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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 16, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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felt here in the bay area. >> acknowledge this city is not immune. >> community leaders coming together in san francisco with a call to action. cracking down on sideshows. a warning from antioch's mayor after a police car was vandalized. the bay area family knows how dangerous it can be. warm temperatures on the way. i will have details on to round of heat headed for the bay area. our kids ready for a covid booster? how soon it could be approved for ages 5-11. good evening. we go through this on a regular basis. after a mass shooting we see the outpouring of love, support, prayers. tonight, it is happening in new york and out in southern california. >> this is how it looked at the
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area from buffalo. it shows the impact of the shooting where 10 people died. tomorrow morning, president biden and the first lady will travel to buffalo. mr. biden expected to meet with local officials and the families of the victims. federal agents from the counterterrorism units spent the day at the crime scene at the tops grocery store in buffalo. the 18-year-old is behind bars. investigators say he was motivated by racial hatred and drove about 200 miles to target back black people. a lot of questions being answered in the wake of the mass shooting. in buffalo, they want to know why as. in san francisco, religious, political, and all leaders asking what are we going to do about it. >> it is evil. it is un-american. it still does not have a right to exist. >> the reverend amos brought at san francisco's third baptist church condemning hatred and bringing community leaders from both sides of the bay.
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this is in response to the shooting a buffalo that killed 10 and proposed to local policies to prevent things like that from happening here. >> we in san francisco acknowledge this city is not immune from the same virus. >> the 18-year-old suspect was wearing full body armor and tactical gear, had driven 200 miles to get to buffalo and was live streaming the horror online as he shouted racist slurs has mostly black victims. >> this is an absolute racist hate crime. this is someone that has hate in their soul and mind. >> we are learning more about the victims like andre mcneil killed in the grocery store while shopping for a birthday cake for his three-year-old son. >> getting ready for a birthday party. that is why andre went to tops, to bed get a birthday cake.
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a birthday cake. >> combating racist hate head- on, the topic of third baptist church for community, police, educational, and business leaders. >> we must stand together in peace because if we are together in the piece, there is one thing i remember as a child from the 60s. that is always power to the people. >> we have to be proactive. we have to find ways to build bridges, spread love and solidarity. >> had enough asian. let's be united . mac
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still desperate for answers and now, more reward money to help find a missing woman from the east bay. the reward fund is now at the $60,000. the city of oakley started the fund with $10,000 in april. an anonymous donor has contributed another $50,000. police suspect foul play. they released a surveillance video of a person of interest. the reward money will go to anyone with information that leads to gabe's whereabouts. it is certain morning for the warning of antioch. no sideshows in the city. will it work? this comes after a rowdy sideshow over the weekend. a patrol car was vandalized and kicked five people behind it. one family knows have first-hand dangerous these sideshows can be and believes more needs to
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be done to stop them. >> it is every day i think about it. i look across the street and i can remember seeing him later. >> linda and jerry had said no firsthand sideshows are dangerous and can kill. seven years ago, there send to me, ran into the street to stop someone from doing donuts in front of their home. there 47-year-old son was runover, dragged, and died from his injuries. >> when they do that, they get to step on the hand. but he does anything to them. >> officials have bowing to crack down after responding.
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>> if you come to antioch your vehicle will be and pounded 30 days costing you or your parents $3000. >> this in their possible nation . other cities have taken a tough stand on sideshows like oakland where they handed out 17 citations and making at least two arrest. >> it is sad. it was something we would get >> there is no answer.
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he was rushed to the hospital and died. betty the 19th pedestrian killed in san jose this year. release more details about the crash soon. the man who was shot during an altercation with mma star cain velasquez spoke up the first and . paul bender was in the car that velasquez was following. bender has lost function in the fingers of his right hand and he cannot work and he fears for his life. >> down the are --
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>> attorneys for velasquez say the wrong man is in jail. we are learning more about the victim of a deadly hate crime attack at a church in southern california. he rushed the gunman during the attack and the the new with. >> it is no doubt there will be numerous additional victims. >> armed with two handguns and a bag of molotov cocktails, the shooter wounded five others before being taken down.
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the victims range in age from 52-92. last suspect -- abbott reached an agreement with the fda to reopen a plant and start making more formula. they agreed to address sanitary conditions that led to the formula being. despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent during the pandemic to help the problem, the homeless population is growing. the data is out and only one county. the biggest issue is
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the lack of affordable housing as the bay area suffers from the greatest income inequality in the nation. the report shows the number of homeless people compared to thieves who --. advocates point to positives. the rate of the increases was much lower and the number of people getting into shelters or housing increase in every county. >> where the -- struck macbeth
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several more hundred today. most of those people are in shelters. most of the people, almost all of our homeless families are sheltered. >> he says what is needed is more funding for homes along with less red tape to build a portal affordable housing. >> we have approximately 29 low income apartments available for every 100 households that needs an apartment. we have a severe lack of affordable housing bay area white. >> advocates are asking to use nearly $100 billion surplus. homeless services are offered on-site. counties are required to do this
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pick a final count,. the covid booster for kids, houston the fda is expected to be okay. a landed a plane with no experience. what went through this passenger's mind when the pilot suddenly passed out? we have the exclusive interview. temperatures continue to play -- to remain cool but i will have details on two rounds of heat.
