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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 16, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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rounds of the moving car. part of the chase is captured in this exclusive video. records show that this was his target, his stepson, harry. he is charged with molesting his family member. the mac the family is fierce full of can velasquez being released. >> he looked away from paul bender's virtual testimony. bender told the judge, i believe he will finish what he started. i am fearful for my life. >> they're not only fearful of their lives from can last is, there are individuals that have followed them, and individuals that have sat outside their home, waiting for them to leave. they are very fearful. by their lawyers say the family is afraid they are being stocked. supporters say that he is the one that should be locked up. >> you are innocent until
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proven guilty if you are a child molester, but not can velasquez? >> reporter: a 1 million dollar bond is proposed and can velasquez would remain in a facility in texas or california. the judge refused to say that velasquez is a danger. this judge released a suspected murderer on $100,000 bond. >> i will not comment on the hypocrisy of this system. there are a lot of things going on here, and the least of which is sympathy. >> the shooting his deficit of two families in the courts will decide who will pay the price it at the hall of justice, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. in buffalo, new york , a gunman opened fire at a grocery store. a memorial to the people killed in saturday's mask her is growing out of the store where it happened.
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joe biden and first lady joe biden for meeting with families of the victims tomorrow. the 18-year-old gunman walked into the grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood in buffalo and opened fire and what investigators are calling a racially motivated hate crime. he was arrested and police say the team found a racist manifesto. more details, coming up at 530. political leaders are taking a stand against the white lives matter demonstration that they fear. these images angered many locals. a small group of demonstrators, with faces covered, held signs that read white lives matter, and we will not forget. that refers to the incident where a black driver drove into a holiday parade, killing five people in wisconsin. that demonstration happened on the same day as that mass shooting in buffalo, where a white teenager, as we told you, targeted black shoppers. the mayor issued a statement, saying that these people were
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acting out heat speech. this is not a crime, but it was an aberrant gesture toward people of color. our town stand united against racism in any form and any acts of direct harm or hatred toward people based upon race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. the mayor of antioch also expressed disgust. >> i am getting more and more concerned about some of the information on social media sites and blogs we have two in the city of antilock antioch, that i believe put people's lives in danger. >> sheriff's office tells nbc bare area that it did respond to the demonstration and determined the group was not violating the law. the baby formula shortage worsens across the country. a glimmer of hope, tonight. the company, abbott, has reached a new agreement with
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the fda to reopen their manufacturing plant in michigan. they say they can restart the plant within two weeks of final approval. that approval must come from a court first. the supply shortage was exacerbated by the closure of the parent after four babies got bacteria infections. two of those babies died. for frustrated parents, the big question is, when will they get baby formula in their store shelves so they can give it to their children? >> i talked with the new mom who said she had been to several drugstores and could not find formula. she finally reached out to her friends and family across the nation, to get them to track it down and send it to her, so she could feed her baby. >> pharmacies across the bay area have low or no supply of infant or miller, leaving new moms on a frantic search. >> when you go to the stores within a two hour radius and you can't find what you need,
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you have to resort to other measures. it is stressful. >> reporter: at the cvs, they're limiting formula to three canisters per family , and you have to ask employees to get the product for you from behind the counter. this afternoon, encouraging news about beefing up supply. the company, at the center of the shortage, abbott nutrition, and announcing plans to resume production in two weeks, if the fda says it's okay. they added, from the time they restart the site, it will take 6-8 weeks before products are available on the shelves and in the meantime, the fda is working on other ways to get formula to babies. >> we are taking a number of measures, including getting on manufacturers to step up and getting this plant up and going. we are importing or bringing to bear products that were intended for other countries. >> reporter: here in san jose, the smoke bank offers donated breast milk. the formula shortage is having an impact. >> we have seen an increase in
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inquiries for donors human milk. i think it is mainly based on the hype and media attention. >> reporter: you must have a doctors prescription in order to get donated breast milk. not only is the demand for milk up 25%, but the number of moms wanting to donate breast milk is up, as well. the milk bank executive director attributes that, in part, to the nationwide formula shortage. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> parents are desperate to find formula and some look for different ways to deal with the shortage. some are trying to make their own formula, which health experts say is harmful. >> do not make your own infant formula. i know there are ingredients in the grocery store, but those are not a safe alternative for enfamil and infant formula.
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it can cause imbalances that are not good for babies. >> experts recommend reaching out to a breast milk bank. beware of taking breast milk from another mother outside of the milk bank. >> masks have become a requirement again. rising the cases have pushed some areas into the high transmission category. gm, ford, and all chrysler said mass mandates are being reinstated. six counties in southeast michigan are listed by the cdc as having high levels of covid- 19. some workers understand it, but others are understandably frustrated. >> i am okay with it. it affects all of us. i don't mind. i like not wearing it, but if this is what they recommend, and this is how it will be, this is what it is. >> we have gone through all the steps before. rates are going up. were talking about fatalities.
