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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 17, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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. this is what's going to happen if you make threats you are going to get arrested, and then i am going to prosecute you. >> straight talk from the eerie county d.a. in the wake of the buffalo shooting we are learning more about the victims and the hate-filled massacre and the great replacement theory, repeated by members of congress and cable news hosts. we're live from washington
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with the biden administration's plan to get more baby formula o onto shelves sooner rather than later. and we'll take you into the courtroom for the latest in the trial of amber heard and johnny depp we begin this morning with a horrific shooting that killed ten people at a buffalo supermarket. president biden and the first lady are traveling to the city today to visit with families of victims and first responders good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning. president biden arrives in the city of buffalo 2today, a city still reeling with shock and investigators are revealing more
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about the planning of the attack in buffalo, a memorial for the ten people killed in saturday's massacre is growing outside the store where it happened. while just steps away, local and federal agents continue their search for evidence. the accused gunman drove 200 miles to buffalo specifically to kill black people. >> it appears he had hatred in his heart long before he traveled to buffalo. > >> an 86-year-old mother and grandmother. a man in the supermarket buying cupcakes >> reporter: the distraught family of ruth whitfield, called for people who radicalized whit supremacists to be prosecute. >> how dare you! this needs to be fixed
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>> reporter: investigators now believe the accused gunman planned to leave the market to find more victims before police confronted and captured him. he visited buffalo earlier than first thought. >> information has also come as a result of some of this investigation that the individual was here a few months ago, back in early march >> reporter: a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news the accused gunman's parents are shocked and are cooperating with the investigation. the parents claimed they had no idea their son was planning any sort of violence and the accused gunman is scheduled to be in court again on thursday. his attorneys had originally asked that he undergo a mental health eavaluation, but yesterdy they rejected that request in the aftermath of the deadly shooting in buffalo, liz cheney say accusing gop house
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members of enabling white supremacy and anti-semitism. law enforcement officials say the 18-year-old shooting suspect wrote and shared a manifesto online, promoting the idea of the great replacement there ritherey >> reporter: it has its roots in prance, popularized by a writer. he pushes lies about non-white immigrants wanting to make non-white-europeans extinct. it's a tenet of white supremacist ideology it's got a few main elements, including rhetoric about invasion by people of color, lies about voter replacement and
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anti-semitism. it's been referenced a lot, like at charlottesville and these white supremist lies influence others like 51 dead at a new zealand mosque 23 dead at a walmart in el paso or just this weekend in buffalo. ten people dead, killed because they were black. a theory once seen as fringe now alluded to in mainstream conservative circles like fox news. >> democrats plan to change the population of the country. >> reporter: to one of the top republicans in the house congressman elyise stefanik her comments are facing push back from some republicans like
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liz cheney who calling on others to reject those views and those who hold them. more details are emerging about the suspect in the deadly c church shooting. miguel almaguer reports the heroic act of one victim likely prevented a greater tragedy. >> reporter: investigators say the mass shooting on a taiwanese congregation, the gun-hadman ha sealed some locks with super glue the suspect a u.s. citizen born in china who authorities say sought out the taiwanese group specifically, calling it a politically-motivated hate incident during the attack. 52-year-old dr. john chang
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rushed the gunman, jamming his weapon, allowing other church goers to tie him up. armed with two handguns and a bag of molotov cocktails, the shooter wounded five others before he was taken down the victims ranged in age from 52 to 92 the suspect, a las vegas security guard drove 275 miles to get here. in his car, veinvestigators say they found notes of hatred of taiwanese people >> the majority were elderly, and they acted spontaneously and heroically >> reporter: members of the church had greeted the suspect
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warmly when he an i rarrived, unaware that he would target them later miguel almaguer, lageuuna woods, california new developments in the nationwide baby formula crisis one of the top manufacturers have getting ready to open back up joining us is brie jackson >> reporter: one of the major producers of baby formula, abbott, has reach add aed an agn to reopen its plant in michigan the company can restart production in two weeks. it has been closed since february over bacteria possibly linked to infant illnesses the company says there's no conclusive evidence linking that formula to those illnesses meanwhile, the fda is easing restrictions on global manufacturers to ship formula into the u.s
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>> we don't expect at the last, at the end of the year, by any means. we're taking a number of measure, including getting all the manufacturers to step up, getting the sturgis pralant up n going but importing product that was intended for other countries. >> reporter: this shortage is hitting low-income families particularly hard. up to 68% is purchased through the government program wic it may take abbott another six to eight weeks from the start of production before their formula hits store shelves >> six too e eight weeks is a lg time when you have a little one to feed. the war in ukraine has pushed mcdonaldes to pull
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completely out of russia they say it is inconsistent with mcdonald's values. meanwhile, the senate voted to advance a spending package for ukraine, many objected to the $40 billion amount mitch mcconnell supports the aid package, which the white house hopes will see a final vote this week nbc's jay gray joins us live from lviv. good morning tell us what the situation is on the ground at this hour. >> reporter: good morning, frances. two missiles striking the lviv area overnight, air raid sirens throughout the early morning hours. we're learning air defense systems did take several down but others striking whatsa milis a
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military stratraining facility. in mariupol, situation changing dramatically overnight as well wounded ukraine fighters inside t that steel plant taken into russian-occupied territories right now we told though are working on an exchange procedure to bring all of those soldiers home ukraine officials saying the job in mariupol is over and they want to make sure they can rescue the soldiers they call heroes of the fight here, soldiers who extended the fight and allowed them to make moves in other directions to push back russian troops and that continues to happen in the kharkiv region where we know ukraine forces have pushed russian forces back significantly. some reports saying they're back to the russian border at this point. it's clear that the russian war plan remains focussed on
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controlling the coastline and the most intense fighting continues there. frances? >> jay, thank you. heat in the south as we head into your tuesday. michelle grossmann has all the details. >> good morning to you both. yes, we are so hot so early in the season, feeling like july for so many of us. the jet stream so far to the north, just et willinletting thr come in. dallas, 96 degrees, 12 degrees above what is normal midland, texas looking at 101. even charlotte is at 88, 95 in montgomery look what happens toward the end of the workweek. temperates iurn bismarck, 69
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all right, guys, when i come back in just a bit, we will look at those storms in parts of the central plains "early today" is back in a minute with the athlete the jumping to help buffalo in its time of need and y liwhpoce now believe a shooting at a dallas hair salon was also a hate crime. that's when we started using swiffer. in just a few minutes, duster captures dust before it gets airborne. it traps and locks dust in one swipe. yes! for our floors, sweeper's heavy duty cloths easily trap dust, dirt and hair... locking it in. see ya, dust! and swiffer partners with the american lung association to support clean air. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the burning, itching.
