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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> possible relief for frantic families dealing with the nationwide baby formula shortage. the latest development from washington that may help get more product back in the store shelves. covid vaccination booster for young children. we move you forward on the new white house plan on how soon they may get the green light. elon musk causing more trouble for twitter. maybe breaking more laws as well. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire and apple tv. tuesday morning is here. there is your whole team. good morning to you thank you so much for making us part of your morning. let's take a look in the south bay this morning. breaking through the clouds this tuesday morning, mike has a look at traffic a little later. >> we will. what we can expect today. how is it shaping up for is? >> it starting out nice and cool this morning across the bay area. here in the tri-valley heading out for a morning run or walk.
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maybe a light jacket because temperatures are in the upper 40s. take a look at the trends throughout the day as we continue to warm up quickly heading for the mid-70s by early in the afternoon eventually reaching 80 degrees there. it will be up to 83 in concord. still a comfortably warm day keeping it cool near the coast and in san francisco where we will stay in the 60s. we talk about more changes ahead and quell the forecast coming up in a few minutes. moving you forward this morning on the covid vaccine booster shot for young children. parents may reportedly get the green light as soon as today. for ages 5 to11 years old. live this morning, what the reaction from parents. >> the pediatric practices like this will be ready to deliver those as soon as they are authorized. metal parents in the age group or willing to be here for an
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appointed. take a look at the vaccination numbers for this age group 5 to 11. nationwide only 20% of the children are fully vaccinated. in california we are better but, not that much better. only 35%. the fda is moving forward on the booster authorization and could give the final go-ahead for elementary school-age children as early as today according to new york times and the washington post. after that happens, the cdc then needs to have their own recommendations. we have been through this before. you might remember, the cdc usually aligns with the fda. because they get a smaller dose to begin with for boosters even more critical for them that for the general population. also today u.s. households can order up to eight free tests to
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be distributed via the u.s. postal service. i already did that this morning and i ordered mine. they are on the way. you can find the link on my twitter page, facebook and instagram story. you want to make sure you have those in your home and give yourself a little peace of mind if you are not feeling 100%. the government already has delivered 350 million of these tests. back to you. approving the change for pretty much all indoor settings. the assisted living center and senior centers. a new ray of hope for parents across the bay area. they are at their wits in. many from the nationwide baby formula shortage. the largest manufacturer in the u.s. reach a deal with regulars
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to reopen the production plant severely impacted by the supplies. >> this is good news. this comes as local experts say the demand for breast milk has gone up 25% in the bay area. we go to washington this morning for a better look at the timeline this morning. strike a promising sign for family searching for baby formula. abbott and fda regulators reaching an agreement to reopen the michigan manufacturing plant. out of the deal, abbots must retain the independent experts to review the facility operation we know millions of parents and caregivers depend on us and we are deeply sorry voluntary recalls worsen the nationwide formula shortage. to increase supplies the fda is easing restrictions on global manufacturers. >> importing or bringing to bear a product intended for
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other countries. >> reporter: the biden administration in addition is working with major u.s. producers to identify logistical persons. >> this is an issue of production. anytime we see an indication the bullet is becoming a limiting factor we will do anything we can. >> the shortage is hitting low income families especially hard. it is estimated up to 60% of all formula sold in the u.s. is purchased through government assistance from women, infants and children program >> we issued a formula thinking i hope they can find some formula. >> reporter: could be two months or longer before product from the abbott plant fills empty shelves. for now, parents faced with uncertainty about feeding little ones are turning to food banks and online searches to fill immediate need. most of the bay area is showing new signs of pressure when it comes to helping the un- housed. all new homeless data shows
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when county, san francisco, seeing a decrease in numbers. compared to the last count three years ago with the highest spikes in contra costa county and alameda county. advocates point to the pandemic is a leading cause which puts many people out of work and the most unfixable housing crunch. >> right now we have only approximately 29 low income apartments available for every 100 households. we have a severe lack of affordable housing areawide. >> advocates are asking the state to use some of the nearly $100 billion surplus to have programs allowing cities and counties with hotels and buildings into more housing. the follow-up for you this morning. they will try again today and to the described burn. conditions were too risky.
