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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 17, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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giving kids in the age group that third shot. >> it is not shots. parents who were elected, bay area doctors have some big concerns about the boosters safety has been thoroughly studied in kids. the cdc still must give it's okay before the booster can be given to young children. many public health leaders the hope the cdc will recommend the boosters this week. to both their -- raining vaccine protection against covid. but you tsf dr. monica gandhi does not. >> i think it's -- that does not only rush. but what do they represent. it's not consulting the vaccine. really, the ones considering that vaccine. not -- approach by the fda. dr. -- has concerns about a small group, just 67 children from the original pfizer trials word study. she said that's not enough to make an informed decision of the effectiveness of the
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booster. now, if the cdc recommends the booster for -- the children will be eligible to receive it five months after their second pfizer shot. marianne -- nbc bay area area news. >> thank you, marion. let's take a look at some of the vaccination rates. for that age group. we broke it down by counting. you can see, contra costa as well as san francisco all have about 60% of eligible 5-11-year- old vaccinated. in alameda county, that number drops to about 65%. nationwide, the number is much lower. have received so shots as of april, according to the cdc. on our mba bay area streaming app, a percentage of workers that have returned to the office. by searching for nbc bay area and downloading our app.
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you can find is under the musty playlist. musk is now asking u.s. -- skeptical of how many real users. twitter claims that more than does anybody have the experience. one of the followers suggested the fcc investigate hello, fcc, anyone home? as he looked into boss, span and fake. 150 employees. that's less than 2% of its workforce. there layoffs were expected.
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200,000 and in the first quarter. netflix is also dealing with rampant password sharing, it means many of people are not paying for their service. easier for you to get around town. is asking local tech companies. taking you from the santa fe airport. about four miles. -- looking to see just what they are looking for. >> good evening, jessica. about 50 million people passed through. wants to move some of them from here. from san jose's airport, to the -- to get you from one to the
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other. incredibly innovative technologies that are around us. they have even been talking to elon musk's boring company to go underground. some of the money to come from measure a funds. there's still time to get your idea in. and if you're trying to find
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out what's on their mind. >> you know it's going to be some kind of autonomous vehicle. prepared to leave the driver out of the equation. it should be through all of the proposals by this fall. whoever wins here will likely get a chance in other parts of the city as well. nbc, the area news. >> thank you, scott. just in, we have more information about this crash at this intersection, directing traffic. as part of the traffic enforcement program, that's were officers from cities all over the county work to patrol trouble spots. police say the motorcycle officers in san francisco try to stop the driver when another
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driver hit her. the driver who hit the officers state at the scene. we also had -- taken from -- hospital where she's been treated for non-life- threatening injuries. they met on the steps of city hall that would declare oakland a pro-choice sanctuary city. that resolution will call on california and alameda county, to provide -- and support for anyone seeking an abortion. it would also push for -- a right for a devotion into final federal law. >> this is -- first, they want to take away our right to abortion. then, next you know they're going 20 take away our right to vote. the woman's right to vote. >> oakland city council will vote on the resolution deceiving. middle school students in sam francisco took to the streets today to protest something 3000 miles away. students at james deming middle school say they have been planning this for weeks. speaking out against the newly passed parent education law. supporters there say it's all about parental rights.
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but critics don't say law, because it prohibits sexual orientation. the don't say gabriel is kind of crazy. it's like the rights are taken away by these measures. it's to be dangerous for a lot of people. >> one of the features of the new law in florida includes provisions to take books out of school libraries that may include lgbtq characters. and subject matter. at a separate event in richmond california today, donating lgbtq and affirming books to schools in the bay area.
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help them affirm who they are. 's love to people without a home today. around 10:00 this morning. at this point, we don't know the extent of those injuries. looking at what started the fire. ruffled feathers in foster city. taking over the streets. now, the geese themselves, they are not the problem. what they are leaving behind his. the city has a plan to kill the geese, but -- protection group is fighting to start up plan. >> it would be nice to have. >> we found the case today waddling around in the sun, but
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we did see signs of what seems to be causing a stink in the neighborhood. >> there's on the sidewalk. >> that's not the only place neighbors have seen the geese dropping. >> i used to slim up there quite a bit. but because of the amount of out there. i you know, i decided to not swim. saw the late, i've been doing -- >> so what to do with all of the geese the neighbors say appear to stay here round. the -- city spokesperson says the city has applied for government permit. to have a legal option, but no decision has been made. >> adults can be killed in the numerous ways, around them. can be putting them into a mobile gas unit. where they are gassed. in the meantime, weighing in., we talked to said they definitely don't want to see the geese gassed. >> you don't want to hurt the geese. >> if you kill have the geese, more will come back within a
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matter of weeks. habitat modification. instead of the wide-open spaces but -- on how to coexist with their friends. nbc, bay area news. >> working in a dental office. tonight, the police knocked out -- i'm going to do something, i go all the way. >> 100% in everything he does. from being a medical doctor to guiding fears. now, a new mission in the south bay. >> i'm chief meteorologist chef -- tracking a new issue in the weather watch. how high the winds could gust through the bay area. i have that in about 8:00.
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>> they knew that something had not occurred. they were condemning it. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu.
