is the first artist that i signed to love records. she is one of the most talented
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artists i have worked with. she reminds me of r and b biggie. that is a lot. now, it is her time. show love! love to jozzy! [ applause ] ♪ lying in my bed you cross my mind ♪ ♪ how you doing how you been ♪ ♪ so glad i found you ♪
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♪ in my mind how we like ♪ ♪ wide awake and please ♪ ♪♪ >> yo, give it up, y'all. >> my name is jozzy. and now here's a multiple finalist tonight, giveon. >> the last performance of the night, give it up for burna boy.
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♪ kilome kilome kilome kilome ♪♪
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billboard music awards and finalists are based on interaction with user, including album and digital, air play and tracked by billboard and data partners. the awards are based on the billboard charts dated april 10, 2021 through march 26, 2022.
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glimpse of it over the last little bit. let's show you this total lunar eclipse. also, a white lives matter demonstration the east bay causing outrage after racially motivated shooting on the east coast. what neighbors and police are saying tonight. action being called heroic. a group possibly save lives as a gunman opened fire inside their place of worship. tonight the southern california community of laguna woods is reeling after a church became the site of the country's latest mass shooting. an asian man opened fire right after the morning service. for those are critically wounded. 40 to 30 members of the
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presbyterian church were attending a luncheon honoring a former pastor. six people were shot and one died at the scene. five of the victims are between the ages of 66 and 92. the sheriff's office says the gunmen is not from the area. >> they are looking to determine the city of residence whether not he had a connection to this church or the congregation. at this point we do not know what the motive would be or if he had an attendant target or if this is a heat related incidents. tonight there was a statement saying that they are deeply saddened by the shooting and they are praying for those who have been traumatized by today's event. we are learning about the heroic action taken by those inside the church. sasha phillips from la is in laguna woods with more. >> reporter: members tackled the shooter and hogtied them using an extension cord.
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deputies were able to render aid and they say those who tackled the shooter definitely saved lives. we are also learning the meme members of this congregation are in the 60s and 70s. so it was an amazing act of bravery from this people's. stomach the violence in southern california coming 24 hours after shooter killed 10 people in buffalo. we are learning more about some of the lives that have been lost. the 55-year-old erin's folder junior was a security guard at the store. he's being hailed a hero for trying to stop the gunmen. the bullets did not pierce the armor plated pack. catherine matthew was known for dedicating her life to her community. president of the cherry street
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block club or she and her family lived. and reese whitfield to adjust visited her husband at a nursing home and to stop by the grocery door. her son is a retired fire commissioner. they say she was a mother to the motherless and a blessing to everyone who needed her. in the meantime the president is set to visit those families. they call this a racist rampage at a grocery store. 11 of 13 people that were shot were black. it is being investigated as a hate crime. the gunmen is an 18-year-old who drove 200 miles to make this attack. he was released after mental health evaluation. for those who lost loved ones there are reminders of the darkest days here. tonight was spot we spoke to
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one whose son was killed in the gilroy garlic shootings. marianne pablo had this to say. >> reporter: and tammy williams saw these images of the buffalo supermarket shooting that left at least 10 dead, she says she cried. she said once again she was forced to relive the pain of losing her son. trevor irby was shot and killed during a mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in 2019. >> it breaks my heart. it is awful. it feels like the same day i got the call when i lost my son and it is just heartbreaking. you feel for these people. they're never going to see their love once again. >> tammy says she feels like there is an infinite loop of mass shootings that won't stop until more attention is focused on mental health. today's it was good president
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of the naacp reacted to the racially motivated violence in buffalo. >> enough is enough. we need to stop this. it is an inhumane and barbaric activity of violence in his nation. >> they say was known for his kindness and respect for everyone. and that that mindset is critical for stopping the mass shootings. >> it is a cycle that needs to be broken. it is one that every household should have. there is no race. there is only the human race. in the meantime a white lives matter demonstration in the east bay is causing anger and sadness. especially because it was held yesterday. the same day as the mass shooting in buffalo. it happened on the border of danville and blackhawk. one woman that we spoke with says she is not surprised.