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>> mass mandates have automakers wearing them again. numbers are going up and we find ourselves in more uncertain times. let's bring in our infectious disease specialist. dr. peter, hi, dr. peter. giant companies are making employees mask up again. should we be doing the same? >> it makes a lot of sense. the operative word is that it's temporary. they lifted those requirements in march, and they are back again, at least for two weeks. they are not saying it is back indefinitely. we always talk about the impact on health, and of course, it is increasingly bad for business and productivity. if you look at what is happening , it is very similar to what automakers are doing, in terms
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of not wanting to have a loss of workforce, if at all possible. >> our vaccination rate meter some of the highest in the country. santa clara county ranks third in the whole country. in the area is usually the best when it comes to positivity rate. now we are worst. why is that? >> there are three possible reasons. probably the most likely reason is the fact that, we were relatively under david from natural infection. it's catching up with us. the good news is, of course, hospitals are not budging that much. even if you talk about, you know, 10 to 20% increase in the bay area, that is 10 to 20% of a low number to be in with, where we were two weeks ago. is very little, compared to where we were previously. many people are doing more testing in the bay area, but that doesn't really explain it.
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the third reason is that the bay area risk is not only the bay area's risk, it is the risk of everybody who is coming to visit the bay area. all of these things go together. at the end of the day, you are seeing it in wealthier z.i.p. codes, and you are not seeing it as much in the central valley, because they already got hit hard in january. >> that makes sense. let's talk about people visiting. memorial day weekend is coming up. that is, barbecues, get- togethers. we want our people to stay away because people want to see their friends and hang out and be normal again. what advice do you have before we head out with friends? >> for memorial day, luckily, it's going to be good weather in most places in the bay area. it may get a little bit windy or cool in the evening. doing it outdoors, who wants to be indoors during that time anyway? be wary of gathering indoors.
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i know last year or a year before that, we had a lot of memorial day graduation events, with many generations of families getting together. those can be particularly risky indoors. you really want to protect the elderly folks in our community, so you want to be extra careful around that. >> go back to the basics. thank you for your time. as the pandemic changes minute by minute, our streaming app is a great way to stay informed we aren't on the air. go on to euro, roku, search nbc bay area and click download. you will have the latest developments under our covid, what to know playlist. sideshows get more dangerous in the bay area. strong action. one east bay city is taking to try and clamp down on them. with twitter sale to elon musk in limbo, the company shares are experiencing a tough time on wall street.
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the amount twitter has lost, when we come back. i am the chief meteorologist. fog is rolling back into san francisco, but let's talk about some warming on the way for the bay area. two rounds of heat. i'm back with that, and about nine minutes.
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antioch's mayor is vowing to crack down on sideshows after two large-scale cases in the city. mayor lamarr shared this video to twitter. you can see a dozen people, from a sideshow, actually, attacking that car. it's a police car. this is from one of the sideshows that happened in the city saturday night. the mayor held a news conference and says that antioch is no sideshow zone and he expects place to find people in this video and hold them accountable. >> i declare that antioch was a no sideshow zone and said that we were not messing around with anybody as it relates to sideshows. i'm here to tell you again we are still not messing around with anyone. these activities are not welcome in our city. >> and chuck police say they have made two arrests and the investigation is ongoing. san jose police are in this to
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getting the temp homicide, double shooting in a neighborhood. robert hawn robert handa has been on scene with investigators at this complex. >> reporter: it has been a painstaking process for police investigators, who have been here for about 15 hours, looking for answers. please swarm the apartment on south 10th street near san salvador, and the surrounding area, looking for clues to a double shooting, which turned into a homicide. according to police, the shooting took place around 3:00 this morning at this apartment complex near the san jose state university campus. a man died at the scene, and a woman was taken to the hospital with a nonlife threatening injury. police are not releasing many details, saying they are in the midst of a complicated investigation. >> we are processing and collecting evidence and going through statements available to us. >> the area around the campus is seen an unusual amount of violence, including a man shot to death at a restaurant in late march.
