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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 16, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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wednesday. trying to help people make it in the bay. move the oakland is considering as rents get ready to jump again, at the same time that inflation keeps going up. >> we are going backwards, right? the wealth gap between the rich and poor is growing. covid-19 infections across the bay area are continuing to rise. public health officials are recommending, coming up and again, bail has been denied. new developments in the case of the mma star accused of shooting a man who allegedly molested a close family member in the south bay. news at 6:00 starts now. thank you for being with us on monday. we know that buying a house in the bay area is hard enough. renting is getting harder, too. this time, and oakland, landlords are raising rents,
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they say, to compensate for inflation. local leaders are fighting back. scott budman follows the housing market close the and has a breakdown for us. >> reporter: along with gas prices , and groceries, rent in oakland is also in the crosshairs of inflation. oakland housing regulators day that darting in july, landlords will be able to raise rents by up to 6.7%. it would be the highest when you jump in the city's history. >> we are going backwards. the wealth gap is growing. >> reporter: carol fyfe says that the timing of the increase is all wrong. with inflation, covid, and economic concerns sitting so many renters, who already pay one of the highest per square foot housing rate in the country, she has put forward a proposal to limit rent increase. >> i want to create some security for renters.
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oakland is a majority renter city, 60% of the residents are renters. it doesn't make sense to put them in this type of jeopardy. >> reporter: property owners essay their cost is are going up, too. >> you also have a housing stock that really needs a lot of maintenance. >> reporter: derrick barnes, ceo of the east bay rental association says the owners his group represents are also being hit by inflation, but on different goods and services. >> there has also been an extraordinary increase in everything. from water, gas, electric, sewer , repair services, equipment, appliance, plumbing. >> scott joins us. it's a rock and a hard place, so what happens quite what are the options? >> a couple things could happen. in july, the rent increase could kick in up to 6.7% for
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renters. if council member fyfe's proposal goes through, and it will be voted on around the end of this month, that could put a stop, for the time being, to a rent increase. >> we will see what happens here is how it goes, numbers don't lie. april was a hot month for homebuyers in northern california. around the bay area, 82% of homes that sold went for a of asking. that was the highest percentage in the nation last month, and the average amount paid was above the list price, $191,000. >> the opposite ends, new information about the number of unhoused people in the south bay. santa clara county and san jose release the findings of their 2022 point in time homelessness and is. the number of homeless people in santa clara county increase by 3%, to just over 10,000 people. in san jose, the number
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increased 11%, to 6700 people, and the census finds fewer homes able are living outdoors and those numbers are down 3% in santa clara county and 2% in jose. officials say more interim housing and shelter options exist. covid infections continue to spread across the bay area. last week, most of our health officers issued a joint recommendation for all of us to go back to masking indoors. they stopped short of making it mandatory. are people complying? >> reporter: there is a lot of viruses circulating to the bay area, which is why you see a vast professor dr. peter chen hung says public health officials are making a uniformed recommendation on indoor masking. >> more than double the national average of new cases in san francisco, for example, and the second reason is that, the variant we have now is more transmissible than before.
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>> reporter: he says there are a few reasons infections continue to rise . more people are traveling, and san francisco has a reliable testing infrastructure so the city can monitor rates accurately. as public health officials across the bay area recommend everyone wears their mask inside again, because of rising infections some businesses like this community thrift store have never stopped requiring masks inside. the executive director did not want to speak on camera but as they want to be extra careful. he says most customers appreciate it, with more infections in the region. >> is a good thing, to be responsible. >> reporter: some are tired of masking. >> i went over with it not quite over my nose and he yelled at me, and i was obstinance. >> reporter: still, jane says he will come back. infections are increasing in the bay area, they're not close to the spike we saw earlier this year. hospitalizations are not rising as fast either.
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dr. peter chen hung says he does not think counties will require indoor mass again because of high vaccination rates and the availability of therapeutics. >> work with your healthcare provider to figure out where you can get it, who will write the prescription, and most important, whether or not there are any drug interactions. >> reporter: he says this is most effective early into a covid-19 infection. nbc bay area news. for mac we are hearing from the man who got shot during an altercation with mma star cain velasquez in san jose. he came out during a bail hearing today. paul bender, in the car that velasquez was chasing and firing at for seven miles told the judge he fears for his life. bender is the stepfather to harry clark. he is charged with molesting a close family member of cain velasquez at the family's day care center in sam martin. he told the judge he has lost function of his fingers on his right hand and cannot work.