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>> reporter: as the nation came to grips with another mass shooting on saturday, a white gunmen targeted a black neighborhood. >> this is a hate crime for sure. >> reporter: this was the scene at camino and blackhawk road on the border of blackhawk and danville. several people with their faces covered holding up signs included one that says we will not forget waukesha. were a black driver killed five and injured 40. some that we spoke with are still shocked. >> it is very unbelievable. >> reporter: gloria domingo is the two for 20 years. >> it is disturbing to say the least. there are a lot of us here. it's sickening. >> reporter: others are not as surprised. veronica benjamin grew up in danville and said how she first
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reacted to the demonstration. >> it was just a big sorry. but also it was typical. it could be expected. i just read about what happened in buffalo. so i was wondering if was organized with these people were extremely tone deaf. i mean how disrespectful of human life can you be? they were both shot and killed by andrew hall. the organizers vision was a safe place for all. >> we are asking to share space. and we are hoping that would not threaten them and make them feel like they would have to do this. rather than the community in the same area. >> reporter: but she says demonstrations like the show there is a lot more work. >> we have to heal as humanity
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together. >> the shift promises they responded to the demonstration and determined that they were not violating the law took we will still follow the investigations in buffalo and orange county. when we are not on the air go to abc bay to get the latest update. deputies on the lookout for man that they said set two fires on highway four. if the story sounds familiar, it should. this happened in bay point at about 8:00 this morning. deputies arrived in the man ran away. but this follows at least four arson arrest in the same area last week. firefighters also show this time lapse video with plumes of smoke rising the air. 132 acres did burn. but it never threatened any structures.
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a deadly hit-and-run. that happened around 2:00 this morning on highway 12 near inflow drive. the person that was hit died at the scene and the driver kept going. investigators are asking anyone who has any information to come forward. formic people are injured after a bus and a car collided. this was at 24th and mission. in san francisco police say a crashed into the car and the four people taken to the hospital with injuries have none that are life-threatening. the investigation into what happened continues. to people are set to appear in court over an exorcism featuring a young girl. they will have a bail hearing on thursday. one is the uncle of the girl the others her grandfather. they are accused of performing an apparent exorcism at a church that led to the three- year-old death. court records say they believe the young girl was possessed by demons. she would sometimes wake up at night screaming and crying.
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the corners office ruled it a homicide in the girl's mother is also in custody without bail. vice president harris will go to abu dhabi. the delegation lives leaves tomorrow to offer condolences on behalf of the biden administration. vice president harris is expected to meet with the new president. other members include the secretary of state, secretary of defense and the deckard rate director of the cia. the front lines are here. the armed forces release this video today. they say the troops are firing american how listers at the frontline in eastern ukraine. but that has not been independently verified. 90 long-range artillery reference i've been sent here. it is part of the recent $800
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million aid package for the ukrainian army. a woman is doing her part to support victims of the war in ukraine. today it was about collecting shoes. alina fear olga set up a stand in the park today. they could donate shoes and they will be sold in the funds will go to support nova ukraine. a nonprofit distributing help to those on the ground in the ukraine. she says it is a personal mission but she could not do it without support from the community. >> i appreciate the community that's helping my purpose to bring awareness to what is going on in the ukraine. i would like to help in any way that i can. >> she collected 600 pairs of shoes today. if you have any shoes that you would like to donate, she will be back on june fourth, 12th and 25th. it takes me back to my
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mother and my grandmother. when i used to come back here and eat ice cream. >> in jeopardy of slipping away for good. our community at peninsula is stepping up to save this shack that has been around for more than 70 years did you see it through the clouds? it was great. look at that. beautiful. >> it's not doing any favors for that lunar clips viewing. low clouds. you might see address on the coast as a wake-up tomorrow morning. we go back to the work week after this. trending right now there's a northbay teenager the performance of a lifetime. how he found him safe himself on stage with pearl jam. click on the link in the most read section. we will be back in 60 seconds.
