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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30. what could soon put more baby formula back in store shelves. our team breaks down the timeline for all parents. booster for kids. when the fda is expected to give the green light. the rollout expected. this is today in the bay live on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. here you go tuesday morning. good morning to you.
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let's take a look at the forecast this tuesday morning. what we can expect as we start the day. >> still pretty breezy out there. a live look outside of fremont. waking up to temperatures in the low 50s and still a southwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour. stronger wind coming through the delta and near the coast. we are going to have a closer to the day. typically we see clouds here and there. then clearing out as we go through late morning into the afternoon. you will notice this afternoon it will be a little warmer than yesterday. waking up to 77 in dublin. 75 oakland, 70 degrees about it. 60 degrees in san francisco. we reached the peak of the work tomorrow. two peaks that we will talk more about coming out. it might give you problems early. we had an issue on the pencil. they said the 101 is clear. we are north of palo alto as you head through san mateo, there was a crash where it
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looks like there is paperwork that remains now in the chp bladder which we cleared up. look at the map, you see the green in the area. everywhere else, basically the speed limit and no major problems. those for the early commute, the bay bridge, an bridge. gusty winds over night. the search for evidence is underway. but took a run we can. >> they will travel to buffalo. they expect to meet the families of the victims. we go to buffalo for more on what investigators are learning about the attack. >> reporter: memorial in buffalo for 10 people killed in the massacre saturday growing outside the store word happen. local and federal agents continue the search for
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evidence. building a murder case against 18-year-old payton gendron, he drove 200 miles to buffalo specifically to kill black people. >> it appears he had hatred in his heart long before he traveled to buffalo. >> reporter: agreement community now remembering 10 people whose lives were cut short. >> any six-year-old mother and grandmother. a man in the supermarket just buying cupcakes. >> reporter: a family with a beloved mother and grandmother the call for people to hold the white supremacist and radical as accountable. >> see was my mother and my best friend. how dare you. how dare you. this needs to be fixed. >> reporter: investigators believe the accused gunman plans to leave the market and find more victims before police captured him. it also appears he visited
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buffalo earlier than first thought. >> information has come as a result of some of the investigation that the individual was here a few months ago back in early march. >> reporter: senior law enforcement official says the accused governments parents are in shock and cooperating with the investigation. parents claim they had no idea their son was planning any sort of violence. quickly growing problem across the bay area. cities trying to crack down. this morning a stern warning is put out during a rowdy sideshow over the weekend. two separate sideshows after a mob of people started attacking the coast guard and shattering the windows. >> we want to remind organizers and participants of the shows if you come to antioch, your vehicle will be impounded 30 days, costing you or your parents $3000. but police say it resulted in
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at least one arrest in the sacramento area. kids will soon be eligible for the covid booster shot. the new york times reports the fda is expected to authorize the shot for the pfizer vaccine. this is ages 5 to11 as soon as today. then the cdc will meet thursday and they are expected to recommend boosters for that age group. the cdc director likely will agree with the group but parents may be torn. this morning, help for families scrambling to get baby formula. baby formula maker abbott reached agreements with the fda to reopen a plant to start making more formula. as agreed to the formula contaminated at the plant. after 40% of the most popular brenda formula are out of stock. a local expert says demand for
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breast milk has gone up by 25% here in the bay area. despite hundreds of millions of dollars for the pandemic probably housing problem is growing across the bay area. all-new data is out and only one county found a decrease. san francisco. advocates say the biggest issue is lack of affordable housing in the bay area suffers from income inequality in the nation. the report shows the number of homeless people with san francisco the only area to drop showing we are starting to make progress. as for santa clara county, a 3% increase now has over 10,000 homeless people. the highest points to the effects of the pandemic which
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put many out of work. despite that, advocates went to two positives. the rate of increase is much lower than previous counts and two, people getting into shelters or housing increased in every county. >> were glad it has up an increasing fester. we think it is largely due to a lot of prevention efforts in place during the pandemic including an eviction moratorium. the san jose housing department. >> there are several hundred more homeless people today unfortunately. most of the people are in shelters. most of those people, almost all of the homeless families are sheltered. >> reporter: he says moving forward needs more funding for more homes along with less red tape to build affordable housing fester. something the legislature is working on. >> right now we have only approximately 29 low income apartments available for every
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100 households that need an apartment. we have a severe lack of affordable housing bay area wide. >> reporter: there asking for the nearly $100 billion surplus with programs that gives cities and counties money to buy hotels and buildings and turn them into housing. homeless services also are offered on site. counties are required to do the homeless count every two years but did not last year during the pandemic. a final report for each county comes out in the summer as they strive to get the number of homeless on the street zero. not moving forward. ahead on today in the bay, why elon musk says the deal for twitter continues to be on hold and the changes he is demanding the tech company make. a new change with iphone users that they need to be aware of if you subscribe to apps on your smart phone. stay with us, you are watching today in the bay.
