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tv   Today  NBC  May 16, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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looks like we are covering this. >> looks good. a lot is happening in the bay. we will be back at 7:25.. >> and i forget to join us for nbc bay area at 11:00. coming up next is in the nation. have a good morning. good morning under the gun. shocking mass shootings over the weekend. in buffalo, a grocery store test. good morning, under the gun two. shocking mass shootings over the rampage killing ten people the gunman off weekend.icials say motivated by racist hate >> this individual came here in buffalo a grocery store rampage killing ten people. the gunman officials say motivated by racist hate. >> this individual came here with the express purpose of with the express purpose of taking a taking as many black lives as he possibly could possibly could. >> this morning what we're now >> this morning what we're now learning about the 18 year old learning about the 18 year old suspect and the victim and suspect and the victims and police in california investigating a deadly shootinga investigating a dead at a church luncheon. heros stepping in to stop the l at a church luncheon gunman. >> we believe a group of church heroes stepping in to stop the
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gunman goers detained him and hog tied his legs. >> we believe a group of church goers detained him and hog tied his legs. >> we'll have the latest. bad to >> we'll have the latest. worse the nation's baby formula crisis bad to worse. the nation's baby formula crisis growing. one manufacturer now warning the shortage could last all year we'll go o growing. and the manufacturer is owarni that the e shortage could last all year. we will go one-on-one with the head of lithe fda. sweden and finland -- of this morning, how vladimir putin is responding. and millions of ukrainians are given hope as the war drags on.. gas prices climbed even higher overnight reaching and new high of $4.48. all of that plus, honoring an icon. the family of naomi judd come together to celebrate the superstar. inside that emotional tribute.
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>> at some point, the realization sets in that you are going to have to land the aircraft. >> i said thank you, for everything, put the headset on the --, and said a prayer. >> what he says is the true miracle. today is monday, may 16, 2022. from nbc news this is it today with savannah guthrie. >> we've all been wondering what hir, hu, everybody. good to have you with us. we've been so fascinated by that passenger who had to turn pilot
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and save himself and others aboard that plane. and he's just what we might have hoped. >> yeah. i mean, we knew it was a miracle. i just didn't realize how many miracles were happening on that flight. >> multiple miracles. he'll tell his story coming up. >> we have a lot to get to including the weekend of gun violence across the country. >> the gunman killing one person and wounding several others before he was stopped by members of congregation. >> in texas, a shooting at a busy flea market with three others hurt. >> this morning in buffalo, new york, memorials are growing to the ten lives lost at that rampage at a supermarket and disturbing new details about the suspect. authorities now investigating the shooting as a hate crime. >> craig has made his wa >> craig melvin has made his bul way to buffalo and he joins us with the latest on that those that try to stop the gunman. >> good morning. buffalo is actually absolutely
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reeling this morning. stormed a grocery store behind me and gunned down as many black people as he could. folks who were doing their afternoon grocery shopping. we will learn more about those victims and we are learning about how and why. >> there are literally dead bodies out here. >> it is a racially motivated hate crime. police say the suspected gunman killed 10 people and wounded three others. 11 of the victims are black. >> this individual came here with the express purpose of taking as many black lives as he possibly could. >> the alleged shooter traveled from his home three hours away
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a day before the deadly rampage. he even conducted reconnaissance in this predominantly black neighborhood. afternoon he arrived in a afternoon he arrived in a tactical helmet and metal plated body arm tactical helmet and metal plate5 with an anti-black slur writ body armor carrying this ar-15 on the weapon. an with an anti-black slur writtens car. on the weapon. all recently and legally purchased. and two more firearms in his then terror unleashed. car. all recently and legally purchased. >> another shot. then terror unleashed. >> boom boom boom boom. random boom, boom, boom, boom, boom >> investigators say he immediately opened fire in the >> reporter: parking lot before working his way into the store, all while live streaming the horror on iy he immediately opened fire i social media. n the parking lot before working hi way into the store, all while li people streaming thn social >> as many as you possibly can. >> -- as you possibly can. >> reporter: police rushed to the scene, arrested the suspect after >> reporter: police rushed to the scene, arresting the suspect after he threatened to shoot himself.f. police searched his home s police searched his home sunday. nbc news learned this is not his nbc news learned this is not his first run-in with police first run in with police. last year he allegedly made last year, he allegedly made
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threats at his hig threats at his high school. school officials alerted policel school officials alerted police and he underwent a mental health evaluation.tahealth evaluation days before the buffalo shooting, the suspect allegedly days before the buffalo shooting, the suspect allegedly posted a 180 page manifesto posted a 180-page manifesto online filled wi online filled with white th whie supremacist ideology. supremacist ideology. >> no other way to describe it >> there is no other than white supremacy terrorism, describe i than white supremacy terrorism, racism. racism. >> reporter: police say salter >> reporter: among the lives tried to stop the attack before lost, aaron salter he w he was killed. hayward patterson died while loading groceries into a car his wife overwhelmed by her sudden loss. >> what would you say to the accused gunman >> i'm praying that god really touches his heart. and i have to forgive him. because if i don't i'm killing me. >> you forgive him already >> i have to pray. that is the only way i can go through.
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>> reporter: perhaps no surprise her late husband also a deacon at his church. president biden will be visiting the community tomorrow as we mentioned, three victims who were injured, told they are all stabilized and all in a nearby hospital. one has since been discharged, savannah. >> so disturbing, craig. the gunman now in custody. what are authorities looking for? you talked about some of the materials found and they've made no secret about the fact they believe this is a racist hate crime. >> yeah. manifested just two days before the shooting itself. the police commissioner said this is going to be a lengthy investigation. detectives scouring the shooters online profiles trying to learn a bit more about him one of the big questions they are looking to answer right now. just where he managed to buy the multiple 30 round magazines that were found at the scene. the magazines having outlawed here in new york since 2013.