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shootings have been connected to a dark red or maroon mini van. micah hyde is donating a portion of a charity softball game to families of the victims in buffalo and thomas says he and former teammate will head to buffalo later this week. five states are holding primary elections today, but all eyes are on pennsylvania where the race is packed with last-minute twists fetterman is still in the hospital but says he will make a full recovery from stroke. it is a virtual tie between david mccormick, dr. oz and kathy barnette
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looming over it all is the subject of abortion, which could have a big impact on the results. still to come, primed for a fight. jeff bezos squares off with the biden administration over inflation. and new tas deilfrom another explosive day in the amber heard and johnny depp defamation trial. you want a sticker? for great checkups, crest has you covered... because crest pro-health protects 100% of your mouth for 24 hours. keep up the good work. now, from crest pro-health new densify. like bones, your teeth lose density overtime. but, crest has you covered. crest densify... actively rebuilds tooth density to extend the life of teeth. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. what could one strand of mrna do? it could change the future of medicine. it could change the lives of millions. see what mrna could do.
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coming up on the "today" show, more of savannah's exclusive interview with the man who landed a plane, and details about the pilot who suffered a cardiac event during that flight now to a major spat over inflation between the leader of the free world and one of the world's richest people, we're talking about president joe biden and jeff bezos
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>> very good morning to you. i don't fknow if madison square garden has seen anything like this but it was like godzilla versus king kong. the white house came out and said it doesn't require a leap of faith to figure out why jeff bezos doesn't want to talk about higher taxes for corporations or well thwealthy individuals. and they go on saying this is the guy who doesn't want unionization at amazon we're talking about inflation now at 8.3%. for the poor u.s. spender and we're going to get a look at retail sales for april so we're all focussed on whether these higher-priced goods, the
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higher cost of gasoline is starting to impact the way americans are spending so right now, bezos and biden are grab beibing the headlines, as always, it's you and me paying the price >> we are seeing hit after hit when we return, michelle has your tuesday fect.oras >> and the latest twist and turns of the amber heard-johnny depp defamation trial. guys, excuse me. i didn't quite get that. i'm hard of hearing. ♪♪ oh hey, don't forget about the tense music too. would you say tense? i'd say suspenseful. aren't they the same thing? can we move on guys, please? alexa, turn on the subtitles. and dim the lights. ok, dimming the lights. what makes febreze car vent clips different? febreze has steady release technology. just click, install and boom!
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test test test test test test test test test week five of the amber heard-johnny depp defamation trial has gotten under way after more than a week break heard was on the stand, and she was pressed about allegations of domestic violence and injuries she believes depp caused >> reporter: amber heard back on the stand, crfacing cross examination. >> mr. depp inyour victim, isn't he >> no, ma'am >> and you continued to abuse him publicly, by calling him an
4:27 am
abuser, d abuser didn't you? this is a picture of you and mr. depp the night of the event after the night you allegedly say he whacked you in the face so hard that he broke your nose. >> he did whack me in the face >> your face doesn't appear to be injured in any of these pictures, does it? >> i'm wearing makeup. >> and makeup covers up swelling, right? >> makeup will not cover up swelling >> reporter: and introducing a video where heard appeared on the james corden show on december 16, 2015 one day after she alleges he head but theed her and punched her in the face repeatedly >> you had a split mouth when you were moving your mouth that
4:28 am
way? >> i sure did. >> reporter: earlier in the day. heard's team wrapping up their questioning. >> don't call me a liar. that's all i say, don't call me a liar i >> do you believe all this >> yes, yes! >> you believe i'm an abuser >> reporter: heard saying she filed for divorce because she feared for her life. depp denies abusing her. it all comes in week five of the bombshell trial, already heard third day on the stand depp is suing her after an op ed where she describes herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse it doesn't name him but he says
4:29 am
clearly references him heard is counter suing for $100 million. the tragic life of the famous couple taking center stage >> thank you for starting your day with
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right now at 4:30. what could soon put more baby formula back in store shelves. our team breaks down the timeline for all parents. booster for kids. when the fda is expected to give the green light. the rollout expected. this is today in the bay live on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. here you go tuesday morning. good morning to


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