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here, the golden gate bridge, look at the beautiful shots. you also can see flashing lights moving up to the upper side of the screen. that's part of the crew starting to clear and getting ready for moving the center divide for the morning commute. not quite ready yet. let's check in. >> reporter: good morning. a mixed session yesterday with the doll giving up most gains in the final hour of trading and managed to close positive. the s&p 500 and nasdaq ending lower with the nasdaq now 20% lower from the all time high set back in november as tech stock continues to struggle amid worries of a possible recession. we have reports on retail sales and industrial production with earnings from walmart and home depot. elon musk says a deal to buy twitter to not move forward until the company provides proof on the number of people
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on the site with butts at less than 10%. 20% of users may be fake and the number could be higher. independent researchers estimate anywhere from 9-50% of the millions of twitter profiles are bots. twitter does not require users to use real identity and allows parity and fake profiles on the service per apple will not allow apple developers to charge customers when the price of a subscription increases but, only in certain cases previously users had to manually update renewal subscription if it came with a price bump. that won't happen although you still will be notified about the price change before it happens. apple says developer cannot raise the weekly or monthly some scripture more than 50% in the annual suspicion can be raised 50% but now $50 or more has to require users to opt in,
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back to you. >> both shocking at 50%. >> you can't raise more than 50%? that's pretty high. sounds huge. thank you. are we alone in the universe? next on today in the bay. for the present in 50 years, congress is holding a public hearing. what we expect to learn from intelligence officials in just a matter of hours. we will be right back.
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welcome back. a good tuesday morning. it's nice getting up early. >> it. >> we are waiting for the sun to rise. >> how i love when the sun comes up. . >> how are we looking? >> it's dark. things are moving nicely. one of the benefits of going early. look all around the bay. basically no disruption no foreclosures for construction. the typical restrictions. the amount of traffic building with lanes staying the same. were seeing more slowing and the arrow shows you the clearing, look at these times. 20 minutes to the 580 and the antioch bridge and also the
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altamont pass reference as far as the routes of the san mateo bridge, all three areas have higher wind . the antioch bridge and san mateo bridge also has a high rise and maybe some gusts, right? >> it's been pretty windy the past couple days. let me show you the wind gusts we have seen the past 24 hours. mostly 25 to 30 miles an hour from santa rosa to concord as well as oakland and san jose. check out san francisco. 44 mile-per-hour gusts. that will continue today. still a brisk breeze as temperatures come up a few more degrees. morgan hill reaching 80 this afternoon. we could see a high of 81 in gilroy and 76 degrees lapine it. mid 70s for danville today. 77 bay area. 75 oakland. 71 hayward. take a look at any of today. 84 degrees. we see upper 60s for san mateo and 78 for palo alto. upper 60s downtown. san francisco the north bay high anywhere from 74 in the
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valley to 84 in clearlake. as we go into this evening we are going to have a nice one for baseball. the a's. the first pitch at 6:40 will be about 66 degrees. a lighter winds going into sunset as well as later tonight, dropping back to the upper 50s late in the game. we have some quiet weather conditions here due to high- pressure not going anywhere. as we go into the next several days, no rain. also at times the temperatures just really warming up. coming down as we go into the next couple of days. today we are only reaching 82 degrees compared to 90 when we will see tomorrow. when we come down a few degrees for the end of the week, take a look at the weekend. right back up, all of these temperatures well above normal for this time of year. we should be in the low 70s for inland valleys. take a look at san francisco, this is where you go to escape the valley heat as well as the
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coastline because temperatures do not warm-up much more from what we have seen recently to the low 70s tomorrow and upper 60s the rest of the forecast. now it is time for climate in crisis. we are looking at sharing some of the first images from a stationary satellite launched march 1st. check out these birdseye views of the changing weather. this would not be possible without satellite. the orbit earth from over 22,000 miles above the equator. was at the same speed of the earth rotation. this helps track the weather phenomenon as it happens, providing high-resolution images to protect environment hazards such as wildfire, fog, dust storms and volcanic eruptions. satellites are crucial in the study of the climate and and worsens with the threat of your own fire season continuing in california you can see more
