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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  May 16, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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next, hon nbc bay area news, not just the massacre in buffalo but the apparent motive behind this mass shooting. we are taking a deeper look at the great replacement theory that is spreading and how it may have played a role in this tragedy. shot and killed by louisville police, two bay area artists are making sure brianna taylor's legacy lives on. the message they are sending, with their second sculpture. the search continues for baby formula. tonight, some answers, with the fda, and what a major formula maker has agreed to do. and are you masking up? we asked and you answered.
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good evening, a lot happening on this monday. let's start with the baby formula shortage. why so much attention to the story? more than 40% of the most popular brands of formula are out of stock. that is alarming to a lot of families, and specifically, babies. there is hope for american families. late today, baby formula maker, abbott, reached an agreement with the fda to reopen a plant that had closed down to start making more formula. i would agree to address sanitary conditions that led to the contamination of their formula at their michigan plant. here at home, mother's milk bank in san jose has been offering breastmilk to mom's who need it for their babies. demand has gone up 25% in san jose. you need a doctors prescription in order to get donated breastmilk. for the first time, we are hearing from the man who got shot during an altercation with enemy fighter cain velasquez, during a bail hearing in san jose.
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paul bender, who was in the car that velasquez was allegedly chasing and firing at for several miles told the judge that he will fears for his life. bender is the stepfather to this man, harry gillard, charged with molesting a close family member of cain velasquez. at the family day care in sam martin. bender told the judge that he lost function of his fingers on his right hand and can no longer work. the judge denied bail for cain velasquez, calling the shooting a reckless disregard for human life. >> not only are they fearful, of their lives, from cain velasquez, there have been individuals that have followed them, and individuals that have sat outside their home, waiting for them to leave. they are very fearful. >> on the flipside, velasquez is lawyers, said the wrong man is behind bars. he proposed a $1 million bond and proposed that velasquez be held in an unlocked facility in texas, or a locked facility in
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california, with an ankle monitor. the judge in san jose refused those proposals. other stories we are watching, sadly, this is a familiar sequence after a mass shooting, we see friends, family members, and community members gathering to honor and remember victims did this was the scene tonight at bethel gospel assembly in harlem, new york. the mayor of new york city, eric adams, was leading the vigil. harlem is six hours away from buffalo, but the effect of the shooting has triggered national response. the gunmen in buffalo opened fire inside of a grocery store and killed 10 people on saturday night. investigators say he was motivated by racial hatred and drove about 200 miles to target black people. he picked this neighborhood because it's predominantly black. they believe he planned to leave that grocery store to find more victims but he was confronted and captured. dr. laurent martin,
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director of the mlk research and education institute at stanford, and nolan higdon, video studies lecture at cal state east bay. it's nice to have you both on the program. we got to the sickening dance on a regular basis. we are trying to process another mass shooting. this seems to be different. the buffalo shooter wrote that 180 page manifesto and wrote about the great replacement theory, which is nonwhite people coming into united states to replace white voters, to achieve their own political agenda. dr. martin, we will start with you. what is right, what is wrong, from your point of view? >> well, it is a myth, first and foremost. that is the problem with it. it goes back to a long history in this country, as well as in europe, around ideas that white stability and security are under threat by a cabal of people, mostly jewish brothers
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and sisters who are using communities of color and immigrants to replace white brothers and sisters. this is a myth that is motivated a great deal of violence in american history. >> a few well-known conservatives, and camera to talk about this great replacement theory. nolan, this is on tv in social media, how effective is this, in terms of how widespread it is? >> it is quite widespread. racism and social media are quite a toxic combination. obviously, racism and white supremacy predate the internet, but this network model produces racist content, and the goal is to keep users addicted to their screen so they can, you know, collect their data and analyze it and sell the analysis. some of the content, keeping
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users on the screen is that which appeals to fear and anger. baseless white supremacist conspiracy the theories are laden with fear and anger. the platforms often privilege that content and reinforce it, which further allows people to act on that content in violence ways >> fear and anger does so. the great replacement there is anti-immigrant, you talked about that, anti-jewish. it assumes, correct me if i'm wrong, that most people of country who are new to this country will vote democrat and not republican. it is certainly not the case. >> certainly. we know that a number of immigrant communities vote in very different ways. we can see how the great replacement theory is motivated by a certain kind of white supremacist thought and racist logic. against all people of color, and it assumes that somehow all, all people of color are somehow against white brothers and sisters in this country.