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the washington post is reporting the fda is expected to authorize booster shots of the pfizer vaccine to children 5-11 s&s tomorrow. announcement expert who
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councils the cdc will meet thursday and they are expected to recommend boosters for that age group as well. the director will likely agree. the cdc says only 28% of children 5-11 have been fully vaccinated. covid infections continue to spread. last week most of the help officers in the bay area issued a joint recommendation for all of us to go wearing masks indoors. they stopped short of making it mandatory. there is a lot of covid-19 virus circulating through the bay area which is why public health officials are making a uniformed recommendation on indoor masking. >> more than double the national average. new cases in friends in san francisco, for example. the variance we have now is
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more transmissible than before. >> there are a few reasons infections continue to rise. more people are traveling and san francisco has a reliable testing infrastructure so the city can monitor pretty accurately. >> many recommend they wear their masks inside because of rising infections. there are some businesses that are tired of masking. >> i went in with it not quite over my nose. i was standish like yeah right. >> infections are increasing in the bay area but are not yet close to the spike was our early this year. hospitalizations are not rising as fast either.
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he doesn't think counties will require indoor masking because of high vaccination rates and the availability of therapeutics. >> you figure out where you can get it, who will write the prescription some law student at stanford will no longer have to worry about how to pay for the degrees. the university will cover tuition for low income law students. the annual tuition at stanford law is more than $60,000 a year. many companies in the country continue to support a woman's right to choose. today, starbucks will cover travel expenses for employees seeking abortions or gender affirming procedure. a and amazon, apple, microsoft, and salesforce to name a few. a
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woman must have no access to services within 100 miles of her home to be eligible. condition too dangerous for firefighters to go through. the fire protection district scheduled the burn but it was canceled because of the wind. be bernie helps protect homes. fire officials say fire activity is ahead of last year and the drought is making things much worse. >> the exterior fire is throughout 25% with over the first four months of the year compared to last year. we had 100 more exterior fires . gift the work off right.
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they may have to postpone this until the sea breeze starts to calm down. as we head through the forecast temperature should warm a couple of degrees. will start off with areas of fog near the coastline down here toward gilroy and possibly some patchy fog. then, we will clear it out through lots of sunshine. i don't see any problems as you head and commute. upper 40s and low 50s.
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right up against coasted is going to be downright cold. we usually see that this time of the year. san francisco has some isolated sentences past weekend. to take a look at a 10-day forecast. the first round of heat on wednesday. 93 here in concorde. it will drop thursday, friday, saturday into some 80s and we make a backup as we move
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through. sunday is calling your name. i know you like heat. it is looking pretty good. up next, they are hoping to take you on a new type of right. the new options that may be helpful for you, your friends and family. twitters future a bit and the deal is on hold until they
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found out how widespread fake accounts are on the platform. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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the official start of summer nears, uber is introducing an itinerary feature to help book rides during an extended trip. for sports fans you can order sports mate that some stadiums . mike eruzione incredible story that captured of the world's attention last week. i florida man landing a plane with no fire -- flying experience after the pilot suddenly became conscience. only two others were on board.
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suddenly, the pilot went unconscious from the plane when into a nosedive over and opened ocean. harrison with no flying experience got in contact with air traffic control the controller was also a part-time client. >> i know it was a life or death situation. do what you have to do to control the situation where you are going to die. that is what i did. >> so calm. the pilot suffered an aortic i know something was hospitalized and expected to be okay >> he is just the superhero. so cool! >> we are back in a moment. we will check in with the dallas mavericks who i live in town, tomorrow. stay with us.
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♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. are you ready? here come the dallas mavericks tomorrow. they arrive in san francisco for the conference final. >> games 1 and 2 at chase center wednesday and friday. $17,000 for one courtside seat.
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the 23-year-old superstar for dallas. the best way to go against a team with young talent? stay grounded. >> the warriors are favored by 5 points. baseball tonight, the giants in denver.
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a teenager got in the about his dream and perform her pearl
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jam. he plays in a band called life and knows india betters daughter. he sent a video of himself playing a pearl jam song to her. >> that is so cool. >> they are playing at bottle rock later this month. he is play at bottom. >> playing with pearl jam? he looks like a rockstar. >> his band is called, "the alive." we will go and see them play. of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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