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climate stories on our website, just click on the climate in crisis tab. a new development and search for the missing oakland woman. every word to help find her is now at $60,000. she has been missing since january. police say she was last seen at her ex-boyfriend's home in antioch. police say he went back to the home and obtained more evidence . the also recently announced the discovery of a cell phone case not far from the home which may be tied to an unidentified man. surveillance footage where the car was found. u.s. lawmakers today done to the business of asking a question many of us may have found ourselves asking one time or another. are we alone? for the first time in more than 50 years, congress hold a public hearing on ufos. last year, intelligence leaders confirms dozens of sightings of military videos which cannot be explained. the congressman leading to these hearings hopes there are more answers in store.
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is strike two to 6% of sightings are unexplained. we really are not with weather balloons and drones and aircrafts and natural phenomenon. there are things that cannot be identified and may pose a risk to national security. >> why the full story on the today show following today in the bay at 7:00 a.m. now looking in the direction of the larger neighbor oakland to help families struggling to make it in the bay. council members will debate launching a new basic income program as soon as next year. staffers with possible options in a program funded through the federal pandemic really. if the trend is approved, some things could debut as soon as next summer. oakland and san francisco among the cities testing the basic income pilots program. the tri-city is about to get rowdy. next on today in the bay. the warriors take on the dallas mavericks in a bid to win the
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conference finals. san jose may launch enforcement of these states new law requiring and regulating single use food where . the requires food where and condiments and restaurants be made available only by request from the customer, even for takeout orders. to help limit the amount of plastic and other non-recycled waste in landfills. council members vote on a proposal during the regular meeting. we will be right back. it is 4:53.
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welcome back. students at stanford no longer have to worry about how to pay for their degrees . the university announced it will cover tuition for low income law students.
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a family income of less than $42,000 or, independent students who make less than $20,000 a year. right now the annual tuition at stanford law school is more than $60,000. the warriors four wins away from the nba finals. but there's a figure standing in their way. this is at the chase center tomorrow for the warriors they have to focus on stopping one in particular. the man is a force and just 23 years old. steph curry says the way to beat a young team starts with staying grounded. spot trying to come to the scene in the playoff with basketball. outside of that. we are hungry enough to know we've been on the radar the last year in terms of being realistic with the
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championship. spot tomorrow the tip off is after 6:00. if you are looking for tickets, they started a little over $200 on the resale market. >> that's really high it. here we go this morning. boosting supplies and restocking shelves. coming up at today in the bay. new developments of the much- needed baby formula and families desperate to get it to their babies. it is you get up and head out in oakland this morning, we have low 50s to start. it is going to be a really nice day. a little warm for inland areas. we talk more about that, coming up. looking to oakland with temperatures at fremont down with headlights. no major problems . crews are clearing some areas. we let you know if there is
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slowing with crew in san mateo i'm watching more closely than others and we show you that live, coming up.
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possible relief for frantic parents dealing with the nationwide baby formula shortage. a live report on the latest development that make it more product back on the shelves. plan from the white house and
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how should it make it a green light. elon musk causing more trouble for twitter and investors. will the government respond this time? this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire and apple tv. let's start out with a look at the forecast. tracking what we can expect, when do we see the warm-up? >> it starts today for the inland areas. we check out palo alto and we have a nice cool start to the morning. temperatures falling another couple degrees before we start to warm up. 9:00 we see temperatures at 58 degrees . the sky really clearing out and we had for the upper 60s at lunch time and take a look at the difference in temperatures we will see from the coastal areas reaching into the low 60s to the north bay reaching up to 84 in santa rosa and 87


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