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savannah. >> craig melvin in buffalo leading our coverage thank you, craig. another major story this morning. the baby formula storage impacting families across the country and a new warning about how long this could last first nbc's jo ling kent joins us with the latest hey jo, good morning. >> reporter: worried parents are waking up this morning even more stressed out over this ongoing formula shortage, as some manufacturers tell us they have ramped up their production to the max with the white house promising that help is on the way. this morning, mounting concerns for panicked parents as the nation's baby formula shortage shows no signs of letting up the out of stock rate across the country is over 40%. a figure the white house disputes >> we go to buy formula, everything is gone. >> reporter: the ceo of formula maker perrigo one of the big four manufacturers predicting the shortage could last the rest of the year. empty shelves forcing moms like
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katie miller to use social media to find the formula she needs to feed her twin daughter. >> within a two hour radius and you can't find what you need and have to resort to other measures, it is really stressful. >> reporter: the biden administration vowing to import more formula from abroad, and congress expected to take legislative action this week to immediately address the shortage >> we have to be as fast as possible but as cautious as possible so that we have safety. >> reporter: this emergency was just amplified in low income communities, is shedding light on the nation's reliance on the $55 billion formula industry, with doctors hoping this will be a wakeup call. the university of mississippi medical center tells me that for everyone out there who says just breastfeed, it is critical to remember many just can't do that due to health or working condition, lack of paid leave and access to critical resources like a breast pump, and this makes formula even more
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important to millions of parents. savannah >> absolutely, jo. thank you. according to the cdc only 26% of the babies in the u.s. drink breast milk exclusively in the first six months and that brings us to dr. robert califf commissioner of the fda good morning it is good to see you. >> good morning. glad i could be with you this morning. >> the closure of that abbot lab in sturgis michigan has been a driver of the shortage the company is ready to open in two weeks but needs fda approval to do so will that happen will you approve the opening offensive line the plant and when can it reopen
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>> we've been working closely with that but you might imagine since the plant was closed voluntarily based on findings of inspections and we now have a path forward so very soon you should hear an announcement about moving forward. and of course abbot is responsible for the timeline but i'm very comfortable with what they said about two weeks. >> so for you it means within two weeks it could be up and going again? >> that's entirely within the realm of possibility and i think quite likely. >> and the fda is likely to approve it >> yes, of course every step of the way we have an obligation to watch to make sure the problems have been rectified and the formula will be safe remembering that normal formula has over 30 constituents that must be there as a substitute for breast milk. >> head of one company said he expects the shortage to last to the end of the year. do you agree with that timeline? >> we don't expect it to last to the ended of the year. >> we're taking a number of measure, including getting all the manufacturers to step up, getting the sturgis plant up and going. but also importing or bringing to bear product that was intended for other countries that is well under way now and in fact i expect by the end of
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the day today we're likely to van announcement about that path forward. >> let's get more specific about that because you indicated last week that the fda would be willing to, for lack of better way, lift red tape so some formula could be imported from other countries. how soon we're talking about people who want to feed their babies today. so how soon might that happen? >> first of all let me just say of course, we're very concerned about. this i'm a grandparent of six grand kids one in the formula age i know how important this is to parents and the entire fda staff is entirely focused on this. but it is also i think representative got it right when she said we have to move as fast as possible.
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but we also have to be safe. remember that formula intended for other countries may be labeled at a language that is not a language needed for instructions for mothers and other caretakers to mix up the formula. and we also have to make sure that we're testing the formula, that it is safe. and has the right constituents but i really expect by the end of the day we'll have an announcement on that path forward. >> and finally before i let you go the fda had the first report of a sick baby back in september. ultimately there were four babies who got sick and two died a detail with the report of lack of safety in that michigan plant in october but the fda did not send a team of inspectors until the end of january. do you think the fda was too slow here? are you disturbed how this has unfolded >> we always want to be as fastg
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have a supply shortage, so we have to get this right having said that, there will be a full investigation of the timeline and we'll do everything possible to direct any errors in timing that we had so that we don't repeat any mistakes that may have been made. >> thank youorei fng with us lot of parents hanging on your words and those announcements later today so appreciate appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> you bet. >> we do have a lot more to get to including new tension tied to russia's invasion of ukraine as fighting intensifies in a defeat move against vladimir putin, finland and sweden are inching closer to joining nato russian officials calling that decision a grave mistake nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us from ukraine. >> reporter: good >> reporter: currently nato has
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30 members but that could grow to 32 as sweden and finland have both signalled their hope and intention to join nato there still needs to be a formal application and approval process. but that could take just a matter of monthsthis weekend swd finland to officially express as the major shift after decades of non alignment and a direct response to russia's invasion of ukraine. it could dramatically reshape the western military alliance. finland has an 800 mile border with russia. and the inclusion of finland and sweden would significantly increase nato's positions around the baltic sea russian president vladimir putin in a wall with the finnish president this weekend said joining nato would be a mistake. russian threatened to send troops to the finnish border but russia is in a weak position to open a new battle front. military losses in ukraine, and economic sanctions and increasingly isolated even culturally ♪
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ukrainian musicians, the kalush orchestra turned their war ravaged towns into the sets for the video of their new song. folk and rap, the lyrics praise ukrainian mothers and ukraine as the moreland stephania this weekend won the 66th annual song contest in italy. much of the video was filmed outside of the capital kyiv in areas where ukrainian forces drove out russian troops ukrainians are now rebuilding those neighborhoods. in bucha, where russian troops are accused of carrying out war crimes against ukrainian civilian t streets have been cleared. the mayor showed his he home russian troops found him here but hi managed to trick them into believing he was just a guard. when russians figured out they missed the mayor and let him go. they destroyed the house they burned down your own house. what is bucha doing to rebuild and can you rebuild from here? "they have destroyed our houses
7:17 am
and cities but they can never dill our desire to live, rebuild and make our country and families flourish he says. a nato official told me this morning in response to sweden and finland's move to join nato that russia could carry out cyber attacks and increase aggressive nuclear rhetoric. hoda. >> richard engel in ukraine. thank you. 17 after the hour. let's get our first check from mr. roker. hey al. >> we'll wore going to start off especially in the northeast with some severe weather unfortunately.
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we're already watching thunder showers and thunderstorms for the great lakes and appalachians and for today 62 million people at risk, widespread damaging winds over 60 miles per hour damaging hail. we could see isolated tornados along the i-95 corridor. watching that very closely and back to the west we've got severe weather possible for friends in new mexico and arizona. and tomorrow, a severe threat into tuesday evening five million at risk for the central plains heavy showers and thunderstorms anywhere from 1-2 inches of rain and locally 3 inches from missouri into oklahoma and parts of iowa as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again.
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ok. ♪ i only have eyes for you ♪ good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. it is going to be a nice and sunny day . temperatures near- normal in the 60s. upper 60s in oakland, dublin and fremont. 73 in livermore and 77 in san merton. santa rosa will hit 84 degrees and 75 degrees in fremont. on wednesday we reached the peak of our temperatures with hot valleys reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. just ahead, this is a good one.