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unfortunately, what it shows is how white brothers and sisters in this country, not all, but many, especially those who espouse the great replacement theory, cannot imagine power and influence outside of the ways that often it has been used in this country, and that is to be reckless and abusive to people. we know that the power can be exercised in different ways, and unfortunately, this great replacement theory puts forward that somehow, if people who are not white are put into power, that somehow, white stability and white security are threatened. we know that those are myths and we know that that is based on stereotypes. >> is a damaging that we are talking about this right now, did you talk about this with your students, is that he get to come, or are at we are we at the peak of this theory right now? >> talk about american history all the time in my class, i'm an american historian. we have to talk about these
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issues. education is one of the keys that we have to use if we are ever going to stop this gorge. we have to talk about the history of this country so we understand there is no such thing as a lone wolf. he was not radicalized, or brought to this extremist. by himself. he actually was nurtured in this idea and socialized in this idea and part of it is based in american history. we have to be honest about that. >> on the social media side, it spread so quickly. social media companies, including twitter, said they are cracking down on conspiracy theories and all sorts of thing. is it the right to do that? will lawmakers get involved at some point? >> i can predict the future of what lawmakers will do, but it's worth noting that algorithms do what humans tell them to do. as a result, they reflect the bias of their creator. big tech has consistently revealed that it's racist attitudes are in their algorithms and studies show that the reinforce racism in
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search engine results, the determinations they make about folks, eligibility for social services and employment, or potential criminality. it is not surprising that big tech is not adequately addressing racism on their platforms. silicon valley has shown time and time again to repeat these racist attitudes and the products they create. >> gentlemen, we can speak about this for hours on end but we appreciate your time this evening. thank you so much. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. as covid infections continue to rise across the bay area, public health officers, as reported last week, and seven counties, issued a joint recommendation for all of us to go back to wearing a mask indoors. san francisco infection rates are now double to the national average. public health experts say this is because more people are visiting the bay area, and most travel unmasking roles have been lifted. let's look at san francisco's
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numbers. these cases are broken down by vaccination status. the seven day average for unvaccinated patients is 82, and those who are vaccinated, you see that 70 average nearly 40 cases. let's bring in dr. monica gandhi, a disease specialist. it's great to have you on the program. just very quickly, usually we think oh my gosh, san francisco is protected because of high vaccination rates. why is it spreading quickly, double the national average? >> so, i think you can see that this is been shown, that counties with higher rates of natural infections actually have lowercase rates right now. is what we call hybrid immunity, and san francisco in general kept themselves more free of infections, and now, when we have a more transmissible variant, it is coming to us. this has been shown all around the country. places with high rates of natural immunity and vaccinations are keeping their rates lower than place of lower rate. >> interesting.
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whether masking is effective or not, is a whole different conversation. even at ucsf, using more people masking indoors? >> i mean, we all have to mask indoors, right now. i'm hoping that we cannot do that around each other when we are not around patients, because people want to get back. there has not been demonstrated effectiveness of mask mandate to bring down cases. i think we all know this. everyone has looked at the data, from florida versus california, you know, cases go up and they come down. it could be because we are all kind of wearing different types of mass, the masks don't prevent transmission and are falling off our noses i think anyone who wants to mask should and, they have to wear a tightfitting mask, they needed and 95, k and 95, or kf 94. if we put back mask mandate, it
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won't make cases go down. >> if someone gets covid, they are thinking okay, maybe, i am positive right now or maybe i could be in the next couple weeks with the surge, do you recognize the antivirals, and are the easy to get? >> yes, they are pretty easy to get. remember, these have been studied in unvaccinated populations, but they are approved from the fda for vaccinated, at risk of severe breakthroughs. i would encourage anyone who is warbled to get that, anyone vulnerable for a severe breakthrough, these are easy to come through and it will reduce symptoms. it's more effective than tamiflu is for the flu. >> thank you, dr. monica gandhi. i appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. this leads us to the question of the day. will you start masking again?
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lisa says, i never stopped wearing and and 95. the pandemic is not over and with the new continuing new variance, it's better to be proactive and protect yourself by masking. i am boosted but i don't know when i will feel safe again to not wear a mask indoors. stephen writes, outside, no, no mask. indoors in public places, i am always wearing that mask. gina says, masking up in crowded places, such as the grocery store, retail shops, or outdoor areas with large crowds, lots of people coughing and not masking, you never know, nowadays. thank you for your responses on our social media pages. up next, honoring brionna taylor, how bay area artists are making sure her story is not forgotten. you are watching nbc bay area news, tonight. russian missile strikes crumble cities in ukraine. refugees are arriving. masks are coming off and we are here to help you move on. climate change is extreme. we are seeing it return. how do you keep people safe? >> what is the community impact?
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>> breaking news, jeff is next. everybody was a big-time action. how will that morning commute go? clara
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and this touchscreen is my command center. ♪ ♪ my command center... the 2022 silverado lt. find new control. find new roads. very well-qualified buyers can get 1.9% financing on all 2022 silverado 1500 pickups. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. welcome back to nbc bay area news. for many people, there is unfinished business when it comes to brianna taylor, the 26-year-old black medical worker who was shot and killed by louisville kentucky police back in 2020.