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a 75-year-old business is struggling to make it in the bay. it is staying open after volunteers in the community step up. were talking about the candy and ice cream shop. one of the few chocolate tears left in the bay area. stephanie shows us how everyone joined forces to save it. >> a dream place for anyone with a sweet tooth. but over the past two years it seems like covid it turned everything from sweet to bitter. irene preston has been here and the owner for more than 50 years. two weeks ago, she was getting ready to close. irene was behind on rent and facing a huge electricity bill. then lambright overheard what she was going to and decided to do something about it.
11:32 pm
he started volunteering. lifting heavy boxes. and that's when he realized he needed to do more if this store was going to stay open. >> i came up with an idea that said what if we put together a rescue box? >> reporter: they put together and sold nearly 800 boxes through a newly created website and in store. volunteers like susie wong who saw a facebook post about the situation and immediately picked up the phone. others have shown up to help them to the shelves. michael bennet says he has been a client since he was five. he is now 76. when he heard the news he knew what to do. >> we have to go by a dozen rescue boxes. >> reporter: this is where the magic happens. they still have a lot of old- school equipment that allows them to continue to make handmade confections. >> it is very nostalgic.
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>> reporter: they want to create a monthly subscription that will allow them to continue to make everyone's life sweeter for as long as possible. area news. triumphant return for the beta breakers race. counted down. for the first time in three years thousands came out for this wacky run. turnout was not what they expected. not as much as years gone by. 14,000 did show up. for the most part though it is a joyful and silly track. it's a common theme this year though people are just happy to be out and about.
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>> it's great to be back. >> the organizers of the event will continue to grow and reach the pre-pandemic numbers. before the pandemic, there were more than 100 thousand walkers and runners participating each year. you watch it here on abc bay area. the billboard music awards. one of the biggest nights in music. this year it was live for the first time since for the pandemic oak the whole thing was electric. >> reporter: the 2022 mill billboard awards did not disappoint. for the first time the award show is now back here at the grand garden arena. the show was hosted by sean combs. and the scene was love and
11:35 pm
forgiveness. named top r&b artist was there's a cat. megan the stallion was the top female rap artist who gave a pretty racy performance. glass animals was the top rock artists. fans are buffing over the performance of twin planes which he dedicated to megan fox. and even dedicating part of the song to his unborn child. as part of the theme he said that he was watching this first major performance of travis scott after the performance in houston last year. the biggest performance with mary j lies applied to on the
11:36 pm
music icon award. surprise appearance by janet jackson who introduced mary j lies for this honor. there were several other preshow awards given out including one to olivia rodriguez for best new artist. also drake added a slew of awards to his running tally. he had six billboards bringing his total to 34 making him the artist with the most billboard music awards ever. in las vegas, nbc bay area news. things were looking up tonight. what a show. it's beautiful. this is a video of the moon over la. it is called a super flower blood moon. is a mashup of several lunar events. a full moon and a total lunar eclipse. so it's a bigger than normal full moon and as you can see the moon is slowly turning red during the eclipse.
11:37 pm
so what telescope is this? the one and only scott budman tweeted this out. if it's in the sky he is all over it. check out the pictures taken by other staffers and we posted a link on a website. there is a lot to see. >> thank goodness for him because we were unable to capture it. >> we did see some breaks in the clouds. we give you a tour the bay area and we did see the lunar eclipse breaking out through the crowd clouds in the bay area. you can see the view as it started to darken up toward san rafael. you can see the view of the moon here and finally it broke after the clouds and the treetops. rick castillo on twitter showed his grandson with this image so let's extra credit for tomorrow morning. that is great.