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thought. >> we flew to florida this week, e exclusively to darren harrison he is the passenger turned pilot behind that incredible story and his moment by moment account is jaw dropping. >> all i saw when i came up to the front was water out the right window, and i knew it was coming quick. >> coming up he will take us through that dramatic account and we're going to hear from darren's thankful wife who is pregnant with their first child. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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pup-peroni. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most. good morning. it is 7:26 am. i am laura garcia. police are at the scene of a double shooting. let's go to carissa sanchez for details. >> reporter: a man has life- threatening injuries and a woman has non-life threatening injuries. the shooting was reported around 3:00 a.m. the mobile crime scene unit is out here and a dog just left as well. police are not saying much at
7:27 am
this point. we do not know whether the two people who were shot know each other or what the relationship night have been but we are asking questions out here and trying to get answers for you. police do not believe that there is a threat to the public at this point. let's get the latest when it comes to the forecast. check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> it looks great. we are starting out with a blanket of clouds and fog. take a look at the high temperatures later today. comfortable across the bay area with low 60s near the coast and mid and upper 70s for our inland areas. we start a warming trend over the next few days, especially into the valleys. temperatures will reach into the 80s over the next few days. thank you, for joining us.
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i will be back with another local news update in about half an hour. and be sure to join us for midday news at 11:00 a.m. until 11:30 am.
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we're back it is 7:30 on monday, may 16, 2022 look at our little corner of the world. about to be super packed on thursday when harry stiles comes. in the meantime craig on assignment sheinelle joins us now at the table. good morning. >> right to your healeds 7:30 monday morning southern california one person killed yesterday, five others injured when a gunman opened fire in a laguna woods church. other members of the predominantly asian church risked their own lives managing to capture and hog tie the suspect with electrical extension cords before police arrived.
7:31 am
the church goers also confiscated at least two handguns from the suspect who was arrested the suspect also appears to be after asian descent. the fbi and bureau of alcohol and firearms will be assisting in the investigation. americans paying even more at the pump with gas prices hitting a record high. the national average of regular unled $4.48 a gallon up 15 cents from a week ago. the cost varies widely of course which state you live in with the most expensive prices in california, approaching $6 a gallon and the cheapest gas in the country is in kansas just under $4 a gallon. and in britain, queen elizabeth was seen walking in public for the first time in months the 96 year old monarch was cheered by a large crowd at the royal windsor horse show as he made her way to the royal box. see her here, the first of the queen's platinum jubilee celebrations, attended by
7:32 am
hollywood stars, tom cruise, helen mirren and others. the qun'eebes en seen in public only a few times for an unspecified illness last october. the palace says the queen has what they call "episodic mobility" issues. now for more on the remarkable story that captured the world's attention last week. the florida man who landed a plane with zero flying experience after the pilot became unconscious. >> the details were already stunning and now in a "today" exclusive. darren harrison is sharing what happened inside that cockpit describing a flight more harrowing and even more inspiring than we could have imagined >> i knew it was life or death either you do what you have to do to control the situation or you are going to die and that's what i did. what >> he proved calmed and
7:33 am
collected. >> i've got a serious situation here my pilot has gone incoherent. >> the 39 year old whose career focuses on flooring sales was traveling home approximate a fishing trip in the bahamas on board a single engine cessna 208. only two others were on board. the pilot and the pilot's friend. >> my nightmare's always been, what happens if something healthwise happens to the pilot. what is going happen. >> you've thought about that before >> many times. >> initially he said everything seemed to be normal. >> you didn't seem to be a nervous fire you took a shot at the cockpit with your feet up in back. >> yep ives just back there relaxes. >> shortly after the photo, he heard from the pilot and everything changed. >> i saw he kind of did a move like this and said guys i got to tell you i don't feel good and i said what's wrong? he said i got a headache and i'm fuzzy. and i just don't feel right.
7:34 am
and after that. >> at that point he wasn't responding to us yelling at him. so i moved to the front and by the time i moved forward i realize we had now gone into a dive at a very fast rate all i saw when i came up was water at the front window and knew it was coming quick. >> the plane was in a nose dive. >> yes didn't react that we would die so i reached over his body, because he's at this point unresponsive i kind of put my arm over to where my elbow was here and grabbed control of the airplane and slowly starting to pull back
7:35 am
on the stick and turn. >> how did, you know, how to do is that? >> just common sense i guess being on airplanes because i knew if i went up and yanked that the airplane would stall. and i also knew at the rate we were going, we were probably going way too fast and it would rip the wings off the airplane. >> let's stop for a minute right there before you talked to any air traffic controller before you put on any headset, the pilot is still in the seat that is a miracle right there. >> that is the scariest part of the story. >> darren then found himself in the pilot seat over open ocean with no flight experience and at first no way to call for help. >> i now had the availability to climb into the seat to fly the airplane i sit down and i'm trying to put on the headset the pilot was wearing. i pull on the wires and pull up and they are all frayed, the
7:36 am
plug is gone off the end of the headphone. so now i don't have a headset. >> so your lifeline, you are literally holding a frayed cord that could be your lifeline to talk to anyone >> yes so i immediately turn to the guy next to me and say i'm going to need your headset because i got to talk to somebody. >> the person on ground was captain bobby morgan, ab air traffic controller and part-time flight instructor. >> all my gpses have gone out, i have no idea where i am. then what was what dust? >> i see the state of florida and a small airport. they said can you drop to 5,000 and maintain i said i can try i can work on it but i'm trying to figure this out. >> you didn't have any shoes on. >> my shoes were in the back. >> practicing going up, going down, getting the feel for the controls >> yes
7:37 am
yeah because at some point, the realization sits in of you are going to have to land the airplane. >> only one way to get down. >> one way. >> did it cross your mind you wouldn't try or was it just like i can't do to in. >> no. no when i was flying and saw the state of florida, at that second i knew i'm going to land aircraft i don't know what the outcome is going to be how it is going to happen but i'm going to have to land this airplane there is no other option at that point we turn around and looking the pilot is still not conscious in the back. >> with captain morgan's guidance, darren navigated to palm beach international airport. >> and he kept telling me the whole time, that the runway is going to keep getting bigger as you get closer to it keep focussed on that and keep descending and i remember getting around 200 feet and he said hey you are going to need so slow down some more, you are still coming pretty fast and at that point i told the other guy, take the throttle and dump it on the floor as far as it will go. >> moments later darren touched down on the runway. >> and slammed on the brakes with your bare feet. >> i slowly feathered the brakes as i'm going the runway. and surprisingly i felt so
7:38 am
comfortable wit, i radioed to the guy and said hey i'm feeling pretty confident in the brakes and everything do you want me to turn off the runway so i can clear this thing out. >> you offered to mark. >> you to park >> when did you exhale. >> i said thank you for everything and i threw the headset on the dash and said the biggest prayer i've ever said many my life it was -- that's when all the emotion set in >> can you share your prayer >> it was a thankful prayer for the safety and everything that had happened but the last part of the prayer and the strongest part was for the guy in the back. because i was -- i knew it was not a good situation yeah. >> your thoughts immediately turned to him? >> yes absolutely >> and how is he >> he is expected to leave the hospital i believe on monday >> wow >> yes. >> another miracle. >> yes
7:39 am
when they took him to the hospital he was not expected to live. >> once safely on the ground darren's first call was to his wife brittany who is pregnant with their first child a baby girl. >> everybody asked, what have you had crashed and died and you didn't get a chance to tell your wife you loved her you could have at least called her. you could have reached out to her. you had time in my mind, i knew i wasn't going to die the thought never crossed my mind to call and tell my wife bye. >> but brittany feared the worst. >> i saw his name pop up on my phone and i always calculate you know like when i think he's going land i immediately looked at my watch and i was like he should have 20 more minutes of flight time. so i'm honestly i took a deep breath and prepared myself for it to not be him on the other line. >> what was it like to hear her voice. >> it was one of the biggest reliefs because i was safe. >> you are seven months pregnant and you had been worrying about your husband for a reason.
