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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  May 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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the first homicide so far this year. another story we are watching, i promise to do better. the san jose police chief laid out a new plan to rehab is known department following a series of high-profile officer misconduct cases. it's been a catastrophic few weeks. one officer died from a fence and overdose. another was caught exposing himself inside of a house with a family who called police for help and the third officer accused of showing up drunk to a crime scene. today, chief anthony unveiled a new seven-point plan for the
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department. in includes a new probationary period for newly hired officers or drug and alcohol testing, pending an agreement with the union. mental health check ins and access to a new mental wellness app. >> these incidences have caused anger and grief in me and the 99.9% of the women and men who hold themselves to the higher standards in and out of this uniform. it was the cheese plan also includes social media training for his officers along with new ways to detect hate crime threats. you can feel it outside, the heat is on. the live cam behind me is one of the hottest spots in the bay area. tomorrow morning warning, and fire danger. we saw a small fire in the north bay. the posted this video from howard park this afternoon. firefighters will stay in this
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area in case there are any flareups. let's bring in chief meteorologist. how hot did get today and tonight warm temperature. >> numbers 10 to 20 degrees above average. there was real close to the record set back in 2016. 92 in livermore and now a new record here in santa rosa at 95. the old one was set back in 2001. also up to 77. >> what about the fire danger, know that the big deal going into tomorrow and friday as well. >> we see a quick change as we roll through tomorrow's forecast. the system dropping down to the north. no rainfall. have a red flag fire warning in effect from riding all the way down towards modesto. the bay area is not included in that but i do think we have to deal with gusty winds to parts of the bay area tomorrow morning, 10 to about 25 miles per hour and by tomorrow evening it's gusty in the north bay down to san francisco, 30 to 35. i think the highest winds we watch out for our on friday morning right around napa in
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the mountains surrounding napa. 30 to 50 miles per hour gusts. i do see any kind of when getting out of here is we head through this weekend. have a look at the red flag fire warning coming up later on in the show. if i still a lot of anxiety for the fire danger especially many of our communities. thank you. our app is a good resource to track the hot weather and fire condition pretty can download it on your apple or android device. also tonight, the covid outbreaks, schools, offices and cities seeing this surgery some people getting covid for the second time. today governor newsom sending a message very publicly. there he is rolling up his sleeve and the 54-year-old governor adding his second booster shot and anyone 50 or older is eligible for the second booster if it's been four months since your first booster. anyone 12 or older that is compromised.
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>> i just reminded her but in the lifesaving nature of these vaccines. they work and are effective and save lives and mitigate the impacts of this virus. if you want to avoid getting really sick even if you feel like you can handle being really sick. that's what these things do. >> the cdc has new recommendations for anyone taking a flight. take a look. the agency is asking everyone to get tested before flying for it. for international and domestic flights for the cdc is also asking to test after your trip. to be clear the cdc is recommending, not requiring covid test before your flight. this is also the case for the bay area counties. eight of the nine counties are recommending that you wear a mask indoors but recommendations could turn into a mask mandate yet again. joining us now, and bc marriott. you stepped out with dr. sarah cody, the health officer for santa clara county. this is the most popular county
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in the bay area. we don't have a mask mandate now but could we see a return of these math mandates? >> we absolutely could see a concern. dr. cody says right now we are in a search and also seeing a bump in hospitalizations and she's concerned about what we will see with variance in the future. >> i think the greatest challenge of the pandemic is the duration. how long it has gone on. so i worry if there is another variant that is more severe that because people are so tired it will be more challenging to be protected and more challenging to keep people well. >> dr. cody is well-known nationally because she's been so proactive in this pandemic. what did she have to say about this current surge right now? way she is concerned about other variance coming our way. we are already seeing that in other parts of the world and as