11:38 pm
what a view. all of her jang in fremont and our friend mike in calistoga with that beautiful view. it took some time for the clouds to break up though. and right now we are watching the low clouds making a run back across the bay area elk right now it's 59 degrees in san jose. a pretty strong seabreeze with gusts coming in that will also pull in more clouds across the bay with a drizzle in the morning. mostly cloudy around the coast in the interbay during the afternoon we get sunshine but windy conditions come across the coast. it's going to keep the daytime high down for the coolest day the week as we head toward tomorrow. starting off in the 50s inland and the wind is still coming in. 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts. you can see the high near 70 in san jose. mid 60s in oakland. and mid 70s in and around the area with the ocean air
11:39 pm
condition coming through it will keep artificers down. but what will changes the wind direction later on in the week. the weather system misses to the north and you can see the lines of pressure. that gives us northwind which is the reason why the temperatures in the second half the week are going back in. high pressure off to the west. the rain chances are here unlike the last few weeks will likely stay to the north and the temperature will be climbing. the warmest day of the week is likely thursday and friday. a few areas make it closer to 90 in the valley. notice's emphasis go there is a drizzle possible in the early morning hours. temperatures rebounding close to 70. warmest day will be friday and saturday. the valleys will see those numbers aftercooler tomorrow. back into the mid 80s and maybe
11:40 pm
even some upper 80s for next weekend. notice there are not a lot of clouds in the forecast. of course they had to show up here. trying to see that lunar eclipse. but there is another total lunar eclipse on november eighth. so set your calendars and keep your fingers crossed for clear skies. >> remember it could be overcast. coming up next and iconic southern california house is getting new life. doing more than hitting threes, we will tell you about steph curry's recent accomplishments.
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the historic top gun house in san diego is now a retro pie shop. were talking about this house in oceanside. dear member top gun starring tom cruise as maverick? charlie played by kelly mcginnis was here the historic home was else in 1887. it reopened as the high pipe. and aviation themed pie shop. it comes ahead of the long- awaited sequel maverick. which comes through next week.
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100s got to celebrate the right way. after the past few pandemic filled years they felt a little more normal. thursday through today students at the hayward campus got to graduate in traditional ceremonies. those in the class of 2020 and 2022 were honored. in total 20 separate ceremonies took place where they got to view their names and had them announce to families and friends. one of the highlights saw olympic gold medalist kristi yamaguchi receive an honorary doctorate. so congratulations to her and all of the graduates. what warriors are getting ready for the western conference finals, steph curry is busy graduating from college. he officially graduated from davidson with a ba in sociology. he was one semester shy of graduating when he left school for the mba back in 2009.
11:44 pm
he reenrolled for the spring semester to finish what he started. he will not be able to attend the commencement ceremony as he is this a job that has some very busy. but he only retires numbers of those who wrote graduates so now he can have his number 30 retired by the school in the future. i worked in charlotte and they loved steph curry in north carolina and in davidson. finally because he is a graduate he will be able to have his jersey retired. he is back after having covid-19. stick around sports is next. what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth
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the mavericks going to phoenix and then blow out the sons in game seven. dallas will face the warriors in the western conference finals. steve kerr he will be back on the bench for game one when they host the mavericks for the western conference finals woke the head coaches cleared the covid-19 health and safety protocols but missed the last three after testing positive for the virus. lesson two hours before game four on monday. they said symptoms for mild. he kept in constant contact with staff and players.
11:47 pm
he was more than pleased with what they did as acting head coach. >> what a difficult spot to put in. especially considering he was hired by sacramento for me to show up two hours before the game and test positive and then have to leave. that put a lot of pressure on mike and the rest of the staff. they were great. really a phenomenal job. >> they will have home-court advantage throughout the finals. game one kicks off wednesday night at 6:00. a rough outing for st. louis. the men are in the bottom of the first inning. a two-run shot to give them the early lead. the score is 6-0 now. this time is an rbi double giving up eight runs and doesn't get out of the fourth
11:48 pm
inning. the cardinals hammer the giants. 15-6. putting on a show at the coliseum. a two run homer in the first inning. and that will be more than enough. the angels beat them 4-1. 22 losses this season and the second most in the american league. they go to arizona next week to teary up for the women golf championship. this is the number one ranked team in the nation. lately they have been playing without defending individual national champions. the software has battled an illness in the past few weeks. that is zapping her strength and endurance. after playing the first round regional she had to watch from the gallery for the next two rounds as they finished second. i saw her on friday she says she's feeling better and plans
11:49 pm
to play. but the big question is whether not her game will be rusty? >> absolutely. but she is still rachel. defending her titles a big deal. and she will miss defending it in pac 12 and again this week. it is hard for her and for all of us to see. so we are hoping that she can give it a go. so the san jose farms snapped a four-game losing streak in a huge way. they clobbered air force today 30-9. that was just to off the school record. tying the team record with nine rbis in the game. the winner will get that spot in the mountain west tournament. if the spartans get one of the final three regular seasons they will clinch their winning season for the first time in 11 years. they need one more to get the first since 2011.