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the judge denied bail for cain velasquez, calling the shooting reckless, a reckless disregard for human life. >> not only are we fearful, of cain velasquez, there have been individuals that have followed that, and individuals have sat out their home, waiting for them to leave. they are very fearful. >> velasquez's lawyer said that the wrong man is behind bars tonight. you see him there, he proposed a $1 million bond. he also said that cain velasquez could remain in an unlocked facility in texas or a locked facility in california with an ankle monitor. the judge refused those proposals. san jose police are in the midst of a long, painstaking investigation into the cities temp homicide of the year. crime scene units swarm an apartment complex where a double shooting took place around 3:00 this morning. investigators are focusing on an upstairs unit of the building
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near san salvador. they are looking for clues into a shooting involving a man and a woman. >> when we arrived to the call, the female was suffering from non-life-threatening injuries and the mail was suffering from life-threatening injuries. first responders provided first aid and rendered life-saving measures but that man was declared deceased at the scene. >> police are not releasing a lot of details but say they don't believe there is any threat to the general public from this situation. the aftershock of a white lives matter demonstration in the east bay is hitting close to home for a lot of people. local leaders are taking a stand, calling it racist and unacceptable. we have the very latest. >> reporter: arnold ramirez has lived in blackhawk for five years. he says, he felt welcomed. hearing about saturday's demonstration, minutes away, upsets in. on saturday, a small group of demonstrators, faces covered,
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held up signs that read that white lives matter, and we will not forget, referring to the wisconsin incident in which a black driver drove into a holiday parade, killing five people. the white lives matter demonstration happened the same day is saturdays now shooting in buffalo, new york, where a white teenager targeted a black community. arnold says those people do not represent blackhawk. >> i never encountered those people that were saying something like that. >> reporter: the cofounder of the group, disagrees. >> there are many things to indicate that this was part of an organized group of white supremacist. >> reporter: dangles mayor issued a statement to make it clear that his time town does not condone that behavior, saying that these people were acting out he speech. though not a crime, this was clearly an important gesture towards people of color. our town stand united against racism in any form and any acts
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that direct harm or hatred toward people based upon race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. antioch mayors are also feeling the effect of saturday's demonstration. >> i am getting more concerned about some of the disinformation on social media sites and blogs. with two in the city of antioch. >> reporter: the sheriff's office told nbc bay area that they responded to the demonstration and determined that the group was not violating the law. nbc bay area news. up next, it is too dangerous for field training. crews put a hold on a controlled burn today. face with a national shortage, moms continue the quest to find infant formula. the bay area organization they are turning to for help and. cooler temperatures today,
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tracking the heat on the way. i'll be back with the 10-day forecast in eight minutes. masks are coming off. we are here to help you move forward. climate change, we are seeing the drought return. how do you keep people safe? breaking news, everybody will see big-time action.
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it is a big problem, in the bay area and across the country. families continue the quest to find formula for their babies. a big development could increase the supply. the other plants that recalled its product and shut down after four babies developed bacterial infections says they are ready to resume production. when will we see relief on the shelves? marianne favro. >> reporter: in addition to sleepless nights, new moms have another stressor, trying to find formula. even if they do find it, most bay area farmers, it's not a simple process to buy it. moms are scouring scores stores and are instead finding this, empty shelves. even widening the search has not helped. >> when you go to all of the
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stories within a two hour radius and you can't find what you need, you have to resort to other measures. it is stressful. >> reporter: they are so low on formula at the store there limiting purchases to three canisters per family. you have to ask employees to get the products from behind the counter. this afternoon, encouraging news about beefing up supply. the company at the center of the shortage, abbott nutrition, and nothing plans to resume production at their plant in michigan in two weeks. if the fda says it is okay. they added, from the time the restart the site, it will take 6-8 weeks before product is available on shelves. in the meantime, the fda is working on other ways to get formula to babies. >> we are taking a number of measures, including getting all manufacturers to step up, and getting this plant up and going, but also, importing or bringing to bear product that was intended for other
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countries. >> reporter: here at the mother's milk , the formula shortage is having an impact, with inquiries about getting donated breast up 25% during the past week. >> we do get specific requests, from individuals, looking to inquire about human milk because they cannot find formula or the formula they are buying is not available. >> reporter: you must have a prescription in order to get donated breast milk. the number of moms wanting to donate breastmilk is up, as well. the mac donors are mentioned they are donating because of the formula shortage. others are reaching out to be donors to help babies in the community. >> reporter: volunteers step in to help moms feed their babies. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. they will try again tomorrow. conditions are too dangerous for firefighters to go through with a controlled burn that was planned. fire protection district scheduled the burn, but had to cancel it because of wind.