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far as math mandates are concerned she says it's not off the table, she will do it again in order to save lives. >> there is always a threshold we have to consider mandates again, what if we had a variant where young healthy people were dying or more people were dying? >> any other takeaways from the conversation with her tonight? it was i did ask if she ever such she had covid and she said no, not yet. >> thank you marianne. another big story this season, one of the oldest hospitals can be forced to shut down in just a few months, they could close permanently if it cannot make major changes immediately. the past two years, this hospital has been plagued with controversies and problems. in 2019 the department of public health accused a handful of employees of abusing dementia patients and even videotaping the abuse and texting it to one another. last year steph reported that
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two nonfatal overdoses and financial issues. at that point they were given six months to correct the problems or risk losing millions of dollars in medicare and medi-cal funding. even after that warning in april, regulators visited and found new problems including some patients not getting the regularly scheduled medications and in unvaccinated visitor making it into the hospital without a rapid test. today, staff demonstrators and they rallied on the front steps of the hospital vowing to keep this facility and at 780 beds open. the co says they created a correctional plan which he claims regulators have accepted. may breed knows laguna very well because it's where her grandmother was cared for years ago. >> every time i came up here there was a smile on their face. when she was being said, there was a smile on her face and she was being clean, there was a
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smile on her face and she was getting her nails and hair done. she was treated with respect and she was able to maintain her dignity. please now that sometimes there might be mistakes made. sometimes we may not be able to catch everything but that is no reason to close an important facility like laguna honda. >> joining is now is mayor, nice to have you back on the program. that is about the most passionate and emotional and upset i've heard you in a while. with that said and this is so personal for you, why is this hospital still such a problem even under your watch? >> let me go back and start by saying that during the pandemic when we saw a skilled nursing facility like this close all over the country and saw so many people die because covid
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was out of control, the entire time, only six people out of the 700 facility died from covid. we know how to keep people safe. the men and women of laguna honda that were to do an extraordinary job every single day and so sadly we are dealing a lot of challenges around technical issues related to what we are required to do under the federal government to receive medicare and medicaid. we made it clear that we have made improvements based on what they told us we needed to do and now where we are it is quite frustrating because we have been given what we needed to do and we are doing it and we're just not sure at this point what more we can do. other than comply with everything they asked us to do. >> if they are forced to close, where do the 700 or so patients go? >> this is part of the problem. if it's forced to close then we
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are sending people not just all over the state of california, we are sending people all over the country and in fact we don't have a coordinated system of care where we can go into a computer and look up to see if there is space available, not to mention these are people with a lot of unique needs. we have to go through an entire system and lopez particular locations and is no guarantee that the spaces will be available if we have to begin the process of moving people. it's very complicated. i still cannot believe we are being put in this position. as i said it's quite frustrating that many of these people are the most vulnerable and some of them are homeless. we are talking about something that will be truly detrimental to the over 700 patients there. he was thank you for your time, have a good evening.
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>> up next, call her the formula very. introduce you to a social media influencer connecting moms with the formula they need during this nationwide shortage. plus -- >> i feel 1000 pounds lighter to be honest with you. it was very talking to soccer luncheon about today's historic agreement for equal pay for team usa soccer. watching bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. we've been tracking the baby formula shortage for weeks now. what are parents supposed to be doing until the formula returns to store shelves? one social media group is connecting people in need to people who have formula to share. >> everyone knows there's a baby formula shortage right now and parents are getting desperate.