7:40 am
>> yeah. so a year ago in april we lost my brother-in-law, while my sister was six months pregnant and when i saw his name on the phone i told myself, i said god we can't do this again i don't think i can do it again. and thankfully we didn't have to. >> did you think about your little girl? >> i did oh yeah. it is one of the first things that went through my mind. i was climbing to the front and that plane was in a dive, i was just looking going, i can't die today. i've got brittany's pregnant, i've got a baby on the way not today. today is not my day. >> an unwavering determination to survive in the air guided by the heavens. what enabled you to manage in a crisis a life or death emergency like that? and stay so focused and calm >> god >> you felt god's presence
7:41 am
there. >> um-hmm. >> can you explain how >> so everybody was asking me, you know, how -- how did the airplane do what it did? how did it stay together how did you pull it out? it's the hand of god was on that plane. >> and on you. >> yeah. absolutely so that's the only thing i can attribute it to. you know, it is no other explanation for it >> i'm speechless. >> isn't he incredible i know wow. >> honor to get to speak to him. really incredible. so inspiring very funny i said are you like a calm person is that kind of your thing he said no actually in fact as a youngster i was kind of hot headed i've been working on my dad and going to church and bible studies and trying to calm down but it is pretty incredible. the other thing, we'll talk about in the third hour. we're all aerospace engineers
7:42 am
now but like you need flaps to land the plane and he tells this story about what happened when he tried to lower the flaps and he ends up flying without flaps. so he lands without flaps, which is a thing his presence of mind every step of the way. >> and the fact that he said today is not my day. to have that kind of calm confidence >> yeah. >> and really a miracle upon miracle. and i think he -- first of all, it's overwhelming, suddenly the whole world is calling him. he goes i didn't know there was a "today show" in australia. but he really wanted -- he was so worried for the pilot and he wanted to make sure that that was going to be okay and -- >> today might be the day he is released >> we hope so. there is a lot more. we're going take you inside a night of powerful words and music in nashville naomi judd's family and friends celebrate they are life and legacy but first these messages
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♪♪ when you're chuggin' through life, sometimes you just wanna stop. so stop. even if it's not a good time. there's never a good time. let's do it anyway. stop all the chuggin' in your world and start sippin' with the people in it. lipton. stop chuggin'. start sippin'. 7:46 i'm still thinking about your interview. but it is time for weather so we're going to go to mr. roker. wasn't that something? >> we're going to be talking about that for a long time also going to be talking about a lot of heat the next several days texas ninth straight day of record highs and they stretch from nevada on into the south. we're looking at again for tomorrow heat shifting into the southeast with more records from the southwest down to florida.
7:47 am
and then as we move into wednesday, look for record highs across ten states, and going into this week, you can see, for example, grand junction probably set a record today albuquerque. dallas, corpus christi, to meridian a possibility of records. tomorrow colorado springs, laredo, new orleans and monroe temperatures upper-80s to low-90s. memphis temperatures in the low-90s. mid-90s thursday in charlotte. mid-90 in jacksonville wichita, 92 at el paso, into the mid-90s and as we go into next week, look at this warmer than average temperatures along the east coast into the gulf, into texas, colder than average as we make our way through the plains and in california where they could really use rain and cooler temperatures, unfortunately not going to get it. that's what's going on around the country. her good morning.
7:48 am
i am meteorologist kari hall. actually one of the coolest days of the week and we will start to warm-up over the next few days. a lot of dry weather, breezy and high winds at times. it will be really warm in the inland areas. in san francisco the temperatures will be mailed. we come up a few degrees going into wednesday but we keep the brisk winds and sunshine with some fog rolling in along the coastline. flying experience. he's never even down one of those flying video games but he's very observant and vigilant he always had that nightmare about the plane going down and the first reaction was to take over. >> yeah. >> i know. >> just ahead, the winners, show stopping performances and surprising at last night's billboard music awards we'll bring you all the
7:49 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56 am. here is a look at what is happening right now. if you are in rodeo and you fire agencies will be conducting fire training and prescribed burns. they will be located just off i- 80 to the west of will avenue incoming skyway to the north. that will be from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. let's hope it is not a windy day. let's check the forecast with karen. humidity is high out there
7:57 am
and temperatures are fairly low with highs only reaching into the upper 60s and low 70s. our temperatures warming up over the next couple of days with valley highs reaching into the 80s. it we will peak in the low 90s on wednesday. it will get hotter as we go through the forecast and stay warm through the weekend. a lot of sunshine and dry weather continues the next several days. san francisco will keep it fairly mild. gusty winds at times, up to about 30 miles per hour. laura. we will be back with another update in about half an hour. hope to see you then. enjoy your morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
"today." grocery store massacre the city of buffalo reeling after a mass shooting leaves 10 dead, three others wounded and officials say the attack was racially motivated we're there live with what families are saying to us and the details now emerging about> judd. some of the biggest names in country music gather in nashville to celebrate the singer's life and legacy. ahead the touching tributes from
8:01 am
fellow musicians. and other well known stars. plus, from downton to studio 1a. we've got a fuel manor with the new cast to talk about their film. what it was like to reunite for the sequel. and dance party. ♪♪ shakira and nick jonas stop by to tell us about their fun new show that have you rethinking dance competitions and tiktok crazes. "today," monday, may 16, 2022. >> mississippi. >> florida. >> monroe, louisiana. >> katy texas. >> shout out to st. louis. >> and denver, colorado. >> from st. michael, minnesota.