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the burn is scheduled to start a 9:00 this morning. i know you have been tracking those conditions. you saw a the plant burned yesterday. >> it's so windy yesterday. it stayed windy into the afternoon. breezes and spots of the morning. take a look at a planner for san jose. eventually reaching 77 degrees. 83 in concord as temperatures heat up. the wind starts to come down and that is what we will see today. still a gusty day through fairfield as we reach into the upper 80s then novato expect a high of 78 and mild in san francisco with upper 60s. is stays warm for inland areas. hotter tomorrow. we talk more about that.
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kicking it on the bay bridge. >> i see why the heat is coming up over here. we have the predictable papers toll plaza. no surprises this first slowing for highway 37. highway 4. pittsburgh in a point. the bridge is called out. a disabled vehicle with no major delays. more delays for the west 580. vehicle, a distraction, he will see there may be a lane block of the tow truck driver. a few more minutes for the tri- valley. the south bay with a burst of the 101 clearing. the next starts in a half hour, back to you. maybe earn some cash, local blood banks trying to increase
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donations. a california judge strikes on a law requiring women on boards in the state. if you are led so long, look at the turnaround. a lot of green. plus, life in plastic just got more fantastic. a look at the new of the inclusive dolls coming out this summer. that is what is ahead here on today in the bay. we will be right back.
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it is 6:11 on your tuesday morning. as you are heading out, a nice breeze, it is all clear. 57 degrees at 8:00 and your lunchtime temperature is really nice. 73 heading for low 80s today. little warmer than what we have seen with the warming trend continuing to look at betting the forecast in a few minutes. a bit of was shot, the sun is rising. a very happy tuesday. more trouble from elon musk. government doing nothing so far. a private conference yesterday when he said he may pay less for twitter that he first
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offered. that is super important information. that everyone got the information at the same time if you are sitting in the crowd at the conference you can sell twitter shares on the app on your phone before the word gets out. musk is paying less than the final offer. stocks will go down, you know that other people don't. that is very much against the rules. basic rules any business school freshman would understand. musk is concerned there are more fake users on twitter then the company is indicating. he fixes he will to buy the company. tweeting a 13 tweet thread explaining the company methodology on texting fake accounts to which musk responded, with a poop imo gmac. that is where we stand this morning. talking about poop imo geez. some propriety in business leaves one.
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now it may be juvenile but not illegal. what musk brought up at the conference certainly violates with regulations. the san francisco office of security in exchange calling them in on broadcast able name. striking down the california law requiring women on the board of directors based in california a very new law with the company responding by adding women. the judge says the idea is unconstitutional. even people who pass the life you years back probably saw that coming. no question, women make sports better. no. proof of that. we covered this extensively on the sunday morning program. i will add a link to that on twitter and facebook. if you would like to take a look. it is super interesting and clearly better for companies. can you legislate such a thing? when cornell said no.
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>> they wouldn't want it. >> the numbers prove a diverse board makes more money. >> that's good with me. >> that is the good news of this. an urgent call from the red cross with blood donations. supplies usually fall off during summer months. you know what? this includes a $10 gift card for donors this week to be entered to win a camper. at least the next two weeks also have donations tested for covid antibodies with production after vaccination or exposure. >> every day, people and every donor that we have, that is the most important thing. everyone who comes has the
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chance to save lives. >> the red cross you can download the donor app or look for the information at plastic and fantastic and now barbie is adding more members to the family. and more inclusive. >> expanding the fashionista question. more dolls with disabilities. the new line includes for the first time a dell with a prostatic leg and one with a behind the ear hearing aid. just two of the 175 new looks in skin tone, eye and hair color and body types as well. in part iis important to see it reflected in the products. very important. barbie with my skin color. >> you always had to wear
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heels. >> that i do agree with. i was telling you, she was terrified of dolls but she's playing with them all of the time now. it is nice we may be able to find some variety. >> maybe, okay. this is a pitiful start to tuesday morning. take a look at the sunrise. looking for oracle park at the arena. wow. so beautiful. a different picture for what we had yesterday. foggy and cloudy yesterday. we already know it will be a warm day and still pretty breezy. take a look at the past 24 hours with some of the wind gusts remeasured. san francisco had a 44 mile an hour wind gusts. most everywhere else 20 to 30 miles in hours. the wind starts to come down later this evening. in time for the first pitch for the a's game.