11:50 pm
a lot going on in sports in the bay area. we will be back after this.
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of penance the city council is considering stepping in for what they say is an intimidation problem. the san mateo city council is set to discuss the buffer zone ordinance. it would keep protesters 100 feet away from the building walking within a few of people walking in or out. and prevent them from blocking cars in the parking lot.
11:53 pm
they worked with the clinic in city staff to come up with this plan. it aims to give access to reproductive care without the obstacles are threat. the topic has been very divisive. essentially overturning roe v wade. one day a permanent place at the u.s. capitol. statues depicting ruth bader ginsburg are set to be depicted. they will honor those female justices but right now they're only a dozen statues dedicated to women inside the cap role. lois frankel says it inspired her as a young law student. and now she hopes to spark conversations in the next generation. >> millions will walk by here. and we hope that they have this when they give so many to get
11:54 pm
how they are. >> two years to put the plan in place and hire an artist. aaron harrison is passenger on the plane. you know flying experience. the pilot suffered a medical emergency and could no longer fly the plane. he miraculously landed the plane safely of florida airport. this story caught the world's attention. harrison is now speaking out about his experience. only with savannah guthrie. >> reporter: everyone is amazed at how calm you where. did you feel calm? >> someone asked me what i thought my heart rate was. and i said it was probably in the 90s. and they said what about after it was over? and i said probably about 160. so about every time i stop focusing that's when it hit me.
11:55 pm
i knew it was a life or death situation. you do what you have to do to control the situation or you're going to die and that's what i did. >> watch the full interview on the today show here on nbc bay area following today in the bay. for the first time in three years, thousands of runners return to the streets of san francisco for the iconic bay breakers. it brings a mix of those players. tom jensen was there for the colorful event and has this to report. >> reporter: colorful imagination on full display for the first time since 2019 elk coordinated costumes making their way to the great highway near the pacific ocean. >> we knew that the community was ready. the question of what we had is
11:56 pm
how many were traveling? >> the expected to go every year. to get back to pre-pandemic numbers when they tracked more than 100,000 runners and walkers. he says the joyful energy was on full display even with the smaller turnout. >> lots of smiling faces and crazy costumes. i think the vibe is very much alive. >> a common theme that we heard everyone is happy it's back. >> very happy to see everyone together and not worrying. >> it's great to see the whole community out here >> they are serious of running with hundreds of races among about.
11:57 pm
along with that is a man from san diego on woman from emphasis go became the first american duo to capture the men's and women's title in more than 40 years. however there were also many force timers this year who say the beta breakers will be on their calendar every year from now on talk >> it is a new tradition. it is most certainly not my last time. >> in san francisco, bay area news. you need work around the house down you may call handyman. but have you ever called a handy woman? it's time. if you're heading back to work or school tomorrow morning plan on low clouds. you are seeing a bit of that right now. what it will mean for your temperatures as we get back to the work week when we come back.
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forget jack of all trades how about jen of all trades? the bay area living even more expensive. one single mom said her full- time job was not enough to make ends meet. she started a small business as a handy woman woke doing home improvement and improving the life or hurt to children. >> reporter: jen weber had a job that she loved. she designed over 100 exhibits including these at parks all over the east bay. but with 2 growing boys the housing costs on the rise it turned out that one job is no longer enough. that is when she become a jen of all trades. whether it is drilling through bricks. or tightening bolts. >> getting them by their honey is that they do that? >> this is the handyman. he does minor home repairs and handing men


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