8:02 am
>> it's sandy's 40th birthday. ♪♪ >> love to my kids. >> married 30 years ago today. >> celebrating my graduation. >> from illinois. >> from kentucky. >> happy birthday! >> on our 35th anniversary trip. >> three generations. >> celebrating mom's 80th birthday. >> on the "today show"! >> yay. >> i love that. good morning everything. welcome back to "today." monday morning. good to have you starting the day with us t week with us. sheinelle good to have you as well. >> busy morning. two days after a teenager gunman opened fire in a supermarket in the heart of buffalo's black community, we're learning more about the suspect and ten victim who is lost their lives. craig is in buffalo for us with the latest. hey craig, good morning. >> hey hoda, good morning to you. heart ache here in buffalo. it is really palpable that this morning, the buffalo news, the
8:03 am
paper of record with the headline that really tells the story. while a city tries to heal. community members gathering all week here in buffalo to mourn the victims of this attack. their lives cut short. other lives forever altered by what authorities are calling a racist hate crime. this morning a city in anguish, as a gunman opened fire at this supermarket in buffalo, new york, killing 10 and injuring 3 others. >> evil came into my neighborhood, into my community. >> reporter: authorities say 11 of the victims were black. >> this is an absolute racist hate crime. >> reporter: survivors left shaken to their core. >> we would have walked in three minutes later, we probably would have been dead with them. because everybody that was going in the store he killed them. >> reporter: 18 year old payton gendron stormed the market sunday afternoon, arms with weapons, tactical gear and a
8:04 am
camera to live stream the shooting. officials also say the suspect rote a racist 180-major manifesto post. among the lives tragically lost, 86 year old ruth after visiting her husband in a nurzing home. pearl young described as a woman of faith and pillar of the community. >> she was just -- >> reporter: and tops security guard aaron salter, a veteran of the police force who tried to stop the gunman. >> people loved him. the community loved him. >> reporter: what would you say to the accused gunman who did her husband in a nurzing this >> i would say if it wasn't for that, i probably would have a lot of malice in my heart. but he teaches us to forgive and i have to forgive him. because if i don't i'm killing me >> reporter: a woman of special faith there. her late husband hayward patterson, hoda, the last thing he said before he left the house
8:05 am
on saturday, he said to his 12 year old son, i'll be back to take you to get your haircut and it was their saturday ritual president biden and the first lady will travel here to buffalo tomorrow, they will meet with families of the victims. officials have told us that 2 of the 3 victims who were injured in the shooting have been treated and released from the hospital that's the very latest from here in buffalo, hoda
8:06 am
back to you. >> so extraordinarily sad, craig. thank you so much. there are growing concerns this morning with the nation's baby formula shortage show nothing signs of letting up. many parents across the country are desperate. with more than 40% of formula out of stock that figure the white house disputes, but earlier today the commissioner of the fda said his agency expects to make an announcement by the end of the day today on increase in manufacturing and access to formula from other countries >> we have to move as fast a possible but we also have to be safe. remember, the formula intended for other country may be labelled in a language not needed for the instructions for mothers and other caretakers to mix up the formula and we also have to make sure that we're testing the formula. >> doctors warn parents never to make homemade formula or dilute formula with water. two months after pausing
8:07 am
operations in russia because of the ukraine invasion mcdonald's said today it will be closing all of its restaurants in that country for good the humanitarian crisis by the war t unpredictable business environment and its own values make it impossible to keep operate in russia. the company says it will try to find a local buyer for its 800 russian restaurants, however they will no longer carry the mcdonald's name, logo or other branding the company also says it will attempt to pay its 62,000 employees in russia until a sale goes through. >> it is 7:00 after the hour raise your hand if you have a boost. i got you covered. college hockey star in wisconsin found out his teammates have his back on and off the ice. diagnosed with stage 3 hodgkin's lymphoma last year when he arrived for his cancer surgery, the entire team lined up outside the hospital to support him. luke also got a nice boost from
8:08 am
hockey hall of famer mario lemieux who once battled the same cancer. sent him an autographed puck and letter of encouragement. the best yet to come when he left the hospital after his last chemo his teammates were there again just to let him know how much he means to them. >> good people >> we needed that. up next, an emotional but also inspiring night. celebrating the life and legacy of naomi judd. >> and then feast your eye on this one of our favorite families from the small screen. oh, and the big screen now the cast of "downton abbey". that is our studio but first these messages this i. ...or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... you just made me miss her best line, so now i'm going to have to start it again ...even insisted he didn't need directions dan. okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. that said, do you know where i am? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle.
8:09 am
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have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. feel unstoppable. ask your doctor how lasting remission can start with stelara®. janssen can help you explore cost support options. paying an emotional tribute to country music legend naomi judd. >> weeks after her death she was remembered last night. >> nbc's stephanie gosk here with more. >> the perfect place to honor a woman who, as daughter ashley put it, left country music better than she found it ♪ yes love can build a bridge ♪ >> wynonna judd belling out soulful ballots in honor of her late mother naomi.