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about 66 degrees. pretty comfortable but cooling down into the upper 50s going out late this evening. high temperatures will warm up in the valley reaching 83 in concord. 80 in morgan hill and 81 in napa today. even hotter tomorrow with some of these temperatures jumping up to the low 90s. we see that in livermore, concord 91 tomorrow afternoon. 95 in fairfield. the hairdryer effect where you have the hot breeze kicking through and also we are seeing those gusty winds picking up on thursday. we will see mountain view reaching 70 degrees and 71 in san francisco. is pretty steady with the weather pattern. we may be looking towards the end of the month for a rain chance but in the near-term it is all dry. take a look at the spotlight in
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gilroy. it's really heating up tomorrow and thursday. we see temperatures come down for the first part of the weekend and early next week heating up once again. a lot of changes here ahead. take a look at the 7 day forecast. normal in terms of temperatures. what we are going to feel, something more typical for early june with highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. once again we are looking at more dry weather with gusty wind in san francisco. the highs reaching into the upper 60s and low 70s and no change in the coastal areas which stay nice and cool. you have been keeping an eye on the changing commute we are starting to see picking up? >> it is. it is evolving as we expect. no major problems but the bottom in san jose. still holding out at the limit. 19 and we should see slowing. again maybe there is a shift at some schools start to get off of session. we will see you later volume in the morning likely.
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cross the bridge right now and overnight some gusty wind on the highrise bridge. also a vehicle reported near the area. maybe on the north side. traffic flows across the area we are looking at contra costa county, it's not really that bad. slowing through pittsburgh and bay pointe a typical pattern there. and a lot more slowing with a break over the last couple of minutes. down to 33 and 35 a short time ago. mass transit with options this morning, they wanted to share a record-breaking we can. remember they had bay to breakers as well. the giants game as well. so let a reason for the change in transit. back to you. next at today in the bay. bay area responds. >> we recently offered in-
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person help and viewers to us about it. one person had $1000 in the air. i am chris chmura. nbc bay area response, next. as we head to break we want to say congratulations to mike and his wife celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary. >> that's awesome. >> what anniversary is the 18th? you know what material it is? >> i don't. >> porcelain. >> porcelain. did you buy some porcelain for your wife? but yes. i will post pictures maybe tomorrow. >> we need to celebrate all week. >> we will do that. >> thank you very much. you can find out more about the wedding anniversary on facebook, instagram, twitter and see some of the personal gifts they thought. >> were just doing a porcelain theme for the week.
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>> maybe you should take your vows again on today in the bay. >> but the today show but, not. spike may be in the parking lot. >> the class it up. we will be right back. it is 6:21 for you this morning.
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nbc bay area responds by phone, email, sometimes in- person.