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shooting happened during a botched raid on her apartment. her death, along with the death of george floyd, were two catalyst for the demonstrations we saw in 2020. no one has been charged in trent 25 death, but that does not mean her legacy is lost. two open artists are working on their second sculpture of brionna taylor. the first was destroyed. this is video from december, 2020. you can see the aftermath. this is not stopping the artist and their mission. joining me is leo carson and herbert martinez, the artist behind the sculpture that will go up on telegraph and broadway in downtown oakland. nice to have you on the program, i appreciate your time. were you surprised that the first sculpture was damaged and vandalized? >> i did not know what was going to happen when we installed it the first time. i think, angry and determined to fight back is more accurate than just, surprised. >> you have spent the last 17
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months creating a sculpture of brianna taylor. what message do you hope to send with the second piece? >> being a part of exciting and challenging new work, as artist, volunteering our time for you know, something like this, is a must. hopefully we can bring back a little hope and unity to the people of oakland. >> doing the sculpture is a physical way to honor her, but is there an emotional link for you in the community? >> we have so much more to win, that i think that i can even think about that yet. i just wanted the sculpture to inspire movements in the streets that are continuing to fight for black freedom. >> what goes into this, in terms of how you get this done? take us behind the scenes.
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>> well, first, you've got to start with steel, and then once the fabrication is done, you have to engineer it. the base of the sculpture, as well as the bronze that sits on top, actually serves as a vessel that actually contains the original vandalized base. that is the back of the sculpture and you will be able to see the original base, and a marshall original sculpture. it is a lot of man hours. welding, sanding, and you know, eventually you get it to this point. >> a lot of people are appreciating watching tonight. final question, is there fear that this might happen again, and what could prevent it from the second sculpture being vandalized? >> i think that, there will be a target on this sculpture. the reason that we are remaking it, in bronze and steel is to
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make it more permanent and more resilient, and that is, you know, the mandate given to us by the huge response of fundraising to rebuild the statue. >> there has been a big response. thank you so much for your time tonight. >> thank you. just ahead, how about this. a mill valley teenager asked to play with pearl jam over the weekend in oakland. we will tell you how this story came about. stay with us. ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge.
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♪♪ keep a close eye on the drummer. in north bay teenager got to live out his dream and perform with pearl jam over the weekend. yeah, pearl jam, the famous band, playing at the oakland arena. the drummer tested positive for covid, so other drummers have
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been filling in. that is where we bring in mill valley teenager, kind inkerman, who plays in a band and mill valley called the alive and knows any better, pearl jam's lead singer. a good connection to have. he is a student at tam high school and said he sent the daughter, a friend, playing a pearl jam. he was in class when he found out about the gig. >> it was surreal, playing with them. it was an insane crowd. he called me up, and at the end of the show, he told me, really great job, man. >> jeff, is this the coolest story we have done in the last several days? he did not miss a beat. he was rocking. huber hrsa the song with the band before the show, and eddie vedder introduced him on stage in front of 20,000 people and afterward said, good job. we got to give him a plug, right? his band is called the alive.
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the live is playing up on a rock later this month. >> with the pressure of the crowd and everything. he is in it. >> that's amazing. >> he has drummer hair. >> we will comes to you, take away, jeff point the mac nice job. let's get you to the forecast. it was cooler today compared to the weekend. as we had there tomorrow, what i see happening is the storm track just off to the north. that will get washington and oregon some rain. we will be on the dry side, but as the numbers warming up tomorrow. we will begin with the 50s, near the coast and the bay. as we had to the afternoon, temperatures will be in the upper 70s and low 80s inland. that puts you at 83 in santa rosa and 81 in concorde, san jose, 77. oakland and palo alto low 70s and san francisco half moon bay mix the 50s and 60s. sunshine tomorrow, with the breeze. we will definitely be able to get through this, but there is going to be hotter weather on the way. hang on. when we hit wednesday,
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we have more heat returning. i wanted to show you 10-day forecast because this will be one of two different heat event coming in the next 10 days. warmer weather on wednesday, up to 90, dropping off thursday, friday, and saturday, back up to 90s heading into sunday and monday. now, the changes in san francisco will be minimal. i see 70s as we had through it wednesday with on-and-off wind about 15 to 30 miles per hour and we will drop it off it in the 60s thursday, friday, saturday, and backup monday and sunday. inland valleys are hotter, as we talked about, 91 on wednesday and we are back up into the upper 80s and low 90s saturday and sunday, and low 90s will continue next monday. big heat, coming on and great weather for music, outside and maybe some of our new friends music. >> yes, the alive. >> they need to start doing performances right now. thank you. that will do for us, 7:00.
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for everyone at nbc bay area, thank you for joining us. enjoy your evening, and we hope to see you back, at 1:00.
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