8:14 am
>> and this isn't easy i don't know why we're doing this in public it sucks ♪ >> country music's royalty gathered to celebrate the life and legacy of the country singeu just two weeks after her death, including emmy lou harris an allison russell. and little big town. >> i miss her humor. i miss her huge smile. >> many of judd's friends sending messages of love. >> her body is gone but her sweet spirit and legacy remains as a heart print for every life she touched. >> reporter: the five-time grammy winner died last month at the age of 76, just one day
8:15 am
before she and her daughter wynonna judd were inducted into the country music hall of fame last week ashley judd revealing she died by suicide using a firearm. judd was often outspoken about her struggles with depression. even opening up to savannah about her battle in 2017 >> you just keep squelching it down and expressing it and all of a sudden one day if you don't deal with it, it starts come ought sideways. >> wynonna judd is going to continue carrying the torch for the judds. announcing a new tour to bring is spirit of her nowhere her fans once again. the tour will start in ten days across the country and returning to nashville for the last show the end of october. >> so incredibly beautiful yeah stephanie, thank you. let's get another check of the weather. mr. roker what do you have your
8:16 am
eye on >> and what an amazing legacy. so special today a lining of severe weather into the northeast strong storms in the central plains as well cloudy skies in the pacific northwest. nothing too terrible also going to be looking at severe weather in the central plains temperatures a little on the cool side in the pacific northwest up through the upper great lakes. but look a good morning, we are starting out with low clouds and fog that'll keep our temperatures cooler but we are also going to see gusty winds over the next few days and
8:17 am
warming up as we head toward the middle of the week with a high of 70 at the coastline and san francisco, and it's going to be windy on thursday heading into the weekend, really nice while the inland areas will see temperatures heading into the 80s and even up to the low 90s by the middle of the work week. e , the ga is back together for a big screen sequel. this time family secrets can come to the south of france while the rest left to tend to unusual house guests when the crew of a silent movie brings the modern world to downton's the modern world to doorstep >> a great favorite. you don't mind him do you. >> i'm sure they don't mind him watching
8:18 am
just don't want him in. >> well spotted. >> so now you just do it all again? >> exactly. >> oh. >> -- so many good one liner there from lady gransen. joining us now -- guy, good morning. so good to see you first question, which fork do i use? this is a -- you guys would know not me. >> came to you and said a second downton movie. did everybody's hand shoot up? was anybody nervous to do it >> we were so happy. >> happy to get out of the house. right in the middle of the pandemic. >> exactly and did take much cajoling >> and half of the movie takes place in the south of france which is so wonderful. hugh, it turns out there are perhaps some scandalous family secrets.
8:19 am
>> yes, we're invited to the south of france because violet, she's been told she's inherited a villa. and we go off to the invitation of the counter owners to find out why she's inherited this villa. >> and most of you got to go to the south of france and some people, michelle dockery, had to stay home and hold down the fort. >> i had to stay at the castle i was very envious of these guys >> hugh dancing, we'll get to that storyline in a moment exactly. could have been worse. talk about just being together during the pandemic. because this was, you know, i heard you were at this french villa and it was something like a summer camp. >> it was. we had to quarantine together for about ten days so it did turn into like an old folks really we would all get together and what's lunch and shuffle over, have that and then shuffle back to our. >> sure. my gosh. how was it laura. >> fantastic wonderful.
8:20 am
>> meanwhile, lady mary, when you guys come i just slip into calling you your characters names. i know you are not really them do people do that all the time. >> they do we don't mind. >> you don't. >> yeah. >> do they come up and say mad about this storyline or that storyline? what's the one you hear about? >> well forever it was like edith be happy finally got happy ending. >> edith is kind of happy in this movie. >> yeah. in a great place i think because they live much further apart. >> i was gong say, michelle, lady mary's love life is a real roller coaster for the record still upset about matthew dying season 1 if you call me and say that was
8:21 am
a spoiler alert. that's season one. ten years ago. so you are not a fan if you don't know that. this time a handsome newcomer. did i sense some sparks? >> i think you did >> was it mutual >> they were mutual. i feel like they were going more in my direction. >> you are the newby here. you come into this established cast so beloved you are no slouch we know you from many many previous roles, but what was it like to walk into this. >> well they are a very cruel group. you can tell no it it was very easy for me. >> and kevin, had the big role here and you kind of have been like on the side lines here this beloved character. but now you are moving into the center stage a little bit in this one >> yeah yeah. >> how did that feel. >> discovered untapped skills. >> who knew you had such talent. >> yeah yeah neither did i. >> it really is all in the family elizabeth your husband directed this. >> he did. >> were you giving him tips like let me give you downton 101. >> no. basically he said just prepare
8:22 am
by packing your swimming costume and lie low and let's get going. >> laura, you are married to an actor, michael c. fox. >> yes. >> who plays one of the servants downstairs >> that's right. >> and you just had a baby. >> yeah. >> and so did lady edith so maybe you really are just your characters after all. how that going. >> great so happy he's wonderful. >> i'm going take it one step further because michelle, you are a recording star and you are recording music with. >> with michael c. -- >> lauren's husband who also plays -- i mean like a venn diagram do this. tell me about that i didn't know you were a singer. i think you sang on the show a couple times but. >> we've been all writing together now for the last six years. and our ep came out on friday. and -- yeah. really exciting. >> what kind of music it is it
8:23 am
oh there you are, michael and michelle. >> it is americana. >> oh, i will uv that. what was it like is it like putting on an old pair of jeans or a corset? >> it really is. i never played a character and i think a lot of us say the same for so long. so it is like putting on comfortable pair of shoes. takes couple minutes where you are like howe did -- oh yeah. >> i don't want to give anything away but it was kind of shocking ending so hugh, as the dean of this group, do you think people are ready for this >> oh, well, you know, it is the circle of life you know, chapters closed and new chapters are written. >> anyone else want to weigh on in that? do you think the fans are going to handle? >> death and destruction. >> oh i know i know >> yeah, it is a really emotional story. >> it is. >> -- to as well >> it actually i think is one of the funniest ones we've seen just carson alone in the south of france. like good comedic material thank you so much.