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>> sometimes. stuck with an airline and a travel agent and recently tracked down chris chmura for some face-to-face help. >> recently we invited you to join us at the topeka soccer tournament in san jose. are sister station sponsor. our team was handing out free ice cream and dishing out consumer advice. here is why she stopped bye. she says she paid cheapoair, the online travel agent more than $1000 for a ticket on turkish airlines. later the flight was canceled. under the rules, it is clear. when an airline cancels your trip to, from, or around the u.s., you get your money back. even if your ticket is nonrefundable. she did not get her money back. she says cheapoair offered her store credit instead. so, she met with me and i sent a note to the parent company and they took action
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immediately. there was a missed medication. they committed to refunding the money in full, $1002.91. if you are having trouble with a consumer problem, let us know. go to and click on the response option from the main menu or call us. happening tonight. take the tissues handy for the next to last episode of this is love. this is the recommendation from cast members. the past few episode certainly have been emotional and she says she has such an intense reaction to reading the script for the last episode she was sick. spent the second to last episode is a doozy. the finale is a little bit more of a hug. it is, you know, i think it is going to be people feeling good and not just like, catching their breath. which is what the second to last episode did for me. >> this is us airs tonight at
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and the final finale episode a week from today. top stories we are following today including the mega drought in california. governor newsom will spotlight it today to help ease the crisis. the president and first lady come to buffalo to comfort the grieving community. i will have that story, coming up. a push to protect the right to abortion. california has a sanctuary for reproductive rights. you are watching today in the bay.
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some kind of closure. it's going to be a while. grief and loss. president biden visits buffalo today to help comfort the relatives of those killed in the supermarket rampage. investigators and what they're saying about the accused governments parents. ensuring safe access to abortion. the key vote in one is bay city to make sure women have access now that roe v. wade may be overturned. returning to the place after the pandemic. falling short compared to other cities in the bay area. when insiders take on how it is impacting commercial real estate. this is today in the bay. also live on roku, amazon fire and apple tv.
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happy tuesday morning to you. it is 6:30 right now. a live look outside this morning. san francisco. this is where a new music festival is hoping to make a splash later this year. we tell you why some are calling it the coachella of the bay area. oh yes. you don't want to miss this. we talk about that and much more. temperatures warming up for your coachella outfit. cool out there this morning as you head out to dublin. someone has to pay for all of that stuff, right? we are starting temperatures in the upper 40s and it will be a:pretty start then, take a look at the trend. it warms up quickly at lunch time. 72 degrees, 76 degrees at 1:00. eventually reaching 77. stille really comfortable day for most but a little warmer in some spots. we see that in the valley. fairfield heading for 87 degrees. low 80s for napa today.
6:32 am
san francisco stays in the upper 60s. we talk about a midweek warm-up and where we see the hottest temperatures coming up in a few minutes. developing now in buffalo, the scene of the saturday grocery store massacre. in just a few hours president biden and the first lady are set to arrive to offer condolences for the victim's family. chris pallone is near the scene following the investigation. truck in buffalo, a memorial for the 10 people killed in saturday's massacre is growing outside of the store where it happened. just steps away, local and federal agents continue the search for evidence. prosecutors are building a murder case against the 18-year- old accused gunman who they say drove 200 miles to buffalo specifically to kill black people. >> it appears he had hatred in his heart long before he traveled to buffalo. >> reporter: a grieving community pausing to remember 10 people whose lives were cut short. >> it 86-year-old mother and
6:33 am
grandmother. a man in the supermarket purchasing cupcakes. >> the distraught family of ruth whitfield a beloved grandmother and mother called for people to be held accountable. >> my mother and my best friend's. how dare you. how dare you. this needs to be fixed. >> reporter: investigators now believe the accused gunman planned to leave the market to find more victims before police confronted and captured them. they also say he visited buffalo before the massacre earlier than first thought. >> the investigation with some of the information the individual was here a few months ago back in early march. >> reporter: senior law enforcement official tells nbc news the accused governments parents are in shock and are cooperating with the investigation. the parents claim they had no idea their son was planning any sort of violence.