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neighbors near the shooting are frustrated. >> it keeps happening, more and more. it's getting worse. the violence, the violence is getting worse, definitely. >> please and not talking but the nature of this homicide, but investigators say they don't think a killer is on the list. >> we don't believe there's a threat to the public. there's no ongoing threat of some stranger going out there and committing these crimes. it's a dense neighborhood that we have seen in the past. >> that will be some reassurance for those living in the neighborhood, as the investigation at this crime scene continues. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. twitters future is hanging in the balance amid questionable tweets and declining stock. twitter shares dropped all of their gains and elon musk and ncdot stake in the company. the stock tumbled 70% to
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$37.80. investors are dumping the stock, worried that must will abandon the agreement. he tweeted on friday that the deal is on hold until he finds out more about how widespread fake account are on the platform. today, conditions, too dangerous for firefighters to go through with controlled burn. the fire protection district scheduled a prescribed burn for this morning in rodeo but it was canceled because of wind. this helps protect homes by getting rid of weeds and brush that could fuel a fire. fire officials say activity is ahead of last year, and the drought is making it worse. >> exterior fires are up 20%, over the first four months of this year compared to last year. we ran 100 more exterior fires than last year. we are concerned about how the fuel moisture and whether we are experienced in is
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contributing to an increase in fires that we are seeing. >> if the weather cooperates, they will start tomorrow in rodeo. controlled burns in the east bay are scheduled to continue through may 27th. did you check it out last night? hopefully the skies above your house were clear enough for you to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. here are some of the shots went into us. you can see why it's called a blood moon. this is no average total eclipse. it was the longest lasting and more than 30 years. if you want more pictures, check it out, go to nbc bay let's bring in our chief meteorologist. >> i saw a bit of that. >> i couldn't see it, we all ran out, but there was too much cloud. >> i believe there will be another chance in november. >> i like the pictures, they're
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amazing. >> i could look at those all day long. across san jose, right now, we have blue sky from this vantage point. there are high clouds moving throughout parts of the south bay and it was much cooler and it was nice on saturday and sunday. we did have on-and-off wind. 67, in san jose, winds out of the north. to hold onto 60s through the next couple of hours. numbers are down from five to about 8 degrees across inland valleys, compared to yesterday. there tomorrow, we are looking at the storm track, off to the north of us, giving washington morgan some rainfall. we will continue to stay dry but i see temperatures beginning to warm up tomorrow and we will kick it back into high gear with heat, as we hit wednesday's forecast. plan ahead. wednesday will be a hot one across the bay area, especially through the valleys. we will take you in on the heat in just a bit but i wanted to
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go ahead and move into tomorrow morning's forecast. we will see fog near the coastline, the peninsula, and catchy clouds to the east bay as well. we will get sent on returning as we had to tomorrow afternoon. daytime highs are upper 40s and low 50s, so nothing that will slow you down tomorrow. 48 in the try very, south bay at 50 point east bay, san francisco and northbay start in the low 50s. numbers will be up a few degrees and i think the south bay will make it really nice. 70 in cupertino, 77, san jose, 80 in morgan hill. you have to look to find some of the heat towards the east bay as we will be in the low to mid 80s, towards concord and antioch. oakland, big difference, but a nice day for you as you are getting that breeze off the water and through the peninsula. headed to the beaches, watch out. we have chilly weather. 56 at half moon bay. san francisco will be cool, 67, and northbay, 84 in clearlake,
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74 toward mill valley. let's look at those forecast. i want to show you, in san francisco, continue to expect on-and-off wind at the coast. it's the typical sea breeze that will kick up and it is strong at times. ms. wind gusts, around 15 to 30 miles per hour, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. go down thursday friday and saturday, back up to some 70s and into sunday's forecast. the inland valleys will get hot. we have two rounds of heat coming our way. 82 tomorrow, 91 on wednesday, 80s thursday, friday, and saturday and back into the 90s once we hit sunday and monday. lots of heat, rolling in this week. >> 91. okay, thanks jeff. coming up, uber, hoping to take you on a new ride. the option the company is offering that could come in handy for you and some of your friends.
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as we head into what is looking more like a post endemic summer, uber is announcing new features. the company showcases new updates and include an option to book a party bus for passenger van. there is an itinerary feature, to book rides during an extended trip like a vacation. sports fan consumed in order uber ethan postmates to stadiums, with paypal park in san jose. >> guess who is coming to san francisco. carrie underwood kicks off a 43 city denim and rhinestone tour across the country later this month. that will stop at chase center, november 19th, and take it go on sale friday. she is on her way, and coldplay just left for the
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first time in more than 1000 days, the concert took place at levi's. this is video that coldplay posted on twitter of the conference in santa clara. this show was scheduled for april 23rd but was pushed back to yesterday. it was a star-studded show. grammy award winner, her, opened. >> no place like home. there is an iconic dress selling. we until you see it.
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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the battle over ownership of the iconic dress worn by judy garland and the wizard of oz is headed to court. the dress is supposed to be auctioned off in washington, d.c., worth 1.2 million. it wisconsin woman tried to stop the sale, saying she is the rightful owner. the woman is the heir of reverend gilbert harkey, who founded the university's drama school and was gifted the dress in 1973. they say that he took a vow of poverty as a priest and could not accept the gift, so the school owns it. a judge will decide in the hearings needed for later this month. who owns the ruby slippers? they should get the dress. you can watch us live on
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apple tv. what's coming up next, 5:30. >> two mass shootings on opposite sides of the country and two separate he crime investigations. the details that we are learning about the shooting in buffalo, new york, and orange county. >> the evidence we have gathered, so far, the motivation , at this stage, appears to be hatred. plus, unintended consequences of invading the ukraine. political fallout, for russian president vladimir putin, with more allies coming to ukraine's defense. the car they used to drive is driving them not. the manufacturer wants to charge them for something that they already returned. i'm investigator chris camara. nbc bay area responds, next. thank you for joining us.


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