8:24 am
the movie is really fun. i think i read somewhere "downton abbey" is like getting in a hot bath with a glass of wine and a good book i have to say i agree. thank you so much for bringing the joy all these years. >> thank you. >> oh will there be a third? >> -- got to see us. >> i did okay there will be. i'm back we'll keep the table set back for the third and fourth hours. thank you so much. "downton abbey" -- part of our parent company nbc news universal premiers only in theaters on friday hey hoda >> hey girl. >> guess what? [cheers and applause we've got nick jonas and shakira. they have a cool new show. apparently there is going to be some dancing going on. to a lot of dancing? do you have a move that you will be able to show us >> me? >> yeah. >> nick is the man here to show -- >> no. >> i hear they are always pointing the finger at each other. we're going to be doing a little
8:25 am
dancing with shakira and nick jonas and talk about their new show "dancing with myself" welcome back
8:26 am
good morning, it is 8:26. former mma star cain velasquez is due in court this morning for a bail hearing, accused of shooting into her vehicle in january. police say a man he targeted was not injured but someone else in the car. he's represented scott peterson,
8:27 am
kris brown and winona ryder. time to get a look at the forecast this morning. meterologist kari hall is tracking that . >> starting out with clouds but it'll be a nice day with feasible temperatures, we are headed for the mid-70s for morgan hill and 73 in livermore. notice mostly upper 60s fourth parts of interbay and low 60s near the coast. we will start the heat up over the next few days and a trend going upwards through wednesday, upper 70s tomorrow for the tri-valley, low 80s for concord and nasa, notice deerfield reaching 93. a lot of our valleys will be really heating up as we go towards the middle of the weekend we were going to keep or more than normal temperatures going into the weekend. a lot of sunshine, and also breezy wind in the next several days. i'll have another local news update for you coming up in half an hour.
8:28 am
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get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today.
8:30 am
welcome back 8:30 monday morning. three days before our summer concert series on the plaza. joining us, harry stiles, so you know it is going to be a fun, joy-filled party and some great music. >> nick jonas and shakira are here >> -- social media craze whole new level and brought a mirror
8:31 am
behind us that lets you try out your moves with hem. resident dancing queen sheinelle is back there. a little try here. >> you are dancing with shakira? you are amazing. >> awesome so fun. >> very cool we're going talk about that. >> and our star studded rolls on -- "this is us" -- just two episodes left. >> and carson you will be joining us on the third hour to share a really special mind matters -- >> mental health awareness month so we're doing all we can to help break the stigma of mental health mental health is his calling and
8:32 am
he's using his talents and literally a bus to make sure that kids have access to the mental health things they need and this is a great story. i can't wait for you to meet vijay. >> tomorrow on "today" getting you ready for summer and the barbecue chef abdu tomorrow >> vegans need not apply for that one it is like meat central. let's get a check of the weather. >> meat sweats love the meat sweats severe storms tonight in the northeast, abundant sunshine in the plains record highs through texas, sunny skies out west midweek period strong storms in the --. wet weather in the pacific midwest and towards the end of the week as we hea good monday
8:33 am
meterologist kari hall, take a look at our seven-day forecast for the inland valley . is going to be the coolest day of the week. reaching into the low 70s today, upper 70s tomorrow and reaching into the low 80s with similar valley temperatures in the upper 80s. for san francisco, it's staying mild and will see clouds to start and breezy winds picking up with highs in the low to mid 60s. we will be warming up on wednesday and that also for the weekend. s. coming occupy on "popstart," a night of stars and surprises break down the evening's biggest performances, memorable moments. all in vegas at the billboard music awards here in nbc we'll break it down.
8:34 am
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yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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carson let's get it down here. >> lot to get to we're going to do this everybody. >> do it. >> it is going to happen and be great. billboard music awards last night. some out biggest names hit the stage in vegas joe fryer here, and a full recap. >> -- actually picked by voting committee, based on fan interactions with music. sales, streaming numbers radio air play, social media engagement in all about 62 awards last night. most handed out before the show which was dubbed the diddy party. it is the night when the billboard charts come to life. from silk sonic, to megan thee stallion the first number courtesy of the the host ♪ the emcee sean diddy combs promised an off the script show.
8:37 am
>> i don't have a teleprompter let me speak from my heart among the night's many performances, ed sheeran who appeared from northern ireland where he's on tour, and miranda lambert and el king. their song "drunk" was the first female get to top the country charts in nearly 30 years. also travis scott's first performance for instance the transgender in november. and morgan wallen's first award show since he was caught on camera last year using a racial slur he later won top country male artist >> thank you so my mama for being my date tonight. >> also a big night for doj cat who took home four awards. and machine gun kelly got us doing with his performance and this a surprise appearance. >> i finally found my rereal
8:38 am
love and that real love is me >> the top artist award went to drake. drake who went into the night with the record for most billboard music award wins still the champ after adding five more last night bringing his total to 34 and walker hayes -- smash hit -- >> yeah, yeah. >> -- ♪ >> we know it. >> thank you for that. appreciate it guys next up on "popstart." princess diana no matter where you turn there seems to be no shortage of the
8:39 am
content. there is a new look at real diana big screen, documentary called "the princess" film to use archival footage to explore the way dianna was treated in the eyes of the media and -- on the way dianna was treated in the eyes of the the monarchy >> she's been through a list that can be thrown at her i think we've got to see a change in the press i think we have an unhealthy obsession. >> and i think she's very close to being a monster. >> she has a sick mind. >> she likes to be with people. >> she likes to be bloody well watched. >> that's ridiculous >> she's been humiliated >> when you -- >> that is called the princess, that is scheduled to hit
8:40 am
theaters next month. next up, "the voice," guys we're back for season 22 just around the corner took a little bit of a break and with that a new line up of coaches to man the famous red spinning chairs. her coaching debut, grammy nominated camila cabello we're excited to welcome camila to the voice family. and coming back gwen stefani and up against returning coaches blake shelton and john legend. shout out to shakira and nick jonas. also two voice coaches people say once you are a voice coach are you gone and no you always have the red chair available to you in your career. it's like top chefs in the kitchen. >> love it >> finally, lizzo is saying it is about damn time she
8:41 am
gives broadway a shot. ♪ why posting this on tiktok ♪ why does my heart cry ♪ ♪ feelings -- >> what can't lizzo do make a list of things she's not good at. she's good at everything "popstart" today. >> thank you, carsonmedia, coming up if you love checking out the viral dance crazes o social media, sheinelle you are going love this new competition show, featuring shakira and nick jonas. they are gng tell us all aboutoi
8:42 am
8:43 am
we're back it is 8:43 joined by two of music's biggest stars, shakira and nick jonas. >> known for their singing and of course dance moves. and lending those talents to a new competition show on nbc,
8:44 am
"dancing with myself." check it out >> why do you ask? >> because i want to see yours moves. [cheers and applause ♪ >> are you sure you're from new jersey you're not from colombia. >> that was the most frighting two minutes of my life i'm not really a dancer by trade. >> come on. >> but that's what drew me to the show. >> -- hips don't lie yours lie profusely. >> were you dancing just since you were a little girl we all remember all the songs. but was that how you were right from get go. >> since i was 4 i think my first relationship
8:45 am
with music was physical, you know, through my body. and happens to lot of kids and later on discover they have a voice or real musical talent and i think that was my case. >> latin and belly dancing t whole situation happening. >> this show we saw the dances on tiktok and have a laugh over it something more happening especially with young girls dancing. it is a an expression. what do you see when you see young people dancing on tiktok. >> in the pandemic, lot of people in quarantine were in the living room dancing. trying to find, you know, a connection with other people and so i think that what the show has is that, and what the show offers is that platform, that access to people for them to express themselves and shine. and really share the passion for dance. >> i love it fun, the worm.