6:34 am
chris pallone, nbc news, buffalo. do you development this morning in southern california. david chou faces one murder charge and five counts of attempted murder and four counts of unlawful possession of explosives. he's being held on a $1 million bond. showing hatred for people and we learn of the incredible bravery of one churchgoer who gave his lives to save the others of. he rushed the gunman and jammed his weapon allowing others to grab him, and hogtie him with an extension cord. of the six people shot he sadly was the only one who did not make it back in the bay area and happening today, a sanctuary city for humans seeking an
6:35 am
abortion. councilmembers will consider a new resolution i understand it. . for people seeking an abortion. this is in response to the leaked opinion from the u.s. supreme court poised to overturn roe v. wade. sometime later this summer. the potential decision by the high court will change the way services are provided at clinics like the one behind me here. later today, the oakland city council will consider rights calling for a number of things. oakland is a sanctuary city for women seeking an abortion. especially those coming out of state where abortion might someday be a legal . the proposal also is calling for congress to pass the woman's health protection act to bring it into law in calling for the
6:36 am
state and county in california to provide money for abortion contraceptives. >> we no there is a right-wing effort to turn back the clock on racial justice. on voting rights. on reproductive freedom. and on the rights of people to love who they choose. so, we need to oppose the effort with laws. with actions and be in solidarity with one another in the fight. suspect many republicans do not support the right to an abortion. they argued the fetus is a human being and aborting it is the taking of another one's life. later this morning, a rally outside oakland city hall before the city council meets later today. to vote on the measure. the city of alameda now looking in the direction of
6:37 am
oakland to help families struggling to make it in the bay. council members today debate launching a new basic income program as soon as next year. staffers will report and possible options in the program. if the plan gets approved, as soon as next summer. among the various cities now testing basic income pilot programs. taking a live look right now at the l.a. skyline. governor newsom visits a recycling plant today in l.a. county to focus on new effort to combat the california drought. the event takes place this afternoon. there's really no getting around this drought condition faced even before the arrival of summer and really hot temperatures. >> we no we have a very small chance of getting any rain once we get past the bay. clear and cool in the north bay. take a look at santa rosa. we are in the low 30s as we are getting ready to head out.
6:38 am
the trend will heat up quickly as we go through that morning into the afternoon. going from 43 to 77 at 1:00. there is a big warm up heading our way. eventually reaching 84 in the north bay. dublin today, a high of 77. 80 in livermore and also 80 in morgan hill. tomorrow the temperatures come up a few more degrees reaching the peak for the first of two pics this week in fairfield reaching 95 degrees. air conditioning on full blast there. also we are looking at milder weather for the interbay as well as san francisco. we continue to watch that and talk about the weekend coming up and make, how is it looking heading into work this morning? >> smooth traffic you're in oakland. 880 and the 580 border operating with no problems for speed. this evening a look ahead we expect slowing potentially after work. between 98 and 56, that whole
6:39 am
area there. a typical slowing where we see more traffic flowing. that is causing speeds took him down. not a problem at the richmond bridge but we have the gradual buildup of volume and overall things are not that bad. south bend 883 hayward, some slowing there. mild through fremont. san jose just starting the north 101 northwest of 680. it leads back here to send back to you. >> it will be interesting to see the increase as more people start to go back to the office. >> that's right, we have a chance to speak to an expert that breaks down folks returning to the office. especially in the bay area, we have that story, coming up next. a very important day particular in the state of pennsylvania. some green arrows on wall
6:40 am
street. the coachella of the bay area. a look at the newest major music festival planning to make a big debut this year. stick around. mre coming up on today in the bay.
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as you head out and fremont. starting out sunday the breeze still kicking up at 10 miles an hour. warming up nicely today. it will be comfortable. but really starting to heat up for some inland valleys. we talk about that with the peak of the heat in the forecast, coming up. the sign on the right with high winds. switching on for the san mateo bridge. i show you this to give you an idea what it feels like out there. 6:43 right now. new development for a missing oakley woman. helping find alexis gabe, $60,000. she's been missing since january when she was last seen at her ex-boyfriend's home in antioch. he went back to his home and
6:44 am
took more evidence. they also announce the discovery of a cell phone case not far from the home which may be tied to an unidentified man seen in surveillance footage where her car was fun. president biden headed to buffalo to meet survivors of the nations latest mass killing. >> something too many presence of had to do. too many. biden's first is in buffalo. offering a listening ear and cover to the victims' families. as you know the president lost so many close to him including children and his first wife. responding to others loss is something mr. bannon does very well. speaking of something president obama did well, a visit from charleston, south carolina where man murdered nine
6:45 am
churchgoers. it goes down in the annals of not just great presidential speeches but speeches entirely. back in modern-day history, the white house with the first black white house press secretary taking the podium. also the first openly gay press secretary and the first immigrant press secretary in american history as well. moments ago the white house said the leaders of sweden and finland had been invited to the white try into nato. finland parliament just voted in favor with the request tomorrow. a big day politically there are primary elections in idaho, oregon, kentucky, north carolina and pennsylvania. a governors race and race for the senate as well. this is the one where dr. oz is and it. eyes has the endorsement of trump for the republican nominee running for senate. he has gotten real competition from fellow republican kathy
6:46 am
burnett. springing up out of nowhere in the last few days. burnett at this hour to the right. in washington on the day with the march to the capitol. several organizations had trouble verifying some of the things she said like where she's born, where she went to college. but they were able to find the anti-islamic speeches. she says it was taken out of context or she admits it's her twitter account. >> to take a snippet of how many characters and say okay. taking this clip, this is what she meant, right? no beginning, no finnish. we do not knhat the context was. >> the cornerstone of islam. >> yeah, no. i did it. i don't think it's me. i never would have said it.
6:47 am
moving you forward this morning on a return to the workplace with more and more employees. new data shows companies are holding onto the idea from home with a higher percentage rate in the bay area. we go live in marin. what did you find out? >> the expert told us folks are returning to work. making the truck back to the office because we have yet to meet the pre-pandemic numbers especially in the bay area. we are lagging behind pre- pandemic numbers. that individual i had a chance to speak with is the chairman of counsel systems. in the commercial real estate with 3000 buildings of more than 40 in the buildings. he tells me shortly after the pandemic the company began serving occupancy. they were keyways they were
6:48 am
able to gather from the data.. has been increasing 50% year-to- date. we compare people for some of the other activities. sporting events or theater or traveling by airplane. all near pre-pandemic levels. going back to the office is a significantly lagging behind. in terms of the bay area, our region has the lowest office and had to have since the very beginning. right now the national average is 44%. san francisco and san jose are at 34%. he says it remains throughout the pandemic. i asked what sets the bay area apart from other regions, they say a higher return on the office rate in this is what he told me. >> i think part of it is that a huge amount of tech companies in the economy had those companies better prepared already even before the onset
6:49 am
of covid with having people work remotely. they have the technology and systems in place and culturally it is something i think the industry in northern california have been having long before other people have. >> reporter: he also says the company will continue to gather the data. something you do at the beginning of the pandemic the way things are. he says many companies have businesses using the data to help kind of plan how they will move forward. one of the examples he gave was some of the casual restaurants like seeing the occupancy to see how the sales will be and how they plan to move forward. a lots of interesting data here. i don't know if you are working from home but we would like to hear what you are doing. reach out to us on facebook and maybe sure what you are doing during this point of the pandemic.
6:50 am
everybody certainly has an opinion on it. >> as they do, thank you. on a music festival coming to san francisco. the creators behind coachella announced the first lineup for the portola music festival, take a look. [ music ] chemical brothers will be headlining the tonight festival and the show also has performances by m.i.a. and more. it's a reference to the portola festival of 19 nine. the reopening back in 1906. they reemerge for the pandemic. takes place at the san francisco pier 80. the 24th and 26th with tickets going on sale this friday.
6:51 am
>> there you go. a festival, huge event. >> it is a marking of summer time. >> exactly. all right. that will be kicking in fall by that time. let's see what we are in store for today. the sunshine is right behind you. >> a lot of change already. we are about to transition from spring to summer as we go into the next couple days. it has been pretty windy and at least for now, the wind is starting to come down. we see the wind gusts over the past 24 hours. 44 miles an hour. we are seeing 20 to 30 mile an hour winds starting to relax. it is time to get the kids out the door and ready for school as you head out for drop off in the low 50s. a cool start but look how it will be at pickup time. 80 degrees with air conditioning on. we see temperatures in the south bay and heading for the upper 70s pick also we see some low 80s for concord and pleasanton reaching 70 degrees. 71 hayward.
6:52 am
low 60s in daly city, redwood city reaching 70 and upper 60s for san francisco. the north bay highs range from the mid 70s in middle valley 284 in clearlake. we are in the study weather pattern and nothing is really changing here with high- pressure remaining over the desert southwest. keeping all of the rain relatively north of us. we are looking towards a change in the weather pattern at the end of the month. may be a chance of rain. as of the next several days, it will be fly with napa reaching into the mid 80s today. mid 90s tomorrow. then coming back down, just as it goes right back up we are still on the roller coaster with temperatures heating up above normal for this time of year. heading for the low 80s for today. low 90s tomorrow and upper 80s for the weekend. also warm for early next week in the valley. san francisco is going to see highs in the upper 60s and low 70s at least here.
6:53 am
it's where we keep the comfortable weather with a chance to escape the valley heat. heading out the door this morning, any issues for the commute? >> transferring to san francisco, it's moving. good news. a circle at the richmond bridge shows a big buildup coming off of the 580 westbound across to the north bay. no surprises. no major delays. south bay northbound 101. the bridge moves slowly but clearly. back to you. happening now, san jose may be poised to launch the new laws regulating single-use footwear. it requires food where and condiments at restaurants only by request from the customer even if you are going to have a takeout order. to help limit the amount of plastic and other nonrecyclable items in landfill.
6:54 am
not too many catchup packets. >> much more ahead. a quick look at the top stories this morning. new development for the nationwide push with much- needed baby formula for parents. to they call it headlines. one regarding vaccination boosters and the other the availability of free test for your families. we tell you about those coming up next. >> set up for those. we set up for facebook? this morning we are doing a behind-the-scenes facebook live right now. getting a sneak peek. follow me. we love to see you and talk to hear and there. all back together again. we will be back with more news in just two minutes.
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we are moving you forward to look at the top stories. first, a covid vaccine booster shot for children ages 5 to11 may be approved by the end of the week. the first step could come today with approval from the fda. we go live this morning for a bit of a reaction from parents as well. >> reporter: pediatric practices will be ready for
6:58 am
boosters as soon as the fda authorizes them. however, not appearance call for an appointment. vaccination rates for ages 5 to11. nationwide only 20% of children are fully vaccinated. california it is higher, about 35%. the fda is moving forward on the booster authorization and we can get the final go-ahead for elementary school-age children as early as today. after that happens, the cdc has to give its recommendations and we have been through the classes before and we know the cdc generally aligns with the fda. some research has shown it wanes faster for children because they have smaller doses to begin with. boosters could be more critical for them than even the general population. also today, up to eight free tests to be distributed via the u.s. postal service. you can find the link twitter page, facebook, and instagram story. i will already order mine. the government distributed 350
6:59 am
million at home tests this way. back to you. new hope this morning for families. amidst the baby formula shortage. reaching an agreement to reopen the largest plant. unsanitary conditions that led to a recall. investigation into bacterial infections contributing to the death of citizens. meteorologist kari hall is tracking that. bright and sunny as we look at the forecast. temperatures starting to heat up for the inland area reaching to the low 80s and low 90s tomorrow. get ready for that. slightly warmer tomorrow. >> south bay with changes here. 87 101. look at that. not too badly jammed up. all these other routes are showing things coming down.
7:00 am
just know that. all right, good deal. we will be back in 7:25 with a live look and join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00 a.m. the today show starts now. good morning. terror in buffalo, chilling new details emerge from the investigation. >> it appears he has hatred in his heart long before he traveled to buffalo. >> what we are now learning about the accused gunman and how long he may have plotted the attack and the heroes who rest in to stop it. up on the way. encouraging signs for parents desperate for baby formula. drags on. straight ahead, the new steps taken to get a key factory back


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