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the burning protects homes by getting rid of weeds and brush that could become fuel during a wildfire. officials say fire activities are ahead of last year and the drought is making things worse. >> exterior fires are up 20%. over the first four months of this year, compared to last year. we ran 100 more exterior fires than last year at this time. we are concerned about how the moisture and the weather that we are experiencing is contributing to an increase of fires that we are seeing. >> if the weather cooperates, the fire will burn in an open space in rodeo tomorrow from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. controlled burns are the easy way, and are scheduled to continue through may 27. let's bring in jeff, talking but heat that is coming our way in the next several days and >> as a move to the next couple days, we see the sea breeze moving but i am not expecting a
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major wind event of gus of 50 miles per hour. the localized wind issue in martinez, along with that delta breeze. as we take it into our forecast, we had some areas, near average, other areas low average. the average, 75, san francisco, a chilly 59 degrees, san jose, 70. all areas are going above average, with hotter weather. i will detail that for you in just a little bit. i want to take it into tomorrow's forecast. here is what i see happening. that storm track is off to the north, which will bring his rain towards washington and oregon. we will be on the dry side, but i think it will help temperatures warm up tomorrow. you can see some areas of fog near the peninsula, a little bit for the east bay, and down towards gilroy, with patchy fog as we head into the afternoon. then, we get sunshine. it temperatures to start tomorrow morning, no big issues. you might need a light jacket
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as you rush from the car and into work. it temperatures in the upper 40s and low fifth. over the east bay, you're starting off at 52, looking good, a few clouds in north. daytime highs are warming up a few degrees. i think we can manage with this just fine, 80 in morgan hill, 70 in cupertino. east bay has isolated heat towards concord and antioch, but you can see the trend as we had closer to the bay. those numbers drop off a 71 in oakland and its frigid at the immediate coastline, which is typical. out to redwood city, 70. isolated 70s in san francisco this past weekend, 83 in napa, 79 in nevada. looking all good, but we do have the hotter weather coming in from an area of high pressure. i think i will bring the hottest day of the work week as we hit wednesday's forecast. i wanted to show you a 10 day,
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we have heat for wednesday. 92, dropping to 80s, thursday, friday, saturday, and backup sunday and monday. a lot of our inland valleys will mirror this forecast and drop down the following week. two heat events in the next 10 days. 70s wednesday, with on and off 70s monday and wednesday. warm wednesday, 91, and weekend is looking good, jessica, your day, definitely on sunday. i see it now. >> 90, sizzling. up next, the mayor and contra costa county says he has had enough. his new plan to crack down on sideshows. we will explain.
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vowing to crack down on sideshows after two big ones over the weekend. he tweeted this video, dozens of people, from a sideshow attacking a police car. this is from one of the two sideshows, in antioch, on saturday night. antioch is a no sideshow zone and expects police to find the people in that video and hold them accountable. police say they have made two arrests so far. twitters future is hanging in the balance. shares have lost all of their gains and elon musk announce, last month, goodbye twitter for $44 billion the stock tumbled 7% today, to $37.80. investors are dumping the stock, worried that elon musk will withdraw his author. offer. he tweeted the deal was on hold until he finds out more about how wide red fake account are on that platform. as we head toward memorial day weekend, huber is announcing new features. they
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include an option to book a party bus or a passenger van. there is an itinerary feature to book rides during extended trips, like a vacation. sports fans can order huber eats and postmates directly to some stadiums, including paypal park in san jose. covering tuition, how stanford law school is determining which students they want to help out. let's take a look. lester holt preparing for nightly news, on location, in buffalo, new york, the site of the latest mass shooting. one of the top stories is the alarming rise in hate crimes. lester joins us in upstate new york in about four minutes.
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many law students at stanford no longer have to take break the bank to get there during degrees. >> the university will cover tuition for low income law students with the family income
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of less than $42,000 or independent students who make less than $20,000 a year. the annual tuition at stanford law school is more than $60,000. a few months ago, yale launched ace similar program for law students who also need financial support. what is the replacement theory, and how did it fuel 18- year-old gun meant, alleged gunman in buffalo new york. we speak with bay area professors and break down the theory which targets immigrants and the jewish people. that story and more coming up at 7:00. the world is shaken by that mass shooting on americans oil. the community in buffalo, in morning. what local officials are calling a racist hate crime, how could it have happened again? lester holt anchors nightly news from buffalo, right now. special coverage from buffalo, the shooting at a supermarket. the 18-year-old accused of killing of 10 in a
6:30 pm
predominantly black neighborhood was previously spotted in buffalo back in march and witnesses are telling me they saw him at the store the day before the shooting, being investigated as a racist hate crime. please confirm that he posted a 180 page racist rant, and warning sirens signs were missed. tonight, the fbi opening another hate crime investigation into the shooting at a california church, one killed and five injured. all members of the taiwanese community. police say the shooter change the doors and open fire. how brave churchgoers subdued him, and the major baby maker formula baby close down over safety concerns. how soon could an impact of the shortage. tracking severe storms along the east coast. tens of millions on alert.


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