8:46 am
>> a classic. >> how does it work? >> yeah. >> so the thing really about the show one of the reasons i was so excited is all different types of people, from all different walks of life, different option occupations, different ages, in their bedrooms or kitchen whatever making these videos so there are 12 contestants and get to narrow it down over time with different dance challenges, shakira, and -- myself at times. not the best dance challenges but i tried. present to them and what's been so fun to watch is you see all of those performancer come with their own, have the time of their life and while it is a competition, i think it is the spirit of performing that comes through. >> traveling for the interview but you have your heart back at >> yes. >> home from the home a new baby. >> yes. >> home from the nicu after 100
8:47 am
days just tell us what life is like now? >> life is beautiful yeah there she is. she's a gift and we're just so blessed. >> huge family now the brothers got kids. >> jonas family keeps growing. >> lot of girls too. >> any boys? >> no. my parents are thrilled. parents of now four beautiful granddaughters. >> i loved it when shakira came own. because i had kids we have kids the same age. and she set up like a full playpen in the area. remember that? she had kids and it was so fun. >> during the show and blake was whole time -- like how does that work >> breastfeeding. >> yeah. okay blake.
8:48 am
>> 20 years ago you were on our plaza rocking the -- do you remember packing the place, really rocking it what is it like? obviously you have been performing forever and ever. this is a great moment what do you remember from that moment >> a lot of bleach hair lot of amazing energy from the crowd. >> i think i introduced shakira her very first concert in the united states. >> you did. >> remember that >> yeah. >> few years before this her very first concert -- we were all so blown away by it it was incredible. i was like this is madonna plays every instrument, sings, dances and went and met her and introduced her and the rest is -- i love you -- show guys and -- >> -- awesome. >> check out series premier of dancing with myself tuesday may 31, 10/9:00 central. >> catching up with members of the "this is u family. but fis"rs
8:49 am
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the pearson family on the hit show "this is us." six seasons, 38 emmy nominations later, almost time to say goodbye. before we chat a sneak peak at tomorrow night's episode >> things are happening quickly now. i don't see her making it through the night. i think it is time to start saying goodbye. >> it is time to say good morning to "this is us" stars susan and john this is the end of such a huge chapter i think in american culture. no shows have been able to capture the world kind of the way "this is us" has especially when you can get shows everywhere did you ever put your finger, susan on what you think the
8:52 am
magic of the show has been >> you know what, i think so after six years, i feel like i can say the magic really was the vision of dan fogelman it was that writers room with the authenticity and the love they approached every script and then it was this amazing cast they got to work with >> i feel like john, the love was real we know it is real on screen when we watch you guys but every time i have the chance to sit with you guys, the love >> absolutely. we're a family and that goes all the way. like she said into the writers room and our crew. and we've become a big family. when we say "this is us," it is not just us the cast but we include the audience in that when we say this is us and
8:53 am
we hope they see themselves in every script we write and the writers write. every writer puts a piece of themselves in whatever zript they are working on and i think that is what people can find in our show is that they can find a piece of themselves of their family, of their extended fam. >> i always remember the graduations i've ever been through in my life high school graduation, college graduation and that feeling that you have at the end. you are happy that you have reached this milestone, but it is so difficult. shooting your last scenes, please tell me what that was like for you. >> oh, i was -- first of you will adjust knew if i just don't become a puddle on the floor i'll be okay. but it surprised me because i knew dave was there and i didn't know what scene it would be. and we shot a scene and all of a sudden the cameras just swung around on me and somebody, glen one of our ads announced that this was my last rap and he just kind of said, this is susan's last series rap and it was bam it was there all of a sudden and it was emotional and they asked us to say something so question kind of like have a part of our archive and stuff. and it was like, it was really
8:54 am
moving to be able to say how much i appreciated everybody and how much it was a gift to me to be a part of as well. >> y'all been a gift as well i want to go out with your viral dancing video. is it the wobble do we have the wobble? it is so good. hold on. wait can you crank it up? i don't know if you can hear it. but anyway, the wobble rocks i there you go >> what you guy -- you made our lives so much better happy to see couple more episodes thank you. and we can't wait to see what's next for both of you thank you all for coming the see uses "this is us" tomorrow night. and the highly anticipated finale one week later. thanks again guys. >> we're all crying. >> suj such a huge episode let's celebrate some of those smucker's jars and the folks on 'em give 'em a spin. first up, happy 100th birthday to betty lou miller.
8:55 am
world traveler from pacific palisades california the secret to longevity, chardonnay every day john prcela is 100 worked as a teacher. happy 100th to geneva giles and west virginia. she loves cheering on the steelers and the cowboys sarah from glen view illinois. celebrating 100 years. love spending time with her family including 11 grand kids. and last but not least happy 100th birthday to grace sims, an active hiker from boulder, colorado. sharing a fun fact with us she's had the same "today show" mug for more than 20 years we're gonna have to send her th sims, an active hiker from bo latest edition 20 years. we're gonn
8:56 am
we got a whole slew of mugs coming to you because we got so many more hours. >> maybe one for the coffee or tea and the other for the chardonnay a day. >> -- former real housewife star bethany frankel and -- she is always fun. we have more of our interview. >> yes >> incredible. >> and carson's got a great mind matters coming. >> yep. >> and a bigger edition of the billboard music awards in the third hour >> lots to talk about today. first your local news and weather. have a good monday good morning, i'm marcus washington. san jose police are investigating an early morning double shooting. it happened a little after 3:00 a.m. along the south 10th street and
8:57 am
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shattered. a grieving community. targeted in a mass shooting. investigator site it was racially motivated. stories of heroism and hate. live in buffalo with the latest. today's diskless savannah sitting down with a passenger turned pilot landed a plane with no flight experience. >>


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