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yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. stricken arizona woman is accused of a long list of crimes after pretending to be a dental hygienist in santa clara county. elizabeth -- also known as elizabeth castilla worked at an attempted work at more than 10
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dental offices in the south bay between 2015 and 2020. she has the stolen identity of an actual dental hygienist just. when dentist questioned her qualification, she requested go to another office. she was extradited to san jose. her next court appearance is in june. new details involving a double shooting that left a man dead. that's just a short distance on -- the man died, the girlfriend is expected to survive. we are still trying to figure out the victims identity, and a possible motive for the shooting. it is the city's 10th homicide of 2022. oakland's efforts to repair the harm drugs are causing in the
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community today. now, there's a burgeoning industry that discrete -- a new bill will make it easy for someone diagnosed with cancer. it would allow 18-40-year-old californians. permission would be made in a
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national database for their patients. being a bone marrow or stencil donor no longer requires -- >> very proud to have a lot of young people who have learned so much per -- gavin thomas introduces us to someone who has lived a long and fulfilling life. i love when the interview does not go in a direction that i got to expect. that happened recently. and went to dear about what he's doing now the ended up fascinating by everything he has done before. san jose's -- in the senior facility is a building four stories tall. with 1 million stories on the inside.
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it's what i learned. it's like -- >> we first heard about -- because i'm 92 years old, he is teaching tai chi to his neighbors three days a week. not exactly tai chi, but something inspired by the chinese martial art to keep everybody, including himself moving. >> -- on the side. all, young and old. >> this chapter, we learned is just the latest medicine in a fascinating list of them. hello
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we are going to kick in as we go tomorrow. forecasting the hottest day of the week today. as we head into the wednesday forecast. to a similar pattern to what we had this past weekend when we have the warming on saturday. small -- going to the north. is going to provide compressional heating. really pushing a lot of the hot air into the surface. showing there for those warm temperatures. tomorrow morning's forecast from you can see, we are going to start off here with numbers in the 50s. oakley, 75. coming in at 54. northbay, the coldest locations. but tomorrow morning, you're starting in 1:59. over to east bay, you are looking at 57. to have a solid 5-10 degrees. that is -- moving in.
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86 in san jose. and more on those 90s back out towards the inland valley. expecting those low 90s, even a nice toasty day for your standards in oakland for the upper 70s and low 80s. no 90s through -- which you have 8-four. 70. semper sisco, 70s. downtown in the mission. then, 62 the marina where you still get a little bit of that strong ocean breeze. low 90s here, santa rosa, sonoma and also for napa. so last week, you're going to see another change in the -- is become more and more apparent, the way we will see some winds move lower through california. so ahead of that, there has been a fire weather watch that has been issued here, primarily for the central valley, this does also include over to the
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north mountains, we have the highest -- 15-40 miles per hour. we're going to continue to update you on this. it does look like increased fire danger. and also through northern california. sea breezes as well for the next 3 days. 73 tomorrow. saturday and -- we will see more saturdays here. once we get to tuesday. we are going to 92 tomorrow. longest day of the week. with them 80s, dropping in thursday and friday. getting up into the upper 80s sunday, and then more 90s as we go into the next monday and tuesday. a few seconds left on the clock. i do want to show you that we are not expecting any 100. we go into the 80s.
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back into the 90s. and then back into the 80s as we head into the following -- we still have some -- to deal with this week. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, the mecca. it's debuting in south bay in less than a month.
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get a free, adjustable >> how do we rebuild from the -- as we get worse, it's clear that it will be less expensive and safer to underground lines in -- areas. underground means -- underground in 5000 miles. just one part of our work to include safety and reliability. we also establish the community welfare safety protocol. and miles very. creating -- from the
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underground -- to learn more about our underground -- >> live, covid cases. back into the office for more days per week. according to -- it will not require. three days a week. supposed to go into effect monday. sinnott, apple has workers in
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the office, today's week. it's long to travel italy, but just can't get there. the south bay may have the next best thing. >> italy is a nationwide chain which is -- under one roof. in the case of ellie, the restaurant is -- downstairs, an overwhelming selection of -- m beverages from two different regions. the company announced its 40th location would be san jose -- mall. opening will delay, but now it's going to happen june 15th. so, -- nice, jessica. >> she has drastically reduced her public appearances. but today, a surprise by -- she's showed up at a london train station to see a newly completed subway line. dressed in a sunny yellow ensemble today. she's now 96 usual. she's reduced most of heard public engagement. she toured the statement. the queen was also given was called an oyster carding given
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san francisco is getting -- this september for these folks behind coachella. loan from australia. not for a total festival. the first in the city. three years after the 1906 earthquake. a way to send a message that it was for large events. a festival named after the -- d portola. the first european to see the san francisco -- >> so many outdoor music festivals in the city. don't forget, you can also watch us live on roku, and apple tv. and watch -- joining us now coming up with what's next. >> it's really a two-part visit for president biden, meeting with the families of the victims and sending a direct message to the nation in buffalo today. the side of that deadly mass shooting. pleading to americans and lawmakers. >> the ideology for white
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supremacy has no place in america. none! plus, the key ukrainian city for russian soldiers. -- with the remaining ukrainians trickling for plants. under attack for four months. best-selling author -- from cassettes. one of them had $1000 up in the air. and consumer investigator chris -- nbc bay area response to -- back. the news, at 5:30 starts right now. good tuesday, thanks for joining us. biden in buffalo today, trying to comfort that grieving city as well as


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