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we saw a growing number of facebook groups created to help , a mom known as the formula very made this facebook and it's gained thousands of members just over the past weeks. the idea here is that parents can request formula from other members and those with extra supplies comment back and ship it out. we talked to the mom who started this facebook group who by the way is also a certified infant feeding technician about the rapid growth of her group. new joy >> just in the last two weeks or so yesterday was 7002 weeks ago was 1000 and now i think today it was almost 10,000. it's pretty rapidly growing. >> she says they are reopening the largest facility to begin producing formula again and it could help provide some relief to parents. >> once they do reopen that could happen in the next 1 to 2 weeks hopefully, it will be 6
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to 8 weeks before the formula hits the shelves. which i know right now feels like an eternity. but i think once we reach that point and they are manufacturing the way that they normally are as well as the other companies doing everything they can, i'm hoping this is kind of as bad as it will get. >> parents cannot just find any formula out there, please do not try this at home. do not try to make formula at home but parents should contact your pediatrician about alternatives. >> she said she had 1000 people in this group a few weeks ago and now it is up to 11,000. >> that's amazing. how can people help? >> the people that don't have kids or people that might have kids and want to help. this tip in particular i'm about to tell you stood out and could be very helpful. the first thing here is you will find out which of your
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family members or friends feed formula to the babies and of course ask them what brand of formula they use. this way, next time you're out buying groceries for yourself you do a quick stop by the baby aisle to see if there's baby formula on the shelves and if you see what they use you buy it for them. that's the way you can help. >> it takes a village. thank you. also tonight, big news from the soccer world. the women are getting paid. u.s. soccer federation reaching an agreement today to pay the men's and women's team equally. that makes the governing body the first in the sport to give both teams the same money. deals come after a strong push from team usa women who demanded equal pay and have been demanding it for decades. tonight, nbc audrey talked to bay area soccer legend. >> after all this time, how do you feel today? >> i feel 1000 pounds lighter to be honest with you. this has been a long exhausting extensive journey.
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the question year after year has always been the same. why is it that u.s. soccer does not see the value in the women's national team and don't pay them equally? and not being able to answer that has been really difficult. >> when my coworkers and i found out we would be able to speak with you today we cannot help but relive the iconic moment 23 years ago when scoring the struggle to win the world cup title. it was such a special moment for so many people. back then, could you have ever imagined this moment today. >> the answer is yes, the terms and coming at this your time, would have loved to have seen it earlier to be honest with you but i feel very fortunate that my granddaughter's who are
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one or two will not know any difference and her brother will see women business and the newsroom and on the soccer field and every walk of life and people were equal so that i'm just super grateful for the moment of the celebration and the sharing at the bowl was such a spontaneous amazing moment. it was about the process and set it took to make today possible. no one believed that a woman's world cup or women's event in sports should be held in those big stadiums on that mass scale. we have been working towards this. i'm incredibly proud and humbled for the crowd that made this the lifelong journey and today we get to celebrate. >> a lot of people are happy.
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that brings us to the question of the day, how do you think the equal pay deal will impact other sports and they say nothing will change because the women soccer team is the only one winning championships. this person tweeted it will result in pay cuts for the men because women's sports lose money. jeff will return with the forecast, how hot it will get tomorrow and updated fire conditions in the next couple of days, stay with us. you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪
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okay, welcome back. we are talking about the heat. what is on the forecast for tomorrow? >> i wanted to start off with a look at our fire warning in northern california from the central valley from redding down to modesto. humidity down to about five % and while the greater bay area is not included in this northbay mountains has the
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highest risk. we will continue to keep you updated. otherwise as we head for tomorrow morning, we are starting off mostly sunny with temperatures in the 50s. the numbers go down a few degrees so not quite as hot as we head through tomorrow's forecast. 86 in santa rosa, 79 in san jose. the 50s and 60s right there at the coastline. in my 7 day forecast, we have some 90s coming in next monday, tuesday, and also wednesday. we have a pretty good weekend shaping up for us. >> that is a nice warm weekend. thank you, jeff. coming up at 11:00, tonight a mysterious case of monkeypox confirmed here in the u.s. what we are learning about the case and how it is transmitted between people. that is coming up on our 11:00 news. a lot of chicago med followed by chicago fire in a 10:00 se,
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11:00 news. that is going to do it for us here at seven. for everyone here at nbc bay area thanks for joining us. we will see you at 11.
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all right, anna, are you there? >> yes, i'm here. >> perfecto. >> "access hollywood" has anna delvey getting back into the fame game, cultivating a new talent while still in custody. >> what would you like to be remembered for? >> definitely not for my crimes, hopefully. >> not just us outside there shaking [ bleep ] off our asses, i want something real. >> o'jay low gets real. and then taylor holds nothing back. >> it was not a great way to date in my teens and 20s. >> what i find